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Farming Inspired Design By Tanna Barencut


e’s a little bit country and she is a little bit rock ‘n roll, and the combination is something I call “organic modernism.” We combined the homeowners’ mementos, industrial pieces and warm textures to create a collection of oddities that satisfies their rustic-inspired living, giving them the luxurious lodge look they desired. The family I worked with had a large, multi-purpose space that had no purpose at all. An [off] white sofa — which they rescued during college — a TV and a half-kitchen are all that occupied their basement. Their dream was to create a space the whole family could enjoy — a pleasant office to work from, a media center with storage, substantial furniture, a space to work out and a game room and bar area for entertaining guests. My challenge was to suit each of their styles. She pictured a rich chalet with beautiful weathered wood and linen upholstery, while he wished to incorporate his gaming treasures and would have been happy with horns hanging in every corner. Combining basic elements, like wood and metals, we added natural fiber rugs and unique textured wall coverings … continued on the next page

Belingham Alive Digital Issue Jun/July 2014