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At the University of Texas School of Journalism students learn multimedia skills, how to produce their own websites and create their own digital portfolio from the day they enter the school. Students learn to think like journalists, report and write like one as well, and they emerge prepared to tell stories in different ways across many news platforms.

“Our goal is to teach you to

communicatie clearly and demystify information without devaluing its richness or complexity.�

Students at work in the new multimedia newsroom in the Belo Center.

Undergraduate Program University of Texas at Austin 1 University Station A1000 Austin, TX 78712 Phone: 512.471.1845


Why UT?


ur new curriculum eliminates the old walls between print, magazine, photojournalism, multimedia and broadcast, and emphasizes good writing and critical thinking from Day One. In addition, it streamlines the number of courses and students’ paths from entry to graduation.

Level One Students start the program with two required courses that introduce the critical values and sensibility at the heart of the journalistic method and the digital tools to communicate that method.

Level Two This level focuses on reporting, writing and editing skills for print, web and broadcast as well as methods for effective photography, video and design.

Level Three Having acquired basic digital journalism tools, skills and sensibility in Levels 1 and 2, students embark in contentdriven courses that give the opportunity to do in-depth reporting and go deeper into various subjects and themes, as well as the chance to develop more specialized journalistic skills. The three class categories: • Public Affairs Reporting • Specialized Journalistic Skills • Understanding and Reporting Social Issues

Level Four Level 4 allows students to survey the profound role of journalism in society, including ethics, historical perspectives and media law.


Undergraduate students are admitted in the fall and spring. The deadline is December 1 for fall and October 1 for spring. Visit for more information. The hustle and bustle between classes.

The Belo Center for New Media.

Level Five This final stage offers students the opportunity to produce high-impact journalism across multiple platforms. All students are required to take the capstone course in our new multimedia newsroom. Students are also required to either undertake a professional internship or participate in Reporting Texas, the school’s multimedia news website.

Design and photos by Meredith Diers and Katy McDowall

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