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Master of Community Planning, Auburn University Bachelor of Communication and Information Sciences, University of Alabama 205.344.3295 627 Canyon Road North, Tuscaloosa, AL 35406

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Welcome to the abridged version of my academic portfolio. My name is Katherine Martin and I am a Master’s of Community Planning student at Auburn University where I am set to graduate in May 2014. I am originally from Tuscaloosa, Ala., where I also attended the University of Alabama and received my degree in journalism and studio art. After the tornado outbreak in April 2011 that devastated large portions of my hometown, I began working closely with the City of Tuscaloosa in their rebuilding efforts and covering these steps for the student newspaper, The Crimson White. Through this work, I realized the importance of thorough planning and how it can impact a city for the betterment of its citizens, even in times of hardship. Proper planning has the potential to make or break a city. My education has allowed me to study many areas of community planning through courses in real estate, urban economics, land use planning, preservation planning and sustainable transportation, among others. I am looking forward to applying these skills in my future as a planner.

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Tuscaloosa, Alabama I was born, raised and attended undergrad here and I still enjoy coming home on the weekends - especially during football season.

In these pages you will find brief summaries of in-depth projects I have prepared during my academic career. Full reports are available on my issuu page,

Boston, Massachusetts During my first year as a graduate student at Auburn University, the MCP program used Boston as a study area for good planning practices.

Washington, D.C.

Synthesis Studio Project


I believe D.C. is one of most well-organized cities, which makes it one of the most enjoyable places to travel and a great place to live for its citizens.

Peacock Place Real Estate Analysis

Asheville, North Carolina Asheville is my favorite place to travel within the U.S. The atmosphere of downtown along with the natural beauty of the area make it my destination for a weekend trip.



In the summer of 2006 I was chosen as a delegate for the Sister Cities Program in Narashino, Japan. The experience allowed me to be immersed and exposed to a culture different from my own.

France I traveled all over France in the summer of 2007 with my high school French class. We explored Paris, Versailles, Rouen and Normandy, as well as many other stops along the way. My favorite experience was visiting the town where Chartres Cathedral is located.

This project was completed in the spring semester of 2013. Peacock Place, a neighborhood in Montgomery, Ala., was once a place rich with history dating back to the Civil Rights era. Currently, the area is dilapidated and lacking structure. By studying the history of the area and using different software, an analysis of the potential of the area is presented.

Montgomery, Ala. Quantitative Methods Analysis



Completed in the spring semester of 2013 in Dr. Jay Mittal’s Quantitative Methods for Planning graduate course at Auburn University, this project focused on the City of Montgomery, Ala. using different population projection techniques, correlation analysis and location quotient to analyze current trends.

Extended College Edge Overlay District Proposal

As part of a group of working on a magazine for the University of Alabama, I visited both Munich and Berlin to conduct interviews for stories ranging in topic from street art to the unification of Germany. My story about Holocaust survivor Ruth Siegler won a personality profile award from the William Randolph Hearst Foundation.



p11 p13

While in Switzerland, I traveled from the mountainous Alps where I covered a story about a Swiss cattle farmer, to the beautiful city of Montreaux where I interviewed a Swiss watchmaker.

As the final project before graduating from the MCP program, I was required to use information and techniques learned in all planning courses I’ve completed. The goal of this project was to create a plan for the Parkside District in Birmingham, Ala.

The final project for the first year design studio class required students to look at the zoning code of Auburn, Ala. and extend the College Edge Overlay zoning district to be in compliance with the master plan for the city, which suggests an FAR of 8.5.

Charrette and Artwork Resume 2.

parkside district revitalization (synthesis project) What’s here

The final synthesis studio project for the Master of Community Planning program requires students to use knowledge and techniques from all classes completed in the past three semesters. This project focuses on the proposed Parkside District located in Birmingham, Ala., just south of Railroad Park.

Parcel Condition

Employment Density

Who’s Here

Locus Map



Design and use are beneficial to district

white black other

Female: 54% Male: 46%

Not contributing

Create a place where people and businesses want to locate.

home ownership


Contributes in either design/condition or use

Big Ideas



Owned: 11.1% Rented: 88.9%


$$$$ *$18,000

average family size

average non-family size

Boundaries 2



High School or Less Master’s Degree

Bachelor’s Degree or Less Doctorate or Professional Degree

Turn one-way streets into two-way streets.

Plan for a variety of housing types.

3rd Ave. S 4th Ave. S


Two-way streets create a more comfortable pedestrian environment and have been shown to increase property values. Case Study: King Street, Charleston, SC


* * 3.

Educational Services

Retail Trade

Healthcare and Social Assistance


converted to one-way in 1954 negatively affected the street’s intended purpose reconverted in 1996, positively impacted area



Education: The performance and life opportunities of low-income students improves significantly when surrounded by middle class classmates. Economy: Effective mixed-income housing contributes to the long-term sustainability of affordable housing. Diversity: Mixed-income housing generates interactions between people who would not normally interact.

Provide a variety of transit options.



While 40 percent of Parkside residents walk to work, no residents take public transit or ride bicycles due to insufficient amenities and an unreliable transit system.


peacock place real estate analysis Peacock Place

current conditions

montgomery, alabama

Peacock Place, named after a the tract of land on which it sits, is located just 1.6 miles form the Alabama capitol building. Once a thriving neighborhood home to many black families and prominent Montgomery citizens during the civil rights area, Peacock Place currently lacks the characteristics that defined it in the past. This project seeks opportunities and suggests options in hopes of rebuilding this historic site.

location identification


Quick Facts

Montgomery was founded by Andrew Dexter and John Scott

population 2010: 400 population 2000: 625 (down 4.37%) households 2010: 249 households 2000: 178 (down 3.30%) housing units 2010: 373 housing units 2000: 239 (down 4.35% vacant houses: 10,629 population reporting one race: 98.5% percent white: 12.8% percent black: 84.8% percent american indian: 0.3% percent asian: 0.8% percent pacific islander: 0.0% some other race: 0.0% population reporting two or more races: 1.5% total hispanic population: 1.8% median household income: $20,537 total businesses: 17 total employees: 129

1830 the cotton industry gave Montgomery the highest per capita wealth in the state at $700

1840 Montgomery became the capital of Alabama

1861-1865 during the Civil War, Montgomery served as capital of the Confederacy

1868-1875 black-friendly republicans controlled the government

1887 Alabama State University gave the black population an opportunity for higher education Sources: Google Earth


Total Population

current residents, future residents, floating population


Income $50,000 to $59,999

Race white

less than $10,000




Custom Map

Total Businesses by Block Group

2010 Total Population (U.S. Census) by Block Groups

2012 Total (SIC01-99) Businesses by Block Groups

$25,000 to $29,999

all age groups are represented


black 84.8%

Source: 2010 United States Census, 2012 Census Housing Profile, ACS Housing Summary, ACS Population Summary, ESRI Business Summary

during WWI, Montgomery’s Camp Sheridan was used as a training camp

Concept Map

1929 the dairy industry became more profitable than the cotton industry

2010 Total Population by Block Groups

Total Businesses by Block Groups 121 - 972 76 - 120 42 - 75 23 - 41 5 - 22

1,171 - 2,270 1,000 - 1,170 718 - 999 578 - 717 246 - 577

1930 ©2013 Esri

Source: 2010 Census ESRI Community Analyst

February 26, 2013 Made with Esri Community Analyst 800-447-9778 Try it Now!

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©2013 Esri

Source: ESRI Business Summary ESRI Community Analyst

Made with Esri Community Analyst 800-447-9778 Try it Now!

February 26, 2013 Page 1 of 1

Custom Map

Median Household Income

2012 Median Household Income (Esri) by Block Groups


for the first time, Montgomery’s population shifted toward a white majority

1955-1956 Rosa Parks was arrested, setting off a 381-day bus boycott

2012 Median Household Income by Block Groups $57,680 - $113,826



Source: 2010 United States Census, 2012 Census Housing Profile, ACS Housing Summary, ACS Population Summary, ESRI Business Summary


8,000 activists marched from Selma to Montgomery for the right to vote

Who are we planning for?

Custom Map

Wilbur Wright’s aviation school opened in Montgomery

the Air Corps Tactical School was moved to Montgomery, helping the city recover from the Depression

Today, Peacock Place sits in a blighted section of downtown that has a reputation for crime and drug use. There are very few businesses still in operation, and the homes in the area are in either vacant, or in need of repair. Uneven sidewalks and lack of a curb in some area make the neighborhood unpleasant for pedestrians. There is no need for anyone other than the individuals who live here to come, because there are no services to offer.

$43,981 - $57,679 $28,942 - $43,980 $17,445 - $28,941 $0 - $17,444

Source: 2012 Census Housing Profile ESRI Community Analyst

©2013 Esri

Made with Esri Community Analyst 800-447-9778 Try it Now!

These maps, created with ESRI Community Analyst, allowed me to define the boundaries of the Peacock Place neighborhood and find specific data for the area. It also allowed me to look at the area surrounding the neighborhood and see how the location compared to others. This process helped me in the next step: deciding who we were planning for.

Big Ideas 1. Multi-family Residential 2. Pocket Parks 3. Large Open Space 4. Transit 5. Historic Points 6. Parking Decks 7. Commercial Retail 8. Single-Family Residential

February 28, 2013 Page 1 of 1


montgomery, ala. quantitative methods analysis The following research employs various quantitative analysis methods in order to develop an understanding of the city of Montgomery, Alabama. Through a demographic analysis and the use of descriptive statics, we are able to study correlations that may occur. Population projection methods allow us to estimate the future growth of the city, which has been growing in an eastward direction for some time. Other methods, including using the Location Quotient, and the Dissimilarity Index, allow us to provide further analysis of the city.


3. Population Projections Female Cohort Component

Correlation Analysis Medium Home Value vs. Median Income

Male Population Pyramids

Above is an example of a correlation analysis that compares the median home value in the city of Montgomery to the median income of residents. As evident by the graph, as the median income of a household increases, the median home value also increases. These data sets have an extremely strong correlation and follow the trend line closely. There are more examples of correlation analysis in the detailed report.

2. Location Quotient Employment Information by Industry (LQ for District 9)

Location quotient (LQ) is a valuable way of quantifying how concentrated a particular industry, cluster, occupation, or demographic group is in a region as compared to the nation or state. It can reveal what makes a particular region “unique� in comparison to the state average. In more exact terms, location quotient is a ratio that compares a region to a larger reference region according to some characteristic or asset. When comparing employment in district 9 to the state of Alabama, we find that the following industries are export industries: wholesale trade; retail trade; information; finance, insurance, real estate, and rental and leasing; professional, scientific, tech services, management, administration, and waste management; other services except public administration; and public administration.



extended college edge overlay district proposal Proposed Changes

Existing Conditions

Perspective Images Magnolia Avenue and Gay Street

1 2

• •

This proposal of an expansion of the existing College Edge Overlay district in Auburn, Ala. would add more than 1,700 additional dwelling units In addition to on-site parking, a new four-story parking deck with 264 spots is proposed to provide additional parking for easy access to downtown activities Tichenor Avenue, which runs east to west, will be extended to better connect downtown The ground floor of all proposed buildings will be designated for commercial and office space with residential units on additional floors


1. Site Analysis

Extension of Tichenor Ave.

Currently, most development along Magnolia Avenue that is built to the street ends when Magnolia meets Gay Street. This plan would continue similar development along Magnolia with residential units above retail and office spaces. Wider sidewalks provide the opportunity for businesses to offer outdoor seating.

2. Pedestrian Connectivity 3. Additional Parking Deck

Concept Map

Building Quality Further analysis of the area was conducted including building quality, public and private ownership, and parcels with adjacent ownership. A large-scale hand-drawn concept diagram was done to map out positives, negatives and ideas for the area.

Glenn Avenue and College Street The intersection of Glenn Avenue and College Street acts as a gateway to the downtown area of Auburn. The proposed plan for this area includes adding buildings that are built to the street, with larger developments holding the corner. On-street parking, and a bicycle lane will run along both streets. With the addition of wider sidewalks, more pedestrian interaction will occur.

Least Desirable for Redevelopment Less Desirable for Redevelopment Desirable for Redevelopment Most Desirable for Redevelopment



design charrettes and artwork In the past year, I have been selected as a team member in two intensive design charrettes. The map to the right was made during a citizen input meeting for the Doe Mount Recreational Facility Plan Charrette and was used in drawing the map below. I enjoy the process of hand drawing as a way of understanding an area more thoroughly, as well as the overall look of the technique.

This page contains a few samples of my artwork. I have been working in oil paint since middle school and it is my favorite medium. I have also taken classes in 2- and 3-D design, photography and architectural watercolor.

Moon Winx Lodge, watercolor, spring 2014

Seaside Chapel, watercolor, spring 2014

images from “Let Us Now Praise Famous Men,” oil on distressed denim, approximately 24”x36” each



resume Education

Master of Community Planning Auburn University, College of Architecture, Design, and Construction

Editorial Assistant

May 2014

Randall-Reilly Publishing May 2011-Aug. 2011 • Contributed stories into issues of both Overdrive and Custom Rigs magazines published during internship

GPA: 4.0/4.0

Bachelor of Communication and Information Sciences The University of Alabama, College of Communication and Information Sciences

News Editor

Aug. 2012

The Crimson White, The University of Alabama May 2011-Aug. 2011 • Acted as the summer news editor with a staff of 25 reporters for the weekly publication • Led weekly budget meetings, generated story ideas and edited content

Major: Journalism Minor: Studio Art


Adobe Design Suite (Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator), ArcGIS software, ESRI Community and Business Analyst, Google SketchUp, Microsoft Office products, WordPress, Social Media

Work Experience

Planning Intern

Staff Reporter Alpine Living Magazine, The University of Alabama Jan. 2011-May 2011 • Worked both on the University of Alabama campus and traveled to Germany and Switzerland to collect information and conduct interviews for the magazine • Interviewed a Holocaust survivor, Swiss farmer, and Berlin street artists

Farmer-Morgan, LLC Aug. 2013 • Aided in the creation of the Cumberland Historic Byway Corridor Management Plan • Worked on-site in Rugby, Tenn. • Created goals and objectives based on citizen input meetings, demographics, history, and marketing • Led visioning sessions, created hand-drawn map, and presented findings to public

Planning Intern Farmer-Morgan, LLC Oct. 2013 • Aided in the creation of the Doe Mountain Recreational Facility Plan, an 8,600 acre area • Worked on-site in Johnson County, Tenn. • Analyzed demographic and economic data for final document • Led visioning sessions, created hand-drawn maps, presented findings to public and government officials

Office Assistant Allstate Insurance, Tuscaloosa, Alabama Jan. 2010- Aug. 2012 • Assisted customers dealing with extensive damage from natural disasters • Worked independently as front desk manager taking calls and payments, and performing other office task


Apr. 2014

American Planning Association National Conference

Outstanding Planning Student College of Architecture, Design, and Construction

Apr. 2014

Graduate Assistant, Division of Student Affairs, Office of Parent and Family Programs

Writing Award

Auburn University May 2013-Present • First point of contact for parents with questions ranging from conduct, psychological, and economic issues • Led website redesign project • Managed the Facebook and Twitter accounts for the Auburn University Parents’ Association and increased “likes” by more than 1,000 • Prepared twice-monthly newsletter and managed database • Planned large scale events (1,000 plus) for Auburn University parents and families • Managed budgets ranging from $500 - $5,000

Apr. 2013 College of Architecture, Design, and Construction • 2nd place award for a paper on Catherine Bauer, a pioneer for women in the planning profession

Writing Consultant Miller Writing Center, Auburn University Aug. 2012-May 2013 • Helped students and professors brainstorm, outline, organize, and edit papers or projects for submission • Worked with both non-native and native English speakers • Reviewed papers and projects ranging from freshman composition papers to thesis dissertations

7th place, Personality Profile Finalist William Randolph Hearst Foundation

Tuscaloosa Magazine • Published personality profiles and book reviews for the magazine

Mar. 2012

Honors College The University of Alabama

Aug. 2008-Aug. 2012

Affiliations American Planning Association Alabama Chapter of the American Planning Association Auburn University Student Planning Association Secretary

Aug. 2011-May 2012 The Crimson White, The University of Alabama • Managed a staff of more than 40 reporters • Published more than 200 articles and graphic content for a 15,000-circulation paper • Covered tornado recovery efforts in Tuscaloosa after the April 27 tornado • Covered Tuscaloosa City Council, Student Government Association, and gubernatorial debates

Aug. 2012- Present

Aug. 2008- Present

Environmental Chairperson

May 2012-Present

Assistant News Editor

Aug. 2012- Present

Sept. 2012- Sept. 2013

Social Sorority

Freelance Writer


Speaker, “Adding Real Estate to the Planner’s Toolkit”


• • • • • •

Syntesis Project: Redevelopment Plan for the Parkside District of Birmingham, Ala., spring 2014 Preservation Plan for Loachapoka, Ala., fall 2013 Transportation Plan for Auburn, Ala., fall 2013 Doe Mountain Recreational Facility Plan, fall 2013 (Farmer-Morgan, LLC) Cumberland Historic Byway Management Plan, fall 2013 (Farmer-Morgan, LLC) Real Estate Development Plan for Peacock

• • •

Place, Montgomery, Ala., spring 2013 Quantitative Methods Analysis for Montgomery, Ala., spring 2013 Urban Economics Assessment for Montgomery, Ala., fall 2012 Extended College Edge Overlay Plan for Downtown Auburn, Ala., fall 2012


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