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Class periods: Invention Rubric (Science)

Content Knowledge



1 The invention does not complete the intended task OR the students are unable to identify two simple machines The advertisement is turned in but is missing a scientific explanation of how the task is made easier OR images/details OR an explanation why the invention is necessary in our lives

2 The invention completes the intended task some of the time OR the students are only able to identify one simple machine The advertisement uses some images and detail to describe how the invention works and why it is necessary. The advertisement is slightly confusing and lacking detail.

3 The invention completes the intended task most of the time. The students are able to identify the simple machines. The advertisement clearly and scientifically explains how the invention makes work easier and encourages our interest in purchasing the product.

4 The invention is efficient and completes a task with creativity

2 The students were mostly on task but needed occasional reminders to focus. The project was late. The invention is hastily The invention shows some constructed and shows little planning but is poorly thought or effort constructed The advertisement is The advertisement shows sloppy and has many some thought but is spelling/grammatical errors confusing OR has some spelling/grammatical errors

3 The students were regularly on task during the project and used class time wisely. The project was completed on time. The invention is well crafted and shows good planning The advertisement shows effort with one or two errors. The advertisement is easy to understand.

4 The students met the expectations in column 3 and demonstrated excellent planning and execution.

The advertisement exceeds expectations column 3 by providing great detail and using much creativity.

Work Habits

Time management skills



Grade and comments:

1 The students were frequently off task and the project was late

The invention is neat and demonstrates much thought and effort. The advertisement shows great effort and creativity. Its intent is clear and is entertaining

invention rubric (science)  

Grade and comments: The advertisement is turned in but is missing a scientific explanation of how the task is made easier OR images/details...

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