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Revolution Revolution: Change, rotation, progress in an orbit; cycle.

Change is awesome! We can all use a little change. Sticking to the same mundane schedule and or lifestyle can grow as a hindrance to opportunities our futures; and that is never good. And when I say change, I do not mean an extraordinary change. It can be something as simple as a change in toothpaste, your way of thinking (for the better), etc. Change can only impact your life on the nicest terms if you know exactly how, when, and where to change things. I see people who do the same thing everyday, like mother. Don’t get me wrong she is an exceptional mother but I know it wouldn’t kill her to change things up a bit. She works extremely hard day by day, paying the bills, she comes home…cooks…might talk on the phone; she’ll ask my brother and me how we are doing and how are day was-the usual. I just want to see her do something for her, see her smile. Sticking to the same thing may be traditional for some people but thinking a outside of the box and allowing yourself into the limitless world of opportunities will end you up somewhere you never knew you’d be. My whole life I have been cracking jokes about rock and pop music, but now I am eat a pile of crow. I listen to it almost everyday, with much benevolence. My pride is still intact. I am proud to say that I listen to Kelis, The Jonas Brothers, and Drake Bell. Call it what you want but at the end of the day I’m happy; how are you?



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