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Klingaman Creative (KC!), is a nationally recognized, award-winning design firm specializing in custom graphic design and marketing solutions. For over 20 years KC! has delivered creative and intelligent design solutions to a varied clientele from start-ups and multi-nationals to government agencies and non-profits, as well as full book design services for international publishers such as Random House, Simon & Schuster and Abbeville Press. The firm’s philosophy is anchored in simplicity and directness with a goal of clarifying and amplifying the client’s message. The success of the firm is built upon creative designs and campaigns that both engage and motivate consumers. Producing work that is both strategically grounded and highly creative KC! brings a business mind with creative soul.

La Dolce Vita Retreats

La Dolce Vita Retreats Branding for Upscale Elegance

The Challenge: To create an identity system including web site that conveyed the companys’ mission which is to offer retreats exclusively for women that would be held in exquisite European locales, for the enhancement of a womens’ body, mind and spirit, and offer her an opportunity to play, laugh and reflect. The Solution: The logo gives a decidedly feminine and playful, upscale feel. We chose the fountain to evoke: n the feeling of being in a park or spa where one goes to relax and contemplate n as a symbol of old Europe, where most of the retreats will be held n as a symbol of renewal as it is continually recirculating the water within To convey the upscale nature of the company we chose to print on the back side of all sheets and interior of envelope in a duotone of silver with gray in quarter-tone areas only. For an extra feminine touch we chose a paper with a pearlescent finish. The envelopes have a “silver lining” with the tagline “journeys of enrichment for women” under the flap . The Result: This was printed very recently and has so far accomplished what it set out to do which is to communicate an elegant, upscale femininity. n 2008 MarCom Award, Gold for logo n 2008 MarCom Award, Platinum for stationery n 2008 Neenah Paper Award, Bronze for stationery n 2008 Davey Award, Silver for stationery

Niurka Inc.

Niurka Inc I l l u m i n a t e , E m p o w e r, Tr a n s f o r m

The Challenge: A public speaker who began her career as one on Tony Robbins’ top trainers started her own company and developed her own brand of transformational speaking programs. After being in business 10 years she realized she needed a more cohesive visual image and one that was aligned with and reflected the spirit of her work. Her teaching is based on a wide variety of spiritual, business and personal development perspectives including NLP. The Solution: We started with the logo and incorporated a shooting star to reflect her teaching that the world is filled with infinite possibilities. Because her work is heart centered we dropped the cold corporate look she had before and chose a more personal approach with colors and images that reflect a spiritual base. With a palette of colors, fonts, images and layouts used and intermixed over and over we developed the fresh, inviting, polished and professional visual identity her company was looking for. The Result: We are still in process. The site launched last October and is continually update with programs and products. The Faith & Gratitude package was released last October, Let Go & Be Free released in January and we have 4 Mantra packages in the late stages of production. We are updating other packages, programs and touch points to be consistent with the new visual image.


ManagEase C l i e n t Fo c u s e d C u s t o m i z a t i o n

The Challenge: The client offers outsourced HR services for all sizes and types of companies. Creating a brochure for a company with 5 employees of one type would not speak to a company with 500 employees of another type. They wanted a sales kit that will work under all circumstances. The Solution: I created a modular system that is infinitely expandable by designing and printing separate pieces that can be customized and put together for each new potential client. We created front and back covers (with pocket and business card slits,) divider pages, 3 “stationery sheets designs”, on which any of 9 templates created for ManagEase in Microsoft Word could be customized to fit the size of their potential client and type of HR services they would need. These are then bound with GBC binding. Also required for the kit is a universally applicable brochure and five service line logos. The Result: The system allows customization offering a focus on their clients’ needs and ultimately providing cost savings on printing.

Leadership Consultants International

Leadership Consultants Int’l. Empowered by a New Brand Image

The Challenge: The client had been a coach many years before coaching became so commonplace. She needed to stand out in a marketplace that was getting more crowded everyday and wanted a new logo, stationery and website. The Solution: We decided she didn’t need a new logo as much as she needed a new visual identity. I focused on a palette that communicated her personal/working style so that the work would feel consistent with interaction one would have with her. I wove together a wide variety of words and phrases that represent the qualities her coaching would bring out of an individual. This created the basis of the new design. The stationery held two surprises. I put her tagline on the edge of the backside of the letterhead so that when pulled out of the envelope it becomes the first thing you see. The second surprise and thing that one sees is that the interior of the envelope is printed and the words revealed are “miracles do happen.” The Result: This award winning design is strong, clean, engaging, surprising and has a powerful impact on prospects. n 2005 Davey Award, Silver for stationery n 2005 PIASC Award, Best of Category for stationery

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