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A Complete Transportation Management Solution

Leading Logistics Technology When you’re working for success, you look to work with an experienced leader. For more than 25 years, UPS Logistics Technologies has delivered the industry’s leading software solutions—solutions that help distribution and service companies just like yours realize greater results in service, efficiency and profitability than ever before. In fact, you’ll find our products in daily use at more than 3,500 locations worldwide, optimizing delivery logistics and management of over 154,000 vehicles. Backed by the experience, strength and stability of UPS, one of the world’s leading transportation companies, UPS Logistics Technologies is driven by a single goal—to help your business be successful.

“By far, UPS Logistics Technologies had the most comprehensive system that fit our operation to a T. The most unique thing about them is that you can be literally any kind of industry and they have a way to cater to your needs by providing a solution that works for your particular business— so that you don’t have to change the way you work.” Antonio Brown , Corporate Transportation Manager The Eastern Bag & Paper Group

Achieve Success with Efficiency Are you ready to take your operation to the next level? The Roadnet® Transportation Suite from UPS Logistics Technologies can help you achieve your goals. With a comprehensive set of fully integrated applications, your logistics staff can quickly take control over every aspect ofyour order-to-delivery process. Are you concerned about off-the-shelf software that doesn’t meet your expectations? The Roadnet Transportation Suite is a proven, industry-leading product that has been road-tested for strategic, tactical, and operational superiority. Each of our product modules, whether deployed individually or as a suite for optimized results, is highly configurable in its design. In short, this solution adapts to the way you work, integrating with your current operations.

What do you stand to lose? Constant guesswork, inconsistent routing, lost drivers, and missed deliveries. What you can gain is even greater: • • • • • •

Decreased fuel and transportation costs Increased profitability Improved customer satisfaction Enhanced strategic planning capabilities Instant access to accurate delivery costs Optimized resource utilization and driver management

What about support? UPS Logistics Technologies provides your employees with specialized training through our Roadnet University, as well as dedicated customer service—24/7, 365 days a year. Our support helps your people use the system at its full potential and maximize your investment. Let’s look further at what opportunities the Roadnet Transportation Suite can offer you…

Territory Planner


“As we continue to grow our business, Territory Planner will allow us to realize the benefits of increased density by helping us to create more efficient and effective routes. This solution has allowed us to take our own high standards of customer service to the next level.” Jason Berstein, Vice President Nixon Uniform Service and Medical Wear

The Big Picture for Efficiency Fixed routes? Today, they are anything but. Even the most predictable static routes can begin to eat away at your company’s profits over time through customer changes, backtracking, and off-route stops. Pinpointing and fixing these leaks takes more than guesswork and sticky notes. But, where are you going to find the time and the resources to manually reroute an entire territory? What you need is a reliable, powerful tool that can give you the ability to analyze, modify and optimize your entire sales, service and distribution operation from the top down—based on your company’s unique criteria and historical information. What you need is Territory Planner.

An Industry First Territory Planner from UPS Logistics Technologies has quickly evolved into the premier strategic tool for planning, balancing, and managing route-sales, pre-sales and standard route operations. As an enterprise or stand-alone software application, Territory Planner’s robust framework and mapping network capabilities provide the complete functionality you need to take on even the most complex rerouting analysis. Although it can function

Territory Planner At A Glance

as a stand-alone solution, Territory Planner can share all of your customer information with other Roadnet Transportation Suite applications without the need for entering data multiple times.

See Your ROI In Months Simply enter all relevant data—customer and operational details such as available drivers and vehicles, delivery days, open/ close times, preferred delivery times, volume and customer locations—and Territory Planner’s analytical engine will provide an optimized territory solution, strategically designing each route and stop sequence to meet your customers’ scheduling needs. You can also explore strategic options for enhanced customer service and cost efficiencies through Territory Planner’s “what-if” scenario projections, assess your ability to manage expanded territories without expanding your fleet, and reconfigure your current territories and routes in advance to accommodate seasonal fluctuations. You can even determine the actual cost of each delivery stop down to the penny. The positive impact to your bottom line will be easy to see as well. In fact, in just six months or less, Territory Planner typically can deliver a return on investment—and that’s just for starters.

This sophisticated, easy-to-use strategic solution can help you: • Optimize all existing sales, service and delivery routes • Reduce transportation costs by efficiently allocating resources • Automate your strategic rerouting process, reducing time and management involvement needed to complete the planning cycle • Balance capacities and workloads • Explore “what-if” scenarios • Plan for growth, holidays and seasonal swings • Create service policies based on volume of business • Capture customized daily reports and vital historical data • Improve customer service, including exceptions • Maximize oversight and evaluation • Serve as a depot planning tool

See what you’re missing in your planning. Territory Planner instantly analyzes and graphically maps any existing route overlaps that are causing costly inefficiencies in your daily operations network—so that you can prepare a successful strategy. In this sample map, the black area indicates where all routes are overlapping in a single territory over the course of one day.

Problems? No problem! Territory Planner’s powerful algorithms deliver an optimized territory solution that is easily customized to meet your company’s changing needs. The sample territory’s routes have now been balanced to avoid overlap and lock in savings.

Always Accountable To keep you informed on all aspects of territory management, Territory Planner also offers complete accountability through a range of easily generated and customized reports that cover every aspect of your sales, service and distribution operations, including: • • • • •

Territory Cost Report Territory Distance Report Territory Summary Report Territory Exception Report Driver Itinerary

Score big and win big with Territory Planner’s Territory Scoreboard, which delivers a full set of metrics to document the effectiveness of your current routing strategy—as well as potential savings through optimization. As the sample above demonstrates, Territory Scoreboard provides the detailed benchmarks you need to explore different planning scenarios.



“Roadnet gives my department the ability to route more efficiently, cutting run time and transportation costs, while staying within the limits of DOT laws.” Leo Farber, Routing Manager SYSCO Baltimore

Planning for Transportation Success Your daily route schedule—it’s where the rubber meets the road. Every day, it’s your ability to manage the last minute customer needs, and changing conditions with efficiency in routing and scheduling that separates success from failure. So why not give yourself a competitive edge? For a growing number of leading distribution companies, every day starts with Roadnet® from UPS Logistics Technologies.

Make the Most of Your Routes This versatile enterprise or stand-alone solution gives your dispatchers an effective, tactical routing tool to optimize daily delivery operations in just minutes, not hours. Roadnet offers you the ability to transform today’s orders into tomorrow’s routes, locking in the highest number of efficiencies to improve customer service while reducing costs. In fact, Roadnet typically delivers ROI within its first year of deployment, with users consistently cutting their delivery costs by 5 to 15 percent.

Integrating Roadnet with your existing system is painless—it integrates with existing order entry and host systems, as well with all other Roadnet Transportation Suite applications. Then, by tapping into its advanced algorithms and custom “street-level” routing passes, you can quickly generate any number of customized routing assignments. It’s easy to account for whatever variables you determine, including road conditions, vehicle and driver availabilities, time window requirements, start/close times and maximum route duration. In doing so, Roadnet allows you to maintain more consistent standards for your daily operations, by providing your drivers with clear performance expectations for scheduling and sequencing. You can even create “what-if” crisis scenarios to plan for possible emergencies, holidays or inclement weather. As a result, overages due to driver overtime and excessive stop times instantly become a thing of the past. Vehicle capacities and overall resource utilization increases. Customer service dramatically improves. In short, your operation delivers more while driving less, every day.

Just the Information You Need Creating and monitoring benchmarks for your daily operations couldn’t be easier with Roadnet. Choose from a broad selection of customizable progress reports (or create your own) to track every aspect of your business and the costs involved. Standard reporting features include: • Driver manifests, maps, directions and itineraries • Route summary statistics • Off-Day Delivery Exception Report • Resource Utilization Report • Customer Delivery Cost Report • Time Window Exception Report • Actual versus Planned Reports by Route and by Stop

Roadnet At A Glance This highly flexible routing and scheduling software can help you: • Dramatically reduce fleet miles and driver overtime to build greater profitability • Measure driver performance and easily integrate new or seasonal employees on a daily basis with clearly defined itineraries, manifests, maps and directions • Maximize driver and equipment productivity while adhering to new hours of service regulations • Meet and exceed customer service expectations by seamlessly converting exceptions into opportunities • Assess delivery costs for profitability by drilling down to actual costs per stop • Work smarter by investing fewer hours in route planning and more time in strategic forecasting • Explore “what-if” critical scenarios to plan in advance for the unexpected • Capture customized daily reports and vital historical data

Are you operating on plan—and on budget? As one of Roadnet’s most vital progress reports, Actual vs. Planned gives you and your company’s management a precise route-by-route comparison of successes and shortfalls. As this sample screen shows, actual stops are 100 percent on-plan; however, variances in service and travel time are also evident. As a result, you quickly can determine the real costs per stop on each route—and even assess the particular costs per case or unit on a given load. With this level of detail at your fingertips, you can easily create a more accurate plan for tomorrow.

How will you deliver success tomorrow? With Roadnet, you can plan for it today—with the unique ability to access a top-down view of every intended delivery route. As this sample screen shows, Roadnet lets you view all of the particulars of your active next-day deliveries, including equipment, travel times, and exceptions. In addition, you can zero in on the specific details of any one delivery itinerary, and even generate a dynamic map view of that delivery route that clearly pinpoints each stop.



Visibility for Your Delivery Day You’ve set up your distribution and service territories. You’ve optimized your routes. Still, how can you be sure, once they are on the road, that your drivers are keeping their eyes on your plan? With MobileCast®, you can. Created by UPS Logistics Technologies, MobileCast offers your company a comprehensive, turnkey mobile resource management solution that includes customized tools, service, sales, and support—providing value from day one.

See What’s Happening On-The-Road With its advanced mobile resource management capabilities, MobileCast helps to empower your team by providing them with the tools they need to ensure the highest levels of productivity and customer service. Unlike AVL (Automatic Vehicle Location) packages, MobileCast literally lets you step outside the four walls of your dispatch location to see where all of your vehicles actually are—and if they are following their respective routing plans—in real time. Out in the field, MobileCast offers a range of flexible communication options for your drivers that can be scaled to your present needs—and that can be reconfigured easily as your operations grow. With its open architecture, MobileCast integrates with your current

MobileCast At A Glance

routing, scheduling or host systems—as well as other modules of the Roadnet® Transportation Suite.

Manage By Exception For your office dispatch operations, MobileCast is the ideal solution to manage overload. With its “intelligent” tracking overview (which can be set to your specifications), MobileCast gives your dispatchers the ability to manage by exception—that is, to see and respond only to those vehicles that are off-plan. Exception reports can also be generated, detailing all exceptions associated with a trip, including unplanned stops and route path deviations. In addition, dispatchers can: • Communicate directly with drivers for real-time dispatch of new pickups or deliveries • Receive real-time updates on delivery status, including all details and variance • Capture actual stop arrival, departure and service time information • Receive proactive notification of service failures or late deliveries • View vehicle space availability for backhauls • View or print route and driver performance reports

A Powerful, Adaptive Solution That Delivers • Track all vehicles in real time against their individual routing plans • Reduce costs due to excessive mileage, overtime and deadhead miles • Increase driver accountability and efficiency by eliminating service delays and delivery errors • Manage by exception for greater dispatch productivity • Promote customer service by anticipating and avoiding delivery delays through on-the-fly rerouting while providing precise ETAs on request • Improve communications among all members of your delivery team in the office and the field • Gather and centralize customized delivery data • Build profitability through optimized delivery management

With MobileCast, staying on top of your en route delivery operations couldn’t be easier. MobileCast lets you manage by exception by monitoring the progress in real time, instantly letting you know if a particular driver is off-route and missing time windows. In addition, a powerful mapping feature helps you compare individual route plans versus actual routes taken.

“Approximately 4% of a route needs to be re-sequenced, and MobileCast allows us to stay on top of these stops so they are not forgotten. Before, we did not know what deliveries were skipped until the routes came back at the end of the day. Now we watch as they happen and proactively contact the customer to make alternate arrangements. It’s revolutionary.” Mark Booth, Project Lead Southern Wine and Spirits of America, Inc.

• Automatically integrate operational data captured in the field back into the planning system—to create an even more accurate plan tomorrow • Disseminate projected and actual delivery information in real-time to provide immediate updates for customers

its real-time mobile communications and GPS capabilities, MobileCast eliminates lost time due to unclear directions, routing detours, or customer complications. In addition, companies can take advantage of a range of wireless hardware devices that provide such critical capabilities as:

MobileCast ensures that dispatching can work more efficiently to enforce your plan throughout daily operations.

• • • •

Driving Excellence Your drivers will welcome the addition of MobileCast as a “no-hassles” tool to help boost performance and productivity. With

Barcode scanning Immediate line-item reconciliation Signature capture Instant receipt of new delivery instructions and alerts • Directions to the next destination point from either the previous stop or based on current vehicle location

Your drivers in the field can take advantage of MobileCast’s powerful but flexible GPS-based communication options, including handhelds that provide an electronic manifest showing each successive stop and related instructions. Upon arrival, your driver simply clicks the “arrive” button to notify dispatch of his status before proceeding on his route.

Roadnet Info Center


“With MobileCast, we can make sure the route is being pulled the way we say it needs to be by the route professional, while Roadnet Info Center gives greater overall visibility to our routing day.” Scott Ward, Routing Manager Novelty, Inc

Knowledge for Transportation Excellence If transportation is your biggest investment, then your daily operations should be an open book. However, the challenge is making that information—both historical and real-time—available at any given moment throughout your company, without endlessly reprinting stacks of quickly aging reports. Now an overview of each delivery’s progress is accessible through Roadnet Info Center. By tapping into both the planned routing and real-time tracking data generated by the Roadnet® Transportation Suite, Roadnet Info Center provides a full spectrum of critical reporting tools for management, sales, operations, customer service and other decision makers in your organization. Easily integrated into your company’s existing intranet, Roadnet Info Center does not require special installation or a separate server, and can even reside on an individual desktop PC. Once installed, it can be customized quickly to meet your login and security requirements, set up user accounts and establish database configurations.

Immediate Support for Decision Making

Real-Time Tracking and Response

As an enterprise-wide tool that supports up-to-the-minute decision making, Roadnet Info Center provides your internal audience with critical historical information such as:

In addition, Roadnet Info Center can serve as a powerful platform for your customer service department by providing instant access to pickup and delivery status and accurate customer delivery or appointment times. Reporting features include:

• Route information for any route, any day or any stop • Stop locations, including customer name, ID, driver, order number and date range • Daily summary statistics, covering missed time windows, off-day deliveries, less than minimum and equipment and driver utilization • Visual charts to compare daily costs and trends using plan, actual, plan vs. actual, date range and other summary stats • Sales and service histories This information and more is available at your desktop, eliminating the need to waste time and materials in distributing paper copies of transportation reports.

• Live stop locations, with route status, delivery status, estimated arrival/ departure, actual arrival/departure, consignee and delivery quantity • Planned and projected arrival and departure times • Line-item details for each pickup or delivery • A live daily scoreboard that posts real-time statistics as they occur, covering delivery status, missed time windows, OS&D (over, short and damaged) and skipped stops • Vehicle locations that show current position vs. route plan • Driver communications, including instant messaging and directions

Ensure service at every stop. Tapping into both Roadnet and MobileCast data, Roadnet Info Center gives you the ability to track deliveries as they happen in real time along individual routes. Get immediate plan versus actual status updates on such stop-related issues as early or late delivery times, damaged goods, ordered/ delivered, or over/short.

Roadnet Info Center At A Glance This enterprise-wide, decision-making application can help you: • Make all key company transportation data instantly available to management and staff • Enhance response time to customer inquiries for routing and delivery information • Maintain constant linkage between the front office, the warehouse and your customers • Analyze delivery performance for each individual customer over a given time period • Provide both historical and real-time information in an actionable format • Manage by exception, flagging only information that is off-plan • Reduce costs by eliminating the need for paper documentation

By capturing live MobileCast data, Roadnet Info Center’s Vehicle Locator allows you to view the real-time or historical status of any of your en route deliveries scaled to the territory you want to review. With this dynamic mapping feature, you can instantly determine the progress of individual drivers, including what stops he’s already made and still needs to make. Most importantly, you can instantly assess if your drivers are delivering to plan or are off-route.

What’s the score? The Roadnet Info Center offers you a broad choice of management tools, including “scoreboards” that provide a complete overview of Sales and Service History for each of your customers. By selecting an individual customer, you can gain immediate access into such key information as planned versus actual stats in arrival and departure times, designated deliveries versus off-day deliveries, daily on-time versus late deliveries, and other critical service details.



“We load driver-friendly, and to do that we need an order sheet for the warehouse workers who prepare the orders by stop and then forward it to the warehouses. FleetLoader creates pick sheets with big, bold text that our pickers appreciate.” Dr. Jeff Gower, CEO Wil Fischer, Inc.

Loading for Ideal Vehicle Utilization For today’s beverage distributors, the challenge begins not on the road, but in the warehouse. That’s where you must determine how to best organize and load a wide range of merchandise (including those SKUs with incompatible sizes) into different types of vehicles to meet a variety of delivery needs. Even on a good day, the complications of such an operation can be overwhelming. That’s why many of the nation’s leading beverage distributors don’t make a move without FleetLoader. Designed to meet the specific needs of beverage warehouse and delivery operations, FleetLoader is a scalable software solution that can streamline every step of the loading process, exchanging manual guesswork for clearly defined goals and outcomes. Best of all, FleetLoader brings a new standard of consistency, reliability and customer service to your loading operations. Every time a vehicle rolls away from the warehouse, you’re assured that it’s loaded to capacity for efficient delivery and minimal breakage.

Optimizing Your Operation

Accountability from Start to Finish

As an industry-leading application, FleetLoader can be immediately configured to fit the dynamics of your operation. Loading both bulk and bay vehicles? Juggling warehouse versus driver-friendly strategies? Need to put pre-built orders into the mix? It’s no problem with FleetLoader. You start by selecting a loading methodology that’s your best operational fit, and then design loads (including pre-building, staging and exclusions) that integrate seamlessly into final loading and routing. Effective graphical views with drag-anddrop capabilities allow you to analyze and optimize loads by stop and SKU down to the individual truck, while calculating capacities with absolute accuracy. What’s more, FleetLoader’s advanced systems automatically calculate the best mixing and stacking of products in a given load, so that the possibility of breakage is dramatically reduced. The result? Your pick sheets get to the warehouse floor sooner, your trucks are checked out and on the road faster, and your customers are happier.

Need the proper paperwork to create and track loads and deliveries? FleetLoader provides a broad selection of reports that identify and document all aspects of loading, verifying and delivering products. Create pallet-build reports that reflect restrictions or exceptions. Produce pick sheets that boost productivity across the board. Generate Load Truck Diagrams, Load Validations, Driver Check-Out Sheets, Stop Lists and more. Plus, FleetLoader works flawlessly with your current order entry system, and interfaces directly with UPS Logistics Technologies’ Roadnet®.

FleetLoader’s range of tools gives you the advantage in creating balanced loads every time. Through the Pallet View, you can build individual pallets that can decrease load/unload times while reducing breakage thanks to optimal mixing and stacking. Analyze weight distribution, unassigned SKUs, bay capacity and more, all at a glance.

Take a fresh look at optimizing your vehicle’s capacities with FleetLoader’s Truck Profile. This dynamic graphic view lets you determine the best strategy for loading bay trucks according to their bay-by-bay capacities. You can also take advantage of a Bay Editor that lets you look at “what-if” alternatives by manually reconfiguring bay loads based on volume.

FleetLoader At A Glance Created specifically for beverage distributors, this versatile software solution helps you: • Analyze and optimize beverage vehicle load planning and building • Accommodate a variety of loading strategies—pallet building, bay loading, warehouse- or driver-friendly and hybrids—for multiple types of routes • Create load designs that decrease load/ unload times while reducing breakage through proper mixing and stacking • Maximize profitability through reduced overtime and optimized resource utilization • Pre-build orders throughout the day to be picked, built, pre-staged and allocated to the correct route and truck • Generate reports and directions covering all aspects of load and delivery

FleetLoader’s powerful reporting capabilities provide you with the accurate paperwork you need to share information immediately with your warehouse employees. By generating such critical documents as this Loading Sheet, you’re assured of complete accountability while enhancing productivity.

UPS Logistics Technologies and You

With the Right Partner Success is Inevitable Each day brings changes in managing your transportation business. Keeping up with the speed of business, while providing high levels of customer service can make all of the difference in your bottom line. You need a partner—one that can help you leverage your unique strengths while providing you with the insight to develop even more of an advantage in your marketplace. A partner that understands your operations from the loading dock to your customer’s front door; and one that will be with you for all of the miles along the way. You need results and a trusted partner—UPS Logistics Technologies. Whether your delivery operations involve beverages, foodservice, dairy, bakery, paper, medical supplies, fuel oil and propane, or other products, UPS Logistics Technologies has a solution for you—based on decades of solid research and experience within your industry.

As a strategic business unit of UPS, we’ve made a name for ourselves as the provider of choice for last mile transportation management solutions. Now, through our evolving Roadnet® Transportation Suite, we continue to deliver on that promise, through global solutions that integrate territory planning, street-level route optimization, mobile delivery execution, real-time wireless dispatch, and GPS tracking. There are many forks in the road ahead— whatever direction you choose—no matter the distance—we’ll keep pace with your goals. Our goals align with your needs through support of your strategic vision and your bottom line with advanced transportation and logistics technologies that build value and service. UPS Logistics Technologies—a trusted provider of transportation management solutions for over 25 years.

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UPSLT product overview brochure  

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