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Global finished lubricants consumption will have a minimal volumetric growth in the future, value ranging between 41 and 42 million tonnes by 2022. Historically, the Asia-Pacific region has been one of the fastest-growing markets; however, in the future, the region is expected to expand much more gradually. South America, and Africa and the Middle East (AME) regions, will grow the fastest through the period 2018 to 2022. North America’s demand will shrink marginally, while Europe’s demand will remain almost stable. Market developments related to the lubricants market of the United States and the Middle East have been discussed separately in two articles that are based on reports titled Opportunities in Lubricants: North American Market Analysis and Opportunities in Lubricants: Middle East Market Analysis. CAGR, %

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Forecast Finished Lubricant Growth by Region, 2018 to 2022

Region A Africa, Middle East

Region B Region C South America Asia-Pacific w Commercial

x Consumer

Region EuropeD y Industrial-a

Region E North America

Region GlobalF

z Total

Basestock Market Trends Influence Lubricant Formulations

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