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3  new  K-­�Life  chapters  opened  this  fall  across  the  country

DPOOFDUXJUILZMF Listen  as  Kyle  shares  about  K-­�Life’s   special  rela onship  with  Kanakuk




Family  Circle Whether you are a past or present K-Lifer, we consider you family. The K-Life Family Circle is a way to keep our family connected! Once a part of the K-Life family,always a part of the K-Life family.

BABY! Tim and Kelsey Adams celebrated the arrival of their daughter Wynndal Reece on August HANNAH JANE WRIGHT 10, 2012. Tim serves as a Regional Director March 8. 2012 . 7:12pm for K-Life and Kelsey is the Communications 7lbs. 14oz. . 21 3/4Director in. for the NSC.

WEDDING! Congratulations to Brett Riley and his new wife, Jess! They were married May 5, 2012 in Edmond, OK. Brett serves as the Area Director in Sheridan, WY.

Co WEDDING! Congratulations to Stephen Edwards and his new wife McKenzie (Griffin). They were married September 22, 2012 in Dallas, Tx. Stephen serves as the Area Director in Park Cities, Tx.

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NEW ROOTS This fall,   K-­‐Life   has   planted   three   new   chap-­‐ ters  in  various  ci es  across  the  country.    New   chapter   start-­‐ups   are   always   exci ng   as   we   are  passionate  about  extending  our  reach  to   influence   more   students   for   Christ   each   year.     This   year,   K-­‐Life   has   added   chapters   in   the   ci es   of   Sheridan,   Wyoming,   Dumas,   Texas,   and  Vilonia,  Arkansas.    A  chapter  first  begins   and when  a  community  or  family  shows  interest  in   bringing   K-­‐Life   to   their   area.     A er   prayerful   considera on  we  encourage  a  community  to   evaluate  their  local  resources.    Since  K-­‐Life  is   discipleship-­‐focused,  the  ministry  seeks  many   volunteer   leaders   to   help   with   weekly   club   mee ngs,   ngs, events,   and   most   importantly   weekly   small   group   mee ngs.     Small   groups   are  the  most  important  part  of  our  ministry  as   it  is  where  our  “one  on  few”  and  “one  on  one”   contact  takes  place  allowing  us  to  personally   share  Jesus  with  today’s  genera on  of  youth.     Because   small   groups   are   the   heart   of   our   ministry,   an   important   element   to   star ng   a   ministry, K-­‐Life   is   to   assess   to   see   if   the   community   interested  has  the  resources  to  grow  a  large   volunteer  base.    One  last  important  piece  of   star ng  a  K-­‐Life  is  forming  a  Board  of  families   who  are  commi ed  to  help  support  the  local   staff  as  well  as  fundraise  the  necessary  money   it   takes   to   run   the   ministry   throughout   the   it school  year.    With  these  three  pieces  in  place   our   President,   Kyle   Unruh   begins   the   process   of  plan ng  a  new  K-­‐Life.    We  are  always  inter-­‐ es ng   in   growing   this   ministry   through   new   chapter  start-­‐ups  so  don’t  hesitate  to  contact   our   Na onal   Support   Center   and   we   would   love  to  talk  to  you  about  the  possibili es!


the specs

Pictured above: Bre  Riley  speaking at  a  K-­‐Life  Kickoff party.

Pictured aboce:   K-­‐Life  kids  enjoying  pizza  at  a  K-­‐Life  kickoff

Dr. Steve   Rabon,   and   his   wife   Amy   traveled   to   Branson,   Missouri   to   a end   Kanakuk   Kamps’   family   camp   -­‐   K-­‐Kaui.     A er  returning  home,  they  decided  that  they  wanted  their   kids   to   con nue   to   be   engulfed   in   an   environment   that   encouraged   their   rela onship   with   Christ   as   Kanakuk   did.     So,  they  prayed  about  what  that  might  look  like  and  decided   that  star ng  a  K-­‐Life  chapter  in  Sheridan  would  be  a  great  fit.     Dr.  and  Mrs.  Rabon  volunteered  to  share  the  presidency  role   Dr. of   the   local   K-­‐Life   Board   that   would   be   formed,   and   have   been   diligently   working   hard   to   raise   funds   to   support   the   ministry.     Sheridan   truly   blessed   them,   and   along   with   several   grants   that   came   in,   the   Board   was   able   to   raise   enough  funds  to  bring  two  new  staff  on,  Area  Director  Bre   Riley,  and  Women’s  Staff  Director,  Bri any  Mayes  beginning   in  July.    Sheridan  K-­‐Life  has  hosted  a  couple  kick-­‐off  par es   in already  receiving  great  response  from  kids  and  the  commu-­‐ nity!

Throughout the  country,  K-­‐Life  partners  with  community  organiza-­‐ ons.    In  Sheridan,  K-­‐Life  will  partner  with  the  YMCA,  Center  for  Vital   Community  and  local  churches,  to  name  just  a  few.  “K-­‐Life  programs   will  complement  programs  offered  by  the  Y  and  we  look  forward  to   a  partnership  that  will  enhance  Sheridan’s  youth  culture,”  said  Jay   McGinnis,  execu ve  director  of  the  Sheridan  YMCA.

Pictured le : A  K-­‐Life  kid  races to  lick  peanut  bu er off  of  plexiglass  at a  K-­‐Life  kickoff  party   in  Sheridan.

HOW IT STARTED Pam Lawrence,   having   known   about   K-­‐Life   in   Conway   became   passionate   that   the   Lord   was   leading   her   to   bring   K-­‐Life  to  Vilonia.    She  shared  her  heart  with  many  people  in   town   and   found   people   that   agreed   with   her   and   were   willing   to   team   up   and   partner   with   K-­‐Life   to   make   that   a   reality.    A  lot  of  prayer  and  seeking  the  Lord  happened  and  in   the   fall   of   2011   the   first   official   K-­‐Life   event   occurred   in   the   Senior  High  cafeteria.    It  was  a  great  night  where  the  com-­‐ Senior munity  came  together  and  heard  for  the  first   me  what  the   heartbeat  of  the  ministry  was.    Kyle  Unruh  and  other  repre-­‐ senta ves  of  the  NSC  a ended  and  at  the  end  of  the  night   there  were  new  monthly  donors  who  agreed  to  invest  in  the   kids  of  Vilonia  through  K-­‐Life.    A er  what  seemed  like  a  long   me  in  the  fall  of  2012,  Jordan  Dodd  was  hired  and  arrived  in   Vilonia  to  be  a  pioneer  for  K-­‐Life  and  is  just  ge ng  started   building   the   founda on   of   what   we   pray   will   be   a   great   legacy  of  Chris an  influence  in  Vilonia  through  K-­‐Life.    Please   join   us   in   praying   that   all   of   the   obvious   ques ons   will   be   answered  quickly  about  things  like  a  mee ng  space,  volun-­‐ teer   leaders,   donor   recruitment   and   even   what   they   will   study  in  year  one  of  the  ministry.    Those  are  just  a  few  of  the   unknowns  that  we  face  as  we  begin  a  new  chapter  of  K-­‐Life.     unknowns We   are   so   thankful   for   the   local   board   members   and   for   Jordan  Dodd  and  ask  that  you  will  be  in  faithful  prayer  for   them.  They  are  doing  a  great  job  ge ng  started  in  Vilonia,   AR.

Pictured le :   Area  Director,  Jordan  Dodd  and  K-­‐Life  kids Pictured  below:   Jordan  Dodd  and  K-­‐Life  leaders

the specs

All it   took   to   start   Dumas   K-­‐Life   was   a   spark   in   the   hearts   of   one   couple,   Emmy   and   Mackey   Craw-­‐ ford.     A er   Emmy   and   Mackey   married,   they   decided   a   change   was   needed   in   Dumas   if   they   were   going   to   remain   here   to   raise   a   family.   Because   of   raise Mackey’s   involvement   in   Hill   Country   K-­‐Life   they   decided   that   K-­‐Life   would   be   a   great   thing   to   bring  to  the  youth  of  Dumas.  They   began   the   task   of   searching   for   members   to   serve   on   the   board   and   loca ng   a   building   to   be   and u lized   as   the   K-­‐Life   building.   There  are  now  14  board  members   and  the  K-­‐Life  will  func on  out  of   an   old   CO-­‐OP   office   in   between   the   town’s   two   grain   elevators.   It   is   a   large   space   with   plenty   of   room   and   has   a   rus c   feel   that   room will   be   just   perfect   for   its   use.   A er   nearly   a   year   and   half   of   planning   and   raising   funds,   Dumas  K-­‐Life  welcomed  two  full-­‐ me   staff   members   in   August   of   2012:   Ben   Savory,   Area   Director   and  Kaylee  Brace,  Women’s  Staff.    

Pictured le : Champions  of  the  Wall  Ball  Tournament  held   this  fall.

the specs Pictured Below  :   Dumas  K-­‐Life  Warehouse  where  club  happens  once  a  week.

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