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////////////////////////////////////////////////// KRISTIN FLOWERS email: cell: (xxx) xxx-xxxx

/////////////////////////////////////////////////// / personal statement. // resume. /// fine art.

////////////////////////////////////////////////// I strive to continually reach and achieve a higher level in my art. I never want to reach a plateau in my artistic development, but instead continually reach a higher level of understanding color and composition and how the viewer may perceive them. In order to achieve this goal, I believe that attending your university’s graduate program for Painting would push me to the next level in achieving this goal. By having this greater understanding of color, composition and content, I would begin to explore more innovative color and compositional strategies. I have an interest in color’s relationships to one another as well as their relationship to the viewer. In my most recent series of paintings, I have been exploring a

color palette that is based on a monochromatic blue. This color palette was inspired by Picasso’s Blue Period, where he uses a tight color palette of blues to express an emotive content in his paintings. I wanted to explore this color palette, limiting myself to such blues in order to delve into the aspects that control color such as light and dark, warm and cool, and bright and dull. Using this limited palette has begun to allow me to respond to subtlety in color, and being about to control slight color shifts. I am also interested in the fragmenting of images for compositional purposes. This was initially inspired from Cubism, and later post-abstract artists such as James Rosenquist. I am attracted to the idea of a juxtaposition of abstract with more realistic imagery. Being able to tell

/////////////////////////////////////////////////// what the image is, but with an abstracted, fractured composition is a concept that I am interested in and continually develop. In my work, I have employed the idea of simultaneous vs. Gestalt imagery. In my painting, Linear Self Portrait with Dress and Pear Grid, for example, there is the linear image and the painterly pear grid. When looking at the piece, the viewer’s eyes jump from the linear drawing to the painterly background and back. Figure and ground play against each other making it difficult to perceive what is figure and what is ground. This allows for the linear image to advance in some instances over the pears, but also recede behind it in others. Technology is continually becoming an integral part of

art. I often use the computer as a tool for creating art, whether it be used to create a digital piece or used to create preliminary studies and rough drafts for paintings and drawings. I have been exploring combining both digital work with painting and drawing, trying to blur the line between the technology and the traditional art. My primary goal is to become the best painter I can possibly become and all of my secondary goals will fall into place around my main goal. I anticipate showing in multiple galleries and developing a patronage for my work. Because of my love and passion for art, I may be compelled to share this passion which may lead to teaching. Because I am on a path of exploration that is uncharted for me, the obvious benefit of the mentoring by a graduate faculty would unquestionably contribute to my success and development.

////////////////////////////////////////////////// / Media Experiences: Graphite Pencil, Colored Pencil, Charcoal, Pastel, Acrylic, Oil, Watercolor, and Mixed Media Techniques. // Internship at Barton Art Gallery. /// Knowledge of Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign. //// Experience working with patrons. ///// Good time management skills.

Barton College, NC Wilson, NC BFA in Studio Art with concentration in Painting. Alpha Chi Honors Society Inductee. Member for Art Student League. James B. Hunt High School Wilson, NC Graduated with honors June 2006. Member of Academic Excellence Society, National Honor Society, and Art Club.

////////////////////////////////////////////////// Barton Art Gallery Internship

Stoneybrook Church of Christ

August 2008 – December 2008.

Created new logo design.

Photographed ceramic sculpture and African masks and sculptures.

Painted Youth Room Mural.

Organized set up of Raines & Cox Exhibit. Organized set up of displays in Case Art Library of African masks and

Eduardo Sanchez

Paula W. Patterson Collection.

Created a schematic drawing for an invention of his: car washing brush.

Wilson Arts Council June 2008.

Wilson Active Artists Association

Assistant Teacher for “Going Green” Art Class for ages 6-10.

Participated in November show (2009).

Exhibited in three group showings (2005-2006).

Member of Nominations Committee.

Part of revitalization team to revamp the looks of the Arts Council (2008).



The Box. Acrylic and graphite on woven and stitched paper. 48” x 62”.

Colored pencil on paper. 48” x 96”.


Self Portrait with Taco Paint: The New Cubism.


Sculptural Dress Model for Paintings and Drawings. Hand sewn silver screen wire and thin jewelry wire. 21” x 73” x 82”.

Dress #1 with Pear Grid. Acrylic, gesso, graphite. colored pencil, charcoal, chalk, and paper on canvas. 24� x 36�.

Dress #2 with Pear Grid. Acrylic, gesso, graphite, charcoal, and chalk on canvas. 24” x 48”.

Acrylic, gesso, graphite, charcoal, chalk, and paper on canvas. 24” x 36”.


Dress #3 with Pear Grid.


Linear Self Portrait with Dress with Pear Grid. Acrylic, gesso, graphite, charcoal, and paper on canvas. 30” x 40”.

A map from home to... Acrylic, graphite, colored pencil, gesso, charcoal, silver mesh wire, alternative seriography, black and white xerox, and map on canvas. 30� x 40�.

Untitled Dress Painting. Oil on canvas. 30” x 40”.

Laurene with Two Dresses. Oil, acrylic, gesso, charcoal, and graphite on canvas. 30” x 40”.


Laurene. Digital photography collage with intaglio. 36� x 60�.

Telling a tale not too importunate. Digital collage with painted and drawn elements. 24� x 30�.

Composition with Two Complements (Rebecca). Original oil painting and photography for digital file. 30� x 40�.

Xerography, acrylic, gesso, watercolor pencils, fabric, scraps of paper from book, and feathers on paper. 13� x 19�.


A tiny pattern; And only feels.


Floral Dress Print. Vitreography, graphite, and colored pencil on paper. 7.5� x 9.4�.

Complementary print with Self Portrait, Dress, and Flowers. Vitreography, siligraphy, colored pencil, photographic elements in Adobe Photoshop. 7.5� x 9.7�.


Pear Grid and Dress Diptych. Acrylic and graphite on paper. 38” x 59”.

Blue Self Portrait with Dress. Oil on canvas. 48” x 48”.

Fragmented Composition in Seven Panels. Part 1. Oil on unstretched canvas, and Graphite and colored pencil on paper, mounted to panel. 48� x 48�.

Oil on unstretched canvas, and Graphite and colored pencil on paper, mounted to panel. 48� x 48�.


Fragmented Composition in Seven Panels. Part 2.



kristin l. flowers portfolio  
kristin l. flowers portfolio  

A portfolio of my most current work for submission to graduate school.