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IBM Workplace Forms Technical Sales Mastery Test v1

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1. Which of the following are valid reasons for choosing e-forms products that use open forms technology? A. Open forms technology is free and can be used to produce a less expensive e-forms product B. Choosing open forms technology allows easy integration with third party applications C. Proprietary products cause businesses to become locked in to a single vendor D. Open forms technology is more reliable because it is developed by many different people rather than just one vendor Answer: AB 2. What is the menu ufv_settings option used for? A. To add menu options to the main menu of the Workplace Forms Viewer B. To define new menu or toolbar options C. To create a menu within a form D. To hide or disable toolbar buttons Answer: D 3. What is the function of the scope identifier? A. To identify the form B. To identify which form a page belongs to C. To uniquely identify elements in a form D. To provide a means of determining which fields are displayed in a form Answer: C 4. When using absolute positioning, what reference point is used to determine the position of an item on a form? A. The position of the previous item in the form B. The position of an anchor item in the form C. The top right corner of the form D. The top left corner of the form Answer: D 5. Which of the following are parts of the basic architecture of the Webform Server? A. Portlet B. Translator C. Log Server D. All of the above Answer: D 6. What is the purpose of the omit filter? A. To guarantee that the form is secure with the exception of the selected items B. To ensure that all form elements are signed    

C. To specify the form elements that you do not want to sign D. To specify the form elements that need to be signed Answer: C 7. Which format provides a formula to determine the content of an element? A. Computes B. Arrays C. Argument D. Script Answer: A 8. How do digital signatures ensure that a form has not been changed? A. A timestamp is used to ensure that the file has not changed since the form was last edited B. The contents of the document are used to generate a unique number representing the document C. The XFDL code is used to generate a hash value that identifies the document and the signer D. The signers name and e-mail address are affixed to the document to ensure that the signer has not changed the form since it was completed Answer: B 9. Which of the following filters are the most secure? A. Signature filters B. Omit filters C. Keep filters D. Custom filters Answer: B 10. In addition to alphanumeric characters, what characters are permitted in a scope identifier? A. The underscore (_) B. The hyphen (-) C. The ampersand (&) D. The period (.) Answer: A 11. Which of the following are modes of the Workplace Forms Viewer? A. Standalone mode B. Offline mode C. Browser mode D. Online mode Answer: AB 12. Using an open standards framework allows Workplace Forms Viewer to operate in which of the    

following environments? A. A standalone environment B. A portal environment C. An offline environment D. All of the above E. None of the above Answer: D 13. Why are documents an important part of the business process? A. Documents allow businesses to track the behaviors and practices of customers B. Documents are a necessary and ubiquitous part of business C. Documents ensure that there is always a hard copy to use as a backup D. Documents may in some cases be the end product of a service Answer: AB 14. Which of the following best describes XFDL? A. A language designed to create online forms B. An XML syntax for creating intelligent forms C. A collection of HTML tags used to create complex forms D. An open source application for creating online forms Answer: B 15. How is a signature button added in Forms Designer? A. Add a button from the Palette view. Select the button in the designer. In the Properties view, select signature from the type drop-down list. B. Add a button from the Palette view. Right-click the button and select Properties from the context menu. Select the Button Type option. Under Signature Action Details, select Sign Entire Form, and click OK. C. Add a button from the Palette view Select the button, and press F2. Under Type, select Signature. Click Details, and ensure that Sign Entire Form is selected. Click OK. D. Add a button from the Palette view. Right-click the button and select Details from the context menu. Select Signature Action Details and click OK. Answer: A 16. What technology forms the basis of IBM Workplace Forms? A.Java B.XML C.HTTP D.HTTP What technology forms the basis of IBM Workplace Forms? A. Java B. XML C. HTTP Answer: B    

17. What is the purpose of an XForms binding? A. To link pages of a form together B. To synchronize the data with the information displayed in the user interface C. To create a link between the various items on a form D. To encrypt the contents of a form by generating a hash value Answer: B 18. Which of the following best describes a Clickwrap signature? A. An encryption algorithm that allows users to digitally sign and secure a form B. A type of signature filter that identifies a user through a series of questions and Answers C. An electronic signature that only requires the user to click an Accept button to agree to an electronic agreement D. A simple method of applying electronic signatures to a form without the requirement of digital certificates Answer: D 19. What is the function of the Smartfill capability in Workplace Forms Viewer? A. To specify data fragments that will be locally cached B. To automatically prepopulate a form with cached data C. To cache data locally on a users system D. None of the above Answer: B 20. In Workplace Forms Designer, what does the Tree view display? A. Item placement, alignment, and configuration on a form B. The XFLD structure of the form, including logic and calculations C. A simplified view of items as well as their build order on the form D. A list of values assigned to each root item Answer: C 21. Which of the following are characteristics of XFDL? A. Human-readable plain text B. Proprietary technology C. Custom items added by users D. Data structures to create digital signatures Answer: AB 22. In the Viewer Preferences form, which page is used to configure security options and signature filters? A. Basic B. Input options C. Security options    

D. Advanced Answer: D 23. What are the advantages of using paper-based forms to collect information? A. Forms are familiar to almost anyone B. Forms allow readers to verify information C. Forms allow information to be easily stored and retrieved D. Forms are structured documents for collecting data Answer: AB 24. Which of the following best describes a form item? A. Images and labels B. Elements that describe appearance C. Any object on a page D. Text and input fields on a page Answer: C 25. Which of the following best describes the Workplace Forms Server API? A. A collection of functions used to access and manipulate XFDL forms B. A collection of functions used to develop applications that interact with XFDL forms C. A collection of functions used to develop customized functions D. A collection of customized functions used to manipulate XFDL forms Answer: B 26. In the Viewer Preferences form, which page is used to configure how the Viewer prints forms? A. Printing options B. Output options C. Basic D. Advanced Answer: A 27. In Workplace Forms Designer, how do you view the XFDL code of a form item? A. Click the Source tab in the Designer view B. Press F11 C. Press CTRL+F10 D. Select View > Item Code from the main menu Answer: A 28. Which of the following best describes the build order? A. The order in which objects are created in a form when the form is developed B. The order in which objects in a form are rendered when they are displayed    

C. The order in which objects are placed with respect to the previous object D. The order in which objects are filled when the user completes the form Answer: B 29. What is the function of the portlet or servlet in the Webform Server architecture? A. To log the activity of the Webform Server B. To control the forms application and process all incoming and outgoing forms C. To convert XFDL to HTML, and vice versa D. To maintain a collection of XFDL forms and applications Answer: B 30. What is meant by a zero footprint solution in Webform Server? A. The capability to host eForms without the need to install any additional services or plug-ins on the server side B. The capability to host eForms using WebSphere Portal without the need to install another portlet application C. The capability to deliver eForms to external users without the need to install additional browser plug-ins on the client side D. The capability to install the Webform Server in WebSphere Portal without the need for any additional configuration Answer: C    

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