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roadworkers of ladakh

The dusty roads leading to the remote and northernmost part of India, bordering China, are only accessible about 4 months of the year. The extreme weather conditions in this altutide are a heavy strain for the infrastructure, which is why in the few summer months, workers from all over the country, as well as neighbouring Nepal are brought up into these regions to keep them in tact.

Reaching altitudes of over 5200m, the working conditions are extreme. Under the scorching sun, temperatures rise to 30 degrees - while icy himalayan winds contrast these highs. The nights are bitter cold.

From June to August the workers stay in their barracks in these altitudes, building communities and living on very confined spaces - limited drinking water supplies, low salaries and the dusty environment add to the hardship of working in this high altitude.


Roadworkers of Ladakh, India

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