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WHAT IS THIS? This is my portfolio in graphic design. enjoy. Its mixed work and non published material. NEED TO KNOW BASES. I studied graphic design a,b,c in sweden aswell as well as webdesign. Been involved with graphics since the year of 2000. GET READY FOR THE ACTION. this portfolio is complete made for japan, and my search to find an agency/studio working either with graphic design or marketing., who knows maybe both. i wish i could do a 2-3 month internship. Hope you find something you might like. im in japan to work so send me a email.



PER ASSIGNMENT. NOT PUBLISHED ASSIGNMENT. make a poster for New York Times morning paper and come up with a slogan. I used one of my old photos of centralpark and the downtown skyline of New York. The colors were adjusted to create a feeling of sleep.

I named the cosmatic chain elvia and made the logo out of sketches from a tree and a growing seed, I also wanted to place a heart in the logo and there is a trace of a heart in there. With "you never get tierd of being beutiful" i tried to create a feeling of a cheeky statement. the whole ad is to get the spectator to think its clever and fun, and not think of the product from a cosmetic point of view.

Here is a selection of how it could look with the AD on a building wall or adframe. The cities exposed here are (from the top) Shanghai,Kyoto,New York and Bankok.

this concept art is done in adobe illustrator and photoshop. I did my campaign with an old bottle and a lemontree with the parott wearing a typical mexican sombrero.

Portfolio for Japan 07-08  

Andreas Kleiners portfolio, in search of an internship in Tokyo 2008.

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