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Servo-Spot Weld Gun Reduction Gear X-Type

P at e n t e d d e s i g n a d v a n ta g e s Designed to assure precision, ease of use and low maintenance, Dengensha’s patented Reduction Gear X-Type Weld Guns increase productivity and efficiency. Dengensha weld guns, which have made millions of welds with little or no maintenance, are among the most reliable in the industry.

Simple design lowers costs

Time-tested, proven technology used in auto assembly lines around the world

• Same reduction gear technology used in robot actuation • Highly accurate • Generates controlled higher force with less energy

Rigid, durable, low maintenance

• High alignment accuracy, consistent pressure

• Designed for high rigidity and long life

• Higher weld quality • Reduced warping, indentations and spatter

• Reduction gear drive is maintenance-free

• Symmetrical design – no right and left hand – reduces inventory of spare guns and spare parts

• No hinge that wears

• Dust- and water-resistant design increases drive unit life

BUILT f o r q u a l i t y Flexibility

• Servo driven

• Combine standard gun arms to suit your needs

• 13,000 A maximum welding current

• Combine standard electrode holders

• 10% duty cycle

• Multiple gun configurations fit one common body

• 5.0 kN, 7.0 kN electrode force

• Slim, compact design reduces space requirements

• 290 mm-350 mm throat depth

• Use with Dengensha’s robot integrated weld control to reduce cycle time even more.

• 125 kg-135 kg total weight

AC s t y l e s h o w n

Basic specs provided.

Servo-Spot Weld Gun Reduction Gear X-Type

Additional Dengensha services • Maintenance and operating training seminars on nut feeders, bolt feeders, manual/robotic welders and portable/robotic welding guns • Rebuilding – nut feeder, bolt feeder, portable welding gun • Repairing – welding controls • Calibrating – weldscope and pressure mate

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• Welding Controls Total maintenance documentation. Complete spare parts manual with prices and availability customized for your equipment and provided at no charge. Includes maintenance log, CD and updates as needed. Visuals simplify part identification.

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Reduction Gear Weld Gun  

Resource manual for the Reduction Gear Weld Gun

Reduction Gear Weld Gun  

Resource manual for the Reduction Gear Weld Gun