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College of Communication AND Information

Experience The CCI Commons: The Uncommon Living Experience

The CCI Commons is the ideal college living-learning experience, offering students the support they need when they need it and the freedom to do everything they hope to do as college students. Living in the CCI Commons means connecting immediately with other communication majors. Our students come from diverse backgrounds, but they share a love for great storytelling, media and design. They care about ideas and freedom of expression. And they care about each other.

Research shows that students who reside in living-learning communities, like the CCI Commons, have higher grade point averages and are more likely than their peers to finish college. What does that mean to you? You can make friends in your major, build your skills and strengthen your grades to ensure a strong start at Kent State University!

Located in Olson Hall near Central Campus, the CCI Commons is in easy walking distance of the Kent Student Center, University Library, classrooms, dining and recreation facilities. The CCI Commons offers: Academic, creative and social support. 24/7 access to specialized computer labs and studio spaces. Workshops that build skills, experience and confidence. Networking with professionals. Visits to business, studios and newsrooms. Guest speakers, movie nights and much more.

It’s your college experience. Make it uncommonly good.

School of Communication Studies SCHOOL OF COMMUNICATION STUDIES The School of Communication Studies recently marked its 80-year anniversary. Today, the school offers bachelor’s and master’s degrees with majors in applied, global, health, interpersonal, organizational and public communication. The school is nationally recognized for its scholarship, and its students have received national attention for their academic and professional accomplishments. The school has been recognized as a distinguished program in communication by the Ohio Communication Association.


Bachelor of Arts · Applied Communication · Global Communication · Health Communication · Interpersonal Communication · Organizational Communication · Public Communication


Master of Arts · Global Communication · Health Communication · Interpersonal Communication · Mediated and Mass Communication Doctor of Philosophy · Communication and Information

APPLIED COMMUNICATION A degree in applied communication prepares students to work more effectively in a wide range of contexts, meeting industry demands with more advanced communication training and integrated communication skills. Applied communication majors learn the hands-on work of a professional communication specialist and understand the theories that explain why certain messages are most effective for different types of audiences. GLOBAL COMMUNICATION Global communication provides students with exposure to business processes, information management, media systems and telecommunication structure, while studying intercultural organizational communication practices. HEALTH COMMUNICATION Health communication promotes skills in healthcare communication and training, social support, health literacy, media literacy and the design and development of health messages, programs and campaigns. INTERPERSONAL COMMUNICATION Interpersonal communication students learn to assess verbal and nonverbal messages, evaluate effects of messages, interpret diverse meaning and produce culturally sensitive messages. ORGANIZATIONAL COMMUNICATION Organizational communication students learn practical skills, such as creating effective newsletters and presentations, and develop a deep understanding of theory and research. PUBLIC COMMUNICATION Students studying public communication develop skills in and an understanding of media and multimedia use, processes and effects and the role of communication in popular culture.

STUDENT ORGANIZATIONS · Kent Communication Society · Lambda Pi Eta



Can you see yourself crafting stories for newsletters, emceeing events or directing a student news show? Resume´ ´ building experiences are everywhere for those in the College of Communication and Information’s School of Communication Studies, and student Khalil Dixon has taken advantage of them all. “The college offers so many activities to get hands-on experience in any major or concentration. By participating in student media, internships and practicums, extracurricular and campus activities and volunteer opportunities, I believe I have used my time at Kent State wisely to learn and apply what I’ve learned. Now, instead of just telling a potential employer what I have studied, I can proudly communicate the things I have experienced and accomplished.” As a public relations and marketing intern in the School of Communication Studies, Khalil played an integral role in providing content for the school’s website. This included recording and editing video features for the school. Additionally, Khalil contributed to the design of a newsletter for undergraduate students and wrote stories about the school. As a communication studies major, Khalil has learned “good verbal and nonverbal communication skills, listening and feedback skills and news-gathering and information analysis.” As floor director of Kent State’s TV2, from behind the podium presenting independent research at the Ronald E. McNair Scholars Summer Research Institute, and while recording news segments for Black Squirrel Radio, Khalil has had the chance to put classroom lessons into practice and gain experience for life.




School of Journalism and Mass Communication SCHOOL OF JOURNALISM AND MASS COMMUNICATION Kent State’s School of Journalism and Mass Communication prepares students for careers in today’s highly competitive media marketplace with a combination of academic excellence and practical, professional skills. The School of Journalism and Mass Communication helps its students discover the power of storytelling – the news story, the feature story, the visual story, the client’s story. And, in the process, it helps its students discover their own brand stories: who they are, what unique skills and abilities they offer and what they want to do with their professional lives.


Bachelor of Science · Advertising · Electronic Media -Management -Production -Sports Production · Journalism -Multimedia News -Magazine -Photojournalism -Broadcast · Public Relations


Master of Arts · Media Managment · Public Relations · Reporting + Editing -Broadcast -Convergence -Journalism Educators -Magazine -Newspaper Doctor of Philosophy · Communication and Information



Advertising Advertising majors study the entire spectrum of the advertising business and the social responsibilities of a persuasive media. The major prepares students for careers in creative, media planning, account management, media sales, sales promotion and direct marketing. ELECTRONIC MEDIA Electronic media production (renamed Digital Media Production - Fall 2014) majors gain first-hand experience in all aspects of single camera and live multi-camera production, including shooting, audio recording, editing, writing, directing and producing digital films and live television. Film styles include documentary, commercial and corporate productions and narrative fiction. Live television includes news, sports and entertainment programs in our own high-definition studio, as well as covering live events in a million-dollar remote production truck. Journalism (multimedia news, magazine, Photojournalism or broadcast) Broadcast students learn to report, write and produce news for television and radio stations. In the magazine concentration, students learn all aspects of the reporting, writing, editing and production of digital and print magazines. In the multimedia news concentration, students learn all aspects of the reporting, editing and design of print and online news. Photojournalism majors study the visual reporting of news. Public relations Public relations majors study the strategic management of communication and the relationships between organizations and their key publics. Students develop skills in written, online, verbal and visual communications, as well as research and strategic thinking. Students also have the opportunity to apply for positions at two student-run agencies and to get involved in the Kent State Chapter of the Public Relations Student Society of America. Student media opportunities Black Squirrel Radio Daily Kent Stater TV2 The Burr A Magazine Fusion Luna Negra Uhuru

Student Organizations · Public Relations Student Society of America · Kent State Chapter of the American Advertising Federation · Kappa Tau Alpha

When Cindy Deng graduated from high school, she knew she wanted to pursue a degree in the field of journalism. Her pursuit led her to the College of Communication and Information’s School of Journalism and Mass Communication, a nationally recognized journalism school that encourages students to gain firsthand experience with real-world resources. “Like many freshmen, I worried about finding the right major. Support from professors and upperclassmen and participation in student organizations like the Public Relations Student Society of America proved that I truly belonged in the College of Communication and Information.” The Kent State chapter of PRSSA in the School of Journalism and Mass Communication is nationally recognized for excellence. In 2013, the chapter ranked second in the nation in the prestigious PRSSA Bateman Competition and is one of only 12 PRSSA Star Chapters nationwide. “Today’s workforce seems to favor those who pursue a career in communication. Employers seek those with a communication background who can make decisions and solve problems while working. A communication degree provides the foundational skills necessary in writing and communication, as well as being able to work with multimedia in the workplace.” The School of Journalism and Mass Communication provides many opportunities for hands-on learning to ensure graduates have experience for life.


School of Journalism AND Mass Communication



School of Visual Communication Design SCHOOL OF VISUAL COMMUNICATION DESIGN Can you imagine your drawings as billboard advertisements, book covers or Web interfaces? Students in the School of Visual Communication Design transform artistic talent into professional communications, solving problems with visual illustrations, designs and photos. The School of Visual Communication Design is internationally recognized for the quality of its design curriculum. The school is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design, an achievement that is gained only through a rigorous review process of accreditation.


Bachelor of Fine Arts · Visual Communication Design Bachelor of Arts · Visual Communication Design Bachelor of Science · Photo-Illustration


Master of Fine Arts · Visual Communication Design Master of Arts · Visual Communication Design

VISUAL COMMUNICATION DESIGN (B.A.) Visual communication design majors learn the foundational techniques of design and illustration through typography, color and hierarchy in 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional formats, for print, Web and motion design. This professionally oriented degree charges students to develop conceptual and aesthetic skills, a knowledge of design history and tradition as a basis for individual style, and an understanding of how their design skills will be used in marketing, advertising and various communication fields. VISUAL COMMUNICATION DESIGN (B.F.A.) B.F.A. visual communication design majors have a similar approach to B.A. students, but B.F.A. majors delve deeper into their interest areas within design and illustration in additional studio courses and professional portfolio development during their senior year. B.F.A. students further explore how to solve problems and communicate messages through visual design, translating theory into practice through professional example and experience. PHOTO-ILLUSTRATION Photo illustration provides its majors with a comprehensive program of study balancing a liberal arts education with studio offerings in digital photography. Grounded in formal, technical and conceptual skills building, the B.S. degree program builds a photography professional through experiential learning opportunities, as well as through required courses in graphic design and multimedia techniques.

STudent organizations · AIGA, the professional association for design, Kent State student chapter



“Being a School of Visual Communication Design major has taught me how to efficiently manage my time, how to best present my research and how to effectively communicate an idea visually. As the college name suggests, it is highly important as a student in the College of Communication and Information to not only have or develop the ability to communicate information well, but also to develop the ability to find, organize and interpret information visually.� Coursework in the School of Visual Communication Design produces skilled graphic designers, photographers and illustrators, while extracurricular activities promote engagement in the design industry. Ashley is a student leader in the CCI Commons, a livinglearning community on campus, and is a member of the AIGA student chapter, which encourages networking with professionals. The School of Visual Communication Design is preparing Ashley for a career in graphic design after graduation. Let it prepare you with experience for life.





School of Library and Information Science SCHOOL OF LIBRARY AND INFORMATION SCIENCE The School of Library and Information Science at Kent State University has the only American Library Association-accredited Master of Library and Information Science degree program in Ohio, offering courses in Kent, Columbus (State Library of Ohio) and through a fully online option. The School of Library and Information Science also offers a Master of Science in Information Architecture and Knowledge Management and participates in an interdisciplinary Ph.D. in the College of Communication and Information. The school is recognized by U.S. News and World Report as one of the nation’s top 20 library and information science graduate programs, with a youth librarianship program that is ranked 10th. It is one of the largest library schools in the country, with more than 650 students enrolled.


Master of Library and Information Science Master of Science · Information Architecture and Knowledge Management

Doctor of Philosophy

· Communication and Information

MASTER OF LIBRARY AND INFORMATION SCIENCE Offering the only American Library Association-accredited M.L.I.S. program in Ohio, the School of Library and Information Science prepares students for positions of leadership in librarianship and information professions such as publishing and competitive business intelligence. MASTER OF SCIENCE IN INFORMATION ARCHITECTURE AND KNOWLEDGE Management The M.S. in Information Architecture and Knowledge Management offers concentrations in the emerging fields of health informatics, knowledge management and user-experience design. PH.D IN COMMUNICATION AND INFORMATION The interdisciplinary doctoral program provides students with a foundation in communication and information, beginning with the core courses, then becoming individually tailored to allow specialization according to each student’s expertise and research.

Student Organizations · American Library Association student chapters (Associated Library Science Students of Ohio and Columbus/Associated Library Science Students of Ohio) · Beta Phi Mu, international library and information science honorary society · Society of American Archivists student chapter · Special Libraries Association student chapter




School of Library AND Information Science Don Jason, a student in the School of Library and Information Science, didn’t have to make a hard decision when considering this College of Communication and Information school. Before making this kind of decision, though, Don says, “Students have to look at themselves first. They have to find what is unique and special or even quirky about them, and then they have to bring that to every project they complete. Students who really want to make a difference in society, uncover truths and educate the public through journalism, marketing or public relations as well as library and information science, should consider the College of Communication and Information.” The School of Library and Information Science promotes community with peers and experienced faculty, a real-world practicum and access to multiple resources to encourage success. “I learned to use my professors as academic and professional resources. They have been in the library and information science field for 20-plus years, and they have made a lot of connections over that time. Seeing professors practicing what they preach leaves students with powerful impressions,” Don said. Don has applied his classroom experience to real-world situations by successfully completing internships in several different libraries, and by attending conferences and engaging in professional development opportunities. With the experience for life Don is gaining through the School of Library and Information Science, he said his goal is “to graduate on a Saturday, and report to a full-time job with benefits on Monday! The College of Communication and Information has a proven track record of making this happen!”



College of Communication and Information Entrepreneurial Units Innovative … Competitive … Entrepreneurial The College of Communication and Information understands that 21st-century students must compete in an innovation-driven economy that exists in a global marketplace. Coursework inspires students to think analytically, creatively and ethically, while the college’s entrepreneurial units stimulate them to apply those skills in real-world laboratories. STUDENTS TAKE PART IN:

strategic marketing planning market research concepts and designs for brochures direct mail and logo/identity broadcast, including radio and TV spots web design/redesign media planning and placement public relations and media relations



  Kent State University TeleProductions


The tannery Real campaigns. Real clients. Real-world experience. The Tannery is a student-staffed, full-service integrated marketing communication firm, located in downtown Kent, where top-performing students in the College of Communication and Information come together to solve real-world client problems. With a team composed of visual communication design, public relations, advertising, computer science and marketing students, the firm works with local, regional and national clients. The Tannery offers the experience to prepare students for lifelong success. The Tannery presents an opportunity to bridge the college experience to a full-time career in the field. Student employees learn to meet and exceed the dynamic demands of clients and businesses on a regular basis. Glyphix Started in 1974 as one of the first such programs in the country, Glyphix is an award-winning design studio within the College of Communication and Information’s School of Visual Communication Design. The studio is staffed by exceptional visual communication design undergraduate and graduate students. Glyphix provides a professional atmosphere, both in philosophy and physical space, where student designers develop creative solutions for a wide variety of client needs. ScanPath ScanPath Usability Lab is an entrepreneurial venture started in 2006 in the Information Architecture and Knowledge Management program of the School of Library and Information Science. Usability experts and state-of-the-art equipment — including eye tracking, multiple camera views and detailed analysis software — can assess user behavior and interaction with a website to guide or improve its structure and architecture. Teleproductions For more than 50 years, TeleProductions’ professionals have provided the university and the surrounding community with a wide range of media services, technical and instructional support and award-winning video and audio productions. TeleProductions’ facilities include a fully digital high-definition satellite uplink/production truck, a television production studio, a video duplication center, and several post-production edit suites.



Cinque Terre, Italy

College Of COMMUNICATION AND INFORMATION Education abroad See the world while taking courses toward your major by participating in one of our various education abroad opportunities. There is a lot to learn in Kent, Ohio, but if you want to take yourself and your career to the next level, you need to hit the road once in a while because life abroad is transformative in just about every way.

In the College of Communication and Information, you’ll find aN Education-abroad option that will: 1. Match your academic, career and personal goals. 2. Take you somewhere you’ve always dreamed of going. 3. Keep you on track for graduation. 4. Fit your budget. Our goal in the College of Communication and Information is to offer a range of education-abroad options, so every student can find the perfect one. Because our programs are tailored to our majors, you can continue to learn about your field and develop your skills while seeing the world. Scholarships and financial aid are available. Course offerings and trip lengths vary. Learn more at Santorini, Greece

India is amazing! Every day I encountered a feast for my eyes and my camera lens. The bustling streets are filled with people incredibly eager to share their culture — fabulous food, colorful fashion, quirky animals and dramatic dances! I never dreamed I would get to see such an exotic place while studying at Kent State. Please follow my example and study abroad. You will learn so many things you never could in a classroom — and the friends you make in another country will be friends for life! - Melinda, photo-illustration major Everyone always told me that you find yourself during college; I just never imagined that it would be while I was staring at the Duomo in Florence, or Big Ben in London, or the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Each place we visited during my study abroad experience is now part of me. The friends I made became my family. And Florence will always be my second home. It was the experience of a lifetime, and one I will never forget. - Marissa, advertising major


Capri, Italy

College of Communication AND Information

College of Communication and Information ALUMNI Kent State University’s alumni recently reached more than 200,000 alumni worldwide. They represent all 50 states in the United States and more than 100 countries. The College of Communication and Information takes great pride in the accomplishments of its thousands of alumni, many of whom have risen to top positions in media and design companies and libraries around the world. Some of those include: · Abercrombie & Fitch · American Greetings Corporation · Obama for America · Discovery Channel · NASA · Time, Inc. · Today Show · MSNBC · CNN · ESPN · New York Times · Progressive · Marriott · Google · Central Intelligence Agency · Edelman

· World Bank · United States military branches · U.S. Department of Justice · Cleveland Clinic · Yahoo! · Harley Davidson · Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum · Blue Sky Studies · 20th Century Fox · Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company · New England Patriots · And thousands of other organizations You can be a part of this list!

College of Communication and Information alumni often return to share their life experiences with students and faculty and even to teach specific courses in their profession. They also have given generously over the years to help fund special projects and to provide scholarships. Learn more online at

Excellence in Action!

About the College of Communication and Information The College of Communication and Information at Kent State University educates students to meet their specific goals as well as the needs of society. Education at the undergraduate and graduate levels promotes the development and application of theoretical foundations and creative experiences through interaction with a dedicated faculty of scholars and professionals. Within the disciplines represented in the college, students are served by course offerings and other instructional and scholarly opportunities that provide broad educational perspectives and intensive training in professional areas. The graduate programs within the College of Communication and Information at Kent State will help you further your education in a wide range in fields. You will have access to nationally recognized programs, renowned faculty and state-of-the-art facilities to continue your learning. We provide the tools for you to take the next step in your education, and we offer constant guidance to reach any career goal you’re aiming for. Learn more about graduate programs in the College of Communication and Information at

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Kent State University College of Communication and Information Undergraduate Brochure  
Kent State University College of Communication and Information Undergraduate Brochure  

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