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It was just another boring day in John Glenn Elementary school. I didn't have much of an appetite, even though it was the middle of lunchtime. There was going to be an assembly, at least we’d be able to miss a class. “Hey look over there.” Sean said as he pointed to the other table. It was usually crowded with lots of kids, but today it just seemed deserted. “Where did everyone go?” I asked. “I think they’re looking at that thing that 4th grader brought in.” Tom said. I looked over to the 4th grade table. Everyone was crowded around one kid holding a metal disk. It was bigger than a Frisbee, looked silver, and had a blue light in the middle of it. “Let’s check it out.” I said. Sean, Tom and I walked over to the metal disk. “Alex, look at this thing, what do you think it is?” Patrick asked. I walked up to take a closer look. It looked like it was from the future, I could even see tiny orange lights and buttons. “We better get back to our seats, looks like Mrs. Yeager‘s coming.” Miss Yeager was our principle. Although she was nice and fair, you wouldn’t want to get caught out of yours seat when she’s around. We walked back to our seat, and finished our hotdogs. But for some reason, I couldn’t keep my eyes off the disk. Mrs. Yeager walked up to the 4th grader and whispered something in his ear. He nodded and she walked away. He picked up the disk and walked it out of the lunchroom, but before he could make it halfway, he dropped it. It made a loud beeping noise, like it was going to explode The light was blinking too, but from where I was at it looked like nothing happened. Then I saw it, a green gas pouring out of it pretty quickly. From the looks of it, it wouldn't be long until the whole school was filled with it. As soon as a teacher got close to it, she coughed and fainted, but the kids seemed to show no reaction. The fire alarm went off, and every one was quickly evacuating the school. No teachers came out though. "I have to see if they're ok." Sean said, and before anyone could stop him, he was running back in. The gas must've only had effect on adults. Most kids kept on running until they were far away from the school. But many 6th graders stayed on the black top. As if I wasn't shocked enough, Nick pointed towards something in the sky. It was something big, and it was getting closer and closer to the school. Finally, the huge object flew over our school and stopped. I could tell it wasn't human. It looked like it was made out of lots of smaller ships joined together to create a huge one. Tom was the first one to come out of shock. "That is not a human ship." He said. Sean ran back to me. It was like he didn't even notice the giant ship above our heads. "Everyone's alive, just unconscious." Then he saw it. "Oh my-" The ship beeped. It was the same beep the disk made, but louder. A latch on the ship opened, but instead of gas coming out, three big aliens jumped out. They landed with a thump, and then with a strange accent said: "We come for the core." "I knew it!" Patrick yelled, keeping his distance. Then they pulled out giant laser guns. "We come for the core!" Everyone stepped back in fear. "Wha-" They aimed at me. "What core?” I asked, wishing I hadn't known the answer. "I think he wants the disk." Zach whispered to me. "We-we'll get it. Just calm down." Nick walked towards the school, and the aliens followed. One stayed, to keep an eye on us I guessed. "How do you guys know English, if your real aliens?" Tom asked, showing no fear at all. "We've been watching over your civilization for many years. We learned your cultures, languages, and weakn-, never mind that" I knew he was saying weaknesses. Something just told me these aliens did not come in peace. Nick came back with the core in his hands. The core could be a weapon of mass destruction. I couldn't let anyone hand it over without a fight. "You don’t know what they could use that for!" I yelled to Nick just in time. One Alien that came back with Nick held aim at me, and without

hesitation, fired. It jolted me back, barely hurting me at all. Nick, seeing how little they could hurt us, broke free from the aliens, and tossed it to Patrick. Patrick ran past the aliens and into the school. Knowing the Aliens were doing evil, I had enough courage to jump on one’s back, and throw it to the floor. This allowed Zach to steal the alien’s laser, but after firing it, we found it wasn’t effective against the aliens either. I ran to the other end of the school with Sean, hoping to meet Patrick. Patrick was struggling with the remaining two aliens on the playground. Sean and I ran up to the aliens. I took one and Sean took the other. Patrick ran away to take the core to a safer place. The aliens put up a good fight, but it wasn’t hard to crack their fragile helmet. By the looks of their giant mothership, these three were just the start of an epic war. “We need to call 911.” Sean said. He was right, the police would be able to handle the situation. Still worn out from the fight, I ran to the lockers, and pulled out my phone. No bars. I carelessly dropped my phone on the ground and ran to the principle’s office. I grabbed the wall phone. I needed a breather before I could talk to the police. Then I heard screaming, lots of screaming. I picked up the phone and dialed 911. It wasn’t working. I had no idea why, the power lines must’ve been down. One of the kids who made it out must’ve called them. But, they would be here by now, wouldn’t they? I had no time to think it over, because Tom burst into the office. “Alex, come outside!” I followed him out, knowing it wouldn’t be good. When I got outside, I didn't see anything unusual, except the giant alien mothership above my head. Other than that, nothing was unusual. Then I saw a tree knocked down, the phone lines and lots of other things seemed like they were cut in half. "It's some sort of plasma shield." Brandon said. He was right, I could barely see it because of its transparency, but it was there. The police would be useless now. I looked up at the mothership. Did we really have a chance? "Anthony's studying one of the bodies, you should help him." Stefan said, as if I had too. When I reached the cafeteria, I saw Anthony studying a dead alien lying on a table. He was eating tomato soup from today's lunch. "Alex look, it has a third eye!" It had two eyes like us, and then another where its nose should be. Anthony took another sip of his soup, but accidentally dropped it on the body. "Whoops." But the soup seemed to burn through the skin, it even dissolved it down to the shiny blue skull. "Oh my god." I said. He poured a little more and got the same results. “Good, we found a weakness.” I said. “Lets try other foods too.” Each food we tried had the same effect, liquids did the best, but other foods worked also. “Let’s stock up on these.” Anthony and I made a huge pile of sodas, juices, soups, and Fruit66 drinks. We were ready for the next attack. We called over everyone to show them what we’ve found. “The aliens won’t give up. We need order if we’re gonna beat them.” Sean said. He was right. We at least needed a headcount. Then we had to assign jobs or something. “Alright, how many people do we have altogether?” I asked. “I think it’s just us.” Anthony replied. There were only 7 of us. “Ok, how about some people study the bodies, some people go out and fight, and some people build stuff.” Patrick suggested. That was a good plan. In the end, Sean was the engineer, Anthony studied the bodies, and the rest of us fought to protect the core. I stood outside, watching as more and more aliens poured out of the ship. We’d hidden the core in a desk, and then hid the desk in the teacher‘s lounge. But no matter how well it was hidden, they’d find it eventually. That’s what we were for. We had to kill these aliens to save the world.

The aliens were big, with different guns and armor. “Attack!” They yelled. But we were ready. We pulled out juice boxes, milk carton, or whatever we took from the pile in the cafeteria. We threw them like grenades, and it worked perfectly. More aliens jumped out of the mothership with jetpacks and lasers. We fired all we had. Their lasers jolted us back, causing our ammo to fly out of our pockets. Eventually we had nothing left to throw, and they’d pushed us all the way back to the doors. I scurried back for ammo. “You guys need ammo?” Anthony called from inside. “Yeah!” Zach called back. An Alien pushed me on the ground while I was looking away. Luckily, Anthony burst out of the door with a garbage can of milk cartons. This caught the aliens attention, allowing me to push him off of me. With precision aiming, Anthony threw three milk carton, burning away at the aliens skin. The rest of the aliens called a retreat, and flew back up to their ship. Sean came out with something odd in his hands. “Guys, look what I made.” He said, holding up the gun. It was made completely out of school supplies. It looked like it could fire a piece of led just hard enough to break through their helmets. It was an impressive build “Stefan’s helping me make more.” He said. “Stefan?” We asked in perfect unison. “Me and Sean found a few more kids on the inside of the shield.” Anthony replied. That was the good news…. Patrick grabbed an alien off the ground, and detached it’s jetpack. “What are you doing? You don’t even know how to use that!” Tom said, as Patrick began strapping on the jetpack. “Eventually we’ll have to take the fight to the aliens.” He replied. “If your going up to the mothership, let us come with you.” I demanded. “Fine, Brandon and you come up there with me. The rest of you need to stay to defend the core.” Patrick said. Brandon and I began strapping on out jet packs. After we were done, we loaded our coat pockets with a few milk cartons. “Who knew something so delicious could be so deadly?” The jet packs worked perfectly. They were light, comfortable and fun. We even did a few loops before going straight up. After that, we headed straight for the entrance. We discovered that the shield surrounding the ship doesn’t let anyone enter unless the door is open. So unless the aliens are stupid enough to randomly open the door, there was no way in right now. We flew back down to report the bad news. By the time we got back, Sean and Stefan were back with lots more guns. "We developed different types of guns, like the sniper shotgun ect. They're easy to make yet very powerful, be expecting more." Patrick and I exchange glances. "Let's do this!" We all grabbed guns and got ready for whatever the aliens were planning. Anthony came out with a desk. "What's that for?" I asked. "We're setting up a battlefield!" All of us went in to get desks and chairs, setting them up perfectly to defend the school. Nick and Zach went up on the roof with their snipers rifles, and soon aliens were pouring out more than ever. Aliens were jumping out 50 at a time. At one point, there must have been 200 aliens against around ten of us. We all kept great cover, and our snipers were dropping them like flies. I got out of cover and got two kills. "Who knew saving the Earth would be so fun!" Out of nowhere, Logan and Quinton ran straight into the fight. They pummeled down alien after alien using sweet wrestling moves. But those weak aliens were the least of our worries. The ships door opened, and out came three big bulky, armored aliens. They had a gun that looked somewhat equivalent to a rocket launcher. They kneeled down, took aim, and fired straight at Nick & Zach. Luckily, they rolled out of the way. The explosion knocked them off the roof. With our snipers temporarily injured, the aliens were moving through our defenses. I had

to move to cover closer to the school. "My gun's stuck!" Brandon yelled. He was forced to come back to the school. There weren’t many of us left; just Patrick, Logan, Quinton, and I were still fighting. We decided that we were out matched without Nick and Zack covering us from the roof. We chose to retreat inside, regroup and replan. In a hurry, we ran inside as fast as possible. All of us restocked on ammo and discussed a plan. We needed some sort of a grenade. We all tried to figure out what we could use as an explosive. Anthony brought us some Fruit 66 because we were very tired and worn out from this fight. Then Patrick shouted out. "I know! Fruit 66 is carbonated so guess what happens when you shake it up. Its builds up enough pressure to explode. Since this stuff is like acid to the aliens it can be used as a grenade!" "He's right!" Yelled Stefan. "Great" I said. "These will definatly help us, the only problem is everyone is very tired or hurt besides Patrick and I." Patrick looked at me and said, "Looks like it‘s just you and me." Patrick and I rushed outside and realized that there were tons of bikes on the bike rack. We looked at each other I knew Patrick and I were thinking the same thing. There we were riding two BMX bikes through the middle of the battle. We were throwing grenades like crazy one after another. Patrick had an excellent idea with these fruit drinks, they really pack a punch. We road our bikes back, to pick up a few more grenades and threw them some more. But a few aliens caught up to us, and right before one was going to take me down, it got shot and fell. I looked for who shot it. Nick and Zach were back on the roof sniping! Other people came back into the fight also. Sean got Brandon, Quinton, and Logan guns. Stefan was barricading a door, and Anthony was supplying and throwing grenades. After ten more minutes of fighting, the Aliens retreated to the playground. That didn’t stop us. We continued to push them all towards the playground. “Get out of here!” I yelled, before ramping off a dead alien only to crash into a live one. But my plan didn’t exactly go as I planned. The bike spun out, flinging me off into a crowd of aliens. I could barely get up. I needed to get out quickly. I ran for cover and looked for my gun. Crap, it was gone. I dove towards the school, making it inside just in time. I sat on a lunch table. My head hit the ground pretty hard. I must’ve fractured my arm, and cut my knee. I just needed a little time to rest, the battle outside was holding up without me. I grabbed a half melted ice cream sandwich. While I was eating it I thought of ideas on how we would beat the aliens. I figured we needed some sort of large explosion to take down the shields. Then we could get in using jetpacks. I thought about how I made a water rocket once. It would be useless without explosives attached. I got up and made my way to the door. Injured or not, I was needed. When I opened the door, all the aliens left were on the playgrounds. They were mostly the strong ones. I saw a few unarmed heavys, and a handful of armored soldiers. I ran up to one of them and kicked it to the ground. It’s gun flew out of it’s hand, and before it had time to react I beat it down some more. I noticed Sean kicking one off the top of the rock wall. We knew the playgrounds inside and out, so the aliens didn’t stand a chance. Quinton charged straight at one, but before he had a chance to hit it, it took off on its jetpack. All the others did the same. “WOO!” Brandon yelled. We all joined in on the cheering, but this was just a single battle. We dragged ourselves back to the school. We needed a plan or we wouldn’t stand a chance. “Ok, is everyone here?” I asked. We all looked at each other. Patrick’s eyes

bulged. “Where’s Stefan?” He asked. I looked at the half barricaded door. “Uh oh.” we all said in unison. Just then we heard a ship take off. “We can’t leave him imprisoned!” Anthony shouted. Would they really hurt him? “Anthony’s right, but there’s no way we can save him, the ship’s shields are on.” Patrick reasoned. I needed to bring my plan into action. “Ok everyone, what if we fire a rocket up to take out the shields?” “But where will we get a rocket from?” Brandon asked. “Give me some time to make blueprints.” I said. Everyone got back to doing their job, or treating themselves to band-aids and ice cream. I sat at some teacher’s desk designing a rocket. I figure we could use gasoline as the fuel and explosives, and we could launch it off the roof. Even then it needed to be big, and had to hit a weak spot. Sean walked in. “Are you finished with the blueprints?” he asked. “Almost, can you get gasoline from the cars?” I replied. “Sure.” He said on his way out. I finished up the rest of the blueprints without any problems. Sean came back in the room with two gallons of gasoline. We got more and more supplies to build the rocket. The school had much more stuff than we expected. Once we had all the supplies together we called over everyone to help us build it. Unfortunately right when we began, Brandon rushed into the room. “They’re launching a full scale attack!” He yelled. Everyone dropped everything and ran outside. I sighed and did the same. When I got ton the cafeteria, I noticed their were no guns left. Everyone was already rushing outside. “Sean!” I called. “There’s a gun in the music room!” He called back, somehow knowing what I needed. I sighed and ran all the way to the music room. When I got in I saw an odd looking gun made out of a flute and scissors. It looked pretty powerful. I grabbed it and rushed outside. There I saw Patrick, Brandon, and Sean. The aliens were plentiful. I took a shot at a heavy. The flute gun was really powerful. In only two shots I took down the heavily armored alien. I took a Fruit66, shook it, and tossed it in the middle of the battle. But no matter how well we did, the aliens had one huge advantage: numbers. I took another headshot at an alien. “So the rest of us are on the other side?” I asked. “Yeah.” Patrick replied, while reloading his gun. Three aliens fired straight at me. I ducked just in time but one caught me on the head, jolting me back quite a bit. I scattered for my gun while the aliens started closing in on me. One picked me up without hesitating. I didn’t have my gun and struggling did no good. The alien began carrying me off towards the ship. Everyone else had their hands full. I really thought it was the end. Then I remembered my last grenade. I took out the last Fruit66 in my pocket. I was violently shaking it as fast as I could, then I slammed it on the ground. It exploded all around the aliens. The one carrying me lost his grip and I got away. While running towards the school, I noticed how many aliens were surrounding me. The numbers advantage was ruining our chances. Once I made it back to the school and picked up my gun, I immediately went back to battling. “Ammo!” I yelled. Sean tossed me three cases of led while taking off an alien’s head. Nick was sniping on our side, while Zach took the other. I quickly loaded my gun with led. I saw a two heavies jump out from the ship. They were armed with what looked to be the same gun that nearly killed our snipers. Then out jumped another one. This one looked completely different than every other alien though. It had a huge set of yellow & orange armor. Their was a symbol on its chest that looked oddly familiar. Other aliens were falling back to protect this enormous being. It must have been the leader. I remember that if you took out the

leader of an army, it will sometimes throw the armies attack off. It was worth a shot. “Nick!” I shouted. “What?” he replied. “Take out that alien in the back, the big one.” I ordered. Nick aimed for it and fired. He’d shot the alien on its neck. It was a perfect hit because the neck was of the few unarmored areas on the leader body. From where I was, the alien looked fine. But every single alien on the battlefield fell back and crowded around their leader. Nick wouldn’t be able to get another shot in, because the huge crowd made it impossible to aim. A huge snapping noise came from the mothership. I looked up. Three ship were leaving and coming straight down near us. One ship had the same symbol that was on the leaders chest. When all three landed, the leader and the heavies, his guards I guesses, entered the ship with the symbol. Then nearly a quarter of the others crowded in the remaining ships somehow. More and more ships landed to pick up the last of the aliens. “How did you know that would work?” Nick asked me. I shrugged “Lucky guess.” We all walked back inside and sat down. “Let’s get the rest of the guys and then we can start on the rocket.” Sean suggested. We all walked to the other end of the building. When we went outside they were nowhere in sight. Even from the top of the playground we couldn’t see anyone. “Zach was on the other side of the roof a minute ago, I swear!” Nick said, obviously worried. I looked around some more. It was definitely just Sean, Brandon, Patrick, Nick and I. If we hadn’t saved our friends soon, we’d be facing another full scale attack with only us left. “That’s it, we have to get up there! There’s no other options left.” Brandon said. I was quick to retort. “That’s what they want us to do, if we all go, they’ll send search parties for the core!” Everyone had a sad look on their face, like we’ve already lost. Then Patrick came up with an idea. “If we finish the rocket and take down the shield, then me and Alex can fly up, and the rest of you can protect the core.” Everybody nodded in agreement. Even if someone didn’t like the plan, it was our last option. All of us got to work on the rocket. We didn’t have enough people to watch for an attack, so one of us ran out to check every once in a while. It didn’t take long before we were done, and luckily the aliens must have planned their attack later in the day. Or maybe they were treating their leader. We all dragged the rocket outside. “Are you sure this is enough to destroy the shields?” Sean asked. “No.” I admitted. “But it’ll definitely help to launch it off the highest point of the roof.” I said, trying to sound reassuring. We walked to the small hidden door that led to the ladder up to the roof. Sean climbed up the ladder , and I lifted the rocket up to him. He pulled it up and we all climbed after him. Patrick aimed the rocket, while I made sure everything looked like it did on the blueprints. Bad thoughts crowded my head. If this doesn’t work, it could be my fault that the earth would be destroyed. I said a quick prayer and crossed my fingers. I was more afraid now than at any other time in my life. This had to work. I didn’t see any other way we could win. “Alright, let’s light the fuse.” Nick said, in a calm voice. Brandon bent down and lit the string we were using as a fuse. Then we all climbed back down to the ground, watching in anxiety as each little second got the light a little bit closer to the rocket. The rocket could have blown up, it could have tipped over and missed, it could have not worked at all. But it didn’t. The rocket worked perfectly and flew straight up to the exact spot we were aiming for. It made a huge explosion, disabling the shields just as we planned. “Yes!” I yelled. “Don’t get so cocky, we haven’t won yet.” Said Brandon. But that didn’t stop my enthusiasm. I happily strapped on a jetpack along with Patrick. “See ya guys! Guard the core

well!” Patrick shouted as he and I flew off into the enormous ship. As soon as we got in, we saw how hard it would be to find our friends, assuming they’re alive and well. First off, we only had a gun each, loaded with tons of ammo. We also had a grenade each, but I hoped we didn’t need to use it. There were two guards facing away from us. “You know what to do” I whispered to Patrick. We both slowly inched our way up until we were within leaping distance of the aliens. Then we jumped on their backs and silently assassinated them. The hallways were like a maze. It was terribly hard to find the jail, it there even was one at all. Every time we hit a door, we had to open it a tiny bit and peak in. Every time we just saw an empty room. The ship itself was obviously a warship. There was no comfort or entertainment in any way, shape, or form. We occasionally passed a suit of full body armor, we’d seen different aliens wearing. One time we saw two suits. They looked sort of smallish. Patrick stopped. “You think those would fit us?” He asked. I studied them. They looked like they’d be big on us, but not too big. “I guess it’s worth a shot.” I said. Patrick and I suited up. We’d definitely pass for a normal alien. We kept on going thru the maze like hallways, checking each door, and with each door that did not lead to the jail, we got more and more discouraged. It was only a matter of time before they launched their next attack. Finally, Patrick peaked thru a door. “ think this is it!” he exclaimed, forgetting to keep his voice down. Patrick and I walked into the room. The jail guard looked at us in an odd way, but he was obviously convinced we were aliens. “What are you wearing the prototypes for?!” He shouted. We needed to use improvisational skills or we’d be toast. “The leader wanted stronger guards for the jail.” I said. “You mean Phig? Why would he want a better guard, he loves me!” I sighed thinking of a response. “Screw this.” I pulled out my flute gun and shot the guard in the head. “Guys!” Called an oddly familiar voice. I spun around. To my surprise, it was not only the original kids in jail, but also others in the 6th grade class. There were many kids who I previously assumed got away. They must have gotten abducted and imprisoned. “Did they do anything to you?” Patrick asked. “Nope, they didn’t even disarm us.” Answered Stefan. They were each in a tiny cell, blocked by lasers. I figured there must have been a way to let them out. Patrick and I searched around for anything to open the door, but there was nothing at all. I looked down at the motionless body of the alien guard. I looked for any sort of pocket or pouch, but didn’t see one. Than the body twitched. I bent over and examined it. It was definitely alive. I turned the body over. Tiny noises were coming out of the aliens mouth. It then suddenly woke up. It was fine, it was just unconscious. “Bah! You two, you, you traitors!” It exclaimed. I tried to calm it down as Patrick bent down next to me. “We need your help.” Patrick tried to explain to the alien. I looked to Patrick like he was crazy. It would be next to impossible to convince the alien we were the good guys. “Why are you guys leading this attack on us?” Patrick asked. The alien seemed to have calmed down. “Because we need the core.” He said. I asked the question that’s obviously been on my mind for a long time. “Why do you need it?” If the core was not a weapon, we could be fighting innocent aliens trying to reclaim their possession. The alien removed his helmet. Although he looked different than other aliens, it was odd how the oxygen didn’t bother him at all. “I’ll tell you the whole story.” he started. “Back around ten years ago, we had an excellent leader. Our colony was peaceful, and life was nice. Than our leader’s son, Phig, went horribly wrong. Phig killed our leader, and unfortunately, was second in command. He created the core.

The core powers a giant laser, that Phig was planning on using to destroy planets.” I let out a sigh of relief. I was right, and we were fighting for a cause. “We attempted to fire the laser at earth, but it broke off. The core plummeted down into someone’s backyard. We needed to retrieve it so, well, you know the rest of the story.” The alien turned to his side and handed me a keycard. I slid the keycard into the scanner and the lasers keeping our classmates in shut down. Everyone quickly got out of their cell and began stretching. Most of them had been in there for a few hours. “Let’s get out of here.” Austin said. I nodded in agreement and began walking out of the room. “Thanks” I said to the alien left on the ground. I felt bad for him. I felt bad for the whole alien planet. Somehow we needed to take down Phig and destroy the core. I didn’t know which one would be harder. While I was on my way out with the rest of the group, the brave guard called me back. He sat up easily. “I can help you take down the aliens.” He said. “Are you strong enough to come with us?” I asked, hoping for a yes. “No” He answered. “ But I’ll tell you our weakness. We cannot see black or white.” He pointed to my black shirt. “This is invisible to us.” He then laid back down, allowing me to catch up with the rest of the group. It was impossible to know which way to turn all the time, but Patrick and I generally stayed on track. We walked and walked until Patrick stopped and said “I think we’re close.” He was right, it wasn’t long until we found where we came from. The only issue was, only Patrick and I had jetpacks. I looked around. There was no way we’d get everyone down with only two jetpacks. Then I saw it. A few alien fighter ships. One looked big enough to fit us all, and the rest looked beat p anyway. “If that’s the only way…” Patrick started. “I want to drive!” Patrick said while he started walking towards the ship. “Good luck.” I muttered. I sat in the front next to Patrick. We examined all the buttons and tested them out. It was so complicated. Eventually one of the buttons sped us off the mothership. But it didn’t keep us elevated enough. We all slowly plummeted down to Earth. The image of the beat up ships came to my mind. I suddenly knew the ships were at the repair section. I braced for the impact of the ship hitting the earth. Everything went black. I awoke moments later on the ground next to Patrick and a few others. “They’ll be fine just let them rest.” Someone said. I reopened the cut on my leg, but other than that I was fine. Most of the other injuries were minor also. I laid down for a few more minutes, then dragged myself up. I walked towards the lunch room, but halfway Stefan stopped me. “I was just going to give you this.” He handed me a bandage and pain reliever. Then he took one for himself, although it didn’t look like he had any injuries that needed treatment. I walked into the lunchroom. Nathan was holding the lunch list with a pen. “Are you taking a headcount?” I asked. “Yep. There’s 20 kids.” I felt relieved, we almost had a full class. We’d surely survive an the next attack. I walked over to the art room, thinking of a way we could use the aliens disadvantage. I looked over to the paint. There was plenty of black and white.

Alien Attack story  

Aliens attack a school unfinished.