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“Go with the Flow!” Turning Resources into Potentials for Personal and Organisational Development

Klaus Haasis Creative Coach – Collaboration Architect – Innovation Trainer

Profile: Klaus Haasis, Dipl. Ing. Dipl. Journalist, Systemic Coach DBVC, Personcentred Counsellor GWG, CEO MFG Public Innovation Agency Baden-Württemberg, Stuttgart (until 12/2013) CEO Combine Innovation GmbH, Stuttgart Klaus Haasis is committed to support senior executives, junior talents, entrepreneurs, companies, teams, networks and clusters in business, culture, politics, and academia. He combines in an unique way leadership experience, person-centred counselling skills, hypno-systemic coaching expertise and management know-how. Key themes include change management, conflict management, fostering innovation, successful cooperative culture and beneficial communication architecture.

Experience Klaus Haasis is recognized as one of Europe´s most experienced designers and managers of cluster initiatives, collaboration processes and innovation systems. Since 18 years he has successfully built companies and agencies (, business clusters (, networks (Open Source Business Alliance OSBA), educational strategies and master courses (University of Media HdM, Since 2007, he has served as honorary Director and Secretary of TCI - The Global Clusters and Innovation Practitioners Network in Barcelona ( He is constantly involved in a variety of international projects to promote innovation (European Creative Industries Alliance), technology transfer (European Forum on Clusters in Emerging Industries), start-ups and entrepreneurships, commercialization (CyberOne, bwcon Coaching Group, FAME Financing Network, @diversity) and internationalization (European Cluster Group). He has over 30 years of experience as an executive, managing director and CEO in small and medium-sized companies (Modern Video GmbH), major corporations (Hoechst AG, SAT.1) and the public sector (State of Baden-Württemberg, Public Broadcaster SWR), as a member on supervisory boards (August Koehler AG), university councils (Stuttgart Media University), selection committees and juries (the Karl Steinbuch scholarship). He is author of numerous publications, university lecturer, and keynote speaker. For many years now he has supported entrepreneurs, executives, groups and teams as a coach and consultant, and engaged as a business angel through his company Combine Innovation GmbH. Since 2013 he is a founding board member of the German Initiative on Future Leadership IZF.

“Go with the Flow!” Turning Resources into Potentials for Personal and Organisational Development

Methods Person-centred counselling after Carl Rogers, hypno-systemic coaching after Gunther Schmidt, imagination techniques, working with images, visualization, games and interaction tasks, using the “inner team” model, Inszenario, psychodrama, focusing, mindfulness concepts:  4-year person-centred counselling training with GwG, the German Society for the person-centered approach PCA (Helmuth Beutel, Dorothea Kunze, Bruce Meador, Dr. Klaus Antons),  4-year coaching training at Professio Akademie and hypno-systemic training at the Milton Erickson Institute (Dr. Hans Jellouscheck, Hans-Dieter Wilms, Dr. Jutta Kreyenberg, Dr. Gunther Schmidt).

Personal Klaus Haasis is the father of two daughters. He has confronted mental and physical challenges as an endurance athlete (Ötztal Bicycle Marathon, Alb extrem, transalp), lifeguard (North Sea island of Juist), ski instructor (DSV German Ski Association), pantomime artist, entertainer and musician, which has all influenced his consulting style. As a professional innovator, he has much experience in dealing with rulebreaking and resistance, and integrative management of the same. Today he works and lives in joyful serenity in Stuttgart and Rome, taking pleasure - despite ever more adverse circumstances - in playful success and prosperity.

Coaching, Counselling and Consulting in English and German

Contact Klaus Haasis Rebhalde 7, 70191 Stuttgart, Tel. +49 711 640 8609, Riviera Zanardelli 135 - Rome / Anzio, Tel. +39 0631059349 Mobile +49 170 631 3193, Skype: klaus_haasis, E-mail: Internet:,, twitter klaus_haasis,,,

KH/September 2013

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Profile Klaus Haasis: Creative Coach – Collaboration Architect – Innovation Trainer Dipl. Ing. Dipl. Journalist, Systemic Coach DBVC, Perso...

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