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15th Issue March 2012

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Bacca Da Silva Jimmy Choo Yael Diamonds

Couture Fashion Week PLITZS Fashion Week

The Myth of Tragic Love Sherise Eways Upcoming Designer


Show Review

Cirque Du Soleil

Music. Beatz


BAYFashion March 2012


BAYFashion March 2012


BAYFashion March 2012


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BAYFashion March 2012


Sensational International Talent - Ann Mikitiuk 20 Upcoming Designer - Sherise Eways 28 Kristi Yamaguchi - Legend to Fashionista 38 Steffani Symons - Stylist Extraordinaire 46 NY Couture Fashion Week SS 2012 - Complete Coverage 60 PLITZS New York City Fashion Week - Complete Coverage 64 Sacramento Fashion Week - Exclusive Coverage 65 Sacramento Fashion Week - Exclusive Coverage 72 Cirque Du Soleil ‘Totem’ - Show Review 76 Fashion for Hope - BODITECTURE fashion show 80 Lana Trumm “Horny Kat” - The Art of Sensual Expression 84 Turning the Lens on Jenna - Alternative Fashion Story 90 The Playground of the Goth - WILLIAMANUEL 96 Music Beatz - Sason Bishope Parry 100 The Myth of Tragic Love - Jason Martineau 102 Six ways to help boost your water intake - Joan Currie 104 Cassidy Hanison ‘The Fresh Face’ - discovered by Melissa Lewis 108 Comeback of Lipstick in the ‘Beauty Spot’ 108 Music Beatz - Sason Bishope Parry 110 Talent Corner - Featuring Shiva Zandi 6

BAYFashion March 2012


BAYFashion March 2012

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BAYFashion March 2012 Sensational International Talent - Ann Mikitiuk


BAYFashion March 2012


From the distant land of Poland

Photographer/stylist : Ann Mikitiuk Model: Magda Słodczyk / Avant Models Make up/Hair: Anna Maria Dziemidzik Assistant: Arkadiusz Szczudło Clothes : ZARA, M. Arłukiewicz, A.Sancewicz


BAYFashion March 2012

Ann has only been shooting fashion for

6 months


BAYFashion March 2012


BAYFashion March 2012


BAYFashion March 2012

Her styling creates her vision, her camera

Captures Moments


BAYFashion March 2012


BAYFashion March 2012

‘Sensational International Talent’

Photographer Ann Mikitiuk


BAYFashion March 2012 Upcoming Designer - Sherise Eways


BAYFashion March 2012


BAYFashion March 2012


She rise Eways

BAYFashion March 2012

Upcoming Designer

by Noelle Lynn

With Stephen Sun (Photographer), Tina Henry (Model) Beauty Team: Nicole Perez (MUA) , Noelle Lynn (Hair) Outfits Cheris Eways 2012 Spring Summer Collection Accessories Sugar Shack

Sherise Eways has resided in San Francisco for over 7 years, moving from Northern Virgina to acquire a Masters Degree in Fine Art focusing on Fashion Design from the Academy of Art University. Prior schooling included design experience in Milan, Italy and extensive study in fashion, jewelry, illustration, art & business. Her signature collection was featured at New York Fashion Week and Sherise is inspired by freedom, nature, technology and the evolution of time. Her pieces are all handmade and one of a kind, priced upon request and she is in the process of creating an accessory line under her artist name, She.Rise


BAYFashion March 2012


BAYFashion March 2012


BAYFashion March 2012


BAYFashion March 2012


Kristi Yamaguchi - Legend to Fashionista

BAYFashion March 2012

Cover Feature

by Joan Currie

national treasure

Olympic skating champion, world champion, Dancing with the Stars champion, sportscaster, wife, mother, workout guru, philanthropist, author and now, for BAYFashion Magazine – high fashion model! I met with Kristi Yamaguchi at BAYFashion Magazine’s photography studio in the heart of San Francisco. Her responses to my questions follow:

Fashion Spotlight

Kristi Yamaguchi


BAYFashion March 2012


BAYFashion March 2012

The number one reason I am here is because my family is here. Growing up being Asian American, I never felt that I was so different from anyone else because the neighborhood and schools I went to were so diverse. I also think the Bay area has a lot to offer whether you are into arts or sports. We are close to the city and there is a lot going on, but yet it has a very down-to-earth feeling.

I have seen footage of you wearing Nanette Lepore and Vera Wang – who also designed your wedding dress, at past Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week shows. Who are your favorite designers?

I change it up a lot. I have worn Tory Burch, Alexander Wang, and Burberry. I love Moschino and Blumarine as well. Because I am petite, the outfit has to be well- proportioned and if there is any draping, I stick to narrow silhouettes. For everyday, I like a comfy look - jeans and a cashmere sweater are my go-to.

What are your favorite colors?

I like color - pink is one of my favorites. I also like jewel tones, magentas, and the deep colors. Black is always a staple in my wardrobe, especially because I travel so much.

Do you have any favorite fashion accessories?

The Performer

You were born and raised in the Bay area. Now that you are married with a family of your own, why have you chosen to live here?

I am a shoes and handbag person because being so small it is hard to find clothes in my size. I wear a size 5 shoe, so when I do find a shoe in that size, I get it. Every year the handbag styles change and I treat myself to one every now and then.

Do you have a favorite skating costume from your years of competitions?

I still have eighty percent of my outfits. They were made especially for me, for a particular music number. One of the last costumes my designer made was pale, pale pink, very negligee-looking, and the bust was fully encrusted in rhinestones. It was just really pretty. It could be an evening gown.

For young designers interested in working with skaters, at what point do you engage a costume designer?

Not until you are at a top World level. Competing internationally at the Senior championship level is when you would invest a little more in your costume. A lot of times the skater, coach, and choreographer will have a good idea of what they want, color-wise and style-wise, and obviously the music dictates a lot. Skating is tough to build a costume for because the functionality is ultimate. Skating in competition is a little more limited because you need stretch, you don’t want it too heavy, and the skater needs to be able do all the moves without the costume coming out of place. As a professional you get more adventurous with design. The base of the costume is 99 percent of the time spandex and needs to fit like a glove, not move, yet be able to stretch. The beading is on top of that or on some type of stretchy fabric that is either appliquéd or layered on. It’s about keeping the costume as light and flexible as possible.

I loved the costumes you wore in Dancing with the Stars. How much input do the dancers have in the design and color selection? You can have input and your partner has a lot of power about the look. Mark Ballas was great at being open with me - a lot of times he let me pick or suggest a color and we would work together on the design and the overall look. The Dancing with the Stars designer, Randall Christensen, who is amazing, would then come up with a sketch and we would say, “Looks good – let’s go for it!”


BAYFashion March 2012


BAYFashion March 2012

The Red Carpet Celebrity


Mother & Author

BAYFashion March 2012

Your first children’s book, Dream Big, Little Pig, debuted at number two on the New York Times Bestseller List. What was the inspiration for the book? Motherhood was the inspiration for writing the book. We read to our kids every night, often the same stories over and over. I thought it would be fun to create a book for them. Coincidentally, my Always Dream Foundation’s focus shifted toward education and literacy initiatives and it made sense that my proceeds from the book would go to support childhood literacy. My second book, It’s A Big World Little Pig, is coming out March 6th.

What are some of your daughters’ favorite books in addition to yours? Classics such as Dr. Seuss, Fancy Nancy, Magic Tree House series, and books by Sandra Boynton and Jamie Lee Curtis.

You have developed a wonderful Power Workout DVD. Will there be a follow-up? The second one, due out this year, is more dance, Pilates, and yoga inspired. It is more fluid and graceful and is also about balance and core engagement with a lot of isometric work including sustaining positions. It is sneakily hard and exhausting!

A coach told you that the secret of success is hard work, believing in yourself, and persevering through hard times. Do you have any such advice to share with others based on your own experiences? Nothing is going to be given to you. You have to work for it and it is not going to be easy. You have to be willing to overcome obstacles to get through tough times. If you say you cannot do it, then it is not going to happen. It is all about belief and being as positive as you can be and saying, “I can do it!” It is also about not about building up huge hopes and having delusions of grandeur. It is about believing that you are going to do everything in your power to accomplish your goals. If it happens great, but if it doesn’t happen, you don’t have regrets because you did what you could. I feel so lucky to have found my passion in skating. At six years old I knew - it was done. Keep at your passion. School should be number one, that is the most important thing as education is what you will need to fall back on - no matter what path you choose. And, don’t worry if you don’t find your passion at an early age, some people find their passion later on in life. Like Dream Big Little Pig, don’t give up on your dreams and continue to dream big because you never know when you will find your niche, it could be later.

Do you have a favorite quote or special words that you invoked before going on the ice in competition? I went through some tough times competing, obviously you go through the ups and downs and one thing I would always say to myself before I skated for competitions and every performance I ever did as a professional was, “Hope and Strength.” In those tough times you are looking for hope to get through it and you need the strength to get through it as well. That was my lucky mantra.

Thank you, Kristi! Joan Currie is a Bay area writer, photographer, and artist. Please see her beauty blog at www.satinandsand.com


BAYFashion March 2012


The Fashion Icon

BAYFashion March 2012


BAYFashion March 2012

Kristi Yamaguchi

Photos: Shankha & Yuri Beauty Team: Shiva Zandi (MUA) , Hilario Hufana (Hair) Outfits: Tadashi Shoji, LA & Bacca Da Silva, SF Jewelry: Yael Diamonds Shoes: Jimmy Choo from Saks Fifth Avenue, SF Editorial Director: Joan Currie


BAYFashion March 2012

Steffani Symons - Stylist Extraordinaire


BAYFashion March 2012

Steffani Symons Photos by Gregory Moore

Makeup Artist : Marisa Sandoval | Hair Stylist: Leanne Hare Models: Andrea Soto King & Amanda Shaw Wardrobe Stylist : Steffani Symons

Steffani Symons started working in the fashion industry in 2003 when she was a student at The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in San Diego, CA. She started working behind the scenes in styling local fashion shows, and also an online teen girls magazine. One of the thing she loves most about fashion is it’s constant change. It’s always evolving into something new and unexpected, and that’s what keeps it fresh and exciting. She is a self taught stylist, and learned by reading about the industry and networking with others who work in it. She says style is not something you can learn, it is something you have a natural eye for!


BAYFashion March 2012

Designs: Elina Sheripova Shoes By Shoes Me Boutique Model: Amanda Shaw


BAYFashion March 2012

Designs: Elina Sheripova Model: Andrea Soto King


BAYFashion March 2012 Designs by Kim Hendrix Cuff and Necklace by Charles Albert Jewelry Model: Amanda Shaw


BAYFashion March 2012


BAYFashion March 2012

Designs By Andre Soriano (this page and facing page) Necklace By Charles Albert Jewelry Model: Amanda Shaw


BAYFashion March 2012


BAYFashion March 2012

NY Couture Fashion Week SS 2012 - Complete Coverage



BAYFashion March 2012


Fashion Week, held twice a year in New York is considered the ultimate showcase of red carpet wear for celebrities, movie stars and fashion divas from around the world. Collections presented on this show mark the trends for the next award season and break defined rules of fashion on a regular basis. This year BAYFashion creative director Yuri Shiller and resident ‘Diva’ Lana Trumm made the trip to Manhattan to cover the show for San Francisco readers. We present complete coverage of this show with 18 of our favorite designers collections showcased on these pages. Treat your eyes and for more pictures and videos visit www.bayfashionmag.com. All pictures were taken by Yuri Remarenko, who was one of the primary photographers of the show.


BAYFashion March 2012


BAYFashion March 2012

Elie Esper

The collection is inspired by the elegance, poise and grace of the renaissance bride. “COLLECTION AMOUREUX” is an eclectic, whimsical display of luxurious hairstyles where haute couture meets bridal.

Sushma Patel

The meticulously designed outfits of Sushma Patel opened Couture Fashion Week after Elie Esper showed off his hair couture. Sushma’s clothes are a rage in India and US alike and a huge rage at Bollywood award shows.

Edwing D’Angelo

Edwing D’Angelo is a favorite designer of many of today’s top celebrities including Vivica A. Fox, Patti LaBelle, Lil’ Kim, Paula Garces, Nelly, Sean Paul, Wynona Judd, Mo’Nique, Amy Spangler, Rosa Blasi, Tia Texada and Laurie Metcalf to name a few. All photos: Yefim Remarenko for BAYFashion


BAYFashion March 2012

Isabel Zapardiez

Designer Isabel Zapardiez envisions a bride enveloped in delicateness but with a strong heart and spirit; ethereally-figured women with an emphatic presence, genuine goddesses. A duality of courage and subtlety which complement each other.

Laura Williams

Entitled “Dreams”, this latest collection features simple yet elegant designs with a wide appeal to women of discriminating tastes. Ms. Williams’ creations are characterized by an original sense of style and exceptional craftsmanship, and are known for their versatility and wearability.


BlacMéra is a couture brand founded by Yuliana Candra, with a vision to bring the femininity and the romanticism of the old world to modern, strong, and powerful women. She hails from the San Francisco Bay Area and has been featured in BAYFashion on the cover in March 2011. 48

BAYFashion March 2012

All photos: Yefim Remarenko for BAYFashion


BAYFashion March 2012


BAYFashion March 2012

Nedret TaciroÄ&#x;lu

Nedo Collection is targeted at the elegant, confident, well-traveled and successful woman. Fabrics are predominantly fine all-natural wools, chiffons, cottons and silks made in Turkey. Nedo Weekend is a complimentary line of casual wear.

Patuna Bushyhead

A Dental Sugeon by education Patuna Bushyhead is one of the most famous Georgians alive. She switched to being a full time designer in 2008 and now runs the Patuna Fashion House. She is showing off her ethereal designs encrusted in Swarovski crystals and silk.

Kosta S

Fur coats for every occassion for both women and men who want to make a statement. This was the ultimate assortment of fur coats ever seen together

All photos: Yefim Remarenko for BAYFashion


BAYFashion March 2012

Catalin Botezatu

brings Latest Collection Inspired by Russian Tsarinas to Couture Fashion Week

Jet Art Lux’ Originals

The company’s line of ultra chic Premium Denims, one-of-a-kind artwear was created from an original art form, Jet Art, by directing paint into the blast of a jet engine, a force several times greater than hurricane windsmake you look special.

Andres Aquino

Designs inspired by the vibrance and architecture of New York. The fusion of cultures, music and people; the myriad sights, sounds and rhythms of street and subway music from congas to violins, all serve as inspirations. 52

BAYFashion March 2012

All photos: Yefim Remarenko for BAYFashion


BAYFashion March 2012


BAYFashion March 2012

Romero Bryan

Romero is a London based designer whose designs have been worn by ‘A-List’ celebrities across the globe including Cameron Diaz, Elizabeth Jagger, Kelly Rowland, Destiny’s Child and Usher, to name but a few.

Luis Machicao

The Machicao style is classic with a touch of avant-garde. Luis Machicao loves accentuating the female form and dressing women who are secure in their own identity. Mr. Machicao also designs masculine and stylish clothing and swimwear for men.


Edgy and unique, LaureLuxe Metal Couture and Jewelry puts a new spin on combining eco friendliness and fashion. It is for the trendsetter trying to deliver a message with their touch on fashion; anyone can wear LaureLuxe... it’s all about daring to be different.

All photos: Yefim Remarenko for BAYFashion


BAYFashion March 2012

Janina Stankiene

Janina Stankiene has brought her distinctive knitted fashions to New York City’s Fifth Avenue. Her passion for sewing, decorating, painting, drawing and other creative pursuits helped build the Janerations fashion line.

Sandra Baquero

Sandra Baquero’s collections are best described as cruise or resort wear and are entirely made in the U.S.A. Each Sandra Baquero collection offers her customer seasonless styles, with a comfort and practicality that can be worn from day into evening.

Avril Lemieux

ALICAT Avril Lemieux’s latest collection for men and women is entitled “Stolen Loot”. Her inspiration for this line is the idea of high rollers, follies girls, and robbers. Embodying their free movement yet ever chained to the game and money. If you steal it do you truly own it...? 56

BAYFashion March 2012

All photos: Yefim Remarenko for BAYFashion


BAYFashion March 2012

PLITZS New York City Fashion Week - Complete Coverage

by Zoya Singh | Photos: Ashleigh Reddy

A multitude of ideas, a plethora of unique styles, and talent that spanned the country are just a few phrases to define the exquisite production organized by PLITZS Fashion Marketing. The Plitzs Fashion Marketing Show celebrated its eighth show this year during New York City Fashion Week. The Warwick Hotel boasted this stellar event complete with breathtaking designs by immeasurable talent. The collections spanned a broad plane including collections of formal wear, street wear, lounge wear, menswear, and a stunning bridal collection. The main tenet behind the shows was to grant opportunities to designers who have recently broken into the market to gain attention through a cost-effective medium. “Our goal is to make available a professional and affordable platform for emerging designers and fashion professionals,” said Wayne Shields, Founder and Chief Creative Director of PLITZS. PLITZS shows are unique in that they blur the lines between audience, designer, and model. After the show, the audience and press are allotted time to engage with each other. “This press junket enables the viewing audience an opportunity to have a more intimate exchange with the featured designers and models unlike any other fashion production. Our audience in attendance need not be privileged to go backstage – they simply need to experience our featured designer press junket, “ said Shields. Aesthetic appeal, construction quality, and collection cohesiveness were the three criteria PLITZS abided by to determine which designers to feature. Not surprisingly, each and every one of the designers far surpassed these criteria, in their own special way. The designers featured had roots in countries all over the globe; from France and South Africa, to Czechoslovakia and Kenya, the individuality of each designer exuded a sense of diversity throughout each show.


BAYFashion March 2012


BAYFashion March 2012


BAYFashion March 2012

BBG Couture of Youngstown, Ohio showcased a bridal collection that was as artistic as it was distinctive. Intricately designed gowns walked the runway complete with veils covered in LED lights. The most noteworthy gown raised the hemline in an innovative way so as to maintain a classic style with a touch of panache. The menswear collection was simple and sophisticated with clean lines and a hint of flair. The designer, Ray Vicente, has been designing since 1983. In his words, his collection “is for the adult male that likes to be stylish, individualistic, and comfortable and is influenced by Eastern, European and American Urban cultures”. The cosmopolitan man that Vicente intended to attract was successfully embodied in each and every one of the models and looks. Unsung Productions, designer Katie Dunn’s collection, boasted designs that included dresses aptly fit for the classic and stylish woman. Her use of a variety to different cuts and fabrics created a cohesive but not forced presentation. A resplendent tribal-inspired resort wear collection stood out amongst the rest. The designer, Lenja Lassegue of Anjel Designs, used rough fabrics to design a very feminine collection that evoked a sense of dichotomy mirroring the nature of a woman herself. Though her collection, Lassegue wished to posit that, “Women can look and feel strong, while embellishing grace, elegance, and poise”. The PLITZS Fashion Marketing Shows were a welcome breath of fresh air to mainstream fashion shows often filled with unoriginality and safe designs. The designers let their individual vision shine through rather than adhering to trends, leading to a truly unforgettable experience.

For Show Videos and Complete Coverage go to



BAYFashion March 2012

Sacramento Fashion Week - Exclusive Coverage


Sacramento Fashion Week, produced by Magnum Opus Enterprises, was launched in Spring 2006 and now in its 7th show in 7 years it has evolved to become the most organized and much awaited fashion event of Northern California. 2012 Sac Fashion Week reached new highs in terms of attendance, popularity, ticket sales and quality of designers presenting at the show. Helmed by the experienced Caren Templet, SAC 2012 was a treat that we thoroughly enjoyed. Duane Ram and Will Rodriguez have pulled off another winner!!


BAYFashion March 2012 Sacramento Fashion Week - Exclusive Coverage

FEBRUARY 21 - 25, 2012 . FW/SS

Exclusive Coverage The Team Executive Director/Producer: • Duane Ram Creative Director: • Will Rodriguez Business Relations: • Dianna Novela Talent Relations: • Savannah Rodriguez • David Alcarez Public Relations: • Maria Serquen • Stacey Saelee Media Relations: • Sarah Carballo Social Media Manager: • Aman Dhaliwal Editor-In-Chief: • Bridgétt Rex



Friday Feb 24th Caren Templet Amanda Chan Casey Sue Dee Aguilar Gina Kim Janelle Cardenas Joycelynn Brown Michael Lopez Nelli Rosh

Saturday Feb 25th Dolene Simmalavong Julian Gutierrez Natalie Minori Sconce PLDM Saul Latvanen Vasily Vein Yennie Zhou

Photos: Tim Engle & Justin Day

BAYFashion March 2012

FEBRUARY 21 - 25, 2012 . FW/SS

Exclusive Coverage



BAYFashion March 2012


Photos: Tim Engle & Justin Day


Thanks to the management of the event, BAYFashion had the best seats of the show and we could truly appreciate the designers as they sent their passion down the runway. The show was kicked off by the experienced and talented Caren Templet whose ‘Snow Queen’ line was mesmerizing and ready for prime time. Some other designers that jumped out to us were Saul Latvanen (finished couture), PLDM (ready to rock), Nelli Rosh (design for the stars), DOLZENROK (shining moon), and the inimitable Vasily Vein (at par with the best in the world) who closed the show to a standing ovation as he walked out with his showtopper in her all-white ensemble.


BAYFashion March 2012

FEBRUARY 21 - 25, 2012 . FW/SS

Exclusive Coverage



Clockwise from left: Duane Ram & Caren Templet having a lig Kimberly Christophersen pose for a picture on Saturday, Vasily Fashion Managing Director) poses with Kimberly, model on the


BAYFashion March 2012

Behind the Scenes

Photos: Tim Engle (www.englephoto.com)

ght moment before the show starts on Friday, Caren Templet & Will Rodriguez ponder over details, Shankha, Duane and Vein walks out with his showstopper, models for Saul Latvanen, Sara Cecil waves to the camera, Ylevol Tam Nguyen (BAYe phone stressed out about something ;-), Saul Latvanen poses with his models.


Cirque Du Soleil ‘Totem’ - Show Review

BAYFashion March 2012

“Stupendously amazing... A true testament to the evolution of human abilities!” Cirque du Soleil’s Totem opened on March 2nd under the big top in downtown San Jose to an enthusiastic crowd. Totem is a part circus, part street performance spectacle that seems to draw its inspiration from the Theater of the Absurd, Darwinian evolution, and science fiction. It first premiered in Cirque du Soleil’s hometown of Montreal, Canada in April 2010. Since then its lavish fantasy production has delighted both adults and children alike as it chronicled the history of the human species from its amphibian existence to the ultimate state of taking to the air. BAYFashion Magazine editors were dazzled by the wildly imaginative sets, acrobatic and juggling acts, and pulsating music. But it was the costumes that captured our attention from the first moments of the show. Award-winning costume designer Kym Barrett set a new standard for performance wear not only with her originality, but with her innovative fabric printing techniques, playful pairings of textures and colors, and attention to detail. The Crystal Man’s costume was a favorite. It consisted of a stretchy black velvet leotard base encrusted with 4,500 dazzling crystals and small mirrors. The foot jugglers’ costumes were similarly adorned with 3,500 crystals and matching headdresses supported 1,000 more crystal glittery elements. The roller skaters were dressed in stunning white and silver garb reminiscent of a winter wedding ceremony. In contrast, the unicyclists’ outfits were based on harvest themes and each costume featured a quirky tutu embellished with fanciful and flirty leaves, seed pods, feathers, and flowers. Using entirely different themes and materials, the Russian Bars performers’ costumes were inspired by Mayan drawings and space travel. Each Lycra suit was fashioned with its own unique glowing color combination and matching cosmonaut helmet. There were many more costumes in the line-up, but all transported the audience to another realm where delight, whimsy and wonderment reigned supreme.


Nikolai Liubezny is one of the Russian performers for the Flying

Cirque du Soleil truimphs again with Totem!

BAYFashion March 2012

by Joan Currie

Cirque du Soleil’s Totem plays in San Jose, California (Silicon Valley) from MARCH 2 TO APRIL 15, 2012. BAYFashion was invited to the special premiere show on March 2nd as part of the press preview event. This show recently played in San Francisco where we had the first glimpse of this amazing spectacle. This is certainly a show you should not miss. BUY TICKETS HERE

g Balance Beams act.

Joan Currie is the Writing Director at BAYFashion, a bay area writer, photographer, and artist. Please see her beauty blog at www.satinandsand.com


BAYFashion March 2012

Fashion for Hope - BODITECTURE fashion show

Fashion For H


Feb 4 2012 - 7 to 10 Pm - Temple SF Wen Guo and Seda Balci put together ‘The Fashion for Hope’ fashion show featuring the latest ‘Magnetic Attraction’ collection from the BODITECTURE line of ‘convertible fashion’ clothes. The event was aimed to present the collection and raise money for the orphanages featured in the HBO Documentary ‘Marathon Boy’ which follows the saga of the rescue of a homeless orphan Budhia by a a dynamic Judo coach Biranchi Das, who also runs an orphanage in in Central India. All the proceeds from the event were donated to the orphanage. BODITECTURE is an innovation fashion line created by Wen Guo who is the founder and chief designer for the brand. Her clothes derive inspiration from architectural designs and focus on conversion of a single outfit into a multiple occassion multi mood wardrobe. Be if mini skirts converting into long dresses, or skirts converting into shawls, BODITECTURE outfits are unique, fashionable and well made... ready for primetime. BODITECTURE got selected by an European Union funded project sponsoring top 100 independent US fashion design brands in 2011. In 2012 Wen is ready to move to the big time as she plans to ramp up production and make her outfits available in many more locations and large online stores.



BAYFashion March 2012

Photos: Stephen Sun



BAYFashion March 2012


BAYFashion March 2012


BAYFashion March 2012

Lana Trumm “Horny Kat” - The Art of Sensual Expression

“No smoking: Pastel on paper

“Horny Kat” Pastel on paper

Thought Provoking Artist



BAYFashion March 2012

“kiss” Pastel on paper

When I first saw Lana’s paintings, I was stunned by the mystical light flickering within. Her works possess both the simplicity of composition and the depth of complex metaphor that touches the depths of the feminine heart. They are at once both monumental and intimate; captivating the viewer. The large, luminous forms of color speak to one’s emotions, while the encrypted symbols within speak to one’s intellect. All these qualities place Lana’s work within the rich tradition of Russian icons and traditional folk art. Her works are lyrical, overflowing with rhythm , song and poetry. Lana responded wholeheartedly to my observation , as she said: “ First, I find the melody and the words come next. For example, I decide to show the tension between a larger , white shape and smaller black ones. In the next stage, when these shapes become a white horse and black birds, the same tension, however, remains. “ In observing this artist’s work, I can not help comparing her with Frida Kahlo. Lana is also the wife of a very prominent artist, Yuri Shiller. She could have been totally influenced by her husband’s style, but nonetheless managed to create and develop a unique world of her own. A world filled with her most intimate feelings and thoughts; filled with her dreams and fears, happiness and sorrows. Lana’s very heart and soul is transformed into art. Maria Zhelnina

Photo: Yuri Shiler


Lana Trumm was born on February 14th, 1967 near Irkutsk in southern Siberia. From childhood, she was already interested in the visual arts, music and dance. In 1987 she graduated with honors from the Academy of Ballet in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. At the age of 25, Lana dedicated more time to her passion for painting. At the same time she proceeded with her dance career and became a leading dancer for the St. Petersburg (Leningrad) Music Hall. In 1996 she arrived in the United States and lived for a short time in Branson, Missouri. Lana worked with the dance troupe of the famous Russian comedian Yakov Smirnov. She currently resides in San Francisco and collaborates with Mishin Fine Arts. Lana has retired from dancing and spends more time painting and exhibiting her work.

“Cow� Oil on Wood

BAYFashion March 2012

“Heron” Oil on Wood

“Apple” Oil on Wood

“Silence” Oil on Wod


BAYFashion March 2012

Turning the Lens on Jenna - Alternative Fashion Story


Turning the Lens onJenna BAYFashion March 2012

by Adrienne Glenn

The Alternative Fashion Story

Photography and Styling: Jenna Kraczek Model: Fräulein Merkl - “Texas Timebomb”

Rarely do we take the time to turn the moment from the beautiful girl in an amazing outfit to the talented person capturing that spectacular beauty for us. This issue I would like to flip the spotlight around and get to know a very talented young woman who has been showcasing alternative beauty for only a short time but doing an exquisite job at it; exhibiting an entirely original perspective, and managing to stand out amongst all the others in the vintage, film noir, pinup and Hollywood glamour style. Not only is Jenna Kraczek a superb photographer, she is a licensed cosmetologist and artist… the master of many mediums, or in other words a triple threat, bitches! Currently based and bravely enduring the Southern part of California after living most of her life in the bay, this native of Mill Valley has been taking pictures for 24 years, but only capturing models for two of those. Exposed early on in life to the vintage paintings of Alberto Vargas and images of ballerina Anna Pavlova could have perhaps been what led her to fall whole-heartedly into the vintage culture later on in life.

During her 18th year Jenna met a boy, and it was the influence and lifestyle of this San Francisco swing band, trombone playing boy (her now husband) that led her into an entirely new world… the world of retro and vintage. A self-proclaimed NorCal girl, today she is living in Orange and being the supportive wife, she followed her man down the coast to be with him while he finishes up his schooling in entertainment law. Living in Orange has turned out be a positive inspiration for her because of the abundance of vintage influence in the culture of the town, the antique shops at every turn, as well as access to a variety of models. While she currently pulls her inspiration from there and rests her head in that area code, when I asked her ‘If you could live anywhere, where would it be?’ Jenna responded, “San Francisco… I love it, its home.” Rarely do we take the time to turn the moment from the beautiful girl in an amazing outfit to the talented person capturing that spectacular beauty for us.


BAYFashion March 2012


BAYFashion March 2012


BAYFashion March 2012

This issue I would like to flip the spotlight around and get to know a very talented young woman who has been showcasing alternative beauty for only a short time but doing an exquisite job at it; exhibiting an entirely original perspective, and managing to stand out amongst all the others in the vintage, film noir, pinup and Hollywood glamour style. Not only is Jenna Kraczek a superb photographer, she is a licensed cosmetologist and artist… the master of many mediums, or in other words a triple threat, bitches! Currently based and bravely enduring the Southern part of California after living most of her life in the bay, this native of Mill Valley has been taking pictures for 24 years, but only capturing models for two of those. Exposed early on in life to the vintage paintings of Alberto Vargas and images of ballerina Anna Pavlova could have perhaps been what led her to fall whole-heartedly into the vintage culture later on in life. During her 18th year Jenna met a boy, and it was the influence and lifestyle of this San Francisco swing band, trombone playing boy (her now husband) that led her into an entirely new world… the world of retro and vintage. A self-proclaimed NorCal girl, today she is living in Orange and being the supportive wife, she followed her man down the coast to be with him while he finishes up his schooling in entertainment law. Living in Orange has turned out be a positive inspiration for her because of the abundance of vintage influence in the culture of the town, the antique shops at every turn, as well as access to a variety of models. While she currently pulls her inspiration from there and rests her head in that area code, when I asked her ‘If you could live anywhere, where would it be?’ Jenna responded, “San Francisco… I love it, its home.”


Enough of the NorCal kicks SoCals rumpus, let’s get back to Jenna and talk about why this gal is so special. She not only photographs these amazing women, she paints them; she tells me she has more make-up than she knows what to do with… but from what I can see, she manages to turn out some amazing work with these abundant tools. Her many years as a painter and artist have taught her to use the exact same principles as painting a canvas, but applying them on a face. Flipping through the images in Jenna’s book, you notice something different, individual, and exceptional about the models she chooses to capture. It isn’t anything specific or defined, and that is the exceptional thing about her models; they all have this intrinsic individuality and breathtaking beauty… they are definitely women outside the traditional model mold, but are truly just as, if not more, beautiful. When asked what she thinks of the stereotypical model build, she tells me, “I like my girls to look vibrant, healthy and confident. My favorite current supermodel is Lara Stone. I’m pro health and pro loving the skin you are in. Some girls look amazing svelte, and fit into their model-esque stature. Some try too hard to fit into that stereotype when it’s unnatural for their body type and look unhealthy. I believe society puts too much stress on perfection and what the “ideal” body is vs. what YOUR “ideal” body should be.” Well said Jenna, well said. When Jenna selects a model she looks for something more than what the fashion world wants to see, she looks inward and sees a beauty there that shines to the outside. Jenna tells us, “I’m inspired by models that are confident and comfortable in their own skin. I love models that do their homework, take risks, know their angles, can pose in an interesting way and bring something different to the table. I also tend to select models that I see an inherent internal beauty.” It is no wonder that the celebrities she would kill to photograph/paint on are Marilyn Monroe, Veronica Lake, Dita von Teese, Madonna, Lara Stone, Kate Moss, Mosh, Brigitte Bardot and Annie Leibovitz, all of these ladies have or had that certain special individuality to them. She confessed to the final name on that list because she has a fantasy of shooting a genius shooter, just for the shear challenge of it! Now that is a girl with spunk! Her model turn-ons are not only what is on the surface of a hot woman, but she also appreciates professionalism, a sense of humor, timeliness, lack of drama, and just truly nice, lighthearted girls. Her list of turn-offs read as follows: “insecure body conscious models, flakes, non-professional models, and girls with bad attitudes that don’t want to work. The camera captures everything, every insecurity, bad attitude, everything.” Hear that folks? If you want the chance to work with this talented woman, you have to not only be a stunning beauty capable of transcending eras, but be pretty on the inside too! From the words of this truly gifted artist, “I like beautiful imagery – beauty cannot be forced.”

check out more of her work: http://www.jennakraczekphotography.com

BAYFashion March 2012


BAYFashion March 2012

The Playground of the Goth - WILLIAMANUEL

The ‘Out of the Box’ Editorial

Pla y ground of the


With BellaAlemania Stylists: iMageye/WILLIAMANUEL Mua/Hair: Myah Underwood Website: www.WILLIAMANUEL.com


BAYFashion March 2012


BAYFashion March 2012



BAYFashion March 2012


BAYFashion March 2012



BAYFashion March 2012


Music Beatz - Sason Bishope Parry

Sason Bishope Parry

BAYFashion March 2012


Our Favorite Songs, Videos & Artists..NOW!

1. Miike Snow “Paddling Out - Music Video

The Swedish indie dance band, consisting of production team Bloodshy & Avant as well as 3rd member Andrew Wyatt, launch their newest video for single, “Paddling Out”, & its pure intergalactic insanity! Aliens doing plastic surgery, a dancing weirdo, a house that’s a spaceship & an awesome infectious groove – What?

2. Adele “Set Fire To The Rain”

4. Gorillaz featuring Andre 3000 and James Murphy “Doyathing”

3. Sleigh Bells “Comeback Kid” - Music Video

5. Flo Rida featuring Etta James “Feeling Good”

Super talent Adele, just ruled all of 2011 & this song, although released early last year, is breathing new life in 2012, topping the Billboard 100 charts and rightfully so. Her haunting, yet beautiful vocals about heartbreak, really dig deep, with a melody and chorus that you can’t forget – instant classic!

Their last album was cool, but their newest release, Reign Of Terror, really scores with a nice fusion of head-bang’n noisy guitars & dance pop synth grooves. The opening scene of the video shows the sexy lead singer jumping up & down on a bed with a machine gun – must I say more? Then its just artsy fun ride with loads of cool scenes!


When you pair up the The Gorillaz with Outcasts Andre 3000 & the genius of LCD Soundsystems James Murphy how can you go wrong! This is the Gorillaz best tune yet since their smash, “Clint Eastwood”. I can’t wait to see how they translate this new gem into their animation based live show!

Flo Rida 1st scored big with his Rap pop retake & sampling of the modern rock hit “Right Round” & with this track he sets his mark higher! Pure genius to sample the late, great Etta James! As soon as you hear that beat and Etta’s vocals kick in, your hooked, then Flo Rida takes you on a nonstop feel good ride!

Hey Everyone, welcome to my 2nd Music.Beatz column & hope your having a great start to 2012! The year has been amazing thus far with the 1st quarter showing good promise for music & events. Madonna rocked the super bowl halftime show with an amazing performance that debuted a glimpse at her new album and that also featured, music rebel MIA (who apparently got fined for flipping off the watching audience), Nikki Minaj, soul man Ceelo Greene & electro rap duo LMFAO. DJ’s Deadmau5 & David Guetta played the Grammys awards show & Skrillex as well as other electronic producers and DJ’s finally got acknowledged by the Grammys in a year that is clearly a breakthrough for Electronic Music in the States. In other music news, Ultra music Festival, slated as the Nations premiere dance festival sold-out in record time & will feature performances by David Guetta, Skrillex, Kraftwerk, Tiesto, Steve Aioki, Justice, Mike Snow, M83 & more then 150 other dance music superstars & also has plans to launch more International dates this year. Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival, now in its 14th consecutive year, also broke new ground by selling out two weekends back to back with headliners Radiohead, The Black Keys & Snoop Dogg with Dr. Dre. Electric Daisy Carnival has expanded its festival imprint to New York, teaming up with Pacha superclub & will be announcing details soon. Both the Winter Music Conference in Miami & SXSW music conference in Austin look bigger then ever in a year that is looking massive for festivals, conferences & live shows Nationally. Next month I will be sharing my Miami madness experience with a recap of the International Winter Music Conference including highlights of all the events, happenings and a Backstage Pass look at The Ultra Music Festival. Remember to stay inspired & breathe some music into your soul daily! - Sason Bishope Parry

BAYFashion March 2012

6. Katy Perry

“Part Of Me”

7. MIA “Bad Girls” – Music Video

This new joint from Sri Lanka’s queen of Hip Hop, is her best track, since she stormed the music world with “Paper Planes”. Producer Danja, blends Hip hop with Bollywood sounds & MIA’s signature chants & if you think her giving the middle finger to the superbowl audience was kickass, just check out her controversial, but awesome video. MIA = badass!

8. Porcelain Black

“Naughty Naughty”

We want to party, is the message behind this newest single from Dance music’s bad girl, signed to little Wayne’s label & from Eminems hood 8 mile, Detroit. With vocals that rival an edgier Lady Gaga & Gaga’s producer Red One, she has the formula for success & this song has hit big on the dance charts with all her fans singing along!

9. M83 “Midnight City”

– Music Video

This video, from French Electronica breakout artist, dropped late last year, but it’s such an addicting song, I had to include it! The track could have been in the movie Drive, with its processed vocals & dark awesome synths & the original video that shows telekinetic super kids, escaping a boarding school, after testing their powers – Love it!

10. Frank Ocean

SBP Music Column

The blue eyed pop diva strikes again, with another smash single that went straight to #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts. She debuted this song at the Grammys & it’s a left turn to her fun tracks that is obviously her using creativity to vent out about her ex, Russell Brand. Love or hate her, Katy proves she’s more then just a manufactured pop star, she’s a singer songwriter & musician that is here to stay. .


Really feeling this no nonsense slow jam, from the acclaimed Los Angeles based singer songwriter, that lucky for us, escaped Hurricane Katrina, 5 years ago. “Harder times…it seems like all we got is each other,” croons Ocean, almost channeling the sexy spiritual appeal of soul legend Marvin Gaye over an 80’s tinged soul ballad that hits deep.

Model: Lola Burlitz, Makeup & Hair: Shiva Zandi, Photo Shankha


DJ Of the Month

Presented by the Winter Music Conference (www.wintermusicconference.com)


Austin’s Lance Herbstrong is my pick for this month’s celebrated DJ! The DJ project consisting of Kamal Solimon, Beatmaker Bill Sarver & Porno For Pyro’s Pete DiStefano on guitar is making waves with their awesome remixes & mash-ups mixing in live instrumentation from organic sounds to rock guitars & tribal rhythms. They caught fire & got rave reviews on their debut album Tokelahoma. Their sophmore remix album “Meth Breakfast,” is due at the end of March and takes their sound to the next level with a collection of iconic rock hits spanning several decades & remixed with their signature sound that rocks & grooves at the same time. Artist featured on the new record include, Pink Floyd, The Who, Eric Clapton, Black Sabbath, Queen, Van Halen and several others. They have been regulars at festivals like Chicago’s Lollapalooza & Electric Forrest and this year, they will be making a Latin America run including Mexico, Costa Rica, Chile & Brazil and they stated that their 1st show was like “A motherfuckin bomb that goes off inside of you”. I guess the ancient sorcerer that appeared before Kamal years ago, in a cloud of smoke, and told him to combine his golden ear with the beat making talents of one Bill Sarver, was correct – not sure if this is a true story, but one listen to their kickass, infectious dance beats and I predict, the whole world will be on their feet dancing soon! Listen to: Their remix of Eric Clapton’s “Cocaine” For more on info go to: www.facebook.com/lanceherbstrong www.lanceherbstrong.com

Presented by Magneta Picks (www.magnetapicks.com)

Artist Tribute


Guitar God!

This month we salute Jimi Hendrix! He was a guitar impresario who lucky for us, never played by the rules, as he continued to break new ground and set standards for year’s to come. He died far too young, but his guitar genius and musical legacy will love on forever!

SBP’s Music Quote of the Month

Artist.Spot.Light Video Review

Sason Bishope Parry

BAYFashion March 2012

“When the power of love, overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace. “ – Jimi Hendrix 94

SAN Francisco emerging artist review

BAYFashion March 2012

Black Balloon


Call them different, loud, crazy, spontaneous - call them anything you want, but don’t call them mediocre! Black Balloon is the brainchild of singer Tobias Hawkins III (the girlfriend experience, laundry, counting crows, Cupcake) and Producer/ Guitar player Charles Stella (Norah Jones, Mos Def, Brazilian Girls) and also features lastest member Sid Rak (Jacksons, MC Hammer, Eric Sermon) on Bass. Both founders, who reside in the Bay Area, have been climbing up from a crazy downward spiral of life, as well as hits and misses for years. Hawkins, was the original drummer for counting Crows and quit before they hit big, his last band, The Girlfriend Experience was having great success then suddenly, called it quits & Stella has had music production for several artists before deciding to take a stab at the spotlight. Hawkins and Stella collided hard when they met, combining Hawkin’s love of screaming and prog indie rock with Stella’s mad production skills, sexy dark electronic beats and his pop wisdom. The addition of multi-instrumentalist & song masterminding of Sid Rak really forged their sound, which can make you rock out, groove and dance at times and finally the keyboard sounds of newcomer Lydia Holly completed the band. The beats are captivating and hard to forget and Hawkins vocals soar above the songs with ease, whether he’s screaming on parts of the catchy tune “Honey”, or showing off his power, range and sand papered lush harmonies on “Eye Patch” and “So Lucky”, you can’t help but get lost in the vibe. In the few years that Black Balloon has been together they have built a nice following, playing lots of local shows that have gotten Rave reviews from fans and critics. They are currently in the studio finishing up new songs to complete their debut album, which they hope to share with the public soon. * Catch BLACK BALOON - LIVE for an exclusive & special set at Backstage Pass Sat. March 10 at Fuel Nightclub1108 Market Street - San Francisco – 10pm. Listen to: “ So Lucky

SBP Music Video Spotlight

Here is what’s coming up for me this month and I have to say, the 1st few months of 2012 have been great! 1st up, I’m shooting a new music video with my DJ project Bishopemagnetic for our Afrobeta remix with director L.A Hernandez of Clubben TV & Bishopemagnetic is confirmed to play the Ultra Music Festival on Sunday March 25th, sharing the bill with David Guetta, Bassnectar, Kaskade and many more. Also, Planet B is working on 2 new tracks to finish up new album and finally going public with End Of The World video & last, but not least, I’m almost ready to share some new music from The Bishope Project – hopefully next month. * Want to give a special tribute to the late great Whitney Houston. Another super talented musical Icon who died way too soon. She may be gone, but her gifts to music & the world will be remembered for generations to come…


“No Pain, No Gain” - Music Video

The Pjayz are a collective of three bay area talents, originally from San Jose, California, who write and perform a blended style of Hip hop, Pop and dance, consisting of Paloma Ramos, Jay 3, “J Dub” & DJ AJ Orbit. Their newest video directed by director David Dutton, shows their darker, more serious side, with lead singer Paloma Ramos singing, “Never get what I want, never get what I need,” with her sultry smooth vocals and rapper Jay 3 spitting a tongue twisting rap about life on the streets & following your dreams no matter how hard. It’s a great song & video that makes you move and think at the same time & the video shows the Pjayz rolling through hard times with clips of them struggling with work and life as they climb the ladder of success in pursuit of that star – Definitely hits home!


BAYFashion March 2012 The Myth of Tragic Love - Jason Martineau

The Myth of Tragic Love

by Jason Martineau

The Love Column Something is in the air. At this time of year in the San Francisco Bay Area, the flowers of fruit trees are already blossoming, and the sun is increasingly warm. The cycle of life turns once more as Winter gives way to Spring, bringing with it hope and optimism. Also at this time of year, something interesting is happening to much of the animal world (including us) — LOVE is on the rise. We are familiar with the procreative motivation, fertility, and the advantage of aligning with the seasons to maximize the success and health of future offspring, as well as planning for the coming Fall harvest, and to prepare for an eventual Winter once more. Variations on this theme have existed for thousands of years, and are deep within our collective psyche. Spring is the season most associated with love. For those of you in a relationship, you might feel a sense of renewal and inspiration. For those of you who are single, you might notice increased vigilance, curiosity, and attraction. Did someone say “spring fever”? You might be familiar with Aphrodite, Venus, or Ishtar (the origin of the word “Easter”), all goddesses of love, and all associated with Spring. The stories of these goddesses are not without drama and conflict. Some centuries later, infamous couples began to emerge in myths from around the world. They, too, brought with them themes of struggle, obstacles, and tragedy. From Persia came the lovers Qays and Leyla. They were part of the same tribe, and knew each other when they were young. As they came of age, they fell deeply in love. Qays wrote many poems about their love, and finally approached Layla’s father to ask for her hand in marriage, who refused on the ground that it would be scandalous. Qays, feeling miserable, wandered off alone, and ended up in the wilderness where it was said the animals protected him as he recited his love poems to them. He continued to write poems as he descended into his forlorn madness, even scratching them into the sand with a stick. Thus he came to be known as “Majnun” (Arabic for “madman”). His poems were known far and wide. Eventually he died, alone.


BAYFashion March 2012

From Europe came Tristan and Isolde. Isolde, the daughter of the King of Ireland, was betrothed to King Mark of Cornwall. Tristan, King Mark’s nephew, was sent to bring her to Cornwall. Isolde was given a love potion before she left, to drink on her wedding night, to insure that she would love King Mark. Not surprisingly, Tristan and Isolde accidentally drank it instead, and so fell madly in love with each other. They then had an affair, which was eventually discovered after Isolde’s wedding, causing Tristan to be banned from Cornwall. He later tried to move on with his life, and met Iseult. He married her because she reminded him of Isolde. They were not sexual, however, as he still longed for his beloved. Eventually, he became sick, and he knew that the only thing that would cure him was Isolde, so he sent to her this request. He asked that the returning ship’s sails be white if she agreed to come, and black, if not, so that he would know in advance. His wife Iseult, found out about this, and lied to him, seeing that the sails were white, and instead telling him they were black. Tristan then died of a broken heart. Isolde arrived not much later, and she too, died of sadness. The lovers were finally together… in death. The story of Romeo and Juliet, is likely familiar to every reader, and so does not require a summary… needless to say, it doesn’t end well… these stories have appeared in various versions with some difference in the details, but the sense of them is the same… love, death, a few moments of bliss, and otherwise… tragedy. But wait – love is a prized emotion in our culture, frequently viewed as one of the goals of life, and one of supposed joy, happiness, and bliss! It’s not just for making children (who are noticeably absent in all three of these stories). What is happening with all this tragedy? Star-crossed, ill-fated lovers, who can only be together after death, if they can be together at all?

The unrequited love of the troubadours, the “virgin love” of lovers who do not consummate… this is our inherited tradition of romantic love? If you have seen

enough romantic Hollywood movies (often different from Bollywood movies), or have been in love yourself, you might recognize some of these themes. Does this mean then that love is a tragedy, and that all great loves are doomed to some terrible fate?

Relax. While it’s true that these themes permeate many cultures in the modern world, they can be readily viewed as metaphors – to fall in love, is to succumb to a power greater than ourselves, that we cannot control. Desire, longing, yearning, while not without their biological foundations, also point to something profound within us. Love wounds our hearts, and that wound can only be healed by the person who dealt the blow. It can drive us to a kind of intoxication, that bliss in which we transcend our sense of separation and isolation. To join together in that love, requires each person in a sense to “die” to that isolation, which is both terrifying and magical. Love asks of us to be vulnerable, so that we can feel it completely through the sharing of trust and empathy. These are merely the stages of this process, and the stories can help us to learn how to respond, with courage, gratitude, and strength. The lovers do not physically die, but in fact are reborn, united. Love is not the source of tragedy, it is our fear and resistance to it that causes the trouble…

So, what are you waiting for? Spring is just around the corner…


BAYFashion March 2012 Six ways to help boost your water intake - Joan Currie

Like Water?

Six Ways to Help Boost Your Water Intake by Joan Currie


BAYFashion March 2012

It is difficult to discern fact from fiction when it comes to hydration because the literature on the topic differs widely as to how much water one needs to consume on a daily basis.

Variables such as age, weight, type and duration of physical activity, sweat rate, medical status, medications, and climate (including temperature, humidity, and altitude) all influence the amount of water required per day for optimal health. In addition, it is unclear whether water substitutes, such as juices and trendy sports and mineral drinks, are as good as or superior to water, since many of the studies supporting water replacement products were sponsored by beverage companies. Given all the variables to consider, it is best to consult with your doctor to develop a hydration plan that works for you.

If your doctor recommends that you increase your daily intake of water, here are some ideas to help you do just that: 1. Take water with you wherever you go so that you can have sips throughout the day.

2. Set a timer to remind yourself to drink water at regular intervals, if necessary, until it becomes habitual.

3. To help transition from drinking sweet juices to plain water, try diluting the juice with water in greater and greater amounts over time. Adding a slice of lemon or some berries to water is another way to enhance the flavor and still get that juicy taste without the added sugar or sugar equivalents.

4. Try hot water (think tea without the tea bag) or cold water from the refrigerator if you do not like drinking water at room temperature.

5. Substitute carbonated water for sodas if you prefer an effervescent drink.

6. Dedicate a glass for water that is beautiful and/or

has meaning to turn the act of drinking water into a special ritual. Avoid coffee mugs or paper cups that might have unpleasant aftertastes. Finally, access to clean drinking water is a privilege, so please savor it! Joan Currie is a Bay area writer, photographer, and artist. Please see her beauty blog at www.satinandsand.com


BAYFashion March 2012

Cassidy Hanison ‘The Fresh Face’ - discovered by Melissa Lewis

The BAYFashion ‘Talent Search’ team Presents

the Fresh Face by Melissa Lewis

With Cassidy Hanson & Tim Engle Beauty Team: Erik Foldhazi & Jenifer Haupt 100

BAYFashion March 2012


BAYFashion March 2012


BAYFashion March 2012

Melissa: What’s your name?

Cassidy: My name is Cassidy Hanson

How old are you and where do you reside?

I’m 21years old and I live in Sacramento, California but I am originally from Redding, California. I am a Scottish-American, and my family came to the U.S from Scotland in 1910.

Have any hobbies you would like to share?

Creating!! I love to create art, paint, play and write music for the flute, spend time with my animals, and read. I seem to always keep busy, as my desire and passion to create never sleeps... my art always comes to the forefront of my “to-do” list.

When did you start modeling?

I started modeling about three years ago, when I was invited to model a swimsuit line in Cancun, Mexico. From there on, I really took interest in modeling and began networking to find other artists that wanted to create classically beautiful inspiring images.

Secret to the great body?

I stay fit by eating my greens, running with my dog, and the occasional P90X workout.

Who is your favorite model & idol?

I adore classic iconic beauty, and the late Natalie Wood is definitely a source of inspiration for me. Although she is best known as an actress, her style and beauty is truly captivating in her photographs.

What type of modeling do want to do?

I have a burning desire to create images that inspire others to create. I feel I could best do this with photographs that really convey emotions and tell a story through the editorial or fashion sense. I would also like to take my storytelling desires, and develop a craft of acting.

Did you have fun shooting for the New Face production for BayFasion Magazine and would you do it again? I had a blast shooting for the New Face production by Bay Fashion Magazine. I love to be surrounded by other artists, and I wouldn’t hesitate to do it again.

@ Cast Images Talent Agency

Cassidy Hanson BAYFashion Magazine FRESH FACE of the BAY March 2012


BAYFashion March 2012

Comeback of Lipstick in the ‘Beauty Spot’

Photographer: Rummy Makmur Makeup/Hairstyling: Aliya Qazi Model: Ria Zonic @ Stars Model Management Stylist: Renata Gar


BAYFashion March 2012

Comeback o f To look beautiful and charming has been and will always be the intrinsic desire of every woman. When it comes to beautification regimen lipstick has always had a prominent place. Ancient Greek women are considered to be among the first users of lip colors. In ancient times women would decorate their lips with grated semi precious stones and jewels, plant extracts and fish scales for pearlescent effect. An Arab Muslim cosmetologist is believed to be the first one who created a solid lipstick. Guerlain, Elizabeth Arden and Estee Lauder are among the first makeup companies, selling lipsticks. Lipstick trends have been changing ever since. It started with reds in the beginning and then in the 1970s the companies experimented with variety of unusual lip colors. In the 1990s shades of matte brown and earthy tones were very popular. In the past few years we saw a downfall in lipstick sales. Lip gloss became very popular among women of all ages. But now lipstick has made a great come back. All the luxury cosmetic lines such as Armani, Chanel, YSL, Burberry, Dolce & Gabbana and Tom Ford have come up with a wide range of new lip colors in a variety of textures. Matte yet hydrating and glossy yet long wearing formulas are easily available and people have started wearing lipstick once again.

The Spot y t u a e B

by Aliya Qazi


Right shade of lipstick can complete any look. If you are on the go just wear a bright lipstick of your choice and you can look fresh immediately. You can match or contrast your lipstick with your outfit and stand out. For a classic look wear a bold shade of lipstick with natural makeup on the face or nude lipstick with smoky eyes. You can rock the party with dramatic eyes and bold lips. Or give your lips a natural stained look with neutral eye makeup for a more modern and trendy look. Lipstick can be used in a variety of ways according to your mood and event. Lipstick is a chic tool used by women for their adornment. The ritual of its application has always been considered as fashionable and feminine. So do not hesitate trying on beautiful red, orange, hot pink, fuchsia and purple colors in matte, glossy and pearlescent textures. Dare to wear all the shades you have always wanted on your lips. Have fun with the variety of lip colors; people are bound to notice the pleasant change in your look. Enjoy your little portable magic stick anytime, anywhere. This article has been brought to you by consulting various sources. I hope you enjoy it. Thanks, Aliya Qazi

Aliya Qazi is Beauty Editor at BAYFashion Magazine. She is mother of two who loves makeup. You can see more of her work at www.makeupbyaliya.com


BAYFashion March 2012 Talent Corner - Featuring Shiva Zandi

Featured Beauty Artist


Aliya Qazi is Beauty Editor at BAYFashion Magazine. She is mother of two who loves makeup. You can see more of her work at www.makeupbyaliya.com

BAYFashion March 2012

Aliya: Tell us something about Shiva Zandi the makeup artist. Shiva: Make up has been my passion since I was a little girl. It started from just playing around with my mother’s makeup. As I grew older my love for makeup grew with me. I started doing makeup professionally at the age of 17. I would always do makeup of my friends and family for proms, parties or just for going out. And now I am trying to broaden my horizon doing photo shoots and fashion shows.

Aliya: Your definition of makeup:

Shiva: Makeup enhances your features and beautifies your face.

Aliya: To you beauty is:

Shiva: To me it is a combination of inner and outer beauty. As a makeup artist I try to make someone look beautiful and feel great.

“Makeup is my passion,

Since I was a little girl”

Shiva Zandi

by Aliya Qazi

Aliya: Your source of inspiration:

Shiva: Work of other makeup artists, fashion magazines, ads, nature and anything beautiful that catches my eyes.

Aliya: Favorite Feature (facial):

Shiva: I love working on eyes because everyone’s eyes are so different and unique giving me an opportunity to be creative.

Aliya: Favorite product and product line:

Shiva: MAC is my favorite product line because its products are very pigmented and true to color. Makeup Forever has great foundations that give flawless finish.

Aliya: Favorite tool:

Shiva: My favorite tool is MAC tapered blending brush #224

Aliya: Beauty tip for the readers:

Shiva: Remember that everyone is beautiful in his or her own way. Know your strong features and focus on enhancing them with makeup instead of spending too much time on covering your weak features.

Aliya: Future plans regarding makeup:

Shiva: I am very serious about my profession. I want to work for big fashion shows, photo shoots and movies. To be a celebrity makeup artist would be a dream come true for me. I hope to open up my own glam factory where you can go to get your hair & makeup done along with the option of photo shoots for your special events.

Talent Corner 107

Editors Desk...

a letter from Shankha Thanks to all of you, for reading the March 2012 issue of BAYFashion Magazine. BAYFashion has achieved an important milestone in this issue as with the earnest efforts of our team, we managed to put one of BAY Area’s most well known celebrities, Kristi Yamaguchi on the cover of this issue. She wears a flowing designer piece by none other than Tadashi Shoji, the mercurial designer from LA who is busy dressing the top movie stars in his amazing creations. Tadashi’s corporate office was nice enough to send us this outfit for the shoot.

the team Managing Director: Ylevol Tam Nguyen Editor-in-Chief: Gautam Goswami (Shankha) Creative Director: Yuri Shiller Writing Director: Joan Currie Makeup Director: Arlene Coleman PR Director: Khrystyna Kazakova Alternative Fashion Editor: Adrienne Glenn Beauty Editor: Aliya Qazi Photographic Art Director: Tim Engle Production Director: Yefim Remarenko

We also want to thank Saks 5th Avenue San Francisco, for sponsoring BAYFashion and helping us take the next step towards our goal to create a true fashion magazine for the bay area. BAYFashion is your magazine, and we want to make it the force that lifts the indie fashion industry of San Francisco into a thriving commercial ecosystem. Designers, register on the BAYFashion website and start selling your creations on the BAYFashion Mall. Think commercial, come up with a marketing plan and we will help you reach your intended audience... by the time this magazine goes to print, we have over 21,000 facebook fans and the last issue has had over 250,000 views from over 15,000 unique readers from the bay area and about 4000 more from other parts of the world. And my friends and fans, email us or post on our facebook page with any comments, critique, ideas and suggestions you have for BAYFashion to become a better magazine. Enjoy the issue,

Writer: Jason Martineau Writer & Blogger: Zoya Singh Beauty Photographer: Rummy Makmur


Cover Photo: Yuri Shiller Cover Model: Kristi Yamaguchi

Email the editor at: shankha@bayfashionmag.com

Published by: Klasique Corp. http://www.bayfashionmag.com http://www.facebook.com/bayfashionmag http://www.twitter.com/bayfashionmag

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14th Issue February 2012

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BAYFashion March 2012 - The Fashion Week Issue  

BAYFashion March 2012 brings to you a complete fashion roundup from the San Francisco Bay Area and coverage of multiple fashion week shows f...

Profile for klasique