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10th Issue September 2011


Fashion Show 2011

Nigel Who? Fall/Winter 2011

F3@Cotton Mill Art&Fashion Fusion

Project Ethos Sophomore Show

Teen Style Guide

with Tam & Paradise ( Latest Styles from the Mall )


Fashion Trends Beauty Spot

Summer Makeup & Skin Protection

9 Tips

To Achieve A Natural Tan

20 Things

To Remember on your First Date

Picky Fashion

Styles for the discerning fashion buyer

Sara Cecil

Hottest Face of the Bay August 2011

2nd Annual Designing Dreams

Largest Fashion Show in Sactown

Editors Desk...

Welcome to the 10th issue of BAYFashion Magazine! This is our ‘Fashion Show’ Issue, because this issue focuses on coverage of the most happening fashion shows in the BAY in the months of July and August 2011. BAYFashion is now synonymous to fashion in the BAY Area. We are invited to cover almost all shows of repute and we started a new trend of live blogging from the events we cover. So all our followers can follow these fashion events as they happen and see the event in pictures almost as it they were right there. Very soon we are launching a video service to bring events to you live on video too. We would like all our readers to make sure that you subscribe to BAYFashion Magazine on our website . Subscrption has many benefits. We deliver the magazine to you every month and send you special discount offers from most designers featured in the magazine. Editor-in-Chief: Gautam Goswami Fashion Director: Khrystyna Kazakova Alternative Fashion Editor: Adrienne Glenn Beauty Editor: Aliya Qazi Style Director: Ylevol Tam Nguyen Art Director: Tim Engle

Contributers: Freelance Writer: Joan Currie Freelance Writer: Jason Martineau Photographer: Shankha Photographer: Tim Engle Photographer: Herm Pugay Photographer: AllemWaynePhotography Photographer: Timothy D. Williamson Photographer: Rummy Makmur Photographer: Dropjaw Photography Cover Photo: Shankha Cover Model: Paradise Evans Back Cover Photo: Shankha Back Cover Model: Sara Cecil Published by: Klasique Corp.

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Thanks and enjoy the issue.

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BAYFashion Sep 2011

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Cut ies

A Baycuties Magazine Publication


BAY BAYFashion Sep 2011


BAYFashion Sep 2011 brings you the largest selection of fashion and shows we have ever presented. We showcase the style of a artist who makes amazing clothes out of his art and also bring our teenage reader a lookbook which will make them look trendy for every occassion.



Left dress "Spring Breeze", $129, right dress "Steps to the sea", $159


BAYFashion Sep 2011

BAYFashion Sep 2011

Yuri Shiler the Designer

Lana Trumm, the Inspiration


icky studio was founded by Yuri Sheller in 2005 in San Francisco, California. The choice of the name ‘Picky’ represented the aim of this brand to satisfy the needs of clients with very exclusive and selective tastes. Most of the items produced by Picky studios are either one of a kind or limited production items to retain the exclusivity and uniqueness of their apparel.

Haunting images of human faces are imposed within noisy patterns, streaks of light, and funky shapes on T-Shirts and Jackets. Dresses

are covered with potato and bell pepper prints. Skintight, trompe l’oeil


leggings resemble a pair of unzipped blue eans. A one-piece woman’s



swimsuit is covered with an impressionistic drawing of a oaring ion.


ll the designs are produced in-house by the pair of Artist/Owners Yuri Shiller & Lana Trumm. We met Yuri & Lana at their studio in downtown SF to understand their design aesthetic and reason behind them converting their art into what hi fashion wear for the bold woman and expressive man.

BF: How did you get started down the road of fashion design, expanding on your Art? Yuri Shiller: Because of Lana, she liked to change her image all the time and we decided to put some of our art on some clothes for Lana. Its like expressing yourself on the outfit you are wearing. We opened a store in North Beach and the first couple of years were really successfull. When the economy crashed, we of course felt the drop in sales almost immediately. BF: What is the average price of a Picky Studio outfit? Yuri: Prices vary from $150 for a female top to $400 for a hi fashion outfit or jacket. They also vary by the complexity of the design. Overall we cater to almost all budgets for the discerning fashion buyer, but no we cannot offer derpartment store prices for these hand created one-of-a-kind apparel. BF: Who are your clothes made for? Who is the target market? Yuri & Lana: We have clothes for both men and women. We initially targeted young women in their 20’s who had great bodies as our clothes are form fitting and show off a womans curves while creating a very striking appearance for her. But running the store for 5 years has taught us quite a lot, we found that a lot of our clients are 40+ women who like to express themselves in a younger way. Our clothes have the ability to make anyone young and we seem to get a lot of custom order to make our smaller sizes available in all sizes. BF: So are your clothes available in all sizes now? Yuri & Lana: Most of the time we still design for a size 2 or size 4 woman but we do custom orders for all sizes. Our clothes represent art on a body and we cannot just transport something that is supposed to be viewed flat on a wall painting direcly on the body. The body has curves and angles, so we try to adjust our designs and arts to fit curves, our clothes are mostly made of stretch material and many times we have to have completely different design for a larger size than for a smaller one. BF: Are you planning to stay in San Francisco? Any expansion plans? Yuri: We are working with a South American company to supply custom items for South American Celebrities and also working with some poker companies to create some poker inspired designs. We are expanding in our own way and making the brand more powerful.

Picky Studios is one of the sponsors of the ‘BAYFashion Magazine Hottest Face of the Bay’ model contest and this issue features the two top models of the August 2011 BAYFashion Hottest Face of the Bay in Picky Studio outfits. For their complete gallery and to order go to



BAYFashion Sep 2011

Model: Morgan O’Marro Dress: “Casting”, $159 Makeup: Lucy Flint Hair: Lana Orca Stylist: Giancarlo Vega Photo: Timothy D. Williamson


BAYFashion Sep 2011


Model: Barbara Woortmann Dress: “Sweet Peppers”, $159 Makeup: Lucy Flint Hair: Lana Orca Stylist: Giancarlo Vega Photo: Timothy D. Williamson


BAYFashion Sep 2011


Model: Sara Cecil Skirt: “Swirly”, $89, Swimsuit: “Red and Blue”, $119, Hat: “De-Formed”, $99 Makeup: Arlene Coleman Stylist: Lana Orca Photo Concept: Shankha Photo: Yuri Shiller

BAYFashion Sep 2011




BAYFashion Sep 2011

Models: Sara Cecil Outfit: Previous Page Makeup: Arlene Coleman Stylist: Lana Orca Photo: Shankha


BAYFashion Sep 2011


Model: Sara Cecil Tunic: “Rocks”, $129 Makeup: Arlene Coleman Stylist: Lana Orca Photo Concept: Yuri Shiller Photo: Shankha


BAYFashion Sep 2011

Model: Erys Rivera Dress “Circles”, $189 Makeup: Arlene Coleman Stylist: Lana Orca Photo Concept: Yuri Shiller Photo: Shankha


BAYFashion Sep 2011


Model: Erys Rivera Dress “Circles”, $189 Vest: “Deep Blue Sea” $149 Makeup: Arlene Coleman Stylist: Lana Orca Photo: Shankha


The Teenage Style LookBook

BAYFashion Sep 2011


The Bay Area is a place of siginificant fashion diversity and color. In this issue we bring you a young look-book based on the style choices of our stylists for 14 year old Paradise Evans. Paradise is the perfect example of a young girl with practical fashion sense who likes to dress up or dress down as the occassion demands. Paradise’s outfits were selected from major retail brands keeping a regular girls budget in mind. Every outfit in this lookbook is below a total of $100 (excluding shoes) and can be bought in stores right now. So girls if you want to dress like Paradise all you have to do is hit your local mall.

Model: Paradise Evans Stylist: Ylevol Tam Nguyen Makeup: Dahna Evans Photos: Shankha

BAYFashion Sep 2011

The Teenage

Style Guide With Tam & Paradise


BAYFashion Sep 2011

School days

can also Rock !

If you add some flair to your studious look

Paradise Evans is wearing: Vertical Blue Stripes Blazer - H&M Red Jersey Dress - H&M Blue Knitted Leather Belt - H&M Black & White Necklace - Target Checkered Wedge Pump - Style & Co. Makeup by Dahna Evans Styling: Ylevol Tam Nguyen Photo: Shankha


BAYFashion Sep 2011 Paradise Evans is wearing: Black Studded Double Breasted Jacket - H&M Beige Jersey Short Dress - H&M Lavender Jeans - Macys White&Gold Faux Pearl Necklace - Forever 21 Beige Heels - Bakers Styling: Ylevol Tam Nguyen Photo: Shankha

Mall Rat with a Style Statement There is more than shopping to be done at the Mall


BAYFashion Sep 2011

Beach Day

with the Fam

Who says I can’t be Fashionable on the beach?

Paradise Evans is wearing: Floral Print Summer Dress - H&M Red beaded necklace - Forever 21 Golden Wedges - Fioni Makeup by Dahna Evans Styling: Ylevol Tam Nguyen Photo: Shankha


BAYFashion Sep 2011

It’s my BFF’s

B’day today

And the cute new boy in school is invited...

Paradise Evans is wearing: White&Pink ‘Hearts’ stretch miniskirt - H&M Lace top with nude lining - H&M Light Pink Jacket - H&M Yellow-Blue-Pink Heels - Jessica Simpson Makeup by Dahna Evans Styling: Ylevol Tam Nguyen Photo: Shankha


BAYFashion Sep 2011

Opera Night

Demands Dressing Up

Mom is forcing me to go, so I might as well look sophistique...

Paradise Evans is wearing: Pink Polka Dot Skirt - H&M Black Coated Long Sleeve Sweator - H&M Black&Silver Aztec Necklace - Burlingtons Pink Lace Weave Hat - Burlingtons Makeup by Dahna Evans Styling: Ylevol Tam Nguyen Photo: Shankha


BAYFashion Sep 2011

Paradise Evans is wearing: Knitted Lace & Silk Top - Papaya Black&White Polyester Knit Mini - Papaya Silver Balls Necklace - Burlingtons Gun Metal Hand Bracelet - Burlingtons Crystal Bracelet Watch - D&G Makeup by Dahna Evans Styling: Ylevol Tam Nguyen Photo: Shankha

Fashion Show

After-Party needs me to look ‘Mature’

Need to impress the model scouts and land that large brand campaign


BAYFashion Sep 2011

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BAYFashion Sep 2011


All Pictures Courtesy : 25

BAYFashion Sep 2011

Fall 2011 - Global Fashion Trends

Now it is the time for you to choose new styles for next season. Which style and trends will be favored in the fall this year? This Fall will have lots of unique and diversity collections from around the world, with from the familiar idea to a little “crazy.” You are a cool fashion girl and always wanted to update the latest trends. Let’s walk through some Bay Area Fall Trends to prepare for the upcoming season.


sixties trend --

Fashion is like a cycle, after a while it gets back to itself

but with added new variations. Gum wrapper chains, big flowers and bright color, hippies was the start of drugs, rebellion attitudes, thats is basically all the sixties trend. All these trends are making a come back this fall.

Color BlockING

We can’t remember a season in which fashion had wrapped

an arm around color like it had for Spring and they are still going strong for Fall. However, color in this fall will return to more quiet tone with mixing electric blocks of color for graphic, not bright as in summer. It still tends to be “can’ttake-your-eyes-off-it” looks in the Fall 2011 collection.


Bottega Veneta


All Pictures Courtesy :

By Ylevol Tam Nguyen

BAYFashion Sep 2011

Dolce Gabbana


Dolce Gabbana


Trendspotting --

Would you wear sheer polka dots? Stella McCartney used

polka dots in sheer fabrics to create drama and sexiness and she also featured black disk cut out that were carefully placed on a sheer fabric. Gucci used a sheer fabric and added white polka dots. Diane von Fursternberg used cut out circles on a mesh fabric creating a 3D effect on the outfit.

The sheer polka dot outfits seen too glamourous, so they

aren’t the most natural choice for daytime. But with subtle changes, like the amount of sheer fabric and style of the top, the trend can be made to fit a college girl’s daily style. Go careful with it, being too spotty is never a good look.


Prints --

The coming season will not bias any type of artwork which is a mix of soft floral patterns, debris blocks or the more glitzy.



All Pictures Courtesy : 27

-- Borrowed from the boys tuxedos --


The boundaries of fashion between men and women seem to be wiped off. Everything from bow tie to tailored jackets and white button downs have designers and celebrities flocking to bring inspired looks.



Dolce Gabbana 28

All Pictures Courtesy :



Dolce Gabbana

BAYFashion Sep 2011

Dolce Gabbana GUCCI

-- Fur for fall --

BAYFashion Sep 2011

Cynthia Steffe

When fur captured the runways for several years, it has played such a prominent role. Luxurious and glamourous, warm and practical, yet faux and real, the resurgence of fur continues strongly as a fashion trend in fall 2011. Besides being the main material for clothing with large arrays, also fur becomes dotted dress on wrist, collar, hat or comebines gracefully with sweater.

All Pictures Courtesy :

Oscar De La Renta

John Richmond

Laura Biagiott


BAYFashion Sep 2011

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BAY BAYFashion Sep 2011


Welcome to our recap of the hottest fashion shows of the San Francisco Bay and Sacramento Area. BAYFashion tries its best to cover the best shows happening every month for our readers and this section will give you an inside view into the Runway Action in the Bay. Photo: Herm Pugay at nigel Who? fashion show


BAYFashion Sep 2011

The 2nd Annual Designing Dreams Fashion show was presented on August 13 2011 at the Sacramento Memorial Auditorium by the Tiana Vega Collection in collaboration with the Sweet Dreams Foundation. In terms of Venue and number of attendees, this was the largest fashion show ever held in Sacramento and executive producer Dave Icarangal and his team presented a polished smooth production from start to finish.

Models walk down the for the final bow of designer Yennie Zhou’s collection

The show involved a production period spanning over 6 months and the value brought in by the organizers was clearly evident. The timing was very appropriate with doors opening at 6 PM, show starting at exactly 7PM and wrapped up and into the afterparty by 8:30 PM.


Photos: Tim Engle

BAYFashion Sep 2011

This year Designing Dreams brought together designers from Sacramento, San Francisco Bay Area and some international designers to provide a very wide array of fashion to its audience. The designers for this years show included: • • • • • • • • • • •

Tiana Vega Yennie Zhou Shirali Singh Melissa Kay Vasily Vein Janelle Cardenas Samuel Parkinson Maisha Bahati Nelli Rosh Aya & Diane Violetta Vieux


Left: Juliana Pfeffer in a Yennie Zhou’s concept outfit

The show boasted a lineup of over 100 runway models from Sacramento and San Francisco Bay and gave the designers an unparalleled stage and canvas to showcase their latest collections. This show brings Sacramento into the limelight as a city with a significant fashion patronage.



BAYFashion Sep 2011


Above: Models walk out in the designer jumpsuits by Maisha Bahati Left: Bekah Jorgenson with designer Aya Yoruha

Below: Models take a final bow for ball gown designer Nelli Rosh

Photos: Tim Engle

BAYFashion Sep 2011

Above: Anna Makovchik opens the lineup for designer Vasily Vein

Above: Sara Cecil walks the 90ft ramp in an outfit from Shirali Singh



BAYFashion Sep 2011


Above: Models take the final bow for designer Shirali Singh

Photos: Tim Engle

BAYFashion Sep 2011

Above: Ryan Hillary Stevenson for designer Vasily Vein


BAYFashion Sep 2011

Above: Mykha Ram, Shankha Goswami & Charleston Pierce


BAYFashion Sep 2011

BEHIND THE SCENES Below: Producers Tiana Vega and Dave Icarangal

Photos: Tim Engle


BAYFashion Sep 2011

Mélange Show Fashion 2011 Designers and spectators flew out from Croatia, Australia, NYC, Boston, and more to attend the Mélange Fashion Show 2011 in San Francisco. “The purpose of the show is to celebrate diversity and self-love in the fashion industry by featuring designers and models from diverse backgrounds” explains Talia Romano, the Chief Operations Officer of Mélange Productions, Inc. Mélange Fashion Show 2011 was held at the San Francisco Design Center on August 6, 2011, and the charity partner for the event was Breast Cancer Action (; 10% of all proceeds were donated to this charity to help inspire and compel the changes necessary to end the breast cancer epidemic. The show was divided into three scenes (Genesis, Annihilation & Resurrection). It featured an original love narrative of two female protagonists, Angelica and Soledad, who bring each other to the near point of destruction, but are subsequently united through love and harmony. The two characters represent different energies of the universe—this allegory serves to support Mélange’s mission of understanding individuals from diverse backgrounds.


Photo: Herm Pugay

BAYFashion Sep 2011

Mélange Show Fashion 2011 Featured Designers:

1. Nicole Miller (NYC) 2. Carmen Chen Wu (NYC); Student Designer Award Recipient 3. Avni Fashion (Boston) 4. Alley Collection (SF) 5. Alexia Ulibarri (Mexico); Fashion Ambassador Award 6. Cristina Ribeiro (Brazil); Fashion Mentor Award 7. Amelia Walsh (Arizona) 8. Sherise Eways (SF) 9. Dahae Elyse Kim (SF/Korea) 10. Rock Chiq (SF/India) 11. Igor Galas (Croatia); Fashion Ambassador Award Recipient 12. Hayley Lai (UK); Student Designer Award Recipient 13. Suzaan Heyns (South Africa); Fashion Ambassador Award Recipient 14. Kajan Padraig (SF) 15. Debbie Nghiem (SF/Vietnam) 16. Grace Lillian Lee (Australia); Student Designer Award Recipient 17. Lorian Lindsay (SF) 18. LaVladi Jewlery (SF)

Special guests: • • • • • • • •

Bill Guttentag (Oscar & Emmy winning director/producer) Davey Havok (Lead Singer of AFI & Rock Star) Quentin Scott (Oakland Raiders) Karl Watson (Professional Skateboarder) Igor Galas (Established Designer from Croatia) Debasis Baral (VP of Samsung) Charleston Pierce (Local SF Fashion Celebrity) Shankha Goswami (Editor in Chief of BAYFashion Magazine)

In just seven short months, Mélange’s three young cofounders, Talia, Lani & Nick, have garnered incredible industry support, including securing Bill Guttentag, Oscar-winning movie producer, on the Mélange Board of Advisors. Other prominent Board members include: Guila Kessous, Jean Paul Gaultier’s former Creative Director; Jay Calderin, the founder of Boston Fashion Week; Katiti Kironde, the first African American Woman on the cover of Glamour; and Barry Libert, world known social media author and Chairman of Mzinga. These industry leaders are all united and inspired by the mission of Mélange to embrace and celebrate diversity through the arts. We look forward to the future of Mélange, and we are in great anticipation of next year’s fashion show! Press Photos: iSkyProductions & Chau Le Photography

For more information, contact Mélange Communications at 41


BAYFashion Sep 2011


Mélan Sh

Photos: Herm Pugay

BAYFashion Sep 2011

nge Fashion how 2011

Photos: Herm Pugay


BAYFashion Sep 2011


MĂŠlange Show Fashion 2011

Photos: Herm Pugay


Runway Photos: Herm Pugay Press Photos: iSkyProduction

BAYFashion Sep 2011



BAYFashion Sep 2011


9TH July, 2011 at Children’s Discovery Museum of San Jose

Ronnie Bogle came out of semi retirement to reinvent himself and his line ‘Nigel Who?’ with his latest Fall/Winter collection. Presented in front of a full house at the Childrens Discovery Museum in San Jose, it turned out to be a fashion filled evening with some exquisite fashion on display combined. The fashion show organized by Ronnie with his team turned out to be a well executed affair. Almost all of the models were sourced from Halvroson Models and were hand picked to show off the new Nigel Who? collection in the best light. The model choices were excellent, the outifts were classy and the venue was splendid. The collection in itself was a mixed bag for us with clothes ranging from perfectly finished hi-fashion couture looks to some that looked more like concepts and prototypes. One of the things that we noticed were the fabric choices for some of the ‘cloud’ concept designs did not serve the designs well. Some of designs that jumped out to us were the signature black top with black vinyl rose and logo ribbon, the tornado tank/poof skirt two piece red dress, and the gold cotton cloud skirt. Another one that we felt was the perfect mix of hi fashion and easy evening wear was the brown torando top with ruby, aqua and brown roses on the strap with a full ball skirt combo.


Photos: Herm Pugay


BAYFashion Sep 2011



BAYFashion Sep 2011


Photos: Herm Pugay

BAYFashion Sep 2011

We really liked Ronnie’s design aesthetic. His clothes were original and real fashion while being commercial and wearable, not something we can say for a lot of SF fashion designers. This is a second coming for Ronnie and Nigel Who? and we wish him success and expect to see some more amazing stuff in the future. Find his complete collection at


BAYFashion Sep 2011

Every year the artists at the Cotton Mill Studios in Oakland put on an Art/Fashion show which is the celebration of the unification of multiple types of artists at this fashionable lofts only residence.


This year the show was organized by Zoe Hong with a team of dedicated artists helping her to put on the largest fashion show F3 has ever seen.

F3 at The Cotton Mill Art Show

15th July 2011, Cotton Mill Studios, Oakland Photos: Herm Pugay


BAYFashion Sep 2011

4 floors of Art and Fashion welcomed you at the F3 Event this july and attendees were driven to the Cotton Mill studios in Free Limo’s from the Fruitvale BART station. This was an early signal of good things to come. Since we are primarily consumers of Fashion we almost immediately headed to the 3rd floor as soon as we arrived just strolling through the 2nd floor to take in the amazing collection of fashion and art on display. We were very glad to find assigned seating for BAYFashion at the end of the designater runway path, which curved through the 3rd floor. Zoe Hong and her team put on a show which was well worth the drive down to oakland and freezing (in summer) as we waited for the Limos, the show was tremendous!! From the choice of models to the timing of the show, considering the circumstances and the make-do runway, everything was just perfect. There were 2 Fashion Shows, the first one starting at 7:30 PM which presented latest designs from ‘The Factory’, ‘House of Villains’, ‘Shawnell O’Shea’ and ‘Ken Chen’ and the second one starting at 9:00PM which presented designer outfits and swimwear from ‘Kelly Pentecost’, ‘Luce Bea’, ‘Susan Tuttle Designs’ & ‘Bora Hun’ Some other designers who were present at the ‘Design Bazaar’ shcwcase included jewelry designer ‘LaVladi’, ‘Zelma Rose’, ‘Zoe Hong’, ‘Kaiya Kim’, ‘Chloe + Isabel’, ‘Urban University’ and a few more. Overall this was one of the most fun fashion evening BAYFashion has recently covered and we promise to go back next time with a bigger crew for a better coverage of this great concept.


BAYFashion Sep 2011

The worlds of fashion, music and art collided Thursday, August 11th at Supperclub, SF bringing an explosion of local talent to the forefront of entertainment. Members of the industry in addition to event goers were all on hand filling the multi-story venue to capacity to witness an evening of sophistication and artistry while AmpLive, DJ Ajax DJ Kimani kept a lively atmosphere in each room. Calrton Hair winner Margarita Melano lit up the red carpet when she entered with her sleek and funky up-do created at the nearby Carlton Hair Salon. She and her group of friends then toted gift bags featuring bath salts and lip balms from By Nieves, shampoos and conditioners from Bumble and Bumble, decorative reusable water bottles from Earthlust. Dragon Fly designs from NEST the charitable partner for the evening were set up in Bar Rouge to sell their incredible semi-precious stone jewelry and educate attendees on how NEST helps women go from poverty to self-sufficiency in third world countries. The upstairs art gallery featured pieces hung on chainlink fences and was abuzz with curators, media and art lovers alike as five local visual artists were on display. Next to it was a vendor table for JewelMint by Kate Bosworth which sold pieces from their online boutique. A Meet and Greet with participants was held in the Bar Rouge including hosted cocktails from Pink Pigeon. Sultry Frederick’s of Hollywood Swim stepped first on to the runway, followed by Cardiwrap by Kymaro. Next, the garments as part of the “vitaminwater zero™ Flavor Fashionista Challenge” were showcased including Lauren Crafford (LHC Couture), Stephanie Verrieres & Kimie Sako (Verrieres & Sako) and Wen Guo (Boditecture) Overall the show was ok, but the venue did not serve this brand well. After a thumping entry into the SF Fashion World with their opening show in Ruby Skye, the Supperclub venue was just not up to the mark. Photos: Viet Q. Mac with BLoTheC Photograph


14th August at Supperclub, San Francisco


BAY BAYFashion Sep 2011



BAYFashion Sep 2011


August 2011

Hottest Face in the Bay

Sara Cecil


Hello BAYFashion, my name is Sara Cecil. I am originally from Sacramento, CA where I was born and raised. I rolled out of Sacramento and made Los Angeles my home until I was 21 and came to the Bay Area. I missed the culture of what Northern California has to offer and made my way back. When I got here, I decided I needed to try my hand at modeling, since it had always been a dream I mostly kept to myself. I got the chance to do some hair modeling for a major show in San Francisco that I actually have done twice annually now. When I got there, people thought I was a model already, I had my walk down and a confidence that came across as experienced, although unfounded at that point. From there I linked up with Zoe Hong (ZHI) who asked me to do three shows with her after seeing me at one casting in April. After that, the jobs kept rolling in... I have walked for some of the top local designers in the Bay Area and have been fourtunate enough to keep those relationships strong, enabling me to keep working with them. My best moments in modeling, to be honest are the friendships I have made while working! I have made connections with people that have changed my life. Being around creative and driven people inspires you to keep going! On my Birthday this year we shot on a roof, and to see designers, models, photographers, not even associated with the shoot just there to hang out... climbing up a tiny ladder just to hang out for my birthday was priceless! I hope to take modeling as far as I can... I would love to grace the cover of a major market magazine or walk in New York. But mostly, I just want to keep working with the best! And I am really lucky to know some amazing people who are heading to amazing places! Check out Sara Cecil in a Hi-Fashion Shoot with Picky Fashion on Pages 12-15 of this issue


BAYFashion Sep 2011

Model: Sara Cecil Swimsuit: “Textured”, $119 Makeup: Arlene Coleman Stylist: Lana Orca Photo Concept: Yuri Shiller Photo: Shankha


BAYFashion Sep 2011

Model: Erys Rivera Swimsuit: “Green Fractal” $119 Makeup: Arlene Coleman Stylist: Lana Orca Photo Concept: Yuri Shiller Photo: Shankha


BAYFashion Sep 2011


August 2011

Erys Rivera

Hottest Face in the Bay


Hi BAYFashion, my name is Erys. I am an independent female who loves to take on new and artistic challenges. I thrive for perfection at anything that i do. I am also a believer of giving and helping those in need that is why i volunteer in helping raise money for MDA (Muscular Dystrophy Association). June 2011 I was approached by a photographer in a concert. He offered to do a shoot with me, after that here i am modeling hi-fashion wardrobe. Best moment in my small modeling career was working with BAYFashion magazine. This was my first official fashion shoot. I am so glad I took part in the contest and thanks to my friends I got the most votes too. As a model i would like to continue to work with talented and professional photographers. My dream is to one day walk as a runway model wearing well known designer clothing. Check out Erys Rivera in a Hi-Fashion Shoot with Picky Fashion on Pages 16-17 of this issue



BAYFashion Sep 2011



BAYFashion Sep 2011 This month in the Beauty Spot, we have brought to you lukewarm makeup for this summer. You can wear it to any places, your makeup will stay flawless the whole day. Peachy makeup starts with good skin, so keep your skin well protected. UV rays can be very harmful if your skin is not prepared against them. UVA rays penetrate the skin more deeply than UVB, and play major part in aging and wrinkling skin(photo aging) and they are present with relatively equal intensity during all daylight hours throughout the year. UVB, is the main cause of skin burn, tends to damage the skin’s more superficial epidermal layers. It plays a key role in the development of skin cancer and a contributory role in tanning and photo aging.

Model: Kari Eliza Hill | Photo: Rummy Makmur | Makeup & Hair: Aliya Qazi

The most significant amount of UVB hits U.S. between 10 AM and 4 PM from April to October. These facts have been taken from the official website of Skin Care Foundation.


BAYFashion Sep 2011

Protect your skin before going out in the sun. You can use a moisturizer or a foundation that has SPF in it. Since it is day time summer makeup you do not need to put heavy foundation, a tinted moisturizer with SPF is a great option. Clinique and many other cosmetic brands have some really good tinted moisturizer with sun protection in them. You can use a very nice mineralized sun block by Peter Thomas on the top of your makeup to keep your skin protected throughout the day without messing up your makeup. Use an under eye concealer to cover any darkness around the eye area. If you have any blemishes cover them with a concealer to get a perfect skin. Set the makeup, with a little bit of powder but do not put too much because it makes your skin look cakey. For a sun tanned look apply some bronzer under your cheek bones, temples, on the forehead close to the hair line, along the jaw line, and chin and do not forget about your neck.


BAYFashion Sep 2011

Model: Kari Eliza Hill | Photo: Rummy Makmur | Makeup & Hair: Aliya Qazi

To get this look use eye shadow primer followed by an aqua color eye shadow on your lids. Aqua color has a very cool and soothing effect in summer. You can use a water proof eye liner and mascara in case you plan to go to the beach. Apply soft pink blusher on the apples of the cheeks. For the lips use a very natural tone lipstick or lip gloss. As far as hairstyling, loose waves look great in any weather. Using a hat is highly recommended during summers. It will not only protect both your hair and skin but also give you a chic look. To avoid hair discoloration you can use some hair mist/spray that has SPF in it. After Sun products are also available which you can use after your sun exposure. I hope this article will help you look young and pretty for many many summers to come.

Aliya Qazi is the Beauty Editor of BAYFashion Magazine. She is a mother of 2 who specializes in Indian/Pakistani, Asian and Western bridal makeup. In addition to her specializations, she very experienced in both fashion makeup and hairstyling. You can see Aliya’s work at and


BAYFashion Sep 2011

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To achieve a Natural Tan OR just look like you have one... The west coast has the sunshine And the girls all get so tanned ...



he Beach Boys’ iconic song, alifornia Girls, expresses the thoughts of many around the world, I wish they all could be California girls. California girls are associated with a healthy, easy-going, lifestyle at the pool, beach, or even on a surfboard. And, nothing complements a bikini, cocktail dress, or sportswear better than a natural tan. But how do you achieve such an enviable skin tone if you are not lucky enough to be born with one? Here is a list to help guide you to getting that beautiful all-over body glow. Remember, beautiful skin is your best fashion accessory. If you take good care of it, you will have a radiant, sun-kissed tan all your life!


BAYFashion Sep 2011

by Joan Currie Photos by Wayne Allen Joan Currie is a Bay area writer and photographer. See her beauty blog at


BAYFashion Sep 2011

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efore you go out in the sun, or use any sunless tanning aids, it is a good idea to consult with your doctor to set up a tanning plan and overall skin care regime that is right for your skin type. Be sure to tell her if you have noticed any unusual changes in your skin

2. W

hen you go outdoors, remember to wear sunscreen to protect against the harmful rays of the sun. Ask your doctor what sun protection factor (SPF) is right for your skin type and how long you should spend in the sun. You may be surprised how often you have to reapply the sunscreen, especially after going in the water.

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void tanning during the midday hours from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. when the sun’s rays are the strongest – even on cloudy days. epending on your skin type, you may expose your more sensitive skin to less sun than other parts of your body. This might include your face and hands, or skin that has never been exposed to the sun before – as when you wear that daring new bikini.

5. U

ltraviolet (UV) clothing has come a long way in recent years in terms of added skin protection and style. You can now find chic UV bikinis, hats, cover-ups, and outdoor wear in most department stores and sports specialty shops.

6. S 7. C 8. S 9. T

unless spray tans, available at salons or spas, are an easy way to get a quick and even body tan that can last up to four weeks. onsult with a cosmetician at the make-up counter about sunless self-tanning lotions, mousses, or sprays that can last, on average, up to a week. unless body bronzers, such as powders and tinted lotions, are available at cosmetic counters, and like makeup, can last only for a day or two. o compliment and accentuate your new tanned look, chose summery colors such as coral, peach, or fuchsia for your clothing, nail polish, and make-up.


BAYFashion Sep 2011

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BAYFashion Sep 2011

20Things To remember on your First Date

By Jason Martineau

We all know that first impressions are important. You are just about to meet Mr. Wonderful for your first romantic date. Of course you want everything to be perfect, and he probably does, too. Here’s a list of 20 things to remember as you begin your date together.. 1. Put your phone away. You both want each others’ undivided attention. Texting and chatting or finishing a Facebook status update at the table are bound to send the signal that you and your device are already married. 2. Negative topics - you’ve just met, let’s avoid things like politics, recent disasters in the news, or the fight you just had with your co-worker. This sends a message that you see the glass as half-empty. 3. Exes - we all have them. He doesn’t want to hear how angry you are at your ex, or what a terrible guy he was… at least, not yet. 4. Nervous laughter - he wants to make you laugh, but not at every single thing he says. Listen for what is genuinely funny versus what is simply charming conversation. 5. Eye contact - stay engaged, if you are often people-watching and analyzing other women’s outfits and dates, you are not present nor available. 6. Picky ordering - if you really need to change the way an entrée is prepared and arranged to that extent, just think how much he will think that you will want to change him! 7. Debates - you may not agree with everything and anything he says, and that’s fine, just make some mental notes to reflect upon afterward. What happens today sets the stage for what life might be like together in 6 months. Combativeness this early on is a turnoff.


8. Childhood - So your mom was unsupportive and your dad worked all the time. Try to hold off on too much psychology, it conveys the impression of a troubled mind, and also tells him that you too will be unsupportive, which in turn will make him want to work all the time. 9. Job woes - you may not like your boss, or might be wishing you were doing something else altogether. Save the complaints for when you know each other a little better, else he may see you as a woman who loves to complain. 10. Restroom - Sure, you’ll want to check your hair or lipstick and maybe do a touchup, and text your girlfriend to let her know how it’s going, but please don’t take fifteen minutes! The amount of time you are gone sends him a message of your relative interest in him. 11. Criticism - Maybe the waitress seems rude or the lighting is too bright, but consider not vocalizing every single observation. He knows that before long he will be your next target. 12. Authenticity - be yourself. Too much effort to impress or win his approval will result in the opposite effect. He wants to know who you are, not who you think you are not. 13. Silence - sometimes those brief pauses in conversation are golden opportunities for other forms of communication, like body language, facial expressions… there is no need to fill every moment with words.

BAYFashion Sep 2011

14. Monologues - Take turns with sharing and asking questions, a twenty-minute life story doesn’t leave much room for reactions or interactions. 15. Ambiguity - after the date ends, if he wants to see you again and you want to see him, let him know when he asks. He wants to chase you a little, but too much guesswork suggests that you are ambivalent about him altogether. 16.Fidgeting - do you pick at your cuticles or twirl your hair a lot? Relax, you look nervous! 17.Gum - if you are a chewer, please consider removing it before you arrive, as opposed to while sitting at the table. Where are you going to put it anyway? 18. Party life - Sure, you love to go clubbing and bar-hopping with your entourage, but too much discussion about it tells him that you have neither time nor interest for a real relationship. 19.Laundry list - you want it all, the house, two kids, dog, world travel, a fairytale wedding… but try not to reveal the whole list right away, he may become daunted. 20. Sex - the topic might come up, and sometimes it’s important, but try to keep a little mystery there as well. If you are both on the same page, you will both find out together, at the right time… and isn’t that the best part?



BAYFashion Sep 2011

Summertime & Y p u N I P s i g n i The Liv by Adrienne Glenn

As the days go long past the hour of bedtime and the weather starts to make our skin glisten, so many things come to mind… pool time, rolling along with your car windows open, swimsuits, bright fragrant flowers, beach balls, and mai-tais on the beach. Playful and provocative, pin-up models are the essence of summer with their bright smiles, swimsuit bodies, and light hearted sex appeal. Ruffles, wedge heels, Hawaiian prints, polka dots, and tiny ribbons tied just in the right spot are what pin-up is all about; these long time stylistic go-to’s are so often translated into our mainstream summertime fashion. Retro never goes out of style; we merely use it again and again throughout the summers to show off those beach body curves and carefree summertime attitudes. When work takes a side road and play, sand, and surf is our number one priority, a perfectly posed pin-up shot says it all. Let Bay Fashion Magazine take you back to what Americana summers are all about with our pin-up model, Little Miss Krizia, showcasing her retro suits and summer-tude…


BAYFashion Sep 2011

Model & Makeup: Krizia Hernandez Photo: Dropjaw Photography


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