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7th Issue April 2011

Fashion for the Strong Woman Designer Yuliana Candra

Miss India Global

Exclusive Interview with Shweta Teckchandani

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Headwear that Converts You into a Princess! Caley Johnson’s Amazing Art

Bay Area Pops its Spring Colors Coverage of the hottest shows in town

BAYFashion April 2011


Advertisement Credits: Photography: Tim Engle ( | Makeup: Monicque Vasquez, Cesar Rivera | Hair: James Griffiths/Salon Blu | Sposkesmodels: Marissa Borgman, Elizabeth Leong, Morgan Miller | Geroge Barajas, Nathan Ng


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Editors View Couture for the Strong Woman - Yuliana Candra Exquisite Headwear - Miss G Designs A New Kind of Curve - Jill Alexander Designs College Look Book-Spring 2011 - Tam Nguyen San Francisco - Street Fashion Roundup Charity Fashion Show - Largest Fashion Show in the Bay L’Affaire Fashion Show - Fashion to benefit the homeless Sree Ramisetty - Showmaker Sensations Fashion Show - Launch of Members of Melange The Beauty Spot - Natural to Dramatic Makeup Cover Model Interview - Shweta Teckchandani It’s all Glitz and Glam, when it comes to hair - Salon Corner Dealing with rejection as a model - Charleston’s Tips

Editor-in-Chief: Gautam Goswami Art Director: Tim Engle Alternative Fashion Editor: Adrienne Glenn Style Coordinator: Tam Nguyen Beauty Editor: Aliya Qazi

Contributers: Freelance Writer: Nicole Rosenberg Freelance Writer: Barbara Da Graca Freelance Writer: Natasha Bartholomew Freelance Writer: Sandra Moreno Photographer: Tim Engle Photographer: Jeremy Montemayor Photographer: Herm Pugay Photographer:Sidney Erthal Showmaker : Charleston Pierce Showmaker: Sree Ramisetty Showmaker: Thom Cher Showmaker: Melange Productions Cover Photo: Shankha Cover Model: Lula May Back Cover Photo: Jeremy Montemayor Back Cover Model: Shweta Teckchandani Published by: Klasique Corp.



BAYFashion April 2011

BAYFashion April 2011

Welcome to the 7th issue of BAYFashion Magazine! This is our ‘Onset of Spring’ Issue so we bring to you a variety of clothes on display, from local designers, fashion shows, events and more, but its all Spring 2011 collections. This is the 7th issue of the magazine and we are amazed at the support. Not only have we been given extra encouragement by our readers who have thronged to our previous issues, but also our Facebook page has crossed the 5000 mark. We believe this to be a major milestone and we want to thank all of you readers. Please continued to spread the BAYFashion name and help us make this magazine the nerve of San Francisco Fashion. We have been approached by amazing photographers, we have had stunning models reach out to us, we have had fashion show organizers give us front row seats at premium events and we have had contributing writers coming to us in droves. We are sorry if we have not responded to all of you who have reached out to us... BAYFashion works with a very severe resource constraint but we try to reply to as many of you as we can. We love you, your support and welcome your participation. If we haven’t replied to you yet, we will soon. The San Francisco fashion circle deserves a magazine which is about them, from within them and grows with them. A magazine that showcases them while they water its roots. We are striving to be that, and we need your continuing support.


Thanks and enjoy the issue.

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BAYFashion April 2011

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Cut ies

A Baycuties Magazine Publication


BAY BAYFashion April 2011


BAYFashion April 2011 brings you an amazing array of designer talent. You will see amazing evening wear, for the woman who wants to make s statement, headpieces that are fit for royalty and designer outfits meant for the woman with curves.


BAYFashion April 2011

Designer Yuliana Candra Couture for the strong woman

All my life I spent a lot of time traveling. There’s something about navigating old cities with nothing but a backpack, a camera, and a map that’s been folded too many times that makes me feel so strong. Like how these bricks have been here for centuries, and now I’m here, too. Like how I’ll come back home having learned something new about the world. Like how I can turn at any corner, go down any path, follow the cobble-stone road and make another left and find myself alone in a tiny, narrow alley where there’s nothing besides old bricks and planks that make up a culture much older than my own. No tourists. No vendors. Just cool, damp walls, and maybe a clothesline from a window or a stray dog


Layout Photos: Shankha | Makeup: Aliya Qazi | Hair: Glenda Darling, Kevin & Sandra Moreno


Photo: Joe Edelman

by Nicole Rosenberg

BAYFashion April 2011

Victoria Cappuccio is wearing “The Last Crusade II” vermilion gown from BlacMéra Couture Collection, Spring 2011. This warrior-inspired piece is made of silk chiffon, silk organza, vintage batik and crystal encrusted shoulder piece. Price: $2,150 Product code: CTR003


BAYFashion April 2011 Yuliana Candra, creator and designer of BlacMéra, knows that feeling better than most. Her snapshots of beautifully neglected walls in forgotten alleys are the inspiration behind her stunning traditional Moroccan-cut painted tunics. I picked up on this myself before she explained it. While removing each piece from the rack to examine it, I thought how reminiscent these painted tunics are of the narrow alleyways that reek with old-world culture. The paintings are in fact her own prints from her own travels in Lithuania, Morocco, and Tanzania. One could say that Candra has been bitten by many ‘bugs’: The Travel Bug – “I like saying that I’ve been to 333 cities in 33 countries,” she told me, “but actually that number has gone up recently.” The Designer Bug – Candra has been designing and sketching since junior high. She first pursued designing professionally 7 years ago with her dance couture line. And during her time in France, she was bitten by the Textile Bug – “One of my goals is to revive the dying art of textiles.” She intensively sources specific vintage fabrics for her line from Italy, Indonesia and Morocco, among other countries, connecting the old with the new. BlacMéra is truly an outlet for Candra to scratch every itch. Besides traditional textiles, there’s another consistent thread that runs through the couture brand. While women have been strong since the start of humanity, never has there been a greater need to embrace that strength than in today’s modern world without sacrificing femininity. When wearing one of Candra’s couture dresses – the teal or vermilion piece, for example – a woman becomes a warrior, a crusader, or even an empress. Her Chinese-collared lace mermaid gown accentuates God-given curvaceous line with authority. “That’s what this line is all about,” says the designer, “women who are multicultural, who travel, are powerful and aware of the world around them.” Strength is a culture that still survives, like a hidden wall that still stands beautifully. Candra explained to me that the name “BlacMéra” comes from her favorite color combination, black and red. ‘Blac’ is black, and ‘Méra’ come from the Indonesian word ‘merah’ which means red. Together these colors are striking, bold, alluring, and fierce. It represents her vision for women, as well as her design. Though Candra only began the line last year, BlacMéra has taken off with surprising momentum. Her design was chosen as the couture line representative at the Oscars and Grammy Awards this past February, and she has already been invited to represent couture at the ESPN/ESPY Award shows in July. Future plans include more majestic dresses that incorporate elements from the Roman, Ottoman, Moghul and Japanese Empires, and more silk chiffon and silk satin painted tunics. Candra also hopes to begin mass-producing her prêt-à-porter collection soon, without sacrificing the use of the old-world fabrics that she loves so much.


Michelle Franklin is wearing a French lace and Italian silk chiffon piece from BlacMéra Spring 2011 Collection, inspired by the Andalucian Traje de Flamenca - the Andalusian flamenco dress. Price: $875 Product code: EVE003

BAYFashion April 2011

Aubrey Reinhart is wearing “The Last Crusade I” teal and gold gown from BlacMéra Couture Collection, Spring 2011. This empress piece is created with silk chiffon, silk organza, vintage batik, goldthread embroidery and emblem applique. Price: $3,150 Product code: CTR002


BAYFashion April 2011

Aubrey Reinhart is wearing “Mendocino III” and Michelle Franklin is wearing “Mendocino IV” from BlacMéra handpainted tunic collection. Handpainted by artisan on Italian silk chiffon from Yuliana’s photograph of a vintage kaleidoscope glass taken in Mendocino, northern California. Price: $400 Product codes: TNC004 and TNC005


BAYFashion April 2011

Victoria Cappuccio is wearing “Soul of Lithuania III” and LulaMay Robinson is wearing “Soul of Lithuania IV” from BlacMéra handpainted tunic collection. Handpainted by artisan on Italian silk chiffon from photographs of abandoned garages on back country road in Lithuania, taken by Yuliana during her adventure to the Baltics. Price: $400 Product codes: TNC008 and TNC009



BAYFashion April 2011


Model: Fernanda Souza Cruz


BAYFashion April 2011

Miss G Designs

“Headwear beyond boundaries” by Natasha Bartholomew

Caley Johnson the founder of Miss G Designs came to San Francisco with a dream .With no formal training she’s come onto the bay area fashion scene with a bang. With her edgy style and whimsical sense of fashion she’s definitely a one of a kind head-wear designer. Caley had a humble beginning like many of us. Educated in natural medicine, experienced as a birth doula(sp) and postpartum caregiver and nanny makes her an expert in child care, Caley uses her interaction with kids and the women around her as her inspiration. She looks at women’s form and the uses the colors of nature and her natural instinct to create a one of a kind piece for her clients. Ms. Johnson started by making costumes for burning man for her own use and for her close friends. This led her to be discovered by designer Gelareh. The collaboration between these two women was like cookies and cream. Gelareh saw something in her who was special, and she has been the driving force in keeping Caley going since then. The collaborations we create with designers always inspire our designs and Geraleh was a special influence on Caley. Custom orders and ready wear is the bread and butter of many upcoming designers, but as a designer some have a perfect formula. Caley has her own set of rules to her creations, which are ‘No Rules’. She told me during the interview that “I will have one idea in mind when I start and it’ll come out totally different”. The best plan for her is to have no plan and allow the piece to change and evolve. Each feather, bead, chain and center piece is meticulously placed by hand. For us as designers and artist we use our pieces to invoke emotion in people, good emotions. For Caley the biggest “Thank You” as for many other designers, is the look on the persons face when they put that perfect piece on and then light up and feel good about themselves and in some cases feel like a different person, the goddess like moment as I like to call it. At the moment the best of her work is on display at art festivals but she has plans to expand her line in the future. Caley would like to do more runway shows and theater works. She feels that she has gone as far as she can here in the bay area and has decided to move to Los Angeles in September to expand her line and her experiences. I have a feeling that we’ll be seeing and hearing more from this designer from the runway to the theater and possibly the movies.

All Photos: Sidney Erthal | Makeup & Hair: Joe Escobedo of the The Glam Box

Natasha Bartholomew is a freelance writer, jewelry designer and haunted house builder. Like many budding artist, Natasha chooses to tread off the beaten path and make her own way through life.


BAYFashion April 2011


Model: Dania Denise | Headwear: Miss G Designs

BAYFashion April 2011

Model: Heidi Kaden | Headwear: Miss G Designs


BAYFashion April 2011


Models: Dania Denise, Cheri Clark, Fernanda Souza Cruz | Headwear: Miss G Designs

BAYFashion April 2011

Model: Fernanda Souza Cruz | Headwear: Miss G Designs


BAYFashion April 2011

Jill Alexander Designs The fashion world is once again evolving and the curves of a woman are back to being viewed as a thing of beauty. As this change occurs, Jill Alexander Designs is making their move to the forefront of fashion design in the San Francisco bay area. In June 2009, Jill stepped forward to start designing beautiful, colorful, comfortable clothing in order to give curvy and plus size women fashion forward options. Her inspirations can be found in the fabrics of Emilio Pucci as well as one of the major decades of glamour… the 1970s, with its overstated styles, bold colors and daring patterns. When asked what prompted her to want to be a designer, she said, “I would watch woman after woman beat themselves up because they didn’t fit into this or that and were stuck with humdrum, basic options that had nothing to do with current styles. I wanted to provide them with something they could feel proud wearing.” And Jill Alexander Designs does just that. As you watch the models proudly strut their curves down the runway, you can see that pride beaming out of them from every angle. Jill Alexander approaches design with professionalism, passion, and purpose. She dresses women in a way that makes them feel transformed; her clothes make them feel strong, beautiful, and confident in their ability to achieve everything they desire. What makes Jill’s clothes so amazing isn’t just her design ability and love for the clothes, it is also the person behind that ability. She puts her heart into everything; she shows up to each runway show, shoot, and event with an amazing personality and an unparalleled professional work ethic. Few designers have the dedication that this blonde bombshell does, and because of this she is taking the curvy world of clothing by storm. Jill Alexander Designs recently launched their own online boutique, and can also be found in many different boutiques all over the world. This curve embracing brand offers dresses, wraps, pants, tops, jumpsuits, handbags and stunning evening gowns. When asked what’s next, Jill responded, “How about shoes? Don’t we really deserve it all?”

A New Kind of Curve by Adrienne Glenn

Photos: Chris Gaede | Art Director: Adrienne Glenn | Makeup: Val’s Pretty Glam | Hair Stylist: Tina Edwards | Model: Alyce Rose | Location: Courtesy of Paul Maroon, Maroon Winery, Napa


BAYFashion April 2011


BAYFashion April 2011

Jill Alexander Designs 22

Photos: Chris Gaede | Art Director: Adrienne Glenn | Makeup: Val’s Pretty Glam | Hair Stylist: Tina Edwards | Model: Alyce Rose | Location: Courtesy of Paul Maroon, Maroon Winery, Napa

BAY BAYFashion April 2011


Spring in San Francisco makes me renew my pledge to be forever a Bay Area resident. With the sun shining through and temperatures picking up, our fashionista’s break out their style and take to the streets. In this issue we bring you a college fashion lookbook & latest street fashion from SF among other things.



BAYFashion April 2011

H&M Beige Vest; Ralph Lauren Black Shirt, Forever 21 Blue Skinny Jeans; No 704 Beige Shoes; animal carve on rock necklace

MONDAY Enigma Monday. Jeans are now a very popular form of casual dress around the world, matching with my favorite black shirt and knot in the edges. Started with simple outfit for first day in school which is mixing a bit of tomboy style, it is not only showing the shape of my body, but also giving me a mysterious look.

Forever 21 Black Military Jacket, H&M Halter Top; H&M Black Leggings; Steve Madden purple open toe. Accessories: Forever 21

TUESDAY Tuesday is a girly day for me. Leggings work for my plan which is to show up my long skinny leg. Choosing black and white and not using too many accessories but I created a style full of vitality by purple open toe shoe from Steve Madden. Naturally Nude makeup goes great with this style.

H&M open back vest; H&M Black Top; H&M blue short; Steve Madden blue pumps.

WEDNESDAY Ready for sunny spring day with H&M blue short and designer top. Get some tank… and oomph going along with loads of attitude. This is my ‘Do you dare?’ dress

Tam Nguyen is a model and fashionista from San Francisco. Tam specializes in shopping economically while keeping her level of fashion current and college chic. Tam is a student at the City College of San Francisco and is preparing for her degree in International business. Her favorite brands include H&M, Forever 21, Steve Madden, Jessica Simpson and Guess.


BAYFashion April 2011

H&M Draped Top; Hollister Brown Body Tees; H&M Beige Miniskirt; No 704 Beige high heels; animal carve on rock necklace from Forever 21

THURSDAY People will laugh at you, if you don’t know how to match colorful clothes. The easiest way is that just have a colorful top on with jeans or skirt, however I love layers, laying tinge below colorful draped top that’s what I usually do and make a unique style for myself. Let’s rock people around you and flirt with the guys... :-)

City Triangles mini dress; H&M black military jacket; Jessica Simpson grey heels; Accessories: Forever 21


Calvin Klein black classy dress; H&M white vest; Jessica Simpson grey shoe; Accessories: Forever 21


Sexy Friday: Polka dot is spring 2011 trend; this dress has been in my closet for 4 years and has never really gone out of style. To create a new look, the dress can mix with different things such as fishnet stocking, black leggings or bright color leggings

Saturday is a off day from School, so its time to get sleek and sophisticated and go out to a nice dinner with your man. Layering the black evening dress with a flowy vest always adds a little flair and youth to this classy ensemble.

Model & Stylist: Tam Nguyen | Photos: Shankha


BAYFashion April 2011

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San Francisco - Pacific Heights Street Fashion Roundup - April 2011

BAYFashion April 2011

Annie & Patrycia Pergens at the corner of Broadway & Fillmore on a early spring day in San Francisco’s Pacific Heights district. Photo: Shankha


BAYFashion April 2011

Right: Purvi Shah & Tam Nguyen stroll on Fillmore St in Pacific Heights

Above: Emad Qasem & LC Howard cross the Webster St. on Broadway The aptly named Pacific Heights district in San Francisco offers spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean and also boasts of some of the most beautiful neighborhoods in the city. We took a stroll down the streets of this beautiful district on a day that pretty much marked the beginning of Spring in San Francisco. Rain clouds looming above still threatened the new season, but as the day progressed, the Sun won over the clouds and the day ended up to be glorious and chirpy ,marking that Spring was finally here.

Previous Page: Patrycia Pergens is wearing hat and stocking from Claire’s & pants from TopShop matched with a tank top from Victorias Secret and a Molli & Mia sweater. To beat the windy day she also put on a jacket from The Clothing Company and boots from Gomax. She is carrying a Louis Vuitton purse. Annie Pergens is wearing Bebe tights with shorts and blouse from TopShop. She beats the wind in a Alloy sweater and prefers to strut in her Carlos Santana heels. This Page top: Emad Qasem is wearing a Marc Ecko Cut & Sew shirt with Levis 514 jeans. He braves the slightly chilly wind in a black button down hoodie from OneTrueSoul and accessorizes with a necklace from Palestine. He is wearing black shoes from Vans. LC Howard is a Forever 21 fan and has on a cheetah print jacket, turquoise tank top and green skirt all from Forever 21 by the brand twenty-one. The pearl necklace was also from Forever 21 brand twenty-one. Brown tights from Izabella and beige heels from Nine West.


BAYFashion April 2011 It did not take long (about a few hours after rain stopped) after Spring finally began in SF, to find some dainty spring fashion out on the streets. We asked our street fashion models to come dressed in what they believed represented their own look in Spring. It was an expression of who they are and what they feel is their fashion statement. Not only did we get a diverse range of models to turn up but we saw a diverse range of clothes.

Nikki Maioriello is wearing a Spring dress from Fashion Fuse with a coat from Forever 21. Her shoes are Report and she is carrying a Coach purse Erika Alexandra is wearing a white cropped T-shirt by Trouve layered over a black tank and a black cropped Leatherette jacket by Bebe. Her jeans are from Forever 21, shoes are Jessica Simpson cutout platform sandals with zipper and she sports black Versace shades with a silver trim. Her accessories are a silver bracelet cuff, chain necklace with heart, silver layered jeweled rings & hoop earrings all from H&M. Purvi Shah is wearing a Forever 21 floral ruffled print top & fab skinny black jeans. She beats the chilly winds with a sweater from New York & Company and struts on BCBGeneration ‘Tinas’ Platform Pumps. Chinyere Butter Keita is wearing jeans from BDG of Urban Outfitters, and a handmade pink kimono from Japan matched with pink heels from Bandolino

Right: Nikki Maioriello & Purvi Shah on Broadway St.

I guess spring fashion is like any other in San Francisco, an individual expression of choice.

Below: Chinyere Butter Keita, LC Howard & Erika Alexandra walk past the Mayflower market



Street Fashion Roundup - April 2011

BAYFashion April 2011

Emad Qaesem walking past Mayflower Market on Fillmore St in San Francisco’s Pacific Heights | Photo: Shankha

BAY BAYFashion April 2011


Welcome to our recap of the hottest fashion shows of the San Francisco Bay and Sacramento Area. BAYFashion tries its best to cover the best shows happening every month for our readers and this section will give you an inside view into the Runway Action in the Bay. Photo: Herm Pugay at Charity Fashion Show, Fort Mason, San Francisco


BAYFashion April 2011

Charity Fashion Show in-support SFof the Princess Project 2nd April 2011 at Fort Mason Center, San Francisco Thom Scher and the team at Charity Fashion Show put together a ‘grand’ (can be also read long) fashion show on the 2nd of April 2011 at a 75 feet runway at the Festival Pavilion in the Fort Mason Center in San Francisco. The Charity fashion show brought together clothes and accessories from more than 40 designers to present their Spring 2011 collections. The shows proceeds were donated to support the Princess Project, a nonprofit organization that gifts girls in need with dresses and accessories for prom night. Both emerging and mainstream names were part of the lineup, including the Spring 2011 collection for Gap, Yigal Azrouel’s Cut 25, Tracy Reese, and Naeem Khan interspersed with up-and-coming designers such as Frock LA, Lenny Swimwear from New York and local designers ranging from Sasha Maks Vintage, Stella&Dot Jewelry, Rag Doll Designs to Isharya and many others.


Photos: Herm Pugay & Tim Engle


BAYFashion April 2011



BAYFashion April 2011


BAYFashion April 2011

The show started off with the exquisite evening wear collection from Naeem Khan. The start was great albeit the show which boasted a 75 foot runway and a 2 hour long program lost the audience in periods in between the show. The length of the runway and the sparse number of simultaneous models on the runway extended the show a little too long. Other than the length of the show the organizers did a great job of pulling together many designers and lived up to its reputation of being the largest fashion show in the West Coast in certain aspects. Some of the highlights of the evening came from designs from Rag-Doll Desings by Bay Area local Larissa Verdussen. Her clothes are made out of dead stock fabric, factory overstock and vintage reclaimed fabric making her our favorite local designer of the show. Her designs ranged from Veiled evening dresses to creations using lots of lace and flowy elegant fabric. Another highlight of the evening for us was the collection presented by FROCK LA by designer Victoria Tik. BAYFashion will be showcasing her Fall 2011 collection on our pages very soon. Her clothes not only are easy to wear and elegant, but also show of the curves of a woman in a very sexy yet classy way. FROCK LA is surely destined to go places. Other designers who presented at the show included, Anya Tatarenko, Aksel Paris, Milly, Kittinhawk, Future Heretics, Ashton Miyako, CJ Jeans, Hernan Lander, Magdalena Trever, Andrew Christian, Winter Kate, Spanish Moss, Lenny Swimwear, PACT, Teeki Bikini, Joyce Romero, Emily Rubin, Richard Chai, Christie Brown, Taylor Tompane & Antik Batik

Photos: Herm Pugay & Tim Engle



BAYFashion April 2011


Photos: Herm Pugay & Tim Engle

BAYFashion April 2011


BAYFashion April 2011

The FROCK LA team of Ian Maxion, Vanessa Curry & Victoria Tik


BAYFashion April 2011


Charity Fashion Show - SF


BAYFashion April 2011 5th of March evening was a evening of fashion and charity in SF. Four upcoming designers presented their Spring 2011 collections in the presence of a group of eminent invited guests from the SF Fashion community and many more fashion enthusiasts. Models walked the runway in 4 rounds with makeup and hair changed over in minutes by the amazing team at Pigment Cosmetics.


The Director of Pigment Cosmetics, Katherine Kalessis made an announcement welcoming all fashion designers and show producers to use their studios for shows, portfolio shoots and anything else connected to fashion and beauty.

Above: Julia Saori for Designer GB Shrive Left: Sarah Mock for Alyssa Nicole

Photos: Herm Pugay

L’Affaire - Fashion Show A fashion soiree to benefit homeless children in SF. 5th March 2011 at Pigment Cosmetics, San Francisco

L’Affaire was the launch production for Epifany Entertainment. The show was right at the beginning of a busy fashion month of March with a lot of Spring lines being released this month. The show was hosted at Pigment Cosmetics Studios in downtown San Francisco. 70% of the proceeds of the show were donated to Project Night Night a foundation that donates toys to homeless SF Children. The show was choreographed by none other than Charleston Pierce who stepped in at the last moment to add his touch of class to the evening.


BAYFashion April 2011 L’Affaire served as the showcase for some brand new talent in the SF fashion scene to present their designs to the fashion elite of San Francisco along with some well know designers. Alyssa Nicole 19 is a self trained designer who has been designing since she was 16. Biviana Lazo - InLush (Featured Designer for BAYFashion March 2011) has converted hand painted silk into hifashion evening wear for women and has made quite a splash with her new 2011 spring collection. Sarah Liller is new to SF as she moved here recently after graduating from the Parsons School of Design, New York.

Left: Kim De La Rosa is the show-stopper in a GB Shrive Designs convertible outfit. Right: Charleston Pierce takes a bow

The show was closed by the designs of GB Shrive Designs. Gail did her fashion education in London and she draws her inspiration from UK fashion scene which translate into very fashionable but wearable clothes for everyone. She has a great line of hand made purses you should all check out.



BAYFashion April 2011

Top Left: Lai La for Designer Sarah Liller Left: Designer Alyssa Nicole takes a bow Above: Shai White for Designer GB Shrive Designs


Photos: Herm Pugay

BAYFashion April 2011

Above: Monica Foronda for Designer GB Shrive Right: Yulya Mango for Alyssa Nicole Below: Designer Biviana Lazo takes a bow

Designer: Maisha Bahati | Model: Gabrielle De Laney


BAYFashion April 2011


Photos: Herm Pugay

Above: : Ksenia Levenkova for GB Shrive Designs Right: Julia Saori for Designer Sarah Liller


BAYFashion April 2011

Sree Ramisetty, CEO of EPIFANY, a fashion productioncompany, met me for lunch recently. We discussed life, loveand the pursuit of Fashion. Brandi: What inspired your latest show L’Affaire? Sree: It was a Fashion Soiree fundraiser for homeless kids. 70%of all profits went to benefit Project Night Night. I see thefuture of the world through my son (and all kids). I believe thatevery child should have a cherished childhood for a strong foundation. L’Affaire was very well received and supported and I look forward to creating more exciting events in the future. Brandi:What do you do outside of Fashion? Sree: My day job reflects a Strategy Consultant for CLevel Executives at Fortune 100 companies in the Bay Area. I have a MBA and a Bachelors degree in Electronics Engineering. I specialize in transforming Teams and Processes. Brandi:Tell me about the evolution of your Company. Sree: I had spent time learning Fashion: the good, bad and ugly. I was at a High-Tech career crossroads when I quit my job, took a break, and started EPIFANY. It is about high standards in production, ethics and social responsibility. I continue to learn from the Fashion pioneers and also from my mistakes. The SF Bay Area fashion ecosystem exists and thrives, but the process needs revision. The goal is to add more structure and standardization to the industry by collaborating with the game changers Brandi:How do you coalesce High Tech and Fashion careers? Sree: My grit and tenacity have allowed me to garner my own dreams and eventually overcome an orthodox and traditional upbringing. Life is what you make of it!

Sree Ramisetty CEO Epifany Entertainment

Whether I chop 15 inches of my hair to support Locks of Love or turn my classical vocal training into becoming the lead singer of a Rock band, I dare to dream. Brandi: I have a quote from Solbeam that I love. What is your poetic philosophy? Sree: Here is an excerpt from my poem THE SIMPLE TRUTH: Time is not Nature’s wife. Death is not the dictator of Life. Nature is the bridge of Time…. between Life, Death and Life to Come!

r e k a m Show

by Brandi Thomas

Brandi: You are clearly a “Renaissance Woman”.How do you stay grounded? Sree: I firmly believe that there is always something to learn and although perfection is elusive, it is a great goal to have. If you think you know it all, you have just set your expiry date. Brandi: Love it: very true! How do you juggle everything? Sree: When there is passion, you make it happen. I live fully in every moment, knowing well that this life is a passing glance and that I do my best while trying to make a difference. If at all, carve this on my tombstone “Full of Life!”.

Photo: Shankha


BAYFashion April 2011

Melange productions ‘Sensations’ party/show Mélange Productions a new venture funded entertainment startup , kicked off the month of March and launched their event production company in grand style at the Infusion Lounge in downtown San Francisco. The party was a combination of an industry mixer, fashion show and talent showcase with most of the well known faces from the SF Fashion scene in attendance. The CEO of Mélange Productions, Nick Navarro, introduced the show by presenting the mission of Mélange Productions—to celebrate diversity by integrating fashion with other art forms, such as theatre, dance and music.


Photos: Matt Vega


BAYFashion April 2011

Photos: Matt Vega

The launch party featured a total of six designers, including pieces from Spain, Brazil, New York, and San Francisco. Paola Hernandez, a leading Latina designer who has been featured in Vogue, Marie Claire, and more, featured garments from her Spring and Summer 2011 Collection. Other participating designers( also) included: Cammilla Sander (Brazil), Ianire Soraluze (Spain), Danielle Pettee (San Francisco), Prima Jiva (San Francisco), and Alley Collection (San Francisco). The event included an interactive layout for the runway as models strutted on and off the runway throughout the venue and brushed shoulders with the audience.



BAYFashion April 2011

The event was sponsored by Skyy Vodka and guests were offered complimentary cocktails at the open bar Other sponsors included Hansens Soda and Sprinkles Cupcakes. All proceeds from the event benefited the Bay Institute (which runs the San Francisco Bay Aquarium) to help preserve and protect the San Francisco Bay and its precious sea dwellers. MÊlange Productions’ is targeted towards producing quality fashion events in the San Francisco bay and aims to bring together the best and diverse talent to invigorate the Bay Fashion scene. BAYFashion wishes them the best in their endeavour.


Photos: Matt Vega

BAYFashion April 2011



Advertisement Credits: Photography: Tim Engle ( | Makeup: Monicque Vasquez | Hair: James Griffiths/Salon Blu | Model: Morgan Miller

BAYFashion April 2011

BAY BAYFashion April 2011




BAYFashion April 2011


Day time look: Use a neutral color palette for the entire face. Apply a beige or soft brown eye shadow on the lid and a deeper brown in the crease to define the eye shape. Wear one coat of black/brown mascara. For all the three looks go for naturally flushed cheeks by wearing rosy and peachy shades on the apples of the cheeks. Contour cheeks with a couple of shades darker and high light with a shade or two lighter than your skin tone. Apply a sheer color lipstick or a pale pink lip gloss to complete the look.

by Aliya Qazi

Natural to dramatic makeup The Beauty Spot brings you three beautiful looks this month. First look is the basic natural makeup whereas in second and third looks the focus is on lips and eyes respectively. All these looks are basically the same just few changes transform them into an altogether a different look.

Model: Alexandra Tyler Abercrombie | Photo: Jeremy Montemayor| Makeup: Aliya Qazi | Hair: Jaymz Marez

BAYFashion April 2011

Spring look: Spring is all about colors specially, bright lips rocked the runways this season. Experiment with all those wonderful bright red, hot pink, orange, electric cherry and violet shades that you have never used before. The key to this look is very soft eyes with a sweep of gold or any neutral shade on the lids. To brighten the eyes use white eye liner in the waterline. One coat of mascara and bare eyebrows will complete the look because the focal point is lips


BAYFashion April 2011


Model: Alexandra Tyler Abercrombie | Photo: Jeremy Montemayor| Makeup: Aliya Qazi | Hair: Jaymz Marez

BAYFashion April 2011

Evening Look: Third look is the most wearable type of smoky eye, suitable for almost every occasion. Apply gold eye shadow and contour with matte brown, followed by black eye shadow in the crease. Brown eye shadow is always recommended before applying black to get that perfect smoky impact. Apply black eye liner inside the waterline and between the upper and lower lash line. Smudge eyeliner with black eye shadow, blend it upwards and into the crease. Smudge eye liner along the lower lash line with brown and bronze eye shadow. To add some drama, apply a little bit of glitter on center of the lid. Use false eye lashes or apply 2 or 3 coats volumizing mascara after curling the lashes. Wear nude color lipstick with metallic pigments in it and some clear lip gloss on the top. This look is inspired by a celebrity makeup artist (Scott Barnes). Face and cheeks: For all the looks go for naturally flushed cheeks with rosy and peachy shades. Use high lighter on the cheek bones to give a healthy glow. Hairstyle: Curl the hair with a curling iron and use a couple of hair extensions in the front part of the hair to add some volume. Use a strong hold hair spray to hold the curls in place. All the hair is down in the daytime look. A mask used as a headband brings the element of color and fun to the spring look. For the evening look pin most of the curls in the back and make a loose messy bun. Leave some curls down in the front part of the hair for a romantic effect.

Aliya Qazi is the Beauty Editor of BAYFashion Magazine. She is a mother of 2 who specializes in Indian/Pakistani, Asian and Western bridal makeup. In addition to her specializations, she very experienced in both fashion makeup and hairstyling. You can see Aliya’s work at and


BAYFashion April 2011


Reigning Miss India Global

SHweta teCkchandani by Barbara da Graca


Having dinner with Miss India Global was not only a writing opportunity, but also became an experience in learning more about India and her grand plans for the future. Tazza restaurant in Dublin serves some of her favorite dishes: Pani Puri and Bombay Vada Pav, though the Sushi restaurant Matsu is also on the list of her culinary delights .


Born and raised in Bombay, India. Shweta (pronounced Shee – Way – tah) arrived in the USA 8 years ago. Thanks, in part, to the Indian schooling system that has English as the medium of education language, though, wasn’t a barrier, starting in a new country, away from her friends and culture, did pose a few challenges. As she recalls _ “I was away from my own land, my own culture, my long time school buddies”. Although the knot to transition to a new type of living did bring some sort of sorrow, it also helped her build more strength for those times that are needed. Shweta’s parents moved to the USA to make sure that their girls, Shweta and her younger sister Priyanka would excel in their career dream i.e. to become medical doctors. Among all the treacherous exams, essays, and all the overwhelming dedicated time and research needed to go through medical school, Miss Multi Faceted (oops, I meant to say Miss India Global 2010-11) still finds time to think and plan nonprofit educational movies to educate young to mature women about the need to have a health check up. “I would love to prepare some educational movies about it, and to create a easier bridge from the doctor that I work hard to be and the patient who needs me the most” As a pageant title holder, it does open up the door to many areas, and she clearly would like to utilize her position to make other’s lives healthier. “The looks are a gift from my parents. My focus is to become a doctor and to do some other projects that I love and yes, they can be hand in hand with my passion to practice medicine” says Shweta when I commented on her beauty. There are many opportunities lying ahead for Shweta, first due to her high achiever DNA and due to her grounded approach to life enriched by her hard working focus to whatever she wants. Whichever reason, it’s no doubt to whoever meets her, that she is here to stay!

Model: Shweta Teckchandani | Photo: Frencisco Thomas | Makeup & Hair: Kevin Dinh Nguyen | Designer: Isidoro Tabarez

BAYFashion April 2011 BC: Have you been published before this? ST: My first publication was in the 2010 Summer Issue of Canada’s Desi Fashion magazine and in India’s # 1 Sindhi publication called ‘THE SINDHIAN’ Dec. 2010 issue BC: Who are your favorite photographers so far? ST: My favorite photographers from the Bay area are Digitalshe photography, Shankha, Jeremy Montemayor and Francis Thomas! BC: What is your favorite pastime? Name some of your favorite movies. ST: I’m a movie buff. Watching movies is my favorite pastime and I love movies with happy endings. I definitely have more than one favorite Bollywood movie: 3 idiots, Taare zameen par, Dilwale dulhaniya le jaayenge and Jab we met! Among Hollywood movies, my all time favorite movies have been One Fine Day, Shutter Island, the Harry Potter movie series and among the recent ones, Inception...I’m still trying to figure that one BC: Do you get time to read anything other than your medical journals? ST: I love to read, my favorites are J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series and The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand. BC: Who are your favorite actors and actresses? ST: George Clooney & Anne Hathaway BC: What would you like to be remembered for? I would like to be remembered as loving my family and friends, being thankful for what I have in life, making a positive difference in the lives of those around me, and always having the determination to succeed BC: What the best words that describe you in a nutshell? ST: Words that describe me: determined, optimistic, honest, god-fearing ! 10. I love outdoor adventure sports... I’d love to do sky-diving; in fact, I’ll be trying that this summer ! BC: What would make the world a better place according to you... Pageant question :-) ST: The world will be a better place when women start ruling! Ha ha ha. On a more serious note, it will be a much better place if we become less selfish and give more value to people than machines BC: What is in the horizon for Shweta Teckchandani as far as the immediate future? ST: 2011 started with a big bang. One of my music videos, where I played the female lead just got released. Check it out at Also I finished shooting for a couple of International designers, Bollywood designer Sabyasachi - and BlacMéra - BlacMé who made a debut at the Oscars this year, I will be working on ad commercials - print and TV and hopefully I will be working in a short film this year. More importantly, I’m working on getting into a good residency program and becoming a good physician :). I see myself as a part of Doctors without Borders, helping people out in third world countries like India and giving back to the community. In the modelling/acting field, fortunately so far I have been offered amazing projects and I’m getting to work with a lot of creative and talented people. Honestly, I have not planned anything yet... I take it as it comes! Follow me: and


BAYFashion April 2011

“It’s All Glitz and Glam When it Comes to Hair”


Aubrey Rinehart | Makeup: Aliya Qazi | Jewelry: Yael Designs

by Sandra Moreno

For our first look- Sleek Sophisticate – it was straight, smooth and shiny. Of course – a Coppola Keratin Complex Treatment helps immensely. Talk to your stylist about a Keratin Blowout. To start, blow-dry your hair completely with a blow out gel such as Sheer Straight by Redken. Then, section by section use a flat iron to reduce volume and to determine your end shape. We decided to curve her framing layers inward. With each section you will want to protect your hair from heat damage. I like using Redken’s Iron Silk. To top it off use your favorite shine spray. Real Control Mineral Elixir by Redken not only smells great but adds shine like no other. Fun and Flirty is a look right up my alley, with LOADS of texture of all types! This style was achieved with a few different types of irons. We also used Bumble and Bumble products to hold the shape and protect from heat damage. Straight from the ‘80’s we had a large crimping iron. If you know where to find one let me know! New on the market we used a Sam Villa Mini Crimper – I can probably write an entire article about a mini crimper… We also used an Enzo Curling Wand. I LOVE THESE!! Each section we randomly chose to curl, crimp, mini crimp, or crimp and curl. The main section that you want to plan out is the crown (the top of your hair) so that you have direction in the finishing touches. We teased a bit but also kept some of the texture intact. We used bobby pins to secure her hair up and away from her face. This made it perfect to pair with a cute hat. Once she had her hat in place I rouched sections to make her hair fuller. For this look, you may want some help from a friend, your stylist or give yourself enough time to add this fun texture to your whole head.

Forget Diamonds - A Stylist is a Girls Best Friend!

I had the pleasure of working with stylists Glenda Darling and Kevin Carter on a recent photo shoot featuring jewelry by Yael Designs and wardrobe by Blacmera Designs. I love meeting hair stylists and was so excited to be working them. Of course, I did my research before the shoot. They work out of Acabello Salon in Pacific Heights (SF), a salon with fabulous Yelp Reviews. Glenda was voted best cut and color in San Francisco by 7x7 Magazine and the love her clients show her on Yelp proves her talent.. When determining a hairstyle you always have to look at the whole picture. You also have to decide what style you want to convey. For our models, we had it pretty easy with Blacmera Designs (such amazing clothes!!). We also took a look at their personalities and face shapes to determine our four distinct hair designs. Sleek Sophisticate, Fun and Flirty, Young and Energetic and Hollywood Glamor.


Lula May | Makeup: Aliya Qazi | Jewelry: Yael Designs

When you look at all the fabulous photographs gracing the covers and lacing the insides of your favorite fashion magazines (this one included!) I am curious to know how many of you stop to wonder how you can get your hair to look like that. I am a hair designer and I will break down these looks for you.

Michelle Franklin & Aubrey Rinehart| Makeup: Aliya Qazi | Jewelry: Yael Designs | Photos: Shankha

BAYFashion April 2011


BAYFashion April 2011

Model: Victoria Cappuccio | Makeup: Aliya Qazi | Jewelry: Yael Designs | Photos: Shankha Young and Energetic (previous page Michelle Franklin) was done on shorter shoulder length extra curly hair. We used a Bumble and Bumble heat protector and a small curling wand. Each 1 inch section was reformed using our small curling wand (you can also use a small curling iron and just wrap the hair around the barrel). Once the whole head was curled we started in the back and teased with hairspray to achieve our shape. Be sure to leave some of the curls intact. The shape (once teased) was so moldable that during the shoot I was able to create a few different looks with just a few bobby pins and my hairspray. Hollywood Glamor, who doesn’t love glamor! For this look we curled each section and pinned in place to set the curl. Always use a heat protector!! I like Redken’s Spray Starch or Hot Sets 22 for a long lasting curl and heat protection. Once her curls had cooled we literally brushed them out relaxing her curl so she was left with a nice wave. We used a shine serum to not only give shine but create some separation. Don’t forget a little hairspray to keep your bangs in place! I hope you have a blast playing with your hair the next time you have a night out on the town. Just remember… there is no such thing as a bad hair day, sometimes it just takes a little longer to achieve the look you want. Always be open to change. If you are ready to play with your hair but don’t quite know how to start, a good Hair Designer can certainly help out. Contact Glenda and Kevin at Acabello Salon in San Francisco. Call 415-922-7577 for an appointment. Of course, you can also come find me or any of the experienced stylists at Salon Blu (Santa Clara) call 408-246-4247 today.


BAYFashion April 2011




by Charleston Pierce Column foreword by Shankha: Models if you are reading this and you are from the San Francisco Bay Area, then you most probably know Charleston Pierce. In 2005, Charleston was appointed model coach and runway trainer by Macy’s Passport. He also took on the honored role of training the member/models in the Junior League of San Francisco’s annual fashion show fundraiser from 2008-2010. He was further honored by being nominated as a 2008 Man of the Year Candidate for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Now, in 2010 he as been awarded Best Fashion Show Producer and Best Creative Director by the Bay Area Fashion Awards. Charleston Pierce has been extremely gracious in agreeing to write a column for BAYFashion which will give tips to models about how they can stand out from the rest.

Pursuing a career in modeling can be brutal, this is a fact. Regardless of how great you look, how tall you are or how fit, you will at some point face rejection. More than likely you will face A LOT of rejection. In addition to a killer smile, great hair and skin and confident posture, the one thing a model needs most is a thick skin. If you don’t book a job, if you don’t book ten jobs in a row, remember not to take it personally. Sometimes it does not matter whether or not you bring your A game, you just might not have the look that the client wants, and there is nothing that you can do about it. Keep it moving and on to the next one. On the other hand, if you see or find out that someone with your similar look or style did book the job, you might want to try and figure out how you can step up your game. The best thing that you can do is practice, study magazines and video footage of models who are doing it right. You might also want to take a modeling workshop so that you can be evaluated and taught by someone with experience. Either way, it is important that you keep a positive attitude, keep going to auditions and go-sees and keep practicing to be the best model that you can be. If you put your best into it, you will get something great out of it.

BAYFashion April 2011


Shweta Teckchandani

Miss India Global & Woman of Substance

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