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The Best Waterproof Digital Cameras - Best Waterproof Digital Camera ______________________________________________ By Thomas Aden - Finding the best waterproof digital cameras can be a little tricky nowadays. There are so many of them on the market and so many to choose from it can get really confusing. So how can I find the best waterproof digital camera that is right for me? Well if you are looking for quality and a camera that suites all of your needs and expectations here is something you need to know. Not all cameras are created equal and not all of them have the same type of features. I am going to share with you the most important things about a waterproof digital camera. You must pay attention to when you are buying one and the top waterproof digital cameras brands on the market. To Learn More About Best Waterproof Digital Camera Here are some details you have to pay close attention to when you are buying a Waterproof digital camera.

Waterproof depth: You need to know how deep down in the water your camera is able to go before you purchase it. You need to make sure the waterproof deep rating on the camera for example (Waterproof to 33 feet) suites what you want to do with it, otherwise your camera can be destroyed if it goes deeper than that depth. The type of resistant features your camera has: some waterproof digital cameras also have other resistant features like cold resistant which ranges between certain cold temperatures. Shockproof this is good for protecting your camera from being damaged if it is dropped from a certain height. There is also crushproof which protects the camera if a load is placed on it for example if you sit or step on it and shakeproof protects your camera if it shaken violently the components will not be destroyed.

Battery life: it is good to check how long the battery life last on your camera and also check if your camera carries its own rechargeable battery. This can really save you a lot of money because you would not have to be buying batteries every time your battery is dead. Megapixels: the more megapixels the better the image quality and the sharper the images look so it would be a good choice to look for a camera with more mega pixels like around 10 an up.

Image stabilization and Face Detection: these are two good features that help a person take better and more accurate pictures. Image stabilization helps decrease the movement caused by your hands or the environment you are in to give you a picture that is less blurry or fussy while Face Detection helps you locate an individual's face and makes the appropriate adjustments to get a better picture. Optical zoom: this helps to improve the picture quality of pictures that are taken from farther away so the more optical zoom your camera has, the better it is at taking quality pictures from a distance.

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The Nikon 1 AW1 is the World's first waterproof interchangeable lens digital camera, and is waterproof to 15m, freeze proof and shock proof,...