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Slovenian Spas and Health Resorts

Peace surrounded by green nature. A balance of the body and soul. Strengthening your health and mainlining your beauty. Leave the restlessness of the frenzied world behind you. Embrace the hospitality of the Pannonian plains, the wine-growing hills, the proud Alps or the sunilluminated sea. Emerge amid the blue infinity of experiences and the soothing power of thermal waters.

Your smile in the touch of water. People have pampered themselves in the hot Slovenian springs since Roman times and Slovenia’s unique thermo-mineral waters were a byword for health in the royal courts of Europe. Centuries of their soothing effects have characterised the towns that now live with them. Fifteen registered natural health resorts and spas have developed out of this rich heritage under the Slovenian sun. Their traditions and the features of the local countryside intertwine with top-quality medical knowledge, a flair for the beauty of the body and soul and for the individual desires of modern-day people. The green wealth of the natural environment, the diverse accommodation options, attractive water experiences, the amazing range of health, recreation, care, pampering and socialising programmes invite you to take your pick. On your own or with your significant other, with your family or with your friends.




30___Talaso Strunjan A SUNNY BAY OF WELLBEING

22___LifeClass Hotels & Spa A SPA WITH A VIEW OF THE SEA

32___Šmarješke Toplice Thermal Spa A TOUCH OF UNSPOILED NATURE

14___Thermana Laško A COMPANY OF WELLBEING


34___Topolšica Thermal Spa PEACE IN THE MIDST OF NATURE



08___Čatež Thermal Spa A THERMAL PARADISE 365 DAYS A YEAR 10___Dobrna Thermal Spa WE INSPIRE LIFE 12___Dolenjske Toplice Thermal Spa A SPA WITH A SOUL



9 Reasons for Slovenian Spas and Health Resorts

THE LUXURY OF NATURE Slovenian health resorts and spas pamper you on Pannonian plains, below wine-growing hills and the proud Alps, at the confluence of rivers and on the shore of sparkling sea.

THE BENEFICIAL POWER OF THERMAL WATERS Slovenia has 87 natural thermal springs with a water temperature from 32 to 73 °C. Their beneficial power is supplemented by unique drinkable mineral waters and other climatic and natural features.

A RICH TRADITION Hundreds of years of experiences in using the thermal springs and fostering spa tourism in Slovenia were even shaped by the ancient Romans. Numerous European kings swore by this source of health.

TOP-QUALITY MEDICAL SERVICES The tradition of the medical activity of health resorts is supplemented by top-quality medical services provided by experts in different fields of medicine.

DIVERSE ACCOMMODATION OPTIONS Over ten thousand beds are available in different categories, offering interesting options for accommodation: from the splendour of luxurious hotels, apartments and campsites to the adventure-filled range of Indian tepees.

ATTRACTIVE WATER EXPERIENCES Over 43 thousand square metres of attractive indoor and outdoor water surfaces with attractive pools and water adventures satisfy even the greatest lovers of water pleasures.

EXCELLENT WELLNESS CENTRES Modern wellness centres pamper their guests with their incredible range of caring, relaxing and therapeutic programmes and services for beauty and wellbeing.

RECREATION AND ENTERTAINMENT Diverse possibilities for recreation and outdoor sports, outdoor and indoor courts and fitness studios are completed by an excellent entertainment programme and relaxation.

TEMPTING STROLLS TO DISCOVER LOCAL FEATURES Slovenia’s health resorts and spas are an excellent base from which to discover local features with their cultural and historic sites, wine routes and themed paths, tourist farms, etc.

Slovenian Spas and Health Resorts ____ 5

Slovenia’s health resorts and spas offer an experience of royal feelings of the past, the luxury of natural features and the ease of modern opportunities for health, wellbeing and self-confidence. About Slovenian Spas and Health Resorts

A WEALTH OF DIVERSITY AND EXCEPTIONAL NATURAL FEATURES Slovenian health resorts and spas take pride in their diverse natural features. Eighty-seven natural thermal springs, a wholesome coastal and mountain climate filled with aerosols, brine and salt pan mud, therapeutic peloids and peat, and the extraordinary properties of the drinkable mineral water are part of nature’s broad smile that Slovenian health resorts and spas have united into 15 different stories. A CENTURY OF TRADITION WITH A MODERN RANGE You will not be surprised by the cosmopolitan range once you discover that it has been sung to and written about by famous names, such as the composer Franz Liszt and the writer Berta von Suttner, the first woman to become a Nobel Peace Prize laureate. Even the ancient Romans found delight and strength in the vital energy of the thermal springs. Various kings and members of the high nobility swore by this source of

health, including the Austro-Hungarian Emperor Ferdinand and King Peter and members of the Habsburg, Bonaparte, Hohenzollern, Bourbon, Obrenović and Karađorđević royal families. A HOLISTIC APPROACH TO HEALTH AND WELLBEING Slovenian health resorts and spas offer a holistic approach to health and wellbeing. The latest findings of medical science and holistic programmes are combined with ancient techniques for achieving wellbeing from all over the world. Excellent wellness centres offer an incredible range of saunas, massages, tanning beds, caring, relaxation and therapeutic programmes, while there are also numerous beauty centres and fitness studios. A DIVERSE RANGE WITH SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE The renaissance over the past few years has brought numerous new and modern accommodation options to Slovenian health resorts and

spas and has complemented the attractive indoor and outdoor water surfaces with alluring water experiences. Numerous gyms, sports halls and stadiums give delight to both recreational and professional athletes. Cycling, hiking, riding, hunting, fishing and other activities will drive away the fatigue of the everyday routine. AN OPPORTUNITY FOR STROLLS AND DISCOVERIES Slovenia’s health resorts and spas are an excellent base from which to discover local features. Wine routes, themed paths, hiking and cycling trails, natural, historic and cultural sites, traditional farm life or the vivaciousness of urban centres – each Slovenian thermal destination offers a unique experience. Enjoy the different culinary delights and taste the noble Slovenian wines. Surrender to the hospitality of the towns, nature and people.


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Slovenia, tourist map, 1 : 630 000 - 2009, 1st edition / Published by: Slovenian Tourist Board / Design and editing: Primož Kete, Dr Branko Rojc / Cartographic processing, realisation and page layout: Geodetski inštitut Slovenije, Jamova 2, Ljubljana, Slovenia / Sources: Tourist map of Slovenia 1 : 500 000, (2008); data from the Geodetski inštitut Slovenije and data from the Slovenian Tourist Board; Cultural monuments selected by Gojko Zupan; natural sights of interest selected by Dr Peter Skoberne./ All rights reserved. Reproduction or modifi cation of the map, in whole or in part, without the permission of the Geodetski inštitut Slovenije, is strictly prohibited.


A Thermal Paradise 365 Days a Year


TERME ČATEŽ d. d. Topliška 35 SI-8251 Čatež ob Savi Tel.: +386 7 493 67 00 Fax: +386 7 493 50 05

- Slovenia’s largest pool complex - pampering in wellness centres - unique Roman-Irish baths - a challenge for golfers under the castle walls

The Čatež Thermal Spa is located on the right bank of the Sava River, at the beginning of the northern slopes of wine-growing and wooded Gorjanci in the southeast of Slovenia. It is located close to the Ljubljana-Zagreb motorway, 100 km from the capital, 40 km from Novo mesto, the capital of the Dolenjska region, and 10 km from the border with Slovenia’s southern neighbour Croatia. The spa bears the name of a mythical creature from folk tradition. Half-man, half-goat, Čatež would appear to people in the area of the springs. Today, Čatež sits in the atrium of the Thermal Riviera telling stories about the hot springs, which even in the early 19th century were reputed to be the warmest for miles around.

A Thermal Paradise 365 Days a Year ____ 9 ACCOMMODATION Hotel Terme**** Hotel Toplice**** Hotel Čatež*** 430 apartments*** 490 campsite pitches ***** Indian village with 25 tepees, a settlement of 20 floating lake houses Golf Hotel Castle Mokrice****, Annex****, Golf Suite*** (7 km from Čatež Thermal Spa) HEALTH CARE The thermal water in Čatež is a source of health and wellbeing. It has beneficial effects when recuperating from injuries to the locomotor system, on inflammatory and rheumatic diseases, on neurological diseases, and on gynaecological diseases. Hydrotherapy is supplemented by kinesiotherapy, thermotherapy, electrotherapy, magnetotherapy, occupational therapy and isokinetics: the latest in diagnostics and exercise methods for increasing muscle strength. The centre further offers physiatry, rheumatology and an orthopaedic and neurosurgery clinic

RECREATION AND ENTERTAINMENT Summer Thermal Riviera The largest outdoor thermal pool complex in Slovenia with 10 swimming pools and numerous water attractions covering an area of more than 10,000 m², a water park with playsets Winter Thermal Riviera over 2,200 m² of indoor water surfaces with various attractions: water slides, surf run, pirate ship, etc. Other Sports and Recreation Facilities Outdoor and indoor tennis court, badminton, squash, bowling, fitness studio, golf simulator, an 18-hole golf course in Mokrice, cycling, hiking, entertainment programmes

WELLNESS Health and Beauty Centre at the Hotel Terme**** Massage, lymphatic drainage, tui-na, ayurveda, thalgo, watsu, aromatherapy, pearl baths and pampering in Roman-Irish baths for the complete relaxation of body and soul Spa & Wellness Centre at the Hotel Čatež*** Wellness programmes with special rituals: hotstone massage, aromatic soul massage, programmes for two, etc. Sauna Park at the Winter Thermal Riviera Eight different saunas with special features such as refreshing exfoliation with ice, the Kneipp trail, a nudist area on the patio, etc. ADDITIONAL OFFER A business and meetings range in Čatež and Mokrice.

Slovenia’s Largest Natural Spa With around 12,000 m² of water surfaces and rich water attractions, the Čatež Thermal Spa is the largest thermal pool complex in Slovenia and the country’s second largest tourist centre. It offers relaxation and fun for all generations. The newest part of its diverse offer is the attractive Indian Village of 25 tepees with typical Indian imagery and 20 floating lake houses.

Pampering at Mokrice Castle Among the various types of accommodation available, the medieval Mokrice Castle, converted into a high-class hotel, is a particularly attractive option. The castle restaurant and wine cellar provide select gastronomic experiences and there is an attractive golf course in the castle grounds.

The Surroundings The diverse offer of the Čatež Thermal Spa is completed by its surroundings offering numerous points of interest such as the Brežice Castle with its remarkable Knight’s Hall, the caves in Bizeljsko, tourist farms, wine roads and wine cellars, boating on the Krka river, cycling and hiking. On the Podgorjanci Wine Road, visitors can sample the traditional Cviček wine from the Dolenjska region or visit the town of situlae and the capital of the Dolenjska region, Novo mesto.

We Inspire Life



Terme Dobrna d. d. Dobrna 50 SI-3204 Dobrna Tel.: +386 3 780 81 10 Fax: +386 3 780 81 11

- six hundred years of tradition – Slovenia’s oldest spa - a partner for women of all ages - a two hundred year old park with feng-shui powers

The Dobrna Thermal Spa is Slovenia’s oldest working health resort with over six hundred years of tradition. The hot spring in Dobrna has been known since the times of the ancient Celts and Romans. The water was first used for healing purposes in 1403. The Zdraviliški dom spa hotel was built less than two hundred years later and continues to be an active part of the thermal spa. It is famous for its marble baths, which have survived to the present day. The stories of its glorious past are peopled by characters such as the Empress Maria Theresa, Count Hoyosh, Napoleon’s brother and other notabilities. The Dobrna Thermal Spa is located on the southern edge of Paški Kozjak at the confluence of Topliški potok and Dobrnica – on the lee side, which gives it a very moderate climate. The heart of the spa is the thermal spring, located in the central part of Zdravilišli dom. The water springs from a depth of 1,200 m with a spring temperature ranging from 35 to 36 °C. It is colourless, odourless and has no specific taste.

We Inspire Life ____ 11 NAMESTITEV Hotel VITA**** Vila HIGIEA**** Hotel PARK*** HEALTH CARE Healing Resources Thermal water, organic and inorganic peloids, bioclimatic therapy Indications Gynaecological diseases, urological disorders, arthritis, degenerative non-articular rheumatism, injuries and illnesses of the locomotor system, neurological problems, circulatory disorders, lyme disease, osteoporosis, excessive weight and stressrelated conditions. Therapies Outpatient services (medical examinations, basic laboratory, 24-hour health care, inhalations and ultrasound diagnostics), traditional acupuncture and laser acupuncture, rehabilitation, hydrotherapy, kinesiotherapy, electrotherapy, mechanotherapy, balneotherapy, occupational therapy, wraps, baths and massage

Programmes fertility programmes, programmes for pregnant women, preventive and gynaecological programmes, acupuncture for pregnant women, preventive programmes for executives, programmes for diabetics and incontinence patients Products A line of intimate care products under the Terme Dobrna brand with added thermal healing water from the medicinal spring of Terme Dobrna. WELLNESS Hiša na Travniku Massage and Beauty Centre Various massages, ayurvedic massage, clinical aromatherapy, rituals, facial and body care, pedicure and manicure, top machines for top services, relaxation, weight loss, body forming and cellulite removal programmes, cavitation cellulite reduction, hair care salon Land of Saunas with seven steam and Finnish saunas, an ice room for cooling off, a vitamin bar, a resting area and a large outdoor terrace (also suitable for nude sunbathing),

Tisa Sauna Studio at the Park Hotel with a steam bath and Finnish sauna and a resting area. Swimming Pools Indoor and outdoor thermal pools, a children’s pool, a whirlpool, a terrace for sunbathing and a terrace for nude sunbathing Various Types of Baths RECREATION AND ENTERTAINMENT Water aerobics and morning gymnastics, a sports park (tennis court on a sandy beach, a bowling green, ninepins, garden chess, bicycle rental and a jogging trail), numerous walking and cycling trails, excursions in the surrounding area ADDITIONAL OFFER Dance evenings with live music at the coffee house of the Vita Hotel and in the wine cellar bellow Vila Higiea, cultural events, performances, concerts, conferences (conference halls and meeting rooms), weddings and wedding receptions, an extensive entertainment programme, etc.

A Park of Balanced Energy The two hundred years old park surrounding Dobrna Thermal Spa was created in accordance with the ancient principles of the Chinese art of feng shui, which teaches how the suitable arrangement of space can help restore the natural balance of the body. The park has an ideal placement (the Imperial Throne) and an excellent combination of all five important elements (wood, fire, earth, metal and water) Connoisseurs say that the Dobrna Park is one of the most ideal natural points in the world.

Fertile Inspirations for a Good Life Thermal water, a pleasant climate and natural peloids are all factors that help in the treatment of a variety of problems. The Dobrna Thermal Spa is a balm to everyone who wishes to find comfort away from the loudness of everyday life and takes prides in its long-standing tradition of successful treatment of gynaecological diseases. Traditional procedures have been upgraded with the latest findings and modern technology. Combined with the natural features, we have found new possibilities of prevention and treatment.

The Surroundings The rich surroundings of the spa offer numerous opportunities for recreation. There are organised visits to the Sorž Mill farm, the Pri Minki open door farm, the Valley of the Mills, the Lemberg Castle, the deer farm, Hudičev grabn and the Šumečnik Tourist Farm. doors_farm_pri_minki_at_minkas farm___deer_farm graben farm farm_sumecnik

A Spa with a Soul



TERME KRKA, d. o. o., Novo mesto, TERME DOLENJSKE TOPLICE Zdraviliški trg 7 SI-8350 Dolenjske Toplice Tel.: +386 7 391 94 00 Fax: +386 7 306 56 62

- centuries of experience and tradition - Balnea: a paradise of pampering - recognised medical centre - outpatient aesthetic procedures

The Dolenjske Toplice Thermal Spa is located in southeast Slovenia, amongst wine-growing hills and the unique Cviček wine of the Dolenjska region. Located close to the Croatian border, a few kilometres from the region’s capital Novo mesto and alongside the motorway connection with Slovenia’s capital, Ljubljana. The spa will soon show you its hospitality and the power of thermal water, as known to the Counts of Turjak in the 14th century. According to an ancient legend, the first to discover the beneficial effects of the thermal waters of Dolenjske Toplice was the sexton’s dog. Injured one day as a carriage went over its paw, the dog happened to step into a warm puddle and remained lying there too hurt to move. The water in the puddle however was no ordinary rainwater but healing thermal water. When the sexton found his dog, the water’s effects had already alleviated the pain and cured the injured paw.

A Spa with a Soul ____ 13 ACCOMMODATION Hotel Balnea**** superior Hotel Vital**** Hotel Kristal**** Dolenjske Toplice Campsite***: open all year round HEALTH CARE Healing Resources Thermal water – isoacratothermal, slightly mineralised, at human body temperature (36 °C) Indications Rheumatic diseases of the locomotor system, recuperation from injuries and operations of the locomotor system with functional deficiencies, osteoporosis, post-operative conditions following reproductive system and breast surgery Therapies Diagnostics: measurement of bone density, ergometry, ultrasound, laboratory tests; physical therapy: group exercise, individual exercise, physiofitness, anti-pain electrotherapy, electrostimulation, galvanic baths, aromatherapy, hydrotherapy, underwater massage, baths, parafango, cryomassage, paraffin wraps, spine traction, kinematic splint, pressotherapy, etc.

Programmes Curative programmes: programme for treating osteoporosis and rheumatism, programme for easing back pain; preventive programmes: preventive recreational programme, programme for company employees RECREATION AND ENTERTAINMENT Balnea Spa Centre 9,200 m2 of pleasure: LAGUNA: indoor and outdoor thermal swimming pools with water and air massage (32°C) OASIS: Finnish and aroma saunas, sanarium, Turkish steam bath, Japanese sweat bath, tropical garden, Zen room with water beds for perfect relaxation, outdoor Finnish sauna, nudist terrace AURA: Massage, facial and body care, manicure, pedicure and other forms of relaxation, regeneration and body forming Hotel Vital: Thermal pools (36°C), the Cave Pool and the Prince’s Pool

WELLNESS A diverse range of different massage, romantic baths for two, Vitasalin Vitality Centre, bioenergy room, floatation (wave motion in a water bed); programmes for two: For Us, Time for Ourselves, Zeus’ Oasis, Our Hawaii and Bonsai; five-day programmes: Beauty Coccole, Perfect Harmony, Heavenly Comfort; facial and body care, micro-current beauty treatment for face and body, Linea Snella body shaping and slimming, anti-cellulite treatments, programmes for pregnant women, recent mothers and families; reflexotherapy programmes: Fit Weekend, Restful Sleep, Slim and Power ADDITIONAL OFFER Sports and recreation: swimming, cycling, tennis, hunting, fishing, basketball, archery, walks, boating, skiing, swimming lessons, swimming for babies - also a business and meetings range

On the Experiences of a Rich Past The development of the Dolenjske Toplice health resort was characterised by the Counts of Auersperg from Turjak who owned the spa from the end of the 14th to the 19th centuries. The historic memory of Dolenjske Toplice was the most profoundly affected by Count Henrik Jožef Janez Auersperg, who built today’s Hotel Vital between 1767 and 1776 and which was the most prominent health resort building in Carniola at that time. The Counts of Auersperg completely renovated the resort several times, lastly in 1899 when the existent Hotel Kristal was built. The patina and tradition of its glorious past and the findings of modern-day spa tourism intertwine in today’s excellent Dolenjske Toplice Thermal Spa.

The Surroundings The Dolenjska region houses the greatest number of castles in Slovenia (Kostanjevica na Krki, the Stična Monastery, etc.), which adorn the banks and hills along the Krka river. Novo mesto is known as the town of situlae and numerous other discoveries. The idyllic hilly Bela krajina with its characteristic hand made Easter eggs called “pisanice” is close by.


A Company of Wellbeing


THERMANA d. d. Zdraviliška cesta 6 SI-3270 Laško Tel.: +386 3 423 2000 Fax: +386 3 423 2400

- coexistence with nature, in the embrace of mountains and at the confluences of rivers - a tradition of health and wellbeing the special energy and quality biofield of thermal water - a modern wellness park with a unique movable glass dome

The Thermana Laško Health Resort is located in the exceptional embrace of nature, immediately above the confluence of the Savinja and Rečica rivers. It is a true paradise for playing, relaxing and recuperating. It is located almost in the centre of Slovenia, 11 km from the Maribor-Ljubljana motorway connection in Celje, the town of the Counts of Celje. The restorative properties of the Laško springs were known to the Roman legionaries; in the Middle Ages, missionaries returned here and washerwomen used the warm water for their washing. In the 19th century, a cosmopolitan resort was established and visited by the AustroHungarian emperor Franz Joseph. Laško preserves the beauty of the past, with the new thermal spa centre creating surprising images of the present and an oasis of wellbeing.

A Company of Wellbeing ____ 15 ACCOMMODATION Hotel Zdravilišče Laško****, 365 beds Hotel Hum***, 54 beds Hotel Wellness Park Laško****, 180 beds HEALTH CARE Healing Resources Thermal springs with temperatures from 32 °C to 34 °C Indications Recuperating from injuries and operations involving the locomotor system with functional loss, degenerative articular and non-articular rheumatism, especially problems with the spine, muscular and neurological diseases, stroke, circulatory system disorders, gynaecological diseases, cardiovascular diseases and skin diseases Therapies Balneotherapy, kinesiotherapy, electrotherapy, thermotherapy, magnetotherapy, magnetic field therapy with laser and occupational therapy.

Programmes Therapeutic programmes (programme for lower back pain, programme for multiple sclerosis patients, programme for hemiplegics, programmes for fibromyalgia patients and those with rheumatic diseases); preventive programmes (programme for a healthy spine, for maintaining health, programme for wellbeing through correct breathing); restorative rehabilitation for paraplegics and persons with cardiovascular disorders RECREATION AND ENTERTAINMENT Indoor and outdoor thermal pools, splash pool for small children, children’s pools and thermal centre below an attractive glass dome with 2,200 m² of indoor and outdoor water surfaces and numerous water attractions, massage pools, a cafeteria in the Wellness Park; etc. A sauna centre with a diverse range of saunas and a fitness centre Recreation: yoga, meditation, chromotherapy, morning exercises in the gym, afternoon recreation in the thermal pool, Nordic walking, water aerobics, children’s games in the aqua park, etc.

WELLNESS Beauty and Health Centre, and Wellness Spa Centre: beauty salon, various baths, massage parlour with a diverse range of massage ADDITIONAL OFFER Cycling programmes, programmes for hikers, a pub in the Hotel Hum, guided tours of the surrounding area, a visit to the Laško brewery with beer tasting, fishing, tennis courts, weddings arranged any day of the year Business and Conference Centre with state of the art halls equipped with the latest technology Medical Centre with specialist clinics and consultants (physiatrics, orthopaedics, neurology, neurosurgery, cardiology, dermatology, etc.) and a diagnostic centre.

Energy Surrounded by Nature and Water With its magnificent view of the Savinja river, Thermana Laško caresses you with a special energy and the quality biofield of the water that helps re-establish the energy balance in the organism. The beneficial ionic structure and regular forms of the water crystals have been restoring health and preserving wellbeing for 150 years.

A Renowned Health Resort and a Paradise of Wellbeing The Health Tourism Centre offers preventive and curative programmes and the Laško Wellness Park relaxation in a state-of-the art swimming pool and sauna complex. You will immediately be struck by the resort’s architecture with its movable glass dome, massage pools and an outdoor massage pool in the shape of a crystal of Laško water located immediately above the confluence of the Rečica and Savinja rivers. In September 2010, the Laško Wellness Park will provide a modern congress centre with 8 congress halls and 98 rooms with 154 beds.

The Surroundings The beginnings of spa tourism and this town of beer and flowers, as Laško is often called, date back to the 13th century and the town and its surroundings offer a number of interesting cultural and historical sites (e.g. Tabor Laško Castle and the Jurklošter Carthusian Monastarey) and an opportunity for new adventures and experiences, from log driving and cycling to beer tastings in the Laško brewery and fishing.


Unique Thermal Water Rich in Paraffin


TERME LENDAVA d. o. o. Tomšičeva 2 a SI-9220 Lendava Tel.: +386 2 577 41 00 Fax: +386 2 577 44 12

- the miracle of the green water with a high paraffin content - friendliness under one roof - the attractive surroundings of the wine-growing district

The Lendava Thermal Spa, at the point where Slovenia, Hungary and Croatia meet, is a pleasant surprise, not only in its beneficial effects but also in its outstanding natural, cultural and ethnological features. Storks nest by the backwaters of the Mura river and the area has a special fauna and flora of its own. The more than 4,000 vineyards in the Lendava hills produce high-quality wines. The town preserves memories of the time of the legendary King Matjaž and the knight Michael Hadik and some surprises visitors with an enviable coexistence: the Jewish synagogue and the parish church of St. Katherine, the Evangelical church, the mighty castle and the friendliness of its people.

Unique Thermal Water Rich in Paraffin ____ 17 ACCOMMODATION Hotel Lipa*** Lipov gaj apartment village*** Lipa Caravan site*** HEALTH CARE Healing Resources The sodium hydrogen carbonate hyperthermal fossil mineral water, which is recognised as a natural healing element, is used for curative and preventive treatments, rehabilitation, recreation and relaxation. The high paraffin content is a specific feature of Lendava’s water and makes it especially suitable for the preventive and curative treatment of diseases of the locomotor system Indications Rheumatic diseases (inflammatory, degenerative and non-articular rheumatism); recuperating from injuries and operations of the locomotor system and the peripheral nervous system; burns (according to visitors, the water has a beneficial effect on psoriasis and on chronic inflammation of the reproductive organs)

Therapies Hydrotherapy, mechanotherapy, thermotherapy, electrotherapy, magnetotherapy, kinesiotherapy and other things Programmes curative programmes: anti-pain, against rheumatic problems, the treatment of osteoporosis, rehabilitation; preventive programmes for executives, wellbeing, anti-stress, active breaks RECREATION AND ENTERTAINMENT 8 swimming pools or almost 2,000 m² of water surfaces; excursions in the surroundings area in the Lendavske Gorice hills: walking and cycling trails across the Prekmurje Plain and into the neighbouring countries, Nordic walking, horse riding, ball games, hunting and fishing

WELLNESS A wide range of wellness services including: a Venera relaxation programme, aromatherapy, massage with stones, a Panthermal regeneration chamber, Lendava Pearl, Dream World of Massage, the Lipa Fountain of Youth, Skin Like Velvet and Silk, a Winegrower’s Dream, Castle Lord, etc. programmes adapted to your individual needs ADDITIONAL OFFER The Lendava Thermal Spa is an excellent starting-point for excursions around the Pomurje region and the neighbouring countries. The wonderful unspoiled nature will charm you and the friendliness of the people will delight you. Fans of culture, nature and cycling will love Lendava. The Jewish synagogue, the Cultural Centre, the Castle and Chapel of the Holy Trinity with the mummified body of the great warrior Hadik and numerous wine cellars and shops are just a few of the points of interest that will attract your attention.

Green Coexistence with Green Water The greatest natural feature is the unique thermo mineral paraffin water with its green reflections. It was discovered in 1965 and its miraculous rejuvenating powers led to the construction of a health resort in this unique environment. The green water is the basis for balneotherapy at the spa. Products from the Spa-Lyndva collection for the care of the face and body are based on this paraffin water.

Small is Beautiful Everything that Lendava Thermal Spa offers is close at hand and under one roof, around a single courtyard. The modern spa complex with saunas and a wide range of wellness services is complemented by special culinary experiences and numerous options for recreation. This small thermal centre is a good base from which to explore the surrounding area.

The Surroundings On the edge of the Pannonian Plain, the vineyard-covered hills are especially attractive. In addition to the natural beauties, visitors are fascinated by the cultural and historical sights and their stories: the Lendava Castle from the 12th century, the Jewish Synagogue from the 19th century, the Chapel with the mummified body of Mihael Hadik, the Evangelical church from the 20th century and the parish Church of St. Katherine dating back to baroque times.

Luxurious Experience

TERME 3000


NARAVNI PARK TERME 3000 MORAVSKE TOPLICE d.o.o. Kranjčeva 12 SI-9226 Moravske Toplice Tel.: +386 2 512 22 00 Fax: +386 2 548 16 07

- the beneficial effects of the black thermo-mineral water - over 25 different pools and attractive water slides (Aqua Loop) - over 150 different wellness programmes - a golf course with the longest hole in Slovenia

In the heart of the Prekmurje region in northeast Slovenia, where the slightly hilly Goričko merges with the Pannonian Plain, a luxury of experiences awaits you along with the beneficial effects of the world-renown black thermo-mineral water of Terme 3000. The Pannonian Sea that occupied this area millions of years ago left a rich heritage of thermal springs. These were discovered by chance in the mid-twentieth century while drilling for oil in the green meadows not far from the village of Moravci. Believing that the springs were nothing more than plain hot water, the workers of the oil company closed the drill hole and left. The curious locals secretly opened the valve and began taking the hot black water home in buckets. They soon realised its beneficial effects. In the 1960s, the water’s healing effects on human health and wellbeing were corroborated by scientists.

Luxurious Experience ____ 19 ACCOMMODATION Hotel Livada Prestige***** Hotel Ajda**** Hotel Termal**** Prekmurska vas**** apartments Tourist village – chalets*** Kamp Moravske Toplice (campsite)**** HEALTH CARE Healing Resources Black thermo-mineral water from Moravske Toplice with specific therapeutic effects and freshwater peloid from the Negovsko jezero Lake Indications Degenerative rheumatism, non-articular rheumatism, chronic inflammation of rheumatic diseases (including psoriatic arthritis), recuperating from injuries and operations connected to the locomotor system with functional deficiencies, skin diseases (psoriasis) Therapies Hydrotherapy, kinesiotherapy (group or individual), electrotherapy, mechanotherapy (classic manual massage, lymphatic drainage and pressotherapy), thermotherapy (paraffin wraps, thermopack, mud packs and cryomassage), inhalations, acupuncture and selective ultraviolet phototherapy

Programmes Anti-stress and anti-rheumatism programmes, programmes for the prevention of osteoporosis, weight loss programmes, preventive and relaxation programmes, programme for neck or lower pack pain and programme for treating psoriasis. RECREATION AND ENTERTAINMENT over 25 outdoor and indoor pools with natural black thermo-mineral and plain water, different swimming pools for children, a diving pool and water slides with special effects; sports park (artificial surfaces): tennis, volleyball, handball, basketball, football, badminton and clay tennis courts; recreation: trim trail, Nordic walking and cycling; golf course with 18 holes not far from the complex; offer for children: Viki the Stork, an entertaining and mischievous children’s mascot; WELLNESS 150 different services in the Thermalium Wellness Centre of relaxation beauty and wellbeing and a comprehensive range of Thai massages in the Livada Prestige hotel;

in-house Thermalium Collection line of care and beauty products (for care of very sensitive and irritated skin) Thermalium only here: natural thermo-mineral baths and massages under the Thermalium brand, a diverse offer of massages, Eve Taylor aromatherapy, Ayurveda, stone massages; facial care, hand and foot care, anti-cellulite programmes, Concerto waterbed, etc. ADDITIONAL OFFER Cuisine the refurbished Prestige restaurant at the Hotel Livada Prestige (Quality Cup – Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Assembly of Slovenia 2009); new confectionery shop with a delicious house dessert. Traditional Events themed summer weekends in the Terme 3000 adventure pool complex, ethnological evenings and the Festival of Layer Cake and Prekmurje Ham in Terme 3000, Žarijada (barbeque party), traditional Summer Night, etc. Business Tourism for events involving up to 110 guests at the Livada Prestige hotel and bigger events at the Ajda hotel with 4 meeting rooms (for up to 130, 50 and two for 30 delegates).

Unique Black Water The development of tourism in Terme 3000 is based on the unique black thermo-mineral water that springs from a depth of 1,175 to 1,467 metres. At the wellspring, the turbid, salty water, slightly smelling of oil, reaches a temperature of around 72 degrees centigrade, making it even more valuable and rare, as hydrocarbonate waters usually rise cold from the depths of the earth. Bathing in the black thermo-mineral water strengthens the organism. With its high mineral content, the black water has an analgesic effect and, as a hydro-carbonate water, it expands the blood vessels and has a positive effect on chronic inflammations of various causes in different parts of the body. It is known to reduce nervous tension.

The Surroundings Guests who wish to explore the surroundings will not be disappointed. They are in for a number of culinary experiences exploring the world of wine tasting at the tourist farms and on the wine routes, visiting a traditional pottery workshop and several cultural and historic sites, such as the church in Bogojina designed by architect Jože Plečnik, the Romanesque rotunda in Selo, the Aquila frescoes in Martjanci, Grad na Goričkem with its castle, etc.

Dreams of a Revitalised Life



TERME OLIMIA, d. d. Zdraviliška cesta 24 SI-3254 Podčetrtek Tel.: +386 3 829 70 00 Fax: +386 3 582 90 09, 582 90 24

- in the midst of the attractive countryside of the Obsotelje area - the largest sauna complex in Slovenia - excellent wellness hotel - luxury of thermal pleasures in Wellness Orhidelia

The Olimia Thermal Spa is located in the Obsotelje area at the heart of Kozjansko, in Southeast Slovenia along the Croatian border. It is surrounded by a mosaic of Alpine foothills, vineyard-covered hills and the Obsotelje plains. There are several accounts of when the beneficial effects of thermal water were discovered in this area. Oral tradition says that the Barons from Miljana in Harine Zlake had their own bathing area here four centuries ago. It is said that the Paulists from Olimje also used this warm water for its healing effects. Due to the Roman money and bricks with legion marks that have been found near the spa in Podčetrtek, there is a theory that Harine Zlake was even known to the Romans. The town of Olimje, which has been living with organised spa tourism for almost half a century, is proud to be the bearer of a gold medal in the village category, received at the Entente Florale 2009 European competition for towns and villages.

Dreams of a Revitalised Life ____ 21 ACCOMMODATION Wellness Hotel Sotelia**** superior Hotel Breza**** Aparthotel Rosa**** Vas Lipa*** Kamp Natura (campsite)***** HEALTH CARE Healing Resources Magnesium-calcium-hydrogen carbonate thermal water from depths of up to 500 metres, 28°C to 37°C. Therapies Physical therapy, hydrotherapy, electrotherapy, mechanotherapy, thermotherapy and magnetotherapy Programmes Curative programmes: programme for easing lower back pain, programme for rehabilitation following sporting injuries, treatment of rheumatic diseases and skin diseases, preventive programmes: programmes for executives, active break programmes, preventive medical examinations and anti-rheumatism programmes

RECREATION AND ENTERTAINMENT Wellness Orhidelia In 2009, the Olimia Thermal Spa opened its most prestigious facility, with a recognisable avant-garde exterior that received a lot of attention at the World Architecture Festival: 1,000 m2 of indoor and outdoor water surfaces, numerous innovative resting areas and 5 different saunas including special sauna programmes Termalija Wellness Centre As oasis of swimming pools: over 2,000 m2 of indoor and outdoor water surfaces The World of Saunas: nine different saunas on two floors and a tepidarium. Aqualuna Thermal Park 3,000 m2 of outdoor water surfaces, excitement in ten different water attractions and a rich entertainment programme a fitness centre, gym, outdoor courts for team sports, tennis, five-a-side football, basketball, beach volleyball, badminton, bowling, walking and cycling, 9-hole golf course, excursions, library, a children’s playground, free cultural and sporting events

WELLNESS The Spa & Beauty Centre in the Termalija Wellness Centre: traditional and manual massage, lymphatic drainage, Hamam oriental ritual, wraps and baths, beauty care for face and body The Armonia Spa in the Hotel Sotelia: top-quality facial care with exclusive Babor cosmetics, massage with Tibetan bowls, Indian massage, Mediterranean rejuvenation, spa and body rituals, massage, anti-cellulite and body forming care, wraps and soft pack systems ADDITIONAL OFFER Business and meetings: The Olimia Conference Centre in the Hotel Sotelia (five modern conference halls with advanced audio and video equipment), The Green Hall and meeting room in Aparthotel Rosa, the club room in Hotel Breza, the meeting room in the Gostišče Lipa restaurant.

The Luxury of Feelings Relaxes and Invigorates The Olimia Thermal Spa provides pampering in an excellent hotel, relaxation with massage, colours and sounds and with Hamam Oriental rituals. You can rest in a Japanese garden or green garden after one of 9 different kinds of saunas, bathe in the siliconrich water, enjoy the playful excitement of the outdoor thermal park or partake of any other of the numerous pleasures.

Banishes Fatigue and Soothes Pain The natural hot springs here were probably known to the Celts and the Romans. The local people have long enjoyed this water, believing that it banishes fatigue, ease pain and heal wounds. Thermal baths ease muscle tension and increases tissue blood flow invigorating and strengthening the body’s defence mechanisms.

Enriches Life with Colourful Diversity The colours of nature, the colourful saunas, the play of light in innovatively designed buildings, lounging areas on a green roof and numerous little corners for rest and relaxation create the rainbow harmony of a good life, far from the noise of the city and the stress of the everyday. An excellent getaway at any time of the year!

The Surroundings There are a number of small but rich pearls in the immediate vicinity of the Olimia Thermal Spa. First is undoubtedly the town of Olimje, which boasts the third oldest pharmacy in Europe, and the Pauline monastery church with its exceptional tradition of healing arts, which is famous for its garden of healing herbs and its exquisite chocolate. Olimje is a paradise for golfers. From here you can move on to explore the Kozjansko Park, the Svete gore pilgrimage site and friendly open farms where you can sample local food and wine. There is also a museum of old farm equipment that you can visit.

A Spa with a View of the Sea



ISTRABENZ TURIZEM d.d. Obala 33 SI-6320 Portorož Tel.: +386 5 692 90 01 Fax: +386 5 692 90 03

- the most comprehensive thermal, health and wellness offer in Europe - the flair of the seaside resort - five local natural medicinal elements - seven centres of wellbeing

The allure of the sun, the sea and the Mediterranean climate, along with the freedom of the open seas are all reflected in Slovenia’s most famous coastal town of Portorož. Portorož became known as a health resort as early as the 13th century, when Benedictine monks of the Monastery of St. Laurence used seawater and brine to treat rheumatism, obesity and dropsy. They also composed the first methodology of treatments with natural elements of the Sečovlje salt pans. The reputation of their healing effects kept on spreading across the world until the present day. With its view of the sea, the thermal spa combines the best of the magical Mediterranean climate, the generous gifts of nature and the modern findings on pampering and healing effects on the human body and soul.

A Spa with a View of the Sea ____ 23 ACCOMMODATION LifeClass Hotels & Spa Portorož Grand Hotel Portorož*****, a total of 185 double rooms and 13 suites Hotels Slovenija, Riviera, Apollo-Neptun and Mirna****, a total of 510 double rooms, 63 single rooms and 28 suites HEALTH CARE Healing Resources Five local natural medicinal elements: salt-pan mud (fango), brine (Aqua Madre), Mediterranean climate, seawater and thermo-mineral water Indications Injuries and diseases of the locomotor system, neurological diseases, skin diseases, respiratory disorders, gynaecological problems, urogenital diseases, excessive weight, fatigue, stress and sleep disorders RECREATION AND ENTERTAINMENT Swimming pools with thermo-mineral water (700 m2); swimming pools with seawater (650 m2); morning exercises, aqua aerobics; fitness centre, Pilates, kinesis and a gym;

hotel beach and sun terraces, tennis courts, minigolf, water sports, bird-watching and boat trips WELLNESS Thalasso Centre Baths with brine and seawater, wraps with salt-pan mud and algae, Vichy massage and Aquablitz Shakti - Ayurveda Centre Ayurveda treatments for determining doshas and re-establishing the balance of the body and soul, ayurvedic massages carried out by certified Indian therapists and ayurveda experts Whai Thai Centre for traditional Thai massage and natural care of the face and body Medical and Physiotherapy Centre Diagnostics, preventive and curative programmes, acupuncture, minor cosmetic skin surgery, densitometry, mesotherapy as well as classical and the state-of-the-art pain alleviating therapies Beauty Centre Programmes for the beauty and health of the body and soul, exclusive beauty care cosmetics, anti-cellulite therapies, relaxation massages

Sauna Park A unique sauna complex occupying 1,000 m2; seven types of saunas, laconium and tepidarium; Kneipp baths, chromotherapy and an ice cave Thermal Recreational Centre Swimming pools with thermo-mineral water (700 m2) and swimming pools with heated seawater (650 m2), a fitness centre, Pilates, kinesis and Pilates yoga ADDITIONAL OFFER The Portus Congress Centre Nine adaptable halls with a total capacity of up to 1,100 participants, modern technical equipment, business areas, internet connections and professional support Mediterranean Cuisine

Five Great Treasures of Nature Terme & Wellness LifeClass pampers and heals its guests with the power and energy of five local natural medicinal elements: brine (Aqua Madre), salt-pan mud (fango), seawater, thermo-mineral water and climate. The tradition of healing using the gifts of nature is completed by the latest medical knowledge and techniques.

Seven Excellent Centres of Health, Beauty and Wellbeing Terme & Wellness LifeClass offers topquality thermal and wellness services that are distinguished by hundreds of years of tradition in spa tourism, the natural features of the coastal town and the Mediterranean climate, the tradition of the Sečovlje salt pans, the ancient wisdom of Asia and the Far East, the mysterious touch of Thailand and the latest medical discoveries. The Thalasso Centre, the Shakti - Ayurveda Centre, the Wai Thai Centre, the Beauty Centre, the Medical and Physiotherapy Centre, the Sauna Park and the Thermal Recreational Centre provide an excellent thermal and wellness range.

The Surroundings The coastal town offers a number of inspiring opportunities – ranging from walks along the beach, visits to the fishing towns of Koper and Izola, the historic Piran and the Strunjan Nature Park to olive picking excursions along the Slovenian part of Istria, visiting wine routes and wine cellars, bird watching in the Sečovlje salt pans, visiting the Lipica Stud Farm or the amazing underground world of the Postojna and Škocjan Caves, etc.


In the Company of Romans and Castle Lords


TERME PTUJ d. o. o. Pot v toplice 9 SI-2251 Ptuj Tel.: +386 2 749 41 00, 749 45 00 Fax: +386 2 749 45 23

- a new spa in an old town of a glorious past - the Thermal Park with the largest water slides - excellent wellness facilities

One of the newest health resorts in Slovenia is located in Slovenia’s oldest town of Ptuj, full of stories of the past: from ancient Poetovio and the famous Roman general Marcus Antonius Primus, to the Von Pettau family who built the imposing Ptuj Castle above the town. Here, the winter is driven away by Kurenti – one of Slovenia’s most interesting ethnological features. With its natural features, cultural heritage and geographic position, this town, located in Northeast Slovenia among vineyard-covered and hilly Slovenske gorice, Haloze and the planes of Dravsko and Ptujsko polje, offers curious and active visitors a number of interesting opportunities throughout the year.

In the Company of Romans and Castle Lords ____ 25 ACCOMMODATION Grand Hotel Primus****, 30 single and 75 double rooms, 11 suites and 3 luxury suites Apartment Village***, 56 apartments of various sizes for up to 6 people Chalets***, 20 rooms, furnished as hotel rooms Campsite****, 120 pitches for tents, caravans and campers, 25 holiday cottages for 4 people

therapy (Tru-Trac traction unit and joint exercise apparatus), thermotherapy (IR, heat packs, paraffin and cryomassage), lymphatic drainage for reducing oedema, manual massage therapy, relaxation and preventive programmes, licensed specialist physiatry clinic, private specialist clinics (stomatological, gynaecological, dermatovenerological and physiatric)

HEALTH CARE Healing Resources Natural thermo-mineral water – sodium-hydrogen carbonate, slightly alkaline, oligomineral natural thermal water (3 boreholes, temperatures of 39– 54°C) Indications degenerative rheumatism, rehabilitation following injuries and the operations of the locomotor system Therapies Hydrotherapy, kinesiotherapy, electrotherapy (diadynamic currents, interference currents, TENS, galvanisation and electrostimulation), ultrasound therapy, laser therapy, magnetotherapy, mechano-

RECREATION AND ENTERTAINMENT Thermal park with 4,200 m2 of water surfaces: a fitness studio, an organised sports programme, tennis, beach volleyball and basketball courts, minigolf, bowling, table tennis, golf (an 18-hole course), walking paths, cycling (bike rental), horse riding, rafting, sailing, rowing, go-cart track, hot-air ballooning, sports airfield and skiing

WELLNESS Valens Augusta Wellness with the Vespasianus pools of thermo-mineral water, the Flavia World of Saunas and Imperium Centre of Wellbeing; an excellent range of saunas and massage, relaxation packages, facial care, hand and foot care, Watqi deep relaxation in thermal water, activity programme (Fitness – KINESIS, Yoga, Tibetan exercises and ALB exercises (for abdominals, legs and buttocks) ADDITIONAL OFFER The Gemina XIII Club, conference rooms, visits to cultural and historical sites of interest in the town and the museum in Ptuj Castle, wine tasting at the Ptujska Klet wine cellar, the Castles Route, wine routes, excursions to Ptujska Gora with its basilica or a train ride with the Primus Express tourist train.

Awakening Traditions of Pleasure The tradition of bathing in Ptuj dates back to Antiquity when Roman patricians visited the thermae or baths. There were also baths in medieval Ptuj, while the townsfolk made use of a bathing place on the Drava river in the 19th century. A century later, when the Ptuj public baths had been closed for a long time, it was decided to bore into the earth once again. Thermal water bubbled to the surface again and is now a source of new forms of pampering. This young spa revives the old Roman traditions!

Banishing Rheumatism and other Problems This thermo-mineral water provides relief from rheumatic diseases and helps with rehabilitation following injuries and operations connected to the locomotor system, diseases troubling executives and diseases of the peripheral nervous system. Many therapeutic programmes contribute to an increased feeling of wellbeing.

The Surroundings As the oldest Slovenian town, Ptuj is full of corners telling a magnificent story of the past. These are supplemented by the rich natural heritage of the Ptuj winegrowing hills and the rich present and future culture of Ptuj, partner to the European Capital of Culture 2012 project.

In the Kingdom of the Three Hearts and Mineral Springs



ZDRAVILIŠČE RADENCI d. o. o. Zdraviliško naselje 12 SI-9252 Radenci Tel.: +386 2 520 27 20, 520 27 22 Fax: +386 2 520 27 23

- a health resort with four healing elements: healing mineral and thermal water, the climate and healing mud - exceptional know-how - the beauty of the area along the Mura river with its vineyard-covered hills - the characteristic hospitality of the locals The Radenci Health Resort invites you to north-eastern Slovenia, to an area of cornfields and vineyard-covered hills along the Mura river – a river of floating mills. The resort is located some five kilometres from the larger town of Gornja Radgona along the Austrian border and 13 kilometres from Murska Sobota. Legend has it that industrious dwarves dug tunnels underground to reach the mineral water. In 1833, an underground rumbling was heard by medical student Karel Henn on his first visit to Radenci. After thoroughly analysing the water, Henn returned to Radenci as a renowned doctor and filled the first bottle of “Radenska” mineral water in 1869. Later, these bottles were supplied to the imperial court in Vienna and the papal court in Rome. The health resort welcomed its first guests almost 130 years ago, in 1882.

In the Kingdom of the Three Hearts and Mineral Springs ____ 27 ACCOMMODATION Hotel Izvir*** Hotel Radin**** HEALTH CARE Healing Resources Naturally carbonated mineral water, hydrogen carbonate thermo-mineral water, a temperature of 41° C (wellspring temperature) and 33 to 37° C in the thermal pools, inorganic peloids, the beneficial climate with an average of 253 sunny days a year Indications The treatment of heart and circulatory diseases, kidney and urinary tract diseases, rheumatic illnesses, disturbances of the locomotor system and metabolic disorders Therapies Drinking and bathing in mineral waters, thermo mineral baths and inorganic peloid wraps

RECREATION AND ENTERTAINMENT Hiking amongst the famous springs of life, diverse cycling trails for recreational cyclists, families and professional cyclists, Nordic walking, a tennis centre, a fitness centre, swimming, ball games (five-aside football, handball, basketball and volleyball) and various games organised in the spa as part of the entertainment programme

Beauty: face and neck care, body hair waxing and manicure and pedicure using top-quality Jessica cosmetics ADDITIONAL OFFER Congress hall, conference rooms, a mineral water bar and lounge and a casino in the immediate vicinity – Casino Weekend Radenci.

WELLNESS A rich offer of wellness services in harmony with the latest medical services at the Corrium Medico and Wellness Centre, a mysterious world of six different saunas and three wellness parlours as part of the refurbished Izvir hotel: Ayurveda: in ayurveda massage, an ancient technique is used aimed at alleviating pain and helping the individual open up and allow positive thoughts and energy to enter his or her body. Stone & Concerto: stone – a combination of thermal massage with hot volcanic stones and cold marble, concerto – a waterbed for cosmetics and warm whole body packs for absolute relaxation

Radenci in the Heart and from the Heart Radenska, the water of Radenci, is known everywhere by its three hearts symbol. The heart symbolises the unique mineral water its with natural CO2 content. The heart is also at the centre of the work of the modern health resort complex, which offers guests medical and preventive programmes for treating cardiovascular diseases and also kidney and urinary tract diseases, rheumatic diseases, disturbances of the locomotor system and metabolic disorders.

From Radenci to Banovci The Banovci Thermal Spa is part of the Radenci Health Resort offering thermal pleasures close to Radenci and far from the noise of the city. It offers guests extensive possibilities for relaxation in the thermal complex, the world of saunas and the wellness centre. Banovci provides excellent opportunities for sports and recreation and attractive entertainment programmes for the younger guests during school breaks.

The Surroundings This rich winegrowing area and its numerous natural and cultural sites (Sources of Life, the mill on the Mura river, the Island of Love, the champagne cellar in Gornja Radgona, the only round cellar in Slovenia – the Kapela cellar, the Jeruzalem wine route, Goričko Nature Park, etc.), as well as traditional events such as the Three Hearts Marathon, the bicycle marathon and Büjraški dnevi are an excellent challenge for the resort’s guests.


Four Centuries of Excellence


ROGAŠKA HOTELI & LOTUS TERME Zdraviliški trg 6 SI-3250 Rogaška Slatina Tel.: +386 3 811 40 00, Fax: +386 3 811 47 32 MEDICAL CENTER ROGAŠKA Zdraviliški trg 9 SI-3250 Rogaška Slatina Tel.: +386 3 811 70 15, Fax: +386 3 811 70 11

- four centuries of tradition - excellent accommodation and a medical centre - the healing power of Donat Mg

Rogaška Slatina is an old health resort town in East Slovenia near the Croatian border. It is located on the edge of the winegrowing hills of Kozjansko, in the embrace of three hills – Boč, Donačka gora and Plešivec – and surrounded by rich forests. Legend has it that the winged horse Pegasus drank from the Rogaška springs on the orders of Apollo, who told Pegasus to strike open Roitschocrene, the Rogaška well, with his hoof and drink from the well as it was “a source of health and real divine power”. The health resort truly flourished in the second half of the 19th century, when Rogaška was enjoying a golden age under Count Ferdinand Attems and was visited by ruling families and members of the high nobility. This select clientele was entertained by some of the foremost artists of the age, among them the Hungarian Romantic composer and virtuoso pianist Franz Liszt.

Four Centuries of Excellence ____ 29 ACCOMMODATION In the central part of Rogaška Slatina: Grand hotel Sava**** Hotel Zagreb**** Hotel Slatina*** HEALTH CARE Healing Resources The Donat Mg natural medicinal mineral water with a very high concentration of magnesium and other minerals; for drinking; thermo-mineral water for bathing Indications Drinking the Donat Mg medicinal mineral water: diseases of the digestive system, liver, gall bladder, pancreas, the nervous system heart and circulatory diseases; it has beneficial effects on sugar and cholesterol content and high blood pressure; it is indispensable for relieving constipation, obesity, easing heartburn and the excessive secretion of stomach acids; bathing in thermo-mineral water: problems with the locomotor system, diseases of the spine and rheumatic diseases, muscle pain and muscle fatigue, ligaments and joints; poor blood circulation

RECREATION AND ENTERTAINMENT thermal swimming pools and saunas, a fitness centre, a cycling trail, tennis, squash, mini-golf, guided tours through the natural sights, trips aimed at familiarizing you with the surroundings, the Rogaška Musical Summer and creative and themed workshops. The Casino Fontana WELLNESS Lotus Terme Spa & Beauty Relaxation for body and mind: Ayurveda massages, aromatherapy, body wraps, anti-cellulite programmes, beauty care for face, neck and neckline area, wellness care for the hands and feet, Royal wellness bath, relaxation techniques: school of meditation and psychical relaxation, auriculoptherapy, multi-day wellness programmes, etc. Sawan Traditional Thai Massage Centre Pool Complex with Thermo-Mineral Water whirlpools, Kneipp circuit, different saunas and steam baths and a tepidarium MEDICAL SERVICES Rogaška Medical Centre Health Care & Medical Wellness Clinical examinations by specialists and diagnostics; preventive examinations for executives, top qual-

ity health care programmes: loosing excessive weight, fasting, relieving chronic gastroenterological problems, an anti-stress programme, a programme for alleviating problems caused by diabetes, cholesterol and osteoporosis, an anti-aging programme, rejuvenation programmes: rejuvenation and medical treatment of the skin, body shaping, reliving premature signs of skin aging, aesthetic plastic surgery, vascular surgery, natural balneotherapy: baths, massage, fango and other wraps; centre for special massage techniques for pampering, physical therapy and inhalations ADDITIONAL OFFER Mineral water tavern: a drinking regimen using Donat Mg and Styria at the source; excellent culinary offer in the Kaiser restaurant and the Kristal hotel restaurant; diet and protective food at the Slatina hotel and a pleasant coffee shop with daily fresh desserts. The Rogaška Congress Centre and the Lotus Wellness Centre; New: excellent weight loss programmes, new rooms in the Grand Hotel Sava – superior LUX, outdoor water surfaces, Cappuccino’s coffee shop with a dance floor.

A World-Famous Source of Good Magnesium One litre of Donat Mg mineral water contains over 1,000 mg of magnesium, which puts it among the highest mineral contents in the world. The miraculous power of Rogaška’s mineral water was first analysed by alchemists in 1572, but even today it is a subject of interest, since it also contains a range of other substances that help the body work more efficiently.

A Centre of Health and Beauty Rogaška Medical Centre is one of the most important centres for health and beauty in this part of Europe. It combines unique natural resources with four hundred years of tradition and the latest medical findings. It develops top-quality, professionally controlled and world-renowned programmes for health care and wellbeing.

The Surroundings If you wish to sample the local food and wine, take a tour of the Šmarsko-virštanjska tourist wine road or the Rogaška wine route. There are also 9 hiking trails through Rogaška Slatina and its surroundings. On your way, you will undoubtedly stop at the Tempel Pavilion in Rogaška or the Junež Farm with its refurbished farmhouse and black kitchen from the 19th century. There are numerous other cultural and historic sites in the town and its surroundings that invite you to explore them.


A Sunny Bay of Wellbeing


TERME KRKA, d. o. o., Novo mesto, TALASO STRUNJAN Strunjan 148 SI-6323 Strunjan Tel.: +386 5 676 41 00 Fax: +386 5 678 20 36

- an outstanding seaside location - thalassotherapy centre - beneficial Mediterranean climate - seawater, sea mud and salt

Talaso Strunjan is distinguished by its outstanding location beside the sea at the heart of a nature park famous for its steep and high cliffs, abundant Mediterranean vegetation, and millennium-old salt pans where salt is still produced today using traditional methods. In Strunjan, peace and wellbeing are also connected to experiences of the infinite blue of the sea and the sky. At the top of Moonlight Bay, where the Virgin Mary is said to have appeared in 1512 to two watchmen employed to guard the Strunjan vineyards, stands the most important pilgrim church in Istria. The cross near the church marks the junctions of the so-called Dragons’ Roads and is one of the most important bioenergy centres on the planet. Walkers say that it restores their vital energy.

A Sunny Bay of Wellbeing ____ 31 ACCOMMODATION Hotel Svoboda**** Vila Park**** Villa Complex*** Hotel Laguna*** HEALTH CARE Healing Resources The beneficial Mediterranean climate, seawater and sea mud Indications Respiratory diseases, rheumatic diseases, osteoporosis and recuperating from injuries and operations connected to the locomotor system Therapies Physical therapy: respiratory therapy, hydrokinesiotherapy, hydrotherapy, thermotherapy, electrotherapy, magnetotherapy and occupational therapy Programmes Curative programmes: programmes for treating respiratory diseases, programme for treating back pain, programme for treating rheumatic diseases, programme for treating osteoporosis;

Preventive programmes: preventive diagnostic examinations, ultrasound cardiological examination, measurement of bone density, laboratory tests; weight loss programme and relaxation programme; Preventive examinations for executives RECREATION AND ENTERTAINMENT An indoor pool with heated sea water (32 °C) and an outdoor pool (April – October) with heated seawater (28 °C); a Turkish bath and Finish, salt, infrared and aromatic sauna; aqua aerobics; Nordic walking, walking (over 80 km of marked footpaths; guided walks available); 5 clay tennis courts, cycling, swimming lessons, beach volleyball, a fitness centre and mini golf organised excursions to the hidden corners of the Slovenian part of the Istrian peninsula

WELLNESS Mediterranean Wellness Centre Saltworker’s massage, thalasso massage, Zen Shiatsu massage, massage with hot volcanic stones, massage with chocolate or honey, exfoliation with salt, oil, algae, etc., sea water massage baths, aromatherapy, anti-cellulite care, facial and body care, manicure and pedicure, weight loss and relaxation programmes and numerous other oneday, weekend and week-long programmes ADDITIONAL OFFER 80 km of walking trails: eight marked walking trails with a total length of 80 kilometres leading from Talaso Strunjan. Equipped with a map of the trails, you can set off on your own or with guides provided by Talaso Strunjan. The paths take you to Portorož through a former railway tunnel, via the most beautiful views of Slovenia’s coast, past olive groves to Izola, a town of fishermen and artists, and to Piran, an architectural jewel.

Climate, Water, Mud and Salt for Beauty and Health Talaso Strunjan is a thalassotherapy centre in the best sense of the word. Experience the effects of a beneficial climate, heated seawater pools and the application of sea mud and sea salt used by the Centre in its beauty and health programmes while resting in the immediate vicinity of the sea.

In the Midst of a Nature Park The Strunjan peninsula is a place of many superlatives, as it hosts the highest flysch cliffs on the Adriatic coast, the longest stretch of uninterrupted natural coast, the only Slovenian lagoon, the smallest salt pans and the best preserved cultural landscape typical of the Slovenian coast. The area of the Strunjan Nature Park stretches across the entire Strunjan peninsula, from the Simon Bay to the mouth of the Roje stream, including a two hundred meter belt of coastal sea, the inner part of the Strunjan bay, the Strunjan salt pans and the Stjuža lagoon.

The Surroundings Above the town is the Church of Mary’s Apparition, the most important pilgrimage church in Istria. The cross near the church marks the junction of the so-called Dragons’ Roads and one of the most important bioenergy centres on the planet. The timeless walking trails take you to the sophisticated Portorož, the architectural coastal jewel of Piran and numerous other interesting places.

A Touch of Unspoiled Nature



TERME KRKA, d. o. o., Novo mesto, TERME ŠMARJEŠKE TOPLICE Šmarješke Toplice 100 SI-8220 Šmarješke Toplice Tel.: +386 7 384 34 00 Fax: +386 7 307 31 07

- in the embrace of the forests - medical wellness - a rehabilitation centre for athletes

You enter Šmarješke Toplice just a few kilometres from Novo mesto, the capital of the Dolenjska region, entering a world of vineyards, meadows, forests and, above all, the relaxing embrace of thermal water. You also enter the world of legends. One surrounds the drinking water spring in the immediate vicinity of the health resort. Before a local water supply was provided, the locals came to the spring every day. They even came in carts to fill barrels and buckets. A local saying goes that the owner of this land put a sign next to the spring which said: PRINESI NOVEC (meaning bring a coin), if you wish to drink the water. In time, the letters ‘NESI’ disappeared and only PRINOVEC remained. And this is how the benevolent and clear spring got its name.

A Touch of Unspoiled Nature ____ 33 ACCOMMODATION HHotel Vitarium**** superior Hotel Šmarjeta**** Hotel Toplice**** HEALTH CARE Healing Resources Hypothermal water with a temperature of 32 °C, rich in carbon dioxide, magnesium and potassium Indications cardiovascular diseases, diseases and injuries connected to the locomotor system, primarily sporting injuries, psychosomatic disorders Rehabilitation Programmes The Šmarješke Toplice Thermal Spa is a renowned and respected centre for the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases; highly qualified medical staff and the most modern medical equipment are combined with a friendly personal approach towards every guest

RECREATION AND ENTERTAINMENT The spa complex is surrounded by numerous walking trails and local roads suitable for excursions by bicycle (there are 15 marked cycling trails and there is a map available for purchase at the hotel reception depicting all the trails), hills full of vineyard cottages and churches inviting you to take a relaxing stroll and nine marked trails for Nordic walking The sports park has four tennis courts, a football pitch, a basketball court, a beach volleyball court, minigolf and a bowls pitch; The Vitarium Spa&Clinique Centre offers PACE exercises, cardio-cross training, Pilates and altitude training Fitness Centre WELLNESS Vitarium Spa&Clinique The centre’s relaxing and effective programmes are a step on the path towards good health, improved wellbeing, restored physical energy, a healthy and attractive appearance and excellent physical and mental condition. The programmes are individually designed and based on a natural approach with measurable effects

Programmes SlimFit, Mini SlimFit, Medico SlimFit – medicallybased weight loss programmes that solve the problems of excess body weight with the aid of the latest medical knowledge and approaches; VitaDetox and Mini VitaDetox – unique detoxification programmes that increase the elimination of harmful substances from the organism and improves its energy balance one-day rejuvenation and wellness programmes Vitarium Aqua, a world of saunas, baths and wellness services that includes: various saunas, relaxing herb, scented, regenerating and energy baths, popular exfoliation treatments, various massages and wraps; two indoor and four outdoor thermal pools, a whirlpool and sunbathing on the open terrace ADDITIONAL OFFER New – specialised medical wellness programmes of various durations: SlimFit, Mini SlimFit, Medico SlimFit, VitaDetox and Mini VitaDetox; Preventive and Rehabilitation Sports Centre: the preparation of athletes to achieve better results – through the planning, implementation and monitoring of sports training.

The Wooden Pool above the Spring The wooden pool constructed above the thermal water spring in a park dating back to the end of the 18th century is undoubtedly the most interesting of the six thermal pools available in Šmarješke Toplice. The frame of the wooden pool is made of oak planks and the bottom is of pine boards. Below the wood, which is free of chemical coatings, is a layer of stiff clay holding the water. The pool has a constant flow of fresh thermal water, so the water in the pool can be changed in a matter of hours. The pool is drained every evening and is refilled with pure thermal water with all its healing properties by morning.

The Surroundings If you wish to explore the surroundings of Šmarješke Toplice, there is the beauty of nature (hills full of vineyard cottages and churches, bio-farms and mead-making workshops) and numerous cultural and historical sites (remnants of the Klevž and Štrlek castles). You can also go and explore the capital of the Dolenjska region, Novo mesto, which is known as the town of situlae.

Peace in the Midst of Nature



NARAVNO ZDRAVILIŠČE TOPOLŠICA d. d. Topolšica 77 SI-3326 Topolšica Tel.: +386 3 896 31 00 Fax: +386 3 896 34 00

- a subalpine climate and pristine nature - beneficial effects on the respiratory system and for overcoming stress - outdoor activities

The thermal springs of the Topolšica Thermal Spa rise from the ground in the midst of a picturesque subalpine mountain range and flirt with the peaks of the Karavanke, the longest mountain range in Europe. Set in Northern Slovenia, ten kilometres from the town of Velenje, the Topolšica Spa and its pristine natural environment, combined with a subalpine climate, offer an ideal environment for treating respiratory ailments, milder forms of chronic cardiovascular diseases and stress.

Peace in the Midst of Nature ____ 35 ACCOMMODATION Hotel Vesna *** Hotel Mladika *** Holiday homes**** HEALTH CARE Healing Resources Thermal water (oligothermal hypotherma), a mild subalpine climate with plenty of sunny days Indications Diseases of the spine and joints, post-injury conditions, post-operative conditions connected to the locomotor system, rheumatic diseases, respiratory ailments, milder forms of chronic cardiovascular diseases Therapies Thermotherapy, kinesiotherapy, hydrotherapy, electrotherapy, massage, acupuncture and Shiatsu therapies Programmes Curative programmes, preventive programmes, restorative rehabilitation, programmes for executives in cooperation with the Topolšica Hospital, relaxation and anti-stress programmes

RECREATION AND ENTERTAINMENT Over 1,750 m2 indoor and outdoor thermal water surfaces with wonderful water attractions (hot springs, a children’s pool, massage showers, whirlpools, Roman baths, etc.) The Zora Aqua Park with attractive thermal pools, spill-over pools, a water slide, a paved sun terrace, landscaped green areas and comprehensive catering services. saunas gym, cycling, walking and hiking, downhill and cross-country skiing, tennis, a café with a large garden, a souvenir shop and visiting art exhibitions in the hotel

WELLNESS Traditional manual massage, Shiatsu therapies, aromatherapy, massage with hot volcanic stones and thermal water baths ADDITIONAL OFFER An extensive entertainment programme (dances with live music, piano evenings, Slovenian evenings, performances by folk groups, sports afternoons, mini-tombola evenings, etc.) Sightseeing in the town (St James’s church, pottery workshops and the German Surrender Memorial Room), panoramic flights and excursions in the surrounding area.

Known for Centuries but Never Dry The Topolšica springs have been known since the 16th century and were first opened to the public in 1838, but a true thermal spring for healing purposes was only established six decades later when the first accommodation was built for seasonal guests. At the turn of the century, the Physical & Dietary Spa in Topolšica was ready to start providing its professional services. In the last decade, the spa has undergone a rebirth with new facilities, including the attractive new Zora Aqua Park.

The Surroundings Visit the Golte Tourist Centre for a round of skiing in the winter. Explore the Coalmining Museum in nearby Velenje and the Velenje Castle with its numerous collections. Take a trip into the past and visit the Kavčnik Farm with the oldest smokehouse in Slovenia. You can also explore the wonderful countryside of the Zgornja Savinjska and Logarska dolina valleys, stopping in Mozirski gaj to admire the flower exhibition.


In the Green Surroundings of Zreče Pohorje


UNIOR d. d. Program Turizem Cesta na Roglo 15 SI-3214 Zreče Tel.: +386 3 757 60 00 Fax: +386 3 576 24 46

- the healing thermal water soothes and invigorates - gifts of nature from the Pohorje forests - the luxury of the Sawaddee Thai Therapy Centre - pampering in a thermal spa and winter pleasures in Rogla

In the embrace of the vast Pohorje forests, at the point where the torrential Dravinja river finally grows calmer, connecting the world of the mountains with the vineyard-covered Dravinja Hills, the Zreče Thermal Spa emerged taking advantage of all the exceptional natural features. Just half an hour’s drive from Terme Zreče is the Rogla Climatic Health, Skiing and Sports Centre (1,517 metres above sea level). With its mild subalpine climate and endless opportunities for sport and recreation, it is the perfect complement to the spa – all year round. Zreče Thermal Spa is perfect for everyone who wants to experience an unforgettable holiday, a short break or a business meeting, everyone who wants to emerge in the carefree comfort of thermal waters and perhaps spice it up with an active holiday in the embrace of the colourful Pohorje hills.

In the Green Surroundings of Zreče Pohorje ____ 37 ACCOMMODATION Hotel Dobrava 2000**** Hotel Dobrava *** Vile Terme Apartments**** Vile Terme **** HEALTH CARE Healing Resources Acratothermal healing water (calcium, magnesium and hydrogen carbonate, naturally heated to 34.5 °C), natural bentonite mud (fango), Pohorje peat (organic peloid) and the mild and healthy subalpine climate Indications Post-operative conditions connected to the locomotor system, injuries to the locomotor system, injuries and diseases of the peripheral nervous system, disorders of the peripheral circulatory system, degenerative and inflammatory rheumatism, respiratory ailments, allergies and eye, skin and blood diseases Therapies Hydrotherapy, kinesiotherapy, mechanotherapy, electrotherapy, thermotherapy, rehabilitation pro-

grammes for sporting injuries with a team of experts in the field of orthopaedics, internal medicine and physiatry RECREATION AND ENTERTAINMENT 1,600 m2 of water surfaces in indoor and outdoor pools with thermal water a forest aqua park, fitness centre, gym, trails for hiking and cycling, Nordic walking, fishing, skiing on Rogla and golf in Slovenske Konjice WELLNESS Sauna Village 600 m2 of Turkish baths, Finnish and infrared saunas with a Kneipp stream, heated ceramic beds, a cooling pool and a sun terrace, complemented by various programmes such as exfoliation with local herbs, salt or sugar, honey wraps and a hot air whirlpool Massage Manual and reflexive massage, aromatherapy and aromatic massage, ayurveda, Garshan massage with salt crystals or mud, Udvartana (sports muscle massage), Jambira Pinda Sveda, Tui-na, Shiatsu,

Soy Soy, Eve Taylor clinical aromatherapy and massage with honey or chocolate Baths Pearl, herbal and milk baths; a herbal bath for two with champagne; baths to purify and refresh the body Sawaddee Traditional Thai therapy centre: Traditional Thai massage, Sawaddee massage, ayodhaya massage, Siam massage, Thai massage with warm herbs and oils, foot and palm massage, anti-stress back massage, massage of the head, face and shoulders and Thai massage for pregnant women Beauty Centre Cosmetic care of the face and neckline-area, deep manual massage of the face with aromatic oils and vitamin vials, foot care, tanning beds and hairdressing services ADDITIONAL OFFER Seminar areas, a children’s corner, a library, cultural events, open farms, wine tastings, wedding receptions and organised excursions in the surrounding area.

From Water into the Snow in Winter or for Walks in the Summer The Zreče Thermal Spa is located at the foot of Zreče Pohorje, which is home to the Rogla Climatic Health, Skiing and Sports Centre. If you like active holidays and the a rich diversity provided in one place, you can combine pampering in a spa with winter sports during the winter or with inspiring walks in the beautiful countryside in the spring and summer. After an excellent day of skiing or walking to the Lovrenc Lakes, relaxation in the embrace of the thermal water, in the pleasant warmth of the Sauna Village or with a massage or bath is just what your body needs. The Zreče Thermal Spa is also famous for its original culinary menu.

The Surroundings You can learn about the life of the locals as it was almost two centuries ago by visiting the Skomar house and, if you are interested in the old art of the blacksmiths, visit the Ošlak Smithy. Close to Zreče is the town of flowers and wine, Slovenske Konjice, with Trebnik Castle still preserving a rich heritage of herbalists. There is an ethnological museum with a house for the sexton and a black kitchen alongside the Church of St. Barbara. If you go through the village of Žiče and the Valley of St. John, you will find yourself in front of the mysterious Žiče Carthusian Monastery.

Topolšica Thermal Spa

Zreče Thermal Spa

Šmarješke Toplice Thermal Spa

Talaso Strunjan

Rogaška Health Resort

heart and circulatory diseases

Radenci Health Resort

Ptuj Thermal Spa

LifeClass Hotels & Spa

Olimia Thermal Spa

Terme 3000

Lendava Thermal Spa

Thermana Laško

Dolenjske Toplice Thermal Spa

Dobrna Thermal Spa

Čatež Thermal Spa


rheumatic diseases

injuries to the locomotor system

diseases of digestive system

metabolic diseases gynaecological diseases

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kidney and urinary tract diseases neurological diseases

respiratory ailments

• •

• •

skin diseases neurotic disorders

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mouth and teeth diseases

eye diseases

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sea water and brine




Talaso Strunjan


Zreče Thermal Spa


Topolšica Thermal Spa

42-63 35-36,5 36-38

Šmarješke Toplice Thermal Spa

thermal mineral water temp. at source (º C)

Rogaška Health Resort

cold mineral drinking water

Radenci Health Resort

Ptuj Thermal Spa

LifeClass Hotels & Spa

Olimia Thermal Spa

Terme 3000

Lendava Thermal Spa

Thermana Laško

Dolenjske Toplice Thermal Spa

Dobrna Thermal Spa

Čatež Thermal Spa

natural healing resources




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aerosols for inhalation

medical mud and mineral peloids

peat state-certified health resort

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