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Vol. 16, No. 1 • February 2011

The Official Publication Of The North Dakota Cowboy Hall of Fame

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at 2010 WNFR

Page 2 • The Cowboy Chronicle • February 2011

2611 Old Red Trail Mandan, ND 58554 1-800-597-7327

North Dakota Cowboy Hall of Fame Helping Preserve Yesterday and Today for Tomorrow

NDCHF Annual Meeting Activities Best Western Seven Seas Hotel, Mandan Friday, Feb. 25, 2011

Fun Begins

7:00-10:00 p.m. CT

Free Ice Cream Social / Entertainment

Saturday, Feb. 26, 2011 Ballot names announced 1:00 p.m.

Annual Membership Meeting

2:30 p.m.

Trustees Meeting

5:30 p.m.

Social and Auctions

6:00 p.m.

Heads or Tails game

7:00 p.m.


Keynote Speaker Harold Hamm

Introduction of Statewide Rodeo Organizations' 2010 Event Champions

Live Auction

February 2011 • The Cowboy Chronicle • Page 3

B it from the board Dear Members and Friends: In midDecember 2010, it hit me once again like a spooked hoof. We weren’t just ending another year. A whole

decade had passed. I remember where I was when Y2K rolled in. At the stroke of midnight, I was watching Wayne and Patty Evans exchange vows in South Dakota’s He Sapa. Later that day, enroute back to Mandan, I stopped in at Prairie Knights to catch up with the wedding celebration of Kurt and Melanie Luger. Our Hall of Fame was just five years old then. Its organizational base consisted of a proactive Board of Directors, faithful Trustees, a smart and energetic Executive Director, and of course, supportive members and friends like you. Five years later, “the dream” was realized when we opened the North Dakota Center of Western Heritage & Cultures: Native American, Ranching & Rodeo in Medora. Gas prices made us nervous about visitorship during the next several years, but we persevered. Our Center was named the 2007 North Dakota Tourist Attraction of the Year. Last September, several of us traveled to Lubbock, Texas, to receive the 2010 National Cowboy Culture and Heritage award. The passing of our friend and Board member Arlen Sommers of Valley City a few weeks later made the recognition bittersweet. This past year closed with two North Dakota brothers named Breuer earning national rodeo titles. Ty claimed the 2010 college bareback championship and, later in the summer, Casey found himself the runner-up champion among the nation’s top high school bareback riders. At the 2010 WNFR in December, steer wrestler Dane Hanna of Berthold took his first trip to the Thomas & Mack, while

past WNFR champion Shaun Stroh of Dickinson made a repeat appearance. Barrel racer Britany Fleck of Solen and “Rootie” finished 17th in the world standings. You begin thinking more alertly after the shock of getting kicked by a horse or cow. So I found myself on New Year’s Eve, looking down the road to 2011. You should expect to see an effort to open a 21st century “Western Cattle Trail” from Texas to North Dakota. The cultures of yesteryear and today will be co-mingled through a network of state chapters in the middle of the U.S. This will bring new friends and visitors together along the trail. There is the strong possibility that, with more “angels” (NDCHF benefactors), we can start a new capital campaign for expansion. At least two collections are being offered to the Hall when we have the additional exhibit space. The unique economic well-being of North Dakota should motivate state legislators this winter to support a state and national award-winning Hall of Fame. The benefits of the energy boom should be shared as “investments” in our collective future. With the close of nominations for this year’s induction process, we are reminded of the many people, places and events worthy of honor and recognition. The Trustees will have their work cut out for them in the upcoming balloting process. Who will be the 2011 nominees? You’ll have to join us to find out at the Trustee meeting on Saturday, February 26th, at the Seven Seas, Mandan. Not only is a new year here, folks, but also a new decade. Great events and opportunities are coming together. And our Board and Trustees are excited about the future. We offer thanks for your past support and your continued help to keep the vision alive for those closest to our hearts--our children, grandchildren and those yet to come. Phil Baird President

North Dakota Cowboy Hall of Fame Executive Director Darrell Dorgan Medora Site Manager Kathy Miller

Board of Directors

President. Phil Baird, Mandan Vice-president Robert Tibor, Hebron Secretary/Treasurer Russell Danielson, Harwood Virginia Eck, Bismarck Laura Griffin, Medora Shirley Meyer, Dickinson Ray Morrell, Mandan Walter Piehl, Jr., Minot Ross Rolshoven, Grand Forks Willard Schnell, Dickinson Roxanne Solberg-Gillespie,York James Chamley, Colorado Springs, CO Editor Cathy A. Langemo WritePlus Inc. Bismarck Layout United Printing, Inc. Bismarck

Editorial Advisory Committee Phil Baird Ray Morrell Robert Tibor

Send Letters, Address Changes, Memberships and Contributions to: Bismarck Office: 120 N. 3rd St., Ste. 85 Bismarck, ND 58501-3860 Phone: 701-250-1833 Fax: 701-250-1835 Medora Office: P.O. Box 137 Medora, ND 58645-0137 Phone: 701-623-2000 Fax: 701-623-2001 Website: E-mail:


People of all Nations and cultures will come to understand and appreciate North Dakota’s ranching, rodeo and Native American cultures through the North Dakota Cowboy Hall of Fame.

Mission Statement

The North Dakota Cowboy Hall of Fame will strive to preserve and educate about the western history and cultural heritages of North Dakota’s Native American, ranching and rodeo communities.

Operating Hours

May-Sept. 10 a.m.-8 p.m. MDT. Oct.-Apr. Open upon request.

Page 4 • The Cowboy Chronicle • February 2011

Notes from darrell The Cowboy Hall of Fame needs your help. We need you to contact your state legislators and ask them to support a funding bill to help build an addition to your Hall of

Fame. State Representative Keith Kempenich (R-Bowman) has introduced a bill that would provide us with $250,000 this biennium. It's less than what we really need to get going with a new addition, but it’s better than nothing, which is what we received last session. The new addition would house the incredible Ralph Hubbard artifact collection that the Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation (TRMF) has offered to the Hall of Fame. The collection, last appraised at more than $3 million, would require additional exhibit areas. The TRMF has already volunteered to use its considerable lobbying powers to help the

NDCHF obtain legislative funding to keep this precious collection in North Dakota. Our plan to house the Hubbard collection calls for building a single-story addition where the Hall of Fame patio now sets on the west side of the building. The patio area would then move to the second floor of the addition. Ten years ago, the State Legislature gave us a $100,000 grant, which was converted into a $5-million facility that was voted America’s Best Cowboy Museum for 2010. Now, we need $500,000 to kick-start the project to house the one-of-a-kind Hubbard collection. Representatives Kempenich (R-Bowman) ( and Drovdahl (R-Watford City) ( represent District 39, which is home to the Hall of Fame. Their support is critical, and Kempenich will sponsor our funding bill. State Representative and NDCHF Board member Shirley Meyer (D-Dickinson) ( will also work hard for passage of the funding package.

You can call 1-888-635-3447 and leave a message for your legislator and ask them to help Representatives Kempenich, Drovdahl and Meyer in this effort. You can also send letters to your legislators in care of State Legislature, Capitol Building, 600 E. Boulevard Ave., Bismarck, ND 58505 Funding for projects like the Cowboy Hall of Fame is common (especially when the state has money). Last session, legislators provided more than $1 million to the Lewis and Clark Center, Washburn, and a significant grant to TRMF for their wonderful Rough Riders Hotel Project. They also voted for $15 million for a new grandstand at the State Fairgrounds, Minot. There are other groups that have expressed an interest in providing funding for the project, but it’s important they see the Legislature has an interest in helping the project. Cards, calls and letters can make this happen. Your help on this issue is greatly appreciated.

NDCHF announces Volunteer Program


very day at the North Dakota Cowboy Hall of Fame, I hear someone say how proud they are of our facility and the accomplishments of all involved in creating such an outstanding presentation of our North Dakota heritage. If you were to spend even one day here at the Hall of Fame, the excitement generated from our visitors would be very contagious. It is due to this excitement of one of our newest Trustees Martin Orgaard and his friend Vicki Sommer that the “Cowboy Up Volunteer Program” came about. They said they would love to come out to Medora and spend a few days to a week helping at the Cowboy Hall of Fame.

Matter of fact, Martin and Vicki were so excited about the idea of volunteering that they went out and bought a camper the next week. We have a few bugs to work out yet and would love to hear from any of you who might be interested in this new Volunteer Program or have any ideas in making this idea a great success. I would love to have smiling, cheerful greeters at the gate, sharing their love of the facility and knowledge about our history. The basic duties would be helping with some light housekeeping each morning before opening, greeting visitors, answering questions and helping with children’s story time.

So, what do you think, folks? If you are interested in spending a few days with us at the NDCHF as a greeter, please give me a call at 701623-2000 or look me up at the Annual meeting in late February. Look forward to hearing from you!!

February 2011 • The Cowboy Chronicle • Page 5

Hamm is Annual meeting keynoter


nterested in the future of Western North Dakota? Well, the man with the answers will be the keynote speaker at the February 26 NDCHF Annual meeting banquet, Mandan. Harold Hamm, the man who has led the way in the development of the Bakken Oil Formation, will share his thoughts on the future and other topics at the banquet. Hamm, who started Continental Resources in Enid, Okla., has been in the forefront of leasing acreage and mineral rights and drilling wells in North Dakota. In February 2009, Forbes Magazine called Harold Hamm “The Last American Wildcatter” because he is still finding oil in the U.S. Born in Okla. in 1945, Harold Hamm was the youngest of 13 children of sharecroppers. After graduating from Enid High School, he worked for an oilfield service contractor and Champlin Petroleum Co. He then purchased a used tank-truck, borrowing $1,000 on a co-signed note to start a one-truck oilfield service business in Ringwood, Okla., and his entry into the oil and gas industry. In 1967, Hamm incorporated Shelly

Dean Oil Company (named after his two oldest daughters), which later became Continental Resources. Today, Continental is a successful independent oil and natural gas exploration and production company. Operating in 20 states, it is listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Presently, Hamm serves as chairman and chief executive officer. He is also chairman of the Hiland Holdings and Hiland Partners boards and served on the Complete Production Services board. Hamm is past chairman and presently a member of the Okla. Independent Petroleum Association board and served as a founding member of the Okla. Energy Resources board. He served as president of the National Stripper Well Association and founder and chairman of Save Domestic Oil, Inc. Recently, he co-founded the Domestic Energy Producers Alliance to preserve markets for domesticallyproduced oil and gas. Hamm has been honored with regional and national Ernst and Young awards in the energy, chemicals and mining category for his accomplishments in the oil industry over the past 40 years. A leading advocate of education in Okla., Hamm has received numerous awards and recognition for his contributions. In 2009, the University of Okla. conferred its Doctor of Humane Letters Degree upon him. In 2008, Okla. State University

benefited from Continental’s generous $1-million donation to create a petroleum engineering chair. In 1996, Hamm played a pivotal role in bringing branches of Northwestern Okla. State University and Northern Okla. College to Enid. This effort provided increased public higher education access for area students. He received the first honorary master’s degree ever given by Northwestern, a Masters of Letters of Law. According to Hamm, “If it hadn’t been for education, I would never have had a chance to break away from the poverty cycle my family and I were caught up in since the Depression years.” Among many gifts, the Harold and Sue Ann Hamm Foundation recently donated $1.8 million to the North Dakota Heritage Center expansion project. The Foundation has also contributed $10 million as founding donors for the University of Okla.’s Harold Hamm Okla. Diabetes Center. He is a member of the Okla. Research Foundation board. In 2007, Hamm was first named to the Forbes Magazine’s list of the 400 wealthiest Americans. He is No. 44 on their latest list.

Page 6 • The Cowboy Chronicle • February 2011

Rick Thompson, radio announcer in Dickinson, recently received the PRCA Media Award for Broadcast Journalism-Talk Radio. Congratulations, Rick!!

Life Album: The Frank and Doris Kubik Story, authored by Cathy A. Langemo, is available for $10 & $1 tax & postage by calling 701-527-7948 or emailing

February 2011 • The Cowboy Chronicle • Page 7

Great Western Cattle Trail plans go national


lans to mark the route of the incredible Great Western Cattle Trail that runs from Brownsville, Texas, to Canada took another step forward with the formation of a national group. Delegates from four states met in Vernon, Texas, in December and voted to move forward and establish additional state chapters of the Great Western Cattle Trail Association (GWCTA). The delegates, representing Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas and North Dakota, hope to enlist the support of the other five states the trail passes through on its way north and mark the historic trail with obelisks every 10 miles from Texas to Canada. Myra Busby of Seymour, Texas, was selected as the first chairperson of the group that also plans to establish active chapters in Wyoming, Montana, Nebraska, South Dakota and Colorado. From the 1870s to the late 1890s, more than six million cattle and a million horses moved up the trail, establishing a ranching industry that still thrives today on the Great Plains. Busby says, “With the help of Rotary Clubs throughout Texas, much of the trail has been marked in that state. Work is now underway in other states, and it’s hoped that the National Park Service will eventually help preserve and promote one of America’s unique trails.” There are already markers for the trail near Bowman and a memorial at the North Dakota Cowboy Hall of Fame in Medora. Much of the trail can still be followed as it meanders from Texas north through cattle country today. Busby says, “The trail that has been featured in hundreds of western movie and television programs over the years is the heart of rodeo country. It’s where pickups are as common as cars, blue jeans are considered formal and oil rigs dot the landscape. It’s the American culture people from around the world know; want to see and feel.”

Twenty people from the four states attended the organizational meeting and, in addition to Busby, Darrell Dorgan, the North Dakota Chapter president, was elected vice-president. The National Board will meet again in Medora on August 6-7. Each of the nine states that the GWCT crossed are eligible to establish state chapters and send two delegates to become national board members. Montana and Nebraska are working on establishing state chapters. Anyone interested in working on the GWCT Project is invited to the Medora meeting in August. The first priority of the national board is to promote the ongoing Congressional Feasibility Study to be presented to Congress that would call for marking the complete length of the trail from Brownsville, Texas, to the Canadian border north of Medora and to Miles City, Montana. The Congressional Bill now includes an abbreviated trail from San Antonio to Ogallala, Nebraska. The national board will invite all nine states and the towns along the trail to include their annual events on the trail on their websites to promote heritage tourism. The national board will work directly with the National Park Service representatives on the Congressional Feasibility Study, a three-year study that began in 2010 to determine if the GWCT and the Chisholm Trail should

be designated as national historic trails. The study will address three points: the origin, the end and the significance of each trail. Anyone interested in obtaining information about the GWCTA can contact Myra Busby at 940-889-2921 ( or Darrell Dorgan at the North Dakota Cowboy Hall of Fame, Bismarck (701-2501833). The group will soon establish a website to share information with others interested in the project.

Page 8 • The Cowboy Chronicle • February 2011

F UNDRAISING 2011 saddle raffle tickets moving fast by Judith Hammer


rustees and friends of NDCHF are “back in the saddle” racket again this year, selling chances on a hand-tooled, presentation saddle created by Belfield’s own nationally-acclaimed, saddlery wizard “Pony Bill” Engen. Engen also designed and created the Theodore Roosevelt saddle donated as the raffle prize in 2009. This year’s prize is emblazoned with the North Dakota Cowboy Hall of Fame logo on the stirrup fenders and detailed western motifs on the jockeys. A matching hand-tooled headstall and martingale completes the set that would be handsome tack for any steed prancing down Main Street on the Fourth of July!

Tickets were distributed last autumn, giving everyone plenty of time to sell tickets before the drawing on Induction Saturday, June 25, in Medora. Sales have been steady; it’s anyone’s guess how many buckaroos found a ticket in their stockings on Christmas morning! As in $ past years, 5 proceeds from the raffle are North Dakota Cowboy Hall of Fame designated Name: ___________________________________ toward improvements Address: _________________________________ City, State, Zip: ____________________________ at the Hall of Phone No.: _______________________________ Fame. Competition Email: ___________________________________ among some No.

of the trustees is brisk and, as in past years, the person who turns in the most sold tickets will be awarded a custom rifle. Need tickets? Contact Judith Hammer at the Bismarck office (701250-1833), and your request will be in the mail pronto. 5



is proud to present this one-of-a-kind, heirloom, hand-tooled saddle.

Nationally acclaimed saddle maker “Pony Bill” Engen of Belfield, ND, spent two years designing and making this incredible saddle as a tribute to the North Dakota Cowboy Hall of Fame. “Pony Bill” has now donated this masterpiece to the NDCHF for a fundraising raffle. The saddle, valued at more than $4,000, features the hand-tooled logo of the NDCHF and western scenes. The presentation saddle set, that will become an instant heirloom, also includes a hand-tooled headstall and martingale. The raffle proceeds will be used by the NDCHF, America’s “PONY BILL” AND 2010 Cowboy Museum of the Year, to continue making SADDLE improvements at the Center of Western Heritage and Cultures: Native American, Ranching and Rodeo in Medora, ND. The drawing for “Pony Bill’s” masterpiece will be June 25, 2011, at 3:00 p.m. MT during the annual NDCHF inductions in Medora. You need not be present to win. Ticket holders must be 21 years old to enter. The value of the saddle is estimated at $4,000. If the winner decides not to accept the saddle, the NDCHF will give the winner $1,000 in cash. This is not a charitable donation. BILLINGS COUNTY LOTTERY PERMIT #2010-01.


NDCHF sets up charitable gift annuity option


he North Dakota Cowboy Hall of Fame has established its first Charitable Gift Annuity Agreement with a former Mandan resident and his wife. The annuity is being managed by American Bank Center’s Trust Department. A Charitable Gift Annuity allows participants to make a gift of cash, marketable securities or some other asset and receive a relatively high rate of return during their lifetime and allowing the remaining balance to go to the Hall of Fame. In the case of Preston and Sharon Leingang, members who now reside in Texas, they will be paid a 5.7 percent return on their original gift commitment amount. The annuity payments will be made twice a year during their lifetimes. Well over 50 percent of their payments are tax free. The amount of the annuity payments is based on the age of the contribu-

tor, but is usually about 1 percent per decade. Those in their 60s could receive about a 6 percent return; those in their 80s, 8 percent. The agreement can also remain in force to cover two lives, in which case the annuity payments will be smaller than if covering just one life. In the case of the Leingangs, the original gift amount will not be released to the Hall of Fame during their lifetimes, but will be held in trust by the American Bank Center Trust Department. Fundraising consultant Cordell Dick says, “A Charitable Gift Annuity is a way for people to possibly lessen their tax burden, while drawing a significantly higher income from their investments during their lifetimes. It’s a wonderful way for people to better themselves while leaving a legacy for the Hall of Fame. During the current economic times, when interest rates

on savings are low, a Charitable Gift Annuity may be especially beneficial.” Here’s an example of the annuity rates paid to Charitable Gift Annuity contributors. Single Life 50s – 4.9% to 5.2% 60s – 5.2% to 5.8% 70s – 5.8% to 7.0% 80s – 7.2% to 9.2% 90s – 9.5% Two Lives 50s – 4.2% to 4.9% 60s – 4.9% to 5.3% 70s – 5.4% to 6.1% 80s – 6.3% to 8.0% 90s – 8.3% to 9.3% For more information on how to establish a Charitable Gift Annuity, please call Darrell Dorgan at the NDCHF office (701-250-1833).

February 2011 • The Cowboy Chronicle • Page 9

F UNDRAISING NDCHF offers original display boards


wenty-four of the original inductee display boards are still available for $200 each. The display boards, with bios, photos and brands, are in excellent condition, have been shrink wrapped and are ready to be mailed to anyone interested in purchasing them. The boards make great gifts for special occasions and holidays. If you are interested in purchasing any of the remaining 24 boards, simply send payment to the Bismarck office or the Medora site, and we will box them and send them to you. The remaining boards include: Ranches Long X Ranch Modern-era Ranching Freida Bohnsack

Harris Goldsberry Pre-1940 Ranching William J. “Bill” Follis Donald Stevenson William “Bill” Taylor Rodeo Livestock Old Shep Modern-era Rodeo Franklin “Tex” Appledoorn Jack Chase Pete Fredericks Frank Marshall Delvin Reich Pre-1940 Rodeo George Bruington George Defender Scott Gore

Robert McLeod Joe Wicks Rodeo Producers George Gardner Special Achievement Dickinson Match of Champions Arts & Entertainment Einar Olstad Cy Taillon Great Westerners of ND Ray Schnell Sr. Cowboy Long Rider Don Hart Leaders of Ranching & Rodeo Earl Northrop

Consider NDCHF license plate


or those who still don’t have the special NDCHF license plate, you can still order it. Executive Director Darrell Dorgan says, “The plates are being proudly displayed on vehicles all around the state and beyond. They are a fun gift idea and an excellent marketing tool for the Cowboy Hall of Fame.” Project Manager Judith Hammer says, “Remember--NDCHF gets $15

of each special license plate ordered, plus the organization receives a lot of free advertising from the CHF plates on the road. You can order the special plate through either NDCHF’s Bismarck office or directly through the ND Department of Transportation. If you need a form, call the Bismarck office at 701-250-1833 or go to Click on

Application for Organization Plate (SFN 54397), complete the form and mail it to the ND DOT.

NDCHF sells remaining theater chairs


hanks to the support of many, the Tom Leach Theater chairs are now sold out. NDCHF Executive Director Darrell Dorgan says, “This opportunity to recognize family members, friends or yourself with a chair in the CHF theater has passed.” The final people honored with chairs

include: • Dan C. & Mima Belle Beck (from Texas to North Dakota, 1912) • Martin (Old Dog) Cross • Helen Fandrich Bosch • Louise Hagerott Pfliger • Tom & Frances Leach • LeRoy “Bud” Perry • Louis & Kathryn Signalness

• Gary Summerfield • George & Maribelle Summerfield • Bruce Van Sickle • Robert L. Voigt, M.D. • Howard Wanna • Bill Winter • Albert & Karen Wolf family

Page 10 • The Cowboy Chronicle • February 2011


Hanna represents ND at 2010 WNFR of great people and see a lot of different places, but the traveling so much is the most challenging part of professional rodeo.” Dane says, “What really keeps me going is that I love steer wrestling and I hate being broke. That keeps me pretty motivated.”

Dane grew up with rodeo


ompeting at the WNFR is a dream of most cowboys and cowgirls. And star North Dakota steer wrestler Dane Hanna was no exception. Through hard work, he made his dream come true and participated in his first WNFR last December. He was ranked ninth going into the WNFR and placed in four of the ten rounds. Dane says, “Making it to the 2010 WNFR was really exciting, after nearly qualifying in 2005 and 2007. A lot of guys get to the WNFR faster than I did, but I just kept working on it.” The goal of the Berthold native, like other professional rodeo competitors, is to win a world championship. He says, “It takes a lot of hard work and support from family and friends. And a lot of luck doesn’t hurt anything.” Dane and his wife Erika (Wilson) live in Starkville, Mississippi, where she is in her third year of at the Mississippi State University

Veterinarian School. He says, “I am grateful for my wife who, without her support, I would have to be doing something else. And my family has always been there. It takes a lot of help from a lot of people to travel around the country all year long.” Dane was also mentored by Todd Suhn in the early part of his professional career. Dane makes it to about 70 rodeos a year, traveling 75,000 miles in nearly every state west of the Mississippi River, including Denver, San Antonio, Houston, Deadwood, Cheyenne, Sheridan and Pendleton. He says, “You get to meet a lot

The son of Dennis and Gayle Hanna of Berthold, Dane was born in 1981. He and his brothers grew up in a rodeo family on a farm and ranch operation. Dane says, “My mom ran barrels, did goat tying and trained barrel horses. My dad rode buckin’ horses and bulls and was a pick-up man.” He remembers when his grandpa, dad and uncles ran the Figure Four Rodeo Company. He says, “They put on a bunch of NDRA rodeos around North Dakota. I guess I’ve been around rodeo in one form or another since I was little.” Dane’s first rodeo was at the Fargo High School Rodeo when he was a freshman.” He won the National High School Finals in Gillette and went on to become the NDRA Champion Steer Wrestler in 2000. Dane also qualified for the College National Finals Rodeo and the Dodge National Circuit Finals. In 2002, Dane joined the PRCA. He says, “I quickly grew to like steer wrestling better than working.” Dane graduated from Berthold High School and from Eastern Wyoming College, Torrington. He says, “After high school, I also worked a variety of jobs when not rodeoing—construction in Minot, in the Louisiana oil fields in 2008 for a bit and for a few ranchers.”

Future looks promising

When asked what else Dane has in his life, he says, “Rodeos and

February 2011 • The Cowboy Chronicle • Page 11

preparing for them take up most of my time right now. As soon as Erika is done with vet school and we establish a permanent residence, we hope to start a family. Then I will probably have to get a real job, perhaps in North Dakota!” In the meantime, Dane will continue pursuing his dream of winning a WNFR world championship.

Other North Dakota rodeo stars had successful 2010 seasons: Shaun Stroh qualified for the 2010 WNFR. He went in ranked in 11th place and placed in two rounds. Ty Breuer won the bareback championship at the 2010 College National Finals Rodeo in Casper, Wyoming. Casey Breuer was the runnerup champion in bareback at the National High School Rodeo last summer.

Independent & Assisted Living

Page 12 • The Cowboy Chronicle • February 2011

P LAQUES Family honors loved one with plaque Burton L. Hoovestol


urton Hoovestol was born January 27, 1925, to Joseph and Myrtle (Harper) Hoovestol of Almont. He grew up in the Almont Lutheran Church and attended Almont High School, graduating in 1942. After one semester at NDSU, he returned to Almont. He married Etheleen Kilen in October 1949, and they farmed and ranched near Almont until 1955. Burton started his first mail route from Bismarck to Linton. He expanded to a long-haul mail contracting and trucking business, Beco, Inc., based out of New Salem and Denver. In 1956, Burton started farming and ranching northeast of New

Salem, which continued to be his passion until his death. He was active in community affairs and known for his generosity and willingness to help where needed. He served on church and school boards, county and state Farm Bureau boards and North Dakota and National Star Route Mail Contractors Association boards. Burt and Ethie enjoyed traveling in their motor home and spending time with family and friends. He died January 7, 2009, at age 83 after a six-year battle against stomach cancer. Burton is survived by his wife, his children Nancy, Calvin, Wayne, Susan and Lynnae; 12 grandchildren; 5 great-grandchildren; and other family members.

Memorial Wall Program honors family and friends


he NDCHF’s Memorial Wall and Card File Registry Program is the perfect opportunity to honor family members, special friends and others, preserving a person’s life and accomplishments for future generations. The card file registry lets you honor someone with a card file for $250. The card file includes biographical information, a photograph and a brand. For $1,000, a person, business or organization can be honored with a 14” x 9” plaque. A $5,000 plaque, 18” x 10½”, also includes biographical information. Both plaque sizes include a card file. For more information, call Cathy Langemo at the Bismarck office (701-250-1833 or 701-527-7948).

OBITUARY POLICY If you are aware of the recent death of a NDCHF member; a N.Dak. cowboy, cowgirl or rancher; or a friend of western heritage, please inform us and, if possible, provide an obituary or funeral program. Obituaries can be sent to: NDCHF, 120 N. 3rd St., Ste. 85, Bismarck, ND 58501-3860. Space availability may determine inclusion and length.

February 2011 • The Cowboy Chronicle • Page 13

E ND OF THE TRAIL NDCHF Trustee Vernon Bucholz, 74, of Bismarck, died Jan. 2, 2011. Born in Garrison to Robert and Hilda (Drefs) Bucholz, he was raised on a

Pearl Albers, 94, Hannover, died Dec. 11, 2010, in Bismarck. She was born to Sherman and Nellie (Lamb) Hickle near Sanger and attended rural schools, graduating from Bismarck High School in 1933. Pearl worked for the Federal Emergency Relief Administration from 1934-1942 when she married Harold Martin Albers. They farmed north of Hannover, where raised two children. Pearl was active in the church and enjoyed gardening, painting, crafts and cooking. She is survived by her son Mark, granddaughter and other family members. Garrett Fox, 20, Bismarck, died Dec. 30, 2010. He was born at Watford City to Christopher Fox and Vanessa Mandan. He attended school in Bismarck and Mandan, graduating from Mandaree High School in 2009. Garrett attended Dickinson State University. He enjoyed archery, playing guitar, singing and watching the Denver Broncos. He planned to enter the U.S. Army. He is survived by his parents, brothers, special friend Sierra Blackhoop and many family members, including his great-greatgrandfather and NDCHF Trustee Jim Danks. Theodore Klein, 95, Bismarck, died Jan. 8. The son of Dan and

Burleigh County farm and attended rural school. Vern graduated from Wilton High School in 1954. Vern married Mavis Reiser in 1957, and they lived in McClusky before moving to the family farm near Regan, where they raised two sons. After 40 years on farm, they sold it and moved to Bismarck. Vern worked as a fieldman for

ASCS for 38 years and graduated from the Auctioneers School of Iowa. He auctioneered in the area for many years and was inducted into the North Dakota Auctioneers Hall of Fame. Vern is survived by two sons, Steven and James, grandchildren and his former wife Mavis.

Katherine (Bollinger) Klein, he attended rural schools. Ted married Olga Brose in 1939, and they farmed near Menoken until 1942, when they purchased a farm near Wing. He served for 23 years as a Burleigh County commissioner. The couple moved to Bismarck in 1994. Ted enjoyed fishing, coyote hunting, helping others and spending time with friends. He is survived by his wife of 71 years, one daughter Kathleen Peterson, one son Alan Klein, his grandchildren and greatgrandchildren.

Carmen Bernier, four children, his grandchildren and greatgrandchildren.

Clinton “Clint” Kopp, 78, West Fargo, died Nov. 10, 2010, in Fargo. He was born at Kathryn to Leonard and Elsie (Kulsrud) Kopp and grew up in Lisbon, graduating from Lisbon High School in 1951. He married Barbara Clow in 1951 and served in the U.S. Navy. After graduating from NDSU, Clint worked as a shepherd and then as executive secretary of the Red River Valley Fair. He owned and operated various businesses in the Fargo area and was working at Adesa in Fargo at the time of his death. Clint enjoyed raising and showing sheep, horses and traveling. He was a member of the West Fargo VFW, West Fargo School Board and Maple Sheyenne Lutheran Church. He is survived by his companion

Ted Kurle, 90, Mercer, died Nov. 2, 2010, in Bismarck. He was born near Mercer to Jacob and Eva (Rath) Kurle. He married Ruth Neumiller in 1944, and they farmed/ranched near Mercer. Ted was well-known for his quality registered Quarter horses. He was an excellent horseman and teamster. He enjoyed the cowboy way of life, hunting, playing old-time music and his love of teasing and playing jokes. Ted is survived by his wife of 66 years, sons Duane and Dennis, daughter-in-law Ardythe, grandchildren and step-grandchildren. John C. Reilly, 95, Dickinson, died Nov. 22, 2010. He was born in Medora to John and Katherine (Wagendorf) Reilly. He graduated from Medora High School in 1933 and joined the Civilian Conservation Corps in 1934. John returned to the family ranch to help his parents and delivered rural mail routes on horseback. He retired from ranch work in 1976. He moved to Dickinson in 2003 and enjoyed visiting with family and friends, playing and teaching cribbage and watching rodeos. John is survived by his sister, nieces and nephews.

Page 14 • The Cowboy Chronicle • February 2011

F UNDRAISING Members Contribute to NDCHF

The following are new or renewing NDCHF members from Oct. 21, 2010, through Jan. 14, 2011, deposits only. To contribute through any of the following methods, please complete and mail the form on page 17. Display Boards William & Kathleen Eaton, Eaton Bros. Custer Trail Ranch Minot Indoor Rodeo Inc. Donations AETNA Foundation (matching grant) AMVETS Post #9 Mary Ann Durick* Fort Abraham Lincoln Corral Westerners International Joyce Fossum Kalenze-Kraft Fine Art Bonita* & Lynn Laske (In Honor of Freida Bohnsack) MDU Resources Foundation Theresa Nelson (from cutting winnings) Shawna & Nick Towner (AETNA) Pledges/Capital Fund & Trustee Caretaker Program Roger* & Connie Anderson James Chamley* ** First Western Bank & Trust Angus Fox* Sue* & Randy Mosser Douglas Munski* Winona & Bob* Penfield Don* & Jan Rustad Theatre Chairs Marvin Kaiser George Perry (In Memory of LeRoy “Bud” Perry) Arlyce Schulte (In Memory of Helen Fandrich Bosch) Arlyce Schulte (In Honor of Louise Hagerott Pfliger) Dorothy Van Sickle (In Honor of Bruce Van Sickle) Janice Voigt (In Memory of Robert L. Voigt, M.D.) Carol Winter Bjorge* (In Honor of Bill Winter) Memberships Diamond Saddle ($1,000-$4,999 annually) Biron Baker

Brian & Terrie Dahl Jim Danks* Stephen & Denise McDonough Steve & Marcy Orwig, Orwig’s Tubs Inc. Sherry Plummer Gold Buckle ($500-$999 annually) Roger* & Connie Anderson Dora Jane (Martell) Brockway Russ** & Helen Danielson Alick* & Grayce Dvirnak Bette Krabbenhoft* Ernie Krabbenhoft* Glenn* & Joanne McCrory H.L. & Shirley Meschke Silver Buckle ($250-$499 annually) Don & Betty Boehm Arnold Burian* Kent Conrad & Lucy Calautti James Chamley* ** Laura Griffin** Jen Janecek Hartman Paul & Emilie Ihland, SI Contracting LLC Bruce Kautzman* Gregory Lardy* & Lynae Hansen-Lardy Shirley** & Dean Meyer Craig & Patti Newby, Newby’s Hardware, Inc. Larry & Judi Schnell Rick Stern* Mike & Ruth Thompson Lorry & Harriet Vining Trophy Spurs ($200-$249 annually) Harry Anderson* Fran Armstrong* Terrald* & Carol Bang Lyn* & Al Bjornson Almit* & Marlyne Breuer Karen Brookhart* Colleen Carmichael Arnie* & Cleo Charging Jill Chase* Fay* & Lynn Connell Clark Cronquist Jr.* Jock Eaton*, Eaton Ranch Aaron Enget*

Sonny* & Mardean Ehr G. Roy Gilbreath* Cary* & Margie Hande Gene & Gynell Harris Patricia Higgins Caudel* DeVerne* & Margaret Hoggarth Marilyn* & Kent Hudson Neil Larson* James* & Dona Lowman Douglas Munski* H. Weyburn* & Mae Niewoehner Larry* & Peggy Njos Phyllis O’Neil* Gerg & Rhonda Pennington Don* & Janice Rustad Jerry Schlosser*, Century 21 Morrison Realty, Inc. Marvin* & Barbara Semrau Jim* & Gini Stevens Jimi Lou* & Gary Woodard Ranch Boss ($100-$199 annually) Pauline Appledoorn* Tex Appledoorn* Robert C. Arthaud Herbert & Sharon Bendixson Rodger Berntson* David Borlaug Roger & Sharon Brekke Evelyn Bryant Rodger & Mavis Buchholz Ron* & Neva Carlisle Larry Christiansen*, Christiansen Cattle Co. William & Connie Connolly Einar & Avonne Dahl John “Jack” Dahl John E. Davis Jr. Byron & Kim Dorgan & family Darrell & Kathy Dorgan & family George & Myrtle Dynes Fred Eberle Bettie Erickson* James & Jane Forthun Joyce Fossum* Neal Goerger Patricia Grantier (Mary J. Mann Trust) Ed & Jean Hall Rosemary Hanson David Hendrickson

Armen & Connie Hanson Brian & Candy Langseth Gerald & Kathy Henry Nancy & Darrell Hermanson Gary* & Kim Hoglund Arlene Isaak* Gary & Gayle Jeffrey Gaylord & Cindy Kavlie Jean Kautzman Brad Kersten, Kersten Chiropractic PC John & Dorothy Kolden Rueben & Phyllis Knutson George & Karen Kruse D.W. Kukowski Gene & Peggy Langley Robert* & Bonnie Lee Armin & Joan Lennick Eleanore Lindemann Walter & Susan Link Mark Lundeen Donald Majeres Mandan Progress Organization Sandra Marback Gordon & Lyla McLean Virginia Nelsen Eloise Ogden* Odean & Karen Olson Robert & Lavonne Patten Nola J. Price* Gerald & Sally Reichert Art Rohr Walter J. Piehl Jr.**, Fort Union Associates Ross Rolshoven* **, Great Plains Claims,Inc. Kathleen Ryan & Montz & Ryan Family Sheila Schafer Alois & Nancy Schall Collin Schnell & Michelle Avelar-Schnell Jerry Schnell Linda Shipley Vettel* & Wesley Vettel Dorvan* & Eileen Solberg Albertine Stoltenow, Stoltenow Stock Farm Mark Stutrud Odin Stutrud Gary & Vicki Summerfield Willard Swanke N.E. & B.J. Tombarge Jerry & Marie Toman

February 2011 • The Cowboy Chronicle • Page 15

Robert & Bonnie Tweeten Gerald Vandewalle Janice N. Voigt Barb Voss Carol Weigelt Beverly Wenger Wrangler ($50-$99 annually) Ruben & Pat Auch Merle Aus Ernie & Alice Bachler Bob & Marlene Baker (gift from Rod & Diann Baker) Claudia Berg & Robert Matz C.J. Bloomquist Alan & Nicole Boote Julia Brace Lance & Karen Bueling Clark Butler Nancy & Daniel Camburn Capital Trophy C. Mauritz & Eilene Carlson Donald & Delores Carlson John Combs & Ferne Nordin Richard Collin & Andrea Winkjer Collin John Combs & Ferne Nordin Combs Hugh Michael & Rachel Connolly (gift from James & Janet Connolly) James & Janet Connolly James Robert Connolly (gift from James & Janet Connolly) Cameron & Jan Dodge Russell & Debra Dressler Gary & Carol Duggan Jessica Christine & William Eckroth (gift from James & Janet Connolly) Dakota Roughriders Saddle Club Cordell Dick Vern* & Dyanne Erickson Lowell & Janice Faris Clifford & Marion Ferebee John & Brigitte Hancock Curt Hanson Steven & Linda Hanson Todd Hauer Harv Hegvick Arvin & Ginny Hendrickson (gift from Brent & Laurel Nelson) Roswell & Mary Henke Elizabeth Hill Doc & Helen Hilz, Coal Craft Products Joe Hizinski Janet Holt Robert & Karen Huether Deloris Johnson, Rosedale Apiaries

Miles & Marlene Johnsrud Sharon Kilzer Roger Kinnischtzke Dennis & Kim Kurle John & Linda Leininger Charles & Marleen Lowman Carol Martinez Roderick R. Mather (gift from Russ & Elaine Mather) Lyle* & Ruth McDermott Gene & Susan Melgaard Gary & Sandra Moran Larry Nelson Norma Nelson, Nelson Sunrise Ranch Bruce Northrop Myles O’Keeffe Orlin & Joyce Oium, Riverdale Ranch Sylvia (Reid) Oliver & Lilly Art Olson Sharon Olson Michael & Pamala Piatz James Pladson Connie* & Glenda Redmond Don & Betty Rehm Gary Reile

Noel Reinhiller D.L. Robson, Crazy R Ranch Patrick & Marcy Roehrich, Double R Quarterhorse Ranch Steve & Barbara Rogalla Charles Rothberg Marlys & Wallace Rustad Irene Sonju Robert & Jean Steffes Marlo & Jane Sveen Carl & Pat Svendsen Allan & Joyce Thompson Wesley & Marlene Tossett Dave & Kim Utke, Sheldak Ranch Owen & Becky Voigt John Wall (gift from Lee & Sharon Wall) Lee Wall Lila (Melodie) (Lindbo) Wannemacher Lois Wanner, Knife River Ranch Nicole Welker Dennis Werre E. James Werre C.H. Winkler

Lonny Winrich Anita Wirtz* Jason Wirtz* Anita Wold Don Wright Jim & Marjorie Wyckoff Ronda & Carl Zeltinger Kid’s Corral ($10 annually) Grayson Page Connolly (gift from James & Janet Connolly) MacKenzie Sage Connolly (gift from James & Janet Connolly) * Denotes NDCHF Trustees **Denotes NDCHF Board Members (Please notify the NDCHF of any errors or omissions by calling 701-250-1833.)

The North Dakota Cowboy Hall of Fame is a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation. All contributions are tax deductible.

KID CORRAL............................................. $10-$49 ANNUALLY WRANGLER CLUB................................... $50-$99 ANUALLY RANCH BOSS CLUB................................ $100-$199 ANNUALLY TROPHY SPURS CLUB............................ $200-$249 ANNUALLY SILVER BUCKLE CLUB........................... $250-$499 ANNUALLY GOLD BUCKLE......................................... $500-$999 ANNUALLY DIAMOND SADDLE CLUB....................... $1,000-$4,999 ANNUALLY TRAIL DRIVERS CLUB............................. $5,000-$9,999 ANNUALLY BRONC RIDER CLUB............................... $10,000+ANNUALLY

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F UNDRAISING NDCHF gifts honor loved ones

The NDCHF has received honorariums/memorials for the following individuals(includes Oct. 21, 2010, through Jan. 14, 2011, deposits only.) To honor a loved one, see the memorial/contribution form on page 17.

In memory of Richard Bahm Roman & Peggy Kauffmann, McCormick Ranch In memory of Henry G. “Hank” Baker Rod & Diann Baker In memory of Orris & Alice Bang Terrald & Carol Bang In memory of Thorvald Bang James Danks Barbra Kennedy Johnson Phyllis O’Neil In memory of Darrell Chruszch Robert & Debarah Dwyer ND Cutting Horse Assn. In memory of Pearl Cullen Gerald K. Edwards In memory of Lorin Duemeland Duemeland’s Commercial Real Estate In memory of Ray Erhardt Jason & Anita Wirtz In memory of Robert Feiring Clinton & Vera Bergstrom In memory of A.J. Franzen Sue & Randy Mosser In memory of Don Hart Nicole Welker In memory of Burton Hoovestol Etheleen Hoovestol In memory of Jerry Jonasson Dave Laaveg In memory of Inga & Jerry Kadrmas Elmo & Ellinor Sorenson In memory of Fred Kist Jr. Greg & Debbie Childs Lila (Melodie) Wannemacher (Lindbo)

In memory of David C. Kono Alvin & Kaye Nelson

In memory of Pat O’Brien Bill & Sheri Madison

In memory of Clint Kopp Paul, Judy & Jason Anderson Russ & Helen Danielson Ken DeKRey, Fritz Kohn & Bob Lee Mickael & Bonnie Fosse Darcy & Todd Fuchs Gary & Charlotte Griffeth Eugene & Lois Hehr Jack Hoffmann, Hoffmann Farms Gary & Kim Hoglund, Hoglund Farms LeRoy & Roberta Johnson William K. “River Bill” Johnson Rob & Kamie Kueneman Paul Kukowski Linda Leick David & Michelle Martin Eugene & Jane Piper Gordon & Sandra Schnell Howard & Harriet Smedshammer Jim & Gini Stevens

In memory of John C. Reilly Karen Putnam

In memory of Ted Kurle Dave Hendrickson In memory of Oliver Lange American Legion Post No. 29 Eunice Christophersen Barry & Georgia Fisher Butch & Carla Fleck Walter & Sandy Hovden Barb Kennedy Johnson Howard Lange Shirley Lee Doreen & Dale Orf In memory of Alex LaSotta Le Nore Wagner In memory of Randall Magilke Marlene Magilke In memory of C.F. Martell Dora J. (Martell) Brockway In Memory of Geraldine "Jerry" Meyer Drew & Katie Kalenze

In memory of Kelly J. Riskevich Marvin & Wyonne Riskevich In memory of Bob Sand Greg & Debbie Childs In memory of Delton Schulz Roman & Peggy Kauffmann, McCormick Ranch In memory of Frances Silha Larry & Peggy Njos Laureen Stuber In memory Richard Slovarp Duane Slovarp In memory of Arlen Sommers Laura & Bud Griffin LeRoy & Roberta Johnson Bruce C. Thue Carol Winter Bjorge In memory of Alvin Tescher Fran Armstrong Laure & Bud Griffin Glenn Hutchinson, Hutchinson Cattle Co. W.K. “River Bill” Johnson Alvin & Kaye Nelson Don & Janice Rustad In memory of Dillon Tofte Dave Laaveg In memory of Alina Tormaschy Connie & William Connolly In memory of Mike Walsh Dennis & Gail Danielson

February 2011 • The Cowboy Chronicle • Page 17

2011 Wild West Series May 14

Opening day of 2011 Season - ND Cowboy Hall of Fame

July 23

National Day of the Cowboy - ND Cowboy Hall of Fame

May 21

Ribs-n-Blues (BBQ rib cook-off & Battle of the Bands) – ND Cowboy Hall of Fame

August 20

Day of the People (2nd Annual Celebration of our Native American Heritage) - ND Cowboy Hall of Fame

May 28-30

Cowboy Poetry & Memorial Weekend - Medora

September 17-18 ND Cutting Horse Association Ranch-O-Rama Rodeo Grounds

June 11-12

Winchester Weekend - ND Cowboy Hall of Fame

September 19

June 24

Induction Dinner & Dance - ND Cowboy Hall of Fame Patio

ND Cowboy Hall of Fame closes for season to general public (open for groups all year)

October 29

June 25

ND Cowboy Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony - Tjaden Terrace

Theodore Roosevelt Symposium Social - ND Cowboy Hall of Fame

November 5

June 25-26

ND Barrel Racing Association Ranch-O-Rama Rodeo Grounds

Wildlife Feed - Medora Community Center

December 2-3

Old-fashioned Cowboy Christmas Medora

Survey responses An analysis of the survey responses (from the form included in the June 2010 Chronicle) will be available at the Annual Meeting, Mandan, in late February. Watch for it! Congratulations to James Pladson, of Hatton, ND, whose survey response was selected from the forms returned. He will receive a $50 credit toward his next membership renewal. Cathy A. Langemo, editor NDCHF Cowboy Chronicle

Many thanks to our volunteers!! Holiday mailing Joan & Armin Lennick 2010 Barrel racing events Ginny Eck

North dakota cowboy hall of fame membership/memorials

Membership Contribution of $ ______________________________________ Category ________________________________________________________ Memorial Gift of $ ________________________________________________ In honor of _______________________________________________________ Theater Chair Fund $ _______________ Building Fund $ ________________ Foundation $ ____________________________________________________ Name ____________________________________________________________ Address __________________________________________________________ City ______________________ State _________ Zip Code ________________ Phone __________________________________________________________ Credit Card ______________________________________________________ Expiration Date ___________________________________________________

Mail, fax or email this form (or a copy of it), along with your check or credit card number, to: North Dakota Cowboy Hall of Fame 120 N. 3rd St., Ste. 85 Bismarck, ND 58501

Page 18 • The Cowboy Chronicle • February 2011

M EMBER NEWS Trustee accepts posthumous award NDCHF Trustee Marilyn Hudson accepted the State Historical Society of North Dakota’s Person of History award on behalf of her father, Martin (Old Dog) Cross. Cross was recognized for making a lasting and significant contribution to the growth, development and progress of the state or the social well-being of its citizens. Wolff qualifies in auctioneering event Shane Wolff, Golden Valley, qualified in one of the four quarter finals for the World Livestock Auctioneering Championship held in South Carolina recently. Fleck races to 17th in the world competition Barrel racer Britany Fleck and her horse, Rootie, had a successful barrel racing season, with a No. 3 ranking in Canada and 17th in the World in the WPRA. Congratulations, Britany! Sandvicks attend Park celebration Lynell and Thorris Sandvick attended the 40th anniversary celebration of the Little Missouri State Park. They were part of a group that selected the acreage north of Killdeer for the Little Missouri State Park and were the first landowners to lease their land to the state. Lynell’s parents originally homesteaded the land. MRND coronation set Shannan “Sam” Stanke, 2011 Miss Rodeo North Dakota, will celebrate her coronation on Saturday, Feb. 19, at the Valley City VFW Club from 5:30-11:30 p.m. Stanke was selected as Miss Rodeo North Dakota at the Badlands Circuit Finals in Minot last October. Event tickets are $15 in advance and $18 at the door. Live and silent auction items are welcomed. For more information, contact Stanke at r3dotters@

Schnell featured in publication Larry Schnell, owner/operator of Stockmen’s Livestock Exchange, Dickinson, was recently featured in the Bismarck-Mandan City Magazine. Schnell has been a state champion auctioneer, a Top 3 regional competitor and has qualified for the World Livestock Auctioneer Contest six times. He also participated in team roping and calf roping in high school and college. (Read more about him in the January 2011 City Magazine or online at

around the state. The book tells about his childhood, his many ventures and his Norwegian heritage. North Dakota artist’s work honored An artwork, entitled “Yellow Sky”, by Deane Fay of Gackle has been selected for installation at the Minot Federal Building. Funded by the General Services Administration, Fay’s installation is part of a pilot project designed to support local artists and bring original works of art to Federal facilities in the Rocky Mountain Region. GSA Regional Administrator Susan Damour is coordinating the artwork installation process. NDCHF Board member Walter Piehl Jr. was among the North Dakota art professionals who juried and ultimately chose Fay’s work for the site in Minot.

Bang family receives award The Bang family, who ranch north of Killdeer, received a North Dakota Stockmen’s Association award recently. Terrald and Carol Bang, along with their son Todd and his wife Talia, were recognized with the North Dakota Environmental Stewardship award for the many conservation practices on the Come for a North Dakota Winter night of Entertainment ranch. and Celebration as we Crown (See entire Sam Stanke article in the Miss Rodeo North Dakota 2011! December 17, 2010, Farm and Saturday, February 19 · 5:30pm - 11:30pm Ranch Guide, 5:30 Social ~ 6:00 Roast Beef Dinner with Surprise Entertainment page 38A.) 7:00 Live and Silent Auction* ~8:30 Dance with the band "Joy Ride" NDCHF member publishes book Member Enoch Thorsgard began a new career in 2010 as book author. The 93-yearold Northwood farmer felt he owed it to his industry to tell the story. Thorsgard is promoting Enoch’s Saga: Horsepower to Satellite in a Single Lifetime

Valley City, ND VFW 138 East Main Street Valley City, ND Tickets:

$15 in Advance** $18 at the Door Live and Silent Auction items are needed, please consider a fundraising donation! **To purchase advanced tickets, please contact Shannan Stanke via Facebook, or email (

February 2011 • The Cowboy Chronicle • Page 19

L ea der ship Continental Resources is at the forefront of the exploration and production of unconventional oil and natural gas resources in the United States and is the third largest producer of crude oil in the Rocky Mountain region. Using the latest technology in horizontal drilling, we are leading the development of key oil and natural gas resources in the continental U.S., including the Woodford Shale play in Oklahoma and the most soughtafter oil play in the nation, the Bakken Shale in North Dakota. From our founding in 1967 in Enid, Oklahoma, Continental Resources has built a consistent record of success, finding significant new crude oil and natural gas resources, harvesting them in an environmentally responsible manner and investing in the communities where we work and operate. With our excellent, growing team of employees, we are leading the way to an even brighter future. America’s Oil Champion

2011 Page 20 • The Cowboy Chronicle • February 2009

The Cowboy Chronicle

North Dakota Cowboy Hall of Fame 120 N. 3rd St., Ste. 85 Bismarck, North Dakota 58501-3860 Address Service Requested








Established Februar y 25, 1995






15th Anniversary



Client: North Dakota Winter Show Rep: Laverne Bergloff - Jamestown Date: January 5, 2011

Please note: This ar twork is intended to be viewed from 5 to 15 feet away (=100' - 300' actual distance).


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