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IN 2010

Page 2 • The Cowboy Chronicle • November 2010

2611 Old Red Trail Mandan, ND 58554 1-800-597-7327

North Dakota Cowboy Hall of Fame Helping Preserve Yesterday and Today for Tomorrow

NDCHF Annual Meeting Activities Best Western Seven Seas Hotel, Mandan Friday, Feb. 26, 2011 7:00-9:00 p.m. CT Free Ice Cream Social and Entertainment Saturday, Feb. 27, 2011 1:00 p.m. 2:30 p.m. 5:30 p.m. 7:00 pm.


Annual Membership Meeting Trustees Meeting Social and Auctions Banquet and Entertainment Introduction of Statewide Rodeo Organizations' 2010 Event Champions Auction

November 2010 • The Cowboy Chronicle • Page 3



it from the board

NDCHF hosts book signing

Executive Director Darrell Dorgan Medora Site Manager Kathy Miller

Board of Directors

Dear Members and Friends: At the end of the movie Lonesome Dove, a news reporter asked Captain Call about his cattle trail drive from Texas to Montana. The question triggered a flashback of memories for the Captain about his epic journey. As people of the cowboy culture, we now know it was quite a ride!! This movie scene came to me as we sat at the banquet table, waiting to receive the National Cowboy Culture and Heritage award. A flood of memories was racing through my mind about our own trail leading to what the North Dakota Cowboy Hall of Fame is today. On the way down to Lubbock, Texas, Darrell Dorgan asked me if I ever thought our journey would go this far. “Heck no,” I said. To be sure, we worked hard along the trail, overcoming challenges and celebrating accomplishments with our members and friends. But then I quickly reminded him that we don’t do these things for the glory of awards. Yet here we were, walking up on the stage to pick up a hand-carved leather saddle trophy recognizing the North Dakota Cowboy Hall of Fame as the best western heritage museum for 2010. Our Texas hosts, notable and awardwinning people in their own right, were most generous and gracious in recognizing our efforts here in the Dakotas.

And joining us from the Roughrider State were NDCHF board member Russ Danielson and his wife, Helen; Operations Manager Kathy Miller and husband, Roger; new Trustee Martin Orgaard and his traveling companion, Vicki; and NDCHF inductee Alvin Nelson and his wife, Kaye. The award ceremonies also made me think about people who weren’t there with us, those who had passed on along the trail--Evelyn Neuens, Art Link, George Christensen, Don Hart and many others. I’m sure they were looking down on us and beaming with the same pride and humbleness worthy of the journey. Folks, as members and friends, you have the opportunity to pat yourselves on the back, also. Please do so. You deserve our gratitude for your continued support of this year’s National Cowboy Culture and Heritage award recipient, the North Dakota Cowboy Hall of Fame.

President. Phil Baird, Mandan Vice-president Robert Tibor, Hebron Secretary/Treasurer Russell Danielson, Harwood Virginia Eck, Bismarck Laura Griffin, Medora Shirley Meyer, Dickinson Ray Morrell, Mandan Walter Piehl, Jr., Minot Ross Rolshoven, Grand Forks Willard Schnell, Dickinson Roxanne Solberg-Gillespie,York Editor Cathy A. Langemo WritePlus Inc. Bismarck Layout United Printing, Inc. Bismarck

Editorial Advisory Committee Phil Baird Ray Morrell Robert Tibor Send Letters, Address Changes, Memberships and Contributions to: Bismarck Office: 120 N. 3rd St., Ste. 85 Bismarck, ND 58501-3860 Phone: 701-250-1833 Fax: 701-250-1835

With the holiday season quickly arriving, let us be grateful for who we are, for what we have and for the good things that come to us.

Medora Office: P.O. Box 137 Medora, ND 58645-0137 Phone: 701-623-2000 Fax: 701-623-2001

On behalf of the Hall of Fame Board of Directors, I say, “Happy Holidays, and may you and yours be blessed.”

Website: E-mail:

Again, thanks for staying on the trail with us. Phil Baird, President P.S. Rest in peace, Arlen Sommers! We know you enjoyed the ride, too.

Vision People of all Nations and cultures will come to understand and appreciate North Dakota’s ranching, rodeo and Native American cultures through the North Dakota Cowboy Hall of Fame.

Mission Statement The North Dakota Cowboy Hall of Fame will strive to preserve and educate about the western history and cultural heritages of North Dakota’s Native American, ranching and rodeo communities.

Operating Hours May-Sept. 10 a.m.-8 p.m. MDT. Oct.-Apr. Open upon request.

Page 4 • The Cowboy Chronicle • November 2010

N otes from darrell

NDCHF hosts book signing

What’s next? It was a good year for the Hall of Fame. Being chosen as the Cowboy Museum of the Year in the U.S. by the American Cowboy Cultural Awards was an honor and a surprise. About a dozen of our members attended the annual celebration in Lubbock, Texas, in September, and it was a thrill to see the size and scope of the event dedicated to keeping our traditions alive. We hope to use some of the ideas we saw in Texas to improve the programming for the National Day of the Cowboy each July. We’ve invited some of the performers from Lubbock to N. Dak. for next July’s event and, if we can raise the money, we’ll bring ‘em North. We are now working with the people in Texas and other states along the Great Western Trail to promote the western legacy we have inherited. The Trail begins in Brownsville, Texas, and comes North through Medora to the Canadian Border. Millions of cattle were moved up the trail in the late 1800s and, by banding together, we can promote attractions--help one another---along the trail route

from Texas to the Canadian border. Bringing eight new inductees into the Hall of Honorees was also gratifying in June. Preserving heritage and history is a great cause. We now have more than 130 inductees, and I suspect that, unless they had been inducted, the story of their lives, the impact on our region and their contributions to our cultural heritage would have been lost forever. Soon we will begin accepting nominations for 2011. It’s yet another chance to make certain our heritage is preserved the story retained for posterity. We ask nothing in return for inducting someone into the Hall of Fame. It’s our goal to preserve heritage and culture. However, it’s disheartening when we do reach out and induct someone, the family happily shows up for the induction and then we never see or hear from them again. People built this culture, economy and our organization by participating with one another, working together for the common good. Demanding, becoming an inductee and then sitting on the sidelines is not how we build and maintain an organization. I lost a friend the past month. Arlen Sommers was a builder, a contributor, one of our founding Board members.

He was a guy who didn’t have great assets, but he had a lot of vision and helped find sponsors for Hall of Fame events, advertisers for the Cowboy Chronicle and signed up lots of new members. He was an optimist, a guy who cared deeply about the Hall of Fame and the preservation of our rich history. He ran the PRCA rodeo at the Valley City Winter Show for more than 20 years. Arlen Sommers will truly be missed. We’re now busy working on new exhibits for the Hall of Fame’s 2011 season. We change something each year to make your visits more interesting and memorable. We’re going to make improvements to the Ranching Gallery for next summer and, if you have artifacts that you think tell part of the story of homesteading and ranching, please call. Kathy Miller is already taking reservations for weddings, meetings and reunions for 2011 and 2012. If you are planning an event in Medora, give her a call at 701-623-2000 now to insure the date you want is available. Thanks for a good summer in Medora. The best is yet to come. Darrell Dorgan Executive Director

November 2010 • The Cowboy Chronicle • Page 5

NDCHF receives generous donation Mildred (Selland) Hanson recently provided a great $100,000 donation to the NDCHF on behalf of herself and her husband Donald who died in 1992. The Hansons operated the Driscoll Grain and Lumber Company from 1946-1984 and later retired to Bismarck. Donald was born to Henry B. and Anna (Christiansen) Hanson on March 20, 1917, on a farm near Driscoll. He graduated from Steele High School and Capital Commercial College, Bismarck, and then worked for the Gamble’s store in Bismarck. After serving in the U.S. Air Force from 1941-1946, Donald worked with his dad in the Driscoll Grain and Lumber Company. When his dad retired, Donald and his wife, Mildred, operated it until 1984. Mildred was born September 7, 1923, to Grenville and Marvel (Brenden) Selland. She graduated from Steele High School and commercial college. After their marriage in February 1947, the couple lived in Driscoll and moved to Bismarck in 1990. Donald died on March 28, 1992, in Bismarck. Mildred continues to live in Bismarck. The Hansons had one daughter, Donna Jeanne, who was married to Roger Novotny, and one granddaughter, Jennifer. The NDCHF is grateful for the generous Hanson donation, which will help pay off the remaining building debt. If you are interested in making a major donation, please call Darrell Dorgan at 701-250-1833 or 701-226-4431.

Voted America's Best Cowboy Museum for 2010

Page 6 • The Cowboy Chronicle • November 2010

F undraising “Pony Bill” rides to the rescue again

Nationally acclaimed saddle maker “Pony Bill” Engen of Belfield, N. Dak., spent two years designing and making an incredible saddle as a tribute to the North Dakota Cowboy Hall of Fame. He has now donated this masterpiece to the Hall of Fame for a fundraising raffle. The saddle, a one-of-a-kind heirloom, is valued at more than $4,000 and features the hand-tooled Cowboy Hall of Fame logo and western scenes. The presentation saddle set, that will become an instant family treasure, also includes a hand-tooled headstall and martingale. The raffle proceeds will be used by the 2010 American Cowboy Museum of the Year to continue making improvements at the Hall of Fame in Medora. The annual raffle, a project of the Hall of Fame’s 200 Trustees, has raised more than $200,000 over the past 10 years.

Usually a horse is donated for the raffle, but “Pony Bill’s” custom-made Theodore Roosevelt saddle was used for a raffle two years ago. That raffle, a joint fundraising effort of the NDCHF and the annual Medora Cowboy Poetry gathering, raised about $10,000 for each organization. Engen has been custom making saddles for 50 years and has a national reputation for quality and authenticity. He apprenticed with two saddle makers when he graduated from high school in Anoka, Minn. He eventually retired and discovered the Badlands while trail riding and visiting western North Dakota. Engen fell in love with the North Dakota Badlands and moved to Belfield 11 years ago, where he opened a saddle shop. Why spend two years building a custom-made, one-of-a-kind masterpiece? The man with the gnarled hands and handle-bar moustache says, “I want to give back a bit. I like Cowboy poetry, and I think the Cowboy Hall of Fame is a great deal.” He says, “It’s important to keep traditions alive. I also thought giving a saddle to the Hall of Fame would be a good legacy for my children.” Bill and his wife, Edna, raised three children. Two live in Minnesota and the other in Virginia.   If you’d like to watch .NQSG$@JNS@#NVANX(@KKNE&@LD a true artist at Name: ___________________________________ work, stop by Address: _________________________________ “Pony Bill’s” City, State, Zip: ____________________________ saddle shop in Phone No.: _______________________________ Belfield. The Email: ___________________________________ coffee pot is always on, and No.

there’s a great saddle maker smiling while he works. Tickets for Engen’s latest masterpiece are being sold by NDCHF Trustees, supporters of the Medora Cowboy Gathering and other volunteers. Cost of a raffle ticket is $5.00. The drawing for “Pony Bill’s” masterpiece will be held in Medora on June 25, 2011, at 3:00 p.m. MT at the annual NDCHF Induction ceremony. You need not be present to win. Ticket holders must be 21 years of age to enter. If the winner decides not to accept the saddle, the NDCHF will give the winner $1,000 in cash. Raffle tickets have already been dispatched to Trustees, members and friends for the NDCHF special saddle, and the winning ticket will be drawn during the Inductions on June 25, 2011. Anyone wishing to participate in this profitable annual fundraiser for the NDCHFor who want more tickets can call the Bismarck office at 701250-1833. Remember--raffle tickets make wonderful stocking stuffers at Christmas time and can be tucked into your holiday greeting cards!

./24($!+/4!#/7"/9(!,,/&&!-% is proud to present this one-of-a-kind, heirloom, hand-tooled saddle.

Nationally acclaimed saddle maker “Pony Bill” Engen of Belfield, ND, spent two years designing and making this incredible saddle as a tribute to the North Dakota Cowboy Hall of Fame. “Pony Bill” has now donated this masterpiece to the NDCHF for a fundraising raffle. The saddle, valued at more than $4,000, features the hand-tooled logo of the NDCHF and western scenes. The presentation saddle set, that will become an instant heirloom, also includes a hand-tooled headstall and martingale. The raffle proceeds will be used by the NDCHF, America’s “PONY BILL” AND 2010 Cowboy Museum of the Year, to continue making SADDLE improvements at the Center of Western Heritage and Cultures: Native American, Ranching and Rodeo in Medora, ND. The drawing for “Pony Bill’s” masterpiece will be June 25, 2011, at 3:00 p.m. MT during the annual NDCHF inductions in Medora. You need not be present to win. Ticket holders must be 21 years old to enter. The value of the saddle is estimated at $4,000. If the winner decides not to accept the saddle, the NDCHF will give the winner $1,000 in cash. This is not a charitable donation. BILLINGS COUNTY LOTTERY PERMIT #2010-01.


November 2010 • The Cowboy Chronicle • Page 7

F undraising NDCHF receives first charitable gift annuity The North Dakota Cowboy Hall of Fame has established its first Charitable Gift Annuity Agreement with a former Mandan resident and his wife. The annuity is being managed by American Bank Center’s Trust Department. A Charitable Gift Annuity Agreement allows participants to make a gift of cash, marketable securities or some other asset, and receive a relatively high rate of return during their lifetime and then allows the remaining balance to go to the Hall of Fame. In the case of Preston and Sharon Leingang, members who now reside in Texas, they will be paid a 5.7 percent return on their original gift commitment amount. The annuity payments will be made twice a year during their lifetimes. Well over 50 percent of their payments are tax free. In addition, they will receive a significant income tax deduction this year.

The amount of the annuity payments is based on the age of the contributor, but is usually about 1 percent per decade. Those in their 60s could receive about a 6 percent return; those in their 80s, 8 percent. The agreement can also remain in force to cover two lives, in which case the annuity payments will be smaller than if covering just one life. In the case of the Leingangs, the original gift amount will not be released to the Hall of Fame during their lifetimes, but will be held in trust by the American Bank Center Trust Department. Fundraising consultant Cordell Dick, now working with the Cowboy Hall of Fame, says, “A Charitable Gift Annuity is a way for people to possibly lessen their tax burden, while drawing a significantly higher income from their investments during their lifetimes. It’s a wonderful way for people to better themselves while leaving a legacy for the Hall of Fame. During the current economic times, when interest rates on savings are low, a Charitable Gift Annuity may be especially beneficial.” When asked why he would make a commitment to the Hall of Fame, Leingang says, “I was raised in Mandan with the values of an old German family involved in farming

and ranching in the St. Anthony area. I wanted to give something back to North Dakota, and I love the values. I instilled those values in my own children.” Single Life 50s – 4.9% to 60s – 5.2% to 70s – 5.8% to 80s – 7.2% to 90s – 9.5% Two Lives 50s – 4.2% 60s – 4.9% 70s – 5.4% 80s – 6.3% 90s – 8.3%

to to to to to

5.2% 5.8% 7.0% 9.2%

4.9% 5.3% 6.1% 8.0% 9.3%

The retired military man and entrepreneur who jokingly describes himself as short, fat and ugly, is 69 years old and has been a Cowboy Hall of Fame member for the past seven years. Here’s an example of the annuity rates paid to Charitable Gift Annuity contributors. Thank you, Sharon and Preston. For more information on how to establish a Charitable Gift Annuity, please call Darrell Dorgan at the NDCHF office (701-250-1833).

Page 8 • The Cowboy Chronicle • November 2010

F undraising Raffle coordinator announces results of 2010 horse raffle The final results of the 2010 raffle show that $21,500 dollars worth of tickets were sold. And Vic Wilhelm will take home another rifle from the February Annual Meeting. Other trustees and friends of NDCHF who gave Vic a “run for the gun” include: • Sue Mosser, • Joyce Kitt, • Vern Bucholz, • DeVerne Hoggarth, and • Hadley Seeklander, friend of the NDCHF and member of the Medora Cowboy Poetry Gathering. Karen Wolf from Gladstone, N. Dak., held the winning ticket and the option to keep GR Hall of Famer in her pasture out there along the Enchanted Highway or to pass Go and collect $1,000. She took the money.

NDCHF continues sale of theater chairs

Theater chair.

Would you like to put your name or the name of a friend or loved one on a piece of the Cowboy Hall of Fame? The opportunity continues for you to honor that special someone with a chair in the NDCHF Tom Leach Theater for just $500. NDCHF Executive Director Darrell Dorgan says, “This is your chance to recognize family members, friends or yourself at the Cowboy Hall of Fame. For $500, you can have a brass plaque put on a theater chair.” He says, “There are only 12 unsold chairs left, and it will be ‘first come, first served’ for the remaining chairs.” Chairs have been purchased honoring the following: • L. Ray Baird • Paige Baker Sr. & Cora Baker • Orris & Alice Bang • Terrald & Carol Bang • Robert & Ruth Bayer • Georgia Bosch • Joe R. Bosch • Almit & Marlyne Breuer (3 chairs) • Henry & Margaret Breuer • Vic Christensen • Emmet & Dorothy Dorgan • Alick & Grayce Dvirnak • Donald & Delanis Eckroth • George & Thelma Fenton • Joe & Sandi Frenzel, Little Missouri Cattle, LLP

• Lemore & Rosella Greenshields • Florence Hauer • Joe Hauer • Kenneth & Irene Henry • Marvin L. Kaiser • Arnold Krogen • Rep. Theodore A. & Helen W. Lang • Lynn, Bonita, & Lydia Laske (Laske Quarter Horses) • Preston & Sharon Leingang • C.F. Martell • A. Lynn McMillan • Richard Miller • Jim & Jean Nesheim • Evelyn Neuens • Ralph Northrup • "Little" Pete Peterson & Carrie (Beck) Peterson • Ernest Ramberg • Randy & Russell Ressler • Willard Schnell • Nickadomus Senn & Lorance Wolf • Kurt & Madonna (Tescher) Tibor & family • L.W. Veigel 1909-1995 • Mary Ellen Veigel 1911-2008 • Beverly Jean Wenger

Call 701-250-1833 or 701-6232000 for more information or to purchase a chair.

November 2010 • The Cowboy Chronicle • Page 9

F undraising NDCHF offers original display boards and are ready to be mailed to anyone interested in purchasing them for $200 each.

Consider NDCHF license plate

The boards make great gifts for special occasions and holidays.

Twenty-seven original inductee display boards are still available for $200 each.

If you are interested in purchasing any of the remaining original boards, simply send payment to the Bismarck office or the Medora site, and we will box them and send them to you. Remaining boards include:

The display boards, with bios, photos and brands, are in excellent condition, have been shrink wrapped Ranches Eaton Bros. Custer Trail Ranch Long X Ranch Modern-era Ranching Freida Bohnsack Harris Goldsberry Pre-1940 Ranching William J. “Bill” Follis Donald Stevenson William “Bill” Taylor Rodeo Livestock Old Shep Modern-era Rodeo Franklin “Tex” Appledoorn Jack Chase Delvin Reich Pre-1940 Rodeo George Bruington George Defender

Scott Gore Frank Marshall Robert McLeod Joe Wicks Rodeo Producers George Gardner Special Achievement Dickinson Match of Champions Minot Y’s Men’s Rodeo Arts & Entertainment Einar Olstad Cy Taillon Great Westerners of ND Ray Schnell Sr. Cowboy Long Rider Don Hart Leaders of Ranching & Rodeo Earl Northrop

For those who still don’t have the special NDCHF license plate, you can still order it. Executive Director Darrell Dorgan says, “The plates are being proudly displayed on vehicles all around the state and beyond. They are a fun gift idea and an excellent marketing tool for the Cowboy Hall of Fame.” Project Manager Judith Hammer says, “Remember—NDCHF gets $15 of each special license plate ordered, plus the organization receives a lot of free advertising from the plates on vehicles." You can order the special plate either through NDCHF’s Bismarck office in Bismarck or directly through the ND Department of Transportation. If you need a form, call the Bismarck office at 701-250-1833 or go to www. Click on Applicaton for Organization Plate (SFN 54397), complete the form and mail it to the ND DOT.

Page 10 • The Cowboy Chronicle • November 2010

Cowboy Hall of Fame receives prestigious national award

Front row - L-R: Russ Danielson, Darrell Dorgan, Phil Baird, Kathy Miller and Alvin Nelson. Back row - L-R: Helen Danielson, Mike & Ruth Thompson, Vicki Sommer, Martin Orgaard, Jim Chamley, Roger Miller, Kaye Nelson.

The North Dakota Cowboy Hall of Fame is now officially recognized as the “2010 American Cowboy Museum of the Year”. nd The award, presented at the 22 annual American Cowboy Culture Awards banquet in Lubbock, Texas, on September 17, puts the NDCHF in the ranks of other award winners like the National Cowboy Hall of Fame in Oklahoma City, Okla.; the Buffalo Bill Cody Heritage Center in Cody, Wyo.; and the Autry Museum, Los Angeles. NDCHF Executive Director Darrell Dorgan called the award gratifying. He says, “We didn’t know we’d been nominated, and it was a stunning surprise.” NDCHF Board President Phil Baird, who also made the journey to Texas, said, “It’s another accolade for the

2000 Trustees and the 1,200 members who have banded together to preserve the Plains horse culture, our history and our rich heritage.” Thousands of people attend the National Cowboy Symposium and celebration in Lubbock every September. Alvin G. Davis, one of the founders and the long-time chairman of the event, says the symposium began to preserve the rich cowboy culture of the Texas Panhandle. He says, “The Old West is long gone, but our vast line up of quality performers is dedicated to making sure the arts of the Old West never die. Whether it is songs, stories, poetry, trick roping or cowboy cooking, we’re dedicated to keeping the traditions alive.” Sylvia Mahoney of Vernon, Texas, who has spent several years work-

ing with service clubs to mark the Western Trail from Texas to Canada, nominated the Cowboy Hall of Fame for the award. Mahoney was so impressed with the NDCHF when she visited Medora for the Western Trail dedication in 2008. She then decided to nominate the NDCHF for the award. She says, “Having been a founder and executive director for 10 years of a New Mexico Cowboy Hall of Fame, I recognized as soon as I toured the North Dakota Cowboy Hall of Fame that it had all of the components of an outstanding interpretive center focusing on the Native American, ranching and rodeo.” She adds, “It was obvious that it had been created by people who know and love their Western heritage that is so deeply rooted in North Dakota.”

November 2010 • The Cowboy Chronicle • Page 11

intent on preserving the western heritage and culture. There are also seminars on numerous topics and daily stage shows featuring musicians, singers and poets from across the country L-R: Darrell Dorgan (middle) and Phil Baird (right) accepting providing incredible award. entertainment. NDCHF Trustee Alvin Nelson and Mahoney says, “After observing the his wife, Kaye, were part of the group management skills and reading the making the trip. “It’s some of the best Cowboy Chronicle, I felt the NDCHF entertainment in the country. It’s real deserved recognition on a national country and, if you don’t want to lislevel so I decided to nominate it for ten to music, you can take in seminars the prestigious national award. “ on just about anything.” She continues, “Once again, North More than 100 chuckwagons parDakota proved that it supports its ticipated in this year’s cook-off. The museum as so many came to Texas to wagons are historically accurate in share in accepting the award.” every respect and owned by individuThe 2010 American Cowboy als, ranches or businesses. The chuck wagon crews are given a menu the day before the cook-off, and the flour starts to fly. Everything has to be cooked from scratch, and people can buy tickets to sample the food. NDCHF Board member Russ Danielson and his wife, Helen, were L-R: Phil Baird, Sylvia Mahoney, Alvin Davis and Darrell impressed with the Dorgan. symposium and cook-off. Russ says, “The hospitality in Lubbock was Culture Awards were handed out in amazing. So were the talent and the the following categories: Pioneer food at the cook off.” Women, Western Movies and Several of the performers have been Television, Western Art, Rodeo, invited to the NDCHF for the annual Western Museum, Ranching and “National Day of the Cowboy” celWestern Wear. ebration held each July.

NDCHF attendees enjoy symposium and celebration The National Cowboy Symposium and Celebration is a lot like a big county fair. It brings together artists, historians, musicians, poets and others

Bismarck Tribune recognizes NDCHF award The Bismarck Tribune took note of the award in a Sept. 15 editorial, noting, “Congratulations to the North

Dakota Cowboy Hall of Fame, which has been named Western Museum of the Year for 2010. “It’s an honor from the American Cowboy Culture Awards recently presented in Lubbock, Texas, during the annual National Cowboy Symposium and Celebration. “It’s an honor previously earned by the National Cowboy Hall of Fame in Oklahoma City. You can’t get much more cowboy than that. It’s a big-time pat on the back. “Bringing the North Dakota Cowboy Hall of Fame together took a lot of work, resources and time on the part of the organization’s board of directors and membership. “The museum is a jewel in the public and private presentation of western heritage in Medora, which includes the Theodore Roosevelt National Park, Chateau de Mores, the still standing smokestacks of the Marquis de Mores’ meat packing operation, rides, shops, a list of Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation attractions including the Medora musical and, of course, the National Grasslands and Badlands. “North Dakotans believe their heritage is important, and the North Dakota Cowboy Hall of Fame reflects that importance.”

Page 12 • The Cowboy Chronicle • November 2010

NDCHF receives artifact donations Retired Bismarck doctor Curt Juhala recently donated eight bronze busts of Lakota and Northern Cheyenne chiefs. The busts, by artist Ralph Crawford, include sculptures of Sitting Bull, Gall, Low Dog, Rain in the Face, Dull Knife and Crow King. Juhala and his wife, Nancy, purchased the sculptures in 1978, which now have a value of nearly $40,000. Juhala, who claims he’s downsizing, says the Hall of Fame Native American Gallery seemed like the perfect spot for the unique collection. (there’s a nice photo available) The Sentinel Butte saddle and saddle bags was owned by Fred C. Hamlin who delivered mail in southwestern North Dakota in the early 1900s. The saddle bags, with their U.S. markings, are believed to be U.S. Army issue. In 1906, Hamlin, moved to Plaza, N. Dak., where he homesteaded. Fred and his wife, Betty, left N. Dak. in the 1960s, and the saddle was acquired by Robert Kok of Plaza. He used the saddle for years, and his children used it when they were learning to ride. The saddle and bags are on display in the Ranching Gallery.

This unique late-1800s, 12-gauge shotgun was donated to the Cowboy Hall of Fame by the William Bell family.

It originally belonged to Texas Trail rider William “Bill” Taylor, one of the first residents of Dunn Center. Taylor, who also ranched in McKenzie County, was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2002. The gun will be displayed with Taylor’s plaque in the Hall of Honorees.

Largest Selection of Quality Men’s Clothing in North Dakota! featuring:

Hart Schaffner Marx CLOTHING 1879

This one-of-a-kind cutter was donated by Dr. Terry and Greta Johnson of Bismarck. The beautifully restored, one-horse sleigh was made in Pennsylvania between 1862 and 1880. Greta had it restored and used it as an accent piece in her Bismarck home. Greta, who admits being a “collector”, recently moved to a new home and thought the Cowboy Hall of Fame would be a great place for the cutter. The cutter has an appraised value of $5,500 and will go on display in the Hall of Fame next summer. Artifact donations to the Hall of Fame are deductible after being approved by the donations committee.

November 2010 • The Cowboy Chronicle • Page 13





















A Tribute to Al “Dicky” Two Bears (Written & read by Phil Baird at 2010 Cannonball Rodeo.)

Al Two Bears and grandson Kade.

We take this opportunity today to recognize an individual who established his legacy in promoting our western heritage, the cowboy lifestyle and the great sport of rodeo. Al “Dicky” Two Bears is a rancher, rodeo contestant, bucking horse producer and community leader. From his home base at Cannon Ball,

he has branded his mark in so many ways. He’s spent a lifetime raising his family and supporting relatives and friends through his commitment to make a living on the family’s ranch. Somewhere along the road, his ranching business took on another dream. He wanted to raise good bucking horses with the DNA of the great rodeo stud, Feek Tooke’s “General Custer.” As a rodeo contestant, Dicky distinguished himself as a determined and respected competitor in the timed events. He has roped at most rodeo arenas across North and South Dakota and beyond. In the team roping, he partnered with other notable cowboys like Sandy Luger, Del Eastman, Tony and Bernie Two Bears and Joel Olson, to name but a few. He knows the “highs” and the “lows” of chasing first place runs in the rodeo world. Dicky has contributed his leadership skills to various rodeo organizations

over the years. When all-Indian rodeo associations were being established, he was a board member of the Indian Activities Association. This organization later became the Great Plains Indian Rodeo Association and a pathway to the Indian National Finals Rodeo. When community-based rodeo groups were being shaped, he served as president of the Standing Rock Rodeo Association and the Cannon Ball Rodeo Association. Through his rodeo adventures, Dicky has always made sure he was helping prepare the next generation of rodeo hands. He accomplished this by digging into his pocket many times to support youth, NDRA, all-Indian and now Roughrider Rodeo Association rodeos. When the bottom line of the rodeo business sometimes fell short in the pocketbook, he would come around to say, “Well, let’s try it one more time.” Perhaps his greatest accomplishment and pride is his family and those connected with the Two Bears Ranch name. As a brother, uncle, husband, father and grandfather, he has strived to do his best to be supportive of their endeavors, whatever these might be. Today, you can see this love when he looks at his grandchildren--you can see him wishing through his hopeful gaze that they will be the best they can be. Folks, today we ask you to join us in recognizing and honoring the legacy of Al “Dicky” Two Bears-rancher, rodeo contestant, bucking horse producer, community leader and family man. Dicky, we gratefully tip our hat to ‘ya, and say, “Cowboy, we thank the Good Lord for you and for all you have done.”

Page 14 • The Cowboy Chronicle • November 2010
















Badlands Trail Ride celebrates 50 th anniversary

Meeting at the end of the Petrified Stump Trail.

Riders experience the Travois Trail.

In early September, the Badlands Trail Riders Club celebrated its 50th anniversary with a trail ride and other activities at the Little Missouri State Park near Killdeer. The club organized in 1960, and the first ride was open to anyone who wanted to bring a horse and ride through the Badlands. Two of the club organizers were Art Shipley and Orv Lowitz. Its purpose

was “to better promote North Dakota and its people through an annual Badlands Trail Ride.” The cost for that first ride was $7.00 per person, and the dues were set at $1.00 each, plus $1.00 to cover administrative expenses. The Articles of Incorporation were developed and are dated September 30, 1960. The first officers were O.W. Lowitz, Fargo, president; Earl Clyde, Garrison, vice-president; A.F. Shipley, Bismarck, secretary-treasurer; and Walt Neuens, Alvin Irwin, Paul Freise, Dick Swindler, Bob Hauser, Selmer Strand and Treacy Gibbons as directors.

First ride held at Halliday Springs The 1960 ride was held over Labor Day weekend at the Halliday Springs in Theodore Roosevelt National Park’s South Unit.

Fifty people and their horses participated, camping in the Park. Orv Lowitz was the camp cook, with Dennis Schroeder and others assisting. There were no tents or campers-people slept on the ground or on cots. On Sunday of that first weekend ride, the temperature reached 113 degrees.

Rides grow during the ‘60s The 1961 Labor Day weekend ride, with over 80 people, was at the Squaw Creek Campground in the North Unit of TRNP. The Badlands Saddle Club’s arena and building were the base camp, and Park Ranger John Patterson was the trail guide, assisted by Oliver Lange. Eddie Agree and his wife were the cooks, and the Bismarck Horse Club chuck wagon was used. Friday of that weekend was hot but, by Saturday, it was snowing and very cold.

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The 1962 ride was the Bible Camp at the Chimney Butte Ranch south of Medora, with 80 people on the ride. The main hall was used for cooking and eating, and the dorms and small cabins were for sleeping. A Catholic service was held on the back porch on Sunday morning, and Rev. Orin Hardenbrook gave a sermon on horseback on the trail.

Club introduces its own song The 1964 ride expanded to include a bonfire, with group singing, and a play day on Sunday, with goat tying and horse racing. The Club’s “Badlands Trail Riders Song” was first introduced at the 1964 Christmas Party.

Annual tradition continues The rides have been an annual tradition since 1960. The 1965 ride grew to 280 riders from four states, with a 22-mile ride. That year, the club also offered a 100-mile ride, limited to 25 riders. A 17-hour trek into the Badlands, with Renie Godes of Medora as guide, took the riders across the Little Missouri River 16 times. Each year a new slate of officers and directors was elected to lead the club, and the rides involved varied routes, activities and participants. A special 25th anniversary celebration included a banquet catered by the Gold Seal Company and a Saturday night dance, all free for members. The new civic building in Medora was open at noon for members to catch up with old friends, play cards and other activities.

Refreshing the horses before the climb up the end of the Indian Trail near the prairie dog town.

At that time, Art Shipley and P.J. Curtis were the only two people who had been on all of the rides from 1960 to 1985. The club holds two or three rides each year, following various routes including in the TRNP, the Logging Camp Ranch south of Amidon and the Little Missouri State Park near Killdeer. The 50th anniversary celebration featured a catered banquet and program, along with a dance. The annual rides and the Club’s

Past presidents at 50th Badlands Labor Day Trail Ride. L to R - Back Row: Jeannie Schmidt, Jamestown, 2001-2002; Doug Kramlich, Tappen, 2006-2007; Roger Thorsness, Tappen, 2004-2005; Carl Klein, Bismarck & TX, 1978, Ron Carlisle, Bismarck, 1987, Henry Becker, Streeter/Napoleon, 1980; Galen Boeckel, Beulah, 1990. Front Row: Julie O'Hara Tronson, Crary, 1991; Ron Berg, Stanton, 2008-2009; Sonna Anderson, Bismarck, 2010-2011; Jerry Saude, Bismarck, 1993; Bob Hauser, Washington, 1962-63; Riley Neuhardt, Bismarck, 1983; Not pictured: Rhiney Godes, Belfield, 1971-72.


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leadership over the years are detailed in a 200-page anniversary book compiled by Club historian Linda Shipley Vettel. The Badlands Trail Riders: 50 Years in the Saddle Riding the Trails includes stories and memories from many people who have participated over the years. A limited number of books are available through the club’s website at

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Pendleton recognizes ND rodeo stars The Pendleton (Ore.) Round-up celebrated its 100th anniversary in June, and several North Dakota rodeo champions were recognized at the festivities. Alvin Nelson, who won the saddle bronc riding at Pendleton in 1956 and ’57, and his wife, Kaye, were invited to the event. Kaye says, “It was a fabulous celebration. We were wined and dined every night with a wonderful banquet, treated to the rodeo performances each

of the four days and given lodging at the Wild Horse Resort and Casino.” Jill Chase was also invited to the celebration as the widow of Joe Chase, who won the saddle bronc riding there in 1960. Chase was the first Native American cowboy to win that event since Jackson Sundown in 1916. Brad Gjermundson and his wife, Jackie, also were honored at the anniversary. He was recognized as winner of the 1984 Pendleton saddle bronc riding.

Kaye says, “Pendleton has spent $8.5 million on refurbishing the grandstand and building a new fence around the rodeo grounds. The whole town of 16,000 people had painted and spruced up everything for the grand event.” For more information on Pendleton, check out an article by Kendra Santos in the latest Spin to Win magazine and one by Gail Woerner at

Statewide rodeo associations announce season champions Here are the 2010 season champions for various North Dakota rodeo associations. ND High School Rodeo Association Queen – Codi Miller, Amidon Girls Cutting – Morgan Hauge, New Town Boys Cow Cutting – Chase Lako, Arthur Rookie Cowboy – Keaton Schaffer, Braodus, MT Rookie Cowgirl – Sadie Kieson, Watford City All-Around Cowboy – Tate Schwagler, Mandan All-Around Cowgirl – Sadie Gjermundson, Halliday Barrel Racing – Billie Jo Miller, Bismarck Goat Tying – Whitney Eckroth, Flasher Pole Bending – Codi Miller, Amidon Breakaway Roping – Teddi Schwagler, Mandan Tie-Down Roping – Cody Hilzendager, Bismarck Steer Wrestling – Evan Entze, Golden Valley Bareback – Casey Breuer, Mandan

Team Roping – Tyrel Fitzgerald, Sawyer/ Jamie Fredrickson, Upham Saddle Bronc – Ian Fugere, Belfield Bull Riding – Tate Smith, Litchville

2010 NDRA Champions Bull Riding: Champion – Abe Dillman, Grassy Butte Res. Champion – Chaston Lee, Grassy Butte Finals Champion – Abe Dillman, Grassy Butte Sr. Men’s Breakaway Champion – Frank Whitecalfe, Garrison Reserve Champion – Rodney Nelson, Almont Finals Champion – Frank Whitecalfe, Garrison Saddle Bronc Champion – Hugh Connolly, Golden Valley Reserve Champion – Riley Knoll, Mandan Finals Champion – Hugh Connolly, Golden Valley

Calf Roping Champion – Dustin Entzel, Killdeer Reserve Champion – Preston Billadeau, Parshall Finals Champion – Joe Schmidt, Belfield Bareback Riding Champion – Lee Dunford, Menoken Reserve Champion – Josh Pennington, Killdeer Finals Champion – Lee Dunford, Menoken Ladies’ Breakaway Roping Champion – Brandi Guttormson, Sawyer Reserve Champion – Jessica Whitecalfe, Garrison Finals Champion – Brandi Guttormson, Sawyer Steer Wrestling Champion – JW Lorenz, Washburn Reserve Champion – Rowdy Benson, Morristown, SD Finals Champion – JW Lorenz, Washburn Team Roping Champion Header – Chance Rosencrans, Richardton Champion Heeler – Luke Morast,

Bismarck Res. Champ. Header – Layne Carson, Grassy Butte Res. Champ. Heeler – Tim Franzen, Dickinson Finals Champ Header – Jed Bohmbach, Stanley Finals Champ Heeler – Kyle Jenson, Kenmare Ladies’ Barrel Racing Champion – Bobbi Grann, Sheyenne Res. Champion – Ahnna Peterson, Velva Finals Champion – Ahnna Peterson, Velva Rookie Cowgirl – Kristen Lawrence, Mobridge, SD Rookie Cowboy – Tyler Thorson, Towner Ladies’ All-Around Champion – Jessica Whitecalfe, Garrison Res. Champion – Kristin Lawrence, Mobridge, SD Men’s All-Around Champion – Frank Whitecalfe, Garrison Res. Champion – Robert Sperry, Trotters Finals Champion – Robert Sperry, Trotters CONTINUED on Page 31

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David Watkins hosts wheelwright workshop by Patricia J. Hall

Student begins wheel assembly.

Workshop participants add wheel rim.

Today’s Bakken oil boom in western North Dakota is a flurry of highpowered vehicles, creating non-stop traffic that has everyone in a rush to get “someplace”. But, a quick turn onto a rural Dunn County road will lead you to a place of peace and tranquility reminiscent of the days when life had a slowed-down pace that included family, friends and beautiful, stout Belgian horses pulling horse-drawn wagons to complete a day’s work on the family farm. Recognizing and wanting to find a way to preserve the dying art of wheelwrighting, Delvin Dukart, patriarch of ranching, farming and dairy producers, gathered his family members for a three-day, wheel-making workshop. Hosted by their neighbor and master wheelwright David Watkins, the workshop offered the Dukarts and others the chance to learn first-hand the intricacies involved with this art.

Watkins is a self-taught wheelwright artist and historian whose hands have created numerous authentic horsedrawn carriages and wagons.

David Watkins demonstrates wheel construction.

His artistic talent is known, recognized and in demand by many collectors who appreciate the craftsmanship of this humble Dunn County wheelwright. Watkins’ works are quite detailed and often find a permanent residence in museums across the U.S. or in the

homes of collectors. So, it is very fitting that Dukart would want his family to learn from the best in the field and is very appreciative that Watkins would agree to pass on his knowledge of this generation’s old art form. With a plan in mind, family members stepped into the Watkins’ workshop to find all the tools necessary to create their own wheels that will be of the highest, meticulous caliber required of their private teacher. While working in pairs and learning to craft wheels made from the finest hickory wood, it is evident that Dukart’s family equally shared his passion and enthusiasm to preserve this dying art. Their conversation was filled with excitement when describing what they have learned and how the family members have plans to implement their new-found knowledge to restore their very own horse-drawn carriage. Of course, their individual plans won’t start until completion of patriarch Dukart’s horse-drawn carriage, outfitted with the family’s own handcrafted wheels and hitched to a team of Belgians traveling down a rural Dunn County road.

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P laques Families honor loved ones with plaque Morris Gerbig Morris Gerbig was a rancher. He was born Jul. 27, 1917, on the family ranch at Ranger, N. Dak., to George and Imogene (Hansen) Gerbig. Gerbig graduated from Model High in Dickinson in 1937. He married Ella Duckwitz on May 4, 1942, at Hebron, and Morris Gerbig. they had five children— James, Gordon, Brian, Wayne and Kathy (Boltz). He served in the U.S. military during World War II from 1942-1943. Gerbig was a member of the N. Dak. Stockmen’s Assn., Medora Grazing Assn., Lebanon Lutheran Church of Amidon and Prairie Senior Citizens. He was named Roughrider Board Rancher of the Year. He enjoyed playing baseball games and was an avid basketball fan, both as a participant and as a spectator. Gerbig retired on the Billings County ranch they had purchased in 1947. He briefly lived at St. Luke’s Home in Dickinson before dying on Aug. 14, 2007. He was survived by his wife, his sons Gordon, Brian and Wayne, and his daughter Kathy.

Wilson & Rose (Wetzel) Howard Wilson Howard, son of Harry and Martha (Geske) Howard was born on Grahams Island, N. Dak., on Oct. 31, 1918. After living at several places, his

Rose & Wilson Howard.

parents bought the farm later operated by Duane and Orpha Howard, until the rising waters of Devils Lake swallowed it up. Wilson attended grade school at Lakeview School No. 1, sometimes called the Haskin’s School. On Oct. 28, 1941, he married Rose Wetzel, the youngest daughter of Vincent and Marie (Sondorfer) Wetzel. She was born Jun. 10, 1923, at her parents’ home north of Oberon and attended school in Oberon. On Jun. 12, 1942, Wilson left for induction into the U.S. Army in 1942. He trained in Fort Sill, Okla., and Fort Bliss, Texas, leaving for Australia in 1943. Wilson served in New Guinea, Philippine Islands, Admirality Islands and Japan, returning to the U.S. in Oct. 1945. He received several military honors and was honorably discharged on Nov. 4, 1945. The following spring, Wilson and Rose bought land on Grahams Island on which both of them lived on until their passing. They raised seven children on Grahams Island. The Howards were full-time ranchers and employed at the Lake Region Livestock Auction in Devils Lake on sale days. Rose was an avid Juneberry picker, becoming known to

many as “The Juneberry Lady”. They were members of St. James Catholic Church in Minnewaukan and St. Jerome’s Catholic Church of Crow Hill near Ft. Totten. Wilson was the first inductee into Minnewaukan’s Hall of Fame for his community activities. The award was presented posthumously on Jul. 9, 1994. Wilson and Rose always owned, rode and drove horses and were interested in many horse events. He was a fierce competitor in rodeos and chariot racing, and the family enjoyed many trail rides. Wilson was a founding member of the Ft. Totten Trail Riders and the Circle Y Trail Riders. He frequently was the “Trail Boss”. They often traveled by horse and wagon to various N. Dak. locations. Wilson died on Sept. 27, 1992, their daughter Lori Kay on Dec. 7, 2006, and Rose on Dec. 26, 2009.

Oliver Lange Oliver Lange was born Jul. 31, 1930, to Charles and Nora (Esby) Lange at Killdeer. He attended Boehm School and graduated from Killdeer High School in 1948. He helped on the family ranch northwest of Grassy Butte. In Feb. 1953, Lange enlisted in the U.S. Army. He received the National Defense Service Medal, the Oliver Lange. Korean Service Medal, the Korean Service Medal and the U.S. Service Medal. He was hon-

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orably discharged in Feb. 1955. Lange returned to Grassy Butte and helped on the family ranched. He also worked at the Theodore Roosevelt National Park for several years with the buffalo round up and as a guide for trail rides in Medora. In the early 1960s, he was deputy sheriff at Grassy Butte. He was a rodeo pick-up man at Badlands Saddle Club rodeos near Long X Bridge. A favorite job was escorting troubled inner-city kids in the summers. He was known as a good friend and neighbor. In 1995, Lange entered the N. Dak. Veterans Home in Lisbon where he remained until his death. He was a member of Redeemer’s Lutheran Church, the McKenzie County Grazing Assn., Badlands Saddle Club and the Watford City American Legion. He enjoyed playing cards with friends and loved his nieces and nephews. Lange died Jan. 13, 2010, and was survived by his brother Howard, his sister Ruth Geinert and several nieces, nephews and cousins.

Grenville and Marvel (Brenden) Selland Grenville Selland, who was born in Minn., moved to N. Dak. with his parents and grew up on a farm in Excelsior Township. He married Marvel Brenden, who was born in S. Dak. and moved to N. Dak. with her parents. He family settled in Clear Lake Township. Grenville and Marvel farmed in Excelsior Township before moving to Steele in 1943. He was also a businessman, rodeo producer, and rodeo pick-up man. He produced many horse-related events during his short life. The Sellands were the parents of six children—Mildred, Curtiss, Richard, Ardis, Lee and Lynn. Grenville died in 1962, and Marvel

continued to live in Steele until 1970, when she retired from her U.S. Post Office job. She later married Rudolph Kluksdahl of Eckelson.

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NDCHF loses Founding Board member and two Trustees The Cowboy Hall of Fame Board and Trustees were very saddened to lose the following members recently.

humor and his infinite kindness. He is survived by his wife, his two daughters, Kristie Wild of Oxbow and Amy Nelson of Dunseith and three grandchildren.

Founding Board member Arlen R. Sommers died suddenly on Sept. 22 in Fargo. He was born Apr. 2, 1931, in Britton, S. Dak., to Frank and Josephine Sommers. The family moved to West Fargo where he attended school, graduating in 1949. Sommers loved playing sports, especially football. He was proud to be captain of the successful 1948 Wild Rice Conference Champions. He joined the U.S. Air Force and served during the Korean War. After his service, he worked at the West Fargo Livestock. During those years, he met Sandra Fink of Fargo, and they married Aug. 12, 1960. They recently celebrated their 50th anniversary with their family. The Sommers lived in Valley City where Arlen founded the Triple S Cattle Company. He enjoyed his work and found time to support his community, where he was active with the North Dakota Winter Show for many years and served on the North Dakota Beef Commission. For the past 15 years, his greatest passion was serving on the NDCHF Board. He was dedicated to his family and took tremendous pride and joy in all of them. They will miss his great sense of

Trustee Arthur A. Link, 96, died June 1 in Bismarck. He was born May 24, 1914, to immigrant homesteaders John and Anna Link of Alexander. He was the only boy in a family of six children. While young, he helped with chores on the family farm—plowing, milking cows and feeding pigs. He attended country school and eventually went to the North Dakota Agricultural College, Fargo. At age 19, he met Grace Johnson at a Farmers Union dance. They married on May 20, 1939. They farmed near Alexander, where Art got involved in politics, as a member of the Farmers Union and then the Non-Partisan League. In 1946, he was nominated to run for the State Legislature, though he was not at the meeting. He became a Democrat when the NPL and Democratic parties merged in 1956. He served as speaker of the North Dakota House and minority floor leader. In 1970, he was elected as a U.S. Congressman. After one term in D.C., the Links returned to N. Dak., and he ran for governor, winning and serving from 19721980. Link was well known for his dedication to the state and for his community involvement. If you are aware of the recent death of a Many projects benNDCHF member; a N.Dak. cowboy, cowgirl or efitted from his conrancher; or a friend of western heritage, please tributions in dollars, inform us and, if possible, provide an obituary or time and energy. funeral program. He is survived by his wife of 71 years Obituaries can be sent to: NDCHF, 120 N. 3rd and his sons. St., Ste. 85, Bismarck, ND 58501-3860. Space


availability may determine inclusion and length.

Trustee Robert R. Sand died June 25 at his home in Killdeer. He was born on June 6, 1919, in a homestead shack on the east fork of Wolf Creek, north of Wolf Point, Mont. He was the youngest of four children born to Christ and Carla (Weber) Sand. After his mother died when he was just one year old, he went to live with his paternal grandparents. At age 8, he returned to the Wolf Point homestead to live with his father and other siblings. After dropping out of school to herd sheep, he returned to Wolf Point High School, graduating in 1939. Sand married Edna Helen Nupen in 1942 in Grand Forks, and they had four children. He earned an undergraduate degree from UND in May 1943. The first of their children, Roberta Rae, died while Sand was away at war. After he was injured in battle, Sand returned to the U.S. to recuperate at a military hospital in Colorado Springs, Colo. As an infantry platoon leader in the European Theater, he received a Purple Heart and Cluster and a Bronze Star for heroic achievement in combat. After discharge, he taught military science at South Dakota State University. He earned a master’s degree from UND in 1952 and worked as a social worker in several positions. He retired as Chief U.S. Probation Officer, District of North Dakota. After retirement, the couple built a summer cabin in the Killdeer Mountains. A lifelong horseman, Sand served as Trustee with the NDCHF and the couple was involved with the Bismarck Horse Club, 50 Years in the Saddle, DeMores Riders and Badlands Trail Riders. They were active in musical and church groups and at the Dunn County Historical Museum. They served as Grand Marshals of the 2008 Killdeer Mountains Round-up Rodeo. Sand is survived by his wife and three of his children—Christi (Neuens), Rob and Josh.

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END Thorvald Bang, 81, of Killdeer, died on Sept. 5. He was born Aug. 25, 1929, in Dunn County, the son of Thorvald “Tom” and Mabel (Bergerud) Bang. He attended country school and graduated from Killdeer High School in 1947. Bang served in the U.S. Army from 1952-1954. He worked with his brother, Orris, in the construction business and, in 1958, purchased his own equipment. He married Lois Fenton in 1962, and they had four children. The family operated the Bang farm and construction business. Bang enjoyed farming, working with construction equipment, visiting with neighbors and serving on the American Legion Drill Team. He was active with the Masonic Lodge, West Dunn Fire District, Killdeer Ambulance, St. John’s Lutheran Church and other community organizations. He is survived by his wife, one son (Allen) and three daughters (Laurie, Ruth and Marie). Darrell Chruszch, 58, Dickinson, died Oct. 10. He was born Jul. 8, 1952, in Dickinson to William and Josephine (Grosulak) Chruszch. He attended country school and in New Hradec, graduating from Belfield High School in 1970. He worked in the oil field and made it his career. He held various positions with Arrow Sandline Repair. Chruszch married Rhonda Twogood in 1983, and they raised their family in Dickinson and on a ranch west of Dickinson. He enjoyed riding horses and competing on and showing cutting horses. He was a member of the National Cutting Horse Assn. and a director for the NDCHA. Chruszch is survived by his wife, and one daughter, Melissa. Darrell Danks, 29, Killdeer, died Feb. 12. He was born at Crow Agency, Mont., on Mar. 20, 1980, to Marvin and Jackie (Fox) Danks. He grew up in Halliday. With Jenny Kuntz and his daughter Joselyn, he moved to Red Wing, Minn., in 2007. They moved to New Town in 2008, where he went into a trucking business. Danks enjoyed golfing, playing golf and darts, winning the 2009 North Dakota State Team Dart Tournament. He was known for sportsmanship. He was a member of the Three Affiliated Tribes, was proud of his Native American heritage and following his traditional ways. Danks is survived by Jenny Kuntz, his daughter, his parents in New Town and many other family members. Robert Feiring, 73, died Oct. 5, in Tioga. He was born in Powers Lake, on Sept. 22, 1937, to Arnold and Ruth (Ruden) Feiring. He was raised on the famiy farm and attended school in White Earth. He served in the U.S. Army and was a member of the Army Reserves. Feiring married Bernice Saby in 1958, and they lived in White Earth. He worked with Tioga Sand and Gravel, Oilfield Services and North Side Feeders. They moved to a ranch east of White Earth in 1967 and raised registered and commercial Angus cattle. He also drove school bus, worked for Air Heaters and was a blade operator for 19 years in Mountrail County. Feiring enjoyed time with family, playing cards, making donuts and molasses cookies with grandchildren, square dancing and traveling. He was an active member of several organizations, includ-



ing White Earth Valley Saddle Club and N. Dak. Stockmen’s, American Angus and N. Dak. Angus assns. He was named Honorary State FFA member in 1993 and N. Dak. Angus Assn. Man of the Year in 2002. Feiring is survived by his wife and his children (Roberta, Juanita, Doug, Duane, Janell and Donnie). O.L. “Hoot” Harr, 81, Mandan, died Jan. 22. He was born Sept. 24, 1928, in Woodworth, the son of Jacob and Anna (Oswald) Harr. He attended schools in Woodworth and Jamestown. Harr married Gerry Zirbes in 1947. He served in the U.S. Army and then settled in Mandan, where he worked with Twin City Roofing, becoming sole owner in 1988. He was a member of the Elks, American Legion, American Subcontractors and Zonolite Deck Applicators assns. Harr served on the Mandan Hospital and First National Bank of Mandan boards. He enjoyed hunting, fishing and playing golf. Hoot is survived by his daughter and three sons. John Hegge, 83, Williston, died Jan. 19. He was born May 16, 1926, on the Hegge family farm in Williams County to John Peter Hegge III and Hilma (Hanson) Hegge. Hegge attended country school, graduated from Williston High School and earned an Associate’s Degree from NDSSS, Wahpeton. He farmed with his dad throughout his life. He married Helen Marie Hammer in 1948. Hegge was a member of the Elks and Moose lodges, Farmers Union, Sons of Norway, Williams County Fair Board and the Sixth Infantry. He enjoyed hunting, fishing, dancing, cooking, storytelling, reading, coffee circles and playing cards. He is survived by a son, five daughters, brother and sister-in-law George and Sydney Hegge, NDCHF Trustees. Fred Kist, 70, Mandan, died July 26. He was born Aug. 25, 1939, to Fred Sr. and Laura (Fallgren) Kist in Mandan. He attended Mandan school and Dickinson State College, where he participated in rodeo, especially bull riding. He won the High School Bull Riding Championship in 1956 and the National College Bull Riding Championship in 1959. He married Ellen Trotter in 1960. He worked at Kist Livestock from age 9. He enjoyed nature, private time, fishing, old western movies, rodeo, football and basketball. Kist is survived by his daughter and two sons. David Kono, 72, Wibaux, Mont., died Aug. 26. He was born Nov. 10, 1937, in Watford City to Carl and Alice (Lange) Kono. He attended country school, graduating from Killdeer High School in 1955. David married Donna Marty in 1962, and they had three children. They lived in Grassy Butte from 1962-1978 and then purchased Blue Mountain Ranch near Wibaux in 1978. In 1985, they moved to Rhame, where he worked for the Stuber Ranch and Bowman Auction Market. He was an order buyer from 1998 until his retirement in 2008. Kono enjoyed rodeos, watching his grandchildren performing in athletics, visiting with friends, playing cards and team penning. He is survived by his wife, one daughter and two sons. Geraldine “Jerry” Meyer, 83, Berthold, died Jul. 22. She was born Apr. 23, 1927, in Berthold to Herb

and Mildred (Wixer) Birdsall. She attended school in Berthold, graduating in 1944. She then graduated from Minot State Business College. She married Darrel Meyer in 1946, and they farmed and ranched near Berthold and Watford City with her father and their children. Meyer was an inspired Democratic Party activist in the 1950s, bringing together party activists in Renville and Ward counties. She was an elected District 3 State Senator from 1982-1989. She was active in many community and state activities, in cluding the State Cattle Women’s Assn. and the Figure Four Rodeo Company. She enjoyed time with family and friends and playing cards. Meyer is survived by her husband; sons Dean, Lynn and Gary Meyer; and daughter Gayle Hanna. Alice Slaaten, 90, Bismarck, died Jan. 15. She was born Jan. 13, 1920, near Carrington to Charley and Christina (Lutz) Seibold. She attended school in New Rockford and often sang with her sisters. In 1943, she married Ralph Slaaten, and they had two daughters. They lived in Williston from 19461977 and then moved to Bismarck. Slaaten enjoyed music, playing golf, teaching junior bowling, gardening and cooking. She is survived by her daughters and other family members, including her sister-in-law Doris Slaaten, an NDCHF supporter. Margaret Teachout, 91, Ft. Yates, died Oct. 28 in Mandan. She was born Mar. 3, 1919, Wakpapa, S. Dak., to Louis and Christine (Iron Eyes) Halsey. She was educated in Ft. Yates and at St. Bernard’s Mission School and Flandreau Indian Boarding School. After high school, she earned degrees from Bismarck Commercial College, Standing Rock Community College and the UND. Teachout was the first enrolled tribal citizen who was the Standing Rock Sioux Tribal Library director and worked under the National Indian Education Assn.’s National Library Program. She served on Gov. Art Link’s State Library Advisory Board and was a delegate to the N. Dak. Silver Haired Assembly. She worked at the Standing Rock Community College for 20 years, 10 years as library director and 10 years teaching the Lakota/ Dakota language and cultural history. Teachout is survived by her three sons, Robert, Gerald and David Gipp (NDCHF members and supporter), and many other family members. Alvin Tescher, 89, Beach, died Sept. 21 in Bismarck. He was born Mar. 4, 1921, the son of Matt and Antoinette Tescher, Sentinel Butte. He attended country school and Sentinel Butte High School, where he was an All-State Football Team member and a Golden Gloves boxer. Tescher served in the U.S. military and then followed the rodeo circuit for six years as a contestant and judge. He married Elizabeth “Betty” Buehner in 1947, and they had 12 children. He was considered a top hand and expert horseman. As a rancher, he enjoyed riding, working with and gentling horses. The family operated the Tescher Trail Rides in the Theodore Roosevelt National Park. Tescher was a member of the Medora Grazing Assn., School Board, Knights of Columbus and the Diocese Parish Council. He enjoyed watching sports, time with family and a good laugh. He is survived by his wife, 10 children and many other family members.

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F undraising Members Contribute to NDCHF The following are new or renewing NDCHF members from May 10 - October 20, 2010, deposits only. To contribute through any of the following methods, please complete and mail the form on page 25.

Display Boards 50 Years in the Saddle (Andrew Johnston) Charlene Weinreis, VVV Ranch Donations AgCountry Farm Credit Services, Fargo (Wild West Sponsorship) Berger Cattle Co., Mandan (Wild West Sponsorship) Cloverdale Foods Co., Mandan (Wild West Sponsorship) Greg & Debbie Childs, Laurel, MT Mildred Hanson, Bismarck Harrah’s Imperial Palace, Las Vegas, NV (Wild West Sponsorship) MHA-Four Bears Casino & Lodge, New Town (Wild West Sponsorship) Theresa Nelson Stockmen’s Livestock Exchange, Dickinson (Wild West Exchange), In honor of Russ Silha induction Brad & Nita Tokach (AETNA employee fund) Nick & Shawna Towner (AETNA employee fund) Pledges/Capital Fund MDU Resources Foundation, Bismarck Mountrail-Williams Electric Coop., Williston Theatre Chairs Donald & Delanis Eckroth, Mandan (In memory of Tom & Frances Leach, Bismarck) Marilyn Hudson (2 chairs) (In memory of Howard Wanna & Martin Cross)

Alvin & Kaye Nelson (In memory of Louis & Kathryn Signalness) Gary & Vicki Summerfield (In memory of Dan C. & Mima Belle Beck, Oakdale/Killdeer) Gary & Vicki Summerfield (In memory of Pete (Little Pete) & Carrie (Beck) Peterson, Killdeer) Gary & Vicki Summerfield (In memory of George & Maribelle Summerfield, Killdeer) Memberships Diamond Saddle ($1,000-$4,999 annually) Neil Bartelson Jay Clemens Wendell Bell Gold Buckle ($500-$999 annually) Dora J. Brockway Richard J. Dietrich* LeRoy & Carla Fettig, Williston Basin Oil & Title Joe & Florence Hauer Oscar & Lorene Stohler Silver Buckle ($250-$499 annually) Frederick Baker Tyrone & Joyce Baker John Hoeven Jon & Jeannen McMillan Harry* & Maureen Olson Kenneth Radenz* Kim Shade*

Trophy Spurs ($200-$249 annually) Steve Brooks*, Brooks Chalky Butte Ranch Mary Ann Durick* Judy Fredericks Pete* & Sylvia Fredericks Oddie Gideon Gary & Gayle Jeffrey Grant Johnson* LeRoy* & Roberta Johnson Phyllis Leutz* L. Curtis* & Jill Luchsinger Sue* & Randy Mosser David & Carolyn Nelson Eloise Ogden* Robert* & Winona Penfield Steve Rohrer* Dennis Schaner* Robert** & Jan Tibor Ron & Carol Torgerson Duaine Voigt* Jimi Lou* & Gary Woodard Vonny Young* Ranch Boss ($100-$199 annually) Bud & Pam Anderson Pauline Appledoorn* Tex Appledoorn* Sharon Bendish Keath* & Cynthia Borchert Vicki* & Richard Clarys William & Connie Connolly James & Jane Forthun Stan & Sharon Gjermundson Bruce & Judy Grunefelder Kenneth Halvorson* George Hegge* Sydney Hegge* Gerald & Kathy Henry Nadine Jundt John L. Kastien

November 2010 • The Cowboy Chronicle • Page 23

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Betty Morgan Brent & Laurel Nelson Marvin Ness Neil Ness Lois Northrop Kevin & Cheryl Pavlish Douglas & Violet Quick Arlyce Schulte Bernard Solberg Greg & Shannan Stanke Mark Werner Larry Widdel Dan & Mary Zimmerman Kid’s Corral ($10 annually) Alex Giffen Ben Giffen * Denotes NDCHF Trustees **Denotes NDCHF Board Members (Please notify the NDCHF of any errors or omissions by calling 701250-1833.)

Memorial Wall Program honors family and friends The NDCHF’s Memorial Wall and Registry Program is the perfect Holiday gift for members, special friends and others. That special person’s life and accomplishments will be documented for future generations. The card file registry lets you honor someone with a card file for $250. The card file includes biographical information, a photograph and a brand. For $1,000, a person, business or organization can be honored with a 14” x 9” plaque. A $5,000 plaque, 18” x 10½”, includes biographical information. Both plaque sizes include a card file. For more information, call Cathy Langemo at the Bismarck office (701250-1833 or 701-527-7948).

The North Dakota Cowboy Hall of Fame is a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation. All contributions are tax deductible.


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F undraising NDCHF gifts honor loved ones The NDCHF has received honorariums/memorials for the following individuals (includes May 10 - October 20, 2010, deposits only). To honor a loved one, see the memorial/contribution form on page 25. In memory of Marsha Axvig Dave Laaveg

In memory of Angus Kennedy Carole F. & Karen Freed

In memory of Ione Mae Bahm ND High School Rodeo Assn.

In memory of Quail Bruce Patricia & Todd Hall

In memory of Fred Kist Jr. Phil Baird Chad & Sarah Berger & family, Berger Bucking Bulls Bob & Wilma Freise Dave Hermanson Wendy & Nevada Jorgenson Ann & Marlin Kling Marlene Magilke Norma Nelson & family, Nelson Sunrise Ranch Little Hearts Condos Debbie & Don Schmeling Justin & Sara Spickler & family (Nathan & Emily) Armon Wolff

In memory of Garrett Clarkson Bill & Pat Meyer

In memory of Vivian Knutson Marleen & Chuck Lowman

In memory of Sid & Doris Connell A.J., Aaron & Yelena Gerbig

In memory of David C. Kono Alvin & Kaye Nelson Sheila Marie, Painted Badlands Ranch

In memory of Richard Bahm Phil Baird Melvin, Luella & Todd Leland, Leland Red Angus Ranch Greg & Rhonda Pennington In memory of Thorvald Bang James Danks Barbra Kennedy Johnson Phyllis O’Neil

In memory of Bill Dixon Shirley Dixon In memory of Robert Feiring Clinton & Vera Bergstrom In memory of Kenny Freed Gene & Elaine Fedorenko Carole F. & Karen Freed Tim & Teri Taylor In memory of Morris & John Gerbig A.J., Aaron & Yelena Gerbig In memory of Virginia George Douglas Munski In memory of Henry Gieger Jr. Donald & Marlene Hastings In memory of Arne Harms Philip & Shirleen Thompson

In memory of Richard Kuske Darrell Dorgan Kay Kuske Willard & Linda Schnell In memory of Oliver Lange American Legion Post No. 29 Eunice Christophersen Barry & Georgia Fisher (American Legion Post No. 29) Butch & Carla Fleck Walter & Sandy Hovden (American Legion Post No. 29) Barb Kennedy Johnson (American Legion Post No. 29) Howard Lange Shirley Lee Doreen & Dale Orf In memory of Art Link Phil Baird Patricia Higgins Caudel Russell & Helen Danielson Darrell Dorgan

Elroy & Carol Haadem Patricia & Todd Hall Howard & Marilyn Leland Melvin, Luella & Todd Leland, Leland Red Angus Ranch Grace Link H. Weyburn & Mae Niewoehner Frances M. Olson Earl & Karen Petersen Winston & Barbara Satran Willard & Linda Schnell Gisile Thorson Kathleen Wachter Richard Weber In memory of Robert Malling Travis & Elizabeth Jacobson In memory of C.F. Martell Dora J. (Martell) Brockway In memory of Geraldine “Jerry” Meyer Phil Baird Mike & Micki Bradley Darrell Dorgan LeRoy & Carla Fettig, Williston Basin Oil & Title Bob & Wilma Freise Billy & Jonie K. Greenlee Kenny Kalenze Linus & Renee Kalenze Tom & Barb Kraft Darrel Meyer Sue & Randy Mosser Alvin & Kaye Nelson H. Weyburn & Mae Niewoehner Kathleen Wachter Milo & Julie Wisness Earl & Darlene Pelton Kathleen Wachter In memory of John Ralph “Butch” Molm David & Renee Paasch In memory of Pat O’Brien Darrell Dorgan Bud & Laura Griffen Clayton & Luck Hanson Sheila Marie & Tim Irish, Painted Badlands Ranch Randall & Susan Mosser

November 2010 • The Cowboy Chronicle • Page 25

Ardene O’Connell Leah Ray Willard & Linda Schnell Pamela Skarpohl Larrie & Karen Smith Armon & Peggy Jo Wolff In memory of Barbro Ostman Dennis & Gayle Hanna In memory of Jack Rojic W.K. “River Bill” Johnson, X Bar X Ranch In memory of Bob Sand Phil Baird Morris & Mavis Brandvik Darrell Dorgan Patricia & Todd Hall Dean & Arlene Helling Alan, Lisa & Ethan Hendrickson Arlene Isaak Bethold Knutson Rueben & Phyllis Knutson Alvin & Kaye Nelson Willard & Linda Schnell Lee Selland Jack & Christy Stensland Gary & Vicki Summerfield Andrew & Mary Voigt Vonny Young

Darrell Dorgan Gereld & Marian Gerntholz Lois Northrop Don & Janice Rustad Willard & Linda Schnell In memory of Kyle “Bud” Sperry ND High School Rodeo Assn. In memory of Marshall “Bud” Taylor Glenn & Robin Anderson Phil Baird Russell & Helen Danielson Darrell Dorgan Alex & Myra Friedt Luann & Mike Hanson Todd & Laura Nelson H. Weyburn & Mae Niewoehner ND Senate Democratic NPL Caucus Thomas & Anita Seymour Roxanne Solberg-Gillespie, Solberg-Gillespie Ranch John & Janice Warner

In memory of Clarence Smith (Trotters) Randall & Susan Mosser

In memory of Alvin Tescher Fran Armstrong Phil Baird Laura & Bud Griffin Glenn Hutchinson, Hutchinson Cattle Co. Gary & Gayle Jeffrey W.K. "River Bill" Johnson Alvin & Kaye Nelson Arlene O’Connell

In memory of Gail Smith Patricia & Todd Hall

In memory of Tom Tescher A.J., Aaron & Yelena Gerbig

In memory of Arlen Sommers Phil Baird Russell & Helen Danielson

In memory of Levi Wisness Patricia & Todd Hall

Survey form in June Chronicle The June 2010 Cowboy Chronicle included a survey form asking for your input on NDCHF membership dues, website, Cowboy Chronicle, annual meeting and induction details, etc. If you haven’t already sent in your completed survey form, please do so soon. On January 15, we will be drawing from all returned survey forms for a winner of the $50 certificate toward member dues.

North dakota cowboy hall of fame membership/memorials Membership Contribution of $ __________________________________ Category ____________________________________ Memorial Gift of $ _______________________________ In honor of _________________________________________________ Theater Chair Fund $ _________________ Building Fund $ __________________ Foundation $ _________________________ Name ________________________________________________________________ Address ______________________________________________________________ City _______________________ State _________ Zip Code __________________ Phone ___________________________________ Credit Card ___________________________________________________________ Expiration Date _______________________

Mail, fax or email this form (or a copy of it), along with your check or credit card number, to: North Dakota Cowboy Hall of Fame, 120 N. 3rd St., Ste. 85, Bismarck, ND 58501-3860

Page 26 • The Cowboy Chronicle • November 2010

NDCHF hosts two barrel racings and a cutting horse event June barrel racing a success Ginny Eck once again produced a fantastic barrel racing event in Medora. The rain didn’t stop the annual NDCHF barrel racing event. With new sand in the Ranch-O-Rama Arena and an inch of rain, everyone was ready to have a doubleheader on Sunday, June 26. Over 50 barrel racers from the Dakotas, Mont., Wyo. and Canada entered the event, sanctioned by the Northwest Barrel Racing and the National Barrel Horse associations and the Johnson-Berger Barrel Racing Association, with a purse of nearly $1,000. 1st Jackpot winners:

2nd place – Connie Buck, ND. 3rd place – Angela Lockwood, MT.

Karen Hagen, Ginny Eck, Marcella Johnson, Tari Azure, 2-D Average Winner Kindra Guty, Kenda Berger.

4-D winners: 1st place - Jamie Johnston, ND. 2nd place – Robin Tokach, ND. 3rd place - Brenda Hughes, ND. Youth winner: 1st place - Miranda Billman, ND. PeeWee winner: 1st place - Carsen Balvitsch, ND. Senior winner: 1st place - Christine Becker, ND.

Karen Hagen, Kathy Miller, Marcella Johnson, Tari Azure, Ginny Eck, 3-D Winner Kenda Berger.

4-D winners: 1st place - Kaydee Heaton, ND. 2nd place – Jamie Johnston, ND. 3rd place – Jessica Kleinsasser, ND.

Two-Day Average winners: 1st place - 1-D – Lexus Kelsch, SD. 1st place - 2-D – Kindra Guty, MT. 1st place - 3-D – Kenda Berger, ND. 1st place - 4-D – Brenda Hughes, ND.

Youth winner: 1st place - Jake Brunsvold, ND.

Kenda Berger, Karen Hagen, 1-D Average Winner Lexus Kelsch, Tari Azure, Ginny Eck, Marcella Johnson, Marcella's granddaughter Chloe Berger.

1-D winners: 1st place - Vicki Brimer, ND. 2nd place – Lexus Kelsch, SD. 3rd place – Carrie Murnion, MT. 2-D winners: 1st place – Cathy Roesler, MT. 2nd place – Peggy Holzer, ND. 3rd place – Angela Lockwood, MT. 3-D winners: 1st place – Candie Rosencrans, ND. 2nd place – Robin Tokach, ND. 3rd place – Kenda Berger, ND.

PeeWee winner: 1st place - Carsen Balvitsch, ND. Senior winner: 1st place - Peggy Holzer, ND. 2nd Jackpot winners: 1-D winners: 1st place - Lexus Kelsch, SD. 2nd place – Angela Lockwood, MT. 2-D winners: 1st place - Miranda Billman, ND. 2nd place – Vicki Brimer, ND. 3rd place – Tari Azure, ND. 3-D winners: 1st place - Nikkie Hayes, ND.

Karen Hagen, Kenda Berger, Tari Azure, Youth Average Winner Miranda Billman, Marcella Johnson, Ginny Eck, Kathy Miller.

Producer Ginny Eck says, “This year’s event was such a success, despite the rain. We are looking forward to an even larger event next year.” She adds, “Hope you can all come out next year to see barrel racing at its best.” Johnson-Berger Barrel Racing and staff handled all office duties very efficiently. Many thanks to the event sponsor, NDCHF, and to Dakota Farm Equipment for donating the use of a tractor.

November 2010 • The Cowboy Chronicle • Page 27

The event couldn’t happen without the many volunteers, including Darrell Dorgan, Phil Baird, Treva Beard, Laura Griffin and Roger Clemens. Next year’s event will be June 25-26, the weekend of the NDCHF Induction ceremony. Mark your calendars for the action-packed weekend.

Labor Day barrel racing event

I am proud to say that North Dakota really displays some of the finest horses around.” NDCHF volunteers were Executive Director Darrell Dorgan, Board President Phil Baird, Nodak Mutual Insurance agent and NDCHF Trustee Amanda Schaff, Bismarck State College representative Bobbi Bingemann, rancher Jim Irvine, and family members Donavan and Pat Eck and Tracy Bridwell.

Youth winner: Katelyn Schaffner 2nd Jackpot winners:

1st Jackpot winners: 1-D winners: 1st place – Katelyn Schaffner 2nd place – Miranda Billman 3rd place – Courtney Fettig 4th place – Renae Smith

1-D winners: 1st place – Katelyn Schaffner 2nd place – Kelsey Hermanson 3rd place - Courtney Fettig 4th place – Carla Reid

4-D 2-Day Average Winner Tana Staal & Tracy Bridwell representing Dakota Community Bank.

The NDCHF and Dakota Community Banks sponsored the 5th annual North Dakota Barrel Racing was held at the Walt Neuens Memorial Horse Park over Labor Day weekend. The staff and barrel racers were aware of the predicted weather conditions so they decided to hold a one-day doubleheader. Producer Ginny Eck says, “We were blessed with beautiful sunshine, and the day went well. We couldn’t have asked for anything better.” The event offered a purse of nearly $8,000, made possible by generous sponsors like the NDCHF; Dakota Community Bank; Hubbard Feeds, Bismarck; and Diamond W Animal Essentials, Bismarck. We had over 100 contestants competing. Marcella Johnson, founder of Johnson-Berger Barrel Racing, says, “I am amazed at how fast this has continued to grow. I am already looking forward to next year.” She adds, “It is always an honor to support our local barrel racers, and

1-D Average Winner, Katelyn Schaffner & Tracy Bridwell representing Dakota Community Bank.

2-D Average Winner Miranda Billman.

2-D winners: 1st place – Chelsey Benson 2nd place – Lisa Hendrickson 3rd place – Carla Asthaud 4th place - Tari Azure

2-D winners: 1st place - Renae Smith 2nd place – Chelsey Benson 3rd place – Donna Idlaud 4th place – Kennedi Kautzman

3-D winners: 1st place – Sonya Wienberger 2nd place – Marcie Howard 3rd place – LeAnn Hovde 4th place – Lisa Heiser

3-D winners: 1st place – Kimberly Kraft 2nd place – Lenore Frank 3rd place – Jamie Hande 4th place - Ryan Schock

4-D winners: 1st place – Tasha Thompson 2nd place – Deb Madison 3rd place – Regina Jesz 4th place – Marcella Johnson

4-D winners: 1st place - Kenda Berger 2nd place - Denise Bauman 3rd place - Carla Asthaud 4th place - Karli Madison

Senior winner: Peggy Holzer

Senior winner: Donna Idland PeeWee winner: Lydia Schmidt

Youth winner: Kennedi Kautzman

PeeWee winner: Mikah Schock

Page 28 • The Cowboy Chronicle • November 2010

Two-Day Average winners: 1-D Katelyn Schaffner 2-D Miranda Billman 3-D Peggy Holzer 4-D Tana Steal Senior Average Winner: Peggy Holzer

Robby Hansen, Wilton, ND; owned by Clyde Krebs, Glen Ullin, ND. (Presented with blanket sponsored by NDCHF.)

2nd place – Haidas Pepolena; ridden by Audri Orwig, Ellendale, ND; owned by Mary Orwig, Ellendale, ND.

2nd place – Rojo Irish Bay, ridden by John Hovde, Epping, ND; owned by Morgan Hauge, New Town, ND.

$10,000 Novice Horse: 1st place - Matthew Twenty Two; ridden by Robby Hansen, Wilton, ND; owned by Pat and Marcie Roehrich, Washburn, ND. (Presented with jacket sponsored by NDCHF.)

Cutting event hosted by NDCHF in Medora The North Dakota Cutting Horse Assn., in conjunction with the NDCHF, hosted the final event of the 2010 Wild West Series. It was originally scheduled for the Medora Ranch-O-Rama arena but, because of rainy and snowy weather, it was held at the Dickinson State University Arena on Sept. 18-19. The event brought in 175 entries in 12 classes. NDCHA Director Ginny Eck says, “Though the weather made the weekend difficult, it turned out to be outstanding.”

2nd place – Stolen Play; ridden by Zachary Crane, Baldwin, ND; owned by Jane Haught, Baldwin, ND. $15,000 Novice Horse, Non-pro: 1st place – Badger Mate; ridden and owned by Rebecca Chase, Hazen, ND. (Presented with jacket sponsored by NDCHF.) 2nd place – Classy Little Rey; ridden and owned by William Retterath, Center, ND. $35,000 Non-Pro L-R: Mark Larson & Andri Orwig.

Non-pro: 1st place - Blazing Mate; ridden and owned by Clyde Krebs, Glen Ullin, ND. (Presented with jacket sponsored by Alan Wagner, Farmers Union Insurance, Glen Ullin.)

$3,000 Novice Horse: 1st place – Our Little Ricochet; ridden and owned by Rex Cook, Dickinson, ND. (Presented with jacket sponsored by NDCHF.) 2nd place – Haidas Little Gray; ridden by Robby Hansen; owned by Bob Haider, Mandan, ND.

2nd place – ridden and owned by Dorvan Solberg, Ray, ND. $5,000 Novice Horse, Non-pro: 1st place – Smokes Navajo; ridden and owned by Shelby Larson, Minot, ND. (Presented with jacket sponsored by NDCHF.)

$10,000 Novice Horse L-R: Kathy Miller, Pat Roehrich, Ginny Eck & Marcie Roehrich.

She adds, “And we were pleased to have such generous sponsors again this year, including the NDCHF; Dakota Community Bank; Clyde Krebs, Circle K Feed and Grain, Glen Ullin; and Alan Wagner, Farmers Union Insurance.” 2-day average winners were: Open class: 1st place – Blazing Mate, ridden by

$5,000 Novice Horse Non-Pro L-R: Kathy Miller, Shelby Larson & Ginny Eck.

Youth: 1st place - April Snow Queen; ridden and owned by Sara Stites, Hermosa, SD. (Presented with vest sponsored by Alan Wagner, Farmers Union Insurance, Glen Ullin.)

2nd place – Lean Del Gallo; ridden and owned by Darrell Parsons, Minot, ND. $35,000 Non-pro: 1st place tie - Haidas Pepolena; ridden by Audri Orwig, Ellendale, ND; owned by Mary Orwig, Ellendale, ND. (Presented with blanket and jacket sponsored by Alan Wagner, Farmers Union Insurance, Glen Ullin.)

November 2010 • The Cowboy Chronicle • Page 29

NDCHF Jacket Winners. L-R: Kathy Miller NDCHF; Rex & Anne Cook; Smokes Navajo; Shelby Larson; Rebecca Chase; Matthew Twenty Two; Pat & Marcie Roehrich; & Robby Hansen.

1st place tie – MH Moves Millions; ridden and owned by Mark Larson, Minot, ND. (Jacket.)

sored by Alan Wagner, Farmers Union Insurance, Glen Ullin.) 2nd place – April Snow Queen; ridden and owned by Sara Stites, Hermosa, SD.

$500 Rider: 1st place – MRK Shake N Oak; ridden and owned by Alan Wagner, Wilton, ND. (Presented with blanket sponsored by NDCHF.) 2nd place – Lil Radar Peppy; ridden by Hayes Feilmeier, Watford City, ND; owned by Paul and Julie Lako, Arthur, ND.

L-R: Dorvan Solberg, NDCHF Trustee; Joe Archuleta, National Cutting Horse Assn. Judge; Ginny Eck; John Hovde, president, NDCHA; & Rex Cook, CHF Inductee.

$15,000 Amateur: 1st palce – Haidas Pepolena; ridden by Audri Orwig, Ellendale, ND; owned by Mary Orwig, Ellendale, ND. (Presented with jacket sponsored by Alan Wagner, Farmers Union Insurance, Glen Ullin.) 2nd place – Teninas Choice; ridden by Russell Mather, Baldwin, ND; owned by Russell and Elaine Mather, Baldwin, ND. $2,000 Limit Rider: 1st place – Haidas Pepolena; ridden by Audri Orwig, Ellendale, ND; owned by Mary Orwig, Ellendale, ND. (Presented with blanket spon-

$50,000 Amateur: 1st place – Badgers Danny Dry; ridden and owned by Theresa Nelson, Billings, MT. (Presented with jacket sponsored by Alan Wagner, Farmers Union Insurance, Glen Ullin.) L-R: Sara Stites' dad, Sara Stites on Hole Chex Olena, Ginny Eck.

$1,000 Novice Horse: 1st place – Holi Chex Olena; ridden and owned by Sara Stites, Hermosa, SD. (Presented with jacket sponsored by Alan Wagner, Farmers Union Insurance, Glen Ullin.) 2nd place – USA Stinger; ridden and owned by Roy Markegard, Hettinger, ND.

NDHA President Hovde says, “It was by far the best cutting in N.Dak., with participants from the Dakotas, Mont., Minn., Wyo., Wisc. and Canada.” After the cutting competition, the contestants were invited to the Cowboy Hall of Fame for a social and evening meal. Thanks to the CHF and to John Hovde, Clyde Krebs and Bob Haider who provided the refreshments. The 2011 Wild West Series cutting is tentatively planned for Sept. 17-18.

Page 30 • The Cowboy Chronicle • November 2010

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November 2010 • The Cowboy Chronicle • Page 31















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CONTINUED from Page 16

ROUGHRIDER RODEO ASSOCIATION 2010 CHAMPIONS Men’s All Around: Jamie Guttormson Women’s All Around: Bobbi Grann Jr. Girls’ All Around: Sadie Gjermundson Jr. Boys’ All Around: Caleb Strecker Bareback: Austin Martin Saddle Bronc: Robert Mohagen Bull Riding: Chris Ehlers Calf Roping: Jamie Guttormson Steer Wrestling: Dylan Hennessy Team Roping- Header: Chance Rosencrans Team Roping - Heeler: Luke Morast Barrel Race: Kim Johnson Goat Tying: Bobbi Grann Breakaway: Carmen Cain Jr. Breakaway: Cole Peterson Jr. Bareback: Caleb Strecker Jr. Bull Riding: Waylon Lenior Jr. Saddle Bronc: Taylor Buchholz

Jr. Calf Roping - Tied: Caleb Strecker and Logan Schaper Jr. Barrel Race: Brandi Davidson Jr. Goat Tying: Sadie Gjermundson Novice Barrel Race: Kali Carlson Mixed Team Roping: Brandon Enervold Senior Breakaway: Mike Peterson Jr. Steer Wrestling: Chase Lako Bareback Horse for 2010: Fettig Rodeo Broncs (Horse’s name is Google Up) Saddle Bronc for 2010: Wildman Rodeo Company (Horse’s name is Colt 44) Bull for 2010: Abrahamson Rodeo Company (Bull’s name is Gold Rush) Marla Zingg Jr. Girls Sportsmanship Award: Megan Danks Quail Bruce Jr. Sportsmanship Award: Alex Kleinsasser

2010 RESERVES Bareback: Lee Dunford Saddle Bronc: Riley Knoll

Bull Riding: Jeff Shagena Calf Roping: Lee Hetletved Steer Wrestling: Ben Grann Team Roping - Header: Rick Carlson Team Roping - Heeler: Mitch Smith Barrel Race: Tied: Shelly Effertz and Janna Mikkelsen Goat Tying: Amanda Eckroth Breakaway: Jordyn Schaefer Jr. Breakaway: Jade Benson Jr. Bareback: Blake Smith Jr. Bull Riding - Tied: J.D. Woodbury, Kyle Dunn and Chaston Lee Jr. Saddle Bronc: Jake Tescher Jr. Barrel Race: Lexi Stern Jr. Goat Tying: Brittany Cudworth Novice Barrel Race: Savannah Fettig Mixed Team Roping – Cole Peterson Senior Breakaway: Terry Brandt Jr. Steer Wrestling: Jayce Doan

November2009 2010 Page 32 • The Cowboy Chronicle • February

The Cowboy Chronicle

North Dakota Cowboy Hall of Fame 120 N. 3rd St., Ste. 85 Bismarck, North Dakota 58501-3860





Address Service Requested



Established Februar y 25, 1995






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