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Deer Class: mammal Natural habitat: Originally It lived in level forest, later it moved to mountain because of human pressure. - They’re in all continents except Antarctica and Australia -

Food: Usually It looks for food during the night! It’s a ruminant. During the SPRING It eats: herbs, new leaves, buds. During the Summer: wheat, carrots, beets. During the Winter: branches, roots.

Fox Class:


Natural habitat: It lives everywhere, in particular in areas with several resources. It lives with difficulty in mountain.

Food: Usually It looks for food at the break of day or in the evening. It’s omnivorous. It prefers rabbit and rats, but also eats birds, insects, fish and fruits.

Whale Class: mammal Natural habitat: cold sea Food: shellfish and small fish.


Class: mammal Natural habitat: European boar prefers wood, while African and Asiatic boar prefers marshy areas.

Food: It prefers acorns, fruits, berries, roots, mushrooms. But sometimes it eats insects, frogs and snakes. It’s Omnivorous

Gull Class: Oviparous Natural habitat: It lives above all on the sea, but some of them live on big lakes (e.j. Lago di Garda).

Food: fish, eggs, insects, worms, left-overs.

Rabbit Class: Mammal Natural habitat: a burrow near meadows or cultivated land.

Food: herbs, leaves, buds, roots, bark.

Eagle Class: Oviparous Natural habitat: It lives in mountainous areas, in big nests on top of trees. It doesn’t like crowded places or grassland where It can’t hide.

Food: animals like rabbits, pigeons, tortoises, young fawns.


(a kind of venomous snake)

Class: Oviparous Natural habitat: sunny areas with bushes or rocks. Food: rats and lizards.


Class: Mammal Natural habitat: The countryside Food: It’s herbivorous . It eats hay and herbs plus some fruits and vegetables. It also eats nuts, chestnuts, dry bread.




Natural habitat: mountainous areas or areas with rocks.

Food: It’s a ruminant. It eats herbs, shrubs, roots, barks.




Natural habitat: It lives in flock, in mountainous areas or in areas with rocks. Usually It lives in the sheep fold.

Food: herbs, hay, seeds.

Cow Buffalo



Natural habitat: marshy areas Food: corn, cereals, herbs, hay.

Seal Class:


Natural habitat: Usually It lives along the coast of cold or temperate sea.

Food: fish like cods, soles, shellfish.

Flamingo Class:


Natural habitat: Usually It lives in marshy areas, in mud nests.

Food: shellfish,worms, fish.

Tuna Class:


Natural habitat: open ocean, but sometimes It goes near the coast.

Food: small fish like anchovy.




Natural habitat: the sea, the ocean or the river estuary

Food: small fish and shellfish.

Typical animals  
Typical animals  

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