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Botev School - Veszprém

Our school by Luca! The school year in Hungary starts at the beginning of September. There are two terms. The first term is form September to January. The second term is from the middle of January to June. In Autumn it's often very windy, rainy and cold too. We go on school trips in the middle of Autumn. This year we go to Budapest. Winter in Hungary it's often very cold. It's sometimes snowy too. We go to the garden and play snowball. It's very funny! I like Spring! It's often very sunny. We go on school trips. This year we go to Szombathely and Italy. Summer is my favourite season! It's sometimes very hot and sunny. The scholl year ends in the middle of June. I like school!:) Balog Luca

THE SCHOOL YEAR IN HUNGARY The school year in Hungary srats in September.There are two terms in the school . The first is the autumn term. The autumn term is from September to January. The second is the spring term. The spring term is from February to June. I like autumn very much. We always go on schooltrips in September. In the school we often play football. It’s usually cold and windy and it’s often cloudy and rainy too. There’s a holiday in winter. Winter is the coldest season. It’s often snowy and windy. There’s a special day in winter – CHRISMAS DAY – December 25th-26th. I like special days. There’s a special day in spring – Easter –this year it is on April 8th. There’s a holiday int he spring. Int he holiday My family go to the forest. The spring is usually sunny andcloudy and it’s sometimes stormy too. My favourite season is summer. It’usually sunny and hot and it’sometimes rainy and stormy too. There’s a sports day in June. The school year ends in the middle of June!!! Fekete Kristóf

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