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Dear Alessandra, My name is Nóra. I would like to introduce my home. I live in a small village next to Veszprém. Its name is Hidegkút. There are about 450 people live here. There aren't too many houses, but animals all the more. There are horses, cows, sheep and dogs. There are only five streets in the village. There is one shop, a restaurant, a church and a community center. There is a riding school at the end of the village, where I often ride a horse. There isn't any school in our village therefore I go to school in Veszprém. Veszprém is a big town. It has a lot of big shops, banks, schools, theater and cinema. There is a small stream in the city. Its name is Séd. Veszprém is a cool town. Love, Nóra Nagy



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