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History According to the story, Venice was born a lot of years ago (on April 25, 421 BC). People lived in a big area called Venice.

Roman soldiers

The city of the Romans is called Rome

Venice is a lagoon. Lot of water and islands together are called Venice. People in Venice go to school and to work by boat.

Boat (Gondola) in Venice:

Typical Ship (vaporetto) in Venice:

Mr Marco Polo lived in Venice and travelled a lot. He wrote a book called “Il Milione� about his journeys.

Mr Marco Polo

Marco Polo walked along all this way

Venice became known as the "Queen of the Adriatic".

How about Venice? Venice is a city unique, just think about how it was built.

Piazza San Marco

The lion of Piazza San Marco.

Venice is built on an immense forest of trees toppled. The Venetians operated in a relatively simple way.

Pile dwellings

The piles driven into the mud became so strong and cemented together to be kept in good condition for centuries.

Do you know what happens every February in Venice?



Velence bemutató

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