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THIRD ISSUE 6/4/2014 | Europe

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EDITORIAL Two weeks have passed since the session’s end. Two weeks which were probably marked by intense studying for most of you, catching up on things you missed. While hard at work studying, do bear in mind what this session gave you. Not only memories, those come without saying, but try to think for a moment about how you grew as a person. And do trust us when we tell you that by continuing with the EYP, much more is in store for you. With a little time having passed to enable objective thinking, we believe that each of you can find the answer in their heart. Yours Marek & Klåra

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issue 3 | WIRE | 3

CULT AWARDS by Michal Novotný (CZ)

for the best And the Oscar pporting role actress in a su of EYP goes for The Movie edes. ag to Kimmy V

Anna Didyk won an Oscar for the best actres s in a supporting role for Do ctor Who.

finally beatUsain Bolt ášek won a en! Pavel Tom the Olympic gold medal in 0m in 8.08s. Games for 10

ware! Tomáš Matrix fans be Matrix real e Hubka mad Nobel Prize and won the r it. for Physics fo

4 | WIRE | issue 3

in PhysThe Nobel Prize by Petra ics was obtained vention in Kubová for her cool is ow H of a teleport. that?

Oscar for the best actor in a leading role was given to Jakub Hamel for The Awesome Life of Jakub Hamel.

And the Oscar for the best animation movie goes to Jakub Mrakava for his masterpiece.

Kateřina Hůlov á solved all international problems with coffee and chocolate and won the N obel Peace Prize for it.

ová was Zuzana Vanýsk the Nobel awarded with ture for a Prize for Litera istory of H e Th bestseller the EYP.

t invented! The evil robo áš Paukner Its creator Tom e Nobel Prize was given th r this unique for Physics fo invention.

The book about Nobel Prize by Jan Šubrt was awarded with the Nobel Prize for Literature. No kidding!

ECON FACT SHEET by Triin Kaup (EE)

Kryštof Stupka: If Kryštof could be a penguin, then his hobby would be dancing because he loves the movie “Happy Feet”. Nina Djukanović: If Nina could live in any country in the world, she would pick New Zealand because of its beautiful weather, landscape, and friendly people.

Pavlína Chroňáková: On Monday evenings at 11PM, Pavlína is usually sleeping or chatting on Facebook, watching a film, studying, painting or playing a piano.

Jakub Ptáček: From the cities he has visited, Jakub’s favourite is Abu Dhabi because to him it is perfectly organised and it is also calmer than many other large cities.

Jan Čamaj: Jan’s favourite TV series is BBC’s “Sherlock” because to him the main character is “the best guy ever” to him and Jan also likes the fact that Sherlock is British.

Adam Motloch: Adam’s combination of a perfect city is: Prague, because of its beauty; Paris, because of its cafes and macarons; and London, because of its cultural life.

Ariane Luessen: She truly values her friends every day and loves her sister, to Ariane she is “just the best!”

Willem Koelewijn: During the session, Willem got himself a new nickname – Fluffy.

Jonathan-Antonín Machander: Johnathan’s favourite movie is “The Big Lebowski”, which he finds just incredibly awesome!

Giovanni Fanin: Giovanni’s favourite superhero is Flash, since the character is very witty.

Bao Tran Thai: The last gift Bao received was the chance to be at this session.

Kateřina Tlachová: When it comes to food, Kateřina has a secret – she has never eaten sushi.

Štěpán Košan: Štěpán is an undercover geek, he might look like regular delegate, but in fact, he is deeply obsessed with geeky stuff like fantasy and electronics.

issue 3 | WIRE | 5

by Martin Stoček (CZ)


A couple days ago, bunch of people who hardly knew each other started debates about the issue of piracy and copyright. Bjarne, Olda, Sergej, Anna, Ondra, Dan, Kuba, Ivana, and Renáta were able to communicate, and they came up with mutual agreement in a form we call The Resolution. Although their resolution didn’t pass, they have performed an amazing job. Their topic is closely related to art in various forms. As it turned out, a major part of JURI members play some musical instrument; therefore, solving the issue might be close to their hearts. 1. Bjarne Pfitzner – Bjarne has never been to an EYP session be- time. fore. According to his words, he enjoyed the session pretty much. 9. Daniel Medový – Daniel does not have any experience with Stay involved! Maybe a future Journalist. composing music, his path may be a tennis player. 2. Renáta Chalupská – Renáta is a perfect flute player, and if she 10. Jan Knížek – Jan is a well-known trumpet player. Or yet to had more time, she would love to play the violin. be. He says table tennis would suit him the most. 3. Oldřich Šubrt – Olda, a young man from Strakonice, is a bagpipe player. In the future, he would love to become an architect.


4. Anna-Marie Stejskalová – Anne’s hobby is piano, and she 1. Valeriya Boyko – Despite her family talent, Valeriya does not would love to travel the whole world to see the unseen. play any musical instrument, but she thinks playing bagpipes 5. Ondřej Štogl – Ondřej is a rookie in the field of music – athlet- may be really cool. She would love to travel all around the world and learn all the languages so she could read local books. Also ics might be better, he says. writing a book is something she would like to try. 6. Ivana Madejová – Ivana is a rookie as well as Ondřej, maybe 2. Andreia Moraru – Our lovely Andreia confessed that she can’t in another life. And the same as Anna – travelling is the key. play any instrument, but she has a dream that one day she’ll 7. Jakub Čapek – Kuba tried to play the guitar, and he sees him- learn how to play the violin. If she had all the time in the world, self as a football player. she would travel a lot. Meeting new people and exploring new cultures – it means a lot to her. 8. Sergej Kurbanov – Sergej seems to be a good guitar player, according to his sitting position. The future vision is a bit different, though. He would like become a programmer if he had more 6 | WIRE | issue 3

by Rea Dika (GR)



Thursday 20: On a particularly sunny day here in Saturday 22: After a hard day full of fruitful the city of Strakonice, ten complete strangers discussion and debate, the committee comes up assemble to form the ENVI committee and indulge with their final resolution. themselves dynamically into teambuilding. Sunday 23: The critical day of GA has arrived, Friday 21: Committee Work begins. The members the delegates defend their resolution with great of the committee analyse their topic and write zeal, and it successfully passes. introductory clauses.

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW Q: Which was the hardest part of the session?

A: The majority of the delegates felt very confident and were ready to sufficiently defend their resolution and urge everyone to A: Each and every one of the delegates has had their own hard vote in favour of it. Judging from the result, their optimism and moment during the session, ranging from Committee Work, confidence led to the finest possible outcome. phrasing the resolution, waking up early in the morning, being alert during GA and of course leaving the session, returning to Q: Which was the most memorable moment of the session? normal life and trying to cure PED (Post-EYP-Depression). A: Deciding the favourite part of the session proved to be the Q: On a scale from 1 to 10, how would you rate the difficulty hardest question of all. Teambuilding activities, Committee Work, general assembly, parties, meeting new people, and the of Committee Work (10 being the hardest)? discussion with Jan Zahradil are the answers which altogether A: Once again, the delegates’ evaluations of Committee Work’s make up the whole session. difficulty vary greatly. It seems that some of the delegates did not consider Committee Work hard enough, and that is why they Q: How would you characterise Alastair and Václav? rated it with 3 or 4. In contrast, the rest of the delegates had a really hard time and rated the Committee Work difficulty with A: One word was not enough for most of the delegates to describe 9-10. What matters the most, though, is that according to them, those two one of a kind chairs. It seems that combining Alastair’s Václav’s and Alastair’s methods during Committee Work helped and Václav’s temperaments was one of the happiest coincidences in EYP’s history. Wise, erudite, funny, helpful, understanding, them to be very efficient and effective. encouraging, inspiring, strategic, open-minded, and caring are a few of the adjectives they complemented their chairs with. Q: How prepared do you feel about your topic? issue 3 | WIRE | 7

by Jana Slesarenko (CZ)

CASE FILE: AFET I TOP SECRET: Strictly for authorised view Mission: Putting an end to the Ukrainian crisis Location: Strakonice Agents:

8 | WIRE | issue 3

Name: Helena Nobile Occupation: Expert on Foreign Affairs Covername: HappyHelena Weapon: Italian temper Specialisation: The passionate member of the team

Name: Petr Hladík Occupation: Expert on Foreign Affairs Covername: PrettyPeter Weapon: Brain Specialisation: The strategist of the team

Name: Barbora Hůrková Occupation: Expert on Foreign Affairs Covername: BrilliantBara Weapon: Cuteness Specialisation: The original member of the team

Name: Alina Gagu Occupation: Expert on Foreign Affairs Covername: AmazingAlina Weapon: Smile Specialisation: The German member of the team

Name: Dominik Němec Occupation: Expert on Foreign Affairs Covername: DecentDominik Weapon: Sense of humour Specialisation: The tough member of the team

Name: Kristýna Lesná Occupation: Expert on Foreign Affairs Covername:CrystalCristina Weapon: Self-confidence Specialisation: The singing member of the team

Name: Adam Matoušek Occupation: Expert on Foreign Affairs Covername: AwesomeAdam Weapon: Coolness Specialisation: The rock star of the team

Name: Tomáš Farník Occupation: Expert on Foreign Affairs Covername: TrappedThomas Weapon: Determination Specialisation: The strong member of the team

Name: Kateřina Kynclová Occupation: Expert on Foreign Affairs Covername: KindKate Weapon: Deadly look Specialisation: The creative member of the team

Name: Aneta Šeráková Occupation: Expert on Foreign Affairs Covername: AmbitiousAneta Weapon: Determination Specialisation: The bright member of the team

Name: Henok Ghebrenigus Occupation: The general of the troop Covername: HairyHenok Weapon: Creativity Specialisation: The strict leader

Name: Petr Procházka Occupation: The general of the troop Covername: PartyingPeter Weapon: Charisma Specialisation: The kind leader

by Gregor Bauer (CZ)


Liebe was the word they used to elevate compassion, they talked, they listened, fought and screamed, still in orderly fashion Their chairs were solid radiant and brown, Maria, Milana, they never dropped a frown. They did their work, researching pages, thoughts and papers of all ages. Once knowledgeable they had been, their roles appeared upon the screen. The Delegates of LIBE thus, worked long and hard to humour us, with dots and letters and a comma, wrote of troubles with the Roma. In Strakonice this took place, all debates of size and race, discussing Roman integration in every state and every nation. by Gregor Bauer (CZ)

issue 3 | WIRE | 9

by Ilinca Bogaciov (RO)

EYPEERS OF THE AFCOMMITTEE AFCO is for Awesome, and if that does not make sense to you, you are reading it wrong. Yes, I know what you are thinking. No, I am not going to write about how brilliant their ideas were or about the exceptional way they collaborated and solved the most difficult of tasks, not even about how gracefully they managed to overcome the tensions that sometimes arose, even though it is all true. That has been said about every committee in the history of EYP, and it just won’t convey how special they really are. Instead, I will, hopefully, help you get a glimpse of their amazing personalities.


WHAT MESSAGE WOULD YOU SEND TO HUMANKIND? “If you’re not nervous, you’re not doing it right.” – Jane “Stop cultural Marxism.” – Michal “Always think twice.” – Marek “Love more.” - Míša

10 | WIRE | issue 3

by Štěpán Kment (CZ)

AFET II As a journalist for a committee dealing with the Syrian crisis, I have seen the teamwork and the group itself from many angles. I really enjoyed Teambuilding the first day, I was personally surprised how everyone took action and contributed. I would consider myself as a rather realistic person than enthusiastically optimistic; therefore, I do not embellish my stories. During Committee Work, despite few struggles that come with it, folks found the common ground pretty quickly. And even the preparation for the GA was on a high level. I have seen them prepare at night for their speeches and help each other. During the General Assembly the committee sticked together and made their resolution pass, which was a surprise for some, as they did not go along with the final outcome. Also, there were several delegates who were chosen for another sessions. I will conclude with thanks to all committee members, the team work that you performed was top notch and I hope you all enjoyed the session just as you could.

Stress 4% 4%








Learning (English) Party


13% 9%

Insomnia Love





Make a big Freedom festival in refugee camps

The friendly atmosphere

Negotiate at least with Russia

Challenging work and parties

Become the President of the USA

Helping each other in stressful situations

Stop being a bad guy

Meeting new people

Throw a party

issue 3 | WIRE | 11


collected by Jana Slesarenko (CZ)


A delegate (during lunch): “I really like this food, but can we maybe have something else?”

A: “May I sit down?” B: “No, there’s Triin lying there.” A: “Oh, I thought it was a jacket.”

“I have to push myself to sing in the shower. The water is getting into my mouth.” “The shoes are funnier than Pavel . No offence to Pavel .” (referring to Pavel Mládek) (At the restaurant):“The food is never-ending, I am so tired of eating it.”

A chair (after having lunch): “I have no idea where my committee is. I’ll go search for them .” “Your character is unisex and very corny.” (playing the character game, explaining the “Fluffy Unicorn”)



IN NUMBERS by Michal Novotný (CZ)

12 | WIRE | issue 3

le A: “Yo, man , you gotta ru aher, you must be domin er tin’! I swear ya, show h ’s who’s the big one, who sthe alpha male.” (aggre sively) t.” B: “Yes, yes, you are righ (submissively nodding)




“I think your idea is great, BUT…” (During brainstorming)

“EYP is kebab.”


10 112


98 320 KM










Lack of sleep appears to be the number one observation during EYP sessions. You may have already noticed that lack of sleep can make you grumpy and dizzy. However, what you may not know is that it can have a really negative effect on your memory, health, and, of course, your looks. Therefore, if you are hoping to take part and enjoy every part of a session while making the best out of it, make sure you meet the minimum amount of hours of sleep combined with regular dosage of meals.

Cold weather might be the most common reason for a sore throat. However, when it comes to EYP, a little bit of yelling, shouting, and screaming mixed with a sip of cold wind is the perfect recipe for getting a sore throat. In order to avoid such a peeve, make sure to keep informed about the weather forecast beforehand. In case it is already late for that, make sure to drink hot beverages and eat a lot of fruit.

From theory to practice: our beloved chair of the ENVI committee, Alastair Payne, got his rib hurt during teambuilding. It seems that despite the overall fun of teambuilding, some games, in this case the Kissing Game, can be proven dangerous not only for delegates but also for experienced chairpersons.


FAINTING A number of cases have been recorded of delegates fainting, especially during the General Assembly. A similar incident occurred at our session when a delegate of the ECON committee fainted during the hard day of Committee Work. No need to worry, though, Štěpán managed to refill his fuels and is ready for further EYP sessions.

It appears that fever is among the possible implications that even a person with a high-immunity system might undergo during a session. A perfect illustration would be Tim Backhaus’ illness, which appeared suddenly, tortured him for two days and then left without leaving any traces behind. Fortunately, Tim’s illness hasn’t had an influence on him, and he is currently feeling better than ever before.

text by Rea Dika (GR) issue 3 | WIRE | 13

K E E W N O I H S FA by Ilinca Bogaciov (RO)

of the e to Strakonice EYP Fashion Week, one com wel – in aga r yea the of e tim t tha It is shamelessly world! Ilinca Bogaciov observes and highest profile fashion events in the GA day. judges the best fashion outfits of the

there is absoAdam showed e in men’s styl lutely a place not do at th s ck for coloured so sers by proudmatch the trou d ese bright re ly wearing th socks.

Rocking cool toned colours – Petr’s perfectly matched blue tie and Val’s metallic necklace are what added interest to their outfits.

14 | WIRE | issue 3

The GA featured tons of classic navy and black with the very occasional pop of colour. Aneta showed she can pull off block colours with this coral peplum dress.

Rea’s dark lipstick is the perfect finishing touch to her elegant little black dress.

ook e’s style b out of Jan f ha a it le w a ss e Tak oral dre fl y tt re p a ally st nd – wear a e print re th e rek a m own for a belt to our hair d y t le d n a out . laxed look

Kembe looked dashing in this navy suit expertly paired with a polka dot shirt in white.

Růžena dressed in a lavender blouse, styling her look with a black skirt and strappy heels for an ad ded chic touch, while Jan went for a statement-m aking chalk-striped suit.

on the ring high o sc ly e ok it efin d clean lo Míša is d is fresh an th olh p it te w us: cu style scale , yet fabulo at le co p a m h si it aired w that is so p ss re d y nav ka dotted e colour. m sa e th of

s, lue stripe , white, b d s re te – a g n le e e d eav made in h like Tim taught his only be A match s n k you ca )ties. Loo they say, and (bow ow what n k u o y t well – bu air! as your ch as stylish

issue 3 | WIRE | 15



This type of delegate is well-educated, formal, and aiming for a career in white-collar society. Represented by the most formal of shoes, the “smart shoe” delegate knows where they are and how they got there. On the other hand, they are in desperate need of broadening their horizons, oftentimes have trouble climbing off their high horse and are quite simply boring.

The most social of shoes – this type of delegate never finds themselves alone, they are mostly agreed with, in part because of their easy-going ever so cheery manner, and are perfectly suited for breaking the ice during Encounter. However, the “sneaker” does not take the topic seriously enough. They are light-headed and lack depth.

Committee of interest – ECON

Committee of interest – not specified



This is the very essence of the classic “shark”, the “extravagant heel” delegate knows what she wants and how to get it, persuasive and determined. Not to be overlooked is her arrogance, the “heel” is as inconsiderate as it is self-centred. What was described as a high horse in the smart shoe can only be called the Burj Khalifa of self-confidence.

One day a flip-flopper supports an idea, the next day they shift to something very different – to whatever is needed in fact. As with the foot walking in this shoe, the flip-flopper gets whatever they step upon right in the face. They are the most adaptable and impressible delegate, very little of input of their own.

Committee of interest – FEMM

Committee of interest – ENVI

SHOE-TYPES OF DE 16 | WIRE | issue 3



The most solid shoe of all, a very strong personality with rock solid ideas, the “ski boot” delegate never gives up. At least not on their own opinions; they have the potential to become the backbone of a committee, but persuading them might get really difficult as they are very adamant, meaning stubborn.

The “pointe shoe” delegate is as beautiful as she is strong; it is with sheer elegance that she is able to lead the committee to harmony and balance. It is rather the foot that fits the shoe than the other way round, but most importantly, it is at most distressing times that the balance is held best.

Committee of interest – AFCO

Committee of interest – AFET (concerning eastern Europe)

THE WORN-OUT Poor little “worn-out”, always studies hard, works overtime, but is hardly ever listened to. Once an aspiring “smart shoe”, this delegate is eager and knowledgeable, but for their devotion combined with weak character, the “worn-out” is the most knuckling-under of delegates you will find. Trampled-upon, to say the least. Committee of interest – LIBE


text by Gregor Bauer & Martin Stoček (CZ)

BAREFOOT Nothing to hide but little to say, walking through mud and grass and hay, “barefoot” delegate has a way of their own, even though he must sadly walk alone. ‘Quite the original,’ everyone thinks, though thinking and trusting are two different things. “He’s weird and fun, but where is his shoe?” delegate one asks delegate two. “No shoe? That won’t fly!” is the official’s sigh, “Give him the ‘worn-out’ or hang him up high!” “Oh, stop this madness, the GA is nigh, just give him the floor,” says “heel”, who is sly. But barefoot has courage and barefoot has smarts, he writes down his notes on five tiny cards. He reads them out loud in open debate, opposing committee starts crying “Ten šmejd!” Indeed they did win, thanks to barefoot man’s wit, now throwing out shoes is EYP’s hit! issue 3 | WIRE | 17



by Triin Kaup (EE) & Gregor Bauer (CZ)

From the time of selecting their team to the emotional moments at the Closing Ceremony, Klára and Marek have been the strength of the Media Team. With only few days of session time, they made the whole team feel as if they were one big family. Laughter echoed from the media room and even at four in the morning you could still hear typing noises from the fast hands of the Editors. Now that the final issue is out, it is time to meet the two wonderful people, who were the the All-Seeing Eye of everything that was published. How do you feel about working overtime? M: That is a daily job, I would say. If I felt bad about it, I would not be sitting here right now. K: I feel completely nothing, when I am overworked, I just cannot decide how I feel, and I am just watching something and do not know what I am watching. It is hard to say. M: Yes, it is pretty standard you work the entire time of the session, there is no overtime. You are supposed to work the whole session. K: If you sleep - you are lame. M: You snooze, you lose. At which point does it really kick in that the body has to go to sleep? M: Basically, a moment comes where you stare at the screen for three minutes, and you realise that you are looking at one sentence over and over again; that is where you realise something is really wrong. K: Yeah, it may be three minutes for Marek, but sometimes I find myself in that for twenty minutes, half an hour, an hour. Sometimes I just get stuck and do not know what I am doing. We are sitting here with tea and two Red Bulls. What is the thing that keeps you awake the best? M&K (Simultaneously): Journalists! K: And the laughter. Journalists keep me awake because I am afraid that if I fell asleep, I would miss some incredible lines. Do you have something special you take to a session? Something lucky or of sentimental value?

18 | WIRE | issue 3

K: I used to wear this necklace with a tree, the white tree from the Lord of the Rings, it was my talisman, but I lost it during a session. I always lose necklaces at sessions, except for the one I am wearing right now. M: One lucky thing I bring to every session is a sleeping bag. I always bring it because I feel that I am prepared. Whatever happens, I am prepared! No surprises for me! I take it everywhere I go. Tell us about a truly life-changing experience or maybe a book or a film – something that really moved you or changed you in a way. M: Organising a session is something, I would say, defining in life, in the process of studying, in becoming the personalities we strive to become. It is something out of this world because you spend a year on it. It is not only about the work, but about the connections you make from it with the people involved. I would definitely call this something everyone should try sometime; it does not have to be an EYP session, but something to which you dedicate yourself fully. There is nothing better than that, no school curricula can replace something like this experience. K: Mine may sound like a cliché, but I am just going to mention the first session I have been to, where I was a delegate – I loved EYP from the very beginning. Before I came to EYP I was a real introvert, but after EYP I found myself loving everyone, enjoying laughter and random hugging, and playing random crazy games. M: I get the hugging part, after I come home after a session I end up hugging everyone, all the time. They are all mad at me for being “huggy”. How would you go about measuring the size of your

own brain? M: There is a way of measuring data, so I would measure everything that went into the issues of this session, somehow convert it into weight, giving us the right number. K: Maybe I would try splitting my head in half; I would get the brain out with a spoon, measure the bowl, in which to weigh my brain, and then I would put the brain into the bowl and measure the bowl with my brain in it. I would subtract the weight of the bowl and get the right weight of my brain. A physically proper process.

Marek: I love the rubber ducks, I have had my fair share of them in the bath, but I am not a big fan of garden gnomes because there is this very scary one at my grandfather’s, which I really do not like and since we got it I have had sort of a phobia because I saw it when I was a child and… no. No story.

What are your worst traits?

Klára: I have wondered all my life what a garden gnome tastes like. Rubber ducks scare me to death – I have never had any because they are so yellow. I only have one that does not scare me, it is on my desk, and it is from the German Nationals, so there is an emotional connection. Otherwise, I hate rubber ducks.

K: I am really smart. (laughs) I consider myself really smart, and when I am doing something I realise I am actually not smart at all; however, when I am not doing anything again, the first feeling returns. M: When I was a child, I was a bit big-headed, but now I am perfect. Any application tips for aspiring journalists? K: It is very hard to say because when Marek and I were choosing our team, all applications were different, but we look for more of a general feel of the application, we want to see that the person is interesting and brings something original to the team. Basically, that the person is fun. M: I would say, if there is something you want to do, it does not matter what it is, as long as you feel strong about it. Just go ahead and…

Jeroen: I hate garden gnomes, they do not look nice, but I like rubber ducks, though, since they are really cute. I had a rubber duck when I was 15, which was a hippie duck, and I had it as a decoration in my room. As a child I had rubber ducks which I used to squirt water into my brother’s face.


K: Don’t be shy.


 issue 3 | WIRE | 19

What is your longest time without any sleep during the session? I actually had quite decent sleep – at least 3 hours per night, but as far as not sleeping goes, I would say 22 hours without sleeping. Although, at a session two weeks ago I did not sleep for around 50 hours. Afterwards, I slept the entire day. How did you get into video-editing? I applied as an Editor, which I did not get and then I was asked to apply as a video-editor. Actually I did my first video last week, but I have an experience as a graphic designer, so video-editing is not a very unknown area for me. Why did you choose this session? I have been in the Czech Republic before, and I decided to do a session in here. I also knew Kate and how awesome she is. If you were the Editor, then is there something you would have done differently from Klára and Marek? Not really, I do not think there is something extra to be done. The ideas Klára and Marek had were the same ones I had, for example the content and dividing journalists in groups. I liked that journalists had a separate social media group, not everybody does that, also the journalists had more open choices, which was good as well. I really agree with what the Editors did and I am glad what came out. What is next for you in EYP? I am thinking about applying to a summer session since I have university at the moment. I did three sessions in March, so it is enough for a while, but I will definitely do something during the summer and also autumn. I am thinking about chairing since the March sessions were about Media Team, but it really depends on the session. Did you feel sad that you did not have your own committee as the journalists do? Yes, maybe a bit. But then again, we had a great team of officials, so I did not feel left out and we had lots of fun. I got to meet some delegates during the treasure hunt, which was nice. A guy comes up to you on a street and tells you that you can live anywhere in the world for a month, all expenses covered – where would you go? Probably Dubai or Hong Kong, or some other place you usually do not get to go to. In Europe I would say Prague, I really like it here. Overall, I like living in big cities. If you were a superhero, who would you be? Thor – he makes really nice puns. If I could have just a superpower, I would pick shape shifting, I could troll a lot of people with that. 20 | WIRE | issue 3



While journalists were running around and trying to capture all that was happening at the session, there was always one man in the media room who had his eyes glued to his computer – Jeroen. Journalists were his minions, bringing him more and more material to go through and put together. He delivered us three amazing videos, which truly captured the session’s spirit – now it is time to find out who is the man behind video-editing.

by Jana Slesarenko (CZ)

STAY INVOLVED! The best way to conquer PED (Post-EYP-Depression) – or at least partially – is to join EYP Czech Republic. How can you do that? Two Members of the Board of EYP CZ, Martinka Konečná and Matěj Kinovič, share some precious knowledge with us.

Important contacts: | |

Do you desperately want to get to the next session?

Form a team and take part in the National Selection Conference next year.

If you were granted temporary membership (received mail from Dorotka), don't forget about the annual Board elections and meeting on Friday 11 April.

Don’t hesitate!

This year Czech Forum will take place in Kroměříž, 20-23 Nov. The call opens in October!

Want to help managing EYP CZ? Become a coordinator! Come to the annual meeting on 11 April and learn more.

Write an e-mail to Dorotka, the Member of the Board Responsible for Human Resources, at She’ll try her best to send you to a session.

You can as well apply to the Czech Forum as an individual.

Attend trainings for Journalists and Chairs on the first and second week of April in Prague.

Like the Facebook page of EYP CZ – get the newest info about calls.

Check your inbox regularly and don't miss the e-mails from EYP CZ.

“Stay involved.”

Anar Kučera, former President of EYP CZ, member of the EYP’s Governing Body, at the 74th International Session in Tbilisi issue 3 | WIRE | 21

The 16th National Selection Conference Strakonice is organised under the auspices of Mgr. Jiří Zimola, the Regional Council President of the South Bohemian Region and in cooperation with the Town of Strakonice and the Cultural Centre of Strakonice.



Projekt je podpořen Zdravým městem Strakonice na základě rozhodnutí občanů na VII. Fóru zdravého města

WIRE | Issue III. (Final.)  
WIRE | Issue III. (Final.)  

Newspaper of the 16th National Selection Conference of EYP CZ in Strakonice 2014