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eunoi brand book

our story Eunoi was founded in 2015 by Klara Hansson and Mathilda Ljung, two graphic and communication students in Sweden. We are both obsessed with writing materials and spend way too much money on pens and notebooks. One day we thought to ourselves, why not start a company together. And so we did. Creating something that would make a differ in the world was important for us, therefore we decided that every sold product would result in a donation of school materials to schools in countries with low education level. The name of the company comes from the Greek word eunoia - meaning ’beautiful thinking’. Best regards, Klara and Mathilda

our brand mantra inspire people to create friendship on a global scale to create bonds across quality products made of strong and certified materials



eunoi eunoi The logotype consists of the name of the company in lowercase letters. The font is Playfair Display. The background is transparent, on darker backgrounds ’eunoi’ is written in white and on lighter backgrounds in black. The free zone around the logotype should always be as wide as two dots. Avoid making the logotype less than 4 millimeters high.

Typography All of Eunoi’s graphic material is based on four different fonts; Playfair Display, Minion Pro, Impact Label and Notera. All fonts are used in black and white, and no other colors.

Playfair Display is Minion pro is used in all written text except used only in the logotype and titles. logotype. Impact LAbel is used in titles.

Notera is used as decoration of words or short sentences

Color scheme

primary colors







CMYK 0/0/0/100

CMYK 5/7/13/0

CMYK 27/34/32/9

RGB 0/0/0

RGB 245/237/226

RGB 185/161/155

y r a d n o c se colors





CMYK 56/51/44/35

CMYK 73/46/69/47

RGB 99/93/97

RGB 58/79/62

Photographs Characteristics for our photographs are the shallow depth of field and, except product photos, the presence of people. They are always edited with kindness and colored photos have a warm tone. We encourage placement of photographs to be creative and do not want them all to be centered. Photos are taken by us or choosen freelance photographer and are not ordinary stock photos. Product photos do not have to include people. Below follows a few examples. Other photos do not have to include products from the assortment.

Communication Strategy

social media Eunoi uses Instagram and Youtube as communication tools to reach out to existing and potential customers, and to create a bond with them. At Eunoi’s Instagram account followers get a daily inspiration boost through images posted in the feed. Stories from the four Eunoi schools give followers a clear vision of where all the donations end up. At Eunoi we like to engage with our audience and therefore we encourage instagrammers to use the

hashtag ‘eunoicreator’ or tag us when posting a photo expressing a feeling, telling a story or showcasing one of our products. If we find a photo inpiring it might end up in Eunoi’s offical account’s feed. At Eunoi’s Youtube channel videos made by the company are posted every now and then giving the viewers a peek of what is happening at Eunoi. For example how a notebook comes to life or a visit at one of the schools.

ambassadors Social media is a very important communication tool for us and therefore we have choose to collaborate with instagrammers, youtubers and bloggers, so called Eunoi ambassadors. We choose every ambassador carefully since they are representing our brand on a large scale. It is important for us that they share our values and understand and respect the company

well. We want our collaborations to feel genuine rather than commercial. The ambassadors share information about the company and products on their social media channels to create awareness about countries with low education level and our work to make a differ.

OUR SCHOOLS At the moment we work with four different schools located in four different countries; Vietnamn, Bangladesh, Malawi and South Africa. Since the company started in 2015 Eunoi has donated more than half a

million products to kids and adults enrolled in these schools. Eunoi believes in kindness and these numbers make us extremely thankful for every single customer of ours.

Rmit middle school, Vietnam Rmit was founded in 1990 with a vision to reach out to more kids living on the countryside. In 2018 it has nearly 500 students enrolled. This school was also the first one Eunoi initiated a collaboration with.

Dala high school, Bangladesh Dala is a school with only 70 students enrolled but with a vision to expand and inspire more teenagers to fight for their education in the nearest future. It was founded in 2006 but due to economy the school has struggled to expand. After initiated Eunoi collaboration the school is now back on feet with a clear vision.

Ila Maka school, Malawi Here you will find students aged 5 to 15. In the end of 2017 Ila Maka school had more than 800 students enrolled which makes it the largest out of the four schools. The school is specially known for encouraging their students to be creative which makes them a perfect match for us.

Cape senior school, South Africa At this school everyone older than 18 are welcome to get an education. Cape senior school was founded in 2012 as a part of a charity project done by six American College students. The school has during the last year expanded a lot which makes every single donated product needed.


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