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My Fashion Diary Michaela Cunningham

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2 Cosmetics

3 Oscars Report

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1 History

4 Men’s Trend

5 Street Fashion

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7 Forecasting

Entry #1 Historical Ref. 02/09/14

Biker Chic •

Leather jackets, leather pants, biker boots with studs and extravagant buckles are popular in today’s fashion.

The Biker look became popular during the 1950’s when Marlon Brando introduced this look in the film ‘The Wild One’.

The look today differs slightly from the 1950’s because it contains more of a punk look with the studs or buckles and you see more women rocking this style rather than men.



Entry #2 Cosmetics 02/18/2014

Cosmetics NYX Cosmetics: Brand of the Year ’13 •

NYX cosmetics is booming in sales since it’s creation in 1999. The critics believe it has something to do with the “attractive affordability” with products pricing ranging from six to nine dollars. NYX has registered 50 percent average compound annual growth rate for the last four years. The brand has expanded into international sales while also being sold in several Targets across the nation.

NYX’s products are wonderful because of its affordability and how great of a product it is. Although it’s inexpensive or less than most brands, it gets the job done sufficiently. The company believes that they will be a billion dollar business in six years which I believe it will not take that long to achieve that goal. With the economy being like it is now, people will not be able to afford big brands and they’ll look for “attractive” pricing.

Brand of the Year: Mass - Products - Beauty -


This year at the Oscars, the fashion trend seemed to be glitz, glamour, and strapless. Actresses such as Jessica Biel (Chanel), Jennifer Lawrence (Dior), and Viola Davis all wore beautiful strapless gowns.

Glitz and glam was also a trend with other actresses wearing sparkling dresses and minimal jewelry that kept their look classy.

It was a hard choice for best dressed but I would have to go with Matthew McConaughey’s wife Camilla Alves’ blush pink gown was extremely stunning. The gown was made by Gabriela Cadena. The gown gave Camilla a beautiful glow, insinuated her figure in a chic manner, and made her look tall. She paired it with a plain clutch and Lorraine Schwartz earrings.

I think Camilla's dress qualifies for best dressed because it was different from the other gowns and because of it’s elegance. She didn’t do too much with the jewelry or makeup which I feel should be recognized.

Entry #3 Oscars 03/14/2014



Entry #4 Men’s Trends 04/8/2014

Men’s Trend

A huge trend in the men’s department is floral. • Some of the floral are tropical or just regular floral as pictured. •Men between their late teens and early to late twenties are seen wearing floral. •I think floral for men is very eccentric and different. It gives a feminine perspective but can be dressed to be more masculine. • I interviewed Dominique Trotter (left), who thinks that floral is “dope” for men to wear. “I think it adds a different twist to men’s fashion”.


Entry #5 Street Wear 04/14/2014

Street Wear • The elements of this style is street chic. It has an edgy touch because of the hoodie but it’s chic because of the single sole heels that she decided to wear. • This style catches my attention and is unique to me because it captures the boyish street look but the girly, sassy look as well.


Color contrasts in black &white or navy & white

• In clothing fashion, black and white or navy and white gives a classy, sleek look and so does this color scheme in home fashions. The black and white trend exists because of it’s classy look.

Entry #6 Home Fashions 04/29/2014

Home Fashions • Orange is the color of the year for home fashion. For some clothing fashion, orange is becoming the color as well.


3D Sequins, crystals, appliqués • The textured, layered look is popular in home fashion as well as clothing fashion (Cate Blanchett)


• WGSN predicts the use of Entry #7 Forecasting 04/29/2014 a pop of color with neutrals for this fall/winter. My rationale of this prediction is people will have color in their outfits because the usual fall/winter colors like burgundy, dark green, blood red etc gets boring. (WGSN) • Although quilting is in for the spring/summer, I feel like it will continue into the fall, possibly the winter. It adds dimension to clothing and it’s also a great outerwear design because it will keep your body warm. (WGSN) • Like the 3D trend in home fashion, textured metallic will trend for a while in the winter because of the look it gives. The metallic look is perfect for the holiday time. (WGSN) 7


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