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MESSAGE from the president


Many are quick to talk about how Western New York has changed over the decades. Unfortunately, their comments usually carry a negative connotation – they’ll mention the declining population, the tough economy, or the lack of jobs. They’ll recall the businesses that have closed or the buildings that remain vacant. They’ll recall Catholic schools and parishes closed, merged, or otherwise reconfigured. It is true that Western New York has changed – and yes, many in our area are currently facing economic challenges. Despite all of this, our Western New York community is fortunate to witness some enduring events and traditions that offer hope for our future. For us at St. Joseph’s Collegiate Institute, one of these events was watching the 164 graduates of our Class of 2013 cross the stage at Kleinhans Music Hall on May 16. Commencement is always a deeply rewarding experience for the graduates, their families and friends, and the St. Joe’s faculty and staff. It’s also one of my favorite days of the year. There’s nothing like seeing a group of young men from such diverse backgrounds, talents and passions move into the “real world” that awaits them beyond 845 Kenmore Avenue. For me, it’s always impossible to see the face of each graduate and not recall how they looked on their very first day at St. Joe’s (if you try, I think you may also remember you own first day at St. Joe’s). It’s hard for me to view each of them only as an adult, and not as the teenage boy who played tennis or worked on Student Council. I’m sure the parents in the audience felt the same way as I, when they witnessed the boy that once crawled across the living room floor now cross the stage to proudly receive his St. Joe’s diploma. I’m also sure our most recent retirees in the audience – Mrs. Kania, Mr. Kash, Mr. Simmons and Mr. Zabawa –felt a rush of memories as they reflected on their final Commencement celebration. These dedicated members of the St. Joe’s family have not only seen the graduates’ progress over several years, but the entire school community’s changes over several decades. Commencement is the culmination of four years of challenges, accomplishments and memories. However, it’s also so much more: It’s a celebration of promise. I could write volumes of my reflections on each student’s past, but I’d rather eagerly anticipate their future: Who will they become? What will they achieve? Who will lead as educators, businessmen, doctors, and fathers? How will they transform their communities? How will they serve others? We’ve seen the answers to these questions in the Class of 1963, who celebrated their Golden Jubilee 50th Reunion this year. These esteemed alumni, including Commencement speaker Pat McGroder ’63, act as role models for the collegebound graduates who now face the world outside of St. Joe’s. I’m so happy that we were able to honor these men and their lifetimes of achievement. I’m equally happy that we were able to provide so many opportunities for our graduates during their years at St. Joe’s. These opportunities we’ve provided them, paired with those they earned through their hard work and dedication, will pave the way for them to someday offer opportunities to others as they grow as men of character and faith. The promise of their future accomplishments and successes give hope for our school, our communities and our world. St. John Baptist de La Salle … Pray for Us! Live Jesus in Our Hearts ... Forever!


4-5 Congratulations Grads! 6-7 Commencement 2013 8 Anonymous Alum to Boost St. Joe’s iPad Program

9 Spring Sports Reign Supreme 10 Alumni Inductees Lasallian 2014


In the Spotlight: William Scott ’67


Alumni Weekend


Class of ’63 Golden Jubilee


Alumni News & Notes

St. Joseph’s Collegiate Institute (716) 874-4024 President Robert T. Scott, AFSC Editor & Director of Marketing Communications Kate LaBrake Photography Kate LaBrake James McCoy

Robert T. Scott, AFSC President


A note from Vice President of Institutional Advancement Scott Burns Without doubt, one of the most gratifying aspects of working in the Advancement office is providing a tour of the school to an alumnus and his family. To walk around with an graduate who has not visited campus for years and hear him reminisce about the people, the stories and the life lessons learned at St. Joe’s – all of which comprise the mosaic that is his St. Joe’s experience – is an absolute treat. Men who graduated 40, 50 or more years ago remember which seat they sat in during homeroom, as well as who sat in front, behind and to each side. They remember their locker number (sometimes the combination, too). Who was dating whom, and what school the girl attended. Who drove what car. Who hitchhiked to school. And who spent the most time in the Assistant Principal’s office. On occasion, you might hear a story or two the alum hasn’t even shared with his family.

When we host a group of alumni who graduated within the last decade or two, their reaction to the changes on campus (typically with, “Where was that when I was here?”) is remarkable. No matter what activities an alum was involved in while at St. Joe’s, all seem to appreciate the focus of the Board of Trustees in ensuring that current students have the most opportunities available through a modern campus. Simon “Skip” Ulmer ’63, who was back on campus as part of the Class of 1963 Golden Jubilee 50th Reunion, was impressed to say the least. “The expansion of the knowledge facilities to meet the needs of today’s students – expanded arts and music, modernized science and technology facilities, and extensive incorporation of computer science – was truly impressive. And I think that everyone who played a sport at St. Joe’s feels that he would have surely been All League – if only they had that Athletics Complex when I was there!” Skip’s comments were echoed by his classmates, noting the campus improvements over the years.

“It was most enjoyable to return to St. Joe’s for my 50th class reunion,” said Paul Steinwachs ’63. “Besides

the joy of connecting with so many classmates, I must say the the Mass, breakfast and tour of the school was an unexpected and pleasant surprise. Returning to the old school grounds after 50 years with only the memory of how it was when I graduated, I was totally in awe with all the major and critical changes.” And the changes are numerous:

• A new residence for our Christian Brothers

• A new all-weather athletic complex • The impressive Cullen Center for Excellence in Science

• The newly-dedicated Brotherhood Commons

• New lockers throughout the building (with more on the way this summer to handle the growing enrollment) • Newly resurfaced roofing system • New boiler

• Entirely refurbished field house (with a college-level locker room for the home team) Summertime can be a great time to tour St. Joe’s. Please call the Advancement office at (716) 270-4110 to set up your tour. We look forward to seeing you – and hearing your stories! sj


The St. Joseph’s Collegiate Institute community would like to thank our recent retirees for their decades of service in enriching the lives of generations of young men who passed through the halls of 845 Kenmore Avenue:

Mrs. Patricia Kania will leave the Guidance office in August. Mr. David Kash and Mr. Thomas Zabawa will retire from their full-time, administrative roles but will continue

teaching part-time (Spanish and English, respectively). Mr. Al Simmons will retire from teaching Math, but will continue coaching the Varsity bowling team. We congratulate Mrs. Kania, Mr. Kash, Mr. Simmons and Mr. Zabawa on their retirement and thank them for their dedication to St. Joe’s! sj


honoring our new retirees


CONGRATS Class of 2013!


Thomas Adolf Michaelangelo Albanese Patrick Asamoah Taylor Ashwood Jared Baldinelli Jackson Balkin Tyler Banks Andrew Barberio Jack Bargnesi Alec Basehart Joshua Bassig Brandon Belles Jacob Bell-Schwede Justin Benzino Travis Berube Christian Binns Patrick Blosat Michael Boltri Andrew Bond Johnathan Boorady


164 seniors from Western New York and Canada graduated on May 16, 2013.

Matthew Braun Conor Braungart Paul Brown Benjamin Brownell Paul Broxup Alec Buffamonte Justin Button Christopher Buzzeo Sean Cadden Jonathan Caimano Jacob Canavan Matthew Caputy Mark Cerza Matthew Collard Alexander Collesano Craig Conway Dominic Coppola James Corra Sean Creighton John Criola

Patrick Crocker James Croglio Nicholas Custodi James Deakin Angelo DellaValle John DelleBovi Michael DiMarco John DiPasquale Vincent DiRienzo Nicholas DiStasio Daniel Evangelista Benjamin Foy Patrick Gambacorta Nicholas George Jordan Glover Ian Goeing Joseph Goergen Dimitrios Gogos Gabriel Gómez-Chaves Matthew Goss

Charles Grochowiak Jose Grullon Dylan Hall Wesley Harvin Ivan (Evan) Hayes Daniel Hays Jason Hazelet John Heary Timothy Hellerer David Herring Joseph Horab Michael Hubert, Jr. Michael Iannello Andrew Inchiosa Peter Insinna Robert Janish, Jr. Cheyenne Johnson JohnLuc ( Jack) Jubert Nicholas Kabalan Matthew Kelly

CONGRATS Class of 2013!

Thomas Maggio, Jr. Kyle Magin Corey Maher Daniel Maher Jacob Marciniak Matthew Matre Matthew McDermott David McMaster III David Miller Joshua Misso Jaylen Morris Kyle Moslow Peter Napier Michael Naples Patrick Noonan Ross Obertean Louis Oliveri Joseph Ortolani John Palesh, III Eric Paradowski Andrew Pawenski

Gregory Pinto Zachary Plewa Matthew Pragel Corey Pray Patrick Quinn Tyler Rahner Benjamin Ratajczak Karl Reardon Daniel Robinson John Roetzer Brandon Santiago Zachary Scamacca Paul Schmitt Andrew Schneggenburger Mason Schulefand Alexander Segelhurst Brendan Shannon Nicholas Shotwell Jacob Sojka Tyler Sojka James Sorrentino

Franklin Spina Jacob Spring Tyshawn Stepney Matthew Terranova Devon Thompson Joseph Todaro Valentino Tomasello Connor Tumiel Trevor Tumiel Thomas Voigt Jacob Walker Gerard Wasilewski, Jr. Alexander Watson Maximilian Weiss Timothy Weppner Lawrence Williams III Robert Wilson, Jr. Nicholas Wojtkiewicz Alan Wopperer Anthony Yarussi Benjamin Yee


Evan Kershner Kyle Kiblin Donald Kilian, III Zachary Klapp Kyle Klawon Gregory Koch Jacob Kopacz Gregory Kopra John Kozar Jakob Kraft Michael Kroetsch Robert Kunkel III Jeremy Lazatin Gyeong Tak Lee Angel Le贸n III Robert Lepertine, Jr. Joseph Lesh Christopher Lillis Gabriel Lopez Michael Lorenc Aaron Machelor



five questions with the 2013 valedictorian and salutatorian n ictoria Valed Maher ’13 l Daniet Amherst s a E


Salutato Corey Pra rian Tonawa y ’13 nda


1. Why did you decide to attend St. Joe’s? Danny Maher (DM): The decision to attend St. Joe’s was very easy as it had been a legacy school for my family. Two of my uncles attended St. Joe’s as well as my grandfather. My grandfather has been very involved with the school and had always encouraged me to attend. When everyone else was making their decisions in eighth grade, I could not wait to get started at St. Joe’s. Corey Pray (CP): The first time I ever walked into St. Joe’s was for the annual Open House, and right away I knew I wanted to go to school here. I immediately got a sense of the community that exists, and of the many opportunities that I would have. The slogan of St. Joe’s really hit home with me: “Be welcomed, be challenged, be inspired.” 2. What has St. Joe’s taught you about yourself? DM: St. Joe’s has taught me that I am capable of accomplishing any goal I set for myself. I’ve learned about the

importance of hard work and staying focused. Going forward, I know that I will be able to use the work ethic I developed here to be successful. St. Joe’s taught me to surround myself with supportive and wise people, because they make me the man I am today. I also know that I will always have God to depend on, even in times of great struggle. CP: I am a completely changed person since I entered St. Joe’s as a freshman. This school has taught me to be a gentleman of integrity, and I feel that I have both physically and mentally grown into a man during my time here. I have grown in my faith, and learned the importance of service. At St. Joe’s, I have been instilled with a values that will guide me for the rest of my life. 3. What will you miss the most? DM: I will definitely miss the people and the community they create at St. Joe’s. I will miss being a part of the St. Joe’s community on a daily basis and encountering so many wonderful people all the time. CP: The people. It’s hard for me to even put into words the extent to which a tight-knit community exists here at St. Joe’s. The students are not just friends, they are brothers. Whether it was with the students, the teachers, or the administrators, I always looked forward to spending the day at St. Joe’s.

4. What is your advice to the incoming freshmen? DM: Make the most of your time at St. Joe’s as it goes by extremely fast. Don’t be afraid to try something new or get involved in a lot of different things. One thing that made my experience at St. Joe’s so fulfilling was that I was able to get involved with such a wide range of activities and teams. CP: My advice to any incoming freshman would be to not waste any time. Make the most of all the opportunities that come your way. St. Joe’s has so much to offer and it just takes a little searching before you find a sport or a club that you are passionate about. Stay involved and have fun! 5. What are your future plans? DM: In the fall I will attend Villanova University and major in biochemistry. I am also considering minoring in business. At this point I hope to go on to medical school after Villanova and pursue a career in the medical field, either as an orthopedic surgeon or a physician. CP: I will attend Boston University, with a Double Major in Chemistry and Political Science. I will also be a part of Air Force ROTC, going on to serve four years hopefully as an attorney in the Air Force. Eventually I hope to pursue a career in patent law and possibly run for public office. sj

COMMENCEMENT 2013 celebrating our future

On May 16, 164 graduates received their diplomas at Kleinhans Music Hall, rooted on by friends and family in the audience. St. Joe’s President Robert T. Scott, AFSC, also provided some words of encouragement. “Gentlemen, you have given us hope through your accomplishments – big and small – from growing academically to your service to others in need,” said Mr. Scott in his commencement address. “Your actions, no matter how quiet, have given our teachers, staff and administration of St. Joseph’s Collegiate Institute, as well as all those in this auditorium, great hope for yours and our future.”

“It will not always be easy,” he continued. “There will be days ahead when you will be discouraged and disconnected, and there will be questions without ready answers. At those times, I ask you specifically to remember St. Joe’s and your years here. I ask you tonight to recognize in those most difficult times that you are not alone ... recognize you are always in the Holy presence of our God, recognize our Lord Jesus lives in your hearts forever.”

Words of Wisdom


Signum Fidei Society member and Golden Jubilarian Patrick McGroder III ’63 inspired graduates as the 2013 Commencement speaker. One of the most accomplished trial lawyers in the country, Patrick also dedicates himself to working on behalf of the needy through community leadership. Though this Notre Dame grad resides in Phoenix, he ended his speech by instilling in the graduates the importance of being “a Buffalo guy.”

ment Commence See the full ry at! photo galle


Graduates represented hometowns from Ridgeway, Ontario to Springville and everywhere in between. In total, the Class of 2013 received over $22 million in scholarships and grants to local and national colleges, including Harvard College, the University of Notre Dame, University of Rochester and Villanova University, as well as Canisius College, Niagara University and the University at Buffalo. sj



anonymous alumnus to boost the St. Joe’s One-to-One Program


Big changes are coming to St. Joseph’s Collegiate Institute with the help of an anonymous donor. Thanks to an alumnus’ $150,000 gift, all students who attend St. Joe’s will receive Apple iPads free of charge this fall. This comes one year after the school announced that they would provide each incoming freshmen class with the technology as part of their One-to-One Program, which would eventually place the tablets in the hands of all students in a matter of four years. This jumpstart is being heralded by St. Joe’s administration as a giant leap forward. “We’ve already seen the power of these devices in the hands of our freshmen,” said President Robert T. Scott,


Lending a hand in Ghana

AFSC. “Now, because of the generosity of a single alumnus, we will be able to provide that same technology to our approximately 400 other students. It’s wonderful.” The iPads will be given to all students and incorporated into the curriculum beginning September 2013, as released in an email to parents this spring. Within the coming summer months, the administration will focus on preparing the building and faculty for this major push forward. “...Our Board of Trustees will continue to make all necessary improvements to our wireless access in the building to accommodate this new technology,” said Scott in the email. “We will also continue to supply our students and teachers with the tools they need – helpful resources, workshops, and individualized training – so they can make the best use of these powerful educational devices.” The iPads will join a host of other technological innovations that have enriched the classroom experience in our school’s 152-year history. Currently, there are two brand new computer labs on campus as well as SmartBoard technology in every classroom. To Scott, these continued upgrades are about more than helping students learn in a new way: It’s about mission. “Innovation is at the core of our mission as a Lasallian school,” said Scott. “Our schools were founded in the principle of keeping education accessible to all, and incorporating technology helps us reach more students and prepare them for success in an increasingly tech-focused, global economy. This generous gift shows that alumni appreciate this mission and want to help us take it into the future.” sj


Brothers Patrick ’13 and Andrew ’15 Asamoah gave back in a big way this February: They spent their Mid-Winter Break in Ghana with a team of medical professionals through The Gladys K. Tawiah Foundation, a new non-profit organization set up by the Asamoah family. During the trip, Patrick and Andrew gave toys and school supplies to children, observed surgeries and distributed over-the-counter medicines to people in need. Patrick will attend Harvard University in the fall and will major in Biology.

Lasallian Service


This Founder’s Week, every St. Joe’s class participated in large-scale service projects for local non-profit organizations. The freshmen donated almost 200 pounds of rice for Journey’s End, the sophomores collected bottled water and towels for the upcoming VA Golden Age Games, and the juniors gathered plenty of snacks for St. Luke’s Kids of the Kingdom summer camp.

The Supremacy Cup will stay at 845 Kenmore Avenue for the second year in a row thanks to the incredible spring season.

The spring 2013 season was packed with championship victories and record-breaking feats: The Varsity baseball team swept rival Canisius for its second Georgetown Cup in a row. The Varsity track and field team were All-Catholic Champions. Lawrence Williams ’13 broke a 41-year-old school record in the 400 meter dash with a time of 48.86. This feat qualified him to represent St. Joe’s at the NYS Federation Championships, where he took 8th place overall. At the Fontana Regatta, the St. Joe’s Varsity crew team took home two gold medals: the Junior 4 (Andrew Gaulin, Colin Littlefield, Aaron Abruzzino, Steve Bunce & Mike

Murphy) and the Novice 8 + (Erich Thur, Max Cambria, Joe Ginnane, Andrew Napier, Brandon Costolnick, Mike Taraboletti, Eric Seaner, Ben MacFadyen, & Augie Cudeck). The crew team’s Novice 8 with coxswain also claimed the NYS Champions Men’s Scholastic. In Varsity tennis, Joshua Bassig ’13 & Marc Giangreco ’14 were named MMHSAA doubles champions. The hard work and dedication of our athletes and coaches resulted in tying for the Supremacy Cup with rival Canisius. This will be the 33rd time that St. Joe’s has taken the Supremacy Cup in its 65-year history. sj




ALUMNI HONORED at spring events


The 30th Annual Signum Fidei Society induction ceremony was held on Saturday, April 27, at Brookfield Country Club, when five truly distinguished alumni, Robert J. Attea ’59, Douglas J. Regan ’68, Mark A.C. Hoeplinger ’71, Michael M. Metz ’73 and Richard M. Cieri ’74, were inducted into the most prestigious society at St. Joe’s. The 31st Annual Signum Fidei Society Induction Ceremony is scheduled for April 26, 2014. If you know of a St. Joe’s alumnus who is deserving of the school’s highest honor, complete the nomination form on, and submit to Director of Alumni Relations Christopher J. Zanghi ’95, at


Five St. Joe’s alumni were inducted into the Fine Arts Wall of Honor on May 4. Inductees Michael Formato ’71, Joseph P. Dispenza ’80, Robert G. Schulz ’84, Andrew J. (A.J.) Fries ’90 and Gino J. Bona ’91 spanned over three decades and represented a vast array of artistic disciplines. The 9th Annual Fine Arts Wall of Honor Induction Ceremony is scheduled for May 3, 2014. The Fine Arts Wall of honor Selection Committee is continuously looking for new nominations. If you know of any St. Joe’s alumni who might be deserving of induction, please visit the Fine Arts Wall of Honor page on the St. Joe’s website, complete the nomination form, and submit to Christopher J. Zanghi ’95, Director of Alumni Relations at sj



celebrating our superstar students


The stars of St. Joe’s, our students, will shine brightly as we celebrate their “Bright Futures” at this year’s Lasallian 2014 Gala Dinner & Auction on Saturday, February 8. Put a star on the date so you don’t miss out on this traditionally sold-out event. Chair couple John ’84 & Suzanne Berger are planning a glittering evening for alumni, family and friends to raise funds vital for student financial support. Gift gathering starts with a bang at a Major Gift Summer Soirée at the Buffalo Launch Club on Grand Island. Hosted by Jim ’87 & Lynn Panepinto, Rich ’87 & Mary Sander, Dave ’87 & Kathie Macro and Dick ’57 & Gale Sander it is set for Thursday evening, August 29.

Friday, September 13, will be Food Truck Night at St. Joe’s as some of the innovative new culinary entrepreneurs in Buffalo are on site for a casual evening of outdoor enjoyment, delicious food and, of course, gift gathering. Rounding out the year is a Holiday Wine Tasting at Georgetown Square on Thursday, December 5, plus a few other possibilities that the committee is still working on. Join us for one or more of these fun events. Look for invitations and details in the coming weeks! sj

in the


On top of running his highly successful insurance agency for nearly four decades, Bill Scott Jr. ’67 has dedicated his life to adventure, travel and serving others. “I was voted ‘Most Enthusiastic’ by my senior class,” laughed Bill Scott Jr. ’67, president of Buffalo-based insurance firm Scott Danahy Naylor Co. Inc. “I’m not the smartest guy in the room, but I’ve got a whole lot more confidence and enthusiasm than most people, and St. Joe’s helped foster those qualities in me.” To say that Bill had kept this enthusiasm through the years would be a drastic understatement. It’s woven into every word he says, whether he’s talking about volunteering in his community, motorcycling across the Alps, or even being on the receiving end of some tough discipline from the Brothers at St. Joe’s in the late 1960s. It’s this same confidence that led this self-professed “average student” to open his own insurance company after only a few years in the industry, and manage its success to this day. What resulted from Bill’s enthusiasm is significant. But what sparked it may surprise you. “By quirk or mistake, Coach Reddington made me the weak-side tackle on our football team,” Bill explained. “I was 5’10” and probably 155 pounds, so I was underweight for the position by most standards. Playing weak-side tackle meant I was going up against guys much bigger than me. I had to face them on the field and be confident that I could take them on no matter what size they are.” This experience was so transformative for Bill that he’s working toward providing it for future generations of students. “I’m working toward establishing a named endowment fund that would benefit a student involved in a team sport. The reason I’m doing this is because playing a team sport

helped me tremendously to give me confidence in my life. It helped me attain professional success. Simply, it taught me that you can do it. And if you don’t do it, it’s your own fault. Period.” Bill has given back greatly to St. Joe’s. He was the Chair of the St. Joe’s Board of Trustees from 2000-2001, serving on the Board for a total of six years. He co-chaired the Lasallian Gala in 2002 and the first St. Joe’s Capital Campaign from 1998-2002. For this work and so much more, he was inducted into the St. Joe’s Signum Fidei Society in 2003. Bill has also helps his community. Aside from coordinating the Annual Fund for his alma mater, St. Bonaventure University, he currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Erie County Medical Center (ECMC) and NativityMiguel Middle School, among many other roles. Why does he give back so much? To Bill, the answer is simple. “I always ask people, ‘Do you think you’re successful because of just you, or the people who brought you along?’ You need to make commitments to everyone else, because everyone else made commitments to you,” he said. “I mean, how much better would the world be if everyone gave back?” Bill is as dedicated to service as he is to his business, Scott Danahy Naylon Co. Inc. (SDN). A successful insurance firm for nearly 40 years, SDN represents multiple insurance carriers, including those with high financial ratings for property and casualty, life and health. As president, Bill’s primary responsibilities include risk analysis, marketing and career negotiations. “I love the challenge of my job,” said Bill. “I love the creativity. I love putting a deal together that’s a win-win for my client and my company. I feel like I have a hobby that I get paid to do.” Bill’s other hobbies are equally rewarding. Next summer, he and his friends will make a seven-day, 500-mile trek from Vancouver, BC, to Dead Horse, Alaska via motorcycle. This comes two years after his motorcycle tour of Europe. Between insurance, volunteering and travel, it’s pretty clear that Bill isn’t slowing down any time soon. “I’m too active to even think about retirement,” said Bill. “Retirement terrifies me. I never think of when I’m going to retire, I just think of what deal I’m going to make next.” sj


“I always ask people, ‘Do you think you’re successful because of just you, or the people who brought you along?’ You need to make commitments to everyone else, because everyone else made commitments to you. ”


Alumni weekend 2013


Alumni Weekend 2013 didn’t disappoint. Held June 21-23, the All-Alumni Golf Tournament, All-Alumni Soccer Game, individual class reunions and the Alumni Family Mass and Brunch celebrated the brotherhood that is St. Joe’s. St. Joe’s alumni took over Glen Oak Golf Course on Friday, June 21. Highlights of the event included Patrick Waldron ’12, who won the tournament with a low score of 76, followed closely by Alan Swan ’77 (79), Eric Koch ’93 and Keith Waldron (80)! For you novice golfers who like to get their money’s worth by taking as many shots as you can, you may want to partner up with T.J. Daley ’03, who shot 136…with style! The 3rd Annual All-Alumni Soccer Game was a tremen-


Special Delivery

dous success as well, with nearly 30 players spanning classes from 1978 to 2012. The St. Joe’s brotherhood brings these men together with a common interest and respect, but once they reach the field, the competition is as fierce as it was when they were students playing for the league championship. As night fell, the classes of 1973, 1978, 1983, 1988, 1993, 1998, 2003 and 2008 descended upon venues across Buffalo to celebrate their individual class reunions. Over 200 total alumni celebrated with their classmates and reminisced about their times at 845 Kenmore Avenue. On Sunday morning, Father Fabian Maryanski ’58 presided over 100 alumni, family and friends who gathered in the John S. and Charlotte C. Cullen Center for the Alumni Mass. Music was provided by the Alumni Choral Group, led by retired choral director Jim Deiotte. Join the Alumni Weekend tradition next year. Alumni Weekend 2014 is scheduled for June 20-22, 2014, and is open to all St. Joe’s alumni and their families. Classes celebrating individual reunions next year are 1969, 1974, 1979, 1984, 1989, 1994, 1999, 2004 and 2009. If you are a member of one of these reunion classes and would like to participate on your reunion planning committee, please contact Christopher J. Zanghi ’95 at (716) 2704113 or at Remember, you do not have to be local to participate on your planning committee! Save the Date: Alumni Weekend 2014 June 20-22, 2014 sj


Members of the Class of 2003 weren’t the only ones who attended their 10th reunion – Mr. Lina also stopped by to crack a few classic jokes and hand-deliver the letters that each alumnus wrote to their future selves as seniors 10 years ago. “It was a really cool experience,” said Johnny Graves ’03 (second from the right). “I didn’t think that we were ever going to get those back. It was great that he brought them to us, and it was great just to see him.”

BACK TO SCHOOL Class of 1963 reunites for Golden Jubilee

the stage to receive their 50th Reunion certificates and listened to the inspiring Commencement Address of their classmate, Patrick McGroder ’63. The next morning, the group came together again for Mass, brunch and a tour of St. Joe’s. The celebration then moved to the West Side Rowing Club for a relaxing afternoon of storytelling and re-connecting at a class picnic. The Class of 1964 will celebrate their Golden Jubilee 50th Reunion in conjunction on May 15 and 16, 2014. If you’re a member of the Class of 1964 would like to participate on the reunion planning committee, please contact Director of Alumni Relations Christopher J. Zanghi ’95 at (716) 270-4113 or at sj

Photographed above:

Row 1 Michael Maloney, David Roetzer, Carl Spezio, Thomas Lyons, Timothy Tepas, Paul Steinwachs, Simon “Skip” Ulmer, Robert Nigro. Row 2 Peter Laux, ThomasFay, Henry “Jake” Mumme, Paul Wischerath, WilliamRyan, Joseph Mistrett, Robert Rua (Secretary), David Missert (Vice President), Thomas Williams, John “Jack” Dorn, George Grode, Fredrick Brace, Gerald Newman. Row 3 William Sugnet, James Heffernan, Thomas Roberts, Richard Hack, John Crupe,Thomas Fiutak, Robert Mauri. Row 4 David Loesch (President), Robert O'Connor, Louis Kubala, Thomas Heckman, Robert Brehm, John “Jack” Hoelscher, William Neff, Peter Longo, Paul Glinski, Patrick McGroder. Brunch/picnic attendees (not photographed)

Clifford Arnold Martin Galczynski Richard Wojciechowicz


42 members of the Class of 1963 came together for their Golden Jubilee 50th Reunion on May 16 and 17. On Thursday, the men gathered at Kleinhans Music Hall for dinner in conjunction with Commencement 2013. Connor Rosenecker ’14 spoke to the group during the reception, reflecting on the meaning of a St. Joe’s education to him and his family, who has sent 16 men to St. Joe’s. Several men were celebrated during the evening, including St. Joe’s chaplain Fr. Jim Croglio, AFSC, who was honored for 25 years of service to the school, as well as Jack Hoelscher ’63, who was given a special award by his classmates in recognition of his efforts in keeping their class together throughout the years. Following dinner, the men proceeded to the Commencement celebration, where they crossed



IN MEMORIAM Gerald A. Baumler ’48 Earl E. Brady ’45 John E. Brady ‘69 Gretchen Cormier Gerald J. Culhane ’42 Fr. Salvatore J. Cusimano ’41 Conrad Dougherty Linda Fehr Robert F. Gavin ’45 Richard R. Jenczka ’38 James W. Malone Elizabeth “Betty” Migliore Harold F. Miller ’52 Brian E. Murphy ’86 Ralph I. Nazareth Bernard J. Nienhaus II ’60 Robert S. Pacholski ’60 Romana K. Reger Donald R. Schneegold Jr. ’82 Dora Silvestri Vincent C. Steffan ’76 Norma Stoll Leonard Szymanski Joseph F. Thill ’45 Cora Vizzi Thomas E. Waters ’58 Roy Willig ’46




Edmund B. Mayer ’67 and his wife, Beth, have retired to their farm in Niagara County. Ed spent over 22 years in the Marine Corps where he was an aviator, electronic warfare (EW) specialist and commander of an aircraft squadron. His second career took him into marketing and product development in both the medical diagnostics and defense aerospace industries. Most recently, he supported Aviation EW programs at the U. S. Marine Corps Headquarters. John R. O’Brien ’67, retired executive director of financial

administration at the Catholic Diocese of Buffalo, was elected chair of the Evans Bank Board of Directors.

Chemical Society at their annual awards banquet, held on April 24. Matt has taught science at St. Joe’s for 29 years.

United Press International and The Buffalo News. He has been an editor at The Buffalo News since 1998.

Daniel Locche ’69 and his wife, Brenda Alesii, recently opened a new wine and liquor store in the Village of Kenmore, Straight Up Wines & Liquors. The store is the first to offer a “uniform discount,” a markdown on non-sale items to members and veterans of the armed forces, police and fire departments. In addition to operating Straight Up Wines & Liquors, Dan works with the Buffalo Niagara Association of Realtors.

James J. Jarosz ’77 has been promoted to group vice president in the retail banking division at M&T Bank. James received his bachelor’s degree and MBA from Canisius College.

Scott Kier ’83 was named the new superintendent of Lasallian Education for the Midwest District. Scott was formerly dean of students at Saint Mary’s College of California and recently completed his doctorate in Educational Leadership at USF. He has served in Lasallian ministries for the past 23 years, including as chief financial officer at St. Joe’s and vice principal at De La Salle Collegiate in Warren, MI.

1970s Ronald J. Tanski ’70 has been named chief executive officer at National Fuel Gas Co. Ron joined National Fuel in 1979 and has served in a variety of roles, including president and chief operating officer since 2010. He will continue to serve as president of the energy company and public utilities. Gary M. Crosby ’71 was named new interim president and CEO of First Niagara Financial Group. Gary previously held the position of chief operating officer at First Niagara. Gary has also been appointed to the Buffalo Public Schools Foundation Board of Directors. Daniel Wiles ’73 was named executive director for Ken-Ton Meals on Wheels. Dan recently retired from the position of president of the Town of Tonawanda Youth, Parks & Recreation. Matthew J. Hellerer ’75 was named Outstanding WNY High School Science Teacher of the Year by the American

Daniel J. Zimmer ’79, vice president of corporate finance and development at Delaware North Companies, has been inducted into the Canisius College DiGamma Honor Society. The prestigious society is composed of Canisius College alumni, faculty, administrators and students who have distinguished themselves through exemplary service to the college. Dan is a member of the Canisius College Board of Regents and serves on its Finance and Facilities and Nominating committees. Dan is a current member of the St. Joe’s Board of Trustees.

1980s Frederick M. Krajacic ’80 was promoted to group vice president at M&T Bank. He has been with M&T since 2006 and previously served as administrative vice president. Bruce Andriatch ’82 has been promoted to features editor at The Buffalo News. Bruce has taught journalism and writing at UB since 2005. He also teaches at Canisius College, where he graduated in 1986. Bruce has been a newspaper journalist since 1986, working for the Niagara Gazette, the Democrat and Chronicle in Rochester, Buffalo Business First,

Rabbi Jeffrey KurtzLendner ’84 was appointed to Florida Governor Rick Scott’s Faith-Based Advisory Council. He was also invited to give an invocation on the floor of the Florida State Senate in April. Paul G. Scolese ’85 has been appointed assistant vice president of government affairs for Cox Enterprises, Inc. and will be serving as one of the company’s registered lobbyists in Washington, DC. J. Timothy Vaeth ’85 was named president at TM Montante Development. Tim, former vice president of development at Ciminelli Real Estate Corp., will be the no. 2 official at the firm that provides real estate services and solar energy installations. David Faturous ’88 has been promoted to vice president, finance and business development of Rich Products Corporation in Buffalo. David resides on Grand Island with his wife, Patti, and their two children, Andrew and Katie.

LCDR David J. Huber, USN, ’95, logistics analyst, deputy chief of naval operations, Assessment Division, OPNAV (N81). Dave currently resides in Alexandria, VA.

Accredited in Business Valuation designation from the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. He had served in the auditing department with Lumsden McCormick since graduating from Le Moyne College.

on May 19 and is going to Massachusetts General Hospital for his residency.

William P. Moore ’96 was promoted to senior partner at the law firm of Lipsitz Green Scime Cambria LLP, located in Buffalo. He has been with the firm since 2004.

Johnathan A. Graves ’03 started a new position at First Niagara Bank in May as a mortgage consultant. John left his position at UNYTS to accept the position.

Robert J. Sullivan ’97 wrote an article entitled What Your EMS System Should Deliver that appeared in the June 2013 issue of EMS World Magazine. Bob works as a paramedic with New Castle County EMS, and reside in Wilmington, DE.

Jonathan W. Marker ’03 has completed a dystopian novella entitled Spyder Sylk, now available for purchase in the Kindle store.

Joseph C. Mihalich ’05 recently went on a good will trip to the Dominican Republic. Joe was a staff chaperone for the University of Scranton’s International Service Program, which selects students to go on service projects to developing countries. His group went to the rural San Juan province in the Dominican Republic, where the group, along with the entire community, built a new house for a family in need. During the trip, Joe got to work with the local semi-pro basketball team.

2000s Patrick D. McNally ’01 was named an associate at the law firm Connors and Vilardo, located in Buffalo. William P. Allen ’02 has been promoted to manager at Brisbane Consulting Group. Bill, a CPA, recently earned the

Elias A. Farah ’04 has earned the designation of certified special needs advisor from the Special Needs Financial Services division of Merrill Lynch Wealth Management Group. Elias is a financial advisor with Merrill Lynch in Buffalo. He is also a member of the St. Joe’s Alumni Association. Andrew D. Carlo, M.D. ’05, graduated from Georgetown University Medical School

Joseph H. Emminger Jr. ’05 has recently become an associate with the law firm Walsh, Roberts & Grace in Buffalo.

John C. Schnitter ’06 was hired as a legal assistant at Manning & Napier in Rochester, NY. John recently completed an internship in the St. Joe’s office of marketing communications. Matthew Russo ’08 is moving to Williston, ND, to work for Haliburton Oil Company.

Alexander G. Niefer ’95 married Mara Keith-Hunter on June 15, 2013. The wedding party included Alex’s brother, Justin E. Niefer ’00, and classmates Jason T. Simmons ’95 and Christopher J. Zanghi ’95. Bryan J. Staniszewski ’95 married Marie D’Orazio on June 29, 2013. The wedding party included Bryan’s two brothers, Richard Staniszewski ’94 and Steven M. Staniszewski ’98. Bryan is a member of the St. Joe’s Alumni Association.

2010s Connor J. Rehbaum ’11, a sophomore member of the Hobart College basketball team, has been named to the 2012-13 Liberty League All-Academic team. Adam M. Roaldi ’12 made Dean’s List for his first semester at Iona College.

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Matthew G. Regan ’93 and his wife, Lynette, are pleased to announce the birth of their first child, Liam Oliver Regan, born on Friday, April 12. Matthew and his brothers, Daniel ’95, David ’99 and Kevin ’03, make up Regan Landscape.



Donald J. Held ’89 is pleased to announce his engagement to Julie Marie Szefel. Don is a current member of the St. Joe’s Board of Trustees. Julie is the daughter of fellow Board of Trustees member, Dennis Szefel. Don and Julie have set a wedding date of November 2, 2013, at St. Gregory the Great Church in Williamsville, NY.

Brian Scaffidi ’08 has recently been promoted to director of catering services at Giancarlo’s Sicilian Steakhouse & Pizzeria, located in the Walker Center in Williamsville, NY.

Brendan P. Kelleher ’94 and his wife, Jennifer, announce the birth of twin sons, Tucker and Ted Kelleher, St. Joe’s Class of 2031, born April 11. Brendan serves on the St. Joe’s Board of Trustees. Andre M. Alfieri ’95 and his wife, Liane, had their second daughter, Stella Francesca Alfieri, born October 30, 2012. Andre and his family reside in Las Vegas, NV, where Andre is a biology teacher at Palo Verde High School.

Patrick A. Jones ’99 married Kelly Ann Pitz on September 15, 2012, at St. Paul’s Roman Catholic Church in Kenmore. Patrick is a financial services representative/financial advisor.

Justin A. Zoladz ’97 and his wife, Megan, are proud to announce the birth of their daughter, Penelope Rose Zoladz born on January 23, 2013. Penelope joins big sister, Molly.

Timothy J. Altieri ’00 married Melissa De Marco on February 16 in Cape Coral, FL. Tim currently is an attorney for one of Florida’s largest law firms, Cole, Scott & Kissane, PA. Tim works within the civil litigation division.

Andrew D. Leberer ’03, and his wife, Allison, are pleased to announce the birth of their first child, and newest addition to the Leberer legacy at St. Joe’s, Benjamin Andrew Leberer, born on April 11.








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Gabe Amato ’14 and the cast of Godspell wowed audiences at Buffalo State College’s Rockwell Hall this March.



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