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FALL 2012


1-TO-1 INITIATIVE iPads allow freshmen to access a world outside of the classroom. And that’s only the beginning.


FALL 2012





MESSAGE from the president


In 1680, a priest in France was faced with the problem of teaching children in turbulent times. He began with an innovation – the practice of trying to help poor children become literate in their native French (rather than the traditional Latin) because he realized this was a more realistic approach for empowering them to become productive members of society. The priest was St. John Baptist de La Salle, Founder of the Brothers of the Christian Schools and considered worldwide the founder of Catholic schools. I am certain that St. La Salle could not have predicted the far-reaching impact this and many of his practices would have on children in the future. Further, what he did and the methods he employed have formed the basis for the mission we Lasallians have lived for over 300 hundred years: Making education accessible through innovation. Simultaneous education with students placed in groups according to ability, the integration of religious instruction, the involvement of parents, teacher training and well-prepared teachers, all the way to the creation of a ship-building school in the port city of Calais – these were just some of those initial innovations of John Baptist de La Salle and his first brothers. Today, we Lasallians continue to look for innovative tools to better identify the needs of our students and assist them in their growth. The young men at St. Joe’s represent an increasing variety of backgrounds, ethnicities and learning styles. They have unique abilities, strengths and weaknesses. While their hearts are very similar to those of the students that St. La Salle first guided, they have grown up in a very different time. Our incoming freshmen – all 221 of them – were born in 1998. Most probably don’t remember a time without the Internet, and I would wager that all were raised with, or in close proximity to, color television and cable. They grew up solving problems in 3D video games. They have become accustomed to rapid communication, instant information and interactive data. Making education accessible to this outstanding group of young men goes beyond teaching in their native language. Instead, to best serve our Millennial students who live in an increasingly tech-focused world, we must arm them with as much state-of-the-art technology as possible. In fall 2012, this means supplying our incoming freshmen with Apple iPads. iPads reach students using innovative methods geared toward today’s generation. They will increase classroom engagement and interactivity, provide greater access to global knowledge and data, and empower students of varying learning levels and styles. We believe that these powerful learning tools will help our students succeed in high school and beyond, which is why we will continue to supply each incoming freshmen class with the tablets until every St. Joe’s student has one. You will learn more about this project, which we call our One-to-One initiative, on page 6. You can also gain personal insight from alumnus Alan Dye ’93 (on page 11), who currently directs the visual brand of Apple as its creative director. We’re confident that you’ll see the value of these powerful devices in both enriching the classroom experience and furthering our Lasallian mission. We at St. Joe’s are proud to stand with the Lasallians who came before us and embrace continued advancements in educational technology. We’ve already witnessed success in the beginning stages of the One-to-One Program’s implementation, and I personally look forward to seeing it translate into the success of each of our students in tomorrow’s world.

Robert T. Scott, AFSC President


4-5 Welcome, Class of 2016 6-7 iLearn: iPad Initiative 8 Camden, NJ Service Trip 9 New Trustees 10 Sports Hall of Fame Lasallian 2013


In the Spotlight: Alan Dye ’93


Alumni Honor Deiotte Alumni Board Message


Alumni News & Notes

St. Joseph’s Collegiate Institute (716) 874-4024 President Robert T. Scott, AFSC Editor & Director of Marketing Communications Kate LaBrake Photography Kate LaBrake James McCoy Contributing Writers Evan Hayes ’13 Kate LaBrake John Schnitter ’06

now online!

2011-2012 edition highlights donors, alumni By all measures, the 2011-2012 academic year was truly exceptional. Our students’ academic, athletic, artistic, spiritual, and service-related accomplishments were, once again, significant. And our alumni and friends demonstrated their resounding camaraderie at events throughout the year – on campus and throughout the country.

Those accomplishments, along with our list of donors, are celebrated in our 20102011 Annual Report, which is now available online at On behalf of the school’s Board of Trustees, we wish to extend our deepest appreciation to our legion of donors, who have supported our students with gifts to our building projects, the Lasallian auction, the annual fund, and to one or more of the school’s 100+ endowed funds.

This report also contains a list of members of our legacy society, The John J. Barden Society; our financial statements (preliminary) from 2011-2012; a mes-



FALL 2012


The welcoming, challenging, inspirational environment our students enjoy is the direct result of the support we have received – in so many ways – from the entire St. Joe’s community. We READ ABOUT 2011-12 IN REVIEW | LASALLIAN GALA 2012 | ALUMNI PERSPECTIVES extend our deepest appreciation and humbly ask for your continued prayers and support of our young men. Our proud history has been blessed with visionary leadership and broad-based loyal support from our alumni and friends; the future of our school, and the ability to extend both opportunity and accessibility to the young men from throughout Western New York – our Lasallian Mission – seeks the continuation of these blessings. sj

<< 7, 8, 9, 10... For the Distasios, St. Joe’s is a family tradition. Just ask Nicholas ’13, Jacob ’14, John ’15 and James ’16. These pairs of cousins are the seventh, eighth, ninth and tenth members of the Distasio family to go through St. Joe’s, and each young man represents a different class year. (But who’s counting?)

FALL 2012


sage of appreciation from Mr. Anthony J. Colucci III ’76, recent past Chairman of the St. Joe’s Board of Trustees, and Mr. Robert T. Scott, AFSC, President; a calendar of events for the coming year; and a section highlighting memorial and honorary gifts, which have grown in number dramatically in the last few years.


WELCOME Class of 2016!


Colin Ackerman Kellen Adamek Tafari Akono Gabriel Amann Dixon Atkins Jack Attea Matthew Aungst Marc Ayala Abraham Baker Liam Baker Mariano Baldon Adam Bardak Matthew Barnaby Justin Bassett Garrett Baugher Luke Baxter Tyler Beals Anthony Belfatto Jackson Bennett Matthew Berardi Christopher Berger Reed Bihary Quinten Blackman John Blenk Devon Blue Giovanni Bonaffini Ephraim Bostic Nash Braun


221 freshmen from areas around Western New York comprise our incoming freshmen class.

Ian Braungart Anthony Brophy Marcus Brown Matthew Brown Joseph T. Buchbinder Joshua Bukaty Ian Bunny Nicholas Buyers Timothy Calkins Maxwell Cambria Taylor Camelo Cameron Caputi Nicholas Carbone Cameron Carpenter Daniel Carr Cameron Caruso Keenan Chillis Kelechi Chillis-Ihenko Maxwell Chrzanowski Charles Cilano Jacob Clark Joseph Clark Justin Cmunt Brian Conboy Brett Conrad Ryan Conschafter Ethan Cottrell Augie Cudeck

Bryan Dagher Eric Deakin Nolan Deakin Nicholas Del Valle Kieran Deyell Dillon DiChristopher Jack DiGesare Spencer Dimitroff Jared DiNicolantonio Christopher DiRienzo Jimmy DiStasio Vincent Do Jonathan Dref Griffin Dunkle Andy Dunning Matthew Elkington Mohamed Eltagouri Michael Englert Noah Epolito Marcus Evans Thomas Evans John Faltyn Michael Faso Michael Flores Casey Fontaine Zach Foster Liam Frank William Frank

Anthony Gattuso William Gaulin Andrew Gehman MarioGiacobbe Jon Gionis Benjamin Graham Philip Grande Austin Greenwood Tyler Grichen Nicholas Guzdek Benjamin Hartman Kurt Haumesser Jack Helfer Richard Heppner Brad Herlan Nick Hertz Charlie Higgins Liam Hilbert Jesse Hooton Drew House Ryan House Elliott Hunt Daniel Hyatt Ryan Jacobs Joshua Jasulevich Matthew Jeffries Jordan Jenneve Justin Jones

WELCOME Class of 2016!

Ryan McGrath Justin McKenzie Cameron Means Dwayne Melvin Michael Militello Donald Minderler Grant Morrison Nicholas Motley Ben Murphy Andrew Napier Niles Natali Christopher Navarro Alexander Negron Michael Nickrenz Auston Niemann Thomas O'Brien Patrick O'Connell William O'Connor Matthew Orgek Charles Panepinto James Panzarella Jake Pavicich Kaylen Price Jaidin Ptasnick Joseph Rackl Suneel Ram Eoin Rapp

Tucker Reddington Everet Rogers Connor Ruhland Collin Rutherford Jeffrey Rymarczyk Cole Sackel C. Stephen Salem Kevin Sanchez William Sanderson Evan Scales Joseph Scamacca Ryan Scero Christopher Schaefer Alex Scheda Daniel Schweiger Eric Seaner Owen Shannon Matthew Shivinsky George Skinner Julian Smallwood Andrew Smith Ryan Smith Adam Smolka Ian Sommerfelt Darryl Steele Joe Steszewski Joseph Stoj

Matthew Strada Tyler Stranahan Thomas Strusienski Steven Swiantek Eric Szafranski Billy Tabor Michael Taraboletti Christopher Tarrant Jackson Tate Nick Terlecky Darren Thompson Erich Thur Adam Trimper Jonathan Tucker Joshua Van Vessem Ben Verrico Joe Villari Gregory Vinal Nick Wahler Everett Weldon Eric Wilde Brandon Williams Benjamin Wojick Joseph Wrona Mark Yetto Timothy Zatkos Scotty Zenosky

FALL 2012

Daniel Jubert Jordan Kawaya Connor Keenan Raymond Klimek David Kompson Drew Koszelak Samuel Kremer Peter Kroetsch Tyler Kruse Christopher Kuchta Samuel Kuczkowski Zach Kurbiel Brandon LaBarba David Lauer Connor Logal Benjamin Lojacono Griffen LoVullo Jacob Ludwig Benjamin MacFadyen Dominic Mammana Robert Maranto James Marchese John Paul Marciniak Braeden Mathur Maxwell McArthur Matthew McAuley Michael McCarthy John McGloin


iLEARN. iPads create a new

classroom experience


“Clear your desks!” said Mr. Chris Panepinto ’02 to his Freshman Religion class. It was the third week of classes, and it was time for the first official quiz of the year. Instead of the usual sounds of rustling paper and the frantic search for a pen, students silently uncovered the iPads faintly glowing on their desks. Within minutes, students selected their chosen answers by tapping the screens in front of them, selecting the “Submit” button after each choice. A “Finish” screen popped up at the end of the quiz. One by one, the students closed the leather case around their iPads, the way students of previous generations would have turned over their test papers upon completion. Mr. Panepinto began reviewing the results on his iPad as they came in: mostly correct answers, a few misses. “Great job, guys,” he said as the bell rang.


This is the new form of testing for a generation born into the Internet age. And these freshmen – 221 overall – are the first St. Joe’s class to fully embrace the educational opportunities presented by the latest technology. Beginning with the Class of 2016, St. Joe’s provides all incoming freshmen with Apple iPads. This is the first step in the St. Joe’s One-to-One initiative announced this May, which will eventually provide every student in the building with this technology. The benefits of these devices are incalculable. iPads help students learn, problem solve and engage with the world around them in ways impossible before. Students can instantly access all kinds of vital information, data and resources to broaden their education and further explore their scholarly passions. In addition, having access to the iPads at St. Joe’s allows students to master the technology before they graduate, giving them an edge in a world that is saturated with instant information and constant new innovations. But most of all, the iPads represent another way St. Joe’s is fulfilling the Lasallian Mission of continually advancing the classroom experience to reach more students. “The iPads have helped me connect with my students in whole new ways,” said Mr. Panepinto. “For me, teaching is about touching the heart and developing the mind of each one of my students. If the interactivity offered by the iPad allows me to reach just one more student, there’s no telling what kind of difference that can make.” Mr. Panepinto uses the iPads to help him execute what is known as “reverse teaching,” a method of instruction in which a teacher minimizes time spent lecturing and increases the time spent interacting with students. He uses the iPad’s Whiteboard feature to develop “mini-lectures” that the students watch on their own iPads at home. He then guides students through their assignments in the classroom. Mr. Panepinto notes that he has seen a marked improvement in his students’ mastery of the material, as well as an increase in their test scores. “One thing I’ve noticed is that my mini-lectures often receive more views than there are students in the class,” said Mr. Panepinto. “Whether they find my videos silly, interesting, whatever it is, they are watching them multiple times. This can only increase their level of comprehension.” Providing hundreds of valuable devices like iPads and ensuring maximum classroom use is a big job, and the St. Joe’s administration knew that one person would be able to do it. “My job is to make sure that every teacher and student know how to utilize the iPads for maximum educational

benefit,” said newly-appointed Educational Resource Technology Integration Specialist Steven Koniarczyk, formerly the school’s library media specialist. “We’ve seen that when the iPads are used effectively, the students become more creative, more engaged, and more excited about learning.” If Mr. Koniarczyk sounds passionate, it’s because he is. And for a reason – he believes that incorporating technology, like iPads, in everyday lessons will revolutionize the classroom. “What’s great about the iPads is that they allow for differentiated education in ways that simply weren’t possible before. Visual learners can watch videos and manipulate interactive models and diagrams. Auditory learners can listen to recorded lectures or record their own voice, which is especially helpful in foreign language classes. With the Notability app, which allows students to add images, recordings, hyperlinks, and other interactive items to their notes, students can create a notebook tailored to their own specific learning style.” Mr. Koniarczyk, who provides iPad training sessions throughout the school year, has noticed the way the iPads have encouraged more student collaboration. “A student will have his hand raised in a training session, and by the time I get to help him, the students sitting next to him will have already helped him figure out his problem. It’s really encouraging to see the students become teachers for each other.” Mr. Koniarczyk also keeps an Mr. Folts’ World Civilizations class eye on his students’ future. “94% uses their iPads to view interactive maps of the Middle East. of Fortune 500 companies have implemented the use of iPads. We want our students to be prepared for those types of jobs, and using iPads now allows them to master the technology before they enter the working world.”

Mr. Williams shows his students how to use their iPads

Students agree that the iPads have greatly enhanced their education. “Most of my teachers have begun integrating the iPads into their classes,” said freshman Connor Keenan ’16. “I’m a visual learner, so I like how I can use my iPad to search for images online and then add them to my notes. And the amount of paper we’ve saved by doing tests and quizzes on the iPads is also very beneficial.” One of the many advantages of the iPad is that it can be easily updated to accommodate the most cutting-edge educational applications. As teachers and students continue to explore and adapt to the new technology, the opportunities for enhanced learning will only continue to grow. Back in the classroom, while sifting through his students’ quiz results, Mr. Panepinto notes that the iPads have not completely changed education. “I still have to teach and the students still have to learn,” he said. “But it is amazing to see the way my students have responded to this new technology. The students are more engaged and it has made the classroom more exciting for everybody.” “Of course,” Mr. Panepinto continued, “having my multiple choice quizzes graded for me automatically isn’t such a bad deal either.” sj

“I appreciate that my opinion might come off as biased…but I do think that the iPad, and more importantly–the developers and publishers making content for the iPad–have the ability to transform education. I'm very excited to see how it is embraced at St. Joe's.” - Apple Executive Creative Director Alan Dye ’93 on the St. Joe’s One-to-One Initiative. Alan is featured as Fall 2012’s Alumni Spotlight on page 11.

Baohong Si and her son, Larry Liu, joined St. Joe’s in September from China to teach the new Mandarin elective course. She joins new teachers Erin Brignone (Vocal), Frank DiMaria ’08 (English), Jeff Papia ’06 (Religion) and Brother Jerome Sullivan (English). Other new elective courses include AP Statistics, Engineering and Computer-Aided Design (CAD) II.

FALL 2012

Ni hao, Baohong Si!




IN CAMDEN a student’s perspective In summer 2012, Evan Hayes ’ 13 joined eight other students from St. Joe’s in the first ever service trip to impoverished Camden, NJ. He wrote about his life-changing experience for The Buffalo News. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be living without an iPod, cell phone, computer, or a TV? Could you ever see yourself going out of your way to serve a person who is homeless? 11 students from St. Joe’s did just this when they joined students from other schools and spent a week of their summer vacation serving impoverished people at the Romero Center in Camden, New Jersey. Camden is one of the most poverty-stricken cities in the U.S., with 50% of its people lacking a high school diploma. What was once a city of business and success has turned into a city full of empty factories, violence and destroyed homes. Our week of service showed that there was still hope for the people in Camden. The group of 40 teens from St. Joe’s, New York City and Boston spent their week visiting homeless shelters, working at a children’s day camp and inspecting the houses of Camden. I helped at the children’s day care with five others from the St. Joe’s group. Liam McMahon ’13 also worked at the day care.


Evan Haye s


’13 (in gray )

“Starting off, I was very nervous as well as excited because I didn’t know what to expect from the kids,” he said. “But by the end of the week, the kids opened up so much and I would never be able to tell that they were from poor families because they’re just like kids at home.”

Taking a walk in their shoes

The retreat is about more than just doing service: It’s about understanding what it’s like to live in poverty. Through interactive demonstrations and videos, we saw what poverty really means. We also experienced this by giving up our iPods, TV, and had minimal cell phone usage. “Without technology, I had time to realize that there is a world outside of Buffalo and that people struggle and need help,” said Liam. Being in Camden forces you to constantly see the people who are affected by poverty, but realize that people who struggle the most just want to be recognized. To this point, Liam said, “After meeting the people of Camden, I really learned that we are all in the same boat and everyone deserves the gift of hearing the words, ‘How are you?’” Overall the retreat was a week that I will always hold onto. I’ve learned so much on what it means to respect and care for others. And I’m not the only one. As Liam explained, “I’m so appreciative for what I have and even though when I arrived at Camden and felt like I didn’t belong, I learned to understand the people and I started to feel accepted as though I were a citizen of Camden.” sj


Andrew Beiter ’83 challenges students from schools across the District of Eastern North America (DENA) to pass along a water jug as part of his workshop on human rights. Each day, children in Rwanda carry these heavy water jugs for miles to keep their families alive. Held in the Cullen Center for the Arts at St. Joe’s, this interactive workshop was the capstone for the 2012 Lasallian Youth Assembly held in Buffalo, which united over 100 students from schools in New York, Michigan, Toronto and Pennsylvania for a week of service and fellowship.



Conor Tumiel ’13 and Anthony Belfatto ’16 charge to the finish in the Cross Country team’s victory over Canisius in mid-October. The team captured the league championship with a 5-0 record. Connor was also honored with the Phil Scaffidi ’74 Alumni Scholarship for his excellence in Cross Country.


This September, St. Joe’s welcomed a doctor, lawyer, CEO, Christian Brother and five other community leaders to the Board of Trustees.

St. Joe’s welcomes seven community leaders who have recently been appointed to the school’s Board of Trustees: Keith Frome, Ph.D., is a co-founder of College Summit, a nationwide program that partners with high school principals, teachers and the most influential students in lower income communities to raise their college-going and success rates. He is currently designing and implementing a charter school on the east side of Buffalo. Dr. Richard N. Gilbert ’80 is a medical doctor who specializes in urologic cancers and is certified in da Vinci robotics. He helped form Western New York Urology Associates LLC in 1998. Brendan Kelleher, Esq. ’90 practices law at Buffalo firm Hodgson Russ, concentrating in the areas of education law, labor law and employment law. He previously served as general counsel to the City of Buffalo School District. Paul LoVullo ’81 is senior vice president for business development at LoVullo Associates Inc., a managing general


agency that serves independent insurance providers. He also coaches the freshman football team at St. Joe’s. Thomas S. McManus ’88 is chief executive officer of KegWorks, a privately held company that distributes draft beer dispensing equipment, bar supplies and other products for the hospitality industry. For the last two years, KegWorks was named one of Western New York’s fastest growing companies. Bro. Domenic Viggiani, FSC is the president of De La Salle College “Oaklands,” a university preparatory school in Toronto, where he has also served as teacher and principal. Daniel Zimmer ’79 is vice president of corporate finance and development for Delaware North Companies, a global leader in hospitality and food service headquartered in Buffalo. He previously served as vice president of business operations for the Boston Bruins. Also joining the Board are Daniel J. ’72 and Mary A. Dirrigl as president couple of the St. Joe’s Parents’ Guild. sj

Distinguished Alumni Mr. Scott stands with Nick Sinatra ’99, Seth Piccirillo ’00, Michael McCartney ’85 and Mick Whipple ’90 after the four alumni participated in a panel discussion about economic development in Western New York at the St. Joe’s Distinguished Alumni Speakers Series in October.

FALL 2012




300 games, with his right and left hand during his time at 845 Kenmore Avenue. Mike even gave John Rauh a run for his money in pitching - he earned a baseball scholarship to Niagara University where he pitched a no-hitter against Houghton College. Fifteen years after Mike was firing fastballs by anyone who dared step in front of him, J. Rick Jacob ’88 was devastating his opponents with killer serves and perfectly placed lobs on the tennis court. In his four years on the varsity tennis team, The St. Joe’s Alumni Association will induct five new Rick experienced defeat only once, on his way to four-straight members, along with the 1968 and 1969 Georgetown Cup All-Catholic championships. Champion baseball teams, into the St. Joe’s Sports Hall of Rick may have passed our final inductee in the halls once Fame on Friday, November 16 at 7 p.m. at St. Joe’s. The 2012 induction class spans over 40 years of athletic excellence from or twice in his time at St. Joe’s, as they were only one year apart. Thomas Terhaar ’87 spent his time a variety of sports. outside of the classroom, not on a field, John Rauh ’56 dominated the griddiamond or court, like our other inductees, Sports Hall of Fame iron, out-scored every opponent on the but cruising across the water with lightning basketball court, and was out on the speed as a force for the Marauder crew Induction Ceremony bump, pitching no-hitters 23 years before team. Tom has built a career out of his love Christopher Vinci ’97 was born. Friday, November 16 for the water, as the U.S. Women’s Crew Chris has been described as the best Coach. Tom, and his team, most recently 7 p.m. at St. Joe’s goal scorer the St. Joe’s soccer program took home the gold at the 2012 Olympic has ever seen. He scored one of the only Games in London. two goals by the Marauders in the 1995 All are invited to join John, Mike, Tom, Rick, Chris and Interdiocesan State Championship, as St. Joe’s defeated St. the members of the 1968 and 1969 baseball teams for the Anthony’s of Long Island for the New York State title. 2012 St. Joe’s Sports Hall of Fame induction ceremony. For Two decades earlier, Michael Campbell ’72 was settin’ em more information or to register online visit or conup and knockin’ em down as the most dominant bowler St. tact Christopher J. Zanghi ’95, director of alumni relations, at Joe’s Hall of Fame coach, Al Simmons, ever had the or (716) 270-4113. sj sure to mentor. As a matter of fact, Mike bowled perfect,

celebrating generations of athletic dominance




new york-themed gala will dazzle


A knock-out evening is promised for Saturday, February 2 when Lasallian 2013: Lights of Manhattan brings the style and excitement of New York City to St. Joe’s for our annual gala and dinner auction. Attendees will enjoy great music, the finest cuisine, elegant décor, a Rainbow Room “nightclub,” and a selection of auction items and packages guaranteed to rival the best the Big Apple has to offer! Chair couple Bob ’75 & Sue Kreppel and their committee have already led a flurry of gift gathering parties. Still upcoming: November 16, 7 - 10 p.m.: Downtown Cocktail Party & Gift Gathering at Bacchus Cash or gift card donation Hosts: John ’84 & Suzanne Berger, Caroline Schulefand Frank & Peggy Adolf, Mike & Tonya Cmunt, Ed & Sue Militello January 5, 9 a.m. - Noon: Saturday Morning “Gift Drop-Off & Breakfast to Go” in the St. Joe’s Main Office

As the biggest St. Joe’s fundraising event, the Lasallian Gala needs your help to continue its success. Dedicated to student tuition support through financial aid and academic scholarships, the Lasallian offers many ways to get involved: Gala sponsorships, table sponsor, gift donor, advertising, patron, attendee or volunteer. For information and updates go to or contact Cathy Greene at (716) 270-4117 or NYC alums: This year’s theme is all about you and your adopted city. We hope to offer spectacular NYC packages and adventures. If you can help in anyway (donation of tickets for shows or sporting events, gift certificates for shops or galleries, personal contacts for unique experiences or events, etc.), please jump right in with your input. sj

in the


Apple’s Executive Creative Director Alan Dye ’93 built his career on weaving design with utility, form with function, and avant garde with sophistication “I'm most enamored with technology as a tool for storytelling,” said Alan Dye ’93. “Whether it's the fact that it enables my mom to see my kids and say goodnight from Buffalo, or the fact that I have access to a world of information all at my fingertips, I'm constantly in awe of how technology makes our lives better.” Alan might be a little biased about technology. As Apple Inc.’s executive creative director, Alan directs the global, visual brand of the Silicon Valley giant that pioneered the personal computer, iPod, iPhone and iPad. But long before he used his design talents to guide the brand of a billion-dollar company, Alan was a creative kid from Highgate Avenue who looked up to his big brother, Mark Dye ’91. “I choose to attend St Joe's after my brother decided to go there two years ahead of me. He loved it so much and I knew it was the place for me,” he said. “Plus, like any great little brother, I was eager to follow in his footsteps.” Alan’s years at St. Joe’s were memorable. A basketball player and art lover, his passions were truly diverse - and so were the lessons he learned. “St. Joe's was a really important part of my life. I met some of my best friends, learned a lot about respect and how to act like a gentleman, and got a very good sense of the rigor that it would take to be successful,” he explained. “I have great memories of all of my teachers. Of course, Mrs. Ward was probably the most influential on my future career.” “The other thing that St. Joe's taught me was to approach every challenge in life with a great degree of rigor and focus,” Alan said. “We were expected to work extremely hard, be on time, tuck in our shirts, sit up straight and respect the people around us. It didn't take me long in the 'real world' to learn that respect and humility can get you far in life.” And Alan has gone far in his life. From appreciating good

design from an early age, Alan exceled in all things creative and eventually graduated from the communications design program at Syracuse University in 1997. He landed his first job at Landor, a multinational design and branding firm in New York City. “It was there that I did everything from designing identities for airlines to new packaging for Molson beer - the job that really impressed all of my friends back in Buffalo,” he joked. Alan then moved to advertising giant Ogilvy & Mather and eventually landed at Kate Spade and Jack Spade as design director. But after 11 years in New York, Alan got the call of a lifetime: the opportunity to become the next executive creative director of Apple Inc. “I couldn't resist playing a role in such an imaginative, important company,” he said. “It was one of the best decisions I've ever made.” As executive creative director, Alan works with Apple’s Marketing Communications creative team to look over every detail of the company’s global marketing strategies. He is also a regular contributor to the New York Times, WIRED, the National Basketball Association and New York Magazine. He was recently named by Fast Company Magazine as one of 50 designers changing the world. Alan Dye has built his success on his creativity. His accolades are numerous and his influence is great, but his source of inspiration is simple: his family. “I was very, very lucky to have parents who encouraged my creativity, and allowed me to pursue a career in the arts,” he explained. “Likewise, my brother Mark was a huge influence on me. He's an amazing photographer, and was really my biggest influence.” Alan is a frequent speaker at design and advertising events, where he guides young design professionals as they begin their creative careers. And though he is hesitant to give too much advice, he has a few pointers for students at his alma mater, St. Joe’s. “I would advise all the students to be present in their own lives. It's hard, but important to remember that the adventure is in the journey,” he said. “I'd also add that throughout life you'll be faced with forks in the road, life decisions to make. Trust your gut, and don't be afraid to take the more difficult road. Often times it's worth it.” “That, and remember to tuck in your shirt, stand up tall, and be a gentleman.” sj

FALL 2012

“I couldn’t resist playing a role in such an imaginative, important company. It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.”



MUSICAL MENTOR alumni organize to celebrate 38-year career of James Deiotte

On Wednesday, December 26 at 7 p.m., alumni and friends of the St. Joseph’s Collegiate Institute music program will gather for Gifts of Grace: A Celebration of the Artistic Ministry of James V. Deiotte at St. Joe’s. This alumni-coordinated event will honor the career and artistic ministry of mentor-teacher Jim Deiotte. From 1974 until 2012, when health issues led to an early retirement, Jim was at the helm of one of Western New York’s

most robust and successful choral music and musical theater programs. Through his work with SJCI’s Freshman Singers, Glee Club, Varsity Singers, Swing Choir, LaSallian Singers, and Alumni Men’s Ensemble, as well as his work with the casts of 38 consecutive spring musical productions, Jim shaped the lives of many young men and women. This unforgettable evening will begin at 7 p.m. with a social hour, followed by a gala concert featuring performances by St. Joe's music program alums. To purchase tickets and/ or make a goodwill donation, visit http://sjcigiftsofgrace. Net proceeds from the event, including all goodwill donations, will be given to Jim as the community’s way of saying "Thank you and happy retirement!" sj

a message from



Alumni Association President Tom McManus ’88 on re-engaging alumni


As we plan for the new school year, we in the Alumni Association asked ourselves,"How can we improve as an organization?" The purpose of the Alumni Association is to promote continuing alumni involvement and support the school's Lasallian mission. In the past, our goal was to maintain a connection between the alumni and St. Joe's. Going forward, we want to make our alumni programming even more engaging and valuable for you to fit into your busy schedules. It is easier than ever to stay informed with St. Joe’s news and activities. From this publication and emails to the school’s website to the fantastic job that the school does with social media, you can always find what's going on. Have you connected with St. Joe's on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter yet? Our challenge is to give you a compelling reason to take the next step and attend one of our functions this year. We are doing this by providing a wide variety of events with meaningful content to meet the diverse interests of our Alumni. There are nearly 20 events during the school year that the Alumni Association is planning or supporting. The men of the Alumni Association spend their valuable time making them special. These events run the gamut from Sporting (Bob

Ivory Run, Golf Outing, Canisius Football Game Party), Liturgical (Father / Son Mass, Golden Plus Mass, All-Alumni Family Liturgy), Recognition (Signum Fidei Society, Sports Wall of Fame, Fine Arts Wall of Honor), Educational (Distinguished Alumni Speakers Series) to helping with all of the class reunions. For a complete list of all events, and to register online, visit or scan the QR code in this article. This year we welcomed six new members to the Alumni Association and we can always use more help. The reasons for serving with the Alumni Association are personal to each member, but one reason common to all is the desire to give back and support the mission of the institution that gave so much to us. We want to help carry on the tradition. We welcome to our Board any other alumni who desire to do the same. As we enter into this new school year, we look forward to reconnecting with old friends, meeting new ones and seeing YOU soon. sj


David Apen ’85 James B. Coffed Joseph V. Duane Marianne C. Fahey Walter G. Guinther ’60 Nancy Hartnett Tony Jakiel ’70 Mary Lennon Patricia Lepertine Robert A. Liebler ’57 James E. Mcgowan Thomas J. Reddington Joseph T. Sandman ’40 William C Wopperer ’43

1950s John R. Rauh ’56 will be recognized for his athletic achievements in baseball and basketball as one of the 2012 St. Joe’s Sports Hall of Fame inductees. The induction ceremony will be Friday, November 16, at St. Joe’s.

1960s Brother W. Joseph Radice, FSC ’61 celebrated his 50th anniversary as a Christian Brother on June 29, 2012. Robert M. Greene ’62, a partner at Phillips Lytle, LLP, has been recognized by Chambers USA 2012 as a Leading Lawyer for Healthcare Law in New York state. Bob’s practice focuses on health law and not-for-profit corporate law. David P. Page ’62 retired after 12 years as managing

Edward G. Gruber ’79 was promoted to colonel in the U.S. Air Force Reserves on July 1, 2012, and appointed commander of the 433 Aeromedical Evacuation Sqadron, San Antonio TX, where he and his wife, Frances, reside.

Paul Giancarlo ’69 was named Social Worker of the Year by the NASW Oregon Chapter for his leadership and contributions as co-founder of the Ashland Food Project (AFP). The program helps feed hungry families by making it easy for residents to donate food.

Joseph C. DiStasio, C.P.A. ’82 was named the controller of Orleans Community Health/ Medina Memorial Hospital. DiStasio previously served as controller for The Center for Hospice and Palliative Care and chief operating officer of Rupp, Baase. He earned a bachelor’s degree in accounting from Canisius College.

1970s Robert J. Kirwan Jr. ’71 retired after a 35-year career with the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Charles Maryan ’71 celebrated his 30-year anniversary with Shell Oil Company on June 1, 2012. Charles works in deepwater subsea well engineering. Michael B. Campbell ’72 will be recognized for his athletic achievements in bowling as one of the 2012 St. Joe’s Sports Hall of Fame inductees. The induction ceremony will be Friday, November 16, at St. Joe’s. Kevin Kerr ’73 was elected to the USSSA New York State Softball Hall of Fame in March 2012. Richard J. Schieb Jr. ’73 was awarded AXA Advisors’ highest honor, the Hall of Fame Medal, for qualifying ten times in the National Leaders Corps during a distinguished career in the field of financial services.


Eugene O’Connor ’82 joined WNY Asset Management as a senior wealth manager. He brings more than 25 years of experience to the position and most recently was with Merrill Lynch. Kevin C. Galvin ’83 has been appointed vice president, information technology by Fidelis Care, the New York State Catholic Health Plan. Most recently, Kevin served as vice president of information technology for Sodexo, where he oversaw the company’s project management teams. Rabbi Jeffrey KurtzLendner ’84 gave the invocation for an event in Fort Lauderdale featuring First Lady Michelle Obama. Rabbi Kurtz-Lendner first learned public speaking skills with his tenth grade English teacher, John Bush. He also learned ecumenical skills through the St. Joe’s religion program. These skills

helped Jeffrey to conceptualize the shared values of different religions. William Kellick ’85 is director of communications for the Colorado Springs Olympic Training Center, and has attended the Olympics in Sydney (2004), Beijing (2008) and London (2012), handling USA team communications. William resides in Colorado Springs with wife Nancy (Hardwick) and two children, Jillian and Billy. Michael G. McCartney ’85, co-founder and president of DIGITS, LLC, was honored on October 4 at the inaugural Buffalo 612’ award ceremony, recognizing the region’s best C-Level executives. Michael was also one of four alumni who presented at the Distinguished Alumni Speaker Series on October 10 at St. Joe’s. Thomas Terhaar ’87 coached the U.S. women’s eight to a gold medal at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London. Tom has coached the U.S. women since 2001, and has led them to many titles and medals. Tom has again been selected to coach the U.S. women in the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He will be recognized for his athletic achievements as one of the 2012 St. Joe’s Sports Hall of Fame inductees. The induction ceremony will be Friday, November 16, at St. Joe’s. J. Rick Jacob ’88 will be recognized for his athletic achievements in tennis as one of the 2012 St. Joe’s Sports Hall of Fame inductees. The induction ceremony will be Friday, November 16, at St. Joe’s.

FALL 2012


director of education facilities at Pepperdine University and 35 years in commercial real estate. David was responsible for acquiring commercial facilities for the graduate campuses which served their fully employed students working for advanced degrees in Business Administration, Education and Psychology.




Jeremy P. Kilburn ’95 suffered a broken leg while hiking with lifelong friend and classmate, Daniel M. Grasso ’95. The two were stranded in a remote part of California’s Shasta-Trinity National Forest. Jeremy acted as a doctor first, and a patient second, when he saved the life of the paramedic who was struck in the head by a helicopter blade while rescuing the two friends.

Timothy J. Altieri, Esq. ’00 has accepted an attorney position with one of the State of Florida’s largest statewide law firms, Cole, Scott and Kissane, P.A., where he will be in the Civil Litigation Division. Timothy is a former assistant state attorney (assistant state prosecutor) of the 20th Judicial Circuit in the State of Florida. He and his fiancee, Melissa De Marco, reside in Naples, Florida.

Christopher Vinci ’97 will be recognized for his athletic achievements in soccer as one of the 2012 St. Joe’s Sports Hall of Fame inductees. The induction ceremony will be Friday, November 16, at St. Joe’s. Nicholas A. Sinatra ’99, founder and president of Sinatra & Co., was honored on October 4, at the inaugural Buffalo 612’ award ceremony, recognizing the region’s best C-Level executives. Nick was also one of four alumni who presented at the Distinguished Alumni Speaker Series on October 10 at St. Joe’s.

Paul J. Safy Jr. ’01 performed the National Anthem at the Buffalo Bills’ home opener against the Kansas City Chiefs on September 16. Previously, Paul performed on America’s Got Talent in 2010. He currently resides in New York, NY. Ryan S. Elliott ’05 has been hired as a police officer in Pittsburgh. Ryan has prequalified for SWAT. James R. Berezney ’06 benefited greatly from the opportunities he had in the music department at St. Joe’s. James finished the 5-year program at Michigan State with separate degrees in Music Education (including

teaching certification) and Music Performance (violin). Both degrees were granted with high honors and he has gone on for advanced training on the violin at the Masters level at Boston University. He hopes to one day teach high school music. Marcene D. Robinson ’09, a senior at the University at Buffalo, has been named winner of the 2012 Carl R. Allen Memorial Scholarship for journalism. This award is given each year by the Buffalo Association of Black Journalists, with the support from the Buffalo News and the Buffalo Newspaper Guild.

2010s Thomas P. Evangelista ’10 and his rowing partner, Will Downing (CHS), won the Under-23 Lightweight Men’s Pair final in 7:02.7 at the 130th Royal Canadian Henley Regatta. The crew pulled away from Calgary Rowing Club, the same team it narrowly defeated in the qualifying heat (by .62 seconds), to win the gold medal by 2.88 seconds. Tom and Will won the only gold medal for Buffalo’s two rowing clubs - West Side and


Christopher L. Johnson ’00 married Jessica Lauren Cairo on June 2 at Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Tampa, Florida. They currently reside in Atlanta, Georgia. Timothy Spitler ’04 married Johanna Walczyk on August 11 at St. Joseph’s University Church in Buffalo.

Christopher R. Reinhardt ’11, a visitor use assistant (VUA) at Crater Lake National Park, responded to a call that a female bicyclist was experiencing chest pain. Chris went to the 52-yearold woman’s aid, relayed patient information to responding rangers, and administered CPR when she became unresponsive, aiding in saving her life. David Seward ’11 was selected by the Youngstown Phantoms as the 84th overall pick in the United States Hockey League’s annual entry draft held May 22. Seward played forward for the Buffalo Junior Sabres during the 2011-2012 Ontario Junior Hockey League season, recording 10 goals and 19 assists in 42 regular season games.

Christopher M. Connelly ’95 and his wife, Lara, are pleased to announce the birth of their daughter, Madeline Grace, September 9.

Leonardo C. Sette-Camara ’95 was married to Carrie Grandits, sister of John Granits ’95 on November 3. Gwilym E. Brick ’96 was married to Katherine Ann Stubbe on May 19 at St. Mark Roman Catholic Church in Buffalo. Gwilym is a CPA for Delaware North. They reside in Buffalo.

Kent W. Greer ’11 was accepted into the full Cadet Wing of the Air Force Academy on August 7, after six weeks of basic training. C4C Greer, CS 17, along with 989 other cadets, received the first set of shoulder boards they will receive during their four years at the USAFA.

Adam Mikols ’91 and his wife, Karen, are pleased to announce the birth of their son, Joshua Daniel, on July 7.




John F. (Jack) O’Donnell Jr. ’92 was married to Marina Vranich on July 28 at St. Louis Roman Catholic Church in Buffalo. Jack is a vice president and communications director at Bolton-St. John’s, a government relations and public affairs consulting firm based in Albany.

the Buffalo Scholastic Rowing Association.

Benjamin J. Davis ’98 and his wife, Jessie, are pleased to announce the birth of their first child, Nathaniel John Davis, on June 7, 2012 in Brooklyn, NY. James R. Fudella ’99 and his wife, Amber, are pleased to announce the birth of their first child, Adrianna Grace, born on June 3 in Charlotte, NC.

Robert Emblidge ’07 is pleased to announce his engagement to Kara Wyzykiewicz, Holy Angels Academy Class of 2007.

Samuel F. Tiranno ’00, and his wife, Anastasia, are pleased to announce the birth of their second daughter, Tessa Noelle, on June 6. She joins her sister, Samantha Rosa, who was born June 30, 2010.

Matthew Hector ’08 married Danielle Hibler on August 11 in Canonsburg, PA. Kevin Gill ’08 and brother, Peter Hector ’15, stood as best men.

Robert H. Dailey ’03 and his wife, Jacquelyn, are pleased to announce the birth of their daughter, Faith Katherine Dailey, on May 9.



Friday, November 16, 2012 Sports Hall of Fame

Wednesday, December 12 Fine Arts Department Concert

Saturday, November 17 Entrance & Scholarship Exam

Thursday, December 20 Class of 2012 Reunion

Saturday, November 24 Alumni Hockey Game


Saturday, January 12 Mother/Son Social

Monday, May 6 Grandparent Liturgy & Social

Saturday, February 2 Lasallian 2013 Gala & Dinner Auction "Lights of Manhattan"

Thursday & Friday May 16 & 17 Class of 1963 Golden Jubilee Reunion

Friday – Sunday March 8 – 10 Spring Musical Production

Friday – Sunday June 21-23 Alumni Weekend

Sunday, March 24 Father/Son Mass & Man of the Year Award

Friday, June 21 Alumni Golf Tournament

Monday – Saturday April 29 – May 4 Fine Arts Week Saturday, May 4 Fine Arts Wall of Honor Induction Ceremony

Saturday, June 22 All-Alumni Soccer Game All-Alumni School Tours Individual Class Reunions for classes ending in 3 & 8 Sunday, June 23 All-Alumni Family Liturgy & Breakfast

Check for the full school events calendar, as well as alumni special events listings and ongoing updates!

FALL 2012

Saturday, April 27 Signum Fidei Induction Ceremony




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Participants smile after the Alumni Soccer Game, the newest addition to St. Joe’s Alumni Weekend. Alumni Weekend 2013 will be held June 21-23.



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