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Sep t em ber 28, 2017

Vol u m e 12, I ssu e 0.5 Rook i e Ed i t i on

Th e s u n dodger A p u bl i cat i on of K ap p a K ap p a Psi , Gam m a Ch ap t er In t his Issue: S o ng s t o k no w ................................................2 (Yo ur Ow n) B r ad's W all.......................3 Oh t he P lac es Yo u'll Go !......................4 A dv ic e f r o m HM B Vet er ans.......6 Unif o r m s 10 1.........................................................7 A nd m o r e!

u pc omin g 2017 h u s k y f oot ba l l s c h edu l e September Oregon State (Beavers) October 7......vs. California (Golden Bears) October Arizona State (Sun Devils) October 28.....................vs. UCLA (Bruins)* November 4..................vs. Oregon (Ducks) November Stanford (Cardinal) November 18.......................vs. Utah (Utes) November 25.............vs. Washington State (Cougars)** December 1 or 2.................Pac-12 Football Championship Game*** *Homecoming Game; **110th Apple Cup

W elc o m e t o t he 2 0 17 -18 Husky M ar c hing B and! Congratulations on making it into one of the most exciting and musically-talented university marching bands in the Pac-12 Conference and indeed the entire nation! You will soon be swept up in 87 years of tradition. You will also be learning the songs and choreography that have become a staple at UW sporting events. Our band exists to support our athletic teams and their loyal fans, and we simply love to perform and entertain. In addition to playing at all major UW sporting events, gigs are a huge part of what we do and can be the highlights of the season. The truly amazing thing about HMB, though, is that we are a family. The people that make up this band are some of the most friendly, generous, and devoted people you?ll find anywhere. We support each other through ups and downs, and before you know it this school of 45,000 undergraduates will start to feel smaller. These first few weeks may be rough with the immense amount of material to learn, music checks, new marching or music styles, and trying to remember everyone?s name. However, as many of your veteran peers will assure you that, it will all be worth it. You will never forget the first time they ran onto the field with their best friends, to the cheers of 70,000! This publication was created with support from the Publications Committee of the Gamma Chapter of Kappa Kappa Psi, National Honorary Band Service Fraternity, as well as the veteran members and Student Staff of the Husky Marching Band, and our on-field and press box photographers. We hope this guide will help ease your transition into the HMB experience. On behalf of everyone who assisted in the creation of this publication, welcome to the University of Washington Husky Marching Band! If you have any questions or comments, feel free to reach out to this email: Happy Reading, and Go Dawgs!

***At Levi's Stadium, Santa Clara, CA -Dustine Bowker, Publications Chair, Gamma Chapter of Kappa Kappa Psi

SONGS TO KNOW B o w Do w n t o W ashing t o n Bow Down to Washington Bow Down to Washington Mighty are the men who wear the purple and the gold Joyfully we welcome them within the victor's fold We will carve their names (Names!) In the Hall of Fame (Fame!) To preserve the memory of our devotion So heaven help the foes of Washington They're trembling at the feet of mighty Washington Our boys are there with bells (Bells!) Their fighting blood excels (Excels!) It's harder to push them over the line than pass the Dardanelles! So victory's the cry of Washington Our leather lungs together with a "Rah! Rah! Rah!" And o'er, the land, the loyal Band We'll sing the glory of Washington forever!

Hist o r ic al T idb it : B o w Do w n t o W ashing t o n In 1915, the University of Washington held a competition for the purpose of procuring a new fight song. The winner, Lester Wilson, was awarded 25 dollars for writing ?Bow Down to Washington.? It is rumored that Wilson could not transcribe music, so he plunked the tune out on piano while his friend transcribed it for him! Today, the Husky Marching Band plays a... few variations on this tune, including Bow Down, Bow II, Bow Little, Bow Chorus, Bow Special, and more! How many Bows can you name at the end of PSDs? Each comes with the signal for Bow (a thumbs down), followed by a unique gesture to communicate which variation we will be playing. Although this song is one that the Husky Marching Band plays at every practice and game, it is difficult to get tired of the majestic melodies and resonating harmonies that the song employs. Start memorizing, as we sing the lyrics before every practice!

UW A lm a M at er To her we sing who keeps the ward O'er all her sons from sea to sea Our alma mater Washington A health, a health we give to thee Child of the mighty western land You're the mother of a mighty place* Silent her gentle vigil holds In strength, purity and grace All hail! O Washington! Thy sons and daughters sing glad acclaim Through years of youth and loyalty And still in age we sing they fame In honor thy towers stand The battlements shine in dawning light And glow again in sunset rays (and rainbow skies)* All hail! O Washington!


*Modified from the official Alma Mater.

Tunes t o Kno w A SA P The Husky Marching Band plays a variety of songs over the course of the season, ranging from classics (e.g. Johnny's Mambo and Take On Me) to contemporary hits. Its five dynasty songs are listed below. Make sure you memorize these songs, as we'll be playing them a lot! Bow Down to Washington (Bow I and II) Vict'ry for Washington (V I and II) Everybody's Everything Louie-Louie Tequila

(YOUR OW N) BRAD'S WALL If you ever go down to the Dawg House, you will notice a huge board with all of our pictures on it. (Yes, each and every single one of us!) Believe it or not, Brad will know all of our names about two weeks into the school year (depending on how close your knees are to 90 degrees, how many songs you have memorized, etc.). Now it is your turn! On this page are Senior Staff, Student Staff, and all of the Section Leaders. Get to know their faces well, for they will be happy to answer any questions you have.

S enio r S t af f

Director Dr. J. Brad McDavid

Program Coordinator Josh Chan

Field Assistant Don Sabo

Field Assistant Don Curtis

Graduate Assistant Doug Morin

Field Assistant Marcus Pimpleton

Graduate Assistant Shayna Stahl

Drumline Instructor Steve Henry

Asst. Drumline Instructor Craig Winter

Announcer Frazer Cook

Instrument Technician Ben Gary

Field Assistant Edd George

Videographer Kathy Curtis

Photographer Garry Nakayama

Photographer Louis Figueroa

Media Assistant Eric Quach

No t pic t ur ed

Photo/Video Luke Waters

Photo/Video David Marksbury

Photo/Video Justin Bales

PA Liaison Aja Utsugi

S t udent S t af f

Undergraduate Assistant Brian Huynh

Staff Assistants Sophie Beck, Robert Karren, and Michelle You

Music Librarian Kaylie Firebaugh

Uniform Manager Anne Phan

Siren Team Attendance Officer Maranda Sianghio Annie Murray. Jacob Baquian, and Jordan Metz

Dr um M ajo r s, F eat ur ed Tw ir ler , and S ec t io n L eader s

Drum Majors Chris Laranang and Zach Baisch

Featured Twirler Krissy Terwilliger

Piccolo Section Leaders Jenni Logue and Sarah Nishikawa

Clarinet Section Leaders Hannah Mansoori and Patricia Au

Alto and Tenor Saxophone Section Leaders Sarah Randall and Laurel Meredith

3 Trumpet Section Leaders Sean Fleming and Tracey Andrews

Mellophone Section Leader Nathan Santo Domingo

Trombone Section Leaders Carter Johnson and Tyler Fost

Baritone Section Leader Sousaphone Section Leader Drumline Section Leader Melody Wagner Jeffrey Whaley Chris Serica

OH THE PLACES YOU'LL GO! Do you know where the Dawg House is? How about the East Field? With a whole new campus to learn, we wanted to make it easier for you to get around by providing a map of the regular places you will go with the Husky Marching Band.

HM B L o c at io ns 1- Husky Outdoor Track


2 - Husky Soccer Stadium 3 - Graves Building (Dawg House located in the basement) 4 - Conibear Shellhouse


5 - North Gym 15

6 - Band Equipment Room ("The EQ Room") 7 - Nordstrom Tennis Center 8 - Dempsey Indoor Center


9 - Alaska Airlines Arena at Hec Edmundson Pavilion 3

10 - Don James Center (at Husky Stadium)

4 5

11- Husky Softball Stadium


12 - Husky Stadium

7 9


13 - Club Husky (at Husky Stadium) 14 - East Field



No n-HM B Po int s o f Int er est 15 - Husky Ballpark 16 - Intramural Activities Building ("The IMA") 17 - Link Light Rail Station -- Light Rail to Downtown

12 17 13 14

Seattle, Sea-Tac Airport, and Angle Lake

18 - Waterfront Activities Center ("The WAC") 19 - Climbing Rock


18 19

OH THE OTHER PLACES YOU'LL GO! (THE AVE) University Way NE, commonly referred to as "The Ave", is the commercial and cultural center of the University of Washington, with lots of ethnic dining choices to satisfy any palette. Below are some of the most popular places that Husky Band members enjoy on a regular basis. Restaurants/Cafes:



30.) Goodwill

1.) Yeti Yogurt 2 3 4 5

2.) Costas Restaurant 3.) Starbucks 4.) Hawaii BBQ

31.) Buffalo Exchange 30

32.) Urban Outfitters 33.) University Book Store 34.) Crossroads Trading Co.

5.) Aladdin Falafel Corner 6.) EJ Burger*** 7.) U:Don Fresh Japanese Noodle Station 8.) Oasis


35.) H Mart


Notable places outside The Ave: Din Tai Fung*

6 8


9.) Slate Coffee Roasters

Evergreens Salads* Veggie Grill*

10.) Mee Sum Pastry 11.) Shawarma King


Full Tilt Ice Cream (along NE 50th St. and Brooklyn Ave NE)

10 11

12.) Sweet Alchemy

ShareTea (along NE 45th St and between 11th and 12th Aves)

13.) Rancho Bravo Tacos 14.) Pho Shizzle

District Market (Alder Hall) 33

15.) Noodle Nation

Husky Grind (Inside District Market and Mercer Court)

16.) Chipotle 17.) Chili's South Indian Cuisine


Trader Joe's (along Roosevelt Way NE and between NE 47th and 45th Sts)


18.) Thai 65 13

19.) Cafe Allegro

14 16

20.) Cafe on the Ave

Rick's Cafe (Haggett Hall)*** *Located in the University Village 15

***Open with limited hours during the school year.

21.) MOD Pizza 17 35

22.) Sizzle & Crunch 23.) Sushi Town


24.) Aladdin Gyro-Cery & Deli**


25.) Sarducci's Specialty Subs and Crepes

22 3 23

26.) Yummy Bites**

24 26 25

27.) Pho Thy Thy 28.) Cafe Solstice** 29.) Shultzy's Bar & Grill

19 21


Speech 28 29


ADVICE FROM HM B VETERANS We asked veteran members of the Husky Marching Band -- those who have been through all of this before -- for their advice to the rookies. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your HMB experience, while also exercising self-care:

Pay at t ent io n t o y o ur b o dy !

M ind y o ur f eet .... "There is no shame or embarrassment for not doing something perfectly on the first try." -Ken W., Trumpet

"Take care of yourself and have confidence." -Anonymous

"Wear good shoes for marching, especially during PSDs." -Sara J., Trumpet

"Don't be afraid to ask for help if you need it...Just remember to be patient and that everyone is there to help you, encourage you, and motivate you!" -Arianna A., Tenor Saxophone

"Sleep is a necessity, and naps will work you wonders." -Anonymous

"...if you treat people the way that you want to be treated, in some way or another, people will treat you well in return." -Katie S., Piccolo

"Dress athletically for rehearsal. It makes a difference." -Logan S., Trombone

"Advance and learn at your own pace. Vets didn't learn pregame in a day as rookies either." -Logan S., Trombone

"Don't eat a huge meal before your first rally! Trust me!" -Jordan M., Siren Team

S t ay o n t o p o f y o ur st udies! "You have to be is not going to be easy for you but in the long run you will thank yourself." -Courtney P., Trumpet "Find a way to visually organize your schedule." -Madeline W., Clarinet

"Prioritize. Prioritize. Prioritize..." -Bailey G., Baritone

...and have f un! "The season is unforgiving, but you'll surprise yourself with how much you learn as time goes on." -Anonymous "Don't be afraid to make friends with older members! They'll not only help you with integrating into the HMB, but also with college in general. Plus, they're all just really nice people, and it never hurts to have a few more friends!" -Anne P., Piccolo "...I would open myself up to as much people as possible. You're exposed to a new environment and you have the ability to reinvent yourself." -William P., Baritone "Everyone in band is amazing, and they're all waiting to meet you too and tell you about all the fun things they've done and experienced over the past few years!"

"TIME MANAGEMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!" -Hannah W., Piccolo

-Tyler F., Trombone

"Plan ahead and do your school work early, you'll most definitely thank yourself later." -William P., Baritone

"...don't be afraid to put yourself out there and have fun: meet new people, get super into the choreo, and dress up for rallies!" -Arianna A., Tenor Saxophone


"HMB is like a giant family!" -Brian C., Piccolo

UNIFORM S 101: OH THE THINGS YOU?LL W EAR! The Husky Marching Band takes pride in looking and sounding good wherever they perform. But it's also essential for every band member to do so while looking their best! Here is a guide for understanding our three main uniforms.

F ull Unif o r m

To C Khak i

To C Of f ic ial

1. Jacket

6. White Gloves*

1. Touch of Class Polo Shirt

1. Touch of Class Polo Shirt

2. Pants

7. Long White Socks

2. Khaki Pants

2. Black Slacks

3. White Shoes

3. Black Dress Shoes

4. White Socks (cannot be ankle socks)

4. Black Dress Socks

3. Spats 4. Black Marching Shoes 5. Purple Nike Dri-Fit Shirt

8. Shako 9. Plume 10. Logo W Baseball Cap

*White gloves may be worn either on your hands, or by placing them under the strap on your right shoulder, as shown. Watch for any directions from the HMB staff.

5. Black Belt

5. Brown Belt 6. Only when needed: Logo W Baseball Cap

The fanny pack is optional! In addition, only prescription sunglasses are allowed when wearing any of the three uniforms; otherwise, it falls outside of ToC.

T he m annequin o n t he lef t is v io lat ing unif o r m r ules b y no t w ear ing g loves. Do n't be t hat m annequin! T he unif o r m is A ll On o r A ll Of f !


T his is w hat w e do ...

...and w ho w e ar e!

T hank y o u f o r r eading ! C o ng r at ulat io ns o n m ak ing it t hr o ug h Pr e-S c ho o l Dr ills, and have a w o nder f ul, m em o r ab le seaso n!

go da w gs !

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