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Ju l y 8, 2018

Vol u m e 12, I ssu e 3 En d -of -Season / Su m m er Ed i t i on

THE SUNDODGER A p u bl i cat i on of K ap p a K ap p a Psi , Gam m a Ch ap t er

Also... Sen ior Qu ot es! | p. 3 Ju n ior / Sen ior Day 2018 | p. 4 Q&A: In t er view w it h Dou g M or in | p. 6

Of f t o t h e Races: HM B at t h e Win der m er e Cu p | p. 2



efore the cup: Two days before the cup, the Husky Saxes went to the concrete sides of the Montlake Cut Thursday evening. This is a yearly tradition, where they paint some sax-related work, this year being a sax with a rainbow coming out of the bell with notes on the rainbow resembling a staff for music. They also painted ?TGINAT? in a separate spot in a jab at the trumpets. The next day, the trumpets came out and painted their motto for this year ?Maximum Effort, Minimum Results? along with ?Most Improved.? They also covered the saxes??TGINAT? with ?CCTB.? At the cup: The band met at 9:30 in the morning and took the long walk across the bridge to West Montlake park, which is the finish line of the races and across the cut from the event mainstage, as well as adjacent to the seattle yacht club. The first race was the fire department versus the police department, in which the fire department won. After that, there were many races at all levels from high school to college to club teams. Finally, the last races from the Huskies were up. First, the men's team went against Oxford


Brookes which is essentially the English national team) and UBC and won against both of them. Next, the women?s team raced the Dutch national team and lost by less than a boat length.

settled in on a slower tempo, often after being very out of phase with each other. Anyways, the band continued like this through Union Bay performing for the boaters on the log boom up until it ended at the 520 bridge. Off to the boats: Finally, the band cruised on the Next, Husky Band, Cheer, and boats across Lake Washington Dance boarded seven boats at the towards the Meydenbauer Yacht Seattle Yacht Club, the band Club to get a lunch of freshly across three with Brad on another made hamburgers and to leading boat with cheer and perform in the clubhouse. At this guests and the rest of the boats point, everyone took buses back with even more dance and cheer. to campus except one of the After the ceremonial cannon shot, boats, which returned via the boating season had begun and water. Since it became one band the band took off down the cut, on one boat, the music quality but only after the Purple Haze increased to normal pep band had been released. Because of standards. The boat went back the nature of the band being on through the cut to the Seattle several boats with the main Yacht Club to play past several conductor far away, the music prominent pro-WSU boats before was extremely hard to play. No docking and the final band matter what the initial count-off returning to the EQ. tempo was, the band always

Above: Three yachts carried the band down the Montlake Cut.


Left: HMB Seniors line up in front. Each of the seniors were announced by name at the conclusion of the halftime show at the 2017 Apple Cup.

"HM B m oves pr et t y f ast , if y o u do n?t st o p t o lo o k ar o und o nc e in aw hile, y o u c o uld m iss it . -B r ando n M ar , Cy m bals

"T her e is no po ssib le w ay I c an hur t m y self b y do ing t his". -Do ug las P ham , Tr um pet

"W hy did I just st ar t t he W alk ing Dead w it h t w o w eeks unt il f inals?"

?Ho w luc ky I am t o have so m et hing t hat m akes say ing g o o db y e so har d.?

-Nat han S ant o Do m ing o , M ello pho ne

-Kay lie F ir ebaug h, Tr um pet

"I'm so f illed w it h

""W e'r e adult s. W hen did t hat happen? A nd ho w do w e m ake it st o p?" - M er edit h Gr ey f r o m Gr ey 's A nat o m y "

love f r o m all m y exper ienc es, b ut it 's never t o o lat e t o t hr o w t he t w o ." -M ar anda S iang hio , P ic c o lo

-Daniel M ir anda, B ass Dr um

""I'll t ur n 6 0 , t hen

B A M ... m eno pause"Do ug P ham "

J o e C o r t ese, Tr um pet

W e love o ur S enio r s!


JUNIOR/ SENIOR DAY 2018 By Autumn Capper, Trumpet and Michelle Taam, Piccolo n April 21st, 2018, after months of anticipation,


members of the Husky Marching Band accompanied the University of Washington Football Team once again in Husky Stadium. However, this time, it wasn?t for a PAC-12 Football Game. Each year, fans of Husky Football come together to watch the team practice and scrimmage during the greatly anticipated Spring Preview match. For the band, Spring Preview day means something more than just supporting Husky Football. It?s the game where the Gamma Chapter of Kappa Kappa Psi hosts Junior/Senior Day.


Kappa Kappa Psi invites high schoolers in the greater Seattle area and beyond to come and join the band in the stands to experience a Husky Gameday. Students travel hours to attend the event, driving or flying from even Oregon and California. Starting early in the morning, students rehearse stands tunes such as Tequila, Johnny?s Mambo, and Uprising, as well as UW?s fight songs. Students even get a chance to learn some of the choreography that went along with the songs! On top of Junior/Senior Day being a huge recruitment event for the Husky Marching Band,

Above: HMB Band Director Brad McDavid making an announcement during the last part of Junior/Senior day.

it also serves as a fun refresher for all of the current members. After all, by the time Spring comes around, the members of the Husky Marching Band are all missing band. Along with Junior Senior Day, the Spring Game is where Dr. Brad McDavid does a final send off to the graduating section leaders and student staff and announces next year ?s class of section leaders and student staff. To all of this past year ?s section leaders and student staff, thank you very much for all of your hard work and dedication to the band. And congratulations to all of next season?s new section leaders and student staff!

Above: Section leaders, band members, and prospective high school students learn choreography.

Group photo of next year's student staff at Junior/Senior Day.


Q&A DOUG M ORIN'S TIM E AT UW By Maranda Sianghio, Piccolo, and Mikaele Baker, Piccolo he end of this school year is bittersweet, as one of our esteemed honoraries, Doug Morin, Graduate Assistant of the Husky Marching Band and director of the UW Campus Band, is graduating and moving on to bigger and better things.


Wh en did you r in t er est in m u sic st ar t ?

I blame my dad. [laughs] No, I thank my Dad because he is a euphonium player as well. He would occasionally pull out his horn and because, ya know, because my dad is the coolest person in the world - I wanted to do what he was doing. That didn?t work so well, when I We had an opportunity to sit down and talk with Doug about thought I wanted to mow the where he is going, about Kappa lawn. But anyway? Yeah, if you decide to Facebook stalk me, you Kappa Psi, and about his time can go back and find the picture at UW. of when I was like one and a half, It took some finagling of when sideburns were still a thing, schedules and location, but because it was the late seventies, eventually we settled for an and the instrument is bigger then afternoon in the Concert Band I am. But I wanted to try to play library in the basement of it, because that?s what Dad did. Meany. Surrounded by filing cabinets of scores and parts, it was a fitting place.

Eu ph on iu m is you r pr im ar y in st r u m en t t h en ? Mhm. Cool. Yup. Wh en did you decide on m u sic as a pr of ession ? Freshman year of High School. It was? it wasn?t a sudden thought., I heard a collegiate marching band in person for the first time. I didn?t hear the sound, I felt the sound. It was their equivalent of Band Day and I said ?I wanna do this band thing.?Then I realized how much I enjoyed teaching somewhere along the way and that became my avenue. I enjoy teaching and I enjoy music. So, let?s go be a band director.

The interview follows, edited lightly for clarity. ?Test in g? BlaaaAAAAAAAA Wh er e ar e you f r om ? From Shelbyville, Indiana, it is an hour southeast of Indianapolis. I lived there until I went to college. Same house, same neighborhood, until I went to college. I went for my undergrad at Indiana University.


Above: Doug Morin's dad holding an euphonium for him at a really young age.

Above: Doug Morin with Active Brothers of the Gamma Chapter of Kappa Kappa Psi. How did you f eel w h en you becam e an Hon or ar y f or Gam m a? Hence the name, I was very honored. I?ve seen how much this chapter does and how active they are and what it means to the Brothers to be a part of it. So, to be included amongst that group, as well as, to be recognized by the efforts given by people who give a lot of effort. I can only say ?Thank you?and try and find a synonym for honored. So n ext w e h ave, an d I qu ot e, ?var iou s qu est ion s abou t cat s an d dogs.?So... do you h ave an y pet s? I have three cats. Wh at ar e t h eir n am es? Tigerlily (that?s one cat), Whispurr, and George. We didn?t name George. They were all

strays. I can give you ages as well. Lily, we think is 16 maybe 17 she was an adult stray. Whispurr is like 13 and George is 5. There?s stories? especially about George. Wh at ar e you r ch ar ges f or f u t u r e year s? As far as Gamma, keep on the path that you?re on, specifically the constant search for ways to help. And I know that question has been met with ?I?m not sure?, but please keep asking because things pop-up. And, especially as a new GA comes in and - two new GAs actually come in - they will see things that will need to be done and that question will need to be asked a lot. Keep dedicating yourselves to the bands.

For the individuals: Music is lifelong. Participation in band is life long. So I fully expect to be in my 80s and see y?all in community bands. Do you have musical pet-peeves, like stylistic choices that bands always make that bother you? I?m sure I do. What are they? Ahh? Biggest musical pet peeve is when the director cuts off and somebody does the glissando of disappointment. That?s probably my biggest pet peeve. ? It?s more of a rehearsal pet peeve?


Favor it e an d Least Favor it e Par t s of UW an d Seat t le? Favorite parts are the people. Absolutely, positively. I?ve met wonderful people in the time here so far. The least favorite part would be the fact that it costs so much for parking. In the midwest, that?s not an issue, they just build farther out. Wh at ar e you r plan s f or t h e f u t u r e? Ffffshhhhh? I wish I could answer this one, I can?t. I?m still searching for a job.* Th e ban d is eager ly specu lat in g w h er e you ?r e goin g t o en d u p. Yeah, the one the band was hoping for has officially said ?No thank you.?Sorry. If there were any rumors about me staying in conference ? yeah, sorry? that one didn?t work out. Don?t know who they got, but it wasn?t me. I?m just still applying for jobs, and trying not to be nervous. Wh at do you t h in k t h at you br ou gh t t o t h e Un iver sit y du r in g you r t im e h er e? I brought a little bit different perspective of marching band. Because the high school directors in the Pacific Northwest are less focused on competition and when I was a high school director, my bands competed. So, I brought that. Brought a different approach to being a conductor in terms of energy level. Conductors find what works for them and I believe I?m


a little more animated as noted by the number of sections that have choreography [named after me]. Didn?t think I was doing that much, but I know that I don?t sit still. Hopefully, it was noticed that I am overtly passionate about band. How did you see Hu sk y M ar ch in g Ban d ch an ge in you r br ief t im e as it s Gr ad Assist an t ? I?m not sure I did. Not having years of leadership to compare? years of student leadership to look at I just feel that each year the pool becomes deeper and the potential student leaders care more about what they do and they care more about helping the ensemble. But, I realized my context is very short for that. Do you h ave a dr eam piece t h at you w ou ld lik e t o con du ct ?

Yeah. Currently, the one I think I will accomplish first is, Give Us This Day by David Maslanka which I?m sure you remembered was handed out then no, we?re not going to get there. * sigh* I?m an over programmer. I have to fight against that every concert. That?s probably the first one among many. Wh y? Because it takes everyone on an emotional journey. It rises and falls, and rises again several times. It incorporates a known melody, but at the same time it does something new with it. There are moments that spring from nothing and give you goosebumps when played correctly. The piece lasts 18 minutes, but as a listener you think it lasts 5 minutes. You?re just transfixed.

Left: Doug Morin conducting the band at a post-game performance after a 44-18 win against ASU in November 2016. * As of June 12, Doug has accepted the position of Associate Director of Bands at Illinois State University. Congratulations, Doug!

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