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CSE 424 Systems Capstone Project II Fall 2012 Dr. Debra Calliss BYENG 524 Office Hours: Monday and Wednesday 2:00-4:00 PM and by appointment Course Outcomes: Students who complete this course will be able to 1. plan and manage activities for a substantial hardware/software project. 2. understand the challenges of leadership and be able to lead a technical activity. 3. implement and validate a substantial hardware/software project using current techniques, skills and tools. 4. work with a project sponsor to define completion criteria and quality requirements for a hardware/software project. 5. communicate technical concepts and material effectively both orally and in writing to a range of audiences. 6. recognize the need and demonstrate the skills for continuing to learn throughout their career. 7. understand professional, ethical, legal, security and social responsibilities needed to perform with integrity in professional practice. 8. create a business plan for their project Required Work: Work is divided between team activities and individual results. The percentage for each activity is listed below. Team Activities (see note 1) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Final Presentation 10% Project Video 10% Results Demonstration and Feedback 15% Semester Report 10% Status Reporting 5%

Individual Activities (see note 2) 1. 2. 3. 4.

Oral Presentation 10% Written Assignments 20% Presentation Attendance and Peer Feedback 10% Exit Exam 10%

Notes on Grades: 1. Peer input is collected for all team members. Team scores are adjusted by your contribution and participation level as reported by your team. Your team must provide feedback showing an acceptable level of contribution for you to receive a C or better in the class. 2. You must complete all individual work with an average grade of 70% to receive a C or better in the class. 3. Grades are assigned based on the class average but will not exceed the standard (90+ = A, 80+ = B, etc.). Plus/minus grades may be assigned. Blackboard: Blackboard is used for the posting of all announcements, assignments, and course materials. Lecture notes are posted after the lecture for review. Use of Phones, Computers and Other Electronic Devices: You are expected to participate and be engaged in the class activities. Computers may be used in lecture for taking notes. No electronic devices can be used during the student presentation days; all phones, etc. must be stowed on these days. No lectures or presentations may be audio or video recorded without the advance permission of the presenter. Attendance: 1. You are expected to attend all lectures. 2. You are expected to attend all student presentation days and provide meaningful, helpful feedback to the presenters. In addition, you will be assigned to ask questions of two students. This is a graded activity. Presentation Schedule: You will be randomly assigned dates and timed for your individual presentation and your team presentations. Content and format of the presentations will be discussed in class. Demonstrations at the end of the semester are done by appointment. These are all graded activities. Presentation Feedback and Grading: You will be given feedback on your presentations from the instructor (graded) and peers (not graded and randomly selected). Report Formats: Templates for individual and team written assignments will be posted and discussed in class. Team Meetings: You are expected to meet with your team on a regular basis (at least once per week). Days are scheduled during the semester to accommodate team meetings. Your team must submit a status report each week including meeting minutes. Exit Exam: The exit exam covers not only material from this semester’s lectures but material from core courses in your program. Content and format of the exam will be covered in class.

Academic Integrity: You are expected to do your own work and act in a professional and ethical manner. Plagiarism or misrepresentation is not acceptable in any form including the misrepresentation of facts in peer evaluations and attendance. Violators of this policy will be reported to the Dean’s office and given no credit for the work. See

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