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Look inside you. Reflect.

Ask yourself: “Who am I?” “Who is GOD?”

In the very beginning, God created the universe. He created man and woman in His image and likeness.

He created US - as free beings.

We lived alongside Him eternally; we loved Him as He loved us.

But then...

WE FELL. We, destined to be in harmony with God,


Man and woman wanted to imitate God’s greatness. They were tempted by the devil, and they gave in.

Thus, suffering was born. Eternal life was destroyed. Man and woman strayed away from the Father.

But God DID NOT leave them. He stayed with humanity. He stayed with us sinners.

He kept calling out, trying to bring us back, trying to lead us to the right path. He continued to love, and so, we continued to live.

And throughout the course of time, the Lord’s plan unraveled. It began with His nation ISRAEL; His people - the Jews. God blessed them, led them, and loved them. He chose to be with them even if they turned away.

In happy, sad, and ordinary times, He was with them, just as He always is in us, in YOU.

Then came the culmination of God’s plan - SALVATION. The Lord entered into the world, taking the form of man. No, not just for the Jew, but for ALL. He spoke the truth and taught us His ways. He suffered, served, and died for us. Yet, He saved us from sin. HE is JESUS


By dying on the cross, Christ restored what was lost: ETERNAL LIFE with the Father. He defeated the devil and rose from the dead: that we too may live forever, in everlasting harmony with God.

But why? Why did He choose to suffer? Because he LOVES us. Because he would never leave us astray.

And so, you are here today, living in this world. A steward of all creation: created by the Father; saved by His grace. You make mistakes, yet God corrects you. You fall into sin, yet He sets you free.

But WHERE is He? Where is the Lord, our Savior?

He is WITH YOU; He is in you. He is IN ALL OF US, calling us.

God never leaves us: whether it be the highest, lowest, or most ordinary point of our lives, He is always present with us. Yet, it is our choice to answer to His call: His call for us to be with Him, His call for eternal life.

Let us answer through FAITH. Have you accepted GOD in your life?


Take a while to reflect on these slides before proceeding to the prayer guide.

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