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Objective Response Engine United States Patent Application 26213011 Filed January 14, 2011

ORE -noun ..It is valuable enough to be mined


STORY BOARD “Internet Users looking for information through search engines are expected to be aware of basic search semantics and possess a degree of technology intelligence to interpret website quality from meta data. These factors make it complicated and time-consuming to find quick answers to close ended questions” “ORE attempts to introduce a paradigm shift where web users can begin to rely on this engine to make decisions, rather than having to skim through a large amount of web pages to interpret information and arrive at a decision”


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Objective Response Engine, makes decisions Analyzes, Decides, Derives, and Predicts: doesn't delegate. A decision engine that assumes social responsibility Decision making through dimension elimination Expects nothing from the user, well some curiosity! 

Knowledge of search semantics - Not required

Interpretation skills : website quality assessment from metadata - Not required

Research web references, news, technical journals, whitepapers - Not required

Compile findings to convince others - Not required

Insight reporting Market intelligence Learning and retrospection through user feedback analysis

on’t “Seek d search!”



Sample Request Journey – Financial decision making

“Should I buy ACME stock tomorrow?“

Applications and delivery channels

“Is $ 599 the best price for an Acme Solar Charger in Gotham?” Portal Integration (representation) Acme Solar charger 8880079291 by Acme Inc

rice “Best P ed” te Guaran

COMPONENT INTERACTION •User requests that do not meet the acceptable use policy are screened out through an emotional intelligence scan •EIS will also make semantic corrections to user queries to improve accuracy, without impacting the integrity •ORE catalogues data on dimensions. Dimension design and weight assignments for search categories are constantly validated and revised •Derivation and predictive analysis data used by the decision engine is kept up-to date to ensure accuracy •ORE does not merely match key-words but bases its decision making on in-depth pattern analysis



ORE is very different from traditional search engines

ORE is a true objective response engine that does not merely provide web references

It analyzes data, uses its emotional sensor, classifies information into dimensions, uses its decision engine and arrives at an objective response

This drastically improves user experience, reduces the time spent by the user to search, analyze and arrive at a conclusion

In addition ORE provides derivation analysis through insight reports





Multi-channel request intake – Mobile, Web, Smart devices, Portal redirection Semantic refinement to ensure highest accuracy Content filter for out of character requests – Can I commit Suicide? No Information collection for decision making






Derivative analysis - Pattern trending - Categorization (Derivation vs Prediction) Dimension elimination to restrict data scan to relevant categories (Time, Geography, Category) Weight assignment based on configured dimension weights



Retrospection analysis - User feedback - Internal subject matter derivations E.g.: Financial instruments analysis parameters - Past History scan

Decision Making - Probability analysis



- User notification - Analytics gathering - Insight report generation

Component drill-down

ANALYTICS AND REPORTING “ORE produces customizable insight reports with detailed derivation analysis and supporting information”

Component drill-down

USER FEEDBACK & LEARNING • ORE never stops learning • ORE’s predictive analysts will keep the system up-to minute through constant revision of decision making parameters and data dimension weights • Users are encouraged to provide feed-back • ORE’s operations analysts will analyze, review, assess and fix the point (s) of failure, where applicable

ROLL-OUT PLANNING • Phased roll-out

• Standardized infrastructure / delivery mediums

“Each roll-out will be delivered through the same process model and the cog’s will be refined through every roll-out”

• Dimension growth

“Data and dimensions will scale to include relevant items of interest based on the stage of the rollout”



Actively seeking •Venture capital •Corporate sponsorship

Objective Response Engine United States Patent Application 26213011 Filed January 14, 2011

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ORE is a decision making tool that attempts to introduce a paradigm shift where web users can begin to rely on this engine to make decisions...