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T HE O MEGAN From the Rex’s Desk


From the Rex’s Desk


PiLam’s Financial Turnaround


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Aaron Piehler—Beta Omega Greetings brethren I hope this issue of the Omegan finds you well. For those of you who don’t know my name is Aaron Piehler the newest Rex of Pi Lam. I am from the Beta Omega pledge class and hail from Racine Wisconsin. I write to you now with the highest of hopes for our house. Things have been going extremely well for Pi Lam and we look for that success to continue. With the generous donations from you our alumni we were sent help from nationals in the form of a recent graduate from our Florida chapter named Phil Spence. Phil was extremely helpful to us not only as a mentor but also as a friend. Together, as a group, we came together and forged a mission

statement for our group. An ideal that we can all hold ourselves to, something simple yet unique, bold yet subtle. We define our goal as this, to continue to create an environment, which will allow those bonds of brotherhood, which every Pi Lam holds dear to grow and flourish. We plan to do this in several ways including; improving the way we recruit not only in quantity but in quality, also we want to have a greater involvement in the University community, lastly we hope to grow and strengthen our alumni relations. While we have a lot to do to get where we want to be we have laid the foundation and have Continued on page 4

PiLam’s Financial Turnaround Travis Collings—Beta Phi Over the last couple years, the brothers of the Omega Chapter have placed a heavy emphasis on making sure that we meet our recurring financial obligations. Although some Pi Lam generations of the recent past have not had this same focus, we have instilled the importance of financial responsibility within our members and the group as a whole. This resulted in the Omega Chapter winning a national award for outstanding finances for the 200809 academic year. This award is a reflection of all the brothers’ efforts in this matter as we have now met all quarterly national payment obligations on time for over two consecutive years and plan on this indefinitely continuing. I will be graduating after this semester, but feel as though the Omega Chapter has come a very long way since when I first joined in the fall of 2005. Financially we have taken responsibility for missteps of prior generations who left a

heavy burden on the brotherhood, starting on Day 1 and lasting through most of my active years. Reconciling as many of these prior mistakes and rebuild bridges that are crucial to our future is just one example of how far this brotherhood has come over my four active years. Financially, fundamentally, and fraternally we are have turned the corner and plan to gain attention for the numerous accolades that lay ahead. Adelante!

Brotherhood Profiles—Fall 2009

“Not Four Years, But a Lifetime” Aaron Piehler—Rex (Beta Omega) Racine, WI Sophomore—Political Science

John Krapek (Beta Phi) Avon, CT Senior—Conservation Biology & Political Science

Justin Maggiori—Archon (Beta Omega) Oak Creek, WI Sophomore—Nuclear Engineering

Tim Rubino (Beta Phi) Avon, CT Senior—Kinesiology

Travis Collings—KOE (Beta Phi) Avon, CT Senior—Economics & Personal Finance

Ben Idzikowski (Gamma Alpha) Fort Atkinson, WI Sophomore—Genetics

Mike Montgomery—Scribe (Gamma Alpha) Vernon Hills, IL Junior—Biology, Minor in History Fall 2009’s brothers; From Top Left to Right: Michael Montgomery, Ben Idzikowski, John Krapek, Tim Rubino From Bottom Left to Right: Aaron Piehler, Travis Collings, Justin Maggiori

Gamma-Beta: Fall 2009’s Pledge Class David Robert Hartman White Bear Lake, MN Engineering/Business

Gregg Thomas May Omaha, NE Secondary Education

Bryce Alexander Loken Rockford, I'll Political Science and Business

Eric Allen Little Wind Lake, WI Accounting

Nathan Soens Kenosha, WI Chemistry Kyle Christopher Krahn Wind Lake, WI Information Systems

Jack Pegg MN Engineering

From Gamma Beta David Hartman—Pledge Class President As a Freshman at the University of Wisconsin Madison, I really had no idea what kind of experience I was going to have for my first year. Being in Student Council, Band, and multiple sports in high school, I had somewhat of an idea of what I wanted to devote my leadership and teamwork skills to while here. The fact that I was going to end up devoting most of my time and effort to a fraternity was a complete surprise to me.

ing connection between my ideals and the ideals of the members of Pi Lam. Before I knew it, I was offered a bid and my entire college career path took a turn, in my opinion, for the best.

Joining Pi Lam will most likely become the most important and best decision that I had ever made in my entire life. Everyday I learn more about my brothers, fellow pledges and the principles of Pi Lam. The more I learn, the more devoted I become to making this To me, a fraternity was something that fraternity one of the best here on campus. I poorly reflected my true values and ultican attest for the rest of my pledges that this mately would hinder my education and is exactly how they feel as well, and this comfocus. This is what I believed before I was mon bond is what can make Pi Lam Flourish. introduced to Pi Lam, however. At first, I Pi Lam exceeded my expectations of what a was surprised at the friendliness and down fraternity is about and can offer, and I hope -to-earth personalities of the brothers I that as we grow, we can open many other’s met. As I learned more about the brothers eyes to this as well. and their backgrounds, I soon saw an exit-

Brotherhood Involvement Tim Rubino—Beta Phi As the Brotherhood Chair for Pi Lambda Phi Fraternity – Wisconsin Omega Chapter, I would like to discuss some of the events and activities we have taken part in over the past year. Last fall we participated in a grueling, intense, and all out nasty intramural dodgeball league. We finished 2-2 and unfortunately were ousted in the first round of the playoffs. In the winter we had an incredible basketball regular season, finishing 2-1-1. Unfortunately we had several players on the injured list for the playoffs and could not pull out a victory. In the spring we took part in a walk out to Winona State Kappa Chi Chapter. This was a great experience for all the brothers as well as the pledges. We learned a great deal from the way they operate on how we can improve as a chapter. Of course there were plenty of fun times as well and we hope to return the favor in the future.

Pi Lambda Phi

This fall we have worked incredibly hard as a brotherhood and have managed to rush nine new pledges. We participated in the annual Interfraternity Council event ―Football at Camp Randall‖. We had the opportunity to play football under the lights

of Camp Randall with all the brothers and pledges, with Red beating White 42-35 in an absolute thriller. Also this semester we participated in Trick or Treat with the Greeks, an annual event put on by all the fraternities and sororities at UW-Madison for underprivileged children in the Madison area. We were paired with TKE and KAT to help the kids decorate cookies and make paper masks at the KAT house on Langdon. It was a lot of fun and all the brothers were happy to help the community. Lastly, just a couple weekends ago the pledges organized their own community service event at The Salvation Army, where they registered families for Christmas meal. Through this event this group of pledges learned what it means to give back to the community, as we expect from them as brothers. As the semester continues we hope to do many more planned events as brotherhood, both fun and meaningful.


From The Rex’s Desk—Continued from Page 1 begun to see the change we hope to inspire. This fall we have 7 pledges in the newest Gamma Beta pledge class. These pledges are all extremely motivated successful students and will make great brothers. They have already done community service – helping register over 200 families for thanksgiving meals. It is within this new wave of Pi Lams that we must place our hope. Together, as a group we can make this the best fraternity on campus. If any of you have any questions about the direction of the house or just want to talk feel free to call me 262-4975141 I always have time for a brother. Until then… Fraternally yours, Aaron Piehler

We’re on the web:

PiLam Housing Michael Montgomery—Gamma Alpha

"PiLam has a house again! Our current house and headquarters is located at 116 N. Broom St., just south of State and West of the Capitol. Living in the house are the current Rex and Scribe. We hold the majority of our events at this current location. We will be looking to move into a new, larger house next year especially with our large pledge class. We have eight people interested in living in the new house, including five new members and three current brothers. Alumni and friendly faces are always welcome to stop by."

The Omega Society On behalf of the entire undergraduate brotherhood, we would like to thank the brothers of fall 2009 for sponsoring this newsletter and its re-establishment. We wish to pursue also re-establishing the Omega Society, the alumni society which sponsors and advises the advancement of this newsletter. If you are a past member of the Omega Society, or wish to contribute, please contact Archon Justin Maggiori (maggiori@ ; 414-839-4753 If you are interested in supporting the Omega Society, please fill out and return the attached form. Any large donations will be used for the housing fund, which finances house improvement projects, as well as scholarships for brothers who might be struggling to afford their dues. By supporting the Omega Society, you are supporting much more than just chapter operations.


I wish to donate: Annual Dues [-$50]


Address:____________________________ ____________________________________

Rex’s Club [$51-$100]



Founder’s Club [$101-$250] ___________

Pledge Class:________________________

Nottingham Club [$251+] _____________

Let us know of any important events in your life ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________

Please Send donations to: Official Address?

The Omegan - Nov 2009  

This is a news update on the Pi Lambda Phi Omega chapter for November 2009

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