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Bulletin Special Edition — IBIE 2016

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IBIE 2016 Exceeds Expectations and Shatters Records — “Largest Event in Its History”

Not only did the 2016 International Baking Industry Exposition (IBIE), held Oct. 8-11 in Las Vegas, bring nearly 23,000 attendees from all over the world, it broke several show records. Throughout the four-day show, baking Pages 2-6 professionals explored more than 700,000 square feet of exhibit space, ABA Education searching for the latest ingredient, equipment, technology, packaging and Sessions and GFF’s Fresh Take Talks supply solutions from more than 1,000 exhibiting companies — 340 of which were new to IBE, a 28 percent increase over IBIE 2013. Page 7 The show floor was packed each day with attendance hitting an all-time ABA Board of high in two decades, representing a nine percent increase over IBIE 2013 and an Directors Meeting astounding 65 percent increase over the last decade. Much of the growth has come from international Pages 8-9 IBIE Photo Collage of markets making up 30 percent of the total attendance. Show Highlights “The quality and depth of IBIE’s attendees, exhibitors and education sessions was incredible,” said Page 10 IBIE Chair Michael Cornelis, American Pan/Bundy ABA Members Baking Solutions. “IBIE is continually evolving Achieve ENERGY and growing to meet the needs of baking industry ® STAR Recognition professionals as well as the trends in the industry, and this year we saw a record-breaking show with the Page 11 B.E.S.T. in Baking largest show floor, number of exhibitors, innovation Award showcase and education program in IBIE’s history.” Page 11 U.S. Senate Candidate Visits PAC Suite Page 12 What Members Are Saying About IBIE Page 13 “Taste of NextGenBaker” Networking Reception Page 14 Global Baking Night Page 15 All-American Tailgate Party Page 16 Upcoming ABA Events

ABA Presence at IBIE and Industry Partnerships Stronger Than Ever At IBIE 2016, ABA’s value proposition was clear: ABA offers advocacy, networking and solutions for the wholesale baking industry. Clearly displayed in the booth it shared with BEMA in the grand concourse lobby were illustrations of eight key ways in which ABA’s advocacy efforts last year led to saving bakers’ bottom lines — an astounding $1.3 billion dollars industry-wide. The ABA/BEMA booth not only served as a central point for messaging each association’s mission, it was a key gathering hub for members to hold meetings and network with fellow industry colleagues. As a fellow producer of IBIE with BEMA and the Retail Bakers of America, ABA played an additional role at IBIE 2016 by coordinating eight management-focused education sessions that addressed trends, policies and solutions for bakers. On Oct. 9, several ABA members were recognized by EPA for being the first ENERGY STAR® Certified Commercial Bakeries. Other ABA-sponsored events included the “Taste of NextGenBaker” craft beer tasting reception on Monday evening and the Global Baking Night Celebration in partnership with BEMA.

601 Pennsylvania Ave., NW, Suite 230 • Washington, DC 20004 • (202) 789-0300 •

ABA @ IBIE ABA Sessions Add Management Focus to Education Program

Interest in management-focused education was evident by the filled rooms at many of the ABA-led sessions at IBIE.

At IBIE 2016, ABA led eight management-focused sessions addressing today’s latest trends, policies and solutions that impact bakers on a daily basis. The ABA sessions covered topics such as regulations surrounding baking with marijuana, the presidential election and ABA policy priorities, consumer trends, the benefits of energy saving with ENERGY STAR®, and coping with today’s workforce challenges.

Todd Hale Explores Opportunities to Accelerate Growth, Encourages Bakers to Leverage Power of Baking On Oct. 9, Todd Hale, retail insights thought leader and former Nielsen Senior Vice President of Consumer and Shopper Insights, presented his exclusive research to the IBIE audience for the first time. His packed session, “Opportunities to Accelerate Growth,” addressed driving bread and baked goods growth via branded versus private brands, connecting with shoppers that matter today and in the future, winning with a focus on health and wellness versus indulgence, and engaging in digital retailing and digital shopping. Hale challenged audience members to determine whether or not they are leveraging the power of baking in their retail engagements. He encouraged the attendees to evaluate if they need to adapt their offerings to appeal to diverse populations and to consider the opportunities for branded and private brand growth. Hale reinforced that bread and baked goods are “approaching 50 billion dollars in sales with a huge shopper base to drive shopping Consumer behavior guru Todd Hale reported trips and build shopping baskets.” that the power of baked goods continues to be a “I found Todd’s session to be strong retail driver. an excellent resource for us. Our leadership team benefited from some of the key topics he presented, including data about market size and upcoming trends. We were most intrigued to see the true market size of ‘alternative’ product categories like ‘free-from’ and ‘organic.’ This added insight on the timing of our strategic initiatives,” said Many of the Hale session participants were ABA Josh Bickford, Clyde’s Delicious Donuts. members, including several from its Board of Directors.


ABA @ IBIE ABA Government Relations Team Highlights Policy Priorities The ABA Government Relations team engaged in a lively and interactive session on Oct. 9 as part of IBIE’s educational programming. Moderated by Dan Malovany, Editorial Director for Baking & Snack magazine, the group fielded a variety of questions ranging from speculation on the presidential and congressional elections to focused priorities impacting bakers’ bottom lines. At the top of everyone’s mind were the numerous ABA’s Government Relations team discusses policy priorities, the presidential labeling changes that bakers face with a very limited election and issues that impact bakers’ bottom lines. compliance window. “As one of the leaders for the Food and Beverage Issue Alliance, ABA is working with 35 diverse food trade organizations to harmonize the implementation dates for both FDA’s Nutrition Facts label regulation and USDA’s yet-to-be finalized GMO labeling regulation. It would save bakers and others significant resources if there was one coordinated compliance date,” said Lee Sanders, ABA Senior Vice President, Government Relations and Public Affairs. Another key issue of concern that was discussed was food safety. With FSMA implementation in effect, ABA Policy Director Rasma Zvaners said that ABA is focused on the agency having a better understanding of the Policy Priorities Priorities for for Bakers Bakers Policy different types of food operations and less on command • Harmonizing labeling implementation dates for FDA’s and control. Nutrition Facts label regulations and USDA’s GMO labeling “Remember three things: be prepared, don’t panic, regulations and don’t be afraid to challenge the FDA auditor. No one knows your bakery the way that you do,” she advised. • Ongoing FSMA implementation strategies The team discussed ABA’s prioritization process, • DOT’s Hours of Service regulations which includes dialogue and feedback from its members • Sugar reform and Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program so that it can be laser focused on where ABA can lead funding (SNAP) — in preparation for the next Farm Bill and achieve optimal policy results.

Energy Efficiency Drives Progress “Energy is integrated into everything you do and throughout the supply chain. Having a commitment from upper management is also key,” said panelist Jim McKeown, Director of Environment and Energy, Bimbo Bakeries USA, at an education session on Oct. 10 designed to help bakers learn the bottom line value of saving energy through the U.S. EPA ENERGY STAR® program. Other panelists included Dennis Colliton, VP Engineering, Northeast Foods, and Anthony Turano, Director of Administration, Turano Baking Co. Together they led the audience through their ENERGY STAR journeys and valuable lessons learned. Working with ABA over the past few years, these bakers helped develop and then implement an energy guide for the industry, launch the ENERGY STAR Challenge and develop an energy benchmarking tool. Turano touched on the importance of data: “Track, measure Bruce Bremer, Bremer Energy Consulting Company, discusses®the advantages for bakers to save energy through ENERGY STAR . and collect good data. Colliton echoed his point: “We have a long history of data — our energy per ton of product produced, water usage and waste.” Bruce Bremer, founder of Bremer Energy Consulting Company and Strategic Advisor for the U.S. EPA ENERGY STAR® Industrial Program, moderated the panel discussion. Later that day, Bremer recognized five ABA member bakeries for being the first ENERGY STAR Certified Commercial Bakeries.


ABA @ IBIE ABA’s NextGenBaker Prepares Industry for “Millennial Shift”

ABA’s NextGenBaker (NGB) was pleased to host an education session on Oct. 9 that focused on millennials. Donte Vaughn, Vice President of People Logistics LLC, spoke to attendees about how this demographic is expected to be the largest generation in the workforce by the end of 2016. The education session helped attendees align with “The Millennial Shift” by discussing how to develop a talent acquisition strategy that appeals to millennials’ desire for immediate growth, fosters loyalty and longevity amongst this new generation of workers, and applies management techniques that create the “coach versus boss” dynamic. “It’s important that the baking industry understands and gets ahead of this issue. It’s just as important to your business as, for example, food safety or labeling,” said NextGenBaker Co-Chair ABA’s NextGenBaker Co-Chairman Jesse Amoroso, Amoroso’s Baking Co. “We need to Jesse Amoroso speaks from experience react and adapt to the needs and demands of today’s as a millennial — and as an employer. hiring pool, or we’re going to look around one day and realize that there is no one out there to run our bakeries.” Vaughn, an expert in “Millennial Shift” Solutions workforce management, reported that manufacturers • Recruitment strategies for millennials should could face a deficit of as focus on promoting your organization’s desire to many as two million workers Workforce management expert Donte Vaughn cultivate their growth as a professional in their field discussing how job priorities of millennials over the next decade. • Improving retention of millennials begins with “You need to come up have turned hiring into a whole new ball fostering a culture of empowerment and vision game. with a plan now, because for the future millennials are integral to the future of business; they will be the • Managers need to offer opportunities for selfmajority of the U.S. workforce by 2016,” Vaughn said. He then improvement, motivation and development for provided attendees with several solutions for employers to consider in the millennial worker their hiring and workforce strategies for the future — see box to the left.

Panel Demonstrates ROI of Propane Fleets


Turning to the roadways, ABA’s Deputy Director of Advocacy Mike Goscinski led a panel on Oct. 10 on the implementation of new technologies for powering bakery delivery vehicles. The discussion focused on ABA’s Logistics Committee Chair Bob McGuire’s decision to incorporate propane step vans into his fleet at Alpha Baking Co. Together, McGuire; Andrew Burnham, U.S. Department of Energy’s Clean Cities Program; Joe Rudolph, Roush CleanTech; and Matt Krasney, Penske, held an illuminating discussion on how alternative fuels are offering the industry Alternative Fuel Discussion panel from left: Bob McGuire, Alpha Baking Co.; Andrew Burnham, U.S. Dept. of Energy’s Clean Cities Program; an exciting new opportunity to improve service, reduce fuel Matt Krasney, Penske; and Joe Rudolph, Roush CleanTech. Not pictured: costs and help improve the environment. McGuire said that Moderator Mike Goscinski, ABA Deputy Director of Advocacy for Alpha Baking Company, propane offers a number of benefits, both from an individual company perspective and from a broader national perspective. “The technology is here, and it’s the right thing to do. It is better for the environment, it is good for the economy, and it reduces our dependency on foreign oil,” said McGuire. The group provided insight on how to buy and use these vehicles, what to expect from them in terms of performance and maintenance, and what grants and financial incentives are available to help bring these vehicles into bakery fleets.

ABA @ IBIE Attracting Today’s Workers a Top Challenge for the Baking Industry — “Work-Life Balance Is Key to This Generation” Excerpts of this article attributed to Sosland Publishing “Gone are the days of paying enough to attract an adequately staffed workforce for the baking industry,” said Cory Martin, ABA’s Director of Government Relations. On Oct. 10, Martin discussed sources of the workforce gap plaguing the baking industry, but also provided promising solutions. Underpinning the challenges facing bakers are unprecedented demographic dynamics. At present, five different demographic generations — silent generation, baby boomers, Gen X, millennials and Gen Z — all are in the workforce at the same time. A principal challenge for baking has been reconciling the work-life balance sought by millennials, the largest workforce cohort, with the demanding nature of baking industry work, Martin said. As a rule, Martin counseled bakers to find ways to be flexible to accommodate workforce dynamics, to expect further change ahead and to recognize that no “one size fits all” or magic-bullet solution exists. “Without putting people in a box, bakers need to be adaptable to the needs of different generations,” Martin said. “Because millennials are not motivated ABA’s Cory Martin outlines the demographic by money as much as earlier dynamics of today’s workforce and offers generations were, higher pay solutions on how to get ahead of the workforce gap for all manufacturers. does not represent a quick fix.” The difficulties facing bakers are worsening, he warned. The lack of formal training for workers and the steadily rising bar created by advances in baking technology have widened the gap between what bakers need and what they have been able to find. Expanding on the challenges baking companies face, Martin said the long hours that plants operate create a hurdle at the outset. Martin offered a plethora of suggestions for bakers to get ahead of this growing challenge for all manufacturers — see below.

What Can Bakers Do to Attract Today’s Workforce Challenges? • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Be flexible to accommodate workforce dynamics Expect further change ahead Recognize that there is no “one size fits all” or magic-bullet solution Be adaptable to the needs of different generations Offer work-life balance solutions Communicate to employees the monetary value of company’s non-wage/ salary benefits Work with schools to create a steady talent pipeline for bakers Recruit through social media Enhance the work environment/culture in your bakery Offer formal first-line supervisor training Use contingent (part-time/temporary) workers Initiate a formal employee recognition program Be a company that benefits the community and “tell your story” 5

ABA @ IBIE Navigating Unchartered Territory — the Business of Baking With Marijuana On Oct. 8, two baking companies shared their experiences navigating a Colorado catch-22. Since Colorado is the first state to legalize bakeries that incorporate marijuana into their product, Sweet Grass Kitchen and Love’s Oven are traveling uncharted and highly regulated territory. Evolving laws and formulations present challenges, but this segment of the baking industry is rapidly expanding. Discussing their exploration of this niche market, the IBIE audience heard from pioneers Eric Knight and Julia Berliner, Sweet Grass Kitchen, and Peggy Moore and Hope Frahm, Love’s Oven. One lesson learned that they shared was that leading this burgeoning movement in the wholesale baking space can be an expensive endeavor.

Eric Knight and Julia Berliner, Sweet Grass Kitchen, share lessons learned from their business of baking with marijuana.

Presenting a growing area of interest for the baking community, the “Baking with Marijuana” session was filled to capacity and proved that this is a growing niche for bakers in Colorado and other states where marijuana is being legalized.

Industry Leaders Present Valuable Industry Wisdom Through Fresh Take Talks During IBIE, the Grain Foods Foundation (GFF) presented a new educational programming track called “Fresh Take Talks,” a first-ofits-kind TED Talks-style program featuring experts on industry, consumer 4 and nutrition trends. From October 8 to 10, show attendees gathered to hear about the gluten-free trend, ways to make the workforce stronger, the IBIE attendees fill the seats at one of the Fresh Take Talks presentations. Many sessions were “standing-room only.” importance of social media for businesses and brands and more. Each session was well attended with many audience members being invited to speak with presenters after each session at the GFF booth. GFF Scientific Advisory Board member Dr. Julie Miller Jones speaks with an IBIE attendee.


ABA Board of Directors Meeting ABA Board of Directors Discusses Post-Election Strategies The ABA Board of Directors covered an extensive agenda during its fall meeting held at IBIE. Joined by special guests from the ATBI and BEMA Boards of Directors, the ABA Board reviewed the plethora of initiatives ABA will be developing in the coming year. Reporting on IBIE 2016’s record-breaking statistics, IBIE Vice Chair Joe Turano updated the Board on the new program additions successfully implemented for IBIE 2016 and how the IBIE Committee is preparing for IBIE 2019. ABA Treasurer Erin Sharp, the Kroger Co., explained how ABA reinvested its IBIE 2013 proceeds back into the baking industry and how it plans to do so again after the 2016 show. One such committed reinvestment that ABA supports is the Grain Foods Foundation (GFF) and its nutrition research. GFF Executive Director Christine Cochran highlighted the work GFF has accomplished since IBIE 2013 and reviewed the new research opportunities available for ABA’s consideration. For 2016-2017 policy priorities, ABA Senior Vice President, Government Relations Lee Sanders reported on ABA’s list of legislative and regulatory actions and ABA initiatives, including FDA proprietary processes, labeling harmonization, DOT’s 34-hour restart regulation, white collar overtime exemption and ENERGY STAR®. ABA President & CEO Robb MacKie pointed out that the outcome of the election will affect many priorities for bakers and the strategy ABA must use to be effective. ABA’s Senior Director, Political Affairs Kelly Knowles provided an overview of the American Bakers PAC activity this election cycle and the resources available to ABA members on its RiseToAction website. Another key initiative currently underway is the exploration of a merger between ABA and the Biscuit & Cracker Manufacturers’ Association. As a member of the Transition Steering Committee, ABA Immediate Past Chairman Rich Scalise, Hearthside Food Solutions, updated the Board on the status of the continued exploration and the positive conversations the committee has conducted thus far.

ABA Hosts Networking Breakfast with ATBI

Prior to the ABA Board meeting, ABA and ATBI hosted an industry partner breakfast with special guests from the BEMA Board of Directors, the Grain Foods Foundation and other organizations.


IBIE 2016 Photo Highlights — Check Out a Great Show!

Recognizing Top Energy Performers First ENERGY STAR® Certified Bakeries Recognized On Oct. 9 at IBIE, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and ABA recognized the first ENERGY STAR® Certified Commercial Bakeries — 18 bakeries from five companies. Reaching this milestone was no easy task. The hard work of The Bama Companies, Bimbo Bakeries USA, Flowers Foods, Klosterman Baking Company and Northeast Foods has paid off. ABA began its work with ENERGY STAR shortly before the last IBIE show. These bakeries combined saved more than 686,000 MMBtus in energy — equivalent to the annual energy use of 3,800 households. The following plants were recognized: Automatic Rolls of Baltimore, Baltimore; Bama Frozen Dough, Tulsa, Okla.; Bama Pie, Tulsa, Okla.; Bimbo Bakeries Oconomowoc, Milwaukee, Wis.; Bimbo Bakeries Escondido, San Diego; Bimbo Bakeries Strategic Advisor for the U.S. EPA ENERGY STAR® Industrial Gastonia, Charlotte, N.C.; Bimbo Bakeries Olean, Olean, N.Y.; Program, Bruce Bremer (left) recognized five ABA member baking companies at IBIE for being top energy performers in the Bimbo Bakeries Phoenix, Phoenix; Bimbo Bakeries Reading, United States and for being the first ENERGY STAR® Certified Reading, Pa.; Bimbo Bakeries San Luis Obispo, San Luis Obispo, Commercial Bakeries. Calif.; Flowers Baton Rouge, Baton Rouge, La.; Flowers El Paso, El Paso, Texas; Flowers Lynchburg, Lynchburg, Va.; Flowers New Orleans, New Orleans; Flowers Modesto, Modesto, Calif.; Flowers Norfolk, Norfolk, Va.; Flowers Tolleson, Tolleson, Ariz.; and Klosterman Bakery, Morristown, Ind.

Chip Klosterman takes the stage on behalf of Klosterman Baking Company in recognition of being an ENERGY STAR® Certified Commercial Bakery.

It’s not too late! Your bakery can also use the energy benchmarking tool and be in the next round of ENERGY STAR® Certified Commercial Bakeries!


Robert Benton accepts the honors for Flowers Foods for its ENERGY STAR® certification.

ABA Energy & Environment Committee Co-Chair Jim McKeown (right), Bimbo Bakeries USA, with his team members who received ENERGY STAR® certification recognition for seven bakeries.

B.E.S.T. in Baking Recognition Pepperidge Farm Recognized for Sustainability Efforts Pepperidge Farm, Inc. was the recipient in the wholesale baking category of the 2016 Becoming Environmentally Sustainable Together (B.E.S.T.) in Baking award, presented by Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery magazine, at IBIE. Introduced in 2010, the B.E.S.T. in Baking program recognizes exhibitors that supply equipment, packaging, ingredients, products and/or services that foster energy and water conservation, decrease landfill waste, and promote overall healthy living and reduction in environmental impact. New for 2016: The program has expanded to include categories for retail and wholesale bakers, as well as products related to ingredients, packaging and logistics, in addition to equipment. ABA members also recognized for honorable mentions in the wholesale baking category were ARYZTA and Dawn Food Products. ABA congratulates its members recognized by the B.E.S.T. in Baking contest:

Harry S. Pettit (left) accepts the B.E.S.T. in Baking award on behalf of Pepperidge Farm, Inc. from Doug Peckenpaugh, Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery magazine. B.E.S.T. in Baking contest sponsored by:

U.S. Senate Candidate Visits ABA PAC Suite at IBIE At IBIE, American Bakers PAC hosted a skybox hospitality suite for its contributors as a way to say thank you for their incredible support over the 2016 election cycle. Dr. Joe Heck, Republican candidate for U.S. Senate in Nevada, joined PAC members on Monday morning. Rep. Heck, who served as congressman for Nevada’s third congressionnal district since 2011, was running for the Senate seat resulting from Sen. Harry Reid’s (D-NV) retirement. During his visit in the PAC Suite, Rep. Heck discussed his days on the campaign trail and Rep. Joe Heck talks to PAC contributors in the American thanked ABA members and PAC contributors for their support. Due to his strong pro-business record, American Bakers PAC Bakers PAC hospitality skybox at IBIE about his probusiness agenda. supported Rep. Heck’s campaign, but unfortunately he lost a close race to the Democrat candidate Cathy Cortez Masto.

Flowers Foods executives Brad Alexander (left) and Allen Shiver presenting Rep. Heck with a PAC check. ABA’s Robb MacKie (right) is also pictured.

Even a congressman can’t resist a cupcake! Pictured right: A team member from Dawn Food Products helping Rep. Heck decorate one of its sweet treats.


What’s the Word on IBIE? What ABA Members Are Saying:

We brought almost 40 people, so we generated a lot of great ideas. This was by far the biggest show and we got to see a lot of robots in action. It really helps us to understand their capabilities when you see them in action. I thought there were a lot of new ingredient vendors at the show, which allowed us to get some great ideas for new formulas.” — Larry Marcucci, Alpha Baking Co.

This is such a great opportunity to see not only the new equipment, but to also visit with industry colleagues that I know through ABA. When I’m here, I take advantage of the networking opportunities available at the various ABA events. ABA always provides great ways for the baking industry to come together.” — Brad Alexander, Flowers Foods

Larry Marcucci (right), Alpha Baking Co., talking to Dave Van Laar (left), Biscuit & Cracker Manufacturers’ Association

I found this year’s IBIE to be one of the strongest that I have attended. There were a record number of exhibitors and there was a greater focus on innovation in ingredients, technology and equipment. My team and I came back with a number of potential projects that we believe can improve our business. Congratulations to ABA, BEMA and RBA for putting on a great show.”

This IBIE was the best ever! The showroom was electric with the industry’s best — we had a dream list of equipment needs and found all of them! Our leadership team attended many of the education sessions. Todd Hale’s presentation about industry trends has already helped us with a new customer; the data is powerful!” — Cordia Harrington, The Bakery Cos.

— Fred Penny, Bimbo Bakeries USA

The Martin’s Famous Pastry Shoppe, Inc. team at IBIE — all 21 of them!

ABA was almost like a personal assistant when it came to preparing our team for IBIE. For any baking executive, this efficient approach toward IBIE was extremely valuable — booth visits were more targeted, allowing me to accomplish several objectives I had for IBIE. The basic backbone of networking that you get from being a member of ABA, coupled with their insightful business sessions, gives me a valuable reason to attend IBIE, rather than just sending our engineers and purchasing managers.”


— Jesse Amoroso, Amoroso’s Baking Co.

It was a great show again for the Martin’s folks. Engineering, purchasing, maintenance, baking production, administration and packaging — all came home with positive new ideas to try or buy. We got several emails from ABA with links to tools that helped us connect with our suppliers in advance, truly optimizing our time on the show floor!” — Jim Martin, Martin’s Famous Pastry Shoppe, Inc.

Looking to Baking’s Future Discussing a Baker’s Craft Over Drafts ABA’s NextGenBaker was thrilled to host a “Taste of NextGenBaker” craft beer and networking reception on the Monday evening of IBIE. Attendees mingled with industry colleagues, celebrated a prosperous IBIE and enjoyed some of the country’s finest craft beers.

Thank You, Sponsors!

.Many ABA Board members turned out for the event, including John Campbell (right), Chattanooga Bakery, Inc., being greeted by Campbell Williams, BCW.

ABA Supports KSU’s Grain Science Program

ABA Chairman Fred Penny (left), Bimbo Bakeries USA, and ABA President & CEO Robb MacKie (right) with a group of Kansas State University’s (KSU) Grain Science & Industry students.

There was no shortage of ABA and BEMA leaders on hand to talk to KSU students about the importance of IBIE to the industry.


Celebrating Baking’s Sweet Success! Global Baking Night – Celebration of the Baking Industry On the evening of October 9, the ABA and BEMA Boards of Directors came together with the IBIE Committee to celebrate the success of the baking industry. Overlooking the fountains of Bellagio, 150 of the industry’s leaders enjoyed networking with their peers and reflected on the energy surrounding IBIE 2016. The group joined ABA President & CEO Robb MacKie and BEMA President & CEO Kerwin Brown in thanking Michael Cornelis, American Pan/Bundy Baking Solutions, for his hard work as Chair of the IBIE 2016 Committee. Additionally, Rich Hoskins, Colborne Foodbotics, and Robin Alton, Pan-O-Gold Baking Company, were recognized for their service to the IBIE Committee as they step down from their roles.

Pictured left: Robb MacKie and Kerwin Brown presenting Rick Hoskins, Colborne Foodbotics, with a plaque for his many years of service on the IBIE Committee. Pictured right: Robin Alton, PanO-Gold Baking Company, being honored for his contributions to the IBIE Committee.


ABA President & CEO Robb MacKie (left) and BEMA President Kerwin Brown recognizing the work of IBIE 2016 Committee Chair Michael Cornelis, American Pan/ Bundy Baking Solutions, for a successful show.

Tailgate Party Kicks Off IBIE 2016 All-American Tailgate Party Provides ActionPacked and Full-Contact Networking An enhancement to IBIE 2016 from previous Baking Expos™ was the addition of the well-attended All-American Tailgate party. Held right on the show floor on opening night, this new networking reception was a full-contact, action-packed, high-stakes affair. Partygoers enjoyed tailgate fare, drinks, live music, interactive games — and best of all, a casual environment to network with key colleagues and suppliers from around the world!


American Bakers Association 601 Pennsylvania Ave., NW, Suite 230 Washington, DC 20004

Save the Dates for Upcoming ABA Events! The 2017 ABA Convention Is Coming! Together




Bread and baked goods drive more trips to the store than any other category.



The baking industry’s direct economic impact on the U.S. economy.


Percentage of households buying fresh bread and rolls, crackers, and cookies.

GROWTH CATEGORY Almost all segments across the baked goods category are experiencing growth in both dollar and unit sales.

March 25-29 • Boca Raton Resort & Club • Boca Raton, FL


CAPC Conference

Logistics Conference

FTRAC Meeting

March 25, 2017 Boca Raton, Fla.

March 25, 2017 Boca Raton, Fla.

Feb. 2, 2017 Kansas City, Mo.

(Prior to the ABA Convention)

(Prior to the ABA Convention)

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