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Joint ABA/BEMA Boards Meeting ABA and BEMA Boards Discuss Industry Collaboration at Joint Meeting

ABA Chairman Robin Alton (center), Pan-O-Gold Baking Company, kicks off the joint ABA/ BEMA Board meeting.

The boards of the IBIE co-owners ABA and BEMA discussed several industry projects at the joint ABA/BEMA meeting. Specifically, the boards heard updates on the recentlycompleted revamp of the ANSI Z 50.2 Bakery Equipment Sanitation Standard and the ongoing sanitation workshops. Both projects are led by ABA and BEMA to proactively address key drivers of food safety in the baking industry. Board members also heard from IBIE Committee Chair Mike Beaty, Flowers Foods; IBIE Vice Chair Michael Cornelis, American Pan, and IBIE’s marketing partner Kimberly Hardcastle-Geddes, Marketing Design Group, on the numerous ways IBIE has been enhanced over the past

three shows. They highlighted the key elements of what is now a top 20 tradeshow in the United States. Both boards also gathered for a celebratory dinner, a tradition that began at the 2007 IBIE in Orlando. “It was the perfect opportunity for the industry to gather, share in each other’s fellowship and celebrate not only a great show, but an incredible industry,” said ABA President and CEO Robb MacKie. “The strong collaboration between ABA and BEMA has strengthened the industry as well as IBIE to make it one of the country’s top international tradeshows,” added BEMA President and CEO Kerwin Brown.

Pictured below: Hans (center left) and Ine (right) van der Maarel, International Bakery Consulting, with Andrea Henderson (left), RONDO, and Dave Watson, Campbell Soup/ Pepperidge Farm

Former IBIE Chairman Jack Lewis and Peggy Lewis, Lewis Bakeries, Inc., with Fred Springer, Burford Corporation


Pictured above: Troy Henry, The Henry Group, with Ken Newsome, AMF Bakery Systems

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Convention bulletin final final