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Bulletin Special Edition — IBIE 2013

Baking Industry Comes Together as IBIE 2013 Exceeds All Expectations — “Most Successful Baking Expo Ever” ™

The International Baking Industry Exposition (IBIE) that took place last month at the Las Vegas Convention Center truly reflected the “All Together Now” theme of its 2013 campaign. More than 21,000 attendees from 100 countries and every segment of the grain-based food industry united to make important connections and conduct industry business. Throughout the four-day show, baking professionals explored more than 500,000 square feet of exhibition space, looking for the latest ingredient, equipment, technology, packaging and supply solutions from 815 exhibiting

companies. The number of exhibitors in 2013 represented a 13 percent increase compared to 2010, and the exhibition space was 19 percent larger than the 2010 conference. Several bakers commented about the record number of innovative products on display. “IBIE has a long-standing reputation for championing innovation and showcasing the latest advancements in the industry. This year, the suppliers exceeded all expectations and launched hundreds of new products and solutions aimed at the changing needs of the modern baker,” said IBIE Chairman Mike Beaty, Flowers Foods, Inc.


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Attendance Exceeded 21K 815 Exhibitors — Up 13% from 2010 Over 500K Sq. Ft. of Exhibit Space — Up 19% from 2010 Record International Attendance Action-Packed Demos with Celebrity Appearances New and Exciting Competitions Innovations Evident Everywhere Education Program Participation Up more than 65% from 2010

IBIE 2013 Chairman Mike Beaty (left), Flowers Foods, and IBIE Vice Chair Michael Cornelis, American Pan, cut the ribbon to open the 2013 Baking Expo.

1300 I Street, NW • Suite 700 West • Washington, DC 20005 • 202-789-0300 PH • 202-898-1164 FAX • 1300 I Street, NW • Suite 700 West • Washington, DC 20005 • 202-789-0300 PH • 202-898-1164 FAX •

IBIE Highlights and Features New Show Features Contribute to IBIE 2013 Success New show features and enhancements to already popular show attractions brought fresh and added interest to IBIE. New to the Baking ExpoTM were the PMQ Village, the Great American Pie Festival and America’s Best Raisin Bread Contest. There were also more demonstrations and presenters at the Amoretti Theater for the 2013 show including an appearance by “The Cake Boss.” The more robust lineup of show features drew huge crowds of enthusiastic attendees.

“The Power of Pizza!” PMQ Magazine’s Pizza Village was a unique town-hall style pavilion on the show floor featuring pizza-related exhibitors, competitions, demonstrations and more. The PMQ Pizza Village Information Center hosted pizza experts who shared their knowledge on best practices, recipes, food costs, growth rates, consumer trends, the state of the industry and more. PMQ Pizza Village also featured a demo area that hosted the American Pizza Championships cooking contest and the U.S. Pizza Team Trials where “Pizzathletes” competed in freestyle pizza acrobatics.

RBA’s 13th Annual Pillsbury Bakers’ Plus Creative Cake Decorating Competition T h e c o u n t r y ’s t o p professional cake decorators once again demonstrated their creativity and amazing skills in Retail Bakers of America’s annual cake decorating contest that showcases each contestant’s imagination, artistry and skills. This year the competition reached a whole new level with a revamped presentation on the show floor designed to elevate competitors and their creations and provide them with a better opportunity to show off their talents. The results were astonishing!


IBIE Highlights and Features Enhanced Education Program Provides Added Value to IBIE Experience The Baking Expo ’s 2013 Education Program was the largest and mostt comprehensive of its kind in IBIE history. Topics covered every level and industry category, with courses organized into five tracks: Retail & Food Service, Ingredient Trends & Formulation, AIB Technical, Hands-on Cake & Pastry Decorating, and Business Management & Marketing. TM

AIB International offered expert-led seminars that “put science to work for the baker” covering the technical side of baking, while the Retail Bakers Association (RBA) offered a strong, targeted seminar package that included hands-on sessions, demonstrations, and classes specifically tailored to improving retail operations. The Tortilla Industry Association offered a cutting-edge technical program for tortilla manufacturers, and the Bread Bakers Guild of America presented a lecture series and ongoing demonstrations on the show floor that focused on the art and science of artisan baking.

Amoretti Demo Theater and America’s Best Raisin Bread Contest Add Excitement to Show Pictured left: A presenter for the America’s Best Raisin Contest Pictured right: Buddy Valastro, known as “The Cake Boss,” took fondant to a whole new level in a wedding cake decorating presentation.

The Great American Pie Festival Adds Something Sweet to IBIE


ABA ELDC Leadership Forum ELDC Leadership Forum Provides Insight from Seasoned Industry Leaders Key leaders of the baking industry addressed over 250 attendees at the ABA Executive Leadership Development Committee’s (ELDC) Leadership Forum held during IBIE at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Mike McKee, McKee Foods Corp.; Paula Marshall, The Bama Companies; Miles Jones, Dawn Food Products, and Fred Penny, Bimbo Bakeries USA, served on the panel moderated by ELDC Co-Chairs Connie Vaughan, McKee Foods Corp., and Pete Frederick, Milner Milling Inc. The industry leaders shared their views on core strengths needed by effective leaders; identifying and managing talent, strategy and innovation; the value of participating in ABA to build valuable networks and unite the industry, and much more.

“It was a terrific evening for ELDC to showcase the depth of talent and expertise we have within the leadership of the baking industry,” said ABA Senior Political Director Kelly Knowles. “Both professionally and personally, I took away so much valuable information from the evening and the feedback was tremendously positive from attendees and panelists alike. I hope more companies take advantage of what ELDC has to offer the industry.”

Developing the Next Generation of Leaders...

American Bakers Association’s ELDC

Executive Leadership Development Committee

Leadership Forum panelists from left: Paula Marshall, The Bama Companies; Miles Jones, Dawn Food Products; Mike McKee, McKee Foods Corporation; and Fred Penny, Bimbo Bakeries USA

ELDC Thanks Its Generous Sponsors


ABA ELDC Leadership Forum Key Industry Leaders Cover Topics from Mentoring to Industry’s Future Workforce

Mentoring is not a one-way street with me,” said Paula Marshall, President and CEO, The Bama Companies. “If I decide to mentor someone, I need to see that they are investing as much into the relationship as I am. We must be responsible for our own professional growth and personal mission statements.”

Paula Marshall, The Bama Companies

Membership, and more importantly, participatory membership, in ABA is so critical in today’s business climate,” said Bimbo Bakeries’ President Fred Penny. “As Washington becomes more involved in the day-to-day operations of our businesses, we must come together, through membership in the ABA, to make our voices heard collectively as an industry on Capitol Hill.”

Fred Penny, Bimbo Bakeries USA

Managing a family business presents its own unique challenges and rewards,” said Mike McKee, President, McKee Foods Corporation. “At McKee, we’ve implemented a more formal structure to our succession planning, and we are incredibly excited about the opportunities that exist within the fourth generation of our family and employee-owned company,” said McKee.

Mike McKee, McKee Foods Corp.

Dawn Food Products conducts business all over the world, in over 70 countries,” said Miles Jones, Co-Chairman, Dawn Food Products. “It’s so very important to understand and hold respect for the culture in which you are doing business. That takes tremendous effort and commitment, but the return on the investment is unmatched in this global economy.” Miles Jones, Dawn Food Products 5

ABA Events at IBIE Wide Range of Policy Issues to Impact Bakers The ABA Government Relations Team partnered with Sosland Publishing Company in a special session during IBIE that explored a wide variety of key legislative and regulatory issues that impact bakers. Issues included market volatility, food safety and the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), the Farm Bill and sugar policy reform. The session also addressed nutrition policy and sustainability initiatives. The program format provided an open forum for ABA Government Relations Team members Lee Sanders, Senior Vice President Government Relations and Pubic Affairs; Rasma Zvaners, Policy Director, and Cory Martin, Government Relations Director, to outline the solutions-based approach ABA uses to educate policy and lawmakers. The ABA Government Relations Team: Cory Martin, The audience asked questions regarding the implementation of Obamacare Lee Sanders and Rasma Zvaners and what impact it will have on their bottom lines, as well as how FSMA will impact smaller bakery business practices and requirements. Josh Sosland, Editor for both Milling and Baking News and Food Business News, served as moderator for the hourlong session.

Find more on ABA issues and policy priorities at:

Lee Sanders Recognized for 20 Years of Service to ABA and the Baking Industry Following the ABA ELDC Leadership Forum, ABA Senior Vice President, Government Relations and Pubic Affairs and “recognized industry expert” Lee Sanders was honored before a large crowd of her peers and baking industry executives. ABA President and CEO Robb MacKie, Theresa Cogswell, BakerCogs Inc., and ABA Chairman Robin Alton, Pan-O-Gold Baking Company, congratulated Lee and gave remarks on her many years of service and accomplishments on behalf of the baking industry. “There is no stronger advocate for the baking industry than Lee,” said MacKie. “Don’t let the sweet smile and soft, Southern accent fool you — her strong, steady, steel determination comes out when it comes to going toe-totoe with misguided policymakers.” Lee Sanders with ABA Chairman Robin Alton (left), Pan-O-Gold Baking Co., and ABA President and CEO Robb MacKie

20 Years


Pictured above: Lee Sanders and George Deese, Flowers Foods Pictured left: Lee Sanders with Theresa Cogswell (left), BakerCogs Inc., and Len Heflich, Grupo Bimbo

IBIE 2013 Thanks All Participants IBIE Doesn’t Just Happen...It Takes A Community Hats off to the IBIE 2013 Committee!

A show like IBIE doesn’t just happen, it takes the collaboration and leadership of several important players. It takes the IBIE Committee, the co-producing associations ABA, BEMA and RBA, partnering associations, media partners, show organizers and consultants, staff, sponsors, volunteers, speakers, panelists and presenters, not to mention the exhibitors and attendees, to make the show a success. IBIE thanks everyone that made the 2013 the “best Baking ExpoTM ever.” Partnering Organizations:

Members of the 2013 IBIE Committee proudly present IBIE 2013.

Supporting Organizations:

2013 IBIE Chairman Mike Beaty, Flowers Foods

IBIE Vice Chair Michael Cornelis, American Pan

Thanks for your support!


AB Mauri ABIEPAN American Society of Baking Amoretti Bay State Milling Bakery Craft Batory Foods Bundy Baking Solutions Burford Corp. California Raisin Marketing Board Chefmaster Chef Rubber ConAgra Mills

Continental Carbonic Products Corn Refiners Association CSM Bakery Products DecoPac Doran Scales, Inc. DuPont - Danisco USA Equipment & Concepts Focus Works General Mills Georgia Allies Grain Foods Foundation The Henry Group International Foods & Ingredients Novozymes

Pak Group Pfeil & Holing POWER Engineers Puratos QUALISOY Satin Fine Foods Shick Solazyme, Inc. Solvay Chemicals TMB Baking Tomric Systems, Inc. ToolBox Software NA Inc. Watson, Inc. Wire Belt Company of America


IBIE 2013 Photo Highlights —

Check Out All the Excitement!

Joint ABA/BEMA Boards Meeting ABA and BEMA Boards Discuss Industry Collaboration at Joint Meeting

ABA Chairman Robin Alton (center), Pan-O-Gold Baking Company, kicks off the joint ABA/ BEMA Board meeting.

The boards of the IBIE co-owners ABA and BEMA discussed several industry projects at the joint ABA/BEMA meeting. Specifically, the boards heard updates on the recentlycompleted revamp of the ANSI Z 50.2 Bakery Equipment Sanitation Standard and the ongoing sanitation workshops. Both projects are led by ABA and BEMA to proactively address key drivers of food safety in the baking industry. Board members also heard from IBIE Committee Chair Mike Beaty, Flowers Foods; IBIE Vice Chair Michael Cornelis, American Pan, and IBIE’s marketing partner Kimberly Hardcastle-Geddes, Marketing Design Group, on the numerous ways IBIE has been enhanced over the past

three shows. They highlighted the key elements of what is now a top 20 tradeshow in the United States. Both boards also gathered for a celebratory dinner, a tradition that began at the 2007 IBIE in Orlando. “It was the perfect opportunity for the industry to gather, share in each other’s fellowship and celebrate not only a great show, but an incredible industry,” said ABA President and CEO Robb MacKie. “The strong collaboration between ABA and BEMA has strengthened the industry as well as IBIE to make it one of the country’s top international tradeshows,” added BEMA President and CEO Kerwin Brown.

Pictured below: Hans (center left) and Ine (right) van der Maarel, International Bakery Consulting, with Andrea Henderson (left), RONDO, and Dave Watson, Campbell Soup/ Pepperidge Farm

Former IBIE Chairman Jack Lewis and Peggy Lewis, Lewis Bakeries, Inc., with Fred Springer, Burford Corporation


Pictured above: Troy Henry, The Henry Group, with Ken Newsome, AMF Bakery Systems

Joint ABA/BEMA Boards Meeting ABA & BEMA — Strong Partnership and Presence at IBIE to Ensure a Successful Show

ABA/BEMA Board Dinner Sponsored by Georgia Allies

Hans van der Maarel (center), International Bakery Consulting, is honored for 20+ of years service to IBIE and the baking industry. Also pictured (from left): Dennis Gunnell, Formost Fuji Corp.; Fred Springer, Burford Corp.; Michael Cornelis, American Pan, and Andrea Henderson, RONDO.

For the first time, ABA and BEMA shared a booth at IBIE. Located in the grand concourse lobby, the booth highlighted each association’s mission and vision for the industry.


B.E.S.T. in Baking Contest Unprecedented Change is Evident in B.E.S.T. in Baking Contest

This year’s IBIE show was buzzing about the B.E.S.T. (Becoming Environmentally Sustainable Together) in Baking program geared to identifying those industry suppliers that are making a positive impact on the environment. ABA and the baking industry are working to define consistent goals and terminology for its sustainability initiative on energy and water efficiency, recycling and packaging. The B.E.S.T. in Baking program received nearly double the entries from 2010. Suppliers that participated were evaluated for environmental impact, innovation, feasibility, ROI and practical application to the baking industry.

We can make an enormously positive impact on the environment by employing more sustainable methods across the industry. Those leading the way in this effort are an inspiration and should be recognized for their progress. That’s what B.E.S.T in Baking is all about.”

— IBIE 2013 Chairman Mike Beaty, Flowers Foods

B.E.S.T. in Baking Winners included: • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • 12

Air Management Technologies, Inc. American Pan Company AMF Bakery Systems Auto-Bake Pty. Ltd. Briess Malt & Ingredients Co. ChemxWorks Inc. Daabon Organic USA ENERVEX, Inc. Hayon Manufacturing Meyer Laboratory Inc. Newave Packaging Inc. Oberlin Filter Co. Picard Ovens, Inc. Robbie Flexibles Shaffer Mixers & Processing Equipment SPX Flow Technology TMB Baking, Inc.

Honorable Mention: • • • • •

Arla Foods Ingredients ColorMaker, Inc. Lawrence Foods Palsgaard Inc. Unitherm Food Systems Inc.

Sponsored by:

Show Features Highlights One-Stop Preview of Industry’s Latest Advancements Showcased at IBIE Innovation has always been a central element of IBIE. This year, in conjunction with IBIE’s official media partner Sosland Publishing, IBIE 2013 premiered the Innovation Showcase – a display of suppliers offering leading-edge solutions and services to equip baking businesses for the future. The new showcase, which greeted

attendees as they entered the convention center lobby, put the baking industry’s newest advances on full display. The gallery featured 48 companies providing a new product or service never before seen at IBIE. Participating companies showcased new products, services, solutions and technologies. Entries represented a range of categories: ingredients, equipment, packaging and services. Attendees were able to browse the showcase before heading into the Expo to see products up close and in action.

Innovation is a key ingredient of the Baking Expo™. This state-of-the-art area ensures that the products and ideas that are truly innovative are properly highlighted and easily accessible to everyone who comes to the show.”

— IBIE 2013 Chairman Mike Beaty, Flowers Foods

ABA Members Featured in the Innovation Showcase







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Revolutionary new DoFlex Dividing Technology implements a simple low-shear dough dividing process to produce more consistent product with excellent scaling accuracy and improved line efficiencies. Lowpressure dividing maintains the delicate dough structures of a wide range of dough from stiff rolls to slack English muffins.


Colleen czammer@ Zammer • Direct or of Pro du • www.b aystatem ct Marketing

Contact: (800) BAKERS-1


• Excellent scaling accuracy • Automatic scaling set up with recipe management • Fastest divider available, up to 6,000 dozen per hour • Gentle on the dough, less than 1 degree temp rise


• 56% wh ole grains • Nutrient rich • Certified gluten-fre e • Proven baking pe rformance • Cost eff ective

5219 GrainEsse ntials® Glu tenFree Flour delivers nutrition, protein, fi ber and functio nality thr ough a distinct combinatio n of ancien t grain and brown rice flours. Thi s allpurpose blend pro vides proven per formance for except ional taste and textur e in a var iety of baked goods. Ou r reliable, inte grated sup ply chain, com bined wit ha dedicated and certifi ed production facility, ens ures exception al purity levels for great tasting, wo rryfree, gluten -free pro ducts.




• Very low maintenance requirements • Simple sanitation, no tools required


ABA FTRAC Conference Food Safety and Nutrition Labeling Issues Top FTRAC Conference Agenda Food labeling litigation trends, allergen handling practices and advisory labeling, biotechnology and Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) compliance were the key topics discussed at the recent Food Technical Regulatory Affairs Committee (FTRAC) conference held in Washington, D.C. Over 40 representatives attended the one-day conference sponsored by CSM Bakery Products. The session started with a roundtable dialogue for members to share what they saw as the priorities for the committee and topics of key interest. The Attendees participate in an interactive dialogue on committee agreed that FTRAC labeling and food safety during the FTRAC Conference. should serve as a visionary for the baking industry, leading the charge in developing policies and communicating positive messages regarding bread and bakery products.

Labeling and Litigation Experts Field Bakers’ Questions and Conerns Former FDA Acting Director of Food Labeling Elizabeth Campbell, Senior Advisor for Labeling and Claims, EAS Consulting Inc., and Miriam Guggenheim, ABA FDA counsel and a current partner at Covington and Burling, fielded questions on labeling hurdles the industry faces. Key emerging issues include litigation trends, pending FDA food labeling policy revisions and front-of-package labeling activities. Attendees considered the Dietary Guidelines review to be a positive opportunity for the industry to reemphasize the health benefits of whole and enriched grains.

Former FDA Acting Director of Food Labeling Elizabeth Campbell answers questions during an “ask the expert” food labeling session.

Former FDA Expert Reviews Food Safety Proposals

Former FDA Associate Commissioner for Foods Dr. David Acheson provides conference attendees with the latest food safety regulation updates.


Dr. David Acheson, President and CEO of the newly-formed Acheson Group and former FDA Associate Commissioner for Foods, reviewed the new FDA FSMA Foreign Supplier verification proposal and third-party accreditation/certifier proposal. This presentation was complimented by AIB International’s presentation by Dr. Maureen Olewnik regarding the organization’s insight on the third-party proposal. The committee also had final discussions on the association’s comments on good manufacturing practices (GMPs), as well as hazard analysis and preventive controls comments that are due mid-November. The group strategized on the expected second wave of proposals regarding intentional adulteration, food safety transportation and food defense that are expected at the end of 2013 and early 2014.

ABA FTRAC Conference Food Safety and Nutrition Labeling (Continued) Food Biotechnology and Wheat Alliance Addressed Steve Mercer, Vice President Communications, U.S. Wheat Associates Inc., gave an update regarding the USDA investigation of the Oregon wheat incident, as well as Wheat Innovation Alliance (WIA) activities. Additionally, ABA’s Lee Sanders provided an update on state-level biotech initiative activities. Attendees also participated in an interactive session with representatives from the National Association of Wheat Growers, North American Millers’ Association, ABA and the Snack Food Association.

Canadian Update U.S. Wheat Associates’ Steve Mercer discusses the Wheat Innovation Alliance and biotechnology activities.

Laura Pasut, Director for Food and Nutrition at the Baking Association of Canada, provided a detailed update on a variety of Canadian activities. She addressed the changes with the disbanding of the Canadian Wheat Board and the Safe Food for Canadians Act. She also discussed the Canadian sodium reduction initiative, allergen and gluten-free labeling regulations and mycotoxins.

Conference and Networking Sessions Provide Opportunities for Food Technical Executives to Engage FTRAC Dinner Sponsored by


ABA Meeting Announcements

Thinking Outside the Box to Shape the Future

2014 ABA Convention — Save the Date! March 16-19 The Phoenician Scottsdale, Arizona

• • •

How Are Consumers Shaping the Industry’s Future? How Is Innovation Changing the Course of the Industry? Risk and Profit — Finding the Right Balance American Bakers Association ELDC Executive Leadership Development Committee

HR & Labor Conference


Jan. 27-29, 2014 | Washington, D.C. On the Agenda:


• Labor Issues • Health Care Reform • Recruitment and Retention Strategies

ELDC 2014 Networking Reception March 16 | ABA Convention FTRAC Feb. 17-18, 2014 Wheat Quality Council Meeting Kansas City, MO

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