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Bulletin 2013 ABA Convention Special Edition

What Do Customers Want in Bakery Category Products? Panel Encourages Bakers to “Re-energize” Baking Category Monday’s Business Session’s “Customer” panelists John Elstrott, Whole Foods; Rich Junge, McDonalds Corporation; and Mark Batenic, Independent Grocers Alliance (IGA), pinpointed top strategies to grow baking category sales: product innovation, product differentiation, product information, and focus on bakery products as the largest component of the USDA MyPlate and Dietary Guidelines.

On innovation, Batenic urged bakers Panel to create new products and new uses to re- Sponsored by energize the category to consumers. This would help IGA, and other retailers, to sell more baked goods. Elstrott recommended that bakers do a better job of differentiating their products. He echoed Batenic’s comments that bakers have to reimagine uses for their products and tell it clearly to consumers. (Continued on page 3)

So, “What’s Around the Bend” in the Post-Convention Bulletin? ABA Convention Overview — “What’s Around the Bend” — page 2

Food Safety, Health Care Highlight Board Meeting — page 7

“Influencer” Panel Shares Insight on Strategies to Grow Bakery Category — page 3

PAC Dinner and Roundtable with Dr. Krauthammer — pages 8-9

Steve Jobs’ Business Philosophies Shared by ATBI Speaker Tom Morris — page 4-5

All Membership Meeting — pages 10-11

“Building High Performance Teams” — page 6

ELDC Holds Networking Reception and Plans Leaders Panel for IBIE — page 14

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Convention Overview

ABA Convention Gives Attendees a Glimpse of “What’s Around the Bend” The high caliber business program attracted a strong turnout of industry leaders, including a record-number of new attendees at this year’s ABA Convention. The ABA Convention again lived up to its billing as the premier annual gathering of the baking industry. More than 250 of the top industry leaders gathered to hear from consumer experts and receive insight into consumer behavior, learn about the latest food and buying trends, address today’s business challenges, and set ABA’s policy priorities. Most importantly, attendees were able to reconnect and netework with other colleagues in the industry. In addition to the success of the business program, the 20th Annual Paul Abenante PEC Golf Tournament brought a record number of baker golfers. The attendees’ spouses enjoyed both a tour of Turnberry’s herb garden and a pastry demo with the resort’s award-winning Chef Danny. The convention closed with a great night of espionage with a James Bond themed Millers’ Farewell Reception.

ABA Chairman Alton “Dramatic Change for Industry Last Year, Many Challenges Remain” In his State of the Industry remarks, ABA Chairman Robin Alton recounted highlights from what has been a busy year for the baking industry. “For a sleepy industry that never changes, there have been quite a few,” said Alton, President, Pan-O-Gold Baking Co. “A large supplier exited the market and changed the marketplace considerably. The bakers who are remaining are in a good position.” While many baking companies benefited from a sudden injection of new demand, this turn of events should not be confused with the notion that the many challenges facing the baking industry will disappear, Alton said. “There were many issues facing our industry last year, and we are still facing them,” he said, citing pending legislative and regulatory moves creating “changes you will not like.” “Working through ABA, we can make a difference in many of these challenges,” Alton emphasized. Alton cited as examples of ABA’s success the recent exemption from the new food safety law for warehouses and depots. He stressed that these successes don’t just happen, but require the active participation of all bakers.


Convention Business Session Influencer Panel Shares Insight on Strategies to Grow Bakery Category The Monday Morning Business Session was chock full of useful insight from experts with various perspectives on current buying, retail and customer trends for the baking category. Panelists provided perceptive guidance on successful strategies that bakers need to enlist to grow the sector using a SWOT analysis. All of the panelists agreed that formulating healthier products for today’s marketplace is key. The group also agreed that telling the story better for bakery products is critical. Bakers should remember to keep the message simple so as not to confuse or create a fickle customer. There are very distinct consumer segments and bakers need to understand these various groups, what is sought and what messages work best with each group in order to not miss the target. Panelists included Todd Hale, Nielsen; Steve French, Natural Marketing Institute; Lynn Dornblaser, Todd Hale, Nielsen Mintel International; and Frances Largeman-Roth, a nationally recognized health and wellness expert. David Orgel, Editor-In-Chief, Supermarket News, Penton Publications, served as moderator. Morning Business Session Sponsored by

Panel Sponsored by

Mother Murphy’s Experience the Flavors

“Customer” Panel (Continued from page 1)

Elstrott encouraged manufacturers to provide specific product information on the special ingredients and manufacturing care that goes into baked goods. Whole Foods has used this information to hallmark product benefits – and increase sales. Junge agreed, highlighting the whole grain English Muffins that McDonalds was introducing to provide the breakfast sandwich category a refreshing “kick start” again. He also highlighted the sales increases McDonald’s has seen

by aligning menus with MyPlate, including enriched and whole grain items. Junge and Elstrott agreed that product taste is critical to its ultimate sales success or failure. The panel concluded that great product taste was first attributable to a profitable bakery category item, followed by its innovative qualities, and differentiation to other products available. David Orgel, Editor-In-Chief, Supermarket News, Penton Publications, served as moderator.

John Elstrott, Whole Foods, talks with Alyson Winick, Schwebel Baking Company.


ATBI Breakfast “Perfection, Not Profits” — Just One of Steve Jobs’ Business Philosophies Shared by ATBI Breakfast Speaker Tom Morris Gone are the days when learning about Plato and Aristotle required a textbook in ancient Greek history. Tom Morris has a new way to tell their stories and share their wisdoms by bringing practical philosophy into the cultural mix. At the ATBI Breakfast on Monday, April 22, Tom Morris electrified the audience with his analysis of Steve Jobs, the quintessential California hippie who, against all odds, became one of the most renowned business leaders of our time. Through humor and high energy, Morris was able to call attention to some of Jobs’ major principles for success and translate those into several very basic lessons to inspire innovation and leadership. Quiet the Chatter — One of the major themes of Jobs’ work philosophy was his ability to focus and simplify. In a technologically-crazed world it is ironic that such an icon of connectivity would be able to so easily disconnect and go back to basics. But that’s exactly what Jobs did regularly in order to ask himself what matters; to select and eliminate; to divide and conquer. Don’t Overthink It — As Morris tells us, Jobs frequently found the most elegant solutions by condensing his thoughts to the essence of the problem, mastering the complexities and streamlining the solutions to yes and no. By overthinking, we become consumed with the complex, lack confidence in our decisions and lose sight of the goal. (Continued on next page)

Members engaging in discussion during the ATBI Breakfast.

Tom Morris (center) with ATBI Speaker sponsors from Bundy Baking Solutions (from left): Mike Cornelis, Gil Bundy, and Liz and Russ Bundy

ATBI Speaker Sponsored by


ATBI Breakfast ATBI Breakfast Highlights (Continued from previous page)

Take Responsibility — Jobs also took responsibility for his actions, both good and bad. When he fell behind, he held himself accountable and looked for the opportunities to improve and launch ahead. He listened to his peers, looked around for inspiration and invested in excellence. Push for Perfection, Not Profits — Jobs’ goal was not to be a billionaire; it was to create incredible and innovative products. And that is what he did. The rewards surely followed in due course. Look for “A” Players — Jobs never settled for less than the “A” team. He knew only the best can produce the best. So he took the time to know his employees by talking with them in person and engaging face to face. Breakthroughs come from brainstorming, which comes from collaboration, which comes only from conversation. Think Big AND Small — Jobs knew to think both big and small, and to do that he needed balance. He is known for being widely-read in both the sciences and humanities. The beautiful imagery that comes from Apple products we know to be the product of Jobs’ full imagination of philosophy, fiction, fairytales, music, poetry, history and more. His hunger for reaching beyond than the status quo and his constant pursuit of knowledge are what allowed him to “stay ahead of normal.” Stay Grounded — In closing his presentation, Morris reminded us that Jobs held incredible perspective in life. Through all his success, Jobs stayed grounded in the reminder that life is finite and this, above all, allowed him to make decisions and to set incredible goals for the future. A native of Durham, North Carolina, Tom Morris holds a Ph.D. in both Philosophy and Religious Studies from Yale University, as well as other honorary doctorates. He is the author of twenty books, including True Success: A New Philosophy of Excellence as well as If Aristotle Ran General Motors and has appeared on diverse news outlets and media. He is also the selfproclaimed “world’s happiest philosopher.”

ATBI Board of Directors

Outgoing ATBI President Tim Miller (center), Cereal Food Processors, is honored for his dedicated service on the ABA Board of Directors. Also pictured (from left): ABA Chairman Robin Alton, and ABA President & CEO Robb MacKie.


Convention Business Session The 21st Century Corporate Challenge: Building High Performance Teams in a High Demand World

Former Campbell Soup Company CEO Doug Conant shares insights on leadership and the keys to corporate success based on his own successful career in the food industry.

Afternoon Business Session Sponsored by

Former Campbell Soup Company CEO Doug Conant shared that in order for companies to be successful, its employees must be successful. “Employees need four things to thrive: they need to make a living, feel loved, make a real contribution and in the end, they need to know that their work makes a difference in the success of the company,” said Conant. “We need to get to a point where all of us, in executive leadership down to the line employee, are asking ‘how can we help?’ and ‘what’s next?’ This comes from creating a system where employees feel engaged in the process and know that the company actually cares about their success,” added Conant. “Ultimately, success will come through winning in the workplace, in the marketplace, in branding, and with integrity,” said Conant, sharing that none of these successes are possible without a winning employee retention and engagement plan within the company. Conant, Founder & CEO, Conant Leadership, is a New York Times best-selling author and has had a long-standing, highly successful career in the food industry. Refreshment Break Sponsored by

Speaker Sponsored by

Rick Hoskins, Colborne Foodbotics LLC, Doug Conant and Bill Day, CSM Bakery Products Doug Conant answers questions from Steve Scales, Caravan Ingredients.

Mark Hotze and Eddie Perrou of DuPont Nutrition & Health

General Convention Sponsors:

Doug Conant connects with Pepperidge Farm’s Irene Chang-Britt.


ABA Board of Directors Meeting Food Safety, Health Care, Energy Star Highlight Full ABA Board Agenda The ABA Board of Directors discussed a host of policy priorities ranging from implementation of the new Food Safety law, the new Affordable Care Act (ACA) to ABA’s partnership with the EPA on an Energy Star program for the baking industry. Specifically, the Board learned of ABA’s leadership in securing an exemption from most of the food safety requirements for warehouses and depots, thus saving the industry $20,000 per facility. Additionally, the Board reaffirmed ABA’s opposition to FDA user fees under the new food safety law. ABA Human Resources Chairman John Wagner, The Kroger Co., walked the Board through myriad decisions bakers will have to make as the January 1, 2014, implementation deadline for ACA approaches. He reiterated the need to carefully consider a multitude of factors before determining how to proceed. A more in-depth discussion will be held at the July ABA Human Resources Conference in Washington, D.C. The Board also heard an encouraging update on the baking industry’s participation in the ABA-EPA Energy Star Challenge. The program is designed to reduce the industry’s energy usage and save bakers considerable resources. To date, 10 ABA-member baking companies (38 baking facilities) have signed up to reduce their energy footprint. The Board also heard the results of the recently completed ABA membership survey which highlighted the top policy priorities for the baking industry. Leading the list were continued commodity market volatility and compliance with ACA. Also on the list were food safety implementation, labor regulations and federal ethanol policy. “The ABA team manages its resources and expenses very efficiently,” said Immediate Past Chairman Allen Shiver, Flowers Foods. “There is no lack of issues impacting our industry and we need a strong ABA advocating on our behalf.” “ABA is the industry’s watchdog in Washington,” said Chairman Robin Alton, Pan-O-Gold Baking Company. We need to continue to provide ABA with the resources it needs to be effective, especially for the smaller independent companies. ABA is a very cost-effective investment to promote our interests and protect our bottom lines.”

Below: Bill Paterakis, Northeast Foods, and Joe Turano, Turano Baking Company

Brian LeComte, Gold Medal Baking Company, Bill Zimmerman, Sr., The Long Company, and Marc Albers, U.S. Bakeries

Chip Klosterman, Klosterman Baking Company, is honored with a plaque for his leadership serving 17 years on the ABA Board of Directors.


American Bakers PAC Dinner PAC Events Bring In Record Amount

Dr. Krauthammer engages the audience with his insight and wit during the PAC Dinner.

Over $144,000 was raised – the largest amount of PAC dollars contributed to a single event in ABA history – with 200 baker and allied members gathered in support of the American Bakers Political Action Committee’s primary fundraiser of the year held on Monday night at the ABA Convention. “We continue to make great strides with American Bakers PAC and this year is no exception,” said PAC Chairman Steve Avera, Flowers Foods. “ABA members understand the need for a unified political voice representing the baking industry and American Bakers PAC provides us the opportunity to support candidates who will stand up for free enterprise and the business community in Washington,” said Avera.

Syndicated columnist and political insider Charles Krauthammer served as the keynote speaker who inspired and united the crowd with his thoughts on the current political climate and outlook for the upcoming 2014 and 2016 elections. “The American Bakers PAC Dinner has emerged as the premier event of the ABA Convention thanks to the leadership of Chairman Avera and the loyal support by the ABA baker and allied membership,” said ABA Senior Director of Political Affairs Kelly Knowles. “ABA is also grateful for Berry Plastics’ continued generous sponsorship of the dinner,” said Knowles. To learn more about ABA’s political involvement programs, please contact Kelly Knowles at 202-789-0300 x109 or Dr. Krauthammer with PAC Dinner sponsor Bill Gross, Berry Plastics

American Bakers PAC Chairman Steve Avera, Flowers Foods, welcomes attendees.

Dinner Sponsored by

Pictured right: Ken & Linda Newsome, AMF Bakery Systems with Dr. Krauthammer Below: PAC Dinner (left) and Debbie and Fred Springer, Burford Corp, with Dr. Krauthammer Dr. Krauthammer with Peggy and Jack Lewis, Lewis Bakeries, Inc.


American Bakers PAC Roundtable VIP Contributors Get Insight at American Bakers PAC Roundtable

Dr. Krauthammer and ABA President & CEO Robb MacKie, during the PAC Roundtable.

Attendees of the PAC Roundtable enjoy a few moments with Dr. Krauthammer before the session begins.

In addition to the American Bakers PAC Dinner, Dr. Krauthammer met with 20 VIP contributors on Monday afternoon for an interactive industry roundtable dialogue. Key topics of discussion included national security, the implementation of the new health care law, or “Obamacare,” immigration, and analysis of the 2012 Presidential race. In particular, Krauthammer commented on the increasingly important issues of homeland security and strategic defense policy. “In the Middle East, it does endear people to you, it makes you look weak if you speak badly of your own tribe.” “This Administration’s entire approach to enemies around the world is a betrayal to our country.” He also made a prediction that the new health care system, or “Obamacare,” was going to have catastrophic effects on the country including increased unemployment. AMF Bakery Systems sponsored the hospitality at the PAC Roundtable. Hospitality at the PAC Roundtable Sponsored by

PAC Roundtable attendees engaged in Dr. Krauthammer’s discussion of today’s politics. From left: Jack Lewis, Lewis Bakeries, Inc.; D.J. Lecrone, LeMatic, Inc.; Jim Martin, Martin’s Famous Pastry Shoppe; and Gene Lord, Flowers Foods.

Ron Turano, Turano Baking Company, meets Dr. Krauthammer who spoke and entertained the group before the PAC Roundtable discussion. The American Bakers PAC Roundtable hospitality was graciously sponsored by AMF Bakery Systems, Inc.


ABA All Membership Meeting ABA President Outlines ABA Path to Sustainable Strength ABA President and CEO Robb MacKie used his Refreshment Break presentation at the annual ABA All Membership Meeting Sponsored by to review the strategic planning process undertaken by ABA the previous year. He reviewed extensive survey and interview work of all segments of ABA’s membership showing high satisfaction with ABA’s focus and services. He said the planning reinforced the association’s emphasis on maintaining a focused agenda while also highlighting the need for effective communication between ABA and its membership as well as key policy makers in Washington. He outlined several steps ABA will be undertaking to increase its effectiveness in the policy arena. Specifically, MacKie discussed the importance of a unified baking industry that truly represents all segments and company types. He noted that it is one of ABA’s strengths and allows it to be ABA President and CEO outlines ABA’s strategic more effective in policy and industry plan based on membership surveys and input. discussions. He highlighted, however, the need to increase participation by those bakers who are benefiting from ABA’s efforts but are not at the table. He said that 16 new members joined ABA in the past year, a third of these are baking companies. MacKie and the ABA Executive Committee devoted serious attention to “realistic prospects” for additional new membership, including efforts to reach out to companies beyond the traditional commercial baking companies currently at the core of the organization.

ABA Bids Farewell to AIB International’s Jim Munyon

Thank You Sponsors!

ABA Thanks Additional Sponsors:

ABA’s Robb MacKie and Chairman Robin Alton bid outgoing AIB Chairman Jim Munyon farewell upon his retirement and honor him for his dedicated service to AIB International and the baking industry. Replacing Jim is Andre Biane, formerly with Sara Lee/Earthgrains.


Convention Amenity

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Get-Away Breakfast

ABA All Membership Meeting

Committee Chairs Discuss “Achieving Results Despite D.C. Gridlock” Despite the gridlock of Washington D.C., what is the baking industry expecting around the next regulatory corner? Moderated by ABA’s Legal Co-Chair Steve Avera, Flowers Foods, and the policy chairman panel shed some light on what to expect from new food safety requirements, healthcare implementation, supply chain sustainability requests and the sugar program - all issues that are facing the baking industry. The Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) was signed one and a half years ago and the first of many proposals was issued earlier this year. “We’re advocating for FDA to maintain flexibility and simplicity as they look across the whole food industry,” said Len Heflich, Bimbo Bakeries USA and ABA’s FTRAC Chair. “The implementation of FSMA needs to be effective and add value; otherwise we are just spinning our wheels.” Sustainability and grain chain supply questions are

ongoing. “Engaging in the ENERGY STAR® baking initiative and looking at your operations leads to bottom line savings,” said Jim McKeown, Bimbo Bakeries, USA and ABA’s EEC Chair. “The Affordable Care Act is just beginning to unfold and the ABA HR Committee is educating and sharing information with the industry,” said John Wagner, The Kroger Company and ABA HR Chair. “There are many unknowns with many short term deadlines” he added. “Despite sugar prices having recently dropped from their record highs and now being close to forfeiture rates, reforming the US sugar program is still necessary,” said Hayden Wands, Bimbo Bakeries USA, and ABA CAPC Chair. “There seems to be momentum around this issue in Washington D.C. and we need to break down the barriers leading to comprehensive reform” he added.

EEC Chair Jim McKeown, Bimbo Bakeries USA

Panel Moderator and Legal Co-chair Steve Avera, Flowers Foods

CAPC Chair Hayden Wands, Bimbo Bakeries USA

HR Chair John Wagner, The Kroger Co.


2013 ABA Conve

Convention Highlights ention Highlights

ELDC Planning Session ELDC Hosts Networking Reception and Plans for Industry Leaders Panel at IBIE

ELDC Co-Chair Pete Frederick, Milner Milling Co., updates attendees on the committee’s 2013 activities.

Sponsored by

On Sunday afternoon the ABA Executive Leadership Development Committee (ELDC) hosted a brief planning meeting and networking reception sponsored by Milner Milling. ELDC Co-Chairs Connie Vaughan, McKee Foods Corp., and Pete Frederick, Milner Milling, updated attendees on the role of ELDC within the industry and the committee’s 2013 activities. Attendees representing all levels of seniority within the baker and allied industry participated; including ABA Chairman Robin Alton, Pan-O-Gold Baking Company, who encouraged participants to take advantage of the resources offered by ELDC. “We had an impressive turnout and productive planning session for ELDC,” said ELDC Co-Chair Connie Vaughan, McKee Foods. “Moving forward, I hope we can continue to strengthen baker involvement in ELDC and promote our positive message of ABA stewardship, political involvement and professional development within the industry,” said Vaughan. ELDC will host an Industry Leaders Panel at the International Baking Industry Expo (IBIE) on Tuesday evening, Oct. 8, on-site at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Speakers and further details will be announced in the coming months.

MISSION The Executive Leadership Development Committee is dedicated to developing the future leadership of the wholesale baking industry and the American Bakers Association by bringing together executives in a forum which: Informs participants on industry trends. Encourages active participation in public policy discussions, the political process and its impact on the industry. Educates participants on the role of the American Bakers Association and its activities. Develops personal leadership and management skills. 14

ELDC Co-Chair Connie Vaughan, McKee Foods Corp., talks with Morgan Murphy, Mother Murphy’s Laboratories.

Grain Foods Foundation Update Research Shows that Food Choices Tied to Personal History and Emotion Grain Foods Foundation presented to the ABA membership consumer segmentation research to address the changing perception of grains and bread. Along with this information, they shared a multifaceted communication plan that will help consumers stay educated on the goodness of grains and breads. Consumer research conducted Spring 2013 showed that: There is no single influencer that guides consumers’ food choices. Consumers’ food behavior is built from a lifetime of cumulative, learned knowledge. Consumers are increasingly health conscious and are trying to make smarter, healthier food choices. Bread purchases are not always rational choices – they are connected to personal history and emotion. Using the insights from this research allows Grain Foods Foundation to create targeted messaging and use the right communication channels to reach consumer audience. Kevin and Karen Phillips of Safeway, Bakery Div. at the GFF Reception held Saturday evening during the ABA Convention.

Dave Murphy, Mother Murphy’s Labs, giving a “Toast to Good Health.” GFF Executive Director Christine Cochran (left) pictured with the GFF Team and reception attendees.

Grain Foods Foundation is pleased to announce a forthcoming microsite at the end of the summer to support the grains industry and educate consumers the health benefits of grains. For a glimpse of what’s to come, Grain Foods Foundation hosted a “Show Your Grains and Bread Love” photo booth that encouraged members to share photos on Facebook – where over 67,000 people were reached!

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Alyson Winick and Lee Schwebel, Schwebel Baking Company, tout the benefits of eating grain-based foods.


Sports Day! Sun and Spirits High for This Year’s Golf Tournament Gorgeous greens, gorgeous weather and a record-number of bakers were all the elements needed to make this year’s Paul Abenante PEC Golf Tournament a huge success. This year’s 140+ golfers were joined by not one, but three golf pros to help them out on the course. The day started with golfing tips from Dana and Brett Quigley, pros from both the PTA and the Champions Tour — a first for the ABA Convention! Another pro to lend his skills and booster a few scores was South Florida’s Golf Teacher of the Year John Webster, golf pro at The Breakers Resort. ABA thanks its generous sponsors who contributed nearly $47,000 in sponsorships and raised over $27,000 in PEC funds.

Tournament Sponsors

Golf Trophies

Golf Prizes

J&K Hole-in-One Contest

1st Place Winners!

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Beverage Carts Golf Caps Golf Balls

Golf Breakfast Designed to Perform. Backed by Service.

Golf Pros — Dana & Brett Quigley


Packaging Specialists


Golf Carts

Fred Penny, Bimbo Bakeries USA, heading off to the greens.

Sports Day! Another Successful ATBI Scholarship Fundraiser For the second time, ATBI held its scholarship fundraiser. ATBI’s goal was to increase its annual industry giving, as well as grow the number of scholarships available to students seeking an education in the field of milling, baking or related fields of study. Thanks to solid participation from all the golfers, ATBI raised almost $5,000 to distribute to worthy recipients. Tournament Co-Chairs Phil Burris of D. Thomas & Associates and Pete Frederick of Milner Milling/PFM were happy to report that the fundraiser was a success. “The allied trades and the bakers work so well together and we felt that participation would be very good. The funds will go toward individuals who want to invest in a career in the industry,” said Frederick. Several companies represented on the ATBI Board generously sponsored prizes for the fundraiser. Companies that sponsored the fundraiser prizes were: American Pan, Lallemand/American Yeast, Manildra Group USA, Shick USA, Red Star Yeast Company LLC, Cereal Food Processors Inc., Mother Murphy’s Labs, LeMatic Inc., The Long Company, Formost Fuji Corp., J&K Ingredients, The Henry Group, Miller Milling Company, and Malt Products. Jim Nolan, Bimbo Bakeries USA, scores a gift certificate!

We have a winner! Eddie Perrou, DuPont Nutrition & Health, wins a prize!

Left: Tournament Co-Chair Pete Frederick, Milner Milling/PFM, and Joe Turano, Turano Baking Company

Sports Luncheon

Golf Amenities

Golf Pro — John Webster

Above: Golf Pro John Webster (center) with Gonnella’s Tom Mazukelli and Nick Marcucci.


Sports Day! Players “Rocked” the Courts at the Tennis Tournament Tennis Tournament Sponsored by

Weather Kept Attendees Inside But Didn’t Dampen Spirits or Comraderie at BBQ Lunch BBQ Lunch Sponsored by


Networking Welcome Reception Welcome Reception Sponsored by

New Attendee Reception — Record Number of Attendees!

New Attendee Reception Sponsored by


Networking Cocktail Reception

Sponsored by

“James Bond” Farewell Reception — A Night of Intrigue and Espionage with The Millers

Sponsored by the Millers: 20


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