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Bulletin 2014 ABA Convention Special Edition

Dynamic Convention Lineup Provides Perspective on Consumer Trends and New Sales Outlets A lineup of retail and consumer experts offered insight into the “new consumer” and new opportunities resulting from the latest consumer trends, buying patterns, and emerging sales outlets. Todd Hale, the Senior Vice President of Consumer & Shopping Insights for Nielsen, kicked off the session with a presentation, “Funny Things Happened On Our Way to Economic Recovery,” which examined why the recovery is not as evident in consumer packaged-goods retailing as it is in other markets and how the baking industry can collaborate to accelerate growth. In examining the segments of bread, baked goods, crackers, cookies, and tortillas, Nielsen found growth with the exception of fresh muffins, fresh cakes, and fresh doughnuts. Softness in bread and buns sales held down the total category sales. The breakfast cakes/ Consumer expert Todd Hale, Nielsen, opens the sweet rolls, tortillas, Monday Morning Business Session. and snacking categories grew in terms of unit sales. And though frozen baked are not faring as well, frozen cheesecake remains a shining star in that arena. Hale drew from more than 35 years of consumer research experience to share his insights on potential factors affecting sales in the bread and baked goods category and whether this is a short- or long-term issue. He provided ABA Convention attendees with strategic visions to Retail and consumer marketing gurus Kevin Coupe (left) and facilitate brand, category, and retail sales growth. Tom Furphy present “Innovation Conversation” during the (Continued on page 4) Morning Business Session.

What’s INSIDE the 2014 ABA Convention Bulletin? ABA Convention Overview — page 2 ATBI Breakfast with Chris Wallace — page 3 Consumer Trends, Sales Outlets, Gen Y, E-Commerce and Opportunities — pages 4-7

ABA Board Discusses Trans, Food Labeling, Health Care, and Pension Reform — page 14 ELDC Networking Reception and Planning Meeting — page 15

Inaugural Pay It Forward Event — page 6

Sports Day and “Gameapalooza” — pages 16-17

American Bakers PAC Dinner and Roundtable — pages 8-9

GFF Update — Food Choices Tied to Personal History and Emotion — page 18

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Convention Overview

THINKING THE BOX TO SHAPE THE FUTURE 2014 ABA Convention: The Most Successful Since the Centennial Celebration With 450 total attendees and family members, including 47 new attendees, the 2014 ABA Convention boasted the highest turnout since the 100-Year Centennial Celebration in 1997, also held at the Phoenician. The Paul Abenante PEC Golf Tournament raised more than $25,000 and featured nearly 150 golfers for a great game out on the course. The American Bakers PAC Dinner, which featured Steve Forbes, put PAC on course to break yet another fundraising record. With the theme “Thinking Outside the Box to Shape the Future,” the Monday Business Sessions featured a dynamic lineup of speakers that addressed trends impacting

consumer buying behavior and examined new sales outlets and opportunities for the baking industry. The Convention was also a great opportunity to catch up with old friends and make new connections at the multiple networking receptions and social events, including the firstever “Gameapalooza,” the Sports Day networking lunch and tailgate party. The NCAA Basketball Tournament-themed Farewell Reception had one of the highest turnouts in years. Another new feature of the 2014’s Convention was the “Pay It Forward” event, where attendees made sandwiches for Arizona children in need.

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“This was my first convention and I was amazed at the turnout and the caliber of people here. I will definitely be back.” — Tony Taddonio, Mile Hi Bakery

K a l u s ty a n C o r p o r a t i o n


ATBI Leadership Breakfast Chris Wallace Shares Perspective on Presidential Leadership, Obama Administration, and 2016 Elections Anchor of Fox News Sunday and contributor to Fox News Channel’s America’s Election HQ coverage, Chris Wallace delivered the keynote speech at the 2014 ATBI Leadership Breakfast. Wallace gave the ABA Convention attendees a unique glimpse into Washington leadership. Since 1946, when a President’s approval rating has been greater than 50 percent, the incumbent party has lost an average of 14 seats in Congress. When the President’s approval rating has been below 50 percent, the incumbent party lost an average of 36 seats. Longgone are those politicians who were willing to reach across the aisle to move issues forward, and it will be interesting to see how the November 2014 elections shape up. Chris Wallace discusses presidential leadership and the Obama Wallace also spoke about the media and how it is has become as Administration at the ATBI Leadership Breakfast. controversial as politicians. “The media is too self-righteous and we criticize, yet criticism could teach journalists humility,” he said.

Speaker sponsors representing Lawrence Foods pictured with Chris Wallace: Dave and Maureen Caucutt and ABA’s Robb MacKie.

Speaker sponsors representing American Pan/Bundy Baking Solutions pictured with Chris Wallace: Bill, Russ, Liz, and Gil Bundy.

ATBI Speaker Wallace Sponsored by


Convention Business Session Nielsen’s Hale Provides Insight on Factors Impacting Sales Category Growth and New Opportunities

Morning Business Session Sponsored by

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A slow U.S. population growth rate and crippling government budget cuts in programs such as SNAP and unemployment are contributing to the slow economic recovery. These factors will impact consumers’ ability to spend, affecting manufacturers’ and retailers’ performance over the next year. For the next decade, the lower income group is expected to grow twice as quickly as total household growth, with their collective purchasing power representing 24 percent of consumer packaged-good purchases. Low- and high-income households both shop at grocery, mass-merchandising, and drug stores; however, more affluent shoppers are attracted to club and specialty retail, while dollar stores, convenience/ gas, and automotive stores attract lower-income households. For bakers to Speaker sponsors Len Kilby (left) and Clive Tolson (right) align sales, merchandising, marketing, and promotional efforts to attract of Stewart Systems/Bakery Thermal Solutions pictured shoppers at both economic extremes, Hale suggested looking at formats, with Todd Hale of Nielsen. downsizing or re-evaluating brand tiers, increasing promotions, and making daily adjustments to pack-size promotions. Prepared food purchased from supermarkets, drug stores, and other retail outlets will grow by 10 percent by 2022, creating another opportunity. When looking to the future of retail, Hale projects that e-commerce will grow 12 percent in the next five years. He suggested not waiting to see how e-grocery develops, but to look for opportunities to collaborate with companies who have unique capability in this space or with companies that can leverage scale against those e-commerce players who have scale. Hale noted that products in the store perimeters are doing well because consumers perceive those products as being “fresher” and closer to the point of consumption than many of those in center-store. He recommended more collaboration between retailer perimeter and center-store merchandising to boost sales across the entire store. He also suggested that branded and private label need to work together to build the bakery category with more innovation and promotion. In closing, Hale noted that 2014 would not be easy in the current spending environment. Current headwinds include income and cost-of-living factors. The pace of change will be relentless, Hale said, so “enjoy the ride and act.” Speaker Hale Sponsored by

Monday Morning Business Session speakers pictured with representatives of session and speaker sponsoring companies.


Refreshment break sponsors Eddie Perrou (left) and Mark Hotze (right) of DuPont Nutrition & Health, enjoy a meeting break with Jesse Amoroso of Amoroso’s Baking Co., and Ramon Rivera of Bimbo Bakeries USA.

Morning Refreshment Break Sponsored by

Convention Business Session Shopping Isn’t What It Used to Be: How E-Commerce Is Revolutionizing Traditional Retail Outlets At Monday’s Business Session, “The Innovation Conversation: How to Survive the e-Revolution,” retail and consumer marketing experts Tom Furphy and Kevin Coupe opened attendees’ eyes to a whole new world of retail and introduced them to the “new consumer.” “The traditional brick-and-mortar store is becoming less relevant as shoppers want to get it on their terms and get it quickly. The Internet has empowered the consumer and puts them in control of their experience,” said Coupe. Furphy, formerly with Wegmans and AmazonFresh, explained that e-commerce for the fresh category doesn’t fit into traditional distribution models. The economics of delivering grocery products is difficult; however, they both see Speaker sponsors Bret Weaver (left) and Jeff Boser (right) of huge opportunities in this CSM Bakery Products pictured with Tom Furphy and Kevin Coupe. new market. Furphy said that in its beginning stages, AmazonFresh experienced “growing pains,” but he would not be surprised if Amazon eventually had its own delivery trucks in order to control distribution. One key to successful execution is finding strong distribution partners. Opportunities emerging from e-commerce, according to Furphy and Coupe: Gabrielle Whittaker of Bemis Company enjoys a laugh with Kevin Coupe.

Data collection on customers’ buying habits so that marketers can create customized, individual messages More specialty products available to niche markets because they do not take up shelf space Ability to test-run new and different product lines without risk New business for retailers that let customers order on their own terms and provide products when consumers want them

Shop right on your phone!

According to Coupe, stepping into the e-commerce arena is not easy, but his advice is “Don’t wait until it’s too late – roll the dice and take some chances.” Currently, Furphy is the founder and CEO of e-commerce venture firm Consumer Equity Partners, and Coupe is the “Content Guy” for and co-author of THE BIG PICTURE: Essential Business Lessons from the Movies.

The Future of Retail: Groceries Waiting for You by the Time You Get Home!

Speakers Coupe and Furphy Sponsored by


Convention Business Session Independent Grocers Leading the Way in Innovation Peter Larkin, President & CEO of the National Grocers Association (NGA), discussed several of NGA’s key initiatives and opportunities for ABA members and the baking industry. Independent grocers generate more than $130 billion in annual sales in the United States. “Independent retailers are the true entrepreneurs of the grocery industry and operate grocery stores that vary in store format and size,” said Larkin. “Many independent grocers have existed for generations and are dedicated to their customers and associates, and are the cornerstones of their communities.” More than 21,000 independent grocery outlets operate in the United States representing 25 percent of total grocery sales ($131 billion annually). They also provide more than 1.5 million jobs across America, producing $14 billion in state and local taxes and more than $27 billion in federal taxes. Peter Larkin, President & CEO of the National

Grocers Association discusses independent grocers.

Speaker sponsor Miles Jones of Dawn Food Products introduces Peter Larkin for his presentation.

Changing shopper demographics, technology, and digital marketing trends are impacting the way independent grocers communicate and serve customers and work with suppliers. Recent survey results indicate that consumers are looking for nutritional ratings on packages. Nutrition labeling will continue to impact food retailers, including NGA members and suppliers alike. In addition, Larkin reported that independent grocers also continue to differentiate their products with more fresh, organic, or locally-sourced products. They also invest in specialty or upscale formats and increase the number of ethnic product offerings, while continuing to focus on customer service. “Each of these trends Speaker Larkin Sponsored by will present opportunities for independent grocers and their supplier partners, including those in the baking industry,” Larkin said.

ABA Holds Inaugural “Pay It Forward” Event at Convention


Convention families prepare peanut butter and jelly sandwiches at the “Pay It Forward” event to help Arizona children.

During a new event held at the ABA Convention, many of the ABA members’ families came together to give back to the Arizona community. Participating in ABA’s first annual “Pay It Forward” event, convention attendees’ spouses and children made 500 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to donate to the Tumbleweed Center for Youth Development. The Tumbleweed Center serves Maricopa County’s youth by providing a safe space for young adults in the community who are vulnerable or experiencing homelessness. ABA President & CEO Robb MacKie commented at the event, “The baking industry consists of civic-minded companies and many family businesses. Our members were eager to participate in a convention program that allowed them to give back to the community Spouse Event hosting our annual convention.” Sponsored by Due to its success, ABA looks forward to holding a “Pay It Forward” event at all of its future conventions.

Convention Business Session Crossing the Generational Divide: Unlocking the Power of Generations to Strengthen Your Business

Curt Steinhorst educates and entertains attendees on the makeup of Gen Y and what marketers are calling the “new consumer.”

“Generation Y is looking for reasons to connect with brands,” said Curt Steinhorst of the Center for Generational Kenetics. Steinhorst discussed how baking industry leaders can connect with a growing and extremely influential segment of the market. “Adopt the mantra ‘as unique as you are’ when thinking about how to connect with Gen Y,” continued Steinhorst. “Throughout their entire lives, Gen Y has been told time and again how unique and special they are. They are not going to buy a product, or buy into a brand, that does not sell them on their uniqueness.” “Remember to try and humanize your brand experience,” added Steinhorst. “Gen Y may not be loyal to brands just yet, but they are extremely loyal to people. Tie your brands to real people living lives as unique as their own and you’ll build brand loyalty.”

Afternoon Business Session Sponsored by

Speaker Steinhorst Sponsored by

Session and speaker sponsors pictured with Curt Steinhorst (center) from left: Randy Schrick and Mike Lasater of MGP Ingredients; Morgan Murphy of Mother Murphy’s Flavors, and Don Tracy of MGP Ingredients.

BBQ Lunch Lets Attendees Enjoy the Arizona Sun! BBQ Lunch Sponsored by

BBQ lunch sponsors (from left): Clay Miller of Burford Corp.; Rick McGrath of Lockton Companies; Bill McGowan and Steve Scales of Corbion Caravan, and Fred Springer of Burford Corp.


American Bakers PAC Dinner PAC Events Bolster 2014 Election Cycle Fundraising More than $150,000 was raised at this year’s American Bakers PAC Dinner, the largest amount of PAC dollars contributed to a single event in ABA history. The dinner hosted 210 baker and allied members who gathered in support of the American Bakers Political Action Committee’s primary fundraiser held at the ABA Convention each year. “We continue to raise the bar with American Bakers PAC and this year is no exception,” said PAC Chairman Steve Avera of Flowers Foods. “As we move into the 2014 election season, the money raised at last year’s PAC Dinner, combined with what was raised this year will position American Bakers PAC with over $300,000 in funds raised for the cycle. That will enable the baking industry to have a significant presence in the political arena,” said Avera. Forbes Media Chairman Steve Forbes served as the keynote speaker, addressing industry executives about economic policy, the outlook for the dollar, health care reform, and foreign policy. Steve Forbes talks about a range of topics, including “ABA members understand the need for a unified political voice the next election, at the American Bakers PAC Dinner. representing the baking industry, and American Bakers PAC provides us the opportunity to support candidates who will stand up for free enterprise and the business community in Washington,” said ABA Senior Director of Political Affairs Kelly Knowles. “ABA is also grateful to Berry Plastics for their continued generous sponsorship of the dinner,” said Knowles. Dinner Sponsored by

American Bakers PAC Chairman Steve Avera of Flowers Foods introduces Steve Forbes.

Steve Forbes pictured with Giancarlo (left) and Anthony Turano of Turano Baking Company.

Pictured above: Steve Forbes meets Mary Williams, BCW Food Products. Also pictured: Bowman Williams.


ABA friends and PAC supporters (from left): Bill and Nancy Metz (retired) of Metz Baking Co.; Dan Hogerty II of D. Thomas & Assoc.; and Bill Burkhardt (retired) of Austin Quality Foods, attend the PAC Dinner. Also pictured (behind): Tom McCurry of Cain Food Industries, Inc.

Pictured right: Steve Forbes talks with PAC Dinner sponsor Bill Gross of Berry Plastics.

American Bakers PAC Roundtable Affordable Care Act and Economic Policy Top Discussion at American Bakers PAC Roundtable Steve Forbes met with VIP contributors to the American Bakers PAC on Monday afternoon for a semi-private industry roundtable. National security, opportunities to repeal and replace Obamacare, and economic policy were topics of discussion. AMF Bakery Systems sponsored the hospitality for the American Bakers PAC Roundtable. Nancy Metz of Metz Baking Company meets Steve Forbes.

Steve Forbes talks with VIP contributors at the PAC Roundtable. Also pictured: PAC Chairman Steve Avera of Flowers Foods.

Hospitality at the PAC Roundtable Sponsored by

Steve Forbes meets Fred Springer of Burford Corporation.

PAC Roundtable Hospitality sponsors Ken and Linda Newsome of AMF Bakery Systems pictured with Steve Forbes.

Dean Floros Gives Update on KSU’s Grain Science Program

Dean Floros of the KSU College of Agriculture discusses the need for more food industry scientists to meet the global demand for food.

At the All Membership Meeting, Dean John Floros of Kansas State University’s College of Agriculture discussed the importance of getting more students into the wheat, milling, and baking sciences programs. According to Floros, “One of the largest challenges we face as a global community is feeding a growing world population. Not only do we need to increase production, we need to better protect the safety of our food supply as well,” he said. “K-State has played an important role in the past and we expect to play an even more important role in the future. Floros shared very positive news about the interest in KSU’s College of Agriculture and grain science programs, stating that there has been a 40 percent increase in enrollment over the past five years, with about 1,000 more students in the college’s undergraduate and graduate programs. As a result, KSU Ag has hired 55 new faculty members in the past year and a half. “We need new ideas, new people, and increased research to provide leadership for the global food industry,” he said.


ABA All Membership Meeting ABA Expresses Gratitude to Longtime Leaders and Welcomes New Officers

ABA Chairman Robin Alton of Pan-O-Gold Baking Company addresses Convention attendees.

ABA Chairman Robin Alton, Pan-O-Gold Baking Company, took the stage at the 2014 All Membership Meeting to remark on the state of the industry and on his role as chairman for the 2012-2014 term. Acknowledging the continued change bakers and suppliers are experiencing in the industry, Alton emphasized the important role of ABA as the association continues to fight on behalf of the baking industry in Washington. While reflecting on his time as chairman, Alton encouraged ABA members to “Increase your participation in ABA at all levels… our full participation makes ABA stronger.” Alton and ABA President and CEO Robb MacKie thanked Albert Lepage of Lepage Bakeries for his two decades of service to ABA. In the role of Treasurer for the majority of this time, MacKie cited the significant effort Lepage committed to bringing ABA to a strong financial standing. Lepage reflected fondly on his experiences in the industry and welcomed Erin Sharp, Group Vice President Manufacturing of The Kroger Co., as the new ABA Treasurer. Also recognized for his longtime service was R. Jack Lewis, Jr., President of Lewis Bakeries Inc., as he concluded nearly three decades on the IBIE Committee.

ABA President & CEO Robb MacKie (left) and Chairman Alton honor Albert Lepage of Lepage Bakeries for his years of service as Treasurer on the ABA Executive Commitee and Board of Directors.

ABA’s MacKie and Chairman Alton honor Jack Lewis of Lewis Bakeries Inc. for his years of service on the IBIE Committee.

Refreshment Break Sponsored by


ABA All Membership Meeting ABA Honors Brad Burris and Charlie Stout, Longtime Paul Abenante PEC Golf Tournament Coordinators Pictured from left: Chairman Robin Alton, Immediate Past Chairman Allen Shiver of Flowers Foods, Pete Frederick of Milner Milling (accepting on behalf of Charlie Stout), former ABA President & CEO Paul Abenante, Brad Burris of D. Thomas & Assoc., and ABA’s Robb MacKie. Stout and Burris received portraits of beloved golf courses.

A special tribute was made to Charlie Stout of Milner Milling and Brad Burris of D. Thomas & Associates, for their many years spearheading the annual Paul Abenante PEC Golf Tournament. Former ABA President & CEO Paul Abenante was in attendance to help honor Stout and Burris.

Incoming Chairman Deputizes All ABA Members to Multiply ABA’s Effectiveness After the approval of the 2014-2016 slate of officers, new ABA Chairman Rich Scalise of Hearthside Food Solutions thanked the ABA Board of Governors for the honor of serving. “It would be hard to overstate the value that this organization brings to Hearthside and other ABA members,” he said. Outlining his vision for ABA over the next two years, Scalise emphasized the importance of developing the industry’s young leaders and his desire to multiply the overall effectiveness of ABA. Scalise “deputized” ABA members, asking them to reach out to other bakers and suppliers and encourage them to join the association. He also called on members to get engaged and participate more actively on all levels. “The collective capactity of our members is an industry force,” he said. Incoming ABA Chairman Rich Scalise of Hearthside Scalise emphasized the importance of using ABA’s Rise to Action website Food Solutions gives his first address to ABA members. for information about candidates and their positions on ABA issues. He also discussed the purpose of the American Bakers PAC and the importance of supporting candidates who understand the fundamentals of business and will promote long-term economic growth if elected. Summarizing his vision, Scalise said “I see the ABA as the vehicle for uniting our industry in a common purpose – strengthening our entire industry and our respective companies.” ABA’s Robb MacKie and incoming Chairman Rich Scalise present outgoing Chairman Alton with a plaque and Valentina Weis with flowers for their time and dedicated service to ABA.


2014 ABA Conve

ention Highlights

ABA Board of Directors Meeting ABA Board Discusses Trans Fats, Food Labeling, Health Care, and Pension Reform The ABA Board of Directors engaged in a thorough discussion on the industry’s top policy priorities with several of ABA policy committee chairs. Specifically, the Board strategized with FTRAC Chair Len Heflich regarding ABA’s recently submitted comments to the FDA on the proposed ban on partially-hydrogenated oils. The ABA Board also discussed the industry’s strategy regarding potential changes to food labels pertaining to the Nutrition Facts Panel and GMO labeling. FTRAC will continue its efforts on behalf of the baking industry to find common-sense and cost-effective solutions to these challenges. The Board also heard from Human Resources Committee Chair John Wagner of The Kroger Co. regarding the implementation strategies surrounding the Affordable Health Care Act. The recent flood of deadline extensions, waiver requests, and policy changes by the Obama Administration will not directly benefit bakers, but will further add to the confusion surrounding health care delivery. Wagner also provided an update on the status of congressional efforts to reform federal pension law. At the close of the meeting, the Board recognized two members whose terms had expired. Bowman Williams of B.C. Williams Bakery Service completed a threeyear term of service as the Allied At-Large Member of the ABA Board. David Murphy John Wagner of The Kroger Co. gives of Mother Murphy’s Flavors completed his an update on ABA Human Resource term as the AIB Chairman, which was his Committee activities. third time serving on the Board. “It was the perfect opportunity for the Board to engage directly with the key policy committee chairs,” said ABA Chairman Robin Alton. “ABA and the industry are blessed to have such strong and capable leaders of its policy efforts. ABA’s Robb MacKie and ABA Chairman Robin Alton of Pan-O-Gold Baking Co. present a plaque Len and John have provided an incredible service to us and the board was able to Bowman Williams of BCW Food Products. to hear directly from them on how the key priorities impact our companies.”


Dave Murphy of Mother Murphy’s Flavors is honored for his dedicated service and tenure on the ABA Board of Directors. Murphy served three terms on the Board.

ELDC Reception & Planning Session ELDC Hosts Networking Reception and Plans 2014 Public Policy Forum in Washington

Incoming Co-chairs Jesse Amoroso (left) of Amoroso’s Baking Co. and Morgan Murphy (right) of Mother Murphy’s Flavors honor Connie Vaughan of McKee Foods Corp. and Pete Frederick of Milner Milling for their valuable service to ABA and ELDC.

“We are excited by the energy and innovation that Jesse and Morgan can bring to ELDC. They have been very active in the committee thus far and we know they can take it to the next level,” said Frederick. “They are perfect examples of generational leadership, having come from families in the industry. I believe ELDC will grow and prosper under their joint chairmanship.” ELDC will be holding its Public Policy Forum on Sept. 17-19, 2014 in Washington, D.C. ABA members are encouraged to send representatives to this important meeting for the baking industry. Further details will be announced in the coming months.

Like Father, Like Son!

Baking industry’s fashion icon Dave Murphy of Mother Murphy’s Flavors shows son Morgan how it’s done.

Reception Sponsored by

On Sunday afternoon, the ABA Executive Leadership Development Committee (ELDC) hosted a brief planning meeting and networking reception sponsored by Topos Mondial Corporation. Outgoing ELDC Co-chairs Connie Vaughan of McKee Foods Corp. and Pete Frederick of Milner Milling introduced the incoming Co-chairs Jesse Amoroso of Amoroso’s Baking Co. and Morgan Murphy of Mother Murphy’s Flavors. “It was a pleasure to serve with Pete and participate in the planning for ELDC with ABA staff,” said Vaughan. “I truly enjoyed being a part of the ELDC Leadership Forum that took place at IBIE. ABA’s ELDC plays a crucial role developing leaders for this industry. There are challenges ahead and we will need strong, effective people at the helm to steer the industry in the right direction.”

Attendees enjoy the opportunity to see industry colleagues and friends at the ELDC Networking Reception.

Pictured above: Reception sponsors Louis Doleac and Damian Morabito of Topos Mondial Corporation. Hayden Wands of Bimbo Bakeries USA and son Carter, a KSU student, have fun at the ELDC Networking Reception.


Sports Day! Pro Golfer Dennis Satyshur Is Back for Golf Tournament! This year’s Paul Abenante PEC Golf Tournament was a huge success and tons of fun, with nearly 150 golfers playing on two courses on a gorgeous day. Golfers were delighted to see Abenante himself Tuesday morning to kick off the tournament. ABA’s favorite golf pro Dennis Satyshur, 1997 Assistant Ryder Cup Captain and Head Pro at the Caves Valley Golf Club, returned to lend a hand to the golf sixsomes and entertained everyone on the course while doing so. ABA thanks its generous sponsors who make the tournament possible and the golf hole sponsors who contributed more than $25,000 in PEC funds. Tournament Sponsors

Golf Pro — Dennis Satyshur

McGAHEE, LACY and ASSOCIATES Packaging Specialists

Golf Prizes

Golf Breakfast

Golf Beverage Carts

Golf Carts

Golf Caps J&K Hole-inOne Contest

Designed to Perform. Backed by Service.

Thank You Sponsors!

Golf Balls

Golf Amenities


Sports Day! ABA Holds First-Ever “Gameapalooza” — Families Enjoy Networking Lunch and Tailgate Party “Gameapalooza” Sponsors

Tennis Players Pound the Pavement in Tournament Tennis Tournament Sponsored by

Tennis Tournament sponsors Hal Miller and Rich Zaremba of Kwik Lok Corp. and Scott Barth of Barth Packaging, Inc.


Grain Foods Foundation Update Research Shows Food Choices Are Tied to Personal History and Emotion The Grain Foods Foundation (GFF) presented an update on its activities and programs at the ABA All Membership Meeting held at the ABA Convention in Scottsdale, Ariz. GFF reminded the ABA audience of three central facets of the Foundation’s identity: Why we do what we do: we believe everybody needs grain foods to enjoy all life has to offer. How we do what we do: by being the thought leaders and advocates for grain foods. GFF Executive Director Christine Cochoran updates ABA members on GFF activities at ABA’s All Membership Meeting.

What we do: build partnerships, host and participate in events, engage in proactive media outreach, research grain topics and consumer attitudes and practice Advanced Issues Management (AIM).

GFF shared “Come to the Table,” an all-encompassing messaging platform that is driving GFF programming: Every morning and night in homes across the nation, people gather at tables to replenish, reenergize, remember, and share. These tables hold grains of sustenance and grains of truth. They’re where we enjoy the people and food we love. Connect with the community we trust. And celebrate the essential things that refuel our bodies and minds. Through exchanging ideas, sharing values and plates of food, and honoring traditions, we help each other lead happy and healthy lives. At the Grain Foods Foundation, we celebrate the nourishment found at our tables. And we invite you to join us. In addition, GFF gave an update on research efforts and measurable results from their roll-out, holiday Taste and Tradition project and January’s Healthy Baby Month. To date, has more than 70,000 site visits and more than 70 million impressions. To help drive awareness of the site, GFF exhibited at IBIE in October 2013, attended the American Heart Association’s “Go Red” Luncheon in New York City in March 2014, partnered with bloggers to create holiday recipes, and worked with health care influencers to educate them on the benefits of enriched grains in preventing birth defects.

GFF Scientific Advisory Board Chairman Dr. Glenn Gaesser discusses the top messaging challenges facing the industry at the ABA All Membership Meeting. 18

Networking Receptions The Millers’ Welcome Reception Sponsored by the Millers:


New Attendee Reception — More than 45 New Attendees! New Attendee Reception Sponsored by


Networking Receptions Monday Evening Cocktail Reception Sponsored by

It Was “March Mayhem” at the Farewell Reception Farewell Reception Sponsored by

“Gimme a K, gimme an S, gimme a U!” What’s that spell? KSU! 20

Golf tournament winners get to show off their trophies at the Farewell Reception.

Bulletin 2014 convention  
Bulletin 2014 convention