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2015 ABA Convention Special Edition

Inside Hale Outlines Power of Baking in Marketplace insights thought leader Todd Hale, Principal Bulletin of ToddRetail Hale, LLC, returned for another ABA Convention Page 2-3 ATBI Leadership Breakfast Page 4-7 Convention Business Sessions Page 8-9 American Bakers PAC Dinner and Roundtable Page 10-11 2015 ABA Convention Highlights Page 12-14 ABA All Membership Meeting Page 15 ABA Board of Directors Meeting Page 16-17 Sports Day! Page 18-20 Convention Highlights & Networking Receptions

to present the latest research illustrating the strength of the baking category as a retail driver. The most important point Hale made was that the baking category is the number one driver of consumer trips to the grocery store, regardless of the purpose for the trip. He also outlined strategies of successful retailers and key growth categories in today’s dynamic times. Hale highlighted staying connected with customers, determining your role in digital retailing, winning the trip every time, and driving health and Retail insights thought leader Todd Hale, Todd wellness, as key for growth opportunities. Here are Hale’s Hale, LLC, presenting new consumer data during the Monday Morning Business Session. key messages for bakers: Connect with Winners Stay connected to winning players and categories. The growing retail outlets are the value and convenience players, as well as high- and lowend niche markets, whereas mainstream grocery is having flat growth. However, there are some retailers that understand their market and use innovation to create experiences that attract and keep customers. Diversify and create snack options from bread as demand for the salty snack segment continues to grow. Health and Wellness Health and wellness is one of the biggest near- and long-term growth opportunities for the baking industry. Many bread and baked goods categories are excellent sources of grain and fiber, but many are in the indulgent space too.

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Industry Feels the Power: 2015 ABA Convention Tops Another Record and Sets Bar Even Higher With over 500 total attendees at the Ritz Grande Lakes Orlando, the 2015 ABA Convention had the highest attendance in its 118-year history! Turnout was up 5 percent over last year, and the number of bakers was up 11 percent over 2014, according to Matt Grogg, ABA Director of Meetings and Education. In addition to the record-breaking attendance, this year’s Convention featured more high-profile speakers and substantive sessions than ever before, including Dr. Ben Carson, Liz Claman, and Todd Hale. The American Bakers PAC Dinner, which featured Rudy Giuliani, stood out as one of the premier events during the Convention and put PAC on course to break its fundraising record — yet again.

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ATBI Leadership Breakfast Dr. Ben Carson Inspires Baking Industry Leaders: It’s Time to Get Back to Being a “Can Do” Nation

Ben Carson discussing leadership and personal responsibility at the ATBI Leadership Breakfast.

The audience was riveted as Dr. Carson told inspiring stories of his youth and the sacrifices made by his mother that made him who he is today.


Dr. Ben Carson, American author and Professor Emeritus of Neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins University, encouraged baking industry leaders to embrace their failures and learn from them during the ATBI Leadership Breakfast. Dr. Carson outlined his personal formula for success and bequeathed “think big” to overcome life’s obstacles by not shying away from risk taking. “We need to be willing to take risks so that we can learn from our triumphs, as well as our mistakes.” “Not everything we do is successful. But looking inward and rising to the challenges we face every day can help in being a successful leader.” Dr. Carson spoke from experience. As the first surgeon to successfully separate conjoined twins joined at the head, he is someone who knows about risk. Carson shared, “Everything we do and learn from is a lesson we can give to the next generation.”

ATBI Speaker Sponsors representing American Pan/Bundy Baking Solutions pictured with Dr. Carson (center): Bill, Russ, Liz, and Gil Bundy.

ATBI Leadership Breakfast Dr. Ben Carson Inspires Baking Industry Leaders

ATBI Speaker Sponsors representing Watson Inc. with Dr. Carson: Mike Saulsberry, Sarah Watson, Mike Watson, and Nickie DiViesta.

ATBI Chairman Tom McCurry, Cain Food Industries, presenting Pete Frederick, Grain Craft, with a plaque recognizing his years of service on the ATBI Board of Directors.

ATBI Speaker Carson Sponsored by

McCurry recognizing Rick McGrath, Lockton Companies, for his years of service as ATBI President.

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Dr. Carson emphasized that maintaining discipline and exhibiting good character are at the core of achieving true success on every level. “Be an honest person. If you don’t have skeletons, they can’t come back to haunt you.” “Negative peer pressure is just others’ way of keeping you from moving up,” he said. “Leadership is thinking outside the box. It’s not what’s out here, it’s what is up here (pointing to his head) and in here (pointing to his heart).” Dr. Carson also stressed how important it is for our country to invest in fellow human beings. He asked, “What can happen when people are willing to invest in other people?” “The best way to use our country’s resources is to lift people out of dependency,” Dr. Carson continued. “If you teach people skills to get a job and give them a purpose, it will have a profound effect.” “We are the pinnacle nation,” he said. “We were built on a country of people who knew how to ‘do stuff.’ If we give people the right tools, they will stop looking for excuses and start looking for solutions.” Dr. Carson concluded with: “We need to be willing to take risks so that we can learn from our mistakes, lead the world in a positive direction, and think about those that follow us.”


Convention Business Sessions Research Proves Power of Baking (Health and Wellness — Continued from page 1) Millennials are eating out more than previous generations. Bakers have to give them a reason to eat bakery products by by making them with healthy, reasonable, and sustainable ingredients. Add Digital to Your Mix Amazon Prime, a paid “membership” that gives buyers shipping benefits, is an example of adding to your digital strategy. Another example is Amazon Dash — a device one speaks into to create a shopping list and/or scan existing items in the home. A third is Walmart’s online ordering system, which creates a unique place for pickup to make shopping easy. Speaker Sponsors from Stewart Systems/Baker Thermal Solutions with Todd Hale from left: James Pool, Clive Tolson, Hale, and Len Kilby.

Morning Business Session Sponsored by

Speaker Todd Hale Sponsored by

Winning the Occasion A select number of bread and baked goods categories are connected across generations, multicultural shoppers, and household incomes. Salty snack categories are driving the biggest growth in absolute sales gains over the past four years, and other Nielsen research shows how global consumers look to cookies, bread, and sandwiches as major snack foods. Precision Marketing & Sales The perimeter of the store is receiving the most attention and investment in order to take advantage of retail sales growth and consumer demand for snacks and meals that appear to be closer to the point of consumption, or “ready to eat.”

Heathy, Fresh, Unique Flavors Propel Success in a “Lumpy” Baked Goods Market Following Todd Hale’s presentation was a customer panel on “Maximizing the Baker-Customer Partnership,” in which three retail leaders offered their reactions and observations to Todd Hale’s findings. The panel shared their thoughts on strategies that drive growth in the baking category to the benefit of retail and food service customers and wholesale bakers.


The panel of retail experts spoke from the customer perspective to bestow guidance and recommendations on how retailers and manufacturers should partner together to attract and retain today’s consumers in the retail marketplace. They expounded on the opportunities and challenges of reformatting stores to excite prospective buyers and the next generation of consumers.

Convention Business Sessions Customer Panel Answers Questions on Bakers’ Minds (Continued from page 4) The panel included Katey Stine, Director of Purchasing at Independent Purchasing Cooperative, a SUBWAY ® Franchise-Owned Organization; Brian Dwyer, Director of Manufacturing Operations of Bakery for The Kroger Co.; and Mark Baum, Senior Vice President of Industry Relations and Chief Collaboration Officer for the Food Marketing Institute (FMI). They outlined the most critical experiences for current and future consumers, and they debated about upcoming challenges.

Can the food industry afford not to invest in center store, including bakery? Mark Baum, FMI

Dwyer: Retailers need to try different formats that excite consumers and drive the shopping experience. Pay attention to what data is telling you about what the customer wants. Demographics and consumer tastes play a key role in what formats will work or not work. Baum: The cost to innovate center store is costly but critical as consumers’ tastes continue to shift. Use select stores as laboratories — experiment to see what works. With shifting formats, it’s important to not lose opportunities for impulse buying.

How do you stay ahead of the latest trends and be a leader, not a follower?

Brian Dwyer, The Kroger Co.

Stine: We achieve innovation from matching up different manufacturers and asking them to collaborate to bring new ideas to the table. We also listen to and try our franchisees’ suggestions. We give them means in which to be innovative, propelling Subway’s success. Dwyer: Retailers are in a good position to experiment. Try different things, and be sure that the associates are excited and knowledgeable about the store’s offerings so they can educate and add to the overall customer experience. Also, talk to and collaborate with your category managers to bring new ideas to the table. Baum: Retailers are in the restaurant business. They are better equipped to interact and know more about their customers to provide what they want, making it easier to stay ahead of the trends. Include both the physical and the digital experience in your strategy. If you don’t stay in front of the trends and get ahead of the curve — you will fall off a cliff.

Katey Stine, Independent Purchasing Cooperative, a SUBWAY FranchiseOwned Organization

Customer Panel Sponsored by

What about moms and millennials? Stine: Remember that food is fun. No one wants the same old, same old, so offer bolder flavors and choices. Consumers want healthy as well as indulgent choices. But they are indecisive, so offer a diverse variety of offerings. Baum: Today’s consumers are very values-based. The values of your company are just as important as the value of your product. Sustainability is becoming a way of life and expected. Hale: People are busier and have too many distractions to make big meals. Snacks and meals should be closer to “ready to eat.” Display complete meal packages together in the retail space for a more convenient shopping experience (i.e., all the fixings to make a sandwich). Dwyer: Freshness is a big deal. Certain categories drive the perception of freshness, so strive to take days from the delivery process to provide products as close to the bake date as possible.


Convention Business Sessions John Rand Challenges Bakers to Question Everything John Rand, Senior Vice President of Retail Insights for Kantar Retail, urged ABA Convention attendees to rethink their strategy on how they market and merchandise their products. Diversity of offerings in the marketplace, social media, and the shifting demographics of key purchasers are critical considerations when developing successful brand promotion strategies. “This new recipe for engaging the ‘disrupted’ consumer market needs to be learned quickly if a company wants to be successful in its marketing strategy,” said Rand. There are four major shockwaves that are changing the marketing environment: Gen Y moving into the family life stage, the youngest Baby Boomers turning 50, growth in Hispanic households, and the influence of metro areas fueling population growth. Consumers have a changing perception of value that now includes wanting more for less. They seek an enhanced store experience, they want more value for less cost, and ultimately customers want purchase satisfaction as part of their quest for value. Rand noted that a bias toward using the traditional marketing strategy to address “the devil you know” is likely to overlook the more segmented marketplace of the future. There is a real need to think outside the box with an eye toward new trend influencers such as quality (freshness, organic, better for you), innovation (new items and new merchandising), local relevance (local sourcing and targeting efforts), and retailer branding (becoming a better and more active filter). As Rand concluded his thought-provoking presentation, he emphasized that great brands and products tell a story. He imparted that a successful company will remember that consumers today not John Rand answering questions from Mark Baum from only want to purchase the trust of the brand or product, but also want the Customer Panel and ABA Chairman Rich Scalise, to purchase the experience they expect from that Speaker Rand Hearthside Food Solutions. product. “Most people don’t buy the bread, they buy Sponsored by the sandwich; they don’t buy the cupcake, they buy the birthday party,” said Rand. “As you tell the story, companies also need to be faster in their responsiveness, more efficient in the total relationship, and more targeted in serving their customer.”

Monday Morning Business Session Sponsors Pictured from left: Robb MacKie, ABA; Brian Dwyer, The Kroger Co.; ABA Chairman Rich Scalise, Hearthside Food Solutions; Katey Stine, Independent Purchasing Cooperative; Dan Dooley, Robb Schaefer, and Bruce Kehler of Bemis; Len Kilby and Clive Tolson of Stewart Systems/Baker Thermal Solutions; Todd Hale, Todd Hale LLC; James Pool, Stewart Systems/Baker Thermal Solutions; and Mark Baum, FMI.


Convention Highlights On Leadership, Claman Bestows Example of David vs. Goliath — “Good Leaders Find a Way”

Liz Claman bestowing leadership qualities of the successful people she has interviewed throughout her career.

Seven Lessons Learned from Interviews with Successful Business Leaders Lesson #1: Have the Courage of Your Convictions — When EVERYONE says you can’t do something, still do it.

Emmy Award-winning journalist Liz Claman, anchor of Fox Business’ Countdown to the Closing Bell and After the Bell, presented “The New Economy: How and When Will America Soar Again” during the Afternoon Business Session. Claman highlighted lessons she has learned interviewing key business leaders throughout her career, starting from her very first interview — with her boss, Roger Ailes, President of Fox News Channel, who took a chance on her by giving her freedom to report on areas in which she had keen interest. “That’s the beginning of a real leader, one who can believe so much in a business and have such courage of his convictions that he is unafraid to look at someone like me and say — I’m going to take that leash off and let you run in any direction you want,” she said. Claman bestowed that good leaders never stop fearing the competition. “You’re never in the clear when you’re the winner. Number two and three figure it out and can catch up quickly,” Claman said. “Davids do beat Goliaths.” One key factor she learned about the leaders she interviewed: They did not achieve success by luck. “All have one dream or one idea. To make that dream come true, they make one phone call, one effort, followed by another, and another, and another. Successful leaders don’t stop until they achieve their goal.”

Lesson #2: Recognize Your Weaknesses — Know your weaknesses and surround yourself with people who can help you stay on top of your game. Lesson #3: Never Feel Sorry for Yourself — The moment you start feeling sorry for yourself, stop. We have nothing to complain about. Lesson #4: Get Creative — When you have obstacles in your way, be creative to find a way around them. Lesson #5: Don’t Give Up — When faced with dire circumstances, stay driven. Things will turn around if you are tenacious. Stay positive until things turn around. Lesson #6: Figure Out a Way — Be malleable, be willing to bend or else you will break. Don’t blame your problems on anyone else. Figure out a way.

Liz Claman with Speaker Sponsors Morgan and Dave Murphy, Mother Murphy’s Flavors.

Afternoon Business Session Sponsored by

Speaker Steinhorst Sponsored by

Lesson #7: Somebody’s Always Disappointed — Somebody is always going to be disappointed; pick and choose what is most important each day. 7

American Bakers PAC Dinner American Bakers PAC Set to Soar in 2016 Cycle

Keynote speaker Rudy Giuliani speaking during the American Bakers PAC Dinner.

With more than $170,000 raised, this year’s American Bakers PAC Dinner boasts the largest amount of PAC dollars contributed to a single event in ABA history! More than 225 baker and allied executives gathered in support of the American Bakers Political Action Committee’s primary fundraiser of the year with former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani serving as the keynote speaker. Giuliani imparted his insight on political leadership, health care reform, and foreign policy. He brought out everyone’s patriotic spirit as he expounded on his deep love for America and everything that makes the United States a bountiful nation. “Every year, we continue to raise the bar with American Bakers PAC, and this year is no exception,” said PAC Chairman Steve Avera, Flowers Foods. “As we begin the 2016 cycle, American Bakers PAC is well positioned to make a significant impact in the November elections next year.”

Dinner Sponsored by

Cheers to Giuliani!

American Bakers PAC Chairman Steve Avera, Flowers Foods, and his wife Anne, sharing a light moment with Giuliani.

ABA Chairman Rich Scalise, Hearthside Food Solutions, pictured with Giuliani.

Mike McKee, and daughter Brittany McKee, McKee Foods Corp., pictured with Giuliani.

Fred and Debbie Springer, Burford Corporation, pictured with Giuliani.


American Bakers PAC Roundtable Affordable Care Act and Economic Policy Key Topics at American Bakers PAC Roundtable

Rudy Giuliani speaking at the American Bakers PAC High Donors Roundtable Session. Also pictured from left: ABA Chairman Rich Scalise, Hearthside Food Solutions, and ABA President & CEO Robb MacKie.

National security, opportunities to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, and economic policy were key topics of discussion at Monday afternoon’s private industry roundtable with VIP contributors. “ABA members understand the need for a unified political voice representing the baking industry, and American Bakers PAC provides us the opportunity to support candidates who will stand up for free enterprise and the business community in Washington,” said ABA Director of Political Affairs Kelly Knowles. “ABA is also grateful to Berry Plastics for their continued sponsorship of the dinner,” said Knowles.

Hospitality at the PAC Roundtable Sponsored by

Cordia Harrington, The Bun Companies, enjoying a moment with Giuliani.

Jason Ward, AMF Bakery Systems, a Markel Food Group, meeting Giuliani.


2015 ABA Conve

ention Highlights

ABA All Membership Meeting ABA Chairman Reports on ABA’s Success and Impact “Despite Gridlock in Washington” At the ABA All Membership Meeting, ABA Chairman Rich Scalise, Hearthside Food Solutions, remarked on the state of the industry and reflected on ABA’s successes over the past year, reinforcing the industry’s “Power of Baking.” “ABA continues to succeed despite the gridlock in Washington,” he said. “Last fall, I had the firsthand opportunity to see the ABA team up close at work by attending meetings on Capitol Hill. I experienced for myself the respect for ABA and the baking industry with our country’s policymakers.” He said that House Speaker John Boehner and House Leader Mitch McConnell have held twice as many votes on our priorities in the past ABA Chairman Rich Scalise, Hearthside Food Solutions, year than the two previous years combined. “We may not win every issue, addressing Convention attendees. but ABA is having an impact on the outcome of issues we care about.” Scalise also discussed last year’s election and the role of American Bakers PAC. “Thanks to many of you here today, American Bakers PAC Refreshment Break Sponsored by played a pivotal role in last year’s election. Our PAC allowed the industry to support candidates that support a strong baking industry and national economy.” Lastly, Scalise encouraged ABA members to increase their participation on all levels. “Our full participation makes ABA stronger and gives our association a louder voice with lawmakers.”

ABA President & CEO Robb MacKie Honored for 20 Years of Service to ABA and the Baking Industry During the ABA All Membership Meeting, Rich Scalise recognized ABA President & CEO Robb MacKie for his 20 years of service to ABA and the baking industry. MacKie started with ABA in January 1995 as Vice President of Government Relations. In 2005, MacKie was elected by the ABA Board of Directors to be ABA’s President & CEO. MacKie attributed much of his success and tenure of his positon to his supporting family and the strong ABA professional staff. “I could not do this job or be in this role if it weren’t for the strong support from my family and ABA’s professional staff. ABA, as well as the baking industry, are strong today because of the dedicated team behind it,” he said. Pictured left: ABA’s Robb MacKie and wife, Barb, receiving recognition by the ABA Membership. Pictured right: MacKie gets a congratulatory hug from SVP of Government Relations & Public Affairs Lee Sanders during the presentation.


ABA All Membership Meeting GFF Panel Debunks Negative Perception of Grains During the All Membership Meeting session “Keeping Grains on the Plate: How Does the Industry Stay Relevant?” a panel of Grain Foods Foundation’s (GFF) Scientific Advisory Board members revealed research that dispels today’s breadbashing media hype. In this eye-opening session moderated by ABA’s President & CEO Robb MacKie and GFF’s Executive Director Christine Cochran, the panel gave bakers good news about grains — and unlike most journalistic practices of late, all of it was based on sound science. This spirited discussion between the panel and the ABA members opened dialogue for future research. Below are grain research findings and takeaways from the dynamic panel session. The GFF panelists sharing their expertise and insight about what lies ahead for grain research.

Glenn Gaesser, PhD, Professor and Director, Exercise and Wellness Program, Healthy Lifestyles Research Center, Arizona State University Dr. Gaesser believes that there’s more to be done on the science of health and body weight via the impact of enriched grains as much of the research is observational. Intervention studies of the impact of enriched grain foods on cardiovascular and metabolic risk markers and obesity-related health conditions are needed. In addition, cognitive health, specifically the impact of grain consumption on brain function, is an essential research topic given the aging U.S. population. Bruce Young, MD, Silverman Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology, NYU Medical Center Dr. Young believes that greater understanding about preventing obesity by eating grain foods is needed because grains are a true basic food. Greater understanding of maternity and child health is also needed because this determines the health of future generations, and women are the major decision makers regarding diet and health in our culture. Yanni Papanikolaou, VP, Nutrition Research, Nutrition Impact Papanikolaou recommends that the grain industry invest in nutrition research to gather data on nutrition/health issues discussed in the Dietary Guidelines. In addition, conducting research that demonstrates grain foods do not cause obesity and other chronic diseases is needed. The science has not collectively shown that grains cause obesity; however, consumers live in a world where perception is reality. Suzanne Steinbaum, DO, Director of Women and Heart Disease, Lenox Hill Dr. Steinbaum stressed that industry research is important and should be conducted; however, it shouldn’t just stop at the findings. It’s up to the grains industry to lead the way in consumer education as well. There’s too much noise, and with that comes inaccuracies — especially in this digital age. The education and dissemination of information about not only the myths but also the realities are a necessity that the research needs to support. GFF is proud to announce that the new grains nutrition research has been presented at Experimental Biology, and will be presented at scientific conferences throughout 2015. Additionally, GFF is in the process of submitting scientific drafts to peer-reviewed journals for future publication. To learn more about the GFF research, please visit:


ABA All Membership Meeting Baking Industry Working Hard to Attract and Build Loyalty with Future Leaders Convention attendees heard from ABA Human Resources Commitee Chair Laurie Graves, The Bama Companies, as well as NextGenBaker (formerly Executive Leadership Development Committee — ELDC) Co-chairs Jessie Amoroso, Amoroso’s Baking Company, and Morgan Murphy, Mother Murphy’s Flavors, on what the baking industry can do to attract and retain the next generation of leaders. “The baking industry must do all it can to become an employer of choice to Gen Y and all generations in the workforce,” said Graves, discussing the need to not become complacent with current Moderator Laurie Graves, The Bama Companies, and NextGenBaker retention rates and Chairs Jesse Amoroso, Amoroso’s Baking Company, and Morgan recruitment strategies. Murphy, Mother Murphy’s Flavors serving as the panelists. Also “The baking industry pictured: ABA Chairman Rich Scalise, Hearthside Food Solutions. has a great platform to build from when it comes to sharing our story with millennials. Our companies are literally feeding the country — we need to do a better job of helping Gen Y see that they can become part of something much bigger than themselves, while helping them understand how they can play an integral part in the bigger picture.” “Bakers can connect with Gen Y by thinking globally and acting locally,” added Amoroso. “Show how your company is doing good in the local community and how that connects it to the rest of the world.” When asked what current leaders can do to better connect with Gen Y and build their loyalty to the baking industry, Murphy replied, “Have patience, and be willing to share with us your expertise and show us by example. Bring us into the fold by sharing with us how our specific role helps fulfill the mission of the company and show us what good is coming from our accomplishments.” ABA will continue to make recruiting and retaining high-potential leaders a priority for the industry. Look for more information soon on the The Workforce Gap in U.S. Commercial Baking: Trends, Challenges & Solutions, a comprehensive project that will address solutions to the current and expected workforce skills gap.

ABA Committee Changes Name; NextGenABA (formerly ELDC) Hosts Networking Reception During the session, Amoroso and Murphy announced that the ABA Executive Leadership Development Committee (ELDC) was changing its name to NextGenBaker to reflect a broader and redoubled effort to engage and energize the next generation of baking and allied industry leaders. Following the session, ABA’s NextGenBaker Committee hosted a brief planning update and industry networking reception. Committee Co-chairs Amoroso and Murphy updated attendees on the role of NextGenBaker within the industry, highlighted 2014 activities, and outlined a look ahead for 2015. Attendees representing all levels of seniority within the baker and allied industry participated, including ABA Chairman Rich Graves, Amoroso (left) and Murphy (right) with Scalise, Hearthside Food Solutions, who has made Networking Reception NextGenBaker Networking Reception Sponsor Damian Sponsored by developing the next generation of industry leaders Morobito, Topos Mondial Corporation. one of his priorities as Chairman. NextGenBaker will hold its annual Public Policy Forum Oct. 20-22, 2015, in Washington. Speakers and further details will be announced in the coming months, stay tuned! 14

ABA Board of Directors Meeting ABA Board Discusses Policy Priorities and Annual Membership Feedback The ABA Board of Directors capitalized on the spring meeting to evaluate the policy issue priorities and congressional outreach strategies determined during the January meeting of the ABA Executive Committee and ABA Committee Chairs. The Board held an in-depth discussion on the policy priorities identified including Sugar Reform/Trade, Workforce Gap, Hours of Service regulations, nutrition labeling, the 2015 Dietary Guidelines, and the draft Safety Recognition Program. The Board also reviewed the results of the 2015 Annual Membership Survey. Used throughout the year to enhance ABA’s member services, highlights included a majority confirmation of ABA as a strong brand and resource for the membership, as well as a strong evaluation of ABA membership benefits. The current website and social media platforms were identified as opportunities ABA Chairman Rich Scalise, Hearthside Food Solutions, leading for growth in the area of ABA communications. the ABA Board of Directors Meeting. “This proved to be another productive and informative meeting for the Board,” said ABA Chairman Rich Scalise. “These opportunities to come together and discuss the issues impacting our businesses and the baking industry are invaluable. I look forward to working with ABA Professional Staff, the Board, and the new Board members who are great additions to this excellent group of industry leaders.” Board members Bill Paterakis, Northeast Foods, Chairman Scalise, and Paula Marshall, The Bama Companies, networking during a break.

Rick McGrath of Lockton Companies being recognized by the ABA Board of Directors for his tenure on the Board. Presenting the plaque: ABA Chairman Scalise and ABA President & CEO Robb MacKie.

New Directors Appointed to the ABA Board of Directors: Peggy Lewis, Executive Vice President, Lewis Bakeries, Inc. Audrey St. Onge, Director of Bakery Manufacturing for Safeway Inc. John Yamin, CEO, ARYZTA

Past ABA Chairmen Jim Apple, Butter Krust/BBU, and Ron Turano, Turano Baking Company, engaged in a discussion at the ABA Board meeting.


Sports Day! Power-Hitter Burke and Dennis Satyshur Enliven Golf Tournament

This year’s Paul Abenante PEC Golf Tournament was a huge success and tons of fun, with nearly 140 golfers hitting the green with longtime ABA friend Dennis Satyshur, Director at Caves Valley Golf Club, who joined ABA once again to lend a hand to the golf outing. The golfers also benefited from tips on the course from Tim Burke, 2013 Re/Max World Long Drive Champion, whose record-winning drive was 427 yards! “Wow, that guy can hit!” said Tournament Co-coordinator Phil Burris, D. Thomas & Assoc. ABA thanks its generous sponsors, which make the tournament possible, and the PEC golf hole sponsors whose contributions help support ABA’s Political Education fund.


Sports Day! “Love� for Each Other, But None on the Court! Tennis Tournament Sponsored by

Fun and Sun at the Sports Networking Lunch Sports Networking Luncheon


Convention Highlights Orlando Gives Attendees a Chance to Get Out in the Sun! Barbecue Luncheon sponsors from left: Clay Miller, Burford Corp.; Gary Schmidt, Corbion Caravan; Fred Springer, Burford Corp.; Andy Muller, Corbion Caravan; and Peggy Dantuma, Richie Piggott, Ryan Smith, and Brian Stevenson, Kerry.

BBQ Lunch Sponsored by

Marvel and Ron Jones, Dawn Food Products, Inc., enjoying the barbecue luncheon with Rick Brindle, Mondelez. With two different options to choose from, several Convention guests gathered to create heartshare in the local community by assembling tricycles for children in need, while others went on a guided kayak ecotour on Shingle Creek.

Spouse Event Sponsored by

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Networking Receptions The Millers’ Welcome Reception Sponsored by the Millers:

Record-Breaking Number of First-Time Attendees! New Attendee Reception Sponsored by


Networking Receptions Monday Evening Cocktail Reception Sponsored by

The Farewell Reception Knocks It Out of the Park! Farewell Reception Sponsored by

Congratulations to the Golf Tournament Winners! 20

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