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Bulletin ABA 2014 Policy Conference Edition

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Bakers Make an Impact When Industry’s Future Leaders Take on Capitol Hill Nearly 50 baker and allied ABA members recently participated in the ABA Executive Leadership Development Committee (ELDC) Public Policy Forum in Washington, D.C. ELDC Co-Chairs Jesse Amoroso of Amoroso’s Baking Company and Morgan Murphy of Mother Murphy’s Flavors worked closely with ABA Senior Director Political Affairs Kelly Knowles to craft an exciting, informative and timely agenda for the program that included professional development sessions, remarks by the industry’s top leaders, congressional lobbying visits, and much more. (Continued on page 4)

Left: ELDC attendees during congressional visits on Capitol Hill. Right: Irene Chang Britt, Pepperidge Farm, serving as keynote speaker.

ABA Honors Members of Congress at Annual Bakers’ Dozen Reception A highlight of the 2014 ABA Fall Policy Conference and ELDC Public Policy Forum was the Annual Bakers’ Dozen Reception held on Capitol Hill recognizing Members of Congress who have a record of dedicated support to the wholesale baking industry. Members of Congress and their staff enjoyed a sampling of wholesome products donated by ABA member companies and a selection of wheat beers provided by the National Beer Wholesalers Association. (Continued on next page)

Robb MacKie presenting the ABA Bakers’ Dozen Award to Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME).

1300 I Street, NW • Suite 700 West • Washington, DC 20005 • 202-789-0300 PH • 202-898-1164 FAX • 1300 I Street, NW • Suite 700 West • Washington, DC 20005 • 202-789-0300 PH • 202-898-1164 FAX •

Bakers’ Dozen Reception Champions of the Baking Industry Endorse ABA’s Efforts on Capitol Hill at Bakers’ Dozen Reception (Continued from previous page)

Upon receiving his award, Rep. John Kline (R-MN-2) joked, “I think I can come up with many uses for the rolling pin on the House floor.”

This year’s Baker’s Dozen Awards were presented to Senators Susan Collins (R-ME), and Jeanne Shaheen (DNH), and Representatives John Kline (R-MN-2) and Chuck Fleishmann (R-TN-3) for being champions of ABA and the issues important to bakers. “The 2014 ABA Bakers’ Dozen Award recipients have a proven track record of championing reform and supporting the key issues important to the wholesale baking industry. Some of these issues include reducing the renewable fuel standard requirements, reforming the U.S. Sugar Program, and rescinding unnecessary Hours of Service provisions,” said Lee Sanders, Senior Vice President of Government Relations and Public Affairs.

When you talk to your senators and congressmen — it really does make a difference.” — Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME)

Sen. Collins, upon receiving her award, remarked on the small but recent victory on the Hours of Service regulations. “Hours of Service is a great example of the changes in policy we can bring about when you make your voices heard — when you talk to your senators and congressmen — it really does make a difference,” she said. “But the fight doesn’t end there. They need your help back home. They need you to contact your representatives, your senators and their staffs and make your case. Explain what the impact is to your business and your community.” “Members of Congress really do care what their constituents think, particularly when you tie it to your ability to operate efficiently and effectively and you are creating and saving jobs in your community — that really counts, and it matters.” (Continued on next page)

Pictured left: Connie Vaughan, McKee Foods Corporation, with Rep. Fleishmann (R-TN-3).


Pictured right: Erika Baum, General Mills, with Rep. Kline.

Steve Avera of Flowers Foods meets Sen. Collins.

Bakers’ Dozen Reception Networking and Mingling with Members of Congress — All While Being Treated to Delicious Baked Goods! (Continued from previous page)

Several other Congress members, besides award recipients, attended as well to enjoy treats provided by sponsoring ABA baker members and talk to ABA members and Policy Conference attendees. “I can’t think of a better, more energizing way to kick off the ABA Policy Conference,” said Kelly Johnston of Campbell Soup Company.

ABA’s Robb MacKie and ABA members talking with Rep. Leonard Lance (R-NJ-07).

ABA estimates that more than 300 people attended the Bakers’ Dozen Reception. It would not have been possible without the generous sponsorships from ABA members, the Grain Foods Foundation, and the National Beer Wholesalers Association. Kelly Johnston of Campbell Soup Company and Rep. Bob Latta (R-OH-5) enjoying Pepperidge Farm Goldfish at the reception.

Robin Alton of Pan-O-Gold Baking Company and Lisa Turano of Turano Baking Company enjoying face time with Rep. Chuck Fleishmann (R-TN-3).

Talk to your representatives. Send us your products; they make for good talking points when other members walk in. It helps to bring up issues that wouldn’t otherwise come up in conversation.” — Rep. Chuck Fleischmann

ABA Thanks ABA Member Sponsors for Contributing Their Delicious Products! GRAIN FOODS




ELDC Public Policy Forum ABA Leaders Highlight 2014 ELDC Public Policy Forum (Continued from page 1)

“To have the ABA Chairman with us for the entire conference was a real treat,” said ELDC Co-Chair Morgan Murphy, Mother Murphy’s Flavors. “We are fortunate as an industry to have top executives who lead by example and support ABA activities in all capacities. Chairman Scalise is no exception, and his commitment to ABA and the industry is appreciated.” The Thursday morning program focused on Hill visit preparation that included legislative and regulatory updates by the ABA Government Relations Team and the alwayspopular Lobbying 101 Session conducted by Kelly Johnston, Campbell Soup Company. ABA Chairman Rich Scalise, Hearthside Foods, welcoming attendees to the ELDC Forum and praising them for their service to the industry. Chairman Scalise stayed for the duration of the forum.

Seasoned Washington Veteran Stresses Importance of Engagement with Lawmakers Johnston encouraged attendees to form relationships with Members of Congress and their staff through consistent communication and stressed the importance of bakery/facility visits back in their districts. He said, “Your best lobbying isn’t in Washington; it’s in your facilities. “But the visit to a Washington congressional office is still important — it’s the first step towards building an important relationship with the representative and his or her staff.” (Continued on next page)

ELDC Co-Chair Jesse Amoroso, Amoroso’s Baking Company, addressing attendees at the ELDC Forum.


Kelly Johnston of Campbell Soup Company giving attendees pointers on lobbying and talking with lawmakers.

ELDC Co-Chair Morgan Murphy, Mother Murphy’s Flavors, kicking off the ELDC Forum.

ELDC Public Policy Forum ELDC Attendees Get Leadership Lessons and GFF Update (Continued from previous page)

GFF’s Christine Cochran Reviews GFF Priorities The Thursday afternoon program session featured an ABA political involvement update by Kelly Knowles, ABA Senior Director Political Affairs, who outlined the role ABA and its members are playing in the 2014 elections, ranging from PAC investments, plant visits, candidate forums and fundraising events. Christine Cochran, Executive Director, Grain Foods Foundation, spoke to attendees about the foundation’s priorities and strategies for promoting grain-based foods consumption and fostering positive perceptions and information about the category.

Executive Director Christine Cochran discussing GFF’s priorities and marketing strategy for the coming year.

Steve McClatchy Offers Leadership Lessons by Describing the “Decision” Points We Face Every Day

“Do you defend your Want To’s on the calendar from time and energy-sucking Have To’s?” Steve McClatchy training ELDC attendees on why this is so important in the Thursday afternoon leadership development session.

Later that afternoon, New York Times best-selling author Steve McClatchy, Alleer Consulting, provided an interactive session with attendees regarding the topics of leadership and decision making. All attendees received an autographed copy of Steve’s popular book, Decide. McClatchy outlined several principles from his book. “The first job of a leader is to lead themselves. What makes good personal leadership is doing everything you can to move toward achieving goals,” he said. McClatchy also provided real life, time-saving lessons for practical applications to use in daily life. He said the biggest time saver is to commit to one location for tasks, appointments and notes. “Work smarter. Time management is a competency we need to reduce stress,” he told attendees. McClatchy said he didn’t believe in “balance,” but in life it’s important to set work/life boundaries. He said that daily planning is important but so is scheduling time for goals — accomplishing goals is what achieves the balance we are all seeking. “Action expresses priorities; schedule and defend it!” (Continued on page 8)

Takeaways from McClatchy’s Presentation • Gain vs. Prevent Pain — Our brain turns off the desire to accomplish goals to make time for “have-to” maintenance tasks to prevent consequences of not doing them. • Leadership = Improvement; Management = Maintenance • Do I have to do it? Will it find me? What makes relationships great is doing things you don’t have to. • Delegate any tasks you can so that you can do the tasks only YOU can do.

“This thing is your best friend — use it for EVERYTHING!”


Capitol Hill Visits ABA Members “Storm” Capitol Hill to Discuss Rail Shipment, Nutrition Facts Panel and Sugar Reform ELDC attendees visited with Members of Congress and congressional staff on Capitol Hill to talk about baking industry priorities including grain shipment delays, proposed nutrition facts panel changes and sugar reform. After the educational and legislative update sessions, attendees were ready to meet with lawmakers. “The Hill visits

are always interesting and worthwhile,” said ELDC Co-Chair Jesse Amoroso of Amoroso’s Baking Company. “Meeting with Members of Congress and their staff is time well spent communicating the baking industry’s priorities and positions. It is important that we conduct these visits on a regular basis to consistently reinforce our message with lawmakers.”

Key Messages for Lawmakers: • Give STB authority to hold railroads accountable to all customers to alleviate unreliable transportation of wheat and finished baked goods. • Push FDA to use sound science when developing new labeling requirements. • Put pressure on the Dept. of Commerce to not manage trade on Mexican sugar imports. Attendees in Front of the Russell Senate Office Building During Congressional Visits in Washington, D.C.

Educating Members of Congress on topics that matter to us isn’t always easy; however, I always come away with the feeling that we are part of the process because we are taking action. These are complex problems that need our attention and commitment over time to solve.” — Dennis Gunnell, Formost Fuji Corporation

ABA Members Meeting with Sen. Mark Kirk (R-IL)

There is nothing more humanizing than removing the ‘celebrity status’ of these very accomplished, elected individuals and being able to respectfully sit with them and their extended staff, making us feel heard, relevant and concerned.” — Lisa Turano, Turano Baking Company


Capitol Hill Visits ABA Members Working Together to Make an Impact with Lawmakers

The ELDC Public Policy Forum taught me that we can create a positive impact and have our voices heard by our congressional representatives. I definitely would encourage others to attend next year’s event.” — Jonathan Richard, Tennessee Bun Company

ABA members visiting Sen. Mark Kirk’s (R-IL) office.

This meeting gave me a better understanding of the issues that are directly impacting the baking industry. It is important to raise the awareness of those elected to be ‘on the hill’ of matters pertaining to an industry that feeds our nation.” — Joe Sanford, Amoroso’s Baking Company

ABA members address industry issues with Joe Fawell, Legislative Assistant, Rep. Peter Roskam (R-IL-6).

The whole experience was an eye-opener. Now I know why ABA exists — to protect our industry. If we didn’t have ABA standing up for us, who would?”

ABA’s Mike Goscinski giving last-minute pointers before going to meet Members of Congress.

— Brandon Woods, LeMatic, Inc. 7

ELDC Public Policy Forum Rep. Davis: Putting a Face with the Policy Means a Lot to Members of Congress (Continued from page 5)

Rep. Rodney Davis speaking to attendees about the importance of business leaders visiting Washington to meet with Members of Congress and key policymakers. The ELDC Group Dinner was sponsored by BCW Food Products.

The day concluded with the ELDC Group Dinner in which Rep. Rodney Davis (R-IL-13) served as keynote speaker. “Rep. Davis gave a highly entertaining and refreshing talk about his time in Washington since being elected in 2012,” said dinner sponsor Campbell Williams of BCW Food Products. “Everyone had a great time, and it was the perfect way to end an incredibly busy day of educational sessions and Capitol Hill visits.” “It’s crucial for organizations like ABA to be present on the Hill. When you ‘storm’ the Capitol, it makes a difference,” Rep. Davis said. “And when we need advice, it helps to know who to go to.” Rep. Davis discussed what he believes needs to be Congress’ top priority: reducing the nation’s debt. “We have tough decisions to make that will impact everyone and the future of our country.” (Continued on next page)

American Bakers PAC Hosts Fly-In for Top Contributors Every election year, American Bakers PAC hosts a Fly-In for top contributors to visit Washington and meet with congressional leaders and candidates for federal office. This year’s Fly-In, held Sept 16-17, featured dinner with Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC); political briefings at the National Republican Senatorial Committee with Sen. Jim Moran (R-KS) and Sen. Pat Roberts (R-KS) and National Republican Congressional Committee with Rep. Brett Guthrie (R-KY), as well as lunch with Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI).

NRSC Chairman Sen. Jim Moran discusses key Senate races with American Bakers PAC Chairman Steve Avera of Flowers Foods and ABA President & CEO Robb MacKie. Robb MacKie of ABA; DJ Lecrone of LeMati Inc.; Sen. Jim Moran; Robin Alton of Pan-O-Gold Baking Company; and Steve Avera of Flowers Foods Sen. Pat Roberts with MacKie and Avera. Sen. Roberts is in a “toss up” race according to political forecasters. American Bakers PAC supports Sen. Roberts as he has a 100 percent key vote record with ABA.


ELDC Public Policy Forum ELDC Receives D.C. Insider’s Insight into Current Political Landscape and Hears from Dynamic Industry Leader (Continued from previous page)

Chris Davis, Congressional Research Service, provided attendees with a comprehensive insider’s view of congressional leadership. Following, a preview and forecast on the upcoming 2014 elections was given by Stu Rothenberg, The Rothenberg Report, where he shared with attendees his expectations for November’s elections. Irene Chang Britt, President, Pepperidge Farm, served as the industry leadership series Stu Rothenberg, The Rothenberg Report, providing a speaker and was by far an ELDC Forum favorite. candid forecast of 2014 election results and beyond. “Irene is a seasoned food industry executive; to learn about her leadership path to success, as well as the structure and culture of her team at Pepperidge Farm, was extremely valuable for participants,” said ELDC Co-Chair Jesse Amoroso, Amoroso’s Baking Company. “We have an abundance of talented leaders in the baking industry and are fortunate for their willingness to mentor and engage with the next generation.”

One of ELDC’s most popular speakers, Chris Davis of Congressional Research Service gives attendees a comprehensive insider’s view of the role of congressional oversight.

Irene’s Key Messages: • Love what you do or you won’t be good at it. “Be passionate about what you do and the people you work with.” • Be a mentor to those around you. “Develop yourself, nurture others. We merely stand on the shoulders of giants.” • Don’t be afraid to fail. “It’s not how far you’ve fallen, it’s how high you bounce back after learning from your mistakes,” she said. • Leave a legacy. “We are here to write one chapter in a grand tale.”

Irene Chang Britt of Pepperidge Farm encouraging attendees to take advantage of all opportunities and work hard to create luck and prosperity in one’s career.

Irene’s presentation was fantastic — it wasn’t the typical spiel about determination. She talked about her flexibility and adaptability to different roles and functions and how we must learn from our failures as much as our accomplishments to be even more successful.” — Anthony Turano, Turano Baking Company 9

ABA 2014 Fall Policy Conference & E

ELDC Public Policy Forum Highlights

ELDC Public Policy Forum ELDC Thanks Its Generous and Supportive Sponsors “The generous support received from allied member companies helps to make the ELDC Forum possible,” said ELDC Staff Liaison Kelly Knowles, ABA Senior Director Political Affairs. “Interestingly, ELDC is the only ABA Committee that includes dual leadership of both a baker and an allied member; this partnership is extremely valuable.”

Rep. Davis with ELDC Group Dinner sponsor Campbell Williams of BCW Food Products.

ELDC Dinner Sponsor:

Group Luncheon Sponsor:

ELDC Co-Chairs with ELDC sponsors (from left): Jordan Hale of Southern Perfection Fabrication; Bradley Cain of Cain Foods; Jesse Amoroso of Amoroso’s Baking Company; and Morgan Murphy of Mother Murphy’s Flavors.

Cookie Break Sponsor:

Breakfast Sponsor:

Society of Bakery Women President Lee Sanders, ABA, enjoying the cookie break with (from left) Dave Caucutt of Lawrence Foods and Campbell Williams of BCW Food Products.


McClatchy’s Book Decide for Attendees Sponsored by:

Steve McClatchy going over points in his book Decide with Ashin Soti of Bimbo Bakeries USA.

ABA Committee Conferences ABA Legal Committee Interacts on Work Place, Health Care and FDA Issues ABA’s Legal Committee had an interactive dialogue to address legal aspects of workplace policy, implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and several FDA regulatory policy issues including the nutrition facts proposal. ABA brought seasoned experts to the table for a candid session to answer questions and talk about implementation strategies for bakers. Peter Susser of Littler Mendelson, P.C., provided a timely update on current workplace issues, as well as topics to be expected in 2015. Michelle Thomas, also of Littler Mendelson, P.C., shared the evolving ACA policies for which companies must prepare in the coming year. Miriam Guggenheim and MaryJoy Ballantyne, Covington & Burling The ABA Legal Conference attendees discussing the legal LLC, discussed implications of the recent FDA proposals to ramifications of the complex issues facing the baking industry. revise both the nutrition facts panel and serving sizes and ABA’s assertive strategy in responding to FDA on key issues including the definition of fiber, added sugars labeling and sodium. The team also discussed the emerging issue of GRAS reform and the implication for the industry. Lastly, the group discussed ongoing activities surrounding FDA’s tentative determination to revoke the GRAS status of partially hydrogenated oils/trans fat and what this means for bakers.

ber Octo nce re Co nfe Call!

NEXT UP: In Oct., the Legal Committee will review and formulate a response to FDA’s revised rules on three key issues: • foreign supplier implementation • preventive controls for human food • preventive controls for animal feed From left: Bill Zimmerman of Pacific Northwest Baking Company and Steve Avera of Flowers Foods.

Safety Committee Developing Safety Recognition Program ABA’s fall safety session took a hard look at the role of safety professionals and ABA’s efforts for the baking industry. While there are no OSHA regulations looming, the industry’s safety professionals who attended the meeting felt strongly that they should continue to leverage resources and share best practices. ABA’s safety professionals are looking forward to developing an ABA Safety Recognition Program to highlight the best performers in the industry. Stay tuned for more information on this front.

“It will be great to have this program for our safety professionals in the industry.” — Max Waagner, Dawn Food Products 13

ABA CAPC Conference ABA CAPC Urges Transportation Board to Do More to Address the Railway Shipping Crisis Attendees at the ABA Commodity & Agricultural Policy Conference met with Dan Elliott, Chairman of the U.S. Surface Transportation Board (STB), to discuss the ongoing problems plaguing railway shipments mainly in the spring wheat regions of the U.S. Chairman Elliott shared with the group the steps the STB has already taken to bring transparency to the issue, although attendees urged the chairman to do more. Concerns discussed included an inadequate response by the railroads to address the massive backlog in grain car shipments, and a lack of transparency on a number of data points that would help the grain chain have a clearer picture of the problem. After the open discussion with Chairman Elliott, it was readily apparent that the STB does not have proper authority to find an adequate solution to the crisis. It is prohibited from Commodity Task Force Chairman Hayden Wands of Bimbo Bakeries meeting together to discuss railway issues without there first USA with Jim Collura, Commodity Markets Oversight Coalition, and being a public complaint filed. In response, ABA is supporting ABA’s Cory Martin, Director, Government Relations. bipartisan legislation in the Senate that addresses these concerns and gives the STB more authority to hold the railroads accountable. ABA will continue to work with Congress and the STB to ensure that the baking industry’s concerns are addressed.

ELDC Attendees Get Consumer Attitude and Trends Insight Closing out the ELDC Forum, Jennifer Zegler, Mintel, provided a fascinating presentation on food industry trends for 2015 and beyond. She focused her presentation on gluten-free, social media, packaging innovations, target demographics and niche markets within the grainbased segment. She said consumers are paying more attention to their lives, focusing strongly on health and wellness. She pointed out an opportunity for bakers: “Consumers want more information; they are looking for signs and labels.” She said that consumers are also looking for “permissible indulgences” — treats that come in pieceand bite-size. She reported that consumers are also looking for the “real thing.” “People want food that offers authenticity,” she said. Jennifer Zegler of Mintel presenting attendees with valuable insights on the trends in grain-based foods and the broader food industry.

Additional Forum pictures and program information can be found on the ELDC homepage within the ABA website at The ELDC Networking Reception will be held Sunday, March 29, in Orlando, Fla., during the ABA Convention. The next ELDC Public Policy Forum will be held the week of Oct. 19, 2015, in Washington, D.C. Exact dates to be announced. 14

ABA Energy & Environment Conference Lessening the Industry’s Footprint Remains Bakers’ Key Priority Efficiency and supply chain surveys remain top of mind for bakers. This fall’s ABA Energy & Environment session provided an opportunity for continued networking and information sharing among bakers on notable sustainability issues. ENERGY STAR®, supply chain surveys and water efficiency remain key issues for many bakers as they look for opportunities to become more efficient and seek ways to share this message with their customers. “While at times it may seem like the process is moving slowly, the industry is taking steps to lessen its footprint,” said Rasma Zvaners, ABA Policy Director. ABA is facilitating the conversation Betsy Hickman of The Alliance for Sustainable Agriculture, among the grain discussing Oklahoma State University’s sustainable wheat chain on supply production and continuous improvement project. chain surveys and what information would help bakers better communicate about their supply chain. This includes engaging Field to Market and exploring opportunities for future synergies.

Giesecke Bids Farewell to the Baking Industry After more than 20 years of service to the baking industry, Dr. Anne Giesecke of A&D Policy Analysis is saying good-bye to pursue other interests and spend time with family. Former ABA Vice President, Policy Analysis, Dr. Giesecke’s biggest accomplishment was her work on refrigerants, which resulted in significant cost savings for the baking industry by avoiding costly fines. “Her insight into the needs of our industry really helped forge our regulatory path that still, in many cases, stands today,” said Energy & Environment Committee (EEC) CoDr. Anne Giesecke receiving a token of gratitude for her Chair Jim McKeown of longtime service to the baking industry. Bimbo Bakeries USA. In her farewell remarks, Dr. Giesecke said, “In Washington D.C., I worked for the government and took pride in public service and protecting National Parks and the environment. I was then privileged to work in the Dr. Anne Giesecke, A&D Policy Analysis, and former baking industry where many hold the same values that I do for responsible ABA Vice President, Policy Analysis, with EEC Committee care of their workers, the environment, customers and consumers. I’ve seen Co-Chairs Jerry Hancock (left) of Flowers Foods and Jim McKeown of Bimbo Bakeries USA. many advance in this industry; I hope that I helped in some capacity.” 15

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Topics Include: • Nutrition Facts Panel and Serving Size Proposals • GRAS Reform Efforts • DGAC Response

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