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Loving U...Nah uh-dduk-hae “what should I do?!” Top 5 reasons to love U-Mart

Big Joy Family Bakery

The San Diego Korean Markets need more Paris Baguettes like Seattle needs more Starbucks. This writer grows weary of "Big Bakery" and supports local establishments. U-Mart features Big Joy Family Bakery, a local Korean owned bakery hailing from the Convoy Area cherished by locals for its high quality cakes and pastries.

Fresh Kimbap

Fresh Kimbap...enough said.

More Power to the People

More competition means more reasons for H-Mart and Zion Market to "up the ante" and find new ways to attract and satisfy us customers. Capitalism at its best!

The Mercury Street Dip

Who doesn’t enjoy the feeling of momentary weightlessness driving into the dip on the Mercury/ Engineer St intersection? Remember to bring a large bucket of popcorn and yell "whoa" in a dramatic fashion.

More Free Samples! Every once in a while U-Mart will bless us with a little bit of Korean

Culture on a toothpick or wrapped in a little piece of seaweed. Learn the phrase “Shi-shik jo-ah-yo!” (meaning “I Like Samples!”) and watch employees roll their eyes. |


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