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June 11, 2011












H A P P ENING S May/June 2011

KINDERGARTEN On Monday, May 9th, the kindergarten classes boarded the buses and made their way to the Bronx Zoo. The weather was perfect and afforded us the chance to see some animals that may have ordinarily been resting out of sight.  The Bengali Express Monorail offered us outstanding views of wildlife.  We spotted a tiger walking in the brush, grazing deer, resting rhinos and wild horses, while a pair of elephants gave us a “behind the scenes view” of their daily life.  Just before we pulled back into the monorail station we caught a glimpse of a red panda bear sleeping in the branches of a tree.      At the Children’s Zoo, the kindergarteners took turns behaving like prairie dogs, popping in and out of “holes” in the ground. There were peacocks aplenty, especially males that put on a show with their amazingly beautiful display of feathers.   We saw wallabies hopping, crocodiles resting lazily in the sun, and a skunk sleeping in the hollow of a log –- we made sure we steered clear of him!            The day wouldn’t have been complete without the children taking a spin on the Bug Carousel, an insect version of a traditional horse and pony carousel. The up and down movement and rhythmic music delighted the children, and the looks on their faces were priceless.      In the days that followed, the children shared their zoo experience through discussion, writing about the animals in our All-About books during Writers’ Workshop and depicting the different animals in a mural painting.   These responses provided opportunities for the children to reflect on the newly acquired knowledge that they gathered on the trip and expand their thinking about animals, their needs, and their habitats.         Our sincerest thanks and gratitude go out to all the parents who were able to chaperone this trip.  Your presence made it a safe and enjoyable experience for all.

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June 11, 2011

1 S T GRA D E During the month of May, the first


grade classes visited the Riverhead Atlantis Marine World Aquarium. It was a long bus ride, but it was worth it! At the aquarium, we saw lots of sea animals like sea horses, stingrays, an octopus and penguins. We even saw sharks. (That was a little scary.) The best part of the day was the sea lion show. Did you know that sea lions can balance a ball on their whiskers? It was an amazing day!

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June 11, 2011

2 N D GRA D E Once upon  a  time,  there  was  

the book  club  series  helped  the  

a little  mealworm  that  

students write  their  own  original  

metamorphosed into  a  Darkling  

gripping stories  with  meaning  

Beetle…but that’s  no  fairy  tale!  

and significance.  Writing  

Searingtown School’s  second  

persuasive reviews  and  letters  

graders patiently  and  

challenged the  children  too.  

scientifically observed  firsthand  

Place value,  number  patterns,  

the metamorphosis  of  milkweed  

and ordering  numbers  to  1,000  

bugs and  mealworms,  while  also  

were some  of  the  topics  that  

monitoring the  developments  of  

were covered  in  math.  The  

their mold  gardens.  Keeping  

double vowel  team  combinations  

weekly logs  and  drawing  

and d-­‐syllable  type  in  Fundations  

illustrations of  their  

made our  word  study  program  

observations, these  young  

more engaging  and  interesting  

scientists were  able  to  make  

by using  the  spelling  options  in  

connections and  discuss  the  

the Student  Notebooks.  Our  

similarities and  differences  

class trips  to  the  TD  Bank  and  

between the  life  cycles  of  the  

going to  the  PTA’s  Mother’s  Day  

mealworms and  milkweed  bugs.

Plant Sale  were  terrific.  We  

The month  of  May  was  also  

thoroughly enjoyed  the  5th  

an exciting  time  to  be  in  

Grade Drama  Club’s  production  

Searingtown’s Second  Grade  as  

of "The  Wizard  of  Oz"  and  the  

our reading  workshop  focused  

spring concerts  performed  by  the  

on our  favorite  Series  Reading  

talented orchestra,  band,  and  

Clubs. Noticing  the  elements  of  


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June 11, 2011

3 R D GR A D E No winter lasts forever; no spring skips its turn. ~Hal Borland The third grade has welcomed spring with open arms. During the month of May, we have experience so many wonderful things that nature offers. We have watched the trees and flowers bloom during our Mileage walks around the playground and we have observed the lifecycle of the butterflies. After studying Japan, we celebrated with a delicious meal at Sakayu Restaurant. The chef at the hibachi table enlightened all of us with his expertise and tricks. The third graders are learning about force and motion. We are learning all about how things work and how simple machines have made our lives easier. We have moved bricks and seen how much force is needed to move objects.

A child is… A butterfly in the wind, some can fly higher than others; but each one flies the best it can. — Author Unknown

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June 11, 2011

4T H GR A D E May was an exciting month in 4th grade. Our writing blossomed into poetry. Our students were immersed in a myriad of verse that allowed them to try their hand in writing poetry of all kinds. Their poems tickled our senses as we read through rhymes, haiku, limericks and verse that touched the heart.  

On the 24th of May, we joined together with the other elementary schools for our traditional fun and games at filed day. We shared a day of competition and camaraderie with classmates and friends of the future.

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June 11, 2011

5TH GRAD E Fifth Graders have been hard at

Students were ecstatic to receive

work as they ready

their yearbooks. Thank you to the

themselves for 6th

PTA for putting together this

grade. At NYMSSA

incredible collage of memories.

the fifth grade

Students are anxiously awaiting their

chorus received a

move up day. They are practicing

gold medal for their

their songs and are excited to take

performance. We

the next step in their educational

have been hard at work in science. We are studying plants and how they respond to light.  We are looking forward to Bar Beach. 

Ms. Ruggiano’s students had a wonderful time showing off all of their hard work during their Latin Fiesta!

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June 11, 2011

A RT S TU D IO End of the Year Portfolio Project!

their incredibly beautiful work at the 3rd Annual Herricks Student

•Antony D. •Ryan Z.

Art Gallery at the Clark Botanic

•Joshua Y.

Excitement is in the air as the student artists in the

Gardens. We are so impressed by

•Michelle T.

their exciting work!

•Jacqueline L.

Searingtown Art Studio collect,

They are:

•Andrew F.

complete and document their art

•Gowri M.

•Sara A.

and secure the year’s worth of

•Nithin K.

•Jennifer Z.

work in their handmade

•Seungmin B.

•Irene J.

portfolio! It is time to look at

•Emma Y.

•Benjamin P.

what we have accomplished this year, both individually and as a

•Sofia A. •Erica P.

•Steve C. •Jenna S.


•Gurnoor K.

•John B.


•Kristina K.

•Adelyn L.

7:30 am - 3:30pm. Any portfolios

•Devin E.

that are not picked up will be

•Inhwa K.

sent home with your child on

•Ekatrina A.

creative hand to the Wizard of

Friday, the 17th.

•Brianna D.

Oz musical by creating some

About half of our students

•Ashley C.

backdrops, making apple tree hat

from grades 1 - 5 are exhibiting

•Joshua C. •John L.

props and the famous witch melter!

their work at the Barnes & Noble

•Jake M. Art club reached out with a

Art Exhibit enthusiastically sponsored by Searingtown PTA! The theme is “Art through the Ages” . The children were asked to reflect on the images they saw in their Art History studies throughout the year. They used the sketches they drew during the year to serve as references and created artistic responses to what they learned. This work is unusual and beautiful! Don’t miss it! congratulations to all of the students! Thirty students from Searingtown will be exhibiting searingtown school • herricks u.f.s.d • may/june 2011•

June 11, 2011


Art club reached out with a creative hand to the Wizard of Oz musical  by creating some backdrops, making apple tree hat props and the famous witch melter!

Art Portfolios

searingtown school • herricks u.f.s.d • may/june 2011•

June 11, 2011

L IB R A R Y 2 0 1 0 - 1 1 W R A P- U P Library Statistics • 19,049 circulations, September 2010 - June 10, 2011 • Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Miss Mary Is Scary had the most “hold” requests. • Frank LaPinta and Isabella Romano, from Miss Smythe’s class checked out the most books this year (103 each!). • Ms. Grogan and Mrs. Soriento’s class takes the honor of being the class that has checked out the most books this year. • Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules was the most checked out title (106 check-outs); not surprisingly, Diary of a Wimpy Kid:The Last Straw, Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Greg Heffly’s Journal, and Diary of a Wimpy Kid:The Ugly Truth were numbers 2, 3, and 4 respectively. • The most searched for terms on our online catalog (Destiny Quest) were “Garfield” and “Pokemon”.

Author Visits Last week, Mrs. Kliegman set up a Skype visit with the super popular author of the “My Weird School” book series ~ DAN GUTMAN! Third grade students participated in a 45-minute question and answer session with Dan. Students were also delighted with their own “Our Weird School” book jackets that they created (see a few examples on the

Awards & Grants

following page) which included such titles as, “Mr.

This year the library program received the following awards and grants: • Searingtown Librarian, Karen Kliegman, was chosen as Nassau BOCES School Library System’s School Librarian of the Year! • Mrs. Kliegman received a grant from Long Island School Media Association that enabled the library to purchase 2 NOOKcolor eReaders. The library now has 6 NOOKs! • Our 5th grade research project, Survivor MD, received Honorable Mention from ISTE in the SIGMS Technology & Innovation Award. • Our school test-piloted the integration of BrainPop & Google Apps for Education for BrainPop!

Fran Likes to Tan” and “Mr. Dugger is a Juggler”! Thanks to our wonderful P.T.A., earlier this year, we were treated this year to an author visit from Doreen Rappaport, author of many awardwinning picture book biographies! We were also treated to a visit from Len Berman, sports news anchor and children’s book author.

Viking Explorers ready for our 4th Grade Wax Museum!

RESEARCH RECAP This has been an incredible year in our 4th and 5th grade research program! Over the course of the year, students have researched: • Native Americans • Explorers • American history, historical fiction and famous American artwork • Health and Body Systems Students became experts in navigating our online catalog, Destiny Quest, where they were able to create their own personal accounts, write book reviews, and recommend books to friends. They also excelled in navigating our Virtual Library Website and took advantage of databases such as BrainPop,WorldBook Science, and Culturegrams. Throughout the various projects, students learned about the “Big 6” Research Method; note-taking, citation; internet safety; cyberbullying - as well as various technologies, including blogging, working with wikis, creating online Mixbooks, using and sharing Google documents, creating videos with flip cameras, and PowerPoint.

searingtown school • herricks u.f.s.d • may/june 2011•

June 11, 2011




searingtown school • herricks u.f.s.d • may/june 2011•

June 11, 2011


Suggestions for Summer Fun from the ESL Department There are  wonderful  children's   attractions  on  Long  Island.  Take   the  whole  family  to  one  or  more  of   these  children's  attractions  and   you'll  all  have  a  great  time.  Please   check  each  attraction's  website  for   current  opening  dates  and  times  of   operation:

The Long  Island  Children's   Museum  -­‐  11  Davis  Avenue,   Garden  City  (516)  224-­‐5800

Old Bethpage  Village  Restoration   -­‐  1303  Round  Swamp  Road,  Old   Bethpage (516)  572-­‐8401

The Cradle  of  Aviation  Museum  -­‐   Charles  Lindbergh  Boulevard,  East   Garden  City   (516)  572-­‐4111

The Theodore  Roosevelt   Sanctuary  &  Audubon  Center  -­‐   134  Cove  Road,   Oyster  Bay  (516)  922-­‐3200

Long Island  Game  Farm  Wildlife   Park  &  Children's  Zoo  -­‐  Chapman   Boulevard,   Manorville  (631)  878-­‐6670

The Vanderbilt  Museum  -­‐180   Little  Neck  Road,  Centerport  (631)   854-­‐5555 Atlantis  Marine  World  -­‐  431  East   Main  Street,  Riverhead  (631)   208-­‐9200


Association Festival (NYSSMA) and performed magnificently.

and received the highest rating of gold with distinction.

We would like to congratulate

The 5th grade chorus under the

Searingtown School could not

our musicians at Searingtown.

direction of Erica Warner sang

be more proud of our students

Both the Searingtown 5th Grade

a level two program and

and their accomplishments.

Chorus and the Searingtown

received a gold rating. The

Thank you once again to the

Orchestra attended the New

Searingtown Orchestra under

community for their continued

York State School Music

the direction of Andrea Somma

support of the Herricks Music

performed a level one program


searingtown school • herricks u.f.s.d • may/june 2011•

June 11, 2011


Looking for good books to read this summer? Visit the Herricks Virtual Library Suggested Summer Reading Page. Our library also has a selection of ebooks that can be read right on your computer at home! If you would like more information (a password is required), please email Karen Kliegman:

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