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April 2018

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Volume 16 Issue 4

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Volume 16 * Issue 4

April 2018

The Liberty Leader Newspaper

Volume 16 Issue 4

JVJ Business Center's objective is to provide adults a forum for communication and entertainment through the medium of the Internet. JVJ Business Center, will provide to adults in the community (1) access to the methods of communication and volumes of information available on the Internet, and (2) access to the Internet at a cost they can afford and in a way that will not make them feel socially, economically or politically isolated. JVJ Business Center's goal is to provide adults with a social, educational, entertaining and comfortable atmosphere for communication and entertainment. JVJ Business Center will be a unique, upscale, and innovative environment providing customers with an atmosphere favorable for socialization. Affordable access to the Internet and other online services will be provided in an environment that will not intimidate a novice user. JVJ Business Center will position itself as an educational resource for individuals wishing to learn about the different benefits the Internet has to offer. JVJ Business Center is locates at 260 & 264 Liberty Plaza. JVJ Business Center will provide full access to the Internet, as well as other services including gaming, typing, e-mail, searching the net, print/fax/scan/coping of documents, downloads and CD burning. General office supplies such as pens, pencils, highlighters, paper and portfolios will be offered as a convenience for a small fee. Our goal is to offer adults in the community convenient and affordable access to their online needs.

Ph 336-795-0054 / Cell 336-404-9791

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April 2018

The Liberty Leader Newspaper

Volume 16 Issue 4

Liberty, NC

Take Advantage of Our End of Tax Season Special $30 off of tax preparation service* Coupon redeemable ONLY at H&R Block in Liberty, NC 219 S. Greensboro St. (next to Old Dollar General)

Make your appointment today 336-715-1500 Must bring this coupon to receive discount *on tax preparation service charge of $150 or more

Ph 336-795-0054 / Cell 336-404-9791

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April 2018

The Liberty Leader Newspaper

Volume 16 Issue 4

Sleeping Dog’s Lie By: David Scotton I have many clients that understand how hard it is to treat a patient that cannot tell you what seems to be wrong. When they mention this to me, I typically nod my head and say, “It does make it difficult sometimes.” Perhaps it is a true statement, but I have considered the alternative and I think I will stick with status quo. I think if animals could talk it would actually make my job much worse. In fact, I suspect that it would dramatically change the way that we all feel about our four legged companions. In veterinary medicine, we talk about the clinical signs rather than the symptoms. When you are describing what is happening to someone else, you are giving your interpretation of the problem. Clients come into the hospital and we ask questions to try to ascertain the clinical signs that the pet is demonstrating to get the diagnosis. It is less direct and can lead to misinterpretation, but is the only option we have. How do they seem to feel? Are they coughing or vomiting? How are their bowel movements? Have they eaten anything unusual? We can ask the most intimate question about a pet’s behavior and bodily function and in most cases the client will honestly inform us to the best of their knowledge. If things were different and we were able to directly ask the pet about its symptoms, I suspect they would answer much the same way as many of their human counterparts about their symptoms. They would be vague, evasive and most likely they would lie. If I were able to ask a dog “Have you eaten anything unusual” I am sure the answer would be “No.” I am a reasonably skilled interrogator. “No dead things, something maybe you found in the yard?” I imagine I would get an eye roll and the “look” perfected by teenagers and they would reply “I don’t eat things that are still alive and I always eat in the yard.” Does your stomach hurt? “Nope, feels fine” How are your bowel movements? “Eww Gross! Fine.” My only hope would be to have a family member that would rat them out. Young children are the best sources of information since they are usually forthcoming, open and honest. “He ate a pair of underwear and he has felt sick since then. His poops are loose and he has vomited twice since yesterday.” I would look disapprovingly at my patient and say “Really Dude! Why did you lie to me?” I would already know the answer having been a patient myself. I guess down deep we just do not want anything to be wrong. The same type of thing would probably happen with cats, but it is unlikely they would be willing to speak to humans even if they could. The only thing worse than trying to diagnose the problem would be listening to the complaints about the care and the recommendations that they had received. “Spikey, Dr. David says we need to put you on a diet.” “What? That is crazy! I hate that food. The guy is a maniac. He needs a diet worse than me. I’m just big boned. And you know what, he hinted at neutering me last time I was there! Well I sure fixed the leg of his receptionist’s desk.” I’m just not sure it would make us any happier or strengthen the human-animal bond if our pets were talking back. With that said, we love our pets. We love their personalities and all the attention they give us. It is good to have a friend that listens attentively, looks at you lovingly and lacks the ability to complain or comment on your appearance. I do wish I could know how bad they feel when they come into the office so I could help alleviate some of their pain. Always hoping to communicate better, I am forever asking my hurt canine patients how they feel. The only response I ever get that is even close to verbal communication is “Ruff,” but I understand.

Ph 336-795-0054 / Cell 336-404-9791

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April 2018

The Liberty Leader Newspaper

Volume 16 Issue 4

The Liberty Artisan & Craft Gallery 5546 NC Hwy 49N- Liberty, NC 27298 Phone: (336)622-3720 Tue - Sat 10am-5pm

Find The Perfect Gift At The Gallery

Jewelry, Local Pottery, Wreaths, Baskets, Painted Glasswares, Metal & Glass Garden Decor, Metal Bottle Trees and more. Barn Quilts: You pick your pattern or color and choose from our in house stock, 2’x2’, 3’x3’ or 4’x4’

The Liberty Artisan & Craft Gallery Invites you to our 1st Annual Liberty Basket Weave-In Saturday, April 14, 2018 - 7:45 am to 5:30 pm American Legion Post #81 – 604 S Greensboro St, Liberty, NC 27298 Come for a fun-filled day of basket weaving and fellowship!

The Liberty Artisan & Craft Gallery 5546 NC Hwy 49N- Liberty, NC 27298 Phone: (336)622-3720 Tue - Sat 10am-5pm

We Ship via UPS

We Accept UPS Drop-Off Packages FREE! We accept: * ARS (Authorized Return Service) * RS (Return Service) * Internet (

Guaranteed Delivery or Your Money Back! Free Package Tracking Free Coverage on Packages with $100 or Less DV

Events for Liberty Farmers Market 2018 Located Across From Food Lion Shopping Center

We will be bringing in (6) Instructors that will be doing a morning class and an afternoon class. Morning classes are from 8:30 am – 12:30 pm/ Afternoon classes are from 1:30 am – 5:30 pm Registration and light breakfast from 7:45 – 8:15 and lunch from 12:30 – 1:30. Light snacks and beverages will be available for you throughout the day. Call or e-mail and we can send complete registration packet, with brochure of all the baskets that we will be making. 336-622-3720

A p r i l 2 6th- G r o w i n g Tomatoes for Fun and Profit Tomatoes are by far the most popular vegetables in the home garden. Come and learn the art and science of tomato production. Covering a wide array of topics including varietal selection, fertilization, and trellising, we will be learning what it takes to grow wonderful here in Randolph County.

M a y 1 7th- O r g a n i c Vegetable Pest Control Environmentally friendly gardening is a lot harder than in may seem. Choosing pest control methods is an important step in any vegetable production setup. Come learn the basics for organic vegetable production and how it is different from traditional forms of gardening. We will be discussing cultural and mechanical pest control methods as well as an overview of currently labeled organic chemical pest control methods.

Ph 336-795-0054 / Cell 336-404-9791

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April 2018

The Liberty Leader Newspaper

Volume 16 Issue 4

Liberty Hardware 130 W Swannanoa Ave. Liberty, NC. 27298 336-622-4701

Barn stars have arrived! 3 Sizes! Come check it out!

Stop by the Liberty Bargain Shop Thrift Store! Wednesday & Saturday 10am - 2pm Thursday & Friday 10am - 5pm 329 W. Bowman Avenue Liberty, NC 27298 Extra parking in the lot just past the store Items we do not take Exercise equipment, Computers, Old TVs, Large Appliances

Proceeds from the Bargain Shop Thrift Store are used to fund the Emergency Assistance Program sponsored by the Liberty Association of Churches.

Ph 336-795-0054 / Cell 336-404-9791

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April 2018

Awesome Finds 129 W Swannanoa Ave, Liberty, NC 27298 (336) 622-6223

Come see are large selection of prom dresses

Large half price sale underway come see the great deals Sunday, Monday, Tuesday closed Wednesday Thursday, Friday 11-5pm Saturday 10-3pm

Volume 16 Issue 4

The Liberty Leader Newspaper

Dewey & Leslie Brown Celebrate Debut Album Release With Must-See Show at The Liberty Showcase Theater This Saturday Liberty, N.C. - Bluegrass fans have plenty to look forward to as Bluegrass favorites Dewey & Leslie Brown With The Carolina Gentlemen release their long-awaited debut album, Under the Mountain. The heartfelt singers are celebrating the occasion with a show this Saturday, March 17, at The Liberty Showcase Theater. "It is a pleasure to debut our album at The L i b e r t y Showcase in Liberty, North Carolina" said an excited Dewey about the upcoming s h o w. , L e s l i e adds, "We are so excited to show you all what we have been working on, we really hope you enjoy it!" During the show, fans can expect to hear all-new music played live for the first time, along with bluegrass standards. The group gave fans the first taste of the new project with the lead single, “Those Old Mountains.” The powerhouse song was penned by Leslie and tells her story about growing up as a coal miner’s daughter in the Appalachian Mountains. Dewey gained notoriety playing for over a decade with the late Dr. Ralph Stanley. Over the years, Brown has recorded with top artists like Josh Turner, Dierks Bentley and Lee Ann Womack, while also making high profile performances on The David Letterman Show, Carnegie Hall, countless Grand Ole Opry appearances, while also playing for the Queen of England. Tickets for the event start at just $10 and are available at

You Know What Day It Is..

HUMP DAY!!! Hump Day Dinner 2nd Wednesday of each month You Are Invited Bethany United Methodist Church 6151 Bethany Way, Staley FREE DINNER Come One - Come All Any Donations are forwarded to Bethany UMC and Liberty Assoc. of Churches

Ph 336-795-0054 / Cell 336-404-9791

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April 2018

Volume 16 Issue 4

The Liberty Leader Newspaper


Lets Us Get Your House Ready And get your house ready for holidays

L IBER TY 232 N. Greensboro St. Liberty, NC 27298


336-669-4075 THANK YALL’

Coble's Pressure Washing

(336) 622-2248

HELP AT THE PUSH OF A BUTTON FIRSTCALL MEDICAL MONITORING Living alone can be an uneasy situation for medically-at-risk-seniors. FirstCall is a medical monitoring service that is a reliable, non intrusive, cost effective solution. FirstCall provides individuals the satisfaction of living independently giving them peace of mind that comes in knowing help is only a button push away. Get yours today!

95 /mo


211 West Swannanoa Avenue Liberty, NC | 336.622.7900 | Ph 336-795-0054 / Cell 336-404-9791 Page 8 of 32

April 2018

The Liberty Leader Newspaper

South Eastern Karate Association

Serving Liberty for Nearly 25 Years Starting New Students Any Time Ages 5 to Adult No hidden fees or contracts required $45 per month (family discount available) 114 West Swannanoa Ave. Liberty NC (3rd floor)

Moo Duk Kwan Tae Kwon Do Call 919-548-5689 for information

Memory Lane 3/31/53: Liberty News Ad for Staley's Lake. Most of us remember it as a great place to go swim, dance, and hear some great tunes on the jukebox. In 1953 it was a great place to fish. (a.k.a. "Alk's Ocean". :) ) 3/31/53: Liberty News Ad for Staley's Lake. Most of us remember it as a great place to go swim, dance, and hear some great tunes on the jukebox. In 1953 it was a great place to fish. (a.k.a. "Alk's Ocean". :) )

Volume 16 Issue 4

The Eastern Randolph High School FFA Alumni in cooperation with Jay Hinson and his Lucky J. Rodeo Company and Arena is presenting their 15th annual Jeff Hinson Memorial North Carolina High School Rodeo. It will be held on May 4th and May 5th at 7:00 pm at the Lucky J Arena on Hwy 64 East of Ramseur. The arena is at the intersection of Hwy 64 and Shady Grove Road near Ramseur. The purpose of this event is to raise scholarship money for graduating FFA members, assist in sending FFA members to local, state, and national leadership conferences, and to help financially support the Agriculture Education/FFA programs at Eastern Randolph High School and Southeastern Randolph Middle School. This event is being governed by the N.C. High School Rodeo Association. They are a non-profit organization dedicated to the development of sportsmanship, horsemanship, and character in the youth of our state. They give high school students the opportunity to participate and compete in this unique and challenging sport. The NCHSRA offers a rodeo program that sets high school rodeo apart from the other varsity sports. The athletes compete on a scale comparable to collegiate and professional rodeo competitors. Contestants will compete in the following events: Bull Riding, Barrel Racing, Pole Bending, Breakaway Calf Roping, Cattle Cutting, Team Roping, Goat Tying, Bareback Riding, Saddle Bronc Riding, Calf Roping, & Steer Wrestling. There are over 40 local sponsors many of whom have sponsored all fifteen of the rodeo events. Wayne Thomas Chevrolet & Cadillac is the overall sponsor of this event. Other major sponsors are Caviness Farms Grading, Inc. of Siler City, Harvest House of Ramseur, Swaim Heating and Air Conditioning of Climax, Randolph County Farm Bureau, Liberty Farm and Garden, Randolph County Livestock and Poultry Improvement Association, Carolina Stockyards of Siler City, Culpepper Wood Preservers of Coleridge, James River Equipment of Asheboro, and the Eastern Randolph Vet Clinic. Food sales will start at 5:30 pm for participants and people attending the rodeo event. Tickets are $8 in advance and $10 at the gate. Children 5 years and under get in free. Tickets can be purchased at Eastern Randolph High School and the Wayne Thomas Dealership in Asheboro. This is a family event and we will have activities for young children each night. We will have local area students participating both nights as well as other high school students from across the state.

For more information call Raymond Caviness at 919-742-3296 or 336-953-1424.

Jade and Paige Boutique Visit us at: OR Fond us on Facebook at Jade and Paige Boutique

Sherry Allen Owner 919-799-1583

Services include vinyl monogramming and custom designs for shirts, decals, baby gifts, jewelry and more! Ph 336-795-0054 / Cell 336-404-9791

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April 2018

The Liberty Leader Newspaper

Volume 16 Issue 4

Patterson Cottage to Host Yard Sale, Announces Gifts The Patterson Cottage Museum will host its annual yard sale at the Cottage the fourth Saturday in April (April 28), the same day as the Liberty Antiques Festival. All proceeds will go toward maintaining the 1884 Cottage and its contents. None of the museum’s holdings will be for sale but several people have donated items especially for the yard sale, including Museum committee members. Jack Garner has donated 86 stereoscope slides along with a metal stereoscope for the museum to sell. Some of the slides are rare, such as one of the USS Maine and another of an Indian ghost dance. Garner also donated a percussion musket, age unknown, for the yard sale. Garner is a long-time supporter of the museum, having donated many artifacts in the past, including four percussion rifles, including two Jamestown rifles, antique cameras, maps, photos, a locally made 1860’s chest of drawers, a spoon mold, a pipe mold and many other items too many to mention. “We’ll sell all the stereoscope cards together, along with the viewer,” said Warren Dixon, Patterson Cottage Committee chairman. “They’re worth several hundred dollars, but we’ll try to get at least $125.00 for them. I think the musket should be worth at least that, too.” There is one very mysterious item that has been donated anonymously, Dixon added. It’s a note in a bottle that was purchased in the 1970’s at Wanchese, on Roanoke Island on the N.C. Outer Banks. The note in the old bottle reads: “To the finder: I cast this bottle into the sea from the Schooner Northern Light out of the port of New Bedford, Mass, to see how far it will float and how long it will take to be found. I threw this into the sea just off Hatteras, North Carolina on the third day of May in the year eighteen hundred and seventy eight. Please post me a letter telling me the date and whereabouts this was found. Post to: Phillip Purrington on Johnny Cake Hill, New Bedford, Mass. Send me your name and address and I will write you back agin (sic).” Dixon said he went onto and to his surprise, a Phillip Purrington born in 1840, did live in New Bedford, MA, sold pottery there and died there in 1886. The bottle, embossed “Darley Park Brewery Baltimore, MD” was from a brewery in Baltimore that was in business during the period the bottle was supposedly thrown overboard. And the note in the bottle was written on a page from a publication published around 1876. In addition, there was a schooner named “Northern Light” at the time although it’s not certain that it ever sailed out of New Bedford. Dixon says he found several ships named “Northern Light” during that period, including a whaler. “The bottle would make a great conversation piece for someone’s beach house,” said Dixon. “And by buying it, you’d be helping the Patterson Cottage, too.” Dixon also announced several donations to the museum itself, artifacts which will be on display in the spring. Harris Wiley York donated the arrowhead collection of her late husband, Frank York, along with a large walnut display case made by the late Talmadge Smith. Harris, who grew up in the Victorian SmithWiley house, also donated a love seat from the house, several photo albums, a crocheted throw of Liberty High School, won by her husband in 1950, and several other items. Wade Shelton donated a Great Spinning Wheel, once owned by Troy and Ella Troy Smith. Troy Smith, born 1896, was general manager of Smith Motors which his father C.P. “Toppy” Smith founded on Depot Street in the early 1900’s. “We’d like to thank Harris and Wade for their generosity,” Dixon said. “If we don’t preserve these treasures, they’ll soon be lost. Now future generations can enjoy them.” The Patterson Cottage Museum is also currently sponsoring a Civil War display in the library. The display commemorates the anniversary of the Battle of Bentonville near Four Oaks, N.C. which pitted Union Major General William T. Sherman against the Confederate troops of Joseph Johnston. Bentonville was the largest battle ever fought in North Carolina, involving over 60,000 Union troops and 21,000 Confederates. The Confederates, badly outnumbered, fought from March 19-21 until finally retreating. Both sides lost a total of over 4,000 men killed and wounded. Johnston finally surrendered his remaining forces at Bennett Place near Durham. All the artifacts in the display, including bullets lodged in wood, a broken sword and ramrod, were found on the battlefield and collected by an individual who wishes to remain anonymous. The Cottage would like to thank him for being willing to share his collection with the public. For a tour of the museum or more information on the Cottage please call Warren Dixon, 336-622-2731.

Ph 336-795-0054 / Cell 336-404-9791

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April 2018

The Liberty Leader Newspaper

Volume 16 Issue 4

" Local Alamance County Sawmill is looking for General Laborers, Machine Operator and Maintenance Personnel." Our benefits are listed below: 8 Paid Holiday Paid Vacation Medical, Dental and Vision Insurance Short Term Disability Long Term Disability Life Insurance Overtime will be a requirement with any of the above positions. Call 336-376-5803 or come to the office and put in an application. 4408 Mt Hermon Rock Creek Rd Graham, NC 27253 between 9am - 12 pm or 3pm - 5pm.

CGT Photography Contact us for your prom photos senior photos family photos $50 For Hour Session Phone 336-404-9791 Ph 336-795-0054 / Cell 336-404-9791

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Snow Camp Outdoor Theatre P.O. Box 353 301 Drama Rd Snow Camp, NC 27349

April 2018

The Liberty Leader Newspaper

Volume 16 Issue 4

Tropica Tan Getting ready for a cruise? Mini vacation? Summer? Or possibly a wedding? Stop by and see which packages are right for you.

Tues. - Fri. 11am - 8pm . Sat.9am - 2pm Closed Sun. & Mon 112 W Swannanoa Ave Downtown Liberty 336–795-0259

New Hours Tue, Wed, Thur 4 to 8 pm Fri Sat 1 to 9pm Closed Sun Mon

436 N Greensboro St. Liberty, NC. 27298 (336)795-0003

Shrub trimming. Debris removal. Tree trimming and removal. Mulch. Gravel. Etc. Ph 336-795-0054 / Cell 336-404-9791

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April 2018

Volume 16 Issue 4

The Liberty Leader Newspaper

Get Creative at the Liberty Library!

APRIL 2018

JOIN US EVERY THURSDAY 3:30 PM– 4:30 PM *Ages 12 & Up*

April 2018 SCHEDULE April 5th Beaded Wind Chime April 12th Sea Glass Candle Holder

April 19th Marbled Paper April 26th Jewelry Making with Janette


212 W Swannanoa Ave, Liberty

Ph 336-622-2256 Office

LAPSIT (best for ages 0-2 yrs) Wednesdays at 10:30 AM April April April April

4 - Parachute Play 11 - Fun with Felt 18 - Move & Shake 25 - Sensory Play

FAMILY (best for ages 2-5 yrs) Wednesdays at 11:00 AM April 4 - Pockets! April 11 - Love Your Library for National Library Week April 18 - Celebrate Earth Day April 25 - Rolling Along

Kids Can Create! April 2018

Free programs for School Age Children Thursdays at 3:30 PM

Ph 336-622-2258 Obit Line

Tyson Nixon, Manager And Staff

d y an ! a l P s Free ctivitie O G a E . L .A .M S.T.E

Serving The Local Community

Thursday Apr 5, 12, 19: LEGO FREEPLAY Thursday Apr. 26 Print-making patterns with plants!

Ph 336-795-0054 / Cell 336-404-9791

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April 2018

Volume 16 Issue 4

The Liberty Leader Newspaper

Join Us (Wed.) May 23rd for a Pot Luck Dinner at the cabin and the Host Band - Sideline Skip Cherry Holmes - Corn Hole Tournament Saturday May 26th (1st & @nd place prizes) Teams must Register

Moonshiners Meet and Greet Friday and Saturday! (Must have armband to enter the grounds) Professional affordable Yard Care •

Cutting/weedeating/blowing services

Gardening packages available - will weed and maintain beds

Renovate existing beds – edge, weed, prune, straw

Background check available

Testimonies/recommendations on site

Free estimate

336-684-0052 // Ph 336-795-0054 / Cell 336-404-9791

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April 2018

Volume 16 Issue 4

The Liberty Leader Newspaper

Take a evening off from cooking! Come to the Semi- Annual Liberty Ruritan Club Fried Chicken and BBQ Dinner Sat. April 28 From 11am to 7pm Liberty Ruritan Hut on Highway 49 North Cost $8.00 per plate including dessert Dine-in or Take-out


STALEY, NC 27298



Wade Hardin Landscapes Contact Wade Hardin (336)240-7925

"Time to PLANT trees and shrubs"

Free Estimates Insured References Upon Request

I will always give you an honest days work!

Nathan Adams

Seeding & Fertilizing Pruning & Trimming Irrigation Property Clean Up Tree Removal Bobcat & Dump Truck Pine Needles & Mulch New Installations (and repairs) Insect & Disease Control

EARTH VISIONS Therapeutic Massage - Medical Massage

Specific Massage It is your turn to be pain free. Get Your Life Back Phone 336-622-1844 Novella Kennedy, LMBT NC Lic 4586 National Certification You could be HERE right now!

Shouldn’t financial guidance be about


not sales?

Feel well again! Call for your appointment.

5264 York Martin Rd, Liberty, NC www,

I can give you trusted, understandable – and FREE* – financial guidance to help you achieve your financial goals. Let’s talk – I can help you plan for life. Modern Woodmen of America

JB Griffith, 3rd, FIC, LUTCF, ChFC®, CLU® 147 S. Fayetteville Street P.O. Box 699 Liberty, NC 27298 B 336-622-6020 C 336-908-1748


*There is no obligation to buy.

Ph 336-795-0054 / Cell 336-404-9791

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April 2018

Volume 16 Issue 4

The Liberty Leader Newspaper Community Area Ride Service


Ph 622-4208 M-Th 11am-9pm F-Sat 11am-9pm

Whole Ham BBQ

Cooked Fresh Never Frozen Daily Hot Bar Specials FREE WIFI

Now Serving

Flounder & Shrimp Thur,Fri & Sat Call Us For All Your Catering Needs Beaver Creek Also Have A Mobile Kitchen Dining Room Available For Rent On Sunday’s With or Without Food

Call To Reserve

Fourth Saturday Each Month Is Date Night Here 2 For Specials

Now open on Sunday's for Breakfast & Lunch. Hours: Breakfast 7am-11am Lunch 11am -2pm

New Summer Hours Effective April 15th, 2017 Mon-Fri 6am-8pm Sat 7am-8pm Sun 1pm- 5pm 4508 NC Hwy 49N, Liberty

Phone 336-622-1531 Visit our new web page @

Call Dispatcher At 336-622-5774 Mon-Fri 8am-5pm

Live Bait sold all year (minnows, crickets, and worms) Fishing Tackle And Hunting Supplies

Is it really Spring????? I hope so!! In April the 100 Man Project, Inc. members are showing appreciation to those who volunteer for our Reading Program, C.A.R.S. Programs, Dental Clinic and the Liberty School Service Program that we host. The Appreciation Dinner will be held at the Fire Department on April 24th at 6:00. If you have not responded, please do so to Sue S h o w f e t y, Thank you to all who have served. We could not be Earth Visions offers:

Group Exercise Programs Group Outdoor Education

Personal Coaching

Total Body Awareness

Call EARTH VISIONS to Learn More: 622-1844

Movement, Balance and Strength It's more than just Exercise M W F: 6am or 8am T Th 6pm

Earth Visions

5264 York Martin Rd,Liberty

Conceal weapon class August 8th Starts @1pm and lunch will be provided Cost $100 Please call 336-622-1531 to register

For All Ages

516 N Greensboro St


A local non-profit organization based in Liberty. We offer transportation for residents of Liberty or Staley or folks that have a 622-Telephone exchange to medical facilities, social services or nursing homes.

New fishing items coming daily! Self Defense Class Starts at (am cost $30 per person location Mt. pleasant Baptist Church

Hoop Cheese, Pinto Beans, Raw Peanuts, Country Ham, Old Fashion Candy, Conrad and Hinkle and Delaney’s Pimento Cheese, Local beef and pork Homeland Creamery Milk and Ice Cream We Now Offer 90% Octane non Ethanol Gas Gas (reg, non ethanol, off road fuel, diesel)

Where Fitness, Fun & Fellowship Become One!

Ph 336-795-0054 / Cell 336-404-9791

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April 2018

Volume 16 Issue 4

The Liberty Leader Newspaper

DENTISTRY Edward Scott DDS - Erin Scott DDS

Family, Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry “Emergencies Seen Same Day” Located in the Forest Oaks Community

336-674-2497 or 336-674-6936 5439 Liberty Rd, Greensboro 336-944-4248 - Residence Ph 336-795-0054 / Cell 336-404-9791

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April 2018

Volume 16 Issue 4

The Liberty Leader Newspaper

RC Computers

Computer Sales * Service * Upgrades * Networking Residential & Commercial Nothing Too Big Or Too Small 126 W Swannanoa Ave (Downtown Liberty) Ph 336-795-0118

Virus Removal Custom Built & Used Computer Sales

Watch Battery Replacement Repair Smart Phones (Screen Replacement) Buy Gold / Silver/ Coins Copy / Fax / Internet We Now Offer Security Camera Installations Laminating Faxing Copying Here



We Now Offer Soldering

Locally Owned & Operated By

Richard Clapp

Elijah Satterfield

A+ Certified Technician 15 + Years Of Service Microsoft Professional

Korben Montes

Porter Clark

Tyler Maher

Gavin Powers

Carlos Taylor



Same Day Or Next Day Turnaround

Eli Perry

Ph 336-795-0054 / Cell 336-404-9791

Alex Turner

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Elijah Satterfield

April 2018

The Liberty Leader Newspaper

Volume 16 Issue 4

Teague’s Farm And Garden

It’s great how farming brings people together. Nationwide is the Nation’s #1 insurer of Farms and Ranches and we would love the opportunity to discuss your coverages with you.

8912 Pleasant Hill Church Rd. Snow Camp, NC. 27349 (336)376-6660

We have a fresh load of Long Leaf Pine Needles

Making A Difference ! Silas Christenbury and family spent 7 hours gathering trash starting in downtown staley. Then down old staley road and langley road in the Staley community. Many pounds of garbage was collected finding everything from glass bottles to cash registers with the largest item being a television set. A lot of progress was made which would not have been possible without Main Street Grill donating a large roll of extra tall trash bags. We received lots of waves from passer Byers. One fine gentleman was so impressed he brought us each a cold drink!

Ph 336-795-0054 / Cell 336-404-9791

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April 2018

The Liberty Leader Newspaper


Volume 16 Issue 4

we are

to help, to serve, to love, to bring hope. First United Methodist Church 123 N. Fayettevil e St., Liberty NC 27298 Rev. Lisa Tanico 336.253.8672 (cell) 336.622.4682 (office)

Collision Center Collision Repair for ALL Insurance InsuranceCompanies Companies

Friendly Beauty Shop 514 N Greensboro St, Liberty

Ph 622-4989

437 Frances Dr. Liberty NC

Mandy Over 26 years of Experience Auto Body Repair - Paint Color Match 2 - Frame Straightening - Paintless Dent Removal - Glass Repair - On Site Rental Cars6 Towing & Recovery – Insurance Claims Specialist




Open Monday – Friday 8-5 / Saturday 9-1 re

Ph 336-795-0054 / Cell 336-404-9791

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April 2018

Volume 16 Issue 4

The Liberty Leader Newspaper

Phone 336-622-5007 161 S Greensboro St, Liberty NC

Come Visit With Jane And The Twisters Pork Chop Sandwich Chicken Dumplings Tues Potato Soup - Wed Chili Beans Daily Veg Beef Soup Daily Numerous Other Great Deals

Hours: Monday to Saturday 10:30am – 9pm CLOSED Sunday

A P a r e nt s F e a r i s l o s i n g a ch i l d , b u t t h o s e w h o h a v e l o s t a ch i l d f e a r t h e t h o u g h t o f n e v e r s e e i n g t h e m a g ai n .

B e re av e me n t P a re n t s Su p p or t G r ou p E v er y 1 s t T h u r sd ay @ 7 : 0 0p m L ib e r t y F ir s t U n it e d M e th od i st C h u rc h J u st C o m e si t w it h u s

Image is of Stephanie Gee (right) & Kady Browne (left) of Randolph Communications with President of the Liberty Chamber, Shirley Pabst (middle)


K & K Parts

(on corner of Old 421 & Kinro Rd) We are your local Tractor Parts Dealer

We sell new aftermarket parts for most makes and model! Come by or give Joe Kirkman A Call At 336-622-3086

Ph 336-795-0054 / Cell 336-404-9791

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April 2018

Volume 16 Issue 4

The Liberty Leader Newspaper

China House


Chinese Restaurant

TASTE THE DIFFERENCE We Use The Finest Ingredients- Fresh & Healthy Hours Ph 336-622-1518

Swaim Electric Heat & A/C

3743 New Salem Rd , Climax 336-685-9722

Mon Closed

252 W Swannanoa Food Lion Plaza Liberty, NC 60 MONTHS 0% APR.* Heat Now, Pay Later.

Tue-Thu 10:30am -9pm Fri-Sat 10:30am-10pm Sun 10:30am-9pm

Y’all Come Back Cafe

Imagine coming home every day to an environment that’s as fresh, clean and healthy as it is comfortable. Now is the perfect time to make that a reality, with a Trane high performance heating and cooling system. And with 0% APR Financing with equal payments for 36 Months on a qualifying Trane systems, it’s never been so easy to own one.

119 S Fayetteville St, Liberty

Hurry! Must Purchase by February 29, 2012

Call now for a free home comfort consultation. Swaim Electric Heat & A/C Inc.

Foods So Good You’ll Wanna Come Back

3743 New Salem Rd Climax, NC




*Special financing offers valid on qualifying systems only. All sales must be to homeowners in the United States. Void where prohibited. The Home Projects Visa card is issued by Wells Fargo Financial National Bank. Special terms apply to qualifying purchases charged with approved credit at participating merchants. The special terms APR will continue to apply until all qualifying purchases are paid in full. 0% APR/60 Months: The minimum monthly payment will be the amount that will pay for the purchase in full in equal payments during the special terms period. For newly opened accounts, the regular APR is 27.99%. The APR will vary with the market based on the U.S. Prime Rate. The regular APR is given as of 1/10/2012. If you are charged interest in any billing cycle, the minimum interest charge will be $1.00. The regular APR will apply to certain fees such as a late payment fee or if you use the card for other transactions. If you use the card for cash advances, the cash advance fee is 5.0% of the amount of the cash advance, but not less than $10.00. Monthly payment if shown based on $7,100 purchase.

Ph 622-2984

Hours: Mon-Fri 6am-2pm Sat 6am-11am Sun 7am - 11am

Maximum comfort, lower heating and cooling costs, clean indoor air, and affordable payment options -- that’s the Trane difference.









Here to protect what’s most important. SERVING LIBERTY FOR 60 YEARS. #


At The Shattuck-Lawver Agency, we have a long history of doing what’s right. That includes a tradition of personal attention, and being right here in Liberty to help you protect what’s most important. CAYLEA CRAVEN STRICKLAND The Shattuck-Lawver Agency (336) 622-8000

Stop by my office or call for a free quote today.

Not all Nationwide affiliated companies are mutual companies and not all Nationwide members are insured by a mutual company. Nationwide, Nationwide is On Your Side, and the Nationwide N and Eagle are service marks of Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company. © 2014 Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company. NPR-0784AO (11/14)

Liberty Chiropractic Center 104 N Greensboro St, Liberty Phone (336)622-1600 ———————————————————

“Neck Pain, Knee Pain, Back Pain, Headaches, Family Wellness Care, Ear Infections, Allergies, Asthma, Scoliosis, Healthier Children, Bed Wetting, Pregnancy, Depression & Anxiety”

NOW ACCEPTING NEW PATIENTS Like Us On Facebook @ LibertyChiropracticCenter Ph 336-795-0054 / Cell 336-404-9791

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April 2018

The Liberty Leader Newspaper

Volume 16 Issue 4

Accounting Clerk / Bookkeeping Clerk
 Full Time or Part Time position

Will enter financial information into software, check this data for accuracy, manage daily deposits, reconcile monthly, create and manage invoices, file, and produce reports. Must have Word, Excel, Outlook knowledge. Experience in QuickBooks and Rent Manager is a plus. Hardin LLC 45 Industrial Park Road, Siler City, NC 27344 (Previous Palm Harbor / Nations Wide Homes building)

Self Storage Units Available!

5835-E Hwy 49 N (Former Roush Racing) 6,000sf building

919-799-7739 155 S. Greensboro St. 1,300sf, fenced in back lot. $750.00 month

House For sale 303 East. Luther Ave. Liberty, NC Beautiful yard with large trees. Corner 1.02 acre lot. 3,364sf Brick house 4BD 3.5BA Large screened in porch. $239,900.00

107 W. Bowman Ave. 5,000sf, fenced in lot

Apartments for rent For more information please contact Billy Hardin Hardin LLC 919-799-7739 336-202-9855

Mobile Storage


Gwen Taylor - Owner / Preparer 728 S Greensboro St, Liberty Ph 336-622-5722 Ph 336-795-0054 / Cell 336-404-9791

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April 2018

The Liberty Leader Newspaper

Volume 16 Issue 4

Extra, Extra, Read All About ‘Em!

Liberty Ruritan The Ruritan organization began in Holland, Virginia in 1928 and was co-founded by Tom Downing of Suffolk, Va. and Jack Gwaltney of Holland, Va. Downing and Gwaltney recognized the need for an organization where community leaders could meet and discuss ways to make their communities better places in which to live. Daisy Nurney, a reporter for the Virginian-Pilot Newspaper in Norfolk, suggested the name “Ruritan,” which was unanimously adopted. Divided into seven districts, the Ruritan is North Carolina’s largest rural community service organization with over 5800 members, 225 clubs. Albemarle, Cape Fear, Piedmont, Roanoke, Rocky-MountDurham, Greenville-Goldsboro, and Western N.C. represent the districts. On August 13, 1935, North Carolina’s first club, The Sunbury Ruritan was established. The organization is dedicated to improving communities while building a better America through fellowship, goodwill and community service. Club membership represents a cross section of the community the club serves and is available to all persons interested in their community. Some of the Ruritan’s objectives include unifying the efforts of individuals, organizations, and institutions in the community towards making it an ideal place to live, encouraging and fostering the idea of service as the basis of all worthy enterprise, and creating greater understanding between rural and urban people and the problems each face separately and collectively. So how did Liberty Ruritan Club come to fruition? From “down-east” in NC the farming community of West Edgecombe club sponsored our neighboring Silk Hope Ruritan club. Later on, the Silk Hope organization, just down the road, sponsored Liberty. The Liberty Ruritan Club was chartered April 21, 1958. In fact, Liberty Ruritan will be celebrating its 60th anniversary. West Edgecombe, Silk Hope and Liberty Ruritans along with several other clubs formed the Rocky Mount-Durham District of North Carolina. In fact, when looking at old historical minutes, I ran across numerous names. Some I recognized and didn’t even realize they were part of the organization. Check out the names and titles from a meeting held on March 13, 1958 in the Agriculture Building at Liberty School. Do you recognize any of them? Lt. Gov. - Byron Hargrove, Pres. - Dayton Newlin, Treas. - Harold Willard, Sec. - Harold Snider, Dist. Gov. - Morris Currin, Pres. - Wayne Isley, V. Pres. - Hal Milliken, Sec. A. P. Brower, Treas. - Harold Willard, Directors - Jack Shoffner, Joe Bill Flynt and John Moore. There were 53 members present. One of their first projects was a fish fry to buy lounge chair for Ronald Wicker whose back was broken in a tree falling accident. Still today people ask, “What is Ruritan? What do we do?" We remain a community service oriented organization and are here to help those in need in and around our community. Andy Sykes and Dee Martin, current members listed numerous charities and donations in which we have supported locally: donations to the Liberty Association of Churches, Town fireworks for Liberty’s July 4th Celebration, sponsored Liberty’s Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony, donated funds for ice cream appreciation social for Liberty Elementary teachers, in conjunction with Liberty American Legion Post 81 we place U.S. flags on veteran’s graves at Fairview, Macedonia Church and Gilmore Park Cemeteries at Memorial Day & Veteran’s Day, allocate funds to RCC to be used annually for scholarships at the community college for local Liberty area students, mow yards for individuals, and cut firewood for needy families. Since April 1991, we have been a proud supporter of the Adopt A Highway program. In fact, as of two years ago, we were one of the longest consecutive Adopt a Highway members in the state of North Carolina. Every quarter our members pick up trash from one city limit sign to another from the north end of town to the south end of town on both sides of the streets. In the past, we have sold community birthday and anniversary calendars as a means to raise money. We have hosted a couple of pinto bean suppers. We are most popular for our chicken and BBQ suppers held the last Saturday of every April and September. You will not find larger, juicier, or fresher chicken anywhere around. Remember, when the antiques start popping up in everyone’s yards, it is fried chicken time at the “hut!” As you can see, the money raised through our events is used to support people in our area and in our community. As we are all to well aware of, there is always someone in need. We never have to look far. Last, in closing, if you feel a desire to lend a hand in helping to make our community a better place in which to live and work, we invite you to attend one of our meetings. You don’t need to call ahead. We meet the 1st Monday evening of every month at 7:30 pm at the Liberty Ruritan Hut located just outside of town on Hwy. 49N in Liberty as you are heading toward Art’s Town ‘n Country Store. Much thanks for all the support given over the years to the Liberty Ruritan and for your continued support in the future.

Ph 336-795-0054 / Cell 336-404-9791

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Take a evening off from cooking! Come to the Semi- Annual Liberty Ruritan Club Fried Chicken and BBQ Dinner Sat. April 28 From 11am to 7pm Liberty Ruritan Hut on Highway 49 North Cost $8.00 per plate including dessert Dine-in or Take-out

April 2018

Volume 16 Issue 4

The Liberty Leader Newspaper

Southern Comfort Home Care “Home is where the heart is“ That’s where we want you to stay!!

Jennifer McCarty Owner/ Director


2435 Jay Shambley Rd Pittsboro, N.C. 27312

NCDOT Asks Motorists to Report Potholes and Keep Everyone Safe With winter weather comes more potholes as water freezes in cracks in the pavement. However, you can help. Visit the NCDOT website and let us know where it is located. Your report will go directly to the county maintenance office that will handle the request, expediting the process. As its name suggests, a pothole is a bowl-shaped hole in a road that usually forms as a result of water seeping into pavement cracks and freezing during winter months. Because water expands when it freezes, the cracks become wider and deeper. Over time, the larger cracks, combined with the weight of traffic, cause the road's pavement to break up. While potholes are more prevalent in early spring, they can occur year-round. Repairing potholes is important because they not only lead to more expensive road repairs but cause wear and tear on your vehicle, make for bumpy rides and pose safety risks. NCDOT is committed to repairing potholes on • state-maintained roads within two business days when they are reported using the online pothole reporting system. • 
 • To report potholes on other roads, contact the local public works department.
 For other issues or concerns about statemaintained roads, call 1-877-DOT-4YOU (1-800-368-4368).

Ph 336-795-0054 / Cell 336-404-9791

$9 Shampoo sets on Thursdays for seniors It has been a hard decision for us but a auction is planned for Saturday, April 14th, for my parents, Howard and Margaret Cheek, personal household items as well as shop items. Please share this information with your friends and family. Preview day is Friday, April 13. Please see the web sites for pictures and listing. It will be a HUGE auction. or

American Legion Post #81 The American Legion Post will be having a “Huge Yard Sale” the weekend of the Antiques Festival, April 27th & 28th, 2017. This sale will be inside the Post and on the grounds. The last Yard Sale held at the Post was attended by over 750 people. We are now accepting donations for this sale. 10’x10’ Booth spaces will also be available for vendors in a designated area on the grounds of the Post. Spaces will be $25.00 per day, rain, or shine. There will be a limited number of spaces so call Cary at 336-707-8177 early to reserve, they will go fast. Registration forms are attached below. All proceeds from the yard sale and booth rentals will go to support American Legion Projects. Contact any of the following Yard Sale Committee members for Donation pick up or more information: Cary McMasters – 336-707-8177 (cell) Ritchie York – 336-215-2503 (cell) Guy Troy – 336-622-3375 Joe Morgan – 336-622-3720 Gail Morgan – 336-337-5031 (cell)

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April 2018 • •

• •

• •

Volume 16 Issue 4

The Liberty Leader Newspaper

146 acres, old 421 Rd. North near Liberty city limits, long railroad frontage, 70+ acres clear, $10,000 per acre as a whole 228 Pickett Circle, 2 bedroom, 1 bath, kitchen and bath remodeled, replacement windows, new carpet and interior paint, central heat & air; $60,000.00 Near 4144 Old Julian Rd, Julian…25 wooded acres with creek on North side, older farm buildings, 127,500.00 4420 Alamance Church Rd., 25+ acres, wooded and open with bold running creek, 2 bedroom/1 bath,home , central heat&air, outbldgs.,new price! $159,000.00 #44 Santek Rd., Staley, 119 acres, may subdivide, across from proposed Chatham County Economic Development 1,800 acre site, call our office. 1.45 acre lot on liberty Grove Church Rd. Site built home only, $22,500.00 Building lots from 1/2 to 3 acres in all areas around Liberty. Some are site built only lots, some modular, some doublewide & single wide lots. $22,000 to 39,900 and some are with owner financing Call us for single family home rentals in the Liberty area!

Meacham Realty, Inc. Tom Meacham

205 E Swannanoa Ave- Liberty Office :622-1998 Fax: 622-5998 Email:


DIABETIC TESTING SUPPLIES 50 FREE test strips EVERY month if you do not use insulin FREE testing meter Join our Pay only $10 per box Diabetes for extra strips Care Club!* Lancets available at low cost *To be eligible for membership in Liberty Family Pharmacy’s Diabetes Care Club you must have all your prescriptions filled at Liberty Family Pharmacy. Call or visit our store for more information.

Liberty Family Pharmacy 430 North Greensboro Street Liberty, NC 27298

Save up to



Get $10 off your next purchase when you bring in a new or transferred prescription. Offer valid up to five prescriptions.

Call in your Rx at 336-795-0052

Gwen Taylor - Owner / Preparer 728 S Greensboro St, Liberty Ph 336-622-5722 Ph 336-795-0054 / Cell 336-404-9791

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Volume 16 Issue 4 April 2018 Liberty Leader Newspaper Kegs, Air Compressors, HondaThe Generator, R/R Jack, Cast Iron Wash Pot, Chicken Coop, Tillers, Pressure Washer, Edger, JD Gun Safe, Wind Mill, Dinner Bell, Hay Rake, Silver Coin, Traps, .22 Remington, Misc. Pottery, Scaffolding, Wood Splitter, Wrought Iron Fence, Drill Press, Lathe, Corn Planter, Horse Buggy, Backpack Blower, John Boat, Chain Saws, Mower, Fire Box, Household Items, Log Chains, Misc. Advertisement (Signs, Thermometers, Traffic, Tins, & MUCH, MUCH MORE!!! (at the intersection of Hwy 421 & Hwy 64) Furniture: 919-742-2013 Hoosier Cabinet, Oak Ice Box, Oak Server, Step Back Cupboard, Farm Table, Pierced Tin Cabinet Wood ~ Over 175 + Vendors Cook Stove, Wood File Cabinet, Corner Cabinets Cedar Chest, Refrigerator, Quilt Cabinet, Rockers, ~ 30,000 sq. ft. Chest of Drawers, Hutch, Desk, Porch Table, Buffet, Chairs, Swing, Coffee Table, End Tables, Misc. ~ Plenty of Parking Cabinets, Wood Benches, Display Cabinets, 2 Leather Chairs, 2 Leather Stools & MUCH, OPEN 7MUCH Days MORE!!! Mon-Sat 10 am-6 pm, Sunday 1 pm-6 pm

Countryside Collectibles Antique Mall

219 Chatham Square Siler City, NC 27344

See Website For Vendor TermsShowcases & Conditions! are only $25 & $35 monthly w/10% commission and Booth Space are only $1.00 per sq. ft. monthly w/10% commission

MANY ITEMS NOT LISTED.... Give us a call for all your Auction needs 919-663-2034 Mall Auction times & dates are updated weekly our website Other Items May Be Added! Check Website ForonUpdates! Ph 336-795-0054 / Cell 336-404-9791

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April 2018

Volume 16 Issue 4

The Liberty Leader Newspaper

Shaw Accounting Service

Tax, Bookkeeping, Payroll, General Business Services Shaw Accounting is open to help businesses and individuals with their tax and accounting needs, including payroll, bookkeeping, sales taxes, corporate and individual income taxes. Open Tuesday through Friday from 9-5. Other times by appointment. We look forward to helping you!

Beverly Meredith (CPA,MBA)

Kelly Raymond

(Tax Specialist, Corporate and individual )

Tommy Hyatt (Enrolled Agent )

128 W. Swannanoa Avenue P.O. Box 1490 Liberty, NC. 27298

Phone: 336-622-2910 Fax: 866-889-6947





Sildenafil, the active ingredient in Viagra®, is now available in a generic 20 mg tablet, and it is MUCH less expensive than Viagra®. Ex: Five tablets of Sildenafil 20 mg has the same amount of active drug as Viagra® 100 mg.

Hours Tuesday - Thursday 7am-2:30pm Friday- Saturday 7am- 8pm Sunday 8am- 2:30pm

We cannot substitute any prescription or refill for Viagra, Cialis or Levitra. Just bring this ad to your doctor and have him electronically send the following prescription to Liberty Family Pharmacy. RX: Sildenafil 20 mg #50 tablets- Take 2-5 as needed

766 S. Greensboro Street Liberty, NC. 27298 Taco Salads/Taco Bake Tuesday,

Sunday, Chicken Pie and Sunday Vegetable, Cooked Carrots. Home Style Cooking Dine In / Out Plus we offer catering!!!

Phone # 336-795-1035

Now offering 8 oz. Prime Black Angus Sirloin Steak Dinner on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday only"

Liberty Family Pharmacy 430 North Greensboro Street Liberty, NC 27298

Business delivery available with in a 4 mile radius $12 minimum

Ph 336-795-0054 / Cell 336-404-9791

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April 2018

The Liberty Leader Newspaper

Volume 16 Issue 4

Ramseur Community Ramseur Public Library,

1512 Main Street, Ramseur, NC 27316 336-824-2232

Join us on Thursdays @ 10:30 AM! Rock ‘n’ Rhyme @ Story Time

Ramseur Pharmacy Fast & Friendly Service! Prescriptions filled in 10 minutes or less

Ph 824-8247

6215-B Highway 64 E , Ramseur Most Insurance Plans Accepted/ Medicare Part D & NC Medicaid

April 5- The Very Hungry Caterpillar April 12- The Little Red Hen Makes a Pizza April 19- Eat Your Peas, Louise! April 26- Shake Rattle ‘n’ Read: The Teddy Bear’s Picnic

Open M-F 9a-6p Sat 9a-1p Drive - Thru Available

260 Village Lake Rd. • Siler City NC 27344 Contact: Dustin Elledge • 919-742-4052

*** NOW ACCEPTING NEW RESIDENTS *** Ask About Our New Year Special Pricing! Coventry House your locally owned and operated Assisted Living Community. NOW SPECIALIZING in the unique needs of persons with Alzheimer’s Disease and related Dementia’s at Coventry House of Siler City, you will find: • FLAT MONTHLY RATES .... no hidden charges or upselling • 24 hour personal care assistance • On Call Physician Services • Professionally directed medication management • Specialized care plans for all residents • Private & companion rooms featuring private bathrooms • In room cable TV, internet access & telephone service • Security systems for resident safety • Specialized activities for assisted living & memory care unit • Three prepared meals per day plus afternoon & evening snacks • Local transportation to shopping & medical appointments • Medicaid, private insurance & private payment accepted


Ph 336-795-0054 / Cell 336-404-9791

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April 2018

The Liberty Leader Newspaper

Volume 16 Issue4

Ramseur Community Happy Birthday!!!! Universal Healthcare Ramseur recently had a 100th birthday party for one of our residents here at our facility. Would it be possible to put her picture in your paper? Your consideration would be greatly appreciated. If you are able to publish this picture could we request that you please add the following along with the picture. Carrie Brooks turned 100 years old on March 16, 2018. A celebration was given at Universal Healthcare Ramseur with her family, friends, residents and staff.

Randolph County Cooperative Extension's ECA (Extension & Community Association) is holding a

“Spring Cleaning Yard Sale” May 18th - 19th

Friday hours are 9:00am-5:00pm Saturday hours are 8:00am-11am The sale will be held indoors at the Randolph Extension Center, located

at 1003 S. Fayetteville Street in Asheboro. All proceeds from this event will go to support community service projects at venues such as Randolph Health, StayWell Senior Care, and the W. G. Hefner VA Medical Center. Donations of gently used items ( NO CLOTHING) can be dropped at the extension center (door 1001) beginning May 14 from 10-2 or by special arrangement. Call 336-953-3143 to arrange a special drop-off time. For more information, call the Randolph County Cooperative Extension Center at 336-318-6000 or look for details on the Randolph ECA website at

$15 off complete detail

in May


HIGH TECH COLLISION Now offering FULL DETAIL services for all vehicles Affordable Prices - Call for quote Local Pick Up and Delivery Professional service/ We pay attention to DETAIL !!

336-622-2977 437 Frances Dr. LIBERTY, NC 27298

Ph 336-795-0054 / Cell 336-404-9791

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April 2018

The Liberty Leader Newspaper

Volume 16 Issue 4

Ramseur Community The New page for events going on in Ramseur and about the town go to this page Locally Owned & Operated


Ramseur, NC

Richard Jones

(Phone) 336-824-2386 (Obituary Desk) 336-318-3535

Bill Craven

Service Since 1904

Strawberries U-Pick or Pre-Picked Located between Ramseur and Siler City off Hwy 64

Opening Mid-April Call to Check Picking Conditions (919) 742-5102 Like Us On Facebook 936 Kildee Church Rd Ramseur, NC 27316

Ph 336-795-0054 / Cell 336-404-9791

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April 2018

The Liberty Leader Newspaper

Volume 16 Issue 4

Helping generations achieve their dreams. Since 1894, we have been committed to putting clients first. Helping generations through tough times and good times. Never taking a bailout. Call me today at 336.858.5548. Colleen Downey Mitchell, AAMS® Financial Advisor Sullivan Wealth Management A financial advisory practice of Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc. 1029 Sunset Avenue Asheboro, NC 27203 336.858.5548 colleen.mitchell

Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc. Member FINRA and SIPC. © 2016 Ameriprise Financial, Inc. All rights reserved. (8/16)

“Real Estate cannot be lost or stolen, nor can it be carried away. Purchased with common sense, paid in full, and managed with reasonable care, it is about the safest investment in the world.” ~ President Franklin D. Roosevelt Tips for Buying your First Home:

Tips for Selling your Home :

1. Know what you can spend before you start your search! You wouldn’t go shopping before you knew how much money you could spend? Speak to a Lender about programs you could qualify for!

2. Contact a Real Estate Agent/REALTOR® to give you an idea of what your Property could sell for. Ask for a Market Analysis of your local community.

2. Talk to a REALTOR® or Local Real Estate Agent. They can help you navigate all of the Listings and show them to you. Working with a Licensed Agent gets you someone who can learn what you like and turn them into your Personal Concierge/Butler of Real Estate.

1. Get used to calling it your Property, you’re selling it, don’t keep the emotional attachments!

3. Be Competitive! Don’t over price your property just because you want more… price it competitively and thoughts are you might even get more than you asked!


Liberty Merry CHRISTmas From The Liberty Leader Newspaper Julie D Powers & the Triad!

NC License since 2004

Ph 336-795-0054 / Cell 336-404-9791

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