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NiIRQ¬is a registered Non-Governmental Organization and charity which was set up in one of the poorest countries of the world- Nepal. It came into existence with the ideal to "love the children, respect women and save the environment'', and will always strive to abide by these principles. Behind this project there is a very small but hard working committee of Nepali people, headed by the Venerable Sangye Dorje Lama. It runs a bright, clean and happy orphanage for 30 children.


The challenge was to precisely and accurately depict Nepal’s spectacular scenery and convey the principles of the organization, while at the same time recruiting sufficient volunteers and soliciting donations.


We transformed the original simple and boring website to one that is well-organized and eye-catching. Additionally, it is linked to the Lonely Planet website, which is the biggest source of traveler information. The new look website not only saw increased browsing activity, but also attracted a large number of volunteers.

If I am not for myself who will be for me If I am not for others¬ What am I If not now When¬

Fold-pages with local maps which were available in the arrival area of Kathmandu International Airport¬SURYided introductory and contact information for Nifon. Visitors knew exactly how to get to Nifon and its famous landscapes by using the fold-pages.

T-shirts were also given to volunteers as mementos to represent their service. The united uniform gave volunteers of a sense of belonging and made them feel like they were in a second home.

Cool cards were designed to extend the visual style of the website, and were published in the Service-Learning Center of universities. The result is that Nifon’s reputation and mission is now known in many colleges and universities.

We also sold pencils (package design) and collected benedictions written on the package from purchasers. People who bought them decided how many to keep and how many to donate (a package has 5 pencils). The proceeds from the fair were contributed to Nifon.

Baggage tags were given as souvenirs to all volunteers after their service. The most significant part of our project was to envision how every visitor/volunteer can be connected by the baggage tags and then help to spread the word regarding the important mission of Nifon. The following is the copy included on the baggage tags:


Money transactions are not allowed in the I-change free market- you can only exchange things for things or affairs for affairs. Except for being small cogs in society’s machine and living for making money, what else can we be? We do not react like angry young people. We do not emphasize or indoctrinate one unitary thought. We give everyone a chance to think about, "What kind of values or possibilities are there for me to express who I am?" Without the constraint of the preconceived value of materials, I-change is a place which encourages people to attend activities stressing the important ideas of life experiences, meaning and creativity.

CHALLENGE Increasing the number of participants in this event was our ultimate goal. Rather than focusing on changing ideology, we devoted ourselves to providing an environment in which people can get rid of existing values and replace them with new ideas. We tried to spread these principles by printing advertisements and using social networks.


The inspiration of our poster design was the Universe. Everything and every person in the Universe is unique- we exchange experiences and share pleasures. People were able to see the posters in various places, from restaurants to bars, from schools to nonprofit organization offices, and they then could get additional information from websites as well. Stickers were available for participants in bi-weekly exchange activities.

SDNMT Album cover design


The annual film festival "Find Myself" is held by my department as part of the "Film Technique Workshop" course. Students write scenarios, supervise the shooting of films and edit without any restrictions on subject material. The only rule is every group has to pick one genre of film VXFKDVGRFXPHQWDU\PXVLFDODFWLRQRUFRPHG\ÂŹ

CHALLENGE Making our film distinct from other students' films was the biggest challenge. SOLUTION

7KHLQVSLUDWLRQIRURXUILOPFDPHIURPIDQWDV\DQGÂŹWKH surrealism of visual design expressed in the magical power of films to make audience feel a part of an imaginary wonderland. Advertising leaflets and flow charts were available in the department office and in the movie theater.

LIVING CARE Branding,Production Design,Brochure Design This product is for emergency rescues, and it provides useful functions in normal times as well. In ordinary times "Living Care" can be used as a night light, and the attached plug is able to be removed for convenient carrying.  In the unfortunate incidence of an earthquake, "Living Care" is designed to turn on its ultrasonic identification system and give off an emergency light. Time is also displayed on the  center area of the product. Last, there is a recording function not only for leaving last words, but also for strengthening a survivor’s will to live.

THE DEPTH BAR Branding, Web pages, Menu design, Interior Design This assignment, given in the “Brand Image and Corporate Identity" course, was to train us to complete an entire complex project. We were assigned a target consumer group and allowed to decide the topics and content ourselves. The Depth Bar project was aimed at a target consumer group of 45 year old men. We designed a high quality and tranquil place in which they could drink and relax.


21 grams is a 2003 drama film starred Sean Penn,Naomi Watts and Benicio del Toro which interweaves several plot line, around the consequences of a tragic automobile accident.And the principal is to make a great annotation to embody the weight and life.With the multi-facedly mental role played by Sean Penn,it discuss the issues including religion,life and soul salvation.

-"If you believe in love at first sight ,you never stop looking"-The film Closer talked not only about truths and lies but revelation of people's weakness and blind spots in love. We look for truths to be comforted but are hit back with utterly hurts while we can easily tell a lie in front of the one we don't love.We spent the whole life time to pursue a goal of perfection in love and receive something from the process. The inspiration of poster came from fuzziness in relationships.

THE DEPTH BAR Book Cover Design The movie "All About Lily Chou Chou", by Japanese director-Iwai Shunji, made its world premiere in 2001. It was adapted from a novel and itshocked audiences with its breathtaking story. It also received excellent reviews. The story is about the uneasy life of a group of high school kids. As they negotiate teen badlands- school bullies, parents from another planet, lurid snapshots of sex and death- these everyday rebels without a cause seek sanctuary, even salvation, through pop star savior Lily Chou-Chou, embracing her sad, dreamy songs and sharing their fears and secrets in Lilyholic chat rooms. This design work attempts to remind us of the fragile but pure mind of teenagers.

LIVING AESTHETIC Book cover design, Photography The book "The Most Admirable Operations of Heaven and Earth", written by Chiang Hsun, communicates how he penetrated living aesthetics by the process of understanding Zen (meditation/Zen is a school of Mahayana Buddhism). People are born with a sense of beauty- is it not about knowledge or science and theory. Aestheticism is kind of a sense of feeling or an evaluation of all living things subject to our affection. The phrase is quoted from Zhuang Zi (Chinese Philosopher): (The operations of) Heaven and Earth proceed in the most admirable way, but they say nothing about them; the four seasons observe the clearest laws, but they do not discuss them; all things have their complete and distinctive constitutions, but they say nothing about them. The sages trace out the admirable operations of Heaven and Earth, and reach to and understand the distinctive constitutions of all things.

形之 美

日 充 盈

日 精 緻

道 之 美 日 通 達

日 剛 健

德 之 美 日 包 容

日 不 伐




Ting chieh Lin-SVA-computer arts-digital fine art portfolio  

computer arts protfolio graphic design

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